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Current You ever lie down in bed at night and stare at the ceiling, wondering why there's a 'd' in fridge, but not in refrigerator?
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TIL that David Gahan, lead singer and basically face of Depeche Mode, sang a Simmlish version of "Suffer Well" for The Sims 2. The world is a very curious place.
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If furries want to be animals, do we have the right to hunt them?
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Did you know? There is a place in England called the "Rhubarb Triangle" where rhubarb grows so fast you can hear it.
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Did you know? There were 48 years between the invention of the can and the can opener.


Rumor has it, that the man behind Cleverbird is an Illustrator enthusiast who likes to spend a lot of time talking with the various voices in his head, who often boss him about a bit too much. He has never used the lens flare tool in his life, and neither does he plans to. His favorite software consists of Pringles 7, Caffeine V3 and Adobe Illustrator. He started out as a Photoshop user, but soon found vectors and said "Sweet". Can still open a bag of peanuts while holding down Ctrl + Alt + Shft + F. He prefers a dark room, making up characters like the Unburning Marshmallow King or Red Nose the Yellow Nosed Turtle. When he grows up, he wants to become a full time zombie. When not making up characters and doodling, he like to doodle and make up characters. When he was a paper boy, he used to bring around papers. He's currently a graphic designer, just trying to do whatever it is graphic designers are supposed to do. Master and creator of the "Messy tool". He can clean up a room, but instantly make it messy again simply by walking into it again.

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A wippity for now!

Oh fuck, I love Hard West! The supernatural aspect of it was just so well done!
The perfect soundtrack doesn't exi-

✿ Tomoe Gozen ✿

ᴛʜᴇ ɴᴇᴏɴ ɢᴀɪꜱʜᴀ, ʜᴀᴋᴜᴛᴏ, ᴘʟᴀɴᴇᴛꜱɪᴅᴇ

Tomoe was familiar with the planet she was currently on. While her unit had never actively fought in the battles that eventually took the planet, she had read the news regarding the victory... Hell, which Date citizen hadn't? It was a monumental victory for the Date Dragons. It was supposed to be quite the gorgeous planet, not that she was there for sight-seeing, nor had she really the opportunity given that she had only spend time in the seedy underbelly of the sprawling city

Within the unruly tavern, Tomoe's attention was focused on the tablet she had nicked from someone. Anger was already starting to rise as she tapped the device a little more roughly than it was intended for. She had always hated these devices, they simply never did what she wanted to do! News report after news report filled the small screen, the stark light illuminating her face, half of it shrouded in the respirator; the angle caused even her eyes to appear as if they were a crimson red.

"Fucking bastard, where are you..." She murmured under her voice as she tried everything she could to find any sort of mention regarding Taishi Maruhito. She knew it was a quest done in vain, as the man was notoriously shy when it came to the media, preferring to let others take the 'media-glory' as he put it. Hell, even the OP that went so wrong for her wasn't mentioned. As far as the Date news was concerned, she and her men simply never existed.

With a huff, she tossed the tablet onto the table and leaned back in her crummy seat as a spectacle escalated inside the bar. Some white haired girl was fighting off some local ruffians, making quite quick work of them as well. The enormous Nodachi caught Tomoe's attention though, it wasnt the type of blade you saw very often; especially on the more petite figures like the girl. Still, the girl wielded the sword with experience; it wasn't just a showpiece.

As the girl riffled through the men's pockets, Tomoe noticed something else that caught her eyes. There was a figure standing off to the side, near the entrance of the bar. At first Tomoe wasnt quite sure what it was that caught her eye, but then it hit. The stance, the clothing, everything was just off enough to make it look like he belonged here; yet couldn't quite figure out how to make it work. In other words, the man was a fake. Light refracted from the man's hand, an obvious, but expensive looking prosthetic... One of it's fingers bearing the NobuZai mark.

It was strange enough to see a person like that here, let alone a NobuZai agent. Were they onto her? There was a pretty substantial bounty on her head after she'd left one of their cruisers adrift in space... It would take months, if not years, to get that thing back into action again. No doubt the NobuZai were out for her blood.

Pushing herself up off her seat, she planned to confront the man. It was the most straight forward way of getting any information. Yet the moment Tomoe stood up, the man slinked away. Quickly disappearing into the busy street. "Oi... Oi!" Tomoe called out, roughly pushing her way past the patrons, including the white haired girl with the Nodachi, as she rushed into the busy streets in an attempt to catch up to the mysterious figure.

Nekarta released a tired sigh as yet another brawn-for-brains decided to speak up. Did no one but her understand the value in information? Sadly, it seemed even the world was conspiring against Nekarta, as the onslaught of terrified villagers preceded the invasion of the Kothar soldiers.

"My, my, my, now there's something you don't see every day." Nekarta cooed with audible glee as the towering war-elephant barreled through a house, leveling the shoddily constructed building. Using the chaos that ensued as Charu made her grand appearance, Nekarta silently slithered away from the main group. She was no front-line fighter, preferring to pick off more isolated targets...

Demetrius coughed and wheezed as he pushed himself back up to his shaking feet through the help of his shield. He had only just barely managed to jump out of the way as that monster burst through the building, hot on the heels of a thundering war drum. "Euripides! Icintus! Cough Is anybody out there?" He shouted as the dust of the crumbling building obscured his vision.

Disoriented, the man stumbled through the remaining rubble as the sounds of battle erupted all around him; making it impossible to orient himself. No one had warned any of them the Mennonites had access to such war-beasts! Still coughing up dust, the soldier suddenly came to a halt. From the plumes of dust washing the urban battlefield, he saw a figure approach; it's shape but a silhouette in the smoke. "Halt! Who cough goes there?" He shouted as loud as he could as he leveled his spear and shield, preparing himself to lunge at the person.

Yet not even his wildest dreams, or perhaps in only his wildest dreams, had he been prepared for the sight emerging from the dust. It was a woman, that much was blatantly obvious. Nearly naked, she strode up towards him; her blood red hair swaying softly in the wind. Thinking she was merely a mirage or something, Demetrius stood silent and simply stared at the ethereal figure; until a loud crack suddenly filled the air. Shaking his head, he winced as he could feel warm blood running down his arm. Only now did he noticed that the woman was holding what appeared to be a whip in her hand.

Like a viper, she struck again; the tip cracking the air. Only this time Demetrius was prepared, raising his shield to take the blow. A whip was hardly considered a weapon of war, it was a tool designed to inflict pain, not death. Yet it had one property no other weapon had...

As Demetrius marched forwards, he suddenly cried out as a searing pain tore through his shoulder. The whip had struck the edge of his shield and curved around it; striking him in his shoulder. His instinct of a soldier kicked in, warning him to use his shield to block for the blows. Yet at the same time, his more basic instinct kicked in; his brain urging him to turn away from the pain.

Determined and gritting his teeth, he carefully marched forwards; wincing as the blows kept angling around the shield, some striking armor, others striking flesh. He had barely crossed half the distance between them and his arms and legs were already red with crimson, adrenaline dulling some, but not all, of the pain. A sudden crack filled the air as the world went black, the weighted tip of the whip striking through the slit of his helmet.

Crying out in pain, Demetrius grabbed for his face; dropping his spear in the process. A nasty gash ran diagonally across his face, taking out his left eye entirely while the blood gushing from the wound poured into his remaining good eye. He barely even had time to register the wound as a sudden weight collided with him, knocking the shield out of his hand and sending him tumbling backwards into the ground. Another cry escaped his mouth as his hands were wrenched from his face and pinned to the ground as searing pins were driving through his wrists, anchoring his arms to the ground.

"Hnngg... Ah! Please! Ah! Hngg..." He cried out, squirming around as he felt the woman straddle his stomach. He desperately tried to tear his arms free, but the pins cut into his flesh, quickly halting his attempts. Panting and gritting his teeth, he awaited the inevitable blade to slit his throat.

"Shh, shh, it's going to be okay." The woman swooned in a calming tone. He felt the woman leaning forwards, her smell filling his nostrils. No matter how gorgeous she looked, all he could smell was death. A whimper escaped his mouth as he felt something warm and wet running up his cheek... Was... Was this woman licking him?

"Mmnn... Oh, I can taste your fear." The woman crooned, practically gyrating her hips in his lap. "Ah... Hah... P-please.. Please don- Mmn!" He stammered, before the woman pressed a finger to his lips. "May Marra grant you wisdom in the afterlife." Like a coiled viper, she struck; digging her teeth into his exposed neck. His cries quickly turning into wet gurgles as blood filled his throat...

Nekarta pulled away with a wet tear, a chunk of the man's neck sliding down her throat. Licking her crimson lips, she shuddered as the man's thoughts assaulted her senses. Anger, fear and a deep-seated contempt towards her swelled within her chest as the last chaotic thoughts of the man she just killed whirled around inside her mind, before just as quickly a cold darkness once again draped over her. Letting out a satisfied sigh, she looked down at her quarry; the poor man laying in the bloodied mud, his one good eye staring up at her. "Marra be praised."

Satisfied, Nekarta pulled her throwing daggers from the man's wrists and stood up; curious to see how the rest of the team was doing.

Nekarta had been too preoccupied observing the curious stone to really sense Cical making his move. As his hand wrapped around her wrist and the other jabbed at her side, it probably didnt quite evoke the reaction the man was gunning for. While not immune to having her sides jabbed at, years upon years of horrendous torture at the hands of the Fleshmasters slowly altering her body; the pain of a finger in her side was hardly anything to get her attention.

"Hnng... Mmm, you could've just asked it back." She cooed with a soft moan, releasing her grip on the stone; expecting the man to just grab it from her hands, only for the bungling idiot to drop it, further cementing in Nekarta's mind that the man truly was just an all brawn-no-brains meathead. On the upside, it meant the man was easy to predict.

Righting herself, she simply smiled; and would Cical actually look back at her, he'd probably notice she was flashing him a hidden throwing dagger in the palm of the hand he left free. A simple statement even he would no doubt understand: I could've stabbed you, but didn't. It would hopefully make the man think twice before trying such trick again. Slipping the dagger out of sight again, Nekarta focused her attention back onto Farrin.

While blind to the man's features, Nekarta could tell simply from his lifeforce that he was old. "I take it you've been at this task for a long time, haven't you, elder?" She asked. It was hard to imagine an old man, even if a veteran of war, would survive long against the creatures that had spawned from the Omega. Nekarta only had some experience with them, as her cult had a pretty strong interest in the occult creatures... Their blood had an arcane potency no other creature held and as such were highly sought after.

"Rejoice, my sisters, for the time of our lord's arrival is finally within our grasp!" The elder called out, fires illuminating the dark night sky. A nicety lost on the majority of the cultists there, all rendered blind by their pact. Nekarta sat at the head, the celebration was in her name. It was rare for Marra to take such direct action, commanding a Sister on a quest. Especially it's importance could not be underestimated. A chance to bring their lord into this world was what every Cultist strove towards.

"It is a shame that we cannot join you on this journey." The elder continued, sitting down next to Nekarta as the lobotomized servants went about the crowd filling the cups with the dark crimson nectar the cult was so well known for. "But this was a task given to you by your lord for you alone to accomplish. We cant bring more people, as it would draw the attention of the surrounding tribes who already view us with a wary eye." The elderly woman, who was Marra knows how old, sighed as she relaxed in the seat; overlooking the crowd slowly growing into a heated frenzy. "It is no wonder Marra chose you, you were always our most accomplished Sister."

"Thank you, Elder." Nekarta said respectfully. "I will be sure to do Marra proud."


The Cult had provided Nekarta with everything she'd need for the perilous journey; from food and shelter to charms to ward off the wild animals. The journey itself would first take her through the Baccum lands, a treacherous journey as dangerous as any wild animal. While over the years some tribes had opened up warily to the Cult of Marra, the majority were openly hostile; failing to see the folly in their ways. Still, being just one person made it easy to avoid the major tribes, while the smaller ones knew better than to try and do something.

It wasn't long before Nekarta found herself wandering into the lands of the horsemasters, a strange, singular pull guiding her towards some unknown destiny. Battlefields littered the lands, tearing the once fertile lands to sunder and drenching the ground in the blood of warriors. While some would look upon the once green fields with a sense of awe; Nekarta couldnt help but view the old battlefields as such. The pact with Marra had torn away her vision, leaving the world a dimmed, colorless world... But the battlefields, they shone with an ethereal beauty. A beauty Nekarta knew her lord would gift to the entire world.

The woman navigated the battlefields carefully, not wanting to get caught up in any skirmishes or disturb the no doubt many looters waiting for a piece of the pie. The few people she encountered on the roads were wary of her, obviously not trusting a Baccumese... There was one pair that seemed more open to Nekarta though, offering her a ride along their carriage. Grateful, Nekarta rode along and listened to their stories. The couple was fleeing from the south, as the Kothar army pushed up aggressively.

Arriving at a town at the edge of a battlefield, Nekarta thanked the people as they quickly scurried off; unnerved by the days they had spend together. There's Nekarta found herself drawn towards the tavern. This was it. The building in her dream, the start of her quest! With her heart beating in the back of her throat, the woman made her way towards the building and pushed her way towards the group gathered at the front.

Nekarta had been unaware of the quest put out by Farrin, but upon hearing his words she simply knew that this was her task. The quest Marra had put her on. This device, whatever it might be, was the key to bringing her lord into this world and ushering in a new era of peace!

Even blind, the gem shone with a brilliance Nekarta had never seen before. Whatever it was made of, it was powerful beyond anybody's comprehension. Nekarta listened with rapt attention, keeping herself far away from the boisterous man who seemed to challenge the elder.

"Breaking a gem of such power would be a bad idea, if you were to ask me... Who knows what it might unleash if it did break?" She added to the conversation, a smile splayed across her face as she made her way up to the group in the front.

Plucking the gem from the towering man's hands, Nekarta held the brilliant stone up to the sky; admiring it's otherworldly beauty, before turning towards Farrin. "Elder, if this device is truly as powerful as you say it is, how did you acquire this key? Surely the sorcerer, in all his wisdom, would protect the very devices that can cause his undoing with his life?"
Huh, that was actually pretty neat! Here's a website for those needing to translate their name into Hiragana:


Great work. So watch me ruin it for you a bit. We do not start out with exosuits, sorry. And you need to put one of the six origin types in. For the skills you chose one primary, two secondary.

You're writing is exemplary, I think mayhaps you got a bit to excited and glossed over the charachter creation notes. haha.

That's fine! I figured if I went with a less technologically advanced suit, it might pass... But I don't mind stripping it!

As for origin, I did put that in her sheet. It's all on the left side: originally born into Saika Unions, she then became a Date Robin.

As for skills, that's now easily solved by stripping her of her Exo suit :D
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