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5 hrs ago
Current *Ahem* announcement… my witing skills have seriously fled my body… if I take a while, I apologize
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4 days ago
"You push us past our limits just to watch our numbers grow…"
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8 days ago
AHAHAHAHAAA I have been lacking sleeeep
8 days ago
8 days ago
I experience disorted fuckin' reality. Who knows maybe for good fuckin' reality.



What I'll rp:

1-Clan Cats. I'll really rp this stuff any time. I'm in love with it, so if you want to, PM me.
2-TWD. I'm really into TWD rps at the moment, so, again, PM me. I'll do Cegan and Regan, but mostly Cegan. I could also do Carnid, but less likely.
3-Really much of anything. Just PM me your ideas, and see what I think!
4- Wings of Fire. Wow, okay, so I love, love Wings of Fire. I can do it in PM or an actual topic. I have my favorite ships, but if you want - or have - other ships you wanna try, tell me!
5- Death Note. Oh god, yes. Absolutely, yes. I love this fandom. Best in the world. Lawlight is a given. Definitely. But so is MelloxMatt or MelloxNear. Any. REALLY.


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Welcome to the guild! I hope you find the right people!
Welcome! Nice to meet you! Nova and Orion are beautiful! Have a good time! Okay bye I'm out haha!
Hoorah! :3
sorry for the late reply oof oof! But yeah, this is still open! if you both are still interested, that is.
In Howdy! 24 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hiiiii howdyyyyy you are so cool already you have NO IDEA!!!!
Welcome (back) to the guild! I hope you find the partners you're looking for! I might check out your Interest Checks, we'll see. ALSO amazing username. Ha, I'm Slytherin myself.
Bop! :P
Wow… welcome person who has been here so long ago it's ancient! o.O Not saying you're ancient at all. I hope you have fun here, and find just the right roleplays to suit your (hopefully) imaginative/creative mind! (I think imaginative and creative are fairly the same thing…)
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