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Tiny, shy, flutterby.
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Fluttering without a way...


Age: 28
Status: Married
Zodiac: Pisces / Monkey
Gender: Female (she/her)
Height: 5' 1"
Location: New Hampshire
Languages: English, some Spanish
Animals: Cats, sloths, skunks, frogs
Colors: Natural shades of green, blue, purple, brown, pale yellow and pinks
Fruits: Blueberries, Strawberries
Vegetables: Peas, Carrots
Desserts: Softserve icecream, Cobbler
Drinks: Raspberry Tea, Cream Soda
Meals: Pizza, Cheeseburgers
Plants: Daisy, Lilac, Wisteria, Willow
Music Genres: Soft Rock, Pop, Country
Video Game Genres: RPGs, Platformers, Life Simulators
Film/Literature Genres: Superheroes, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Hobbies: Reading, writing, roleplaying, drawing, painting, crafting, exploring and relaxing outdoors
Fandoms: Spyro the Dragon, The Sims, Spore (the videogames), Pokemon, My Little Pony, How to Train Your Dragon, Sailor Moon, Animorphs, Red Wall, Deltora Quest, Naruto, Beastars, Worm (web series by Wildbow), DC and Marvel Superheroes, Game of Thrones
Roleplay Preferences:
Large group (5+ characters)
Fandom roleplays, animal or anthropomorphic characters, animal companions (like Pokemon or dragons), superheroes
While I thoroughly enjoy roleplays with romance (not smut), the hubby says no, so please don't encourage any romantic relationships. Thank you!
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@Kale19 That's a great introductory post! =)

Just a suggestion, but maybe your character could check out The Elite club booth. It's run by a animal supremacist polar bear, and there could be some interesting interaction.

If I get some free time to write, that's where my characters are off to next.
@Kale19 Sea people do have different cultures, religion and languages. However, they are fulky capable of learning and speaking land languages.

As far as your character's vision, I'll leave that entirely up to you. Some lineages are more or less "humanized" than others. Which do you think you would enjoy more? =)
@Kale19 Very interesting character! He's approved. You may edit your post in the character tab with your application and join in the roleplay whenever you're ready.

Currently our characters are college students ranging from 1st year to 3rd year. They are at the Winter Carnival (yes, the pace is a little slow right now). This event is open to the public. College students get in free. Most of us are checking out the Eukary University club booths.

Perhaps your character is considering going to college, or just just looking around. Maybe looking to pick up a fare. I'm sure we can find a way to work you in.
Da n iel l e Da l l o n


Destiny's little blue eyes lit up, and she flashed a toothy grin. [B]"Hi Sascha, I'm Destiny. You have such pretty fur--can I pet you?"[b] the little girl asked genuinely. She offered one small, dainty hand. The dog almost seemed to smile back as she put her paw in the girl's hand. Destiny grinned ear to ear and pat the dog along her side and back for a moment, then embraced her in a hug for a few seconds. "You're so soft, Sascha!" Dani stiffened, worried for her sister, but finally breathed when the girl let go and backed away without incident. "Thank you for letting me pet you!"

The man then introduced himself as Ryker, again. Her mother laughed a bit drunkenly. Her faced flushed probably with both embarrassment and infatuation. "Haha, that's right, you introduced yourself just a minute ago! I'm such a goldfish." Fauna brushed her blond hair and smiled. William made a face in disgust. "I'm actually the mother-had kids young..." she trailed off, putting each hand on William and Destiny's shoulders, with a bittersweet smile.

Ryker offered to help out with his powers, a cooling power of some kind. Fauna raised her brow and smiled, tilting her head. The younger children made sounds in awe. Abagail shuggled"Is that true? Hm, what do you think, Dani?" her mother asked. Dani smiled nervously and shook her head. "Oh, un I'm okay, but thank you." It seemed either he didn't recognize her, or perhaps he figured she wasn't ready to reveal her secret. Dani breathed in relief.

Suddenly a man came running by, pretty quick for a man. He quickly announced that the conference began in ten minutes. Fauna checked her watch. "Oh! How time flies when you're making friends. Care to sit with us at the conference, Ryker?" Fauna asked, nudging her children along toward the conference hall. "Yes, sit with us! Sit with us mister Burke!" the younger ones eagerly agreed with her, looking back and nearly jumping with excitement as they went along. Abagail absently played with her music player, and Dani gave him an approving nod and smile before following after her family.

@Ordsmed Have you had a chance to look over my character sheet? =)
Da n iel l e Da l l o n


"Where's your manners!" Mother Fauna scolded. Dani couldn't bear to see what would happen next. She closed her eyes and covered her face with the back of her hand, expecting the worse.

A moment pased, and rather than hearing growling and screaming she heard a new voice. Dani snuck a peek and saw a slightly older boy with dark hair and glasses casually approaching, wishing to pat the dog as well. "Hey! I wanted to pet her!" Dani's little sister protested, stopping in her tracks. She slid down onto her hands and knees in the gravel, stopping just about a foot short of the dog, dirtying her legs and yellow dress in the process. She was pouting and looking longingly at the dog in its eyes. Dani's heart raced, worrying that the dog would pounce at any moment.

The new boy then offered to let Destiny go first, appeasing the young child. She raised her chin up with a smug grin on her face, but she stayed in the dirt this time seeming to wait for permission...
@Ordsmed Are we all starting without dragons/ eggs or can we already have an egg/dragon?
How to train your dragon is one of my favorite franchises! Let's see if I can come up with an interesting character...
Da n iel l e Da l l o n


A cool breeze blew by, carrying with it a tiny, glowing seed. It swirled and danced on the air, finally settling in a few strands of Dani's golden locks. I was...shocked? But I'm ok..., a mysterious voice seemed to whisper in her ear. Dani stopped in her tracks, heart racing and wide-eyed like a deer in the headlights.

Her mother stumbled but held tight to Dani, using her to keep balance. Dani just stood there, unblinking, with her heart pounding. Her mother put her cool hand to the girl's clammy forehead and felt her cheek and face. "Honey, what's wrong? Are you feeling faint again? Don't be frightened, I'm right here," she soothed, stoking her daughter's long hair.

Dani was hardly listening. She stared blankly ahead, lost in thought. Di-did he hear me? Was... was that him answering back? Dani wondered frantically. Never had she heard such a deep voice come from a dandelion messenger. They were usually celestial. Angelic. The dandelions must have contacted him on her behalf. But then, did that mean her mind was no longer sacred? Could she trust the dandelions with her thoughts and feelings and secrets? What if she accidentally hurt someone by thinking something she would never say out loud, or what if people found discovered her power...

The next thing she knew, a man with that same deep voice was speaking right in front of her, asking if she was okay. It seemed her hunch was right. She looked him in his amber eyes and at his scarred face for only just a moment before looking away with an embarrassed smile and reddening cheeks. "I um, I'm fine, really... " Dani stammered quietly. It was bad enough to be speaking with somebody she didn't know, and worse that he might figure out she has powers.
Dani looked down at the dog by his side to distract herself and avoid accidentally sharing her thoughts, but the dog only made her feel more anxious. Good doggy..good doggy...good doggy... Dani repeated in her head. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, clearing her mind.

"Oh, just a case of heat exhaustion. A little bit of water and some shade and she'll be right as rain," Dani's mother answered for her, patting her on the shoulder. Feeling a little more calm, Dani nodded and drank from her plastic bottle water to help support her mother's explanation, while avoiding eye contact. "She's a little shy around strangers," her mom explained, leaning in to whisper toward the brown-eyed man, before wobbling back upright.

"Anyways... my name is Fauna and this is Danielle, William, Destiny, and Abagail. Say hello to the nice gentleman, kids." Fauna said with a friendly smile, pointing to each child in turn. Abagail crossed her arms and mumbled 'hello', William nodded and said 'hey'. Destiny gave him an energetic wave, 'hi' and a big grin, glancing to and from the man and his dog, but more interested in the dog. Fauna nodded approvingly. "And who do we have the pleasure of meeting?" she asked.

"Can I pet your dog? Can I please?" Destiny suddenly blurted out, reaching for the animal. Danielle grabbed for her sister's shirt sleeve, trying to stop her, but the girl slipped from her grasp.
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