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Current I'm melting! MELTIIIIIIIIING!
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@Undead: *You're
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And thus, in conclusion... Yee-haw.
2 days ago
God lord in heaven, I had forgotten how utterly bonkers the ending to the original Evangelion series was... Like, how many drugs did they take?
3 days ago
Oh sweet, Evangelion is finally on Netflix! Congratulations!


Rumor has it, that the man behind Cleverbird is an Illustrator enthusiast who likes to spend a lot of time talking with the various voices in his head, who often boss him about a bit too much. He has never used the lens flare tool in his life, and neither does he plans to. His favorite software consists of Pringles 7, Caffeine V3 and Adobe Illustrator. He started out as a Photoshop user, but soon found vectors and said "Sweet". Can still open a bag of peanuts while holding down Ctrl + Alt + Shft + F. He prefers a dark room, making up characters like the Unburning Marshmallow King or Red Nose the Yellow Nosed Turtle. When he grows up, he wants to become a full time zombie. When not making up characters and doodling, he like to doodle and make up characters. When he was a paper boy, he used to bring around papers. He's currently a graphic designer, just trying to do whatever it is graphic designers are supposed to do. Master and creator of the "Messy tool". He can clean up a room, but instantly make it messy again simply by walking into it again.

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I am very curious about what your status is referring to.
KingOfTheSkies 7 mos ago
I'mma just leave this here.

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