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Sure is! It's been a bit silent but that's all. :b
Bump! We need more players, so if you have/had interest, now's the time to jump into the thread.
Another buuump! If anyone else has problems making characters, please say so! In desperate need for more players!
That's fine! I can help ya work through it, if ya like? Here or in PMs.
@Skwint @Clever Hans @The Hobb @KZOMBI3

Any interest still? It's been a couple days and I haven't heard from any of you.
Another bump! Need more peeps, or at least someone to say they're interested still :b
Hey all, just wanted to put in here that the RP is official! Give it a look if you haven't!
Looks good! Caden's the first accepted. Hope it doesn't go to his head :b
Sorry to see ya go, but hopefully things work out for ya.

Also! To anyone reading, or having read, or lurking, I updated the OP! Put in some much needed information and spruced it up to make it look a bit nicer, at least to me. So please give it a look over, again if you have to!
Small bump!
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