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the most famous last words of all- "aaaaaargh"


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here she is!


easy peasy, almost done with it and i'm actually feeling her more. i think she'll be a little bit of a contrast to the other hunters.

ok, well, some stupid glitch happened and i lost almost all my progress. i guess i should have used google docs or something, but this has never happened to me before. lesson learned, i guess. so i'm gonna take a small break and just post my WIP character here. it shouldn't take me too long to get her down again since I have all my ideas down.

hmm, rethinking my cs a bit. maybe it was for the best.

wow, really cool RP's Aamaya

I'm noticing a lot of heretics so far, might need a holy crusader to purge the infidels
@Ever yeah i picked up on that right away, thought it was really cool!

Mason was really cool, I'd never have thought of that

lauren watson


A slightly overweight man with a receding hairline and beard climbed down from the ladder, bags under his eyes.

"Mornin', Laura," He said simply and pleasantly as they passed each other. Laura smiled and gave the fat bastard a smile and wave in return, a smile that quickly faded once she was out of view with him. The brunette checked her bun, raising both of her bare arms to check it wouldn't come undone. This act of raising her arms increased the tension in her blue tank-top, raising it to just abover her navel, revealing the bottom part of her well-toned torso. Not modest at all, Laura didn't adjust her clothing and looked up at the wooden ladder that lead up to the watch tower.

The black leggings she wore made it easy to climb to the top, her boots having plenty of grip. The home-made wooden ladder was smooth and splinterless, allowing her to climb it with her un-gloved hands. Reaching the summit with a grunt, Lauren saw the bolt-action rifle leaning up against the inner wall of the watch tower, the sun behind her glinting off of its metal bolt. Next to it were a pair of binoculars looped around a peg, and finally, a folding chair to sit on.

Letting the rifle lay, Laura took a seat and unhooked the binoculars, adjusting them so they fit her face instead of that other guy she already forgot the name of. She kicked off her boots and wriggled her toes, getting comfortable. The morning sun was at her back and she could feel it begin to warm her neck, but she didn't mind. Looking through the binocs, she once again scanned the area surrounding the borders of Toxo. No activity, as usual. There might be some zombie scrabbling around in a basement, or some cat making a mess somewhere, or maybe some random useless straggler survivor around (and there was, though not to her knowledge), but overall there were no real threats. No horde of freaks or bandits, or anything.

The morning sun raised to a more comfortable position, and Lauren glanced back at the ranch. She could see the Southern house very clearly from her watch tower, the previous watchman having since vanished into it to get his sleep. Lauren had been the night watchwoman before and it mostly involved looking for light sources and scanning the lit-up walls for hordes. There was a lantern up here for the night person but using it was discouraged as some worthless parasite could take a pot-shot.

That being said, Lauren wasn't much safer at day. Sure, she could see everything, but she day dreams about what would happen if someone just shot her from cover. Could she climb back down? Would it better just to stay up? Obviously she would use the radio to contact for help, but that was only if she wasn't incapacitated.

Still, it was a good job. Running and scouting was fun and all, but it's nice to take a break and have an easier job for a month or two. She wasn't good around animals that weren't dogs, wasn't exactly an engineer or a plumber or a doctor, but she was a good shot and very athletic, so combat oriented roles made sense.

Lauren focused her binoculars briefly on the inside of the facility. It was still early morning, but the farmers were out and about. Some people got out of their tents and scrabbled to do their menial tasks- probably laundry. Maybe later there would be something more interesting to look at. Standing, she fixed her gaze to the out of doors, looped the binoculars around her neck and held the rifle in both hands, squinting her large brown eyes at the dangerous but quiet outside world.
will get a post up tomorrow. is there any specific post order?

like if Lauren sauntered up to Natalie would you hypothetically be able to respond right away?

@Sol Grim an empty gun is just as good as real gun if you point it hard enough at someone
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