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Current Huh... Valve announced a new Half Life game for VR... Is this the endtimes? Is the world coming to an end?
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Gentlemen, welcome to Dubai!
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Well of course someone named POOHEAD is okay with this. You're biased!
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South Dakota's new anti-meth campaign is hilarious! "Meth. We're on it."
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Rumor has it, that the man behind Cleverbird is an Illustrator enthusiast who likes to spend a lot of time talking with the various voices in his head, who often boss him about a bit too much. He has never used the lens flare tool in his life, and neither does he plans to. His favorite software consists of Pringles 7, Caffeine V3 and Adobe Illustrator. He started out as a Photoshop user, but soon found vectors and said "Sweet". Can still open a bag of peanuts while holding down Ctrl + Alt + Shft + F. He prefers a dark room, making up characters like the Unburning Marshmallow King or Red Nose the Yellow Nosed Turtle. When he grows up, he wants to become a full time zombie. When not making up characters and doodling, he like to doodle and make up characters. When he was a paper boy, he used to bring around papers. He's currently a graphic designer, just trying to do whatever it is graphic designers are supposed to do. Master and creator of the "Messy tool". He can clean up a room, but instantly make it messy again simply by walking into it again.

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To say brook didnt like this supposed "king" would be an understatement. Some fancy pants vampire rolls in and declares himself king out of the blue? Yeah, no, that shit doesnt fly with Brook. So when an invite came for her to attend some fancy pants gala, she had half a mind to just not go entirely, knowing it would piss the king off that his supposed subjects didnt do as told... But, curiosity was getting the better of her. A meeting of this size surely meant that something big was going to be announced and she wasnt exactly keen on missing out on that. Besides, maybe at least the food was going to be good?

That wasnt to say she was not going to do anything within her power to still piss the king off as best so could. So while some took it as a chance to roll up in a fancy car, wearing their finest clothing. Brook took it upon herself to drive her clunker Ford pickup to the designated hotel and march inside wearing a gaudy, neon pink crop top with the word "Woof" bedazzled across her chest, leaving her well-toned mid-riff exposed. Couple that with a pair of ripped jeans, more than a few over-sized golden chains hanging around her neck and a pair of aviator sunglasses despite it being dark, and you had a rather colorful figure walking through the crowd, easily towering over everybody there. The disapproving looks and mumbles regarding her gaudy attire only made her smirk in victory.

Her nose twitched as she could smell a few familiar faces and plenty she hadnt met before. Already she felt ill at ease. Too many bloodsuckers and witches. At least with vampires you knew what you were getting yourself into, but those goddamned witches... The mere thought of the shit they were up to made Brook's skin crawl.

Working her way through the crowd - making sure to shoulder check those who had the audacity to not step aside - Brook made her way up to whatever constituted as the buffet table, wondering if anybody she knew was already around.
I dont know what this is about, I'm just here to marvel at that gorgeous title
I quite like the sound of this! Question though, in your history blurb you mention that Tsenya fought with spells as well, how exactly does magic come into play in this RP?
Finally, after like 5 restarts, I got a post out... And I still dont like it. Bah, its something.

Current location:
Ship Hangar

The loud, obnoxious electronic music nearly drowned out the captain's ship-wide speech, as Red looked up from the guts of her suit. "Heh, showtime..." She chuckled to herself as she began closing up the hatches again, having made sure the internals would run as smooth as possible. Weird to think that after all this time, all these millennia of war, they might be the ones to finally close this chapter.

Red looked up, watching the rest of the armored division also working on their suits. The armored divisionalways did attract a certain type of character. Loud, boisterous and just a tad bit suicidal... You'd have to be, if you wanted to perform as an effective shocktrooper.

"You chucklefucks better have those suits up and ready in a half hour, or I'm gonna come back and finish the job using your skull... Y'got that?" Red huffed, getting a few gruff grunts in response and more than a few middle fingers flipped her way. They were a rough bunch, but probably the closest thing Red ever had to any semblance of a family.

Tossing a dirty rag across her shoulder, she walked up to one of the walls and flicked on one of the myriad of monitors lining the wall. It showed a live feed of the portal they were currently approaching. What would they find on the other side? A planet? Asteroids? Or did the bugs just propagate themselves on nomadic vessels? Whatever the case, if it was up to Red, they'd fire every nuke they carried until they glassed whatever was on the other side.

Sighing deeply, she turned off the monitor and turned to face the busy hangar again. Everybody was still working on the final details... God only knew what they'd be facing in the next hour or so.
Hey, you posted this question in the wrong section, try here instead.
Yup! Yup! Still around! Work got busy and then Destiny 2 released on Steam which sucked up my weekend like a black hole... Also kinda stuck thinking of a way to kick this off. I'll probably have something up by tomorrow.
@FoxFirePerfect! Exactly what I wanted to hear! Open world RPs are great and all, but I find them bogging down far too quickly.

This RP also sounds like the perfect place to translate my Pathfinder character into, a Kitsune Arcane Trickster~
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