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Current I think I need a break... I'm in the worst spot I could be right now
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I'm so fucking weak-
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proudwrites - the best of us have daddy issues doh lol, and if it becomes really bad, just lean on me as a really good friend of yours (I assume I'm that?) lol
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Life sucks
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I'm said and intimidated by mailing anyone for a roleplay - someone mail me first T.T
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Hi! So, first off I'd like to begin with a large kind of bio thing? :,) Yeah. xp

I'm always, ALWAYS(!!) looking for new roleplayer partners. I just normally need a lot of breaks because my life is kinda stressful. So if you're willing to have a partner who sometimes is so invested in the roleplay that you'll get several replies in a day, soon after you respond, yet sometimes isn't able to respond in a long while (I PROMISE I'LL LET YOU KNOW FIRST), I'm the person~

I love OOC chatting, because we could brainstorm new ideas or talk about whatever. It's a good way to stay in contact when I need a break, so I absolutely prefer it. Plus, communication is key. We can check in with each other and let each other things we'd want to happen, ask if they're okay with it… etc. I think you get the gist of it. o.o

I am very good at writing angst, so if we have a roleplay going where a sad part is happening at the time, I might be able to successfully pull it off heheh… but I crave fluff and humor often, so I would love to have that as well!

Worldbuilding~ I find depth amazing, I have always adored meanings and backstories and histories and everything included in that category. It makes characters have a more interesting and real-seeming feel to them. (I would say "human-like" but I enjoy dragons and cats too XD oof)

When it comes to smut, I suppose I'm comfortable with most anything? I just prefer much more plot than it, because without plot the roleplay may become dull for me. And please don't expect me to be very good at it so if I mess up, I apologize. I have done it before, though, so hopefully it isn't complete ruin.

Admittedly, romance is a go-to for me. It feels comfortable, and I enjoy slow burn so much. The building up of the attraction is… it's wonderful. So romance is something I have 7 out of 10, but I also am into roleplays without it, so don't feel pressured.

I do prefer M/M, if I'm being completely honest. M/M is another go-to. But I also will do most others. F/F, F/M, and most anything at all in the gender spectrum. Don't feel shy heheh o.O xd

I prefer 1x1 PM roleplays the most, BUT will occasionally do small/medium groups if I feel up for it. Which isn't often not gonna lie… *wince*

I do 3rd person, present tense. So… hh… I have a hard time finding present tense writers, so maybe…? If you're fine with us differing, my mind reads both with no trouble.

I do multi-paragraph, most times, but usually adapt to whatever you do. The amount of paragraphs may vary deprending on how I'm feeling. I go from 2-6, but occasionally the paragraphs don't end up too long.
I'm on a lot but may not be able to reply in that time. If I'm not in the middle of another stress-wave, it will take from 1 day to a week. If it's longer than I'll try to let you know the situation. But some days I reply as fast as you do, so if you get a post out three times that day, I'll have responded to them ASAP. I do so love those days, but unfortunately they aren't common.

I don't really like OC/canon character… it doesn't feel right at all for me, just to say that. o.o

I adore AUs, so if you come up with something, lemme know! We don't just have to canonverse! In fact, AU is my go-to.


Death Note
Attack on Titan
Wings of Fire
My Hero Academia
Warriors (Erin Hunter)
The Walking Dead

That's really it.


Slice of life
Historical ages
Most anything, really!!

When it comes to pairings in my fandoms, I do have main ones that I do so hope you share, but we shall see, and I might be able to set them aside and see what you have in mind >;3

That's about it…? Yeah, so PM me if you wanna roleplayyyyyy!!

Hold up, did anyone notice that Erin Hunter's name is just like Eren Jaeger?! HUNTER IN GERMAN (however you spell it) WHAT HAS HAPPENED?!

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Also, blorp
Oooh that'd be awesome!!
And damn, you're so nice to me, by trying a fandom that you don't know… sigh, I still have to get on it for you but I'm really trying I'm just hella busy!
We can talk about it in PMs how's that? ^^
Ummm… hello! I know no one knows about me for the most part because I'm not someone who commonly reaches out and makes interest checks on stuff. But here I am!

Lately I've actually been craving an Attack on Titan roleplay, which actually makes a lot of sense, since I'm very into watching/reading it right now.

If anyone is interested, I would like a 1x1 PM roleplay, most likely modern settings but if there's a good enough idea, anything else, and hopefully with a pairing.

Now, keep in mind that I'm only in season 2 (the middle of it) in watching it, and the same place in the manga. I have watched all of the Junior High spinoff thing (heh it was hilarious) so there is that. So no spoiling anything! Although I have kinda spoiled some things for myself already, by accident.

Hopefully we can worldbuild, and make a real good plot, and if it comes to 18+ things, then we'll discuss it. I would like to have conversation outside of the roleplay, to keep each other updated on things, and other important stuff, so there is that. I'm not as active as I want to be, and I have trouble with motivation, but I WILL let you know when my inspiration is nonexistent, and I'm not gonna reply for a bit. Please do the same for me. You don't have to reply every day unless if you want to (and if I have), but please don't leave me hanging for up to two months. o.o

My main pairings for this fandom are these:
Eren x Levi (we can shift ages if you want to)
Armin x Levi (same as above)
Eren x Armin x Levi (oh goodness… same as above, and also this might need a bit of talking involved)

Yes, that is pretty much it, for which I apologize. If you come up with anything else, feel free to let me know!!

I hope to have a good time, because I've been wanting this for a while… have a good day! x
Welcome to the Guild! I hope you enjoy your stay here, and find suitable partners that you know. Do what you want them to xd
Anyways, have fun!
Ooooh well welcome to the guild, I like the lack of thought put into your username it's so awesome Xd and fabulous intro title
I hope you enjoy it here!
heyyyyy welcome, I hope you enjoy it here!
In Ello! 2 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hey, welcome! You're also on Ao3 and that's funny for me lol.

Anyways enjoy your stay here, I hope you find some suitable partners! ^^
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