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Current If African American refers to black people living in America, shouldn't white people be called European Americans?
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Stop, hammer and sickle time!
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I am the manliest man that has ever manned!
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I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad; I got sunshine in a bag; I'm useless but, not for long; The future is coming on
2 days ago
I feel like I'm in highschool again, getting excited over the next Call of Duty game.


Rumor has it, that the man behind Cleverbird is an Illustrator enthusiast who likes to spend a lot of time talking with the various voices in his head, who often boss him about a bit too much. He has never used the lens flare tool in his life, and neither does he plans to. His favorite software consists of Pringles 7, Caffeine V3 and Adobe Illustrator. He started out as a Photoshop user, but soon found vectors and said "Sweet". Can still open a bag of peanuts while holding down Ctrl + Alt + Shft + F. He prefers a dark room, making up characters like the Unburning Marshmallow King or Red Nose the Yellow Nosed Turtle. When he grows up, he wants to become a full time zombie. When not making up characters and doodling, he like to doodle and make up characters. When he was a paper boy, he used to bring around papers. He's currently a graphic designer, just trying to do whatever it is graphic designers are supposed to do. Master and creator of the "Messy tool". He can clean up a room, but instantly make it messy again simply by walking into it again.

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Aww Red will have a little baby APU to care for ♥

And I dont mind at all, though I do wonder how the two suits compare in power.
@LunarisDaFoxIt's been finished! Forgot to update my sheet from the word doc I used.
@LunarisDaFoxAh! So like the aliens from Crysis? I've always liked the Ceph as an alien race.

@NawmaingI mean, the modern US military already protects most of their equipment against EMP attacks with Farady cages and metal shielding... You're telling me that in the 4000 years that passed after that, we never perfected the technology? Granted, if we were going down that road, I doubt we'd send in soldiers of flesh (well partially in some cases) and blood, when we probably have drones that can do the exact same job, probably even better. So yeah, I'm okay with EMP attacks being dangerous.

Also, good point about the armor plating. I kinda went by the specifics of the M1 Abrams, but I guess 900mm is a little too thick (also, submarines dont need a lot of armor since technically speaking, they should never, ever get hit). I dropped it down to roughly half that, 400mm, which would be around 16 inches of freedom units, situated around the pilot.
You'd think that by 8560 we'd have insulated all our electronics by now... Part of me is tempted to add that to Red's ODIN, but I like weaknesses in tough things.

@NawmaingBtw, what do the Buzzers actually look like? The image in the opening post just shows the planet again. Are we to expect sentient bugs with ranged weaponry like those bugs from Mass Effect 3, or something more along the lines of the bugs from Starship Troopers?
I'm finishing my sheet tomorrow!
Oooh, an RP that's actually trying to tell a story and not have us faff about in an open world? Sign me the fuck up!

Question! How is this universe in terms of power armor/exo-suits? I've been craving to play the role of a sledgehammer as of late, just something big and heavy with no finesse whatsoever. The kind of thing you throw at a problem when all else fails.
@MissCapnCrunchCould a chip be spoofed? Like, hacked to either show false data or maybe even stolen from someone and implanted into someone else?
I'm just drawing blanks on any character idea and it's annoying the heck out of me.
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