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Current roleplaying has boosted my motivation tenfold! fuck yeah!
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Happy New Year!
4 mos ago
I love this place so much!


Hi! I'm proudwrites but you can call me Gideon (he/him)! It's lovely to meet you!

I have eight years of roleplay experience and prefer to roleplay in a literate to advanced literate style (trying to maintain advanced literate).


- x-men
- x-men evolution
- young justice (tv show)
- dc
- assassin's creed
- my hero academia

Preferred Genres:

- romance
- action

note: I will not roleplay anything involving sex... please no. (though being sexual in general isn't a problem just no non-clothed stuff...)

I am super excited to start roleplaying here I hope I can make some friends!

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sorry for the late reply oof oof! But yeah, this is still open! if you both are still interested, that is.

I'm still up for it! It sounds super awesome!
@rebornfan320 I would love to roleplay with you in that case!
I'm interested in this if it is still going on! seems awesome!
That sounds so fucking cool!
“Brother for the love of Gott” they sighed. Pedanics that was funny. They wouldn’t laugh even though it amused them when their brother mixed up words. They didn’t want to offend their brother because them being nervous didn’t give them a right to be a dick to Rohaan. They took some deep breaths to try and calm their nerves. Well attempted to. The corset didn’t allow much air into their lungs. It had a similar feeling to having someone sat on their lungs constantly. Real problems, well Vequaniel didn’t know whether it was right to say it was a real problem. They hoped Rohaan would just drop it and forget it. It would be a last resort and a break of their moral code to make him forget. But it could be necessary. They shouldn’t think like that they shook their head trying to knock loose those bad thoughts and dispel them.

Vequaniel wished they could be as skilled as Rohaan at quick thinking. Watching Rohaan shapeshift was fascinating. It was magical to see. Why would anyone hate shapeshifters when they are that amazing. Rohaan was right, Vokurian would be perfect. No one would know what they were saying except the two of them. “Wunderbar!” they exclaimed. “Our accent is plummy” they chuckled. It was nicer than saying posh. It was but it didn’t feel right to say posh, more regal. They were grasping at straws. Luckily the internal argument was internal, thought battling it out. It was slightly amusing. It was also a good thing that the people of Galelallan were of all species. Princess Andromeda and the royal family were human. Watching Rohaan shift made them smile. Vequaniel could admit that Rohaan had impeccable taste in form. “That is perfect Rio!” they exclaimed happily.

It was another funny thing for Vequaniel, why did humans sexualise the body and make it such a taboo of nakedness. They had a theory that because of Rohaan’s clothes being organic they would respond to his body shapeshifting. So it would explain why he had the ability to change clothes as well as body. It was a far from perfect hypothesis. “Do you think Father is proud of us?” They asked. Much like a child they seeked their father’s approval. The continued approval of their father was integral. The twenty three year old adjusted their tiara and smiled. “How do I look in my outfit?” they asked. They didn’t have the luxury of being able to change shape at will. It was not their mutation. As a child their family were prided on perfectionism. Of course Vequaniel couldn’t be perfect enough so it left them a perfectionist who seeked approval of those closest to them.
Needed info about cover story because forgetful:

Princess Andromeda Temperance of Galelallan
youngest daughter of King Regulus

Galelallan is near Eplax
Hasn't been involved in a war for a millenia
Acdani is native language
strive to teach many languages
wants to welcome as many people as possible
The younger sibling could swear that Rohaan was the only one who could look straight through them and see their soul. “Rohaan, I am fine I swear” they lied shifting uncomfortably under his gaze. Why were they so nervous? It hadn’t happened before. Usually they were cool and collected in the face of a mission. “I love your plan!” they exclaimed wanting Rohaan to stop talking and laughing. The complete juxtaposition between them was uncanny. “Do you only have the capacity to think of alcohol?” they asked, trying to not sound as unjustifiably pissed as they were. Vanquiel didn’t drink often, when they did they drank to get drunk, completely shit faced. To numb themselves. There wasn’t a way of them mediating themselves so they just decided to not drink. Their mood swings made no sense not even to them.

Practice. That would be nice. If they had the act down they may not be as nervous. They were a natural born actor but before a performance they would always doubt their abilities. “That would be splendid” they chuckled as their aristocratic accent came to the front taking center stage. They were impressed with how stealthy their brother could be, he usually was brash but when it came to this mission he had been very committed and careful. The book had been all that Vequaniel had been reading since they had started to plan this mission, this heist.

“Oh of course Lord Girard” they smiled bowing slightly to their brother who was acting as the local baron. “Galelallan is a beautiful place it is an island near to Eplax, it is ruled by my father King Regulus. It is a country of peace, we haven’t had a part in a war in almost a millenia. Our native language is Acdani though we strive to teach as many languages as possible to our natives so we can welcome as many people as possible” they had created this place with their brother in mind. “Father has told me much about this place and it is wonderfully different to Galelallan.” they hoped that Rohaan would approve their performance.
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