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Current Woah. One whole year of being on the forums! Gosh, what a ride its been... @_@ Ah well, heres to another productive 365 days! Keep on spinning, Earth!
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I want to get a picture of someone tie-dye-ing a shirt with a 'dead to the world' expression. The picture would have a caption "I want to dye...".
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Ever had those dreams that feel like they last for days but its only been a handful of hours? I could go for a few of those back to back...
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As a fallible human, I should be allowed to be wrong every now and then.
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Everything is actually fine, and I don't know what to do about it.


Hi! ;U


I see you managed to make your way here, so you're probably curious about a few things, ah? To start, I am based out of UTC-06:00 and currently have an availability weekday evenings and pretty much whenever on weekends. I'm not one to just disappear without a reason, so if that happens, assume the worst. lulz
I prefer darker themes and elements of mystery, so you know there's a soft spot in my heart for Lovecraft, but other than that, I'm not huge on fandoms.
Sorry about the 'post count/active days' ratio. I'm a bit of a stickler for the kinds of threads I join since I tend to pour my heart into one or two threads at a time and can't bear the stress of being spread thin on a dozen threads at a time. <_>;
Rest assured, if I intend on joining a thread, I'll give it my all!

- My b-day also happens to be on the 12th of October.
- Found out about Deltarune and I'm a shamelessly a super stupidly huge fan of Ralsei. >w<

As for RP interest,
I am I huge fan of-
- Fantasy
- Scifi/futuristic
- Post-apocalypse
- Theme combinations
- M+M combinations~ ;3

However, I'm not big on-
- Mary/Gary Sue
- Historical
- Free RP
- Haters
- Drama

I am currently in the middle of~
Isle of Atria (Post-apocalyptic fantasy)
Trios (Fantasy steampunk goodness)
Diddly Do (Left due to personal inability to establish character plot)
Children of Plunder (Left due to drama incited by GMs)
A Tale of Three Moons (Died due to stagnated plot)
Aieth - The World Between (Died due to dead-end plot)

(Hope ya like webcomics! (Click pic for webcomic featuring disappointingly little of these fine fellows))

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"You! You!" The amalgam greeted the corpse-lady in an almost friendly manner, weapons raised in a more focused stance, eager for her to draw close enough to be made an example of. Surprisingly, snuffing the fire out on the mass of protruding arms managed little more than a few twitches of fingers and a muffled roar of enthuse turning to anger as it brought the weapons to bear. Unfortunately, as soon as it had tilted back for the momentum to 'give her the grease', it was instead bound up in powerful undead arms that dragged it forward and up. Its weapons clattered to the ground as the grayscale washed over its hands, seeming to drain the strength even from its grip. Corpse-lady, however, felt little resistance as she brought the thing down to crunch against the stone floor.

The Stranger intently watched even as Jericho sank their own torch into the vacant neckline of the creature's back, though it was not the action they paid such attention to. The creature twitched in a pool of smashed wax and a viscous black ichor, a sizzling arising from its form before glowing orange and yellow spikes erupted from the gaps in its armor, similar to the fire from the torches before being pulled from their sconces. "F-found..." It started, its voice a quiet groan while a hand tilted in the direction of The Stranger, "...yoouuu"
The protruding arms went limp and rapidly began to putrefy.

"I think that others may have heard it's cries, why else would it scream if none of it's allies were nearby?" The Stranger mimicked, still seemingly transfixed on the shambled armor which had quickly began to give of an unpleasant stink of rotting flesh to rival the corpse-lady's. The Stranger somewhat stood, lifting their other hand and clinking their index and middle finger together twice before releasing their first hand and promptly striking a third chime.
In the brief second of color snapping back into the world, the skeletal snake spirits arched back towards the party with burning lights in the hollows of their eye sockets. Whispers pervaded the air, bouncing off of the walls in a similar voice to the thing that laid presumably dead. A mess of words spoken by the same light echoes that accompanied The Stranger's mimicry all fought to speak at once, becoming instantly jumbled and nonsensical. They looked between the members of the party before taking a running stance as if hinting to their next course of action upon popular suggestion.
The Stranger appeared to listen closely to Nale before putting their hand over their chest and bowing their head in an apparent expression of gratitude. "Maybe- no" They replied before looking down the hall in the direction of more faint lights, back out to the connecting hall which no doubt would lead to another cell block. "Forward, left, forward, forward, forward, right, right, forward, left, forward...up" they mimic'd back before another curious reverberation of an echo almost sounded as if it added, "Iz down...iz up...iz down..."
The voice was androgynously light and made The Stranger looked up and as if having just noticed it, and not expecting it.

Their attention was drawn back to the group as the towering corpse of a woman then approached. The questions earned only a blank stare from the cat-like slit eyes behind the mask. A knowing, hesitant look. One that had no words or want for answers to give.
The Stranger's affliction was convenient in this instance along with the revenant's attention span as they made to retrieve a torch from the wall, abandoning the question in favor of another. "Guards" they simply replied with Jericho's voice whom they'd seemed not the least bit surprised by their announcement.

Distant echoing clunks of heavy metal scraping along cobblestone directed The Stranger's attention down the hall to the T-intersection they'd said to turn left at. From the right came what looked like a suit of armor...or more like two suits of armor. The arms and legs joined to form four long bulky legs running from two cuirasses fused together at the waist. Wax dribbled down its form from a series of candles in various states of use on its back, though as the substance dripped onto the floor, it evaporated into audible sizzles of steam.
It lumbered down the hall before stopping at the intersection and shifting to face the group as if it were casually patrolling until very clearly noticing the group. It let out a sound akin to a low bark mashed up with a tortured scream before the opening that should have once held a neck sprouted a series of clawed hands and arms with enough force to bend the metal around it. They gripped and rent at the air before charging in a gallop, grunting and giggling with malicious excitement until leaping for The Stranger, still stuck in their maintenance of their spell.

The armored hands stopped first, the grayscale washing from the tips of the long appendages before overtaking the sprouted arms. All the while, its momentum sharply cut down until there came a noise of cracking and grinding metal from its front half being frozen by the same spell that bound the spirits. "Found! Found it! It! Kazzok! Found!" it madly barked in a guttural bass, even the sound slightly dampened by whatever it had become stuck in. Well, half stuck, as one of its back arms reached into the neck-section of the other piece of armor, drawing a mace and swinging it into the grayscale as if testing, careful to keep its hands out. The other hand repeated the movement, drawing a longsword for more reach as it swung at the air in the direction of the rest of the group though falling short by at least five to seven feet.

The stranger quickly looked between the present 'heroes' and then back to the other open cells before nodding. "First- Leave... Appreciate yer 'elp- all- guards to come knockin', aye?" They echoed Uriel and then Jericho in cut up fragments, the pace of speech quickened with alarm.
You're aware of the answer (Just leaving this here so people don't think I blew you off ^^;)

I am going to start moving the IC and was wondering whacha up to?
Wishes answered, it would seem. Questions and voices from more sources drew The Stranger's attention first to the towering undead woman. Silently, with their free hand, they offered a small wave in greeting before curiously tilting their head as if not understanding one of their questions. They did their best to respond, however, by miming; their hand flat with the palm facing down, then lowering it a measured inch before stopping. This gesture repeated a few more times before they slapped their palm onto the floor and ground the metal tip of their index finger audibly against the stone. They raised their hand once more to maybe depict five; their fingers They turn their hand back and forth to show the back of their hand and then the palm a few times before sighing and relaxing, apparently giving up in frustration. The Stranger was wholly aware of the complexity of what they were trying to explain, but probably not the best at miming it out with only one hand, if at all.

The Stranger eased back a bit away from River as she approached. They held up one finger and pointed to their other hand still locked in place. They made a sweeping 'behold' of a gesture to the faint ghostly forms of the remaining spirits also seemingly stuck by the same power. "I- can walk..." They replied with words River had just spoken before a faintly distant sound echoed back from them a soft "Eehhm..." in response to the offer to being carried before holding a hand to wave in rejection of the offer. "Thank you...miss" came Nale's voice from The Stranger, next, thankful that they'd used such distinctions to better politely decline River's offer.

They lifted their hand to their own throat, "" they explained with the echoes of Nale's, River's, Gangraena's and then Lia's voice in that order to form the comment before making a gesture of grabbing hold of something and pulling it away. Bringing an index finger back to the tip of the beak of their mask in an 'shh' gesture, they conclude with River's word, "Here."
Surely the group would have felt it by now, seen the spirits suspended by The Stranger's spell and gathered from their behavior that this was a world of curses. There was so much The Stranger wanted to tell them all, and that was very likely the specific reason his voice was stolen. The conclusion of the thought, however, was lack of immediate context.
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The stranger lifted their head quickly in response to Auriel's voice, snapping in their direction. Behind the hollows of the horned mask of a bird held a series of pale pink rings that focused together into something resembling a two-tiered iris. Enthuse replaced their shaking which paused before returning in more of an enthusiastic shudder while they maneuvered themselves roughly sixty-degrees clockwise and angled themselves up into their arm which gave a wet 'click' of a relocating shoulder.

"Thanks..." Auriel's voice chirped back from the figure, the pupils sharpening to cat-like slits as they watched her. There was an inflection that came with it, a relief and faint echo of a light voice skipping back across the ambiance the stone provided. "Suspect...questions" They continued to reflect, the echoes becoming arguably clearer with the spoken words; a shapeless language that refracted into whispers of lengthy syllables past the words Auriel had spoken.

This was about the time Lia had made herself known, the sounds of composing herself having been largely ignored by the figure until she'd exited their cell. The stranger lifted their free hand to their face, angled with a tilted wrist for their index finger to pause in front of the beak of the mask, palm facing the construct. However, as they spoke, The Stranger perked up, dropping their hand a few inch as their eyes then focused on Lia.
"Rescuing!...friend" they once again replied, a bent mimicry of Lia's words and then the mid-sentence phrasing Auriel had only recently used to address them.

Distantly, faint words echoed back with soft consents flowing into soft vowels.
From the locked position of their hand, The Stranger was still forced to kneel in a stationary position if they wished to rest with comfort. Eagerly, they looked about to the other cells they'd freshly unlocked. They needed more words or syllables, but, more than that, they needed more voices. He certainly earned them.
Chapter 1: The Fish and The Falls

Soft clicks of padded steel boots falling in quick succession echoed down the dark undercrofts; the prison of heroes, not so inaccurately named after its architecture. Arching walls lined with skulls of all sizes and shapes, riveted into place with long square nails and cross-stabilized with polished metals flowing with inscriptions of all forms on language and runic script...weapons potentially once of legend, drained of their favor, spirits and magic until being reduced to little more than fancy building components. On a glance, the structure could have passed for carved cobblestone for how the petrified, solid remains were polished flat. Maybe it was just an artistic choice? The line between the two seemed blurred, appearing as either out of the corner of the eye before abruptly changing, almost flowing fluidly from the magic the dungeon subsisted on.

The Stranger rounded the corner, deliberate in their steps as they paced down the hall. The mouths of the carvings of skulls creaked and groaned open, foundation crackling and lightly drifting as they appeared almost to turn and follow them, a glow from hollow eye sockets illuminating the hall faintly as they passed. After escaping a few meters past the skulls, they shuddered back into place, returning to rest and even reversing the flow of dust and debris which had once broken loose, returning to darkness. Fur bristled across the mask as The Stranger scanned along the cells, lifting their right hand high into the air and sharply ringing an impact with their index and middle finger. They slowed their pace and clinked their fingers twice more in a similar manner as they stopped between four cells, standing in the middle of the hall.

Grayscaling overtook the darkness, dully elucidating the features of the architecture to reveal nothing more than plane cobblestone set into black mortar. Their left hand extended towards the bars of one of the doors, requiring a fair amount of strain as their right hand appeared to be locked in place. So short in stature, they could just barely reach the door by standing on the tips of the toes of their metal-plated boots. A single success! Looking up, skulls briefly flickered into existence mere inches from The Stranger's gloved hand, mouths open and keen to bite. Their visage shimmered in and out of existence depending on the angle they were viewed. Spindly-thin necks as if held on the body of a snake carried the ghostly skulls in their pursuit.
The Stranger repeated the touch for each of the doors around them after a brief moment of returning the glowing gaze of the spirits, locked in the effects of what was presumably a spell of some foreign machination. With a small chime of their other hand in the same manner of before, the pale violet light in the eyes of the skulls, which had supposedly been frozen, shifted to the new sound in spite of how The Stranger continued to watch them.

What happened next would have appeared as a reverberating clink of metal, a swirl of glowing amber snakes and then a guttural crunch before a streak of seemingly the same light the snake-like spirits were made from 'unzipped' the local swarm. Three quick chimes! The world fades back to grayscale as The Stranger reappears at the same pace, their cloak having earned a few holes from bites into fabric. In a kneeling position, they crawl enough to tap on another series of cell doors, their locks spinning open, doors coming loose.

Perhaps they heard it before you, but they were already diving back the way they came, giving their first hand another series of chimes as the piercing screech meets your ears. In their progression down the hall, the effect of the first spell's area wore off on one of the heads which had coiled around to let out an alarm before being abruptly silenced by another wave of grayscaling as quickly as it began. Meanwhile, The Stranger groaned and squirmed, a foot twitching and kicking at the dust that lined the floor, their arm held aloft as they otherwise laid suspended a handful of inches above the cobblestone. After a brief moment, they relax. Panting and shivering, they ease themselves to their knees to collect themselves while the heroes hopefully did the same with their newfound freedom.

The doors loose, your senses slowly returning save for a hollow dullness as if something was horribly amiss. A lack of lay-lines, of radiance, of self...this is not a region where power is allowed. A privilege your bodies had long since been denied, and the aid of the small masked figure was hardly enough to give it all back in such an expected instant. If you hoped to find some form of death, you may be disappointed. No gates to white or scorching inferno, just a silence as still as a grave. However, given the sound which had just been issued forth from the nightmarish entity now locked in its own helpless purgatory...silence might not be such a terrible alternative. For the moment, at least, a still semblance of peace has taken this dark dungeon.
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Unfortunate plans made by an unfortunate man. ;/

Very...interesting. Heh, 'Doctor Birdman' :P

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Looking good so far. Can't wait to see the finished versions. :o

Heh. Apocalypse-cults will claim to be and worship anything. Shame how humans have such propensities to turn on themselves in moments of crisis. xD

Don't worry about it too much.
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