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@vertigh0st@Cleverbird Sweet.

So it looks like I get to start the countdown for infernal. 3 Days...then I'll decide whether to actually kill their char or just pretend they didn't exist to begin with.
@Severance Aight, just a heads up. Nobody's going into that portal on foot, we're in a space ship that's pretty far from the, just splitting from the group is just really unwise seeing as we're going into 100% unknown territory with literally no intel.
Dmitri "PipeBomb" Dolatrev

Dmitri walked into the bridge and stood with his eyes locked on the portal.

"Dmitri!" The captain exclaimed as she hopped down from the cockpit and into the main area of the bridge. "I'm glad to see you're joining the party in the bridge! Then again...I'd bet it's to be as close to the epicenter of the possible explosion that may or may not occur when we force our way through that portal." She said, her eyes narrowing slightly.

"I mean, I guess a little of column A, little of column B." Dmitri said with a shrug. He doubted the ship was just going to combust. They could already see a few human ships entering the portal as they always did...What interested him was whatever was on the other side. There was no telling just how many ships had entered those portals since the invasions began, but not one had ever returned. "I mean, look at it from my perspective Cap." Dmitri began, a devilish grin overtaking his face "If we make it through, I get to blow up some bugs. If we don't, I get to die in an explosion that's only possible every decade. For an enthusiast like myself, it's a win-win."

"You're predictable, and not in a good way." The captain said with a sigh as she idly poked her distracted subordinate. "It's no wonder you don't have any kids. You can't fuck an explosion."

"You can, but I doubt you'd be able to do it twice. Assuming I even could have kids after all the physical trauma, radiation, etc. My body's experienced...which is unlikely in itself- Why would I want any? I already have the closest thing I'd ever want to children...and they explode."

"Pre-dict-a-ble." The captain said with another sigh. "Then again, if you weren''d have probably splattered your greymatter on the rocks when we met."

"Oof, gotta bring that up every time, huh." Dmitri said, taking his eyes off of the portal. "If there's one thing I've learned since you've recruited me, its that you just kind of pick the craziest idiots at random and force them to join you."

"It's worked so far. You sure didn't try to resist...You're a few centuries too young to poke fun at my choice in comrades."

"Last week it was millenia, the week before it was just years. You ever gonna just cut the shit and tell us all how old you are?" Dmitri asked before receiving a solid right hook to the face.

"Don't you ever ask a lady her age." The Captain said, shaking her fist slightly. Admittedly she had held back quite a bit, but she had to pretend that she had put her back into that punch for her subordinate's pride.

"I'm not totally sure you're a lady. I think some sort of demoness is more like it." Dmitri said through clenched teeth as he held his jaw. The captain let out a hearty laugh and walked back to the cockpit to prepare.
Pow it begins
Lucifer's Left Nut: Bridge

The Captain adjusted her hat as she surveyed the final preparations for their mission. Through the front window the massive portal lay in front of them...a portal that she had seen more times than she could recall. An odd feeling of excitement gripped her gut as she managed a bit of a smile. Once this was all said and done, they would be putting an end to a six thousand year old tradition of being invaded by insects. She tapped on Jackal's shoulder to signal that it was time to make the final announcements before they entered the portal. The girl pressed a few holographic buttons and the telltale ping of the ship's comms resounded throughout the entirety of the Left Nut.

"Everybody, it's time." She began simply, the slight smirk she had been fostering becoming a full blown grin. "Now's the time that Falchion shows the rest of humanity exactly how to end a recurring infestation. Our contract is simple; we enter the portal, find the source of these Buzzers, and turn it into a parking lot." She paced slightly. "It's true that as no ship has ever returned through that portal, we can't be guaranteed that we won't simply disintegrate the moment we touch it. That said, what's the point of being the universe's most infamous mercenary company if we don't put our Nut to the flame on the occasion? This won't be the first time that Falchion has accomplished something that nobody else believed to be possible, nor the first time that we've obliterated an opponent that has crushed everybody sent before us. Don't forget, my crew, that THIS is what Falchion does. This, is what YOU do."

In the background a single party horn could be heard, reminding the Captain that they had literally just been celebrating her own birthday.

"Thanks for reminding me Jackal." She said, giving their helmsman a thumbs up. "The soldier that brings me the head of whatever's in charge of these things won't just be giving me the best birthday present I've ever had...But you'll be entitled to the rest of my cake." She said matter-of-factly. Of course this being the Captain's own birthday cake, it alone was worth more than eighty million credits.

"So, let's get in this portal, exterminate some bugs, figure out how to get home, and bankrupt the entire Union with our reward!" She finished with a resounding cheer echoing throughout the ship.

@Cleverbird@Zoey White@Infernal Flame@Severance@vertigh0st
@vertigh0st Hey, so no rush or anything but I'm gonna post the first IC tomorrow. I understand you're probably still kind of unwinding post-exams, but I can't keep all the others waiting. Whenever you get done is fine.

@Zoey White@Cleverbird@Severance@Infernal Flame

Sorry friend, fraid we're full once vertighost finishes
@vertigh0st All good, once you're ready to go we should be set.

@Cleverbird@Severance@Infernal Flame@Zoey White Soon
@Cleverbird You're not totally wrong, though as I said these do happen to be aliens that have been attacking since those guns were (relatively speaking) new. I'll go on and spoil that we aren't only going to be dealing with the cannon fodder aliens that have assaulted humanity as there's clearly something more to it than just sending waves of drones to die. That said, even an early model 9mm pistol could easily kill the basic aliens that have nothing to their benefit past their large numbers.

That said, comparing them to a musket's a tad unfair as combustion based kinetics don't really have much room to advance between now and then. Yes, non-kinetic or rail-based weapons are considerably better. Yes, Those weapons are definitely going to be a disadvantage later. For the same reason that flamethrowers exist even in super advanced Sci-fi universes, pistols like that could certainly still be effective.

Actually, I'll give credit to Severance on this one where I normally wouldn't have in a similar situation. The different types of rounds imply that at the very least the ammunition is a bit more on the advanced side.

You're bringing up a legitimate concern Clever, but it's definitely not as bad as it might seem. Really as far as kinetic weapons go, the ammunition is more/less the only thing that's got room to improve (at least to that degree). It's why most sci-fi worlds that don't just go with lasers and plasma generally have kinetic weapons that are next to identical to modern ones.

Oh, and flamethrowers. Some tech hits a point where advancements are minimal or kind of unnecessary, and so completely new fields of technology are birthed.

Of course, @Severance You could always make some sort of barrel attachment up to increase the velocity of the rounds in order to keep up with other weapons more seamlessly. It kinda seems like you want those weapons for more of an aesthetic purpose, so I'd say you can definitely have the best of both worlds.
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