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two words: nuclear fucking warfare
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the most famous last words of all- "aaaaaargh"
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"Your secret is safe with my indifference." - Taliesin Jaffe
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Jamie Underwood

If, at that moment early in the morning, one happened to walk into Jamie's room, one would not assume she were a highly trained enforcer of the law, but instead some kind of 'free-spirited' person with little responsiblity. Her covers were a mess already. The room was dark, but one could make out the sleeping mass of scattered arms and legs, as well as her audible snoring.

The digital alarm screeched it's harsh warning, something Jamie had to learn a long time ago to wake her from her slumber. Her eyes flashed open and she flailed, falling out of her bed. "Wuh~?" She mumbled, confused, as she stood to her feet. This wasn't the last room she went to sleep in. Where was she? What was going on? The alarm waking her up so cruelly gave her the strange feeling in her chest. The very real fright of being jarrignly torn away from her sleep immediately proven baseless always gave her heart a nervous humidity.

Oh, right. Rainbow. Memories came to her groggily. Fourty minutes to get ready. This place had an in-built shower. Ridiculously fancy. Jamie almost felt bad about it, it was so fancy. Almost- that's the key word. Almost felt bad. Luckily, no one was around to see her absolute travesty of a bed. Her drill instructor would have torn her head off if he found out. Genuinely embarrassed, Jamie quickly fixed her bed as her "breakfast" was being made. Jamie never learned to actually cook, so she would be enjoying toast, cereal, and orange juice. It was like college all over again, except less alcohol and more PTSD. This place a thick cloud hanging over it- everyone in here was a total mope. If there's one thing that cheered everyone up it was successful operations- which is why she was little disappointed they were wasting time 'training'.

Jamie never drank coffee. She could count on two hands the amount of time she's ever had a cup of the sinster brown liquid. It made her hyper and tired all at once, and the desire to have another cup was enough to make her never want to touch it again. Caffeine was a drug!

Now in her fatigues, her hair tied into her traditional bun, Jamie had spaced out, staring a blank corner of the room with a blank look on her face, idly stirring the bowl of milk in front of her. So milk went a bit all over the surface of the table when a few minutes after 6, the silence was broken by a loud knocking and yelling about the armory. Jamie blinked, exasperated, shaking her head as she stood up, flattening her second pair of fatigues onto her body and quickly making her way down into the armory.

She placed the kevlar vest over herself, as well as leg, thigh, forearm and shoulder pads to protect herself from the training bullets. While usually she went a bit lighter on the clothing (to look badass) even a small layer would actually protect her against whatever they would be shooting at each other today. But a real bullet? Long shirt sleeves wouldn't do anything but stuck on a door handle in a freak accident that would make her obituary tragically sad. She also held her helmet beneath her armpit, not wanting to put it on until just before the training session.

Jamie was slightly later than a few of the other operators, who were already engaged in a conversation. It seemed someone was complaining about having to use one of the greatest firearms ever invented; the M16 and it's subsequent iterations. Third in line, right after the M1 Garand, which was second only to the M1911 pistol. She saw Aleks, trying to make eye contact and giving a 'subtle' wave. After that, she saw her superiors, and she quickly tried to find the line and stood at attention.

"Underwood, reporting for training, Sir," she said officially, hands folded behind her back and her shoulders square.

wtf!! theses symbols are badass. thank you so much
Nian Zhen, Medic of the Red Dragons

Nian Zhen made am impressed face at Reyes' statement. "Up close? Sounds dangerous. I think-" Before she could continue, a warning was initiated. Sydney, Australia was under attack. It was time to move. Nian Zhen's face grew serious again.

"The time has come, Reyes." She said, squinting towards the speaker.

"Tiāndì jiān bùpà." She glanced at him briefly again with a determined look, before sprinting, her feet pounding the steel floor at quick intervals, to retrieve her gear at the armory. Her breathe began to quicken as she followed the labelled path to the armory, where she found the weapons locker labelled 'Nian Zhen'.

She flung it open, to find the pieces of kevlar and reinforced padding that went over her fatigues, as well as her weapons and most importantly, her medi-kit. Clipping her knee protection was easy. Then, she slipped into her body vest, which she reached behind her back to finish clipping in herself. Then, she attached the shoulder pads and fore-arm pads. Finally, she tilted her head back to make it easier to connect the chin-straps of her basic helmet. She had nothing covering her face, but if any blunt objects fell on her she would be more protected, and this way she had full vision to work.

Now, she wrapped the pistol holster around her left thigh, and the medpack holster around her right thigh. Her assault rifle was also waiting for her, and she attatched a few magazines to her belt and made sure the safety was on. Her heart fluttered from nervousness, but she steeled herself, closing her eyes and taking a deep breathe.

"Tiāndì jiān bùpà..." The young medic murmered the mantra in her mother tongue quietly to herself a few times. Upon opening her eyes again, she found herself calmed. Physically and mentally prepared, she quickly jogged to the hanger, holding her rifle pointing downward. In the empty space she stood at attention once again for orders from her Lieutenant.

Jamie Underwood

Jamie nodded sagely, looking wisely into the distance as Aleks explained his origins. "Americans are born all over the world. That's what my dad always said." Jamie rememberd with a half-smile. It was melodramatic but she always liked the idea behind the phrase. Aleks bit his tongue, or something, and said it would be good to work with her.

"Well, yes, it'll be good to work with you, too, Aleks. We should..." Jamie trailed off as Aleks quickly made his daring escape past the energetic woman. Jamie was a bit naive but even she could tell, at that point, that he wanted her to shut up. A little hurt, and a little amused, Jamie shook her head as her new squad mate walked away.

The rest of the audience was already clearing out, so Jamie stood in the middle of hall for a little bit. She swung the envelope and generally just looked casual for a bit. Leaning up against a nearby wall, Jamie opened up the envelope. Confidential, top secret, classified, yada yada, Jamie slid the sheet upwards and read her alias with a disappointed grimace.



Luckily for the young operator, her name was given with good reason. A bunch of mechanical talk Jamie could actually understand followed the alias and her room number, basically boiling down to: We're giving you a badass shotgun. Okay, Jamie thought, I can work with this. With a smirk, she inserted the packet back into the folder and attempted to walk back to her room. Briefly, she got lost and had to ask a grumpy person for directions, but she got there in the end. CQC in the morning- Jamie felt anxious yet excited about the prospect. If it was a paintball match- hah, she would demolish anyone in Rainbow! Unfortunately, the idea of getting beat up by some massively skilled person in a sparring outfit wasn't as appealing. Still- she'd try her best to not disappoint.

Jamie spent the rest of the night getting out the pre-event jitters by doing push up and sit ups in her room.
Jamie Underwood

Not realizing the extent of Aleksander's hesitation to speak, Jamie assumed he was just a little shy. Well, she thought, sometimes people just need a little poking to come out of their shell. So that's why she suppressed her laugh when he didn't accept her handshake. After wavering for a moment, she decided to use her outstretched hand to reach up and slap him on the shoulder, all chum-like. As slightly awkward as it was, Jamie decided to push forward in her endeavor to make friends.

One thing she noticed was his charming accent that she couldn't quite place, but it sounded European.

"Me, too. It is the greatest country on Earth, after all," Jamie said semi-sarcastically with a smile, hiding her genuine patriotism behind a jokey tone in her voice. She looked down briefly at the envelope she hasn't opened yet, before looking back at Aleksander.

"I recognize a different accent there, Aleks. Can I call you Aleks? I can't put my finger on it though- sounds...European?" She shrugged as the inflection in her voice when high-pitched. Jamie had a mid-western American accent, obviously a native. In her mind, her plan was to get to know all of the other operators one at a time. Some people had this 'professionality' about them she thought was the wrong way to go about it. If she didn't know the people she was fighting with, how could she trust them? If it fell upon Jamie to take the first step in initiating social interaction, then so be it. Plus, it was fun getting to know new people.

Can we post more than one time in each round if we're in non-combat?

just so i can have jamie reply to aleks and stuff to that regard
@webboysurf Jamie is talking to Aleks in the IC
Jamie Underwood

Jamie Underwood, soon to be known by Rainbow as 'Slug' (an attractive nickname), stepped off the back end of the military truck that transported her there. Dusting off the front and hindquarters of her blue and black military fatigues. The top was stuffy and uncomfortable, but she would put up with it to look good in front of her superiors.

She stood, straight backed, head held high, chin up, hands at her side. Her dark brown hair was tied into a tight bun, and contrasted with her white skin. Listening intently to Mike, her facial expression grew slightly worried. Before her was clearly a very jaded man, who told them that their deaths were more than likely and they were walking into a trap. Her squad leader at the FBI was much better at giving speeches than this guy. Mike? Thatcher? He hadn't introduced himself, but he was very well known so she could only assume. She hoped he learned to ligthen up and be mean instead of just depressing.

Still, when he called her name, Jamie dutifully replied, "Sir," and quickly saluted. That way all her new squadmates would know who she was. Always respect your superior, no matter what. That's advice her brother told her, and she intended to follow it. She could keep her thoughts to herself- unless he could read her face well enough.

She relaxed a little bit, glancing around at the new faces in the hall after he left.

Lots of different people from lots of different places, but everyone here carried an aura of competency about them. Though, one recruit in particular caught her eye. Just from what he was wearing, he seemed to be FBI, like her. Since they had the day to themselves, Jamie decided he was her best shot at getting a friend due to their common background.

"Hey," she said, speeding up her walking pace to catch him before he wandered off somewhere. Once she got his attention, she bounced in front.

"My names Jamie, pleasure to meet you," She said, extending her right hand. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but were you FBI before coming here?" Jamie asked, raising an eyebrow and the corner of her lip into a wry smile.

Yasaliah Josk: Pilot

Yasaliah, still at the controls, heard the distant sounds of an Ular being exploded. Perfect.

"Thanks, Dev," She said simply and earnestly and returned the wave. He had a habit for using high explosives in tight corridors- but whatever gets the job done, right?

With no more distractions she returned her eyes to the various monitoring equipment available. Still following the oribtal path around the Ulnar ship, though taking care to keep the path unpredictable. Her breathe was quick and her pink hands had white knuckles as she attempted to keep the Monroe from being struck.

"I'm moving the nose of our ship up, adjust your aim, Tony," She said over the comms. The enemy fire was evaded successfully with Yasaliah's maneuvers, the glowing projectiles zooming past and flying off into space to probably get sucked into a star in 200 years from now. She tried not to think about the vastness of space and continued the evasive manuevers.

"They have a damn big ship," She said absent mindedly as she glared at it, her piercing blue eyes narrowing as it came into clear view on the monitor.

"Captain, are we leaving? Or are we, uh, finishing this?" She asked with a nervous twitch in her voice, as a projectile managed to slam into the ship, glancing off the shields in a violent explosion.

@LetMeDoStuff That image was just an example. I'll write in her CS that she has pads and stuff but she's not wearing Tachanka armor.

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