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@Lord Wraith

A spooky hotel? Consider me interested~! 0w0

Apologies for not yet posting. Real life has been busy lately though I should have something up at some point tonight.

Name: Vashti


Species: Tiefling

Weaknesses: Loud noises. Skittish. Large crowds.

Phobias: Angry Mobs. Abandonment.

Skills: Knowledge of Healing. Knowledge of Flora. Archery.

Supernatural Abilities Tier 1: Darkvision. Minor Healing Spell.

Supernatural Abilities Tier 2: Candlelight Spell. Paralyze Spell

Supernatural Ability Tier 3: Detect Life Spell (for a short period of time)

I’m finished with my form~ Please let me know if I need to change anything. OwO
Knowledge of Healing.
Knowledge of Flora.

I’m still working on my form and should have it finished in a few moments. ^w^

This sounds amazing! I recently just finished Red Dead Redemption for the first time (I know I’m behind on the times ^_^’) and I need my Wild West fix. Consider me interested!
Hello there~

I’m also interested in this and would love to join if there is any more room.
Hello there~

I'd also like to express interest for this thread. Have room for another?
I’ll have a post up tonight.
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