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Current avengers 4 hype yaaaay!
11 days ago
having a lot of fun with 1 on 1's! so far a lot more reliable than group RP's when it comes to story progress.
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rip stan lee. Excelsior!
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"You have no friends." thanks, roleplayer guild


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Yasaliah Josk: Pilot

"Hmmm hmmm..." Yasaliah 'responded' to Astrid's question. Only after a moment of seeing Astrid's lips move, and Astrid's continued eye contact, did Yasaliah notice she was being directly spoken too. Dev was apparently in the room now, as well. Armed to the teeth as usual. Yas realized she had forgotten her gun in the cockpit, before quickly remembering she didn't really care about it. Astrid was some sort of...Yas didn't really know. Again, she didn't really care about Astrid very much, either. She got the impression Astrid didn't like her, for some reason? Oh, well. Either way, she was speaking to her now.

Yasaliah took out on of her earpieces, and the annoying music could be heard emitting from it. "What?" Yasaliah asked.

If Astrid repeated her question, Yasaliah would nod.

"Nope." She would reply simply, and place the earbud back, continuing to listen to the music.
is there any posting order? or can we post whenever we want?

cause man, i've been doing collabs and stuff in other rps and it feels like forum IC conversations will take weeks and weeks, lol
Yasaliah Josk: Pilot

Yasaliah startled awake when Captain Raymond's voice came over the comms. A meeting? Already? What could possibly have happened that was so important? Of course, the pilot did not know of any of the most recent developments regarding a stowaway with pyschic powers and a mysterious pod, but even these events might not be important enough for Yasaliah to consider interrupting her nap. Still, orders were orders. Yasaliah laughed to herself. Yeah, orders were orders. Mantra of the manipulated. Yet the Captain had been mostly good so far, so until his made-up moral codes got in the way (which they eventally would) Yasaliah was okay with following him.

About thirty minutes later, Yasaliah put two wireless earbuds in her ears and began playing some whining, screeching, bizarre electro-wave music from some obscure band on some obscure planet. Only a few people understood the raw emotion conveyed in it's simple, non-rhythmic melodies.

Reluctantly, Yas gave the pilots wheel a little pat, as if it were a loyal pet, and made her way into the docking bay lounge. Humming to herself, the Satasi lazily crashed onto a nearby couch. She was still listening to the song and not really paying attention to anyone or anything in the room.
edit: rp closed for now
@golani great! I'll send you a pm
bump, i guess? Still looking for takers!
@Fabricant451 oh! great! i'll send you a PM.

still open to anyone else, btw!
@Fabricant451 thanks

are you interested, or just goofin around a little bit? :P
@Fabricant451 uuuhh

hey everyone, zoey here, looking for members of an underground female only fight club.

two women enter, one woman leaves, the other gets put to sleep.

Romance, rivalry, either way it goes. I am leaning towards the fighting having an erotic tinge to it, kinda like a pain/punishment dealio. We can go as 18+ as you'd like.
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