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@World Traveler Loving the cast of characters so far! Quick question will there be a discord for this? ^_^

Hey sorry for the tardiness, I’m been busy with family stuff as well. 😅 However after tonight things should wind down and I’ll be able to devote more time to finishing up my CS. I should have it up soon ^_^

I love the character ideas I’m seeing here! I’m thinking of creating a Baldori prince myself. ^_^
Hello! I’m also interested in this thread!
Terribly sorry I have no idea why this posted again. Was just trying to make corrections to my other post.

@Prosaic Finally finished! I apologize for the terrible histories. ^_^;


Hello, this looks really interesting! Room for another? :)
Elias Varga

Interacting with: @everyone

Elias sat on the edge of his bed busing himself with cleaning his weapons. Allowing the calm quiet wash over him, unbothered by the faint sounds of the celebration going on. Going into a fight with a dull knife and jammed guns was never the brightest idea. Especially when the fight was as large scale as the one that was laid before them. In less then an hour's time, they would be heading through the infamous portal. The same portal in which the ships before them had not returned. What was on the other side? Immediate death? Hordes of those insect bastards? Ghost ships? Hell, if he knew. He would be lying to himself if he said he didn't feel on edge about it all. The pit that had settle in his stomach formed by jittery nerves and a twisted sense of excitement.

The sound of the ship's intercom coming to life pulled him out of his thoughts, his internal hearing devices automatically tuning to the appropriate volume in order to pick up on the Captain's voice. A small smirk pulled at his lips as the Captain concluded her speech. "Here's to you, Captain." He hummed raising up the half bottle of beer from the bedside table in a toast, before downing the remnants. The unease he previously felt had seemed to dissipate. Partially due to the liquid courage in his system but, mainly from the Captain's words. It was hard not to feel energized by it. And on that note, it was getting about time to join the others. The ravenette stood up, sheathing the now sharpened blade and attaching it to his belt. Elias took the time to gather his belongings and double checking the clips of his guns. Satisfied with his mental checklist, Elias slung on his leather jacket, pocketing his lighter before leaving his room.

Elias stalked down the halls clapping a few crew members on the shoulder in greeting as he made his way to the bridge. Upon arrival he noticed a growing group of familiar faces and how minuscule they looked compared to the looming portal in front of them. His brow rose in shock as an awe inspired whistle left his mouth as he sauntered up to the group. "That things a helluva lot bigger in person." He mused still a bit struck by its magnitude. Things were about to get interesting for sure.
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