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3 mos ago
Current seven days left until all my projects are done...then i'll be back on this site for real
3 mos ago
thunderstorm in my area. big one
4 mos ago
guys...i have so many papers due before April 21st. i'm gonna cry lmao.
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5 mos ago
i love arkane studios games
5 mos ago
Hey! It's all good. I have the internet.
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Call me: Zoey, Boey, or Zoey Boey
Pronouns: She/her
Homestate: Texas
Time Zone: Central Time
School/Work: In person college
Age: 22
Birthdate: the bizarre summer of 1999 (literally)
Available: Usually. but especially on friday-sunday. most of the time.
Available available?: No
Means of Production: Seized
Liberals: Owned
Sunglasses: On
Products: Consumed
Justice: Shining
Sex: Repulsive
Ace?: Pilot
Part 6: Never DECEMBER 1ST
Bread: Garlic
Water: Wet
Homework: Late
Giant rat: Making all of the rules
Spider: Manned
Grill: propane
Role: played
Taco trucks: On every corner
Ryu: Stanned
Street: Fighting
Fan Club: Lancer
Peanutbutter and?: Todd
Large Fries: Yes
Fried Chicken: No
Death: looped
Video games: unplayed
Ears: Ringing constantly
Sense of humor: decayed beyond recognition
Layers of Irony?: four
Favorite Roleplay: Dead
Stone: Free
Yognau(gh)t?: Yognaut

edit: 11/14/201
all this stuff is old

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