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I'd also be willing to free up the Ice symbol should anyone really want it. But Ern is definitely gonna be my guy, so I'm not budging on that >:o
That is gonna be a hard thing to sorta push under the rug :b

Also, weirdly, I was about to name Joel 'Sid' instead. Whaddya know.
Was it Joel? It's not rocket science. :P
Huh, weird. Well, Ern's symbol is the pentagram/Tent of Telepathy star, sorta to fit his "child actor" shtick. Joel's is the ice or bag of ice, cuz he's just like, whatever man.
For your consideration.

Interest, got!

Couple of questions though; is there an age limit? The Profile says 'kid' but I just wanted to make sure if that actually meant anything. Second, are we picking from images on the canon Cipher Wheel, or is any symbol good?
In Breeder. 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
But putting it in the wrong section of the forum is pretty against the rules, at least.
(Fairly self explanatory, though, be realistic. Anything less than 18 years old is pushing it mildly.)

Well darn there goes my plan to be Two Cool Kids With a Shopping Cart. Well, that and that I can't be Two of anything.

But for real, I just wanted to pin my interest for this, and that I'll have a CS out... soon-ish.
Oh! Dip, man, I'm dumb, I didn't realize this was like, a fandom thing. It even has a fandom tag. Sorry, might not join after all. Thanks anyways :b
Hey so I'm very interested in this roleplay, but I feel like I'm... missing something? Could totally be on me, but what exactly is Breathing? The first mention of it in the OP is in the character sheet, but that doesn't really like, explain what it's meant to be. .3.
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