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Current So I guess season 3 of 'Attack on Titan' is available on Crunchyroll and has been for over a month. \o/
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As a fallible human, I should be allowed to be wrong every now and then.
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Everything is actually fine, and I don't know what to do about it.
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Happy Vernal Equinox!!
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Why am I clicking refresh at 3:30am? Theres no way in hell anyone is actually on, much less posting... x_x


Hi! ;U


I see you managed to make your way here, so you're probably curious about a few things, ah? To start, I am based out of UTC-06:00 and currently have an availability weekday evenings and pretty much whenever on weekends. I'm not one to just disappear without a reason, so if that happens, assume the worst. lulz
I prefer darker themes and elements of mystery, so you know there's a soft spot in my heart for Lovecraft, but other than that, I'm not huge on fandoms.
Sorry about the 'post count/active days' ratio. I'm a bit of a stickler for the kinds of threads I join since I tend to pour my heart into one or two threads at a time and can't bear the stress of being spread thin on a dozen threads at a time. <_>;
Rest assured, if I intend on joining a thread, I'll give it my all!

As for RP interest,
I am I huge fan of-
- Fantasy
- Scifi/futuristic
- Post-apocalypse
- Theme combinations
- M+M combinations~ ;3

However, I'm not big on-
- Mary/Gary Sue
- Historical
- Free RP
- Haters

I am currently in the middle of~
Trios (Fantasy steampunk goodness)
Children of Plunder (Unfinished concept)
A Tale of Three Moons
Aieth - The World Between

(Hope ya like webcomics! (Click pic for webcomic featuring disappointingly little of these fine fellows))

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In Trios 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Dartbored Fairy

Shaking their head as they turned the corner while descending the stairs to the lobby, Ahnciel took note of the empty desk which once held the self-asserted employ of the innkeep. The events had transpired just as the eviscerated corpse in the armored man's room hinted. The terminology for referring to the person now likely in the guard's custody sat poorly with the Ahnciel. Any other day and any other place, and Ahnci would think of them as a knight from nowhere. Unknown but at least with their dignity implied.

They wore their armor well, and it was unfortunately the only compliment the Isparian knight was able to offer, knowing so little of the situation.
Kaitra's thoughts kept flickering back to the innkeeper and she soon found herself breathing shallow half-breaths, their mind echoing with speculations and frustration. She was thankful that they'd yet to pick up breakfast as a sudden wave of nausea drove them out into the rain to escape the stale earthy stench of old planks of wood and a faint metallic tinge of blood somewhere in the memory of the scene.

Ahnciel wasn't sure why it bothered them so badly to believe their eyes, but something was disgustingly off about the whole affair that it took Keepa breaking from her usual torpor to protest to being rained on.
The beast's coat bristled in the cold rain, gekkering softly and squirming in annoyance until its ride pulled the hood of their cloak over the two to shield from the elements. Oil treated fabrics chased water down their form like off a duck's back as Ahnciel steadied themselves with another hand on the outside wall out the inn just beside the door.
"Shut up, iz not that bad" they hissed at the both of them, rolling their shoulders as they forced themselves back on the heel they turned on before starting off down the sidewalk. They conveniently relished in the fresh but thick air of the rainy day, however, they had only made it five steps and half way into a thought about who to ask about the Agartha Mine without arousing too much suspicion when their own was confirmed by a set of eyes watching them.

At first, Ahnci had assumed they were simply an onlooker, getting their jollies off on the idea of the 'handsome' town guard bringing a murderer to justice, before noticing how their eyes followed them as they departed from the scene. It was a poor choice of interest, as the young knight was hardly in the mood to entertain commoners until noticing their expression. The cross of the visor and thin veil made it easier than imagined to watch the girl without turning their head, and Ahnci stopped in his tracks the instant he was sure they were being watched.
Returning the stare as they beckoned, Ahnciel doubled their pace to cross the cobblestone road and follow around the corner with a wide enough berth that they wouldn't be in range for a sucker-punch the moment they turned down the way the girl had disappeared down.

Interesting as it was to have already gained the interest of a supposed local, they were hardly eager enough to let their sensibilities leave them in favor of answers...or least?...better questions.
With a pace a step below a jog, the girl was getting what they wanted from the paladin who casually rested a hand on the pommel of their broad rapier to steady it through the skipped steps before turning the corner on their own terms.
In Trios 8 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Confidence emanated from the armored figure whose upper expression was faintly obscured by a thin shadowy veil from their helmet as the guard's sword touched their leg. Tiny coarse clicks resonated from the inferior metal of the man's sword as it grazed the streaks of mithril fibers woven into the form-fitting fencer's mail, earning little more than an unimpressed raised eyebrow from the knight who'd yet to even establish a threatening stance.
It was a set of armor intended to protect the lineage, and while the mail offered less protection than the plating, itself, the paranoid gesture on the part of the guard was taken as stressed ignorance.

"Excuse you, but I am a knight ouf zee Isparian Inquisition ehn I vill not be intimidated by zeh uncouth temperament ouf some backvahter bandit-town militia." The words dryly barked from Ahnciel's smooth lips in spite of a bead of nervous sweat being wicked away by their brow. They were out of their element, but the situation hardly added up to any measure of sense. They'd cut down bandits and marauding knights the same, though defying a foreign authority was different beast, and the young paladin hoped their silver tongue could cut truer than any needed sword. "I haf done nohszink but ask a question ehn have a sword drawn on me; an offense zeht vould cost any ohzer peasant zehr verkink hand," they stalwartly continued with a challengingly arrogant snarl with their inflection. Forced venom, it was woefully unbecoming of their expectations for themselves, but their emotions got the better of them with the tone they were warned with against the notion of investigating the mine.
Whoever had dressed up the animal of a so-called 'guard' and taught it how to speak in its disgusting yet thankfully concise accent hadn't taught it how to deflect a question, making a burden of the knight in the process as they knew their first destination for the day. Something wanted them there, and a gentleman was loathe to disappoint such an invitation.

Ahnciel made to cross their arms, holding an elbow which the hand it belonged to thoughtfully held their chin between their index and thumb as they watched the scene quickly unfold. Shifting their weight onto the side of their folded arm, he couldn't help but survey the scene inside the room before guards swarmed the surrendering, fully armored man. They were disarmed without resistance and it seemed awfully quaint how neatly the scene seemed to be painted. Although, It hardly added up how they would have the foresight to arm and painstakingly don a set of platemail by themselves before murdering the innkeep in their own room, but it was made clear that Ahnciel's input wasn't wanted, so they shifted their approach. They had all the information they needed, and the bandit town guard didn't seem to harbor much hospitality for errant knights.

"Regardless, I vill excuse such disrespect zeis time as you all seem capable ouf handling one human. Now paerdon...I haf business beyond you" Ahnciel snorted as if suppressing a cocky snicker in the steps it took for them to step past the collection of guards and continue their way down the hall. They chose their words with the hope their flashy demeanor reeked enough of elven pomp and circumstance for human disdain to fill the gaps and explain their behavior.

'Who would want to incite the ire of a faction of elven aristocrats, right? Just let them walk away, theres no changing that bird, anyway' Ahnciel nervously thought to themselves as they articulated the grace of every step they took to and down the stairs to imply a natural element. 'Arrogant dismissal rather than retreat, head held high, you're too much trouble to be worth their busy busy time, right now...' The idea of being a hero was easier when the dream was of monsters in the woods rather than the monsters in men. Hopefully, the attention guards paid its inhabitant was a reflection of how little care they had for more supernatural threats and the warning about the mine was mere underestimation of their capabilities...yeah, just stay optimistic.
It pained Ahnci to imagine the child they passed along the way being thrown out, but they didn't know their situation and already committed to leaving the inn before the humanis swill's eyes uncrossed long enough to look at them a bit too closely and find something else to have a problem with.
I...guess Hawlin is out, so I'm taking (back) control of Kaite for them. I hope I do their concept justice.

This puts me in an astonishingly awkward position.

I'll still do my best! I have faith in the thread!
...just need to re-read some notes and figure out what the hell just happened.
In Trios 16 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Ahnciel's sunny disposition was immediately quashed as the word reflected on their mirror-sheen armor sank in. Behind them, their hand slipped off of the knob of the door which would have closed if the knight hadn't then caught the side to ease it back open enough to look back into their room. Had they just not noticed the writing on their door? Was it even there?
Whomever was responsible for the sick prank must be mistaken, however, as the name failed to ring any bells. Who was this 'Agartha' and why was it imperative for the swordsman to be made so acutely aware of their existence through such macabre means?
Curiously, Ahnciel hazarded an examination of the letters, smearing the right leg of the 'h' with the tip of a gauntlet to verify it wasn't simply paint. Lo, and it was just as fresh and viscous as the like the knight had endeavored to grow accustomed to. Thankfully, the qualities of mithril made flicking the substance cleanly from their hand an easy task, though something else stuck, instead.

The blood was fresh.

Coming back to reality after a contemplative moment, the sounds of banging and shouting eased their way back into Ahnciel's senses. It was funny that he hadn't noticed the commotion which was taking place maybe two doors down in the same hall, though any comedy was drained along with the blood seeping from under the door along the grains of the floorboards.

While mystery was hardly their forte, it shouldn't be a coincidence that the two occurrences were taking place. The foul ink had to come from somewhere, and Ahnciel hoped they looked capable and resolute enough not to be shoo'd away by the guards. He couldn't help but be a bit more than curious what was going on around town...and if there was a chance there was money involved in undoing such wickedness. Regardless, they steeled themselves for what was playing up to be quite the massacre on the other side of the door if the pooling blood was any indication.

"Zee guard iz certainly punctual in zeis town. Zeh blood iz still flowink ehn vee are to knockink down doors?" Ahnciel speculated in an authoritative tone clearly directed at the guards. Their accent was thick and paced as though english wasn't their first language, though it came in at a close second what with their vocabulary. While he made no effort to stop them, hands on his hips made it apparent that he had no intention of leaving so soon. He jerked a thumb over his shoulder to where he remembered the writing on the wall being before continuing, "Vould zeis, by chance, have anyszink to do vith Agartha?"
In Trios 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Strangely enough, the ferry ride was an unexpected turn of events, one which the cloaked knight delighted in with a reenactment of a scene they'd only read of. A salty sea breeze of the bay, and waves rolling and crashing against the hull of the repurposed cargo vessel in time to the billowing of the figure's cloak with the periodic gusts. They'd even propped a foot up on their pack for added dramatics, one hand resting on the hilt of a sheathed sword of sorts while the other cradled their helmet under their arm.
Picturesque poise betrayed the stiff knees of standing in such a pose for hours and stinging eyes from the spray off the bow. Still, it was preferable to being below deck as the stink of the rest of the unwashed crew and whatever word for the evil that spilled out of a particular room was had driven them topside.

And so, Kaitra had spent as much time as they could airing out, afraid the stench would unbecomingly cling to them. It was this thought process that brought them to splurge a bit after taking up a room at the local seaside in shortly after arriving at port.
Stiff knees and foul humors melted away in the suds of a hot bath, though food would unfortunately have to wait as the knight had rationed out their funds to pay through the week and as such, they would starve cleanly rather than growing fat as a hog in its own squalor. Ideally, the town and its troubles would provide enough thankful coin for this dilemma to sit far in the back of the bubble-obscured individual who sighed as the thought had actually begun to spoil the gentle moment of reprieve.
Thoughts always had a habit of getting in the way of silence; partially why the knight hadn't been cut out for serving the church. Scented candles and starlight usually served as a backdrop to the ritual, though a view of a foreign sea would have to suffice.

A fluffy white fox lounged on the bed, making small 'murph' sounds as she stared at her companion taking their sweet in the tub, and then its eyes lazily watching them cross the room and back as they got dry and dressed. The shine of the metal the illustrious armor held twinkled in its eyes and it perked up with a yawn before leaping onto the knight's outstretched arm and climbing up to roost back on their shoulders.
"Right zehn...shall we do good?" the knight's light voice chirped, turning their head to almost boop noses with the fox who sighed out a long disinterested whine.
Kaitra frowned with a slight undertone of perplexity. She wouldn't presume to understand the animal, though had hoped for a response maybe a tiny bit more reassuring than it griping like a child. "I vill find food for us both, do not vorry yourself, Keepa..." she sighed, eliciting a small wag of the tail at the mention of food.

Sliding a helmet on so simply, clasping the buckle under their chin and flipping down the visor and 'Ahnciel' stepped out of 'his' room after giving a mirror double finger-guns and softly cooing "Noblesse oblige~" in as convincingly of a masculine voice as they had practiced.
In Trios 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Trios 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Awesome and will do!

I'll probably work on a first post after I wake up...its crazy late. @_@

UPDATE 12:15pm, 9/3: Getting dragged away to hang out with people, but I'll still endeavor to have a post up sometime today!

UPDATE 4:22pm, 9/3: It seemed like stuff was going on out in the hall at the inn, so I figured I'd stall for time for the events to take place...and kinda stop there since I'm not certain what Ahnci would see upon stepping out. This is assuming they're even in the same hall as Kaldalis's room.
Let me know if anything needs editing. >_<
In Trios 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

EDIT: *Reads through CSs*
*Finds 'Meatball Madison'*
In Trios 21 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hi! :U

I saw the interest check and assumed there was an opening I could potentially submit a character for. I hope this is the case since it certainly seems interesting, though I'm not 100% where the plot/people are/is at the moment. <_>;

Nothing a bit of reading wouldn't sort out, I suppose. >_<
Chance I should assume to post a CS, here? :o
Hey, uhm...think fast!

*Tosses ownership of Kaite*
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