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Current A live-action Warhammer 40k series? Why not, I guess? At least it'll be about inquisitor Eisenhorn, not the boring Spesh Marinesh
1 day ago
Fake news! Everybody knows UMP45 is as flat as a washboa- OW!
2 days ago
I'm not suicidal, I'm just die-curious.
5 days ago
You two sound like the guy at the party who just randomly barges in on a joke and goes "Akshually..." while pushing their glasses up.
5 days ago
The first dog in space died of stress. Was that because of all the vacuums up there?


Rumor has it, that the man behind Cleverbird is an Illustrator enthusiast who likes to spend a lot of time talking with the various voices in his head, who often boss him about a bit too much. He has never used the lens flare tool in his life, and neither does he plans to. His favorite software consists of Pringles 7, Caffeine V3 and Adobe Illustrator. He started out as a Photoshop user, but soon found vectors and said "Sweet". Can still open a bag of peanuts while holding down Ctrl + Alt + Shft + F. He prefers a dark room, making up characters like the Unburning Marshmallow King or Red Nose the Yellow Nosed Turtle. When he grows up, he wants to become a full time zombie. When not making up characters and doodling, he like to doodle and make up characters. When he was a paper boy, he used to bring around papers. He's currently a graphic designer, just trying to do whatever it is graphic designers are supposed to do. Master and creator of the "Messy tool". He can clean up a room, but instantly make it messy again simply by walking into it again.

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Oh, the Discord link in the interest check timed out.
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Ah yes, the true monsters!
@IgaFlanSo euhm... is this dead already? Not to rush you and all, but you mentioned getting the OOC up last weekend, and since then there's been nothing but radio silence.
@ShwiggityShwahShe's gonna get stuck in all the doorways!

@IgaFlanQuestion though! Is this going to be an open world RP, or are you planning on running us through a structured story?
@Gelatinous CubeI hadnt actually! But I see he made the soundtracks to Bombshell and Dusk. I'll check him out.

God I miss these 90's soundtracks, they were the absolute best.
I'm keeping myself subscribed for that very reason 👍
So, bad news... Turns out my free time is going to be very limited the next few weeks. So I'm sadly going to have to dip out of this for now. I'd rather not turn into the lynchpin that grinds the RP to a screeching halt, simply because I cant get a post in.

@datadogieMeaning the AI slot is open again!
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