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Age: 28
Status: Married
Zodiac: Pisces / Monkey
Gender: Female (she/her)
Height: 5' 1"
Location: New Hampshire
Languages: English, some Spanish
Animals: Cats, sloths, skunks, frogs
Colors: Natural shades of green, blue, purple, brown, pale yellow and pinks
Fruits: Blueberries, Strawberries
Vegetables: Peas, Carrots
Desserts: Softserve icecream, Cobbler
Drinks: Raspberry Tea, Cream Soda
Meals: Pizza, Cheeseburgers
Plants: Daisy, Lilac, Wisteria, Willow
Music Genres: Soft Rock, Pop, Country
Video Game Genres: RPGs, Platformers, Life Simulators
Film/Literature Genres: Superheroes, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Hobbies: Reading, writing, roleplaying, drawing, painting, crafting, exploring and relaxing outdoors
Fandoms: Spyro the Dragon, The Sims, Spore (the videogames), Pokemon, My Little Pony, How to Train Your Dragon, Sailor Moon, Animorphs, Red Wall, Deltora Quest, Naruto, Beastars, Worm (web series by Wildbow), DC and Marvel Superheroes, Game of Thrones
Roleplay Preferences:
Large group (5+ characters)
Fandom roleplays, animal or anthropomorphic characters, animal companions (like Pokemon or dragons), superheroes
While I thoroughly enjoy roleplays with romance (not smut), the hubby says no, so please don't encourage any romantic relationships. Thank you!
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Melanie Rose Pourri
The Eukary Quad, Winter Carnival Club Booths, 9:05AM.
Interacting with @GreysonEA, @vertigh0st, and @Dark Cloud.

After a few anxious glances this way and that, Melanie started off towards the medicine tent with her arms wrapped tight around her shivering, icy body. She stared down at the ttampled snow as she walked away, partly looking out for more trip hazards, but mostly lost in her thoughts. Was she being paranoid? Maybe a lot of humans just looked angry all the time. After all, Mel used to be afraid of predators--and she was still a little bit, to be honest--but Nolan had proven how good and kind they should be. She was just being speciest. An awful, awful, speciest. She was just as bad as the human who made that club brocure. Melanie hugged herself tighter, fighting back tears. She couldn't help hating herself for the way she felt, and wished Nolan was here to look out for her.

Melanie hadn't got far when someone spoke up, offering to escort her. The girl stopped in her tracks and began to cry, overwhelmed with feelings of undeserving. She buried her face in her paws to hide and stifle her sobs, and was surprised to feel something warm and soft drape over her shoulders like a shawl. Her sobs slowed to a sniffle and she smiled gtatefully, looking over her shoulder at the gentleman bull standing behind her, and his companion. "Th-thank you, T-taurus... " Melanie managed between sniffles. Between the large bull and his canine companion, she would surely be safe from any ill-intended humans.

Regaining her composure, the girl looked sadly to the cat, who seemed to be busily and angrily wiping at the stain on his clothes, too busy stewing to respond to anything or anybody around him. He probably was not coming with them. [Color=pink]"I'm so sorry..."[/pink] Melanie apologize, with her snout shamefully pointed toward the ground. A few seconds later she looked back at the pair of nice upperclassmen boys, then started back on her way.

The medicine tent was only a couple minutes away, close to the fields where the races and other activities were being held. It was a fairly large white tent, built big enough to encompass even elephants and giraffes if needed. A red plus sign was made with red duct tape was on the front door flap. Melanie pushed through with one paw outstretched and the flap fell down behind her.

The tent opened into what appeared to be waiting room of sorts. The floor was tarped
and a small space heater was in one corner. "He-hello?" Melanie asked, not seeing anybody around. She heard hushed voices and rustling behind one doorflap. "I will be with you in a minute!" a female voice spoke up. Satisfied that someone was here, Mel looked to find a seat and chose a typical middle-sized-animal chair. She lifted herself into it and sat with her boots dangling an inch or so off the floor. Melanie breathed deeply and sighed. The heat felt wonderful.

"Hi, can I help you?" a kangaroo girl asked, as she popped out from behind the flap. She wore blue scrubs with white snowflakes on it, apparently the nurse. Strangely enough, nobody else came out with her.

"Uh, yes, I fell in the snow and ice and I got scraped up..." Melanie explained, showing the nurse her paws, which were swollen red and bleeding slightly.

"Oh my! Let's get those paws disinfected right away. Did your friends get hurt as well?" the kangaroo asked, sounding almost hopeful as she eyed Taurus.

"No, um, they just came for e-emotional sup-p-port," Melanie explained, scratching her ear and feeling a little embarrassed about it. She got up from her chair and turned towards her new companions.

"Thank you for bringing me here, guys... August and Taurus... I should be fine now. You can get back to-to the festival if you want. And oh, here, your scarf...Thank you for letting me borrow it, Taurus. Sorry it's a little damp now," Melanie apologized, smiling bashfully and offering up the large scarf as far as she could reach.
@TruthHurts22 I don't mind having other people with mental gifts as long as they're unique somehow.

Could you expand on how your character's power works? Is it through observation and intuition like Tattle Tale from Worm?
Saved by the bell! Dani thought gratefully as she smiled and sighed in relief. The booming male voice had announced that the first activity was running long and needed to be cut short. There would be a short break before the next activity, and a chance to prove your abilities for a discount.

"Just fifteen minutes! We better hurry to the cabin before the next activity," Fauna exclaimed as she rose from her seat. She quickly picked up her purse and her younger children's belongings and handed it to them. "Do you know what activity you would like, honey?"

"Um..." Dani stammered, opening up the brocure to see her options. They could either attend a conference about the origin of powers or they could go hiking and zip lining. Destiny grabbed Dani's arms with satin hands. "Can we go hiking, please? I want to go outside!" Destiny asked with pleading eyes. "Yeah, this is boring. Too much like school," Willian added. "Heh, do you even know what ziplining is? You'll be scared out of your mind!" Abagail piped up with one earbud pulled out of her ear and a smirk on her face. "Will not!" Destiny shot back. Soon the three siblings were arguing, and Dani sighed and shook her head.

Danielle look away towards the nice lemon girl, Maraz and flower girlz Dolly, then towars the line that was forming in the auditorium. There were bursts of light and sounds and wonderful scents coming from beyond the crowd. There were "oohs" and "aws" and laughter. And she couldn't help feeling a pang of jealousy. Dani had wished for physical power like speed, laser beams, or super strength so she could protect people. But Dani was just a small girl with no training--defenseless really. If anybody found out she had some kind of mind reading--well, she would rather not think about that. Instead she looked back down at the itinerary she was holding in her lap.

"I don't know... she murmured, frowning and clenching the paper tighter. She really wanted to learn the source of their powers and the lecture could surely shed light on the subject, but most of her family would prefer to enjoy the outdoors on their vacation. What was she supposed to do? Her siblings were giving her headache, making the choice all that much harder. She closed her eyes and put her hands over her ears to concentrate.

The room around her disappeared and the room became dark and quiet. There were just a few tiny sparks floating around and a few coming toward her. She waited to hear their messages, but suddenly a light blinded her a voice cried out: Take a hike!

"Take a hike!" Dani blurted out. Her squabbling siblings stopped and looked at her in awe. "Excuse me?" Fauna asked, taken aback. "I uh, sorry, I meant I want to go for a hike. It sounds fun, sorry..." Dani rushed, embarrassed. Her face turned bright pink and she hid her face in the brocure.

Fauna raised a brow, but her eyes softened. "It's alright, sweetie. It does sound fun let's get back to the cabin and get ready," she soothed with a rub on the girl's back. William did a fist pump and Destiny cheered. Abagail rolled her eyes then got up from her seat and threw her backpack over her shoulder.

"It was nice to have you join us, mister Burke," Fauna addressed their new friend. She paused a second to help Destiny put her backpack on around the comically large flower, and zipped up the partially open pouch. Satisfied, she continued, "I hope the children weren't a bother to you or your partner, Sascha. Will we be seeing you around?" Fauna asked with a flitter of her hair and a flash of a smile.
@Dark Cloud Were you planning on posting for Felix? I can edit my post a bit if it makes it easier.
@Crystal Amalgam No problem. =) And feel free to collab with other people if it works better for you.
@Crystal Amalgam I was planning to have Melanie run into some funny business at the medicine tent, but I wanted to give people a chance to post first. You're welcome to make an appearance there if you want. =)
@Dark Cloud I finished it a little while go (just noticed your message now). I had posted prematurely and didn't want anybody to reply before I was done. Sorry! ^_^'
Melanie Rose Pourri
The Eukary Quad, Winter Carnival Club Booths, 9:00AM.
Interacting with @GreysonEA, @vertigh0st, and @Dark Cloud.

Melanie fumbled around in the snow frantically, shaking from fear and cold alike as she stole glances at the looming shadows with her squinty, pearly black eyes. The biggest shadow moved and Mel flinched, but was surprised by a friendly, deep voice. She opened her beady eyes to see a blurry brown figure crouch down in front of her, with her glasses in an out-stretched hand.

"Oh thank you so much!" the girl cried gratefully with tears streaming down her cheeks. Her cold, stiff tail raised and wagged a little. It seemed the upperclassmen were not going to pummel her for being a loser after all. After wiping her eyes with the back of one paw, she took her glasses and placed them back on her snout.

The glasses were smeared with water and may have had a scratch or two more than before, but she was finally able to see at a distance again. In front of her crouched a large, handsome bull offering his hoof. Mel smiled shyly and took it, and was easily pulled to her feet. Beside him was a doberman with green-dyed hair, and off to the side was a grey tabby with a little drink spilled down his front. Others stared their way as they walked by. The girl's face flushed nervously at the nearby predator and onlookers.

"Th-thank you... Y-you're too kind..," the girl replied to the bull, smiling nervously and reluctantly taking the handkerchief from him. She hated the idea of ruining something that was not her own, but after taking a breath she wiped her paws dry, wincing at the pain. They had been scraped up pretty badly by chunks of ice hidden in the snow, and some blood got on the handkerchief. Melanie frowned and looked down ashamedly as she offered it back.

[Color=pink]"I th-think I'm oh-k-kay. Ju-just c-cold," she answered. [Color=pink]--and spooked,[/pink] she thought, glancing around the crowd with wide eyes. There were humans about, but not that appeared hostile, and she relaxed her gaze once again. "M-my name is Melanie," the little skunk introduced herself with a bashful smile.

"I-I'm so sor-sorry for the trouble I caused," Melanie apologized sincerely to the group with her head bowed. "Esp-especially to you." she said with a nod to the tabby. She badly hoped his clothes wouldn't stain.

"Th-thank you for being so nice to me. I-I'll get out of your way and go to the med-medicine tent. B-bye... " Melanie stammered. She gave a weak wave of her paw before she started to walk away, dripping wet and shivering with her head hung in shame and embarrassment.
@Crystal Amalgam Accepted! Great character. Please post him in the character thread.
@deadwolves That's a nice introduction! ^_^ Now the hard part is finding a way to interact with others.

If you're having trouble finding a way in, what I recommend is either showing up whever there is conflict or commotion, or causing some of your own. You can start or resolve fights, put on a show, literally bump into people, have your character get injured, or engage in or join an activity that would interest other characters.

You are welcome to join our discord or PM if you have any questions or would like to collaborate on any plot points. =)

Also, I am working on a post and it should be done today. Sorry for the delay.
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