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@Severance I dunno, that seemed to be his path to victory sometimes.
@Severance Something I've forgotten to mention. Sex pistols....ricochet...okay Mista, I see you.
Made a bit of an edit to show the results of the probe sent down to the planet. No need to hold off on that info. @Infernal Flame@Zoey White@Cleverbird@vertigh0st
Sorry for the crazy bit of delay there. Been a rough two weeks.
The Captain

With an amused sigh at her crew's antics, the captain turned and strolled back to the ship's helm. She tapped Jackal's shoulder to signify that it was time. Of course, there was still the very real possibility of immediate disintegration once the ship touched the portal...but it was a cool enough way to go. Plus, the other ships that lurched into the portal before the Left Nut didn't seem to be destroyed on contact so that was a good sign.

With a gentle pull, the ship lurched forward into the portal. once the ship made contact with the portal, it appeared as though reality itself was shifting. A translucent screen seemed to pass through the ship, as it hit each member of the crew it brought a slight queasiness and unease. It was clear that they didn't belong on this side. The Captain didn't even wince a the screen passed through her, she simply kept her eyes forward as determined as ever. The sight on the other side was...unexpected to say the least.

A singular planet with no stars, and yet it seemed perfectly lit on the surface. Not only that, but countless ships were suspended in orbit. Some of said ships had clearly been disabled or destroyed, yet there were plenty that seemed in almost perfect shape. Quite a few ships were actively exchanging fire.

A few rounds were directed towards the LLN, to which Jackal responded with a quick roll to evade before putting power to the ship's thrusters and blasting away from the battlefield. They didn't have time to assess the situation as it seemed as the space closest to the portal was a free-for-all.

Dmitri braced himself once the ship went into a roll. Thankfully the LLN's artificial gravity meant that they didn't exactly feel the ship's movements, else they'd have all been thrown through a spin cycle. The glimpse of the battlefield he caught before Jackal put the thrusters to full and escaped the fray was pretty...and pretty confusing. Some of those ships were absolutely ancient in design, but they looked like they were fresh out of the drydock.

The Captain, while relieve that they hadn't simply been atomized by the portal, was now much more on edge. Whatever the fuck was going on was far from what anyone could have expected. The alien transport ship they had tailed into the portal casually crossed the battlefield as though it was a daily routine...but those ships...she recognized a few of them as ships that had entered the portal in the past. That was impossible though, the majority of those ships' crews would have been dead literal centuries ago. It was also quite odd that not one single ship had even attempted to hail the LLN, not even the ships that had entered only seconds before them.

Before long, Jackal managed to shake any pursuers and hide the ship within the wreckage of several massive ships. Within the veritable ship graveyard they'd have to assess what they could of the situation.

"Falchion!" The Captain shouted over the comms to quiet the murmurs of confusion among the crew. Any who had been trying to get their bearings had been called to attention. "Good news, we're all still alive." She said with a cheery, yet serious tone. "Bad news, this is going to have to be our base of operations. Combat pilots, to your crafts, figure out what the fuck that whole space battle back there is about. If possible, do not engage. She barked as several pilots deployed from the ship to scout the situation. "Jackal, deploy a prospector to the surface. We need to deploy a team to the ground, but I'll be damned if we do that before figuring out what that hellscape is made of. Speaking of a ground recon team, I had a few in mind but I'm open for volunteers."

As soon as the prospector hit the ground it began to gather information and instantaneously transmit it back to the LLN. The results covered the large screen in the bridge...

Atmosphere composition:
Fungal spores 2%
O2 96%
Unknown contaminant 2%

Surface composition:
Fungal material 14%
Unknown alloys 48%
(possible match with insectoid chitin and steel)
Unknown biological material 30%
$$%$#@ 8%

Subsurface composition:
chitin(?)-steel alloy 80%
fungal material 14%
Human biological material 1%
$$%$#@ 5%

From the readings it seemed as though the air was mostly breathable, but between the fungal spores and that unknown contaminant it was far from guaranteed. The odd '$$%$#@' reading was also rather interesting as it would imply that it wasn't just something that wasn't in the ship's database, but something that was actively corrupting the probe that was trying to analyze it.

From what they could gather though, the surface wasn't too dangerous to land troops...but it would be wise to keep them properly geared with air filters and other protective equipment.

Green light.

@Zoey White

Don't worry about post orders or anything. I'll get a moving post with us going into the portal when I get the chance. I've got a big event to deal with tomorrow night at work so it may be a bit on the late side.
@vertigh0st@Cleverbird Sweet.

So it looks like I get to start the countdown for infernal. 3 Days...then I'll decide whether to actually kill their char or just pretend they didn't exist to begin with.
@Severance Aight, just a heads up. Nobody's going into that portal on foot, we're in a space ship that's pretty far from the, just splitting from the group is just really unwise seeing as we're going into 100% unknown territory with literally no intel.
Dmitri "PipeBomb" Dolatrev

Dmitri walked into the bridge and stood with his eyes locked on the portal.

"Dmitri!" The captain exclaimed as she hopped down from the cockpit and into the main area of the bridge. "I'm glad to see you're joining the party in the bridge! Then again...I'd bet it's to be as close to the epicenter of the possible explosion that may or may not occur when we force our way through that portal." She said, her eyes narrowing slightly.

"I mean, I guess a little of column A, little of column B." Dmitri said with a shrug. He doubted the ship was just going to combust. They could already see a few human ships entering the portal as they always did...What interested him was whatever was on the other side. There was no telling just how many ships had entered those portals since the invasions began, but not one had ever returned. "I mean, look at it from my perspective Cap." Dmitri began, a devilish grin overtaking his face "If we make it through, I get to blow up some bugs. If we don't, I get to die in an explosion that's only possible every decade. For an enthusiast like myself, it's a win-win."

"You're predictable, and not in a good way." The captain said with a sigh as she idly poked her distracted subordinate. "It's no wonder you don't have any kids. You can't fuck an explosion."

"You can, but I doubt you'd be able to do it twice. Assuming I even could have kids after all the physical trauma, radiation, etc. My body's experienced...which is unlikely in itself- Why would I want any? I already have the closest thing I'd ever want to children...and they explode."

"Pre-dict-a-ble." The captain said with another sigh. "Then again, if you weren''d have probably splattered your greymatter on the rocks when we met."

"Oof, gotta bring that up every time, huh." Dmitri said, taking his eyes off of the portal. "If there's one thing I've learned since you've recruited me, its that you just kind of pick the craziest idiots at random and force them to join you."

"It's worked so far. You sure didn't try to resist...You're a few centuries too young to poke fun at my choice in comrades."

"Last week it was millenia, the week before it was just years. You ever gonna just cut the shit and tell us all how old you are?" Dmitri asked before receiving a solid right hook to the face.

"Don't you ever ask a lady her age." The Captain said, shaking her fist slightly. Admittedly she had held back quite a bit, but she had to pretend that she had put her back into that punch for her subordinate's pride.

"I'm not totally sure you're a lady. I think some sort of demoness is more like it." Dmitri said through clenched teeth as he held his jaw. The captain let out a hearty laugh and walked back to the cockpit to prepare.
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