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Current the last jedi is 9/10
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i didn't get Inglorious Basterds. What's the point of that movie?
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Spider-Man, Spider-Man, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Wealth and fame? He's ignored! Action is his reward! To him life is a great big bang up wherever there's a hang-up you'll find the Spider-Man!
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when in doubt, mordhau
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My favorite game; For Honor, is a competitively dead game where the better you are at it, the less fun it is. Very not good


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Reika Saigyo

Reika's eyelid twitched. Insufferable brat, she thought, looking over at Alice. Reika Saigyo didn't leave messes. She left messages. She was about to speak, when Vinnie took the words right out of her mouth.

"This is exactly what I mean, Alice. Foolish girl. Staring at your online circus, telling the world of our meeting no doubt, whether out of malice of stupidity is no matter to me. You're a liability to this entire organization, and I will have you ousted from it even if you are merely incompetent, and not a traitor."

She snapped her gaze over to Lucia and Leo. "Plan. You two want a plan? I gave you a plan. You just want a plan that doesn't involve you losing anything. I am many things, but a liar is not one of them. I have always been honest of my attentions, and to pretend none of us have anything to gain from Federica's imprisonment is naivete. Rachel," she said, looking over at the would-be doctor. "Your visit to medical school is assured, once I am in control. You've always been a useful asset, one worth investing in. And yes, Federica was complacent. Otherwise she would have been found those who conspired against her."

"But regardless. Those matters are for later. Even if Alice is not the traitor she will serve only to hinder this investigation. Besides, the quicker progress we make on eliminating suspects, the better. Vincent and I seem to be in agreement." She took another sip of her tea, let the soothing flavor work it's way through her system. The woman in blue breathed in deep and sat straight-backed in her chair.

lmao, fair enough! I suppose Reika will vote for Alice as well. If just for, like, "revenge". I doubt we'll have enough votes to kill someone day 1 before anyone has had a chance to do anything. and OOC I don't think we should lynch anyone yet. But IC, maybe a different story

okay, well, good luck with whatever's going on!
me too! this looks cool.
Reika Saigyo

Before Alice could respond, Reika's sharp gaze focused on Jane. To suggest anyone dare poison Reika Saigyo was an insult. Sitting up even straighter, Reika began speaking with eloquent arrogance.

"Structure, Ms. Montgomery? Everyone here should do as I say. Ceding control of this investigation over to me would garner swift and effecient results. The traitor would be outed, and the Crogiolo syndicate would be safe in my hands. Federica grew weak and complacent in her waning years- a mistake I am sure not to repeat. If you all could put aside your, how do you say it, grandiose delusions for a few moments, the Crogiolo syndicate's place in this world would be secure. And then some. We can squash this little incident before it begins. Once we find the traitors, I will kill them myself."

Clearing her throat, the woman dressed in blue took another sip of her herbal tea. She meant every word. Chiavo would be hers- and theirs too, if they would all just trust her. As Federica did, and as her father did. Give her a chance to make up for... Before the thought had a chance to manifest, Reika set the teacup back down on the table and clasped her hands together and looked around the room, waiting a brief moment for a response.
Dareen Kahina

Dareen stared wide-eyed at Faeril, searching the Black Widow for answers. She offered no answers- only a question. Let me in? Suddenly, Dareen's lips and throat were dry. Swallowing, focusing only on Faeril, she asked; "Do I have a choice?" Trapped in this house, looking into the calculating eyes of her executioner. It was quite disconcerting. Primal fear began welling up in her chest. The kind that could break a person. Maybe she could gouge out Faeril's eyes before she had a chance to do anything? She had no weapons. Nothing. So tired. Whatever. Whatever!

"Whatever." She ended her thoughts aloud, deciding that her final moments would not be fear or anger. "Just get it over with." Assuming she should sit down, Dareen padded over to the couch that she previously soaked in water from the rain outside and sat on it.

For a moment she put her head in her hands. Clearing her throat, she spoke up. Having come to terms with it, all she had left was awkward sincerity. "Um. I don't know if you'll care, but could you bury me with my weapons? And, uh, shut my eyes and draw a horizontal red line across the lids and the bridge of my nose. If you want too. It's what we did back in my company. You- you'll probably see it happen a few times if you want an example. One happened just before I left." She gestured to the area of her face, and then shrugged.

"We call it the final sunset." Like she was going to visit a regular healer, she adjusted herself in her seat to get comfortable. Exhaling, she clasped her hands over her lap and looked expectantly at the Black Widow.

"Anyway. I'm ready."

Reika Saigyo

The area infront of Reika is organized, the japanese racketeer having organized her food for effeciency and cleanliness. Carefully, she bit into a kebab. After a moment of chewing and swallowing, she nodded. "Delicious as always, Kuso," she complimented the chef. Satisfied, she pushed the plate aside and made room for her tea kit, which she always brought to her on these meetings. Tea always helped clear her mind, not to mention she was exceptionally talented at making it. A few finely crafted but minimalist-designed steel implements designed for allowing the drink to be made wherever the user had enough room were placed infront of her, and soon there was a small cup full of the steaming brown beverage. Taking a sip, she glanced over at Vincent as he spoke to her, suggesting she change her routes.

"Thank you, Vincent." She said in japanese to the multilingual man. "I'll keep that in mind." At first, Vinnie had annoyed her. He was unashamedly lower class, had a bizarre sense of humor, and often said asinine things. For example, asking for the traitor to give his or herself up. But he had grown on her, and there was something endearing about the way he carried himself.

The matriarch of the Crogiolo clan has been captured. Grave matters are afoot. Reika hoped to prosper from the coming power struggle, but those matters must be put aside. Before the Crogiolo mafia can crown a new matriarch, a traitor must be found or created. It would be unwise to accuse them without even looking into them. Of course she has done research on all the other council members, as she assumes they have done on her, but clearly they all warrant a second looking at.

Switching back to italian, Reika spoke her peace. "We must all be wary. The traitor is among us. My people will look into all of you. If I do not like what I find, we will all have you killed." Her gaze worked over to Alice, and it turned icy.

"Can someone explain why this impudent child is here? Perhaps she is responsible for Federica's imprisonment by her foolishness alone." Reika never liked Alice. With Federica gone, she was more free to speak her mind with no fear of disappointment.

never mind

ignore this. too meta, i think.
when can we post in the ic?
crime time
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