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Phoenix Wright

He had the feeling someone was staring at him, sure. And Germ was obviously looking this way every time Phoenix looked around the diner. But that didn't mean that he was being watched. No, of course not.

(I think Pat is starting to rub off on me. I need to start hanging around better influences.)

Then, as if the universe loved proving Phoenix's inner monologues wrong, the bird-man who had been looking at him suddenly popped over the back of his chair. Phoenix nearly choked on his milkshake, and man would that have been embarrassing.

"I-I, ghak, what?!" Phoenix leaned away from Germ as if he was an actual germ. He even slid his shake further away, as if the bird would try and steal it. Is that what a day of being paranoia-adjacent does to people? Make them actual paranoid?

Steeling his nerves, Phoenix settled, shifting his seat a bit to the side so he wasn't stabbing Germ in the face... beak?... with his hair. "Erhm, right. A case." Phoenix paused. Why was he so willing to tell some stranger about one of his cases? Didn't that break some, like, client/attorney protocol? He might've just been wanting to have a normal conversation for the day, one that didn't involve government conspiracies. Or fish. Or fish conspiracies.

Clearing his throat, Phoenix filled the silence. "Well, uh, this one time I had a client whose case against them was about how he could fly, and how nobody could've committed the crime without...flying." (Oh, now I know why lawyers don't discuss their cases. It makes them sound crazy.)
Well, since there's focus here now (and I remembered that the thread exists) I wanna get a consensus on this.

@Mattie_@vanovick@Calico@IceSolstice, you guys too.

I was on the fence about whether or not to include the more dice-rolling elements of the original game going in, and that's still sorta what's happening, so I wanted to get some opinions on how the RP should go: should there be dice-rolling involved, or not? And if there is, should it be kept solely to Abilities, Talents, and the like, or should characters have to roll to do anything particularly fancy or impressive?
Wanting to say that at the moment we're a bit full! Anyone who wants to join can still theoretically, but character creation for this chapter is locked down. Don't want to get overstuffed at the word Go is all. :b
Phoenix Wright

First strange-looking animal people, then fish monsters, and now walking alligators. If Phoenix hadn't barely escaped impalement earlier today, he would've guessed he fell asleep at the local zoo again.

After the, err, kerfuffle at the lake, Phoenix was happy to return to Lambridge, where his savior had been quick to abandon him. He didn't mind, of course. What, was he going to march off into more danger just because he managed to throw a shoe at something? No thanks. Phoenix was more than okay with the mundane.

But the rest of the day wasn't as conflict-free as he hoped.

"Pat, I've been telling you all afternoon, that little girl wasn't trying to murder you. She was just playing with a hoop and a stick."

Phoenix was sitting inside of a bizarrely modern-day diner (or at least more modern than the medieval nature of the town), sipping on a strawberry milkshake as he talked with his new-found 'friend', a very short alligator man who was currently trying to find said little girl in the darkness outside.

How did he end up with the skittish alligator as company? Well... he didn't really know. Phoenix left the guild building and was on his way to his makeshift office when Pat bowled him over, terrified of a simple girl batting around a hoop in the road. Ever since then, Pat followed Phoenix wherever he went, jumping at shadows and boogeymen that only existed in his head, and always relating to the attempt on his life by the stick-wielding child. Apparently, Pat figured that - in his own words - "people in suits hardly ever do a hit because then their suits would be all bloody!", so Phoenix ended up being his confidant and protector against his will.

(At least this place has actual air-conditioning...)
Ah, I forgot to even get a character out for this. Rip.

@Ryik If you wanted to take my spot and I take the backseat, feel free!
Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a hopefully good roleplay :v
Hey, thanks man. I won't let you down this time.

I would like to keep playing Phoenix, yeah.
Happy New Years everyone! Seems I'm uh, doing this at a pretty relevant time...

Sorry for the abrupt dropout a while back. This year's been pretty rough with me, and I couldn't motivate myself to do much - posting included. Then that sorta kept spiraling as I let it drag on, making me feel worse about myself, keeping me from posting, which I then felt even worse about.

Is there any chance I could get a second, uh, chance? I've gotten better about myself since then, and I plan to wrangle my brain in the new year.
Uhh, actually, I retract my interest. Sorry. Hope it all goes well :b
I've got interest!
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