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He wasn't sure if it was just because the streets were relatively quite at this time of day or if it was the effects of the setting sun, but the city of Anvil always seemed so serene during this time. Amicus pondered gazing listlessly at the river from his spot under the bridge. Then again what did he know? He hadn't been in the city but for only a couple of weeks now, finding work in treating the slum's sick. Not a very fruitful endeavor coin wise but, enriching in spirit at least. The people could only give so much for his services. He knew this and was fine with that. Still the growing hunger in his stomach had differing thoughts on the matter. Thankfully the river was in no shortage of fish. Now if only they would bite. He thought casting his makeshift fishing line into the water once more.

Any prospects of successfully catching something diminished into nothing as a stray rock was skipped across the surface. It took a moment for the action to register in the elf's head before he let out a defeated sigh. Seems like fish wasn't on the menu tonight. Oh well. He supposed he wasn't that hungry. That or either the origin of the rock had piqued his curiosity enough to forget about it at the moment. Amicus stood from his sitting position, stretching his arms before gathering up his belongings. The blonde then proceeded to climb up the bank and make his way up to the bridge. He was met with two silhouetted figures. A rather tall and muscled man leaning against the side accompanied by a smaller female. She seemed quite young and judging on her looks certainly not native to the area. Perhaps he was interrupting something? The thought of turning and leaving crossed his mind for a moment before he waved it away. He'd take his chances. Besides the two seemed relatively friendly or at the very least docile. "So, who is the talented rock skipper that owes me dinner?" He spoke as he folded his arms over his chest. There was no heat behind his tone more joking than anything. The grin that tugged at his lips didn't help much either.

Apologies for the tardiness! Midterms have been killer. Will have a post up soon~
Will have this finished soon~!

Nice! I look forward to it~ I’ve been saving up a few ideas for a Elder scrolls roleplay. ^_^

Sounds great! I’m excited! Also quick question is there a certain form you would like us to you for our CS or just a general form?
I love Elder Scrolls~ Consider me interested!
@A N X I E T Y

Hi there!

This looks really interesting~ I've never done a 1X1 roleplay but, I'm willing to give it a go ^_^

Just got a few questions: Is the existence of vampires common public knowledge. Or do only hunters know about Vampires?

Also here is my CS please let me know if I need to change anything. I look forward to rping with you!


Really loving the plot to this thread~ I was just wondering for the character sheets, is there a certain format you would like to see them in? ^_^

Side note: Are Tritons playable?
Ooh this sounds great! Consider me interested~ ^_^
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