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Will get posts to everyone soon. Just saw Far From Home and need a day to fangirl over it
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I am having fun on this website. I can hardly believe it's free!
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Happy Father's Day!
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happy gay pride month, all you lovely rainbow knights



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Jehenne Alcroft

Not at all amused at Rote, Noel, and Libero's little discussion, Jehenne stayed focus on the task at hand. A disgusted, indignified sneer crept onto her face as Malamocco described the nefarious plans of these false God lunatics. As if someone had just asked her to clean up their spilled drink. Just her luck. Jehenne was having a hard time settling in anywhere. All of her plans were to be tossed out the window as soon as she began drawing them up. These cultists would have to die, too, it seems.

Jehenne's face reset to one of contemplation. After a few moments of silence, the ex-aristocrat spoke. "Is there any way to safely sterilize Rote or myself? I've never looked into it, personally. Nonetheless, I have no interest in bring a child into this world. Especially not some warmongering, disgusting creature that plans to kill me." This was preferrable to the alternative. Being assassinated by these people trying to save society, or being enslaved, raped, and murdered. The latter sounded far worse than the former, but the end result was the same, and Jehenne would very much like to live. For now, anyway. Perhaps she would be satisfied after...whatever she planned on doing. She still had to figure that out.

"Whatever the solution may be," Jehenne continued before the Inquisitor could answer her previous question, "Since you've been so gracious as to not have me killed, and since these people are also trying to kill, it would appear as if I have no choice but to help you. This Katherine woman will die, and I will do whatever I can to help orcestrate her timely demise. You've my word." She eyed the blackmail.

"Perhaps we could use that information as blackmail. Lure her into a trap of some kind."
Jehenne offered. Katherine would suspect political espionage, rather than actions being taken against her by her most determined enemies. Whatever this little group was called.
@Letter Bee Yes, my apologies. Will get a post up tonight
Yasaliah Josk: Pilot

Josk closed her eyes and nodded, basically completely ignoring Luirae. "Magic is a good word for it. I'm a fucking...wizard." When Astrid called the Satasi a witch, she pointed at the human and increased her nodding speed. "Witch is much better."

"And, here's the thing about your super dumb dumb plan for dumb, stupid idiots, Astrid." Josk rambled.

"Two words: Shields. One word, actually. And also, I bet you would miss. Two words, actually; shields and guns. It would just shatter against the shields if your dumb chemical rocket didn't get shot out of the air by something. Or if it didn't miss. Cause you would miss, for sure. So there you go, Astird."

Josk licked her lips, noticing her mispronunciation of her shipmates name. "Astird? Asturd. Ass-turd. That's not funny. Did you get bullied in school, Astrid? You look like someone who got bullied." Somehow, maybe it was just the air in the room, this crude comment could easily be interpeted as a pick-up line.

Luirae was right, as most of the younger members of her species, Yassaliah was having a hard time keeping her flirty crap restrained within the strands of her hair. Not that the pilot even noticed anything was wrong. She was only getting more drunk.
what a gamer

Dareen Kahina

front parlor


Dareen perked up while turning and looking over at the door. Standing to her feet she peeked out the window at the ground of winged men outside. The mercenary looked deep in thought, biting her lower lip. She glanced over at the brothers, and then over at Mikhail. Dareen was a terrible liar. The Pruulish witch believed that currently, were they to provoke the hired thugs outside, they would be outmatched. They needed to stall for time. Commander taught her the honesty was the best policy, in all things. So she decided to tell the truth.

"No one by the name of Faeril or the Reaper are in this house. Go away." She yelled through the window. Maybe that would buy them some time.

"What are you going to do?" Withdrawing from the windows, she quietly asked the others in the room. Hopefully they had a plan of some kind. Dareen was completely unarmed at the moment to make things worse.

"I could kill all of them with my bare hands, but I just got my nails done. Sword please? " Dareen joked urgently, flattening an open palm at Denvar who had vanished her weapons yesterday.

Yeah, high school sounds good. I bet most of everyone could be loosely acquainted. @Whirligig Maybe he could be a regular at the restaraunt Jenny works at?
@QT it says apply. It's okay, I just think people are too trepidatious on this website! You coulda had your character sheet done by now. GM said she was accepting not but two days ago. Go for it! :D
why does everyone keep assuming applications are no longer being accepted???? why would they not be accepted we haven't even gotten started yet
@Typical he's gonna have that hangover a lot, huh. feels bad
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