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10 days ago
Current i hate getting sick especially when i wear a mask everytime i leave the house, the fuck!
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16 days ago
does anyone wanna roleplay with me?
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20 days ago
tis my birthday! happy birthday to me!
2 mos ago
does anyone need a hug?
6 mos ago
roleplaying has boosted my motivation tenfold! fuck yeah!


Hi! I'm proudwrites but you can call me Nephilim (he/him)! It's lovely to meet you!

I have nine years of roleplay experience and prefer to roleplay in a literate to advanced literate style (trying to maintain advanced literate).


- x-men
- x-men evolution
- young justice (tv show)
- dc
- assassin's creed
- my hero academia
- haikyuu
- sk8 the inifinity

Preferred Genres:

- romance
- action
- angst

note: I will not roleplay anything involving sex... please no. (though being sexual in general isn't a problem just no non-clothed stuff...)

I am super excited to start roleplaying here I hope I can make some friends!

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im interested this seems awesome!
hey hey hey gideon here! to be honest this interest check is likely to be somewhat vague because i enjoy coming up with plots alongside my partner but i do have an idea i have been longing to do.

an assassin's creed roleplay, to be honest it doesn't even have to be in universe (but i'd love it if it was). preferably set in the victorian era. i did have the idea of roleplaying both the modern and inside the animus lives though i must admit the idea is hardly fleshed out enough. i always enjoy added angst and romance but it is by no means a requirement.

my availability:

well i am out of college for the year so i am free basically all day everyday.

i haven't wrote an interest check in a while so forgive me for the horrible formatting. feel free to shoot me a PM if you are interested in the little information i have given you.

thanks for reading!
In Placeholder 3 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
In Placeholder 3 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
that is wonderful! i hope you enjoy my character as much as i think you will!
In Placeholder 3 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
hey hey hey xenon! can't wait to get started!
these roleplay ideas sound awesome! i am totally interested!
i am interested in all your plots!
hey! I'd love to roleplay with you! You seem awesome!
sorry for the late reply oof oof! But yeah, this is still open! if you both are still interested, that is.

I'm still up for it! It sounds super awesome!
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