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Ah, right. Well, I noticed nobody was a Magi (at least, I'm pretty sure nobody is), so I was hoping to join as one of those. Specifically one whose affinity is Earth, or Nature - 'growth' and 'regrowth', partly to facilitate them being able to fix any damage the Occult Club ends up making.

I was also thinking of having them be fairly carefree and airy, unconcerned with pretty much everything, especially consequences their actions cause (also partly because of their magical ability allowing them to 'fix' problems they tend to cause). Not in like, a malicious sort of way, I mean. "Unconcerned" in that they go with the flow and don't really think for themselves unless they have to.
Oh, thanks! I'd understand if you decided against it though. :b
So the RP still says we can apply, but according to you there should only be about 6 players... is it too late to join?
Sure is! It's been a bit silent but that's all. :b
Bump! We need more players, so if you have/had interest, now's the time to jump into the thread.
Another buuump! If anyone else has problems making characters, please say so! In desperate need for more players!
That's fine! I can help ya work through it, if ya like? Here or in PMs.
@Skwint @Clever Hans @The Hobb @KZOMBI3

Any interest still? It's been a couple days and I haven't heard from any of you.
Another bump! Need more peeps, or at least someone to say they're interested still :b
Hey all, just wanted to put in here that the RP is official! Give it a look if you haven't!
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