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August Weiss
Locations: Eukary University - Mixed Species Dorm
Interactions: Taurus Altobelli
Mentions: @GreysonEA

"Everything's got a place. It changes from time to time. Y'know to keep things interesting." August grins, slinging his towel over his shoulder as he waits for the bull. Once Taurus was ready, August led them out of their room and set off at an easy pace to the showers.

"Oh, yeah? We'll have to swing by and check it out." Even though The Warren was predominantly a herbivore hangout, August preferred it over The Wolf Pack. The atmosphere was more inviting and- well, he had a particular fondness for one of the bartenders.

"Nothing in particular really. Maybe the film booth. Those guys usually have some pretty cool stuff." He muses, turning his head to glance up at his much taller roommate. The canine opened his mouth to add to his precious statement but promptly shut it at Taurus' quick recoil. August gave no outward reaction quickly, fixing up his poker face as the student passed them.

Well, if he wasn't awake before, he certainly was now.

August shoots the bull a look- brows raised in surprise with a mischievous grin upon his face. A close call for sure but, really no harm done. He gives Taurus a playful nudge with his elbow as if to break up the tension as he dashes the short distance to the showers. "C'mon Altobelli. We better get a move on before they run out of free samples!" The best thing about Open House was the free food and no one could convince him otherwise.

August Weiss
Location: Eukary University - Mixed Species Dorms
Interactions: Taurus Altobelli

August gave little acknowledgment to the blaring alarm other than a brief ear twitch, whether it was due to deep sleep or sheer stubbornness. The Dobermann mumbled an unintelligible protest spurred on by the movement next to him, however, he made no further effort to great the day himself.

August was roused from his sleep by the warm hand ruffling his ears, eyes peeking open to look up at the culprit of said ruffling. Mr. Sunshine himself he couldn’t think of a better face to wake up to. It took a moment for Taurus' words to register in his sleep-addled brain before he could answer. "As ready as I'll ever be." He chuckles voice still rough from sleep. He took a moment to stretch out his limbs before pushing himself into a sitting position. The mentions of coffee had him perking up a bit more as he reached to take the cup off the top. "You're a lifesaver. Have I ever told you that?” He grins, carefully sipping at the coffee in his hands.

”I’ll go with-just give me a sec.” August dragged himself out of bed, standing on his toes just long enough to steal peck off of the bull’s cheek as he passed by.

August pulled on a simple t-shirt and sweatpants and after some searching managed to locate his things for the showers.

“ Did you have a good run? See anything interesting?” He asked, moving to stand by the door to wait for his roommate.

Count me in as well!
@Argetlam350 Count me in as well!
August Weiss
Location: Winter Carnival (Enroute to Medical Tent)
Interactions: Taurus Altobelli & Melanie Rose Pourri

August didn't mean to stare but, now that the skunk was back on her feet he couldn't help but, notice just how scuffed her paws were. She did take a pretty nasty fall and just to add insult to injury had become absolutely drenched in the process. It was way too cold to be walking around like that. Thankfully it seemed that Taurus was on the same page, and stopped the little skunk before she could get too far.

The bull’s thoughtful gesture was enough to bring a small smile to August's face. There wasn't a selfish bone in Taurus's body, August was sure of it. Always the one to look out for others, even when it came to complete strangers.

“Hey-hey, it's no sweat. Honest!” The Doberman quickly reassures offering Melanie a very toothy grin. Admittedly her tearful outburst had startled him causing his ears to flick forward in attention. As much as he wanted to provide physical reassurance whether it be a simple pat on the shoulder or maybe even a much-needed hug, August refrained from doing so. It had been a few years now since he moved out of his mother’s home and into the dorms. Being a student at the university had certainly changed his views for the better. However, it seemed some of his mother’s ‘teachings’ still ran deep. Something he hated to admit.

Prey animals are dangerous, August. It will always be their word over yours.

A gentle touch to his back and the warm voice that followed was enough to pull him from his gloomy thoughts. August blinked out of his stupor and fixed Taurus with a little grin. “Yeah, Russ. Right behind ya.” The bull’s promise of food drawing an amused chuckle out of him. “That’s an offer I can’t refuse.” He hummed shoving his paws in his pocket as they began their trek to the medical tent.

August entered the tent shortly after Melanie, being careful with his footing so as not to trample the poor girl. He briefly held the tent flap open for Taurus once he was through before focusing his attention on the kangaroo that was approaching them.

He quietly listened as Melanie spoke and gave the nurse a curt wave when her eyes traveled over them. It seemed their new little buddy would be in good hands.

@GreysonEA @LostButterfly92
August Weiss
Location: Winter Carnival
Interactions: Taurus Altobelli, Melanie Rose Pourri, Felix Lamonte

August was immediately behind Taurus when a yelp cut through their conversation. He was glad the bull had reached her first. The little skunk looked distressed enough-he didn't think a Dobermann rushing up and reaching out for her would be perceived very well.

"You'd think they would have some caution cones put out or something." He mutters, moving from around Taurus to create a sort of barrier between the crowd and the skunk. He could tell she was pretty embarrassed by the whole ordeal and wanted to cut down on any curious onlookers. "I'm pretty sure I saw one on our way over." From what he could see her, paws looked pretty scraped up and would a least require some bandaging if nothing else. "I'm sure they can get you patched up in no time." He said offering her a little reassuring grin. Maybe they had a few towels to spare as well. The snow had absolutely soaked her.

His attention was quickly drawn as someone else nearly topples over the skunk. This damn chord is gonna be the death of someone. "Oh, shit- you okay?" August rummages through his jacket pocket and pulls out a couple of clean napkins he'd acquired with his own drink. "Here take these." He says offering the fistful of napkins out to the little tabby cat.

@GreysonEA @Dark Cloud @LostButterfly92
August Wiess
Location: Winter Carnival
Interactions: @GreysonEA

August idly sipped from the steaming styrofoam cup that held in his paw. He'd nearly burned all his taste buds off from his first eager gulp and didn't fancy doing the same to the few he had left. Despite having the inability to taste the hot apple cider, the Doberman enjoyed it all the same. He was more or less drinking it for its warming properties anyhow. As much as he loved this time of year, he was woefully ill-equipped for it. But he wasn't about to let a chill stop him from enjoying the carnival with Taurus. He thinks, stealing a sideways glance at the bull at his side.

A commotion beside the sports booth drew his attention from the ice sculptures he had been eyeing previously to the animals that surrounded it. He couldn't tell what exactly happened per se but, whatever it was an incredibly tall hyena seemed to have put an end to it. He watched the group a few moments more before returning his attention back to the sculptures in front of him. "See any booths that catch your eye, Russ? The willpower that is keeping me from licking these sculptures is draining pretty quickly." He chuckled shooting the other a teasing grin.

August Weiss
Location: The Warren
Interactions: @IronPhinx @GreysonEA

August's sleepy gaze flicked from the bull back to the doe as Taurus listed off introductions. Her initial hesitation went unnoticed though, part of him guessed it had to be there. Although this was more of a herbivore/omnivore hang out, it wasn't too shocking when carnivores such as himself strolled in from time to time. At least not anymore, he supposed. Still, he'd never fault a person's cautious instincts. "Nice to meet you, Gracie," August spoke, offering her an equally warm albeit toothy smile. He reached forward, taking her smaller hand in his own, and gave it a shake, being mindful not to jostle her around too much.

"Ah, The Gentleman strikes again." August chuckled, settling back against the bar. Usually, he'd decline such an offer. August didn't like feeling indebted to anyone. Another trait he learned early in life, no doubt. However, he was working on changing this mindset. Sometimes you just needed to accept the generosity given. And that is okay. "You're fighting a losing battle, Gracie." He says with an exasperated sigh as if speaking from experience. "He already has his mindset on it." The dog teases, casting Taurus a cheeky grin.

He waits for the waitress to become available before putting in his order of potato wedges and a beer. "Thanks, Russ. Next time is on me tho." August adds, making a mental note for the next time they went out.

"So, how do you know each other? Same major?" He asks, curiously glancing between the two.
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