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Current The world is ugly, but you're beautiful to me… are you thinking of me? Like I'm thinking of you…
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There's nothing like a trail of blood... to find your way back home
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I'm breaking down, over and over again…
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Okay okay not hiatus. More like breaks-between-replies, but maybe not too long
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I'm pretty much on a long hiatus right now. Something happened that I need to work through.




Death Note
Attack on Titan
Wings of Fire
My Hero Academia
The Walking Dead

That's really it.


TBD really

I'm real good at angst... so.

I do have some main pairings, but I might be able to set those aside.

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I'm actually going to be working on my next post soon as well. I've been having a real crazy-stressful time for a bit now, but everything has calmed down a bit more and I feel more motivated, so ^^
I did my post but if just tell me I need to edit or redo and I promise I will-
Cecily Abraham
Location: Winter Carnival
Interactions: None

Cecily stood staring around at all of the animals passing, eyes narrowed and interested. She, for the most part, didn't care that she was standing directly in the walkway, except for when someone purposefully elbowes and jostles her.

That happened right now, and someone - they were too quick to let her see their face - muttered lowly in an irritated tone. "Watch it," they grumbled. This truly infuriated Cecily, because she had been watching it. That was exactly what she was doing. She snapped back at him, "You watch it, sir… miss… whatever you are." Her voice raised at that part, so it could reach the mystery animal. "You know who you are!"

Mumbling half-hearted insults under her breath, she almost returned to watching, but decided that maybe it really would be best if she just moved out of the way. After all, the view didn't matter. It wasn't like she would've been able to fly to watch up and around, and she was not an actual fly who can see things very well in all angles.

Actually, this would be worth it. She could just watch everyone as she walked around and looked at all the carnival had to offer. She did so love carnivals, and hopefully it would be a good stress-relief for her. Cecily suppressed a happy-shout and it instead came out as a squeak. She ignored that mistake and clapped her hands together, startling a little more than a few others around her.
Name: Cecily Abraham
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: 18
Species: Ethiopian wolf (also known as the Simien jackal or Simien fox)
Diet: Meat substitute/Carnivore
Height: 4"
Weight: 63 lbs.
Physique: Thin, light, and slightly curvy. A good body for slipping away from someone.
Appearance: Her hair is a flaming red, down to her mid-chest, and her fur is reddish-ochre with off-white fur on her front and hands (paws?).
Personality: Quiet and reserved. She is watchful and suspicious, and keeps to herself. She can occasionally be outgoing, if she's comfortable around you.
History: She was born in lower-class, and raised by her mother, who tried to help her achieve anything she wanted, for hope that she'd be more successful. So far Cecily is doing just that, and now is helping her mother.
Class: Middle class
Occupation: Eukary University 1st Year
Relationships: Simone (mother)
And the color code thing… well I was going to do this color?
No that's funny lolol
Hm I mean I've only watched only one season plus some episodes of season two, but… uh… maybe…? That depends. I AM interested, just not sure if my knowledge is enough D:
I finally decided that maybe I can ask to join this- would it be alright, or are you getting too full of peoples? o.o
Ooooh hmmm it depends on your character! And yes it is still open I've just been slacking ech but I would love it if you still wanted to! ^^
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