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Good question! Avians are adept at shifting and can shift into their complete bird or fully human form easily. They can also shift themselves anywhere inbetween the two forms. Such as have a bird body with a human head, like how traditional harpies are depicted. Most Avians prefer to keep their large wings when in human form, so they can retain their flight abilities. When I say adept I mean extreamly good at it. For instance, they can turn their fingernails into talons effortlessly; Shift just their eyes to use their excellent bird vision at will, and so on.

Oh wow! This was very helpful! Thank you so much~ I will definitely be working on an Avians CS and will hopefully have it finished sometime this weekend. ^_^

I have a quick question about the Avian race. In human form do they have any bird features to them like giant wings and bird talons for feet or do they appear completely human?
I’ll be traveling today but should have a post up sometime tonight.
Yay! I’m so excited for this rp! ^w^
Consider me interested as well~!
The morning air was cool and crisp almost frigid when compared to the hot muggy mornings of the Black Marsh. However, Sisseepa didn’t mind the cold much. In his years traversing Skyrim he’d grown rather accustomed to it. Well, mostly that is. The more snowy regions of Skyrim was a different story entirely. The Argonian’s bones ached just thinking about it. Sisseepa pushed away his traveling thoughts and focused on the task at hand. With a quiet grunt, he hefted the woodcutter's ax above his head and brought it down in one fluid motion, chopping the wood below in half. Deciding the pile of firewood was sufficient, Sisseepa rolled the kinks out of his shoulders before gathering up the lumber in his arms.

Being the early riser he was and not wishing to disturb his fellow guild members, the archer sequestered himself to the Companion training ground to chop wood for the fire. Doing so allowed him to warm his muscles and help out a little with Jorrvaskr housekeeping. He figured the guild’s elderly maid Tilma could use the help. Sisseepa shuffled through Jorrvaskr back door with the wood pausing briefly to make note of the guild members present. “Greetings honored friends.” He greets with a friendly curve of his mouth nodding his head to the small group.”Staying warm I hope?” He hummed adding more wood to the fire before placing the rest in a pile for later use. Sisseepa dusted off his hands before standing and joining the others quietly taking a seat next to Jarett.

Terribly sorry for the wait. I’ve finished my CS all except the biography which I’m working on now. ^_^

Name: Sisseepa (sis•SEE•pa)
Race: Argonian
Height: 5’9
Eye color:Lavender Blue

Main Class: Archer
Secondary Class: Warrior
Weapons: Ebony Bow, Two Steel daggers, Assortment of Arrows (Whatever he comes across)
Armor:Chitin Light Armor (without the helmet),Hood, Leather boots
Clothes: Basic hunting attire

Shout you will learn: Aura Whisper

Biography (Optional): (Working on it)

Marital Status: Single

Relationships(With cannon NPC'S) (Optional): Has worked and formed a lasting companionship with the Argonian dock workers of Windhelm.

“Glory for the Companions or Sovengarde!”

Oh okay awesome~! I should have a CS up some time tonight ^_^

Hello there~

I’m very interested in this thread. Skyrim is such a treasure~ I just have a few questions. I noticed in the rules it said no werebeasts except for Khajiit. Are Argonians playable? Or are they included in the no beasts rule? ^w^
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