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Current Si la mort n'est que ténèbres, nous vivons tous en enfer...
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Toutes les routes disparaissent alors que la mer noie le soleil.
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Lumière bleue sur les yeux. Donc j'étais, pour toujours.
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Ever had those dreams that feel like they last for days but its only been a handful of hours? I could go for a few of those back to back...
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As a fallible human, I should be allowed to be wrong every now and then.


Hi! ;U


I see you managed to make your way here, so you're probably curious about a few things, ah? To start, I am based out of UTC-06:00 and currently have an availability weekday evenings and pretty much whenever on weekends.
I prefer darker themes and elements of mystery when possible, so you know there's a soft spot in my heart for Lovecraft, but other than that, I'm not huge on most fandoms.
Sorry about the 'post count/active days' ratio. I'm a bit of a stickler for the kinds of threads I join since I tend to pour my heart into one or two threads at a time and don't have much time or energy to be spread super thin. <_>;
Rest assured, if I intend on joining a thread, I'll give it my all! \o/


As for RP interest,
I am I huge fan of-
- Fantasy
- Scifi/futuristic
- Post-apocalypse
- Theme combinations
- M+M combinations~ ;3

However, I'm not big on-
- Mary/Gary Sue
- Historical
- Free RP
- Haters
- Drama

I am currently in the middle of~
Unheroic: The Backwards Castle
Bloodrose Irregulars
Knights VS Dragons
Trouble in Korthos

Isle of Atria

Diddly Do
A Tale of Three Moons
Aieth - The World Between

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"Walkuh~!" Keepa chirped in amusement after Jericho finished introducing himself. "Well, Texas Ranguh, while you may think flattery will get you anywhere..." they snickered, coiling lower until resting on the floor like a snake lifting itself up almost 9ft off the ground, nearly touching the ceiling. The second head slank across the ceiling from where it emerged from the middle cell, picking up where the first one left off with, "...keep it up; ah may just help ya...pass through~" before joining the first one in the chuckle.

Kite's object was quickly resembling a shortsword by how the addition of more light from Ruby drawing their own torch illuminated more of the room. The cell that the second head emerged from didn't seem so much dark, more cavernous, as if the floor simply fell away past the threshold of the barred gate. Hundreds of small pale hands clung to the bars, seemingly to hold itself up in the abyss. At the same time, long, spider-like appendages arched bonelessly from the first head's massive neck, bracing against the other corner as well as gripping the one they emerged around...effectively blocking escape.

"Nawh...hold on," the first head abruptly ceased snickering to say, the second also falling silent as the first looked over Jericho to watch Ruby make their introductions. "Did...did you just-?" they started, their grin curling at the edges, pulling the expression into a sinister full-faced smirk. "You just your first thought is-" Keepa started, lifting their head and wiggling as they flailed their arms by their head in a mocking manner, raising their tone to poorly mimic Ruby, "-'Oh haaay! Les trah feedin' it! Mehbeh it'll be ahr fraaaand~" before erupting into a low droning 'Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh' much akin to a guttural belch combined with a tortured moan, their expression even making their eye-holes slightly squint from how wide their mouth opened as they grinned...likely what actually 'laughing' was, for it. "Wha happens next, baby~?" they condescendingly inquired, their mirth blatantly being found in the girl's efforts to...bribe...him?
"Oh! Oh saaay you planned to put a dumb little hat ohn me! Maybe then givin' me a st-huupid nickname...ahn then trah ta riaahd me around, a little~?" Keepa could barely contain their laughter, the other head noisily chattering their teeth between baleful roars and grotesque undulations, bashing its head against the ceiling repeatedly in its maddeningly hysterical fits.

"Aaahh, you adventurers ahr just puh-rescious! Tell-tell yuh what, consider me curious, now...y'know? Sure, ah'll bite. Whatcha got there, Sapphire~?" The first head inquired between hissing chuckles, the second one slithering closer to being over Ruby. "Izzit meat? Oh ah hope ya got meat foh me~" the second head inquired, a growl to their tone as drool dripped from their clenched teeth as they sized up the woman.
Collecting themselves from having relit a torch, which took to the flame with a natural ease of the well-oiled cloth wrapped in a metal cage at the end of a metal pole, Jericho quickly returned light to the room. An almost unnatural oppressiveness to the darkness forced the light to cut out a few feet from the man from Istvargrad, though only back in the direction of the hall from whence then came.
Waiting for them, peeking in from the dimness of the light was a sickly snow-white beaked face, parted like a mouth where an upper and lower grin of a row of unsettlingly human-like teeth rested in a blackness within the face. Two hollow holes much akin to the spots that made up 'eyes' on Kite's mask focused an instinctual dread into Jericho as it slowly inwardly hissed a breath.

"Oh! Wah, howdy~" they pleasantly greeted, turning their head to fully grin at Jericho and the crew. "Mah, this is certainly awkward, I imaging you can sympathize," they sighed, accompanied by a small forced-sounding chuckle that not the less came off offsettingly pleasant. "Ah have just been dyin' t'mee'cha, and well, I get so bashful...lucky me, I still got mah personality~" they once again chirped in a playful 'southern gentleman' accent.
"Now'n, ya'll got me up in a tizzy just wonderin' whacha doin', makin' so much...noise" The head floating from a muscular neck that disappeared far into the dimmest of shadows. "See, we're here, gonna do our best, but it'd be rude of us to just start~" A second, almost Identical voice coyly cooed from the shadows of one of the otherwise untouched cells as a second face flickered into visibility.

"Keepa, we'd prefer ya know me as. Just here ta do what I can for such...enticing...individuals~" The second head snickered as the first held their grin. "C'mon, now, all ya'll got names. Y'humans love tha'kinda thang~"

Kite appeared visibly unnerved, backing up against the wall at the back of the block. The light of the flames from the torch refracted on an object beginning to manifest in his hand. "Nahw, what's that one's problem? Wuzza mattah, Stardust, gotcha own tongue~? Kss-hss-hss-hssss~" they snickered before the weight of the first head's attention turned to Jericho. "So, whadda they caaaalll ya, baby?" it asked as the second head coiled from the cell, propped up on another long muscular neck as it rose above the group to seemingly 'look them over'.
"Now ya'll don't feel so unincluded, we havn' fugotten all yas~" the second head cooed over the rest of the group while the first addressed Jericho.
Kite felt content with himself from the display having even mildly flustered Jericho and his otherwise unflappable demeanor. While he was not entirely sure what Violet's plan was, he wanted to at least be transparent with the man not to underestimate him. Onto the more important questions, Kite chirped a soft "Yes" as they turned to the other wall of cell doors. Approaching the middle one, they raised a hand to merely press their hand where the keyhole would otherwise have been. The low groaning from earlier once more rose up, this time causing Kite to flinch and look over his shoulder back where they came from. Thankfully, nothing awaited as the door to the new reforming figure surged into existence in a similar manner to Jericho.

This time, however, the vermin dispersed over a woman. Kite simply watched as they came to, their eyes never leaving their face.
/ / /
With a blink, Ruby is back in her body, in the cell, making eye-contact with the darkness within the eye-holes of The Stranger's mask.


Ruby regained consciousness lying on her back on a cold stone floor. At first, she thought she'd gone blind, but after a brief recall of recent events, decided that was unlikely. She felt for any gaps or sharp edges around her and, having confirmed the floor's safety, rolled prone and felt around for a wall. The first thing she found was metal bars. Her heart sank into her stomach. Am I in prison? She crawled to her feet and slid one foot to the side. Nothing there. Good. She brought in her other foot and shuffled along the perimeter like that until she'd measured the dimensions of her cell. It was just big enough for her to lie down in any direction, and, as she soon discovered, entirely empty.

As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, Ruby moved to the cell door and looked out into the hall beyond. There was an object just on the other side. She slowly dipped from angle to angle for light and perspective, and after a few moments' reflection, scrambled back with eyes wide open.

"What the frik-frak on a tic-tac?" she whispered.

Ruby held still and watched the thing. When her eyes eventually found its face, a wave of nausea hit her, and she passed out.

Ruby blinked to find herself back inside the cell, making eye contact with the Stranger standing outside her cell. She crawled up to the bars and pulled herself up on them. "Whoa, was that you? How'd you do that? That was awesome!"


The Stranger huffed a relieved-sounding sigh as they offered a hand to help them up. They initially remained still, maybe a bit surprised, though the mask would not betray what they, themselves, soon would. "Y-yes! Ehhnf-" beginning to explain before seeming to catch themselves. Lowering their gaze away from the person, they swiftly stepped in, taking one of Ruby's hand and helping her to their feet.

Outside, the rest of the cell doors slid open to the sound of what could be best described as a burlap sack being thrashed around a small room. Thankfully, the auditory oddity would cease just as quickly as it had started. This now, however, left the cell block in a palpable stillness from its absence. No distant drips, jingle of chains or rush of wind whistling through corridor, just hearts and voices in a stone room as if purposely intended to feel oppressively isolating even among others.

"Boo~" a light voice whispered from back in the cell Jericho had been just recently rescued from. Three seconds later, small, snow-white hands reached from between the bars on cells to press around the torches in the room, snuffing it and its contents in darkness.
Apparently simply waiting for Jericho to compose themselves, Kite ignored the initial line of questioning. Whether he had no answer for 'when' the man asked he was, or there was no answer to give, the mask offered no tell. Violet seemed intent on offering introductions, as Kite turned his head back the way they came, cautiously. Truthfully, the joke was in the irony of the question that Kite found silly as the answer was a flat 'yes'. When, indeed, they were, now.
Their attention was drawn back as Violet extended a hand, daintily, to Jericho, and her Kite found themselves crossing their arms. Dejection abroad, he seethed from the willing expression she offered where before it had taken considerable effort to earn such attention from her. "Hhrrmph...muh-mehmeh hrf mah moorrr..." they grumbled, not at all understanding the subtleties of Violet's attempt to manipulate the man through charm, seeing it as some kind of 'human favoritism', instead.

Further confusion in her behavior was added as she produced a dagger and explaining her capacity on her capabilities before paying Kite a compliment.
He would...disagree, though. His performance against the other Kite was shoddy and feeble as, if Violet could remember the details of the engagement correctly...he lost.
The only reason she was still alive was because he cheated and blatantly murdered his kinsman in cold blood fueled by a conspiracy for betrayal. There was nothing 'adept' about the one-sided fight, and Kite bitterly resented her interpretation of events. However, he had no means or will to oppose her praise. The reflection on his actions though, now that he too was forced to play by The New Rule and was forced to carry the burden, made him feel small...all things considered.

They discussed payment, an unexpected detail Kite had not considered when picking Jericho. Trinkets and flecks of local precious metals stamped with the faces of local mortals. For a moment, Kite had forgotten he was dealing with humans and had hoped their service could be unquestioning, given the scope of...oh.
It then occurred to Violet's Kite that he was literally unable to explain the pointlessness of material currency compared to the value of every single second the two wasted showing eachother their knives. Frankly, it was a miracle they were not already beset by the castle's guards in short order, likely since the IS of their surroundings were being rewritten and simply was unable to grapple with the jarring upset to natural order. They had already dealt a terrifying blow to Kazzok who was no doubt reeling from having their IS forced down a fine needle-thin funnel called 'time'.

Kite had difficulty understanding it, himself, as he was no longer able to perceive quite the way he had, before. What he was quickly coming to terms with was a demand that they all be knife-buddies and introduce themselves. They were at a tiny disadvantage, not actually being armed with physical weapons aside from their fists, though Violet's interior, simplified assessment at least gave him somewhere to start. Maybe not with a fist, but something the two could understand.
Lifting a finger as if requesting a moment, they lowered the hand with the palm open.

The knife was keen and honed, waved in design to cut messily.
There was no knife.
Its guard was curved. It was a fork. A trident.
It did not remain hovering after he lowered his hand, as it was not there.
It was heavy. Heavier than any single object. It was not capable of being lifted.
...because it did not exist.
There was no knife.

Kite turned his hand to the side as it rested beside him, and eyes could follow and watch as nothing put a 2-inch wide hole in the cobblestone at their feet, the stone around the deep impact splitting. "Yes..." they softly answered, not even glancing at what they'd done.
They would very much like to 'speak up'.
SEQUENCE 3: The Backwards Castle

Segment 1: Reconstruction

Birdcages, strung up in the dark and filled with swarms of churning winged insects. The chittering beat of their wings sang in a rhythm almost akin to speech. A cacophony of grinding mandibles and chitin against metal, this swarm...knew of a detail. It hissed lamentations of spite, dejection for being used, and a hungering ambiguous want. Where was it!? There was fear, but anger ruled its disjointed form as reality crashed down on the depths of the mass.
It was at Istvargrad. It knew of its fleeting fragility, but still was when others would not. It had a name, probably many, but in its state, it was hardly anything, anymore. Just a collection of thoughts and rampant emotions driven mad from its perceived eternity of imprisonment, it would suffice.

Bricks rose, encasing the cage in a cobblestone box alongside others like it.
Torches burst to life to illuminate the cell block as the click of metal-toed boots echoed from down the hall, drawing near until the figures rounded the corner to face the nearly identical section of the prison that the woman accompanying The Stranger was pulled from. A silence reigned in the halls, the chaotic thrumming of insect hoards falling silent before the two had even drawn near enough to hear it.
The Stranger slowly paced from one cell to the next, peering into the contents before settling on the cage in the wall. As violet accompanied them, they'd see not an amalgam of vermin in a bird cage, but a singular man slumped in a dim stone cell. The New Rule had recomposed their form, and the instant Violet's Kite touched the door, life flowed back to Jericho's form in time to watch the cell slide open.
If he'd hoped to find some form of death, they may be disappointed. No gates to white or scorching inferno, just a silence as still as a grave. However, given the chaotic dream-like blur he'd been roused from...silence might not be such a terrible alternative. For the moment, at least, a still semblance of peace permeated existence, like a relief following waking from a nightmare.

Kite looked back to Violet, their expression hidden, though an implied confidence rose from their gesture; lifting a hand to about shoulder-height and wiggling their pinky-finger.

I was under the distinct impression the thread was abandoned by the GM and therefore dead by extension.
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