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Finally finished, please let me know if I need to change anything ^-^

Hello there,

I’ve never been apart of an Isekai’d roleplay before and would like to give it a go. This concept seems really neat. ^_^ Just curious, how young of a lord our we talking about here?
The invite says it expired 😅
Nice! Can’t wait to see it ^-^

I’m all for a discord!
@Sonnenschein Oh, okay will do! Will have a CS up as soon as possible.
Oh, okay! I gotcha. ^_^ Also one last question, what age would our characters be? Like would they be in their teenage years to young adults?

Really looking forward to this~! Just have few questions. For appearance would Demi Spirit largely resemble normal humans? Or do they differ in ways such as having abnormal eye/hair color, horns, wings, etc.?
Very interested in this ^_^
Very much interested ^-^
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