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Current Sorry for not being online...I've felt pretty terrible recently. now i have a headache and a bad case of tinnitus
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I'm twenty now. Basically already have one foot in the grave.
18 days ago
now i'm in that "i just finished watching a really good show and i don't know what to do with mself" phase
19 days ago
found it yes


me just trying to get into a superhero RP so I can RP as Spider-Man

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extremely interested...oh man.

but i'm already in so many other RP's. count me as a maybe, i guess. :(
@Vocab Since you're my character's Pillar/mentor, would you want to do a collab for some interaction between the two? If not, I understand. I thought I'd offer since I'll be online this friday-sunday
June and Mallory would probably want to go to the city, but they'd follow everyone else's opinion to stick with the group
what happened to 10 :( :( :( RIP
@Haruharara don't pull your hair out :(

@Haruharara okay! you could just tell me to wait though, you know? incase we need to follow the just and proper protocol
@Haruharara Is that the illustrious big green light, or is there anything else I should fix?

hello it is me, person.

You're review kind of inspired me to re-evaluate my character a little bit, and thus I changed her backstory. Now instead of revenge for her dad, her parents are alive and she is more just kind of a bitch to people for no obvious reason. But she is searching for identity and purpose and feels isolated, misunderstood, and useless. So she's lashing out at the world and searching for something to put herself to good use, you know? I have the previous version saved if this one doesn't make sense. I guess I just wanted to give her more room for character growth. But I made changes to clearly explain her attraction to Breath of the Wind.

I got rid of any mentions of Muzan because I don't know if that's a secret or what role that thing plays in the lore. I assumed Muzan was like, a villian known to everyone like demon hitler or something. my mistake.

Anyway, I changed Akira from someone looking for revenge to someone looking for identity and purpose. What do you think? Is that okay? Sorry if I sprung this on you, I can change her back and just make small edits.
Emily, or #2

Fort Hood, Texas, January 23rd.

That's 2 for ya.

Emily found herself in the backseat next to Akasha. The little witch was probably more brainwashed than Number Two was. It was a strange sensation, to realize one's own conditioning and not be able to do anything about it. To know that Antoine was a meaningless, snivelling little cretin, and yet for her heart to soar with happiness whenever Antoine was proud of her nonetheless. An appreciative smile, and she was wrapped around his bony little finger. He was her handler, and she did what he told her too do. Those were the facts of the universe, eternal and unchanging. Like gravity, the sun, and the swelling of the oceans.

#2 looked disconcertedly over at the cat-shaped backpack. What the Hell was in that thing? The brunette guessed it was a bomb of some kind. Explosive? Biological? She bit her lower lip nervously when the pink-haired teen started going on about the end of days.

"All mortals? Christ, hope the bomb's not really that big." She joked, using shit wit to hide her nerves. "At least your genocidal murder plot isn't bigoted. That's refreshing. It is 2023 after all; terrorism is egalitarian now."

She began messing with her right bracelet, the accessory suddenly too tight for her wrists. Big ass bomb. Creepy little girl. Military base. Cowboy hats, sombreros. Tasteful company. This whole thing didn't sit right in her stomach. January in Texas. Cool in the shadows, warm in the sun. Too much dirt and gravel. The brunette rolled her wrist, flexing her fingers. When the car pulled to a stop, Number Two hopped out and adjusted her shorts and tightened her belt to fortify against any wardrobe malfunctions. She flattened out and tightened her shirt as best she could, pulling the collar back up to her slender marble shoulders.

Exposed. That's how she felt. Inside a military compound and out of random car comes the freak show. "Fucking clowns in a clown car." Number Two complained to the air.

"A kawaii cat girl, a wannabe vlogger, and a basic white bitch walk into Fort Hood. Sounds like the start to a shitty joke. Only question is:" Number Two closed the door to the car behind her, the smirk on her face losing it's humor. "Who's the punchline?"

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