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Current I'll have you know I've published many works in the Facebook Journal of Science and Medicine, peer reviewed by Likes and Shares.
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Those chickens are up to something...
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A hug a day keeps the massacre away.
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Fun fact: Germany declared the shotguns used by the Americans in WWI inhumane. Think about that for a moment. They called shotguns inhumane over poisonous gas and flamethrowers.
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When you hear Nintendo made the cartridges taste horrible to deter children from putting them in their mouth, but it leads to adults putting it in their mouths instead.



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Lets go!

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Sariel was still fidgeting with her cloak when she was poked by the other elf. Sariel flashed her a smile, before curiously quirking her eyebrow as she was handed a small piece of paper. "Ah, well that would certainly explain a lot." She chuckled in regards to the girl's silence thus far. "Sariel Siannodel, student of the Whistlewood Academy of the High Arts." She cooed, giving the girl a short bow of the head. "It is nice to see a fellow elf with a bit more..." She glanced over at Fenris as he argued with a human regarding the floor. "... Experience, in the team." She sighed.

People had barely even settled inside the guild before they were already running to and from, forming their own little groups and picking up quests in the progress. Sariel listened intently, curious to see what was on offer at the moment. "Hm... I dont know about you, but the idea of mucking around in the mud to try and fight some smelly troll is far from my idea of fun. Loathsome creatures, they are." Sariel spoke, making a disgusted face. "Now a Thextera on the other hand, there was a creature you didn't see that often." She said in an almost admiring tone, before turning back towards Quiet. "What say you, will you join me alongside that armored fellow over there? He does look awfully lonely."

Smiling and striding over towards Malakaus with an air of superiority, Sariel took a short bow before the armor clad man; still unaware of his true identity. "Sariel Siannodel, mage, if you would have me; I would gladly join this hunt~" She cooed in a sing song manner, before flashing a bright smile up at the orc's plate covered face. "Hmm... Orc, am I correct?" She cooed, knowing damn well she was correct; no human grew to such a size after all. Though what really caught her attention was the beastkin that apparently wanted to join the fight as well. "My, I hope you dont mind me being presumptuous, but I'm surprised to see your kind this far outside of your lands." She cooed, curiously looking Menzai up and down. "And a fellow student in the higher arts as well, I see!" She chuckled, tilting her head towards her own cloak with the mage symbol on it. "I have to admit, I'm woefully unfamiliar with your kind's magic and I'm looking forwards to learning more~" She spoke, giving the beastkin a nod of her head.

Sariel recoiled as the elven boy responded, someone that young was the guild leader? "Ah... Oh... Euhm... Sorrui..." The flustered elf mumbled, her cheeks and ears turning a darker shade of red as she took a quick bow before the boy. Raising back up, she brushed some of her silver hair behind her ear; who could've guessed an elf that young would lead a guild? Thankfully, the arrival of another new member brought in some welcome distraction, allowing Sariel to quietly slip away.

Making her way up to the textile mage, Sariel couldnt help but massage the bridge of her nose. What a great first impression she'd just made, with the guild master nonetheless. She was so lost in her thoughts she accidentally bumped into Malakaus's back. "Ah... Apologies." She muttered, not having realized yet that this was the same orc she'd spend considerable time with. She had missed his earlier introduction and with all that armor covering him up, she didnt recognize him either.

They'd met up several years ago and after the orc expressed an interest in magic, Sariel took him on as a sort of pet project of sorts. Of course, it was impossible to cram well over 500 years of magical knowledge into the orc's mind in the short time they were together, but by the time they parted ways, Sariel had actually managed to teach him a few fundamentals of magic. The reason they split was as simple as it was vain, once Sariel saw the orc had reached his limit in magical capabilities, she simply grew bored of him and parted ways with him.

Smiling, the elf stepped up to the textile mage. "Sariel, mage." She cooed. "If possible, could I receive my cloak in the form of a shoulder cloak? Thin fabric if possible, with a softer hem lining the neck to prevent chafing." She added. The outfit she wore wasnt just for show... Well, partially at least. Casting magic was a tiresome business, much like exerting your body. It helped her cool down by giving her skin plenty of room to breathe.

"So this is the place? Tch, I was hoping for something more grand~"

Brushing some of her silver hair behind her long ear, the elf looked up at the freshly build guild hall; which for human standards might be an imposing sight. She wouldn't know, both human and especially Dwarven towns never really sat well with her. Bustling with life, yet at the same time so dead. A far cry from the living cities of the elves.

Sariel had been in town for three days by now, using most of that time to inquire about this new guild among the citizens. As expected, there wasn't a whole lot to learn, the guild was brand new after all. The only information she gleamed from the people she spoke to was that it was run by two respectable veterans. A part of her wondered if perhaps it would be better to just turn around and wander off in search for something better to pour her time into, but on the other hand, how often did one have the ability to see a guild rise from the ground? Who knew, it might get snuffed out like a candle left in a drafty window, or it might just roar into a hearth people warm themselves at for years to come.

Well, it wasn't like the elf had anything better to do, so with a spring in her step and sway of her hips she made her way up to the building. It seemed like she wasn't the first one to arrive and a motley crew of varying races had already gathered inside the halls, including what appeared to be a centaur! Not exactly the race you'd see around these parts. "Oh my, quite the gathering we've already amassed." She cooed as she approached the group of people, her high heels clacking off the newly laid stone floors; somehow managing to echo around the hall with an air of superiority.

Her amber eyes quickly darted across the various people, going so far as the give the far younger elf a courteous nod and flash him a smile. "Na- cin ú- a dilthen na neth na teilien maethor, boui? " She sang in the ever gorgeous Elven language, flashing the elf a smug smile; completely missing the fact that he was in fact one of the leaders of this soon-to-be-merry-band.

Might drop the Light magic, as it doesnt fit the theme of an elementalist I was going for.

A good, old-fashioned fantasy RP? Yeah, I'm in!
I kinda like the sound of this, but I do have a question. It seems there's already an ongoing RP of this... Is that shut down and will there be a reboot? Or are we supposed to just continue with what's already going on? If so, why link to this interest check and not the ongoing RP?
Just read the thing about collective-awakening, so I understand why in some cases doing multiple characters might be interesting to explore.

Oh! Is the general public aware of all these supernatural shenanigans? Or is it all being kept hush hush? I imagine since we're doing social media campaigns its probably common knowledge, but I figured I ask just in case. Also, how long has this supernatural thing been going on? Is it something new, or have several generations passed already?
Are we doing multiple characters? It's cool if the GM is okay with it, personally I'm not the biggest fan of it as it tends to get the character tab flooded quite quickly. Plus, it always sucks when a person nabs a character idea you really wanted to play, when they already have another character... You greedy bastards.

Not much of a leader person myself, so I'll pass on that position.
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