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Silas Moore, Elite hangout
Interactions: Seth Apkoda

The door of Ella was shouldered open and Silas ducked in, stooping to avoid banging his head on the doorframe. He took a moment, once inside, to readjust his knee-length black coat, stretched taut over his broad shoulders and the collar turned up against the chill in the air. Large ears flicked at a scuffling behind the desk, and bright yellow eyes turned to fix on the porcupine shop assistant, who lowered her gaze away from the predator.

“Your new collection is quite lovely, Mr Moore.” She squeaked out, blunt nails drumming anxiously on the desk.

A sickeningly saccharine grin spread over Silas’ features; although one could call it a snarl. Lips pulled back to reveal bright razor sharp canines, unnaturally whitened and polished. ”Why, thank you, Minnie.” His voice was silken, and the porcupine couldn’t help but shudder. ”I assume Seth is already...” He gestured vaguely in the direction of the changing rooms with one huge paw, drawing a nod from Minnie behind the desk. ”Excellent.” He rumbled, voice nearly a growl as he headed through to the back changing rooms, letting himself into the usual room they used, set behind the unsuspecting shop.

It was no secret that he relished in his predatory nature. He used his size and teeth to his advantage more often than not. Though of course it got him into trouble occasionally- there was the... incident with the peafowl. A disagreement in a bar had led to him making quite a mess in the back alley though he got off lightly. Not enough evidence, the court said. Although his brand had taken quite a hit over the proceedings, he soon enough made the money back with another release - all the designs with eye motifs in deep blues, purples and greens.

He nodded to the grizzly on the door, flashing his teeth as he passed. He shrugged out of his coat and set it on a coatrack just inside the room, adjusting his shirtsleeves as he made his way to the bar. ”Veronica...” He purred with a smirk, leaning his elbows on the bar ”Old fashioned, please. It’s been a long day.” He watched the barmaid work, claws drumming lightly on the heavy oak bar until his drink was passed over.
”Thank you, my dear.” Silas shot her a sharp grin before joining Seth, reclining in one of the armchairs, one leg crossed over the other knee, and glass clutched in a huge paw. ”Boss.” He nodded his head, eyes narrowed slightly. ”How are things?”

The pair talked for a while, the rest of the team drifting in as their own works days drew to a close. The conversation started as personal catch-ups but quickly changed to a matter of business. Seth had decided that he was going to get a hold of a stand at the upcoming university winter carnival to drum up more interest for their group and Silas couldn’t help but grin.

He knew exactly who would be attending that little soirée.
I think I’ll make him like, a temporary main, for e moment anyway. Then revisit
Name:Silas Moore
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 22
Species: Tiger
Diet: Carnivore
Height: 6’10
Weight: 260lbs
Physique: Athletic
Appearance: Silas is as broad and muscular as he is tall. He has large hands and feet, with bulging biceps and broad shoulders. He is a typical coat colouring for his species, with a large neck ruff that he keeps trimmed and groomed. He has a nick taken out of his left ear from a fight as a youngster, and a small scar on his cheek from the same time.
Personality: Silas is loud and brash, dominating the room with his presence and demanding attention wherever he goes; not that it’s in short supply. He’s attractive and everyone knows it. He can have a bit of a cruel streak, and is mostly seen as a bully.
He looks down on most, especially humans and half-breeds, which was the main reason he joined the Elite’s cause.
Class: Upper
Taurus Altobelli (Ex-Boyfriend)
Seth Apkoda (Boss)

Speech Color Code: Optional. Can use supported color names or hex code.)
Taurus Altobelli, The Warren
Interactions: Grace Elafi, August Weiss

”Its no trouble at all, my treat.” Taurus assured, waving away the protest. He brushed a lock of hair out of his eyes and scooted his bar stool back a little, so he could see and speak to both Gracie and August on either side.

He was tempted to put himself at the edge of the little group they’d formed but he’d seen the flicker of uncertainty in Gracies eyes as August had approached them and, from one prey animal to another, he understood. Although he knew August would never mean harm, the large canine teeth didn’t do him many favours.

He understood the trepidation, he’d been the same when he was younger. Despite his height now, he’d been fairly small and slight when he was but a calf, and so painfully shy that others thought him slow. He’d been bullied relentlessly but both herbivores and carnivores alike. ‘Milk machine’, they’d call him, ‘farm boy’ and all variations. One particularly spiteful group of badgers had cornered him and stuck him with cattle prods.

But he’d grown into himself. He soon excelled his classmates in both height and grades. He applied himself in every subject and found solace in the pages of old, leather bound tomes. He taught himself out of his thick country accent and attended elocution lessons. He sharpened his wit and held his head high, looking people in the eye when he spoke to them - he wouldn’t let anyone make him feel inferior for his heritage.

”We’re both on the track team. Miss Grace absolutely excels and leaves everyone else in the dust.” He grinned, addressing August’s question. ”Are either of you planning on going to the carnival this weekend? I’m on the fence about it.” He asked, thanking Theodore as he bought over Taurus’ drink. An orange based, fruity thing completely loaded up with ice. He still wasn’t entirely sure what was in it himself.
Maybe we would have something where they have the option to stay over spring break? I know that’s how my uni works? Could be interesting- cause I’m assuming everyone kinda lives a while away from each other
Taurus Altobelli, The Warren
Interactions: Grace Elafi, August Weiss

”Well that’s a delight to hear.” Taurus replied with a warm smile and drained his drink, crunching softly on the ice at the bottom of the glass before answering. ”Well as great as it can be when you have to listen to Professor McNeil at dead on eight in the morning.” He chuckled. He wasn’t sure if the old goat was known past the English department, but he was sure word got around somehow.

He nodded at Grace’s question. He’d gotten a text through this morning about the abysmal weather making the track surface treacherous and he had to say, he was disappointed. ”Its understandable but I, for one, don’t mind running in this sort of weather, suppose we have a slight advantage over our pawed companions.” Taurus smiled, tapping his hoof on the floor in emphasis. He was used to harsh winters and the blistering cold; with black ice making it far to dangerous to drive so the only option was to go by foot. It was the summers he really struggled with - he’d even taken to clipping his coat short the first week of May because he knew he’d be a sweaty, irritable mess come the first heat spikes of July, but luxuriously fluffy and comfortable by the time the weather really started to turn in November.

”I may be cutting it a touch fine, I’ll be coming straight from work, but I’ll be there regardless. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He grinned, sliding his empty glass to the far side of the bar, one ear flicking to the side as he heard the bar door open and a sudden burst of cold against his back. He suppressed a shiver, taking out his wallet and setting it in front of him on the well-worn wood of the bar; one large hand covering it. Well, you could never be too careful. Not that he expected anyone to give him trouble.

”Hullo, August.” He smiled brightly, glancing over his shoulder at his Doberman housemate. ”Miss Grace, allow me to introduce you, this is August Weiss, my roommate.” He smiled, slipping out his bank card and waving down the barmouse once more. ”Put both of these orders on my card, for the rest of the evening. And I’ll have my usual when you have a spare moment, no rush at all.” He gestured to the pair either side of him and passed over the plastic.
Taurus Altobelli, The Warren
Interactions: Grace Elafi

Taurus’ class had positively dragged this morning, and he was grateful for the respite that coming to work had afforded him. He liked the professor, he really did, and he loved the subject with most every fibre of his being. The professor was knowledgable, if slightly biased about the books he assigned them, and always willing to help but his voice.

Well, Taurus would much rather listen to paint dry.

He ducked through the doorway that led from the back of the bar to the front, feeling the tip of one of his horns knock against the doorframe and sending a slight shock through his head. The feeling was similar to hitting your elbow on a particularly unforgiving table corner, and it took a few seconds of shaking his shaggy head to clear. He took out the tie holding his hair back as he walked, eyesight briefly obscured but quickly restored as he pulled his hair back into a messy bun and leaned against the bar, just off to the side from the other patrons.

Thankfully, due to the part-time nature of the job, he only worked short shifts and by the time The Warren had started to pick up in activity, his shift was coming to an end. He’d done his fair share of evening rush shifts, but he wasn’t in any hurry to have a repeat of that one. His hooves had been aching for days afterwards.

”I’m clocked out, Theodore. Watch yourself on the stout tap, it’s leaking, yet again.” He huffed slightly, gesturing to the stain on the thigh of his otherwise pristine dark charcoal chinos. ”I’m working tomorrow evening but then I’m free for this week. Feel free to call if you need me though, could always do with extra rent money.” He chuckled, reaching over to snag his drink from where he’d left it behind the bar and moving to settle into one of the barstools, ear flicking as he heard a familiar voice.

”Good afternoon, Miss Grace.” Taurus rumbled with a bright smile over the rim of his glass. He recognised her from the track team. Their practices often clashed in the evenings, though he couldn’t recall ever having a proper conversation with her. ”Didn’t expect to see you here so early in the day, the match highlights from yesterday don’t start until five.” He smiled, gesturing up to the dark screen of the tv. ”I trust you’ve had a pleasant day?”

He’d usually be on his way home by now, but judging from the vague texts and the rush of people in a couple of the group chats he’d been a part of, there would be a small gathering at the bar tonight. It would be nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new people. He was in his second year of study already but didn’t much socialise with people from outside his course or his dorm. That had to change if he planned on staying in New York after university ended. His parents and brother were already in conversation about moving back to England and Taurus found himself quite unwilling to follow them back.
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