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Ayaka Meru

Eventually, minutes would pass by and during the third Ayaka would've finished her plate. She hadn't eaten since the morning and as her body was digesting the food she felt energy return to her system. A subtle burp escaped from her mouth as she sat, slumped against the back part of the chair. she observed the room and took a breath to herself, their cat commander to the side on a window sill and the others helping with books. It was almost normal before the teen remembered the question she was going to ask.

After the stranger had left and the feline had spoken their spiel. Ayaka's mood changed rapidly and she stood from her seat and spoke clearly.

"So. In review of the situation-- "

Before continuing Ayaka's eyes began to glow a subtle purple as she snapped her fingers. The room wouldn't change but there were clear panels of transparent purple energy surrounding the doors and windows. Sound would not escape this room unless magic had pierced it.

"Continuing-- In reviewing the situation, you had failed to reveal a critical truth that ended in our near failure. Although no one was hurt, we encountered an assumingly unforeseen disaster that ended with the arrival of two new enemies bearing the same powers likes ours. Due to this faulty knowledge Yuri and I had experienced near-death situations and if it had pursued we may have even lost our cover to what possibly might be our greatest enemy yet.

When we all gained these powers we devoted ourselves to a grand cause of helping the world from dangers unlike anyone has known, we committed ourselves to a future that everyone could live peacefully and with this, we took on the possibility of near death. This whole situation would've been fine if you had... just simply not known about it, but clearly, you do. "

"And I'm not looking for apologies, I'm looking for the hard truth and a promise that you trust us and that we are prepared for the worst of the worst. We need stability now more than ever and this discourse-- if continued will ruin us from the inside out. "

Ayaka takes a breather, a large exhale escaping from her mouth as she finished her dialogue of a stern nature mixed with a cold demeanor. She was tired and wanted to be prepared for the next coming attack and there was no if it would definitely come.

Ayaka Meru

The air was sour, while Yuri and Yuzu handled the stranger at their door Ayaka was intent on berating their feline commander with questions. Deeper into her thought, she was surprised that no one had asked the simplest of questions or... if we did, did we forget them? The teen shook her head, sighing at the heavy amount of energy she was putting herself through thinking. The entire situation was completely bull and the teen simply wanted a safer environment for their group. If they were to save the world it was pertinent that they have all the information necessary.

Ayaka sighs, a weak hand coming to adjust her glasses along the bridge of her nose. Sniff... Snifff The teen's eyes widened as her head shifted to the right following the scent of snacks and treats. It was Kanata, almost instantly her mood lifted, and although her face didn't show much emotion her body was definitely filled with energy.

"Fooba. "

The taller teen says to the middle schooler, her pointing finger out tapping lightly against the bento boxes subtly asking for permission to delve into whatever sweet goodness were in those boxes.

"Wait...are...are we even allowed to eat in the library?"

"No. But I do not care. Please give me food. "

Ayaka says plainly, her eyes intently staring at the bento boxes as if they were her first meal in decades.

I'm in love with the Shadow and Bone series and just finished the Netflix series and the first book! I'm interested!!
A Fallen City

Chapter I

Your descent into madness began. As you were consumed by the distortions darkness covered your eyes but your body could feel a strange sensation of... everything? You were alive, dead, stabbed, being nurtured, healed by magic, loved, homesick, and everything you've felt throughout your life now in a singular and constant moment. This feeling continued until it suddenly stopped and now your body was in a constant free-fall, twisting and spinning around in a wide area-- air pushing at you as you fell.

This would go on for what felt like hours before your body suddenly stopped and the darkness that veiled your eyes was lifted. You were in a wide, white void and you stepped on what felt like nothing but it was clear you were standing. Your surroundings were expansive and if you tried to speak your voice echoed back consistently longer than it should have.

Memories were foggy, what had happened just now? If you attempted to recall who you were, your name would not be mentioned but it was certain that you could talk, walk, stand, and even bear a weapon. But the aspect of who you were was nowhere to be found-- if you dug into your memories there would blanks still images of a passing life with faces you couldn't focus on nor feelings could you familiarize with.

Were you dead? Wait who asked me that?

Suddenly a blue light escaped from your palms, one distinct memory unfolded from your mind and you clearly remember a butterfly. It was white in your memories but now it was blue, this blue light flickered and wavered against the white void even though there was no air and continued to move as if it was fighting against something. The more it stayed on your palms, the more your memories began seeping back into your mind like a painful headache.

You remember the mission, what you were supposed to do, and your life before now. A warm feeling came over you like the blue light was protecting you from something. Was it the void?

Can you hear me?

A voice called it out.

Hello? Please answer.

You answered. And then your hands would instinctively be brought out and from your palm formed a smaller being of only a few inches. It was a glowing humanoid, its skin covered in a basking blue light with wings similar to that of a dragonfly. Its features were covered in the light, it stood from your palms and hovered over them.

"Hello, Ramiel. Banard. Mavis. Wender. "

The names were said all at the same time, muddled together by the same voice of a soft tone. But you understood your name in the fray.

"Please wait a moment. The light is strong."

From the winged-figures body, its blue light began to flood the interior of the white void. It blanketed the whole entirety of your surroundings until black cracks began to form but there was no rumbling nor shaking. Eventually from this blue light, the cracks would increasingly breakaway at the void revealing darkness similar to the one that had covered your eyes. Finally when it seemed like the cracks had covered what the blue light spanned the void would break and suddenly everything disappeared and now you could feel the cold surface of stone underneath you and when you opened your eyes...

When you opened your eyes you were pelted by rain, covered in mud and tiny pieces of stone and rock. If you attempted to move and stand your body would respond weakly almost as if the strength had been sapped out of you. As you look around to take in your surroundings you were blanketed by intense darkness and a raging storm. The only source of light being a dimly lit lantern with a flame flickering within its insides. Once you regained your ability to stand you noticed that you stood up from the rubble, you were currently in the remains of some stone building and faintly in the distance from broken walls, you could also see the same manner of buildings.

The area itself was unlike anything from Gabaras, Kogani, or The Amber Groves. A majority of the material here was simply chiseled stone with exception of wood and cobblestone that laid about. There was also broken furniture, chairs, and tables giving you the impression that the ruined building you stood in was a house.

A storm above continued its roar and there were few spaces to take shelter. Small nooks and crannies from larger pieces of rubble gave some sort of protection but it wasn't enough for your unconscious party that laid about. The pink-haired girl, the dwarf, and elven man were all familiar except for a green-skinned being that also had elven features. If you were hailed from the Amber Groves mayhap the green-skinned man quelled familiarity within you but if not the person was clearly unrelated to Row C.

If you continued your glance you would notice a fairy in the collection of unconscious bodies, it was a fairy laying on top of your dwarven teammate. It wore a small dress, its wings that of a dragonfly, and also had shoulder-length blonde hair. It too was unconscious but had a striking resemblance to the winged-being from your...dream?

You were unsure of your first move, there were too many questions to be had and maybe the green-skinned stranger or the fairy that had laid atop your dwarven teammate knew. But time was ticking and the storm was raging, you need to find shelter quick.

@mantouYour character is accepted! Welcome to the team!!

Ayaka Meru

The blow happened in seconds, the first floor of the building was completely demolished and so were Yuri and Ayaka. The forms and shields that had passively generated along the wizard's body rapidly broke until her physical body was all that was left. Luckily her magic had unmerged from Yuri's staff and returned to her body instantly reconstructing the shields placed. But it was already too late, the damage had been done, and a set of bruises had occurred over her midsection and knees. The breath ripped from her lungs and she curled over debris regaining her constitution.

The mission was a success but their mentor, their benefactor, Scheherazade had failed to warn them of an incoming attack. From their surprise, during the mission, it was apparent that the cat knew more than they were letting on and due to their choice of keeping that knowledge a secret, we paid the price. Ayaka understood the moment she honed her abilities for the fight of the greater good that she would need all the knowledge to prepare to protect the world and the lack of... caused this.

She didn't bother to continue thinking on it but instead tended to the civilians on the far side of the now fading damage barrier. Eventually, the block would return to normal as if no battle had occurred and now it was Ayaka's job to place the citizens back into their correct spots. Mass Amnesia, Mass Hysteria, or Mass Insomnia. The latter would be used to explain what had occurred in order to protect their secret and once the job was done--

Night came, the darkkeepers had escaped but luckily the civilians were safe. That was all that mattered, but now an incoming threat was possible-- no. Imminent threat was coming. Sleeping came to Ayaka easily though she was muddled with visions, dreaming of her theories of the world but also the scorpion girl that had attacked her. She would remember her face, planning to instantly assault if she were to ever see the stranger again. But for now, Ayaka let her dreams simply be dreams.

And the morning would come, as usual, the routine of the day-and-night cycle still the same as it was before as the teen got ready for her normal day at school. It came like a blur, classes slept through but homework and quizzes turned in and resulted in passing grades. The gift of Merlin was an aid in her knowledge but it was just a tool, Ayaka was smart before she was a wizard. But now with magic, she could study in her dreams, think at a faster rate than a normal person would. It drained all her ability to try in school and now she was just waiting for another battle, for another day to help.

Finally, the meeting between the "magicals" as Ayaka personally called it. An explanation given by Scheherazade, the cat stood on a windowsill, and once the group had gathered they begun to speak. Ayaka had wondered if the answer was going to be satisfactory but it wasn't. It was a mistake and an extremely faulty one. If the group had known prior, maybe Merlin could've predicted or calculated this event. Maybe if the darkkeepers no matter how unlikely their arrival we all could've been prepared against their assault. But no.

Ayaka stood straight from the wall she leaned against in the corner of the room and before she could speak she acknowledged a girl that had asked for help. A sigh escaped from her breath, mouth closed as she waited for the girl to leave before speaking again.

Ayaka Meru

The wizard didn't care for the scorpion's words. Ayaka stayed silent, her eyes wincing against the light from Yuri's dazzling transformation. Her elemental balance shifted, favoring Earth instead-- she could feel every step and wavelength connected to the concrete and natural sources of her surroundings. Although the wizard wasn't trained in martial arts or anything of the sort her sight and senses lead her punches. Dodging and dancing with the scorpion girl.

Ayaka gasped the scorpion latching its tail around her arm, she attempted to break out of its grip but it was too late. Her enemy was right behind her and before she struck her tail to her back Yuri came to her aid. The scorpion's knee bounced off the Monarch's shield and before the scorpion could move Ayaka would crouch down, her calves tightening arms over her chest and face as she launches backward's an earthen cocoon surrounding her body- launching like a canon. BOOM! She went! A rumble followed with the concrete floor breaking under her feet as her body dashes in flashing speed. Hitting the scorpion girl with an earthen might intending to crack every armor and shield the darkkeeper had.

And following Yuri's swarm, Ayaka unravels from her earthen-cacoon, being pushed forward by a jet of air. The wizard lands on her knees, quickly turning back to face her enemy as a palm goes to touch the broken ground. Two pillars rectangular and stone-hard form at Ayaka's side, they elongate attempting to pin the scorpion's body against a miscellaneous wall for the swarm of rainbow butterflies infused with elemental charges to gain a clear line of sight for their target.

Ayaka Meru

The Darkkeepers? Did I miss a session? Ayaka thought to herself, preparing to enter Yuri's portal before feeling the attraction of her magical-skin move towards an incoming force. The wizard turns in preparation, forming a light barrier against it but the force would seem too strong. Luckily Yuri's barrier deflects and disperses the scorpion girl's kick and kinetic force. Merlin made her move, with the prepared barrier she shapes it along her staff and creates a blunt edge like a spear at its end, and thrusts it towards the scorpion girl.

Her senses and ability elevated with the help of Yuri. The purple butterfly merged into her magical form, the barriers across her body would shift accordingly and now give off a dim purple glow. Merlin continues her advance using her staff as a spear as she jabbed towards the scorpion girl, specifically aiming for the legs and the visor that the scorpion girl had pointed out.

As she pursued her attack she could hear the crash of a breaking wall and watched as the scorpion girl's tail flick Yuri away. The wizard jumps back, throwing her staff in midair like a javelin towards the boy, its form shifting into a glowing ball, and joins Monarch's staff. The Monarch's staff would change shape and a great deal of magical energy would flow into its form for the Monarch to use.

Ayaka lands roughly sliding a few feet back as she raises her fists. A cocky anger mustering in her chest, she displays a smile and goes into a melee pose.

"Macho Merlin on the move!"

Merlin yells, her fingers moving in a coordinated manner, light-brown constructs forming over her joints and fists. She puffs out air and then dashes towards the scorpion her fist raised as she goes in for a strike.

This roleplay is ALSO open if anyone is interested! (4 more spots)
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