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Current Hey there, guys, gals, attack helicopters, and lamps. If you feel like you're havin a bad day, just know that it's illegal to dab in Saudi Arabia. So express your freedom to dab instead of feelin blue
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Hello, my peeps of RPG. It's Tim again, just here to remind you that you're nobody until somebody loves you. And that somebody is me. I love you.
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Another great day on RPG. Just wanted to let you peeps know that each every one of you is wonderful in your own special way. Have a nice evening. Or day. Or whatever's good for you.
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Ah yes, another day in RPG, a site which, in my opinion - which I respect - has some of the nicest people around.
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Hey, I've been thinking, and people that do RPs seem to be pretty cool. So if you're feeling kinda down, just know that I think you're pretty cool. Unless, y'know, you like kicking puppies and stuff.


Hi! I am Tim.

... That is all.

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Hawke at first had no idea why this young lady was trying to sneak up on him, but soon found out as he'd placed a hand on the keyring as she herself did the same. She looked like a noble, but there was something off, besides her blatant attempts to pickpocket him like a common sneakthief. Usually, nobles are all about using fancy words and deception to get what they want. This one just looked socially awkward, judging by the fact they haven't started trying to explain themselves, or even showing any false charm in the wake of being caught stealing from a man with a really big sword.

Actually, on a second look, this entire party was just odd. Another dressed like a noble, but likewise not acting out the charade. Actually looked intimidating for her short size. Then the other one dressed in rags he thought to be another prisoner at first, but they weren't wearing the correct attire. Then the last one surprisingly wasn't female as Hawke had first thought with all the others, and has ears on his head. With this much diversity, either they were all some sort of traveling band of courtesans, or...

"...She's saying she wants the keys. We need them to get our own weapons."

Mercenaries. Great. More likely than not, they wouldn't hesitate to turn on him if it meant their own benefit. On the plus side, this means they can most likely handle themselves in a fight. Here's hoping they're not just well-armed courtesans.

Hawke unhinges the keys from his belt and lets go, letting the psuedo-noble woman have them.

"Go ahead, then. Sending anyone out there without a weapon is a fate worse than death. For your sakes, I hope you know how to use them."
Hawke quickly turn and locked the door behind him as much as he could. He turned back to face the new arrivals, pausing for a moment to catch his breath, and he walked past them to retrieve his sword.

"Don't really know who any of you are, don't really care. I'm taking my sword and getting the hell out of here. You lot might want to do the same."

Sheathing his weapons, Hawke grabbed the familiar hilt of the massive blade, lifting and inspecting it. It's been too long since he'd wielded Aether, and he'd almost forgotten what it felt like. He ran his palm along the flat of the blade like he was caressing it, then noticing that there was an abundance of dust covering it. Damn Warden didn't even take care of it.

After he was satisfied with his analysis, Hawke lifted the blade with his dominant arm, holding it in various positions. After a few moments, his instincts returned to him, and it was as if the huge greatsword was a rapier.
When Xavier dashed forward to deliver his mighty punch, he had many things going through his mind. "This is gonna be so cool" and "time to show this death knight who's boss" being a couple. His ultimate attack. This thing has never let him down. It's capable of one-shotting raid bosses. It can clear rooms in moments. And when it impacts this knight, he's going to-


As the punch hit to seemingly no effect, another thought went through his mind.

"... Oh... Shit."

Suddenly, a vague apparition of his own arm appeared from the knight, about to release it's own Megaton Punch. Xavier dodged at the last moment, having a minor heart attack, as the missed punch erupted gusts of wind from the force, sending Xavier back a few meters. That was terrifying. He was pretty sure at that point that this was no ordinary death knight. Erupting from the body of a bigger death knight should've probably tipped him off.

"Full Cover!"

The knight held it's shield to Alena, blocking her off. Well, on the plus side, at least most of his defense is gone. Xavier needed to do something, and quickly. He'd considered throwing some Consecutive Hits, but lamented the possibility of Ghost Hands retaliating. He couldn't possibly charge another Megaton Punch and leave himself open for another half a minute. But he had to finish this guy. It was dangerous.

"... Well, here goes nothing."

So, as a sort of last-ditch effort, Xavier used his Light Dash to close the distance and threw a Rockabye punch at the knight. Or, at least, he hoped he was throwing a Rockabye. Wasn't entirely sure how this activation thing worked.
1:50 PM, January 25th, 2026
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

10 year old Daniel was playing in the backyard, throwing a tennis ball against the side of his house. His mom told him to play outside while she was on the phone. He could hear her yelling sometimes. Daniel kind of wanted to see his dad, but his mom said he had to go away. That made him feel sad.

"Hey, kid."

Daniel turn around quickly upon hearing the voice, but saw nobody in his backyard but him. He looked over into the woods at the edge of the yard, but could find nobody in the treeline.

"Up here."

Daniel looked up, seeing a gray cat on the roof of his house. It sat there, staring at him. Then it began to speak.

"What? You've never seen a talking cat before?"

Daniel stood in shock and awe at the cat for a moment, before responding.

"How are you talking?"

"I'm a magic cat, obviously. I can grant wishes too!"


"Well, it depends on your wish. Do you have a wish?"

Daniel thinks for a moment. He just found a magic cat that grants wishes! What did he want most in the world? On cue, he could hear his mom yelling at the person on the other end of the phone. He was pretty sure it was his dad. Something happened that made his parents not like each other anymore.

"... I just want my mom and dad to be happy and like each other again."

The cat is silent for a few moments, seeming to consider his wish. This is probably the most intense moment in Daniel's life.

"... Your wish is a noble one. I can indeed grant it."

Daniel was overjoyed, jumping up and down in excitement. The cat hopped down from the roof and started walking towards the woods. Daniel was confused. The cat turned to him.

"Do you want your wish or not? C'mon, follow me!"

Daniel follows with no further hesitation, into the woods with the magical cat. After a few minutes of walking into the woods, the magic cat dashes forward out of sight. Daniel tries to keep up, but the cat's nowhere to be found.

"... Magic Talking Cat? Where'd you go?"

"Over here!"

Daniel follows the voice, leading him to the cat perched on a thick tree. Hanging from this tree is a single golden apple, hanging from a low branch close to the trunk.. The cat explains.

"There you are. Now, to grant your wish, you need to pick this golden apple. I'd get it for you, but then it wouldn't work."

Daniel gazes in awe at the apple, shining in the light. He begins to climb the tree, hugging it as tight as he can. He gets to the apple, and reaches out for it. The tree then pulls Daniel inside itself, it's texture going from hard and sturdy to soft and mushy. It closes around him, the cat and the apple likewise sinking into the tree, returning to being just another tree in the forest.

2:10 PM

Daniel's mother, Rebbeca, hung up the phone in anger and frustration. That son of a bitch can take his whore and go, but he wasn't taking her son with them. The court agreed with her, and he needs to get over it. Once the divorce is finalized, she's taking Daniel and getting the hell out of this city. She heads outside and shouts out the door.

"Danny, you can come back inside now!"

There was no response. Rebecca stepped out into the backyard.

"... Danny?"

She looked around the yard, but her son was nowhere to be seen. She started to panic, but it was in vain. He was already gone.

"Daniel?! DANIEL?!"

11:30 PM

The police had looked for Daniel in the surrounding woods, but he was nowhere to be found. It had gotten too dark to search any longer, so they'd given up the search for the night. Rebecca's ex-husband was currently being investigated. Rebecca herself was sitting alone at home, having cried her eyes out for hours. She wanted her son back.


The shout echoed outside, and Rebecca perked up. She looked out into the backyard, seeing a small figure in at the treeline. She immediately ran outside.


The boy screamed, being pulled back into the woods. Rebecca was startled for a second, but chased after him. She didn't worry about the dangers. She'd lost him for a moment. The forest was dark, lit only by the moonlight.



She followed the voice, finding her son in the fetal position against a tree. She crouches besides him and hugs him, checking him for injuries. She's in tears.

"Daniel, oh my god! Are you hurt, baby?!"

The tree's branches twisted and turned, grabbing Rebecca. She was pulled into the trunk before she could resist, half-phased in. Her son started to giggle as the cells began eating her, and she watched as he stood up, a tree branch connected to his back. Daniel slowly morphed into another person entirely.

"... You know... I don't like to eat children like some sort of boogeyman. The taste isn't really... there, you know? Like wine. Needs time to mature."

Rebecca tried to scream, but the "tree" covered her mouth in it's bark. The cells ate away at her vocal chords next.

"And according to some 'research'... You're pushing on 70.
And when I first sniffed you out, I knew it wasn't some sort of age-defying trick. And from what my cells are telling me, you taste amazing,
just like your boy. You're something special."

Virus eats away at her body, assimilating her slower than anyone else he's eaten. She can't even cry in pain as she sinks slowly back into the tree.

"Don't worry, though. You'll see your son again. Soon."

Rebecca sinks into the tree, and after a few minutes of incomperable pain, she's no more.

Virus claims another.
Xavier uses his Light Dash to get back behind friendly lines. Despite punching that giant worm to death being pretty fun, it was also surprisingly pathetic. He sighs, both annoyed with Tea's hurtful comments and disappointed at the lack of challenge, speaking to Elena.

"What are these guys, level 10? I think it's time to end this. Thanks for the spell. Cover me, will you?"

With that, he pulls his fist back and concentrates on his arm, preparing a Megaton Punch, ready to do another swift Light Dash to that Knight. The air around his fist began to vortex and glow, charging. Time to test how strong he can really be.

@Lucius Cypher@Rune_Alchemist@Darked13
After grabbong the keys from Wilhelm, Hawke took the sword on one hand and pulled out his Shiv in the other, in case they got too close. He didn't know what the hell infected them, but it wasn't happening to him. He charged towards the pair, and with this enchantment, he was hoping to just slice them to ribbons.

He really wanted his sword back.
9:00 PM, January 21st, 2026
San Diego, California

Leo rose from his seat at the bench as the hour struck, seeing the bus driver open the doors to his bus. After this one reaches Primm, he'll have to wait another day for the bus to Vegas. He approaches the bus, pulling his ticket out of his jacket, and steps aboard, pulling along his duffle bag and suitcase. The bus driver himself was probably in his 50's, and just looked so eager to drive a near-empty bus for hours on end. He spoke to Leo in a tired voice.

"Ticket, please."

Leo hands the driver the ticket and begins to find a seat, but was stopped by the driver.

"Hey, one carry-on only! Anything else has to go in the storage!"

Leo looked around the deserted bus station outside, finding not a single soul but him, the driver, and the ticket-booth attendant waiting lazily in his little box, watching something on his phone. Leo turned back to the driver.

"C'mon, man, there's nobody else here. And do you really want to get out and open up the compartment, or do you wanna get going?"

The bus driver stared him down for a second, before sighing and letting him pass.

"... Oh, go ahead, I don't give a shit..."

Leo nodded his head and walked to the back of the bus, where the cool kids (and formerly oppressed minorities, but that's besides the point) sit, picking up the man's thoughts on his way:


What a sad man. Leo takes a seat with his belongings and the bus, after a few hopeful (and legally required) minutes of waiting, shuts it's doors and begins it's journey.

Leo whips out his phone and notices a new notification. An Email, seemingly from a fan. But but this wasn't on his Arsenal fanmail email, it was his personal email. That's concerning. He read through the email thoroughly, partially out loud as he does when thinking. Good thing he was in the back.

"To Leo, from 'GirlGeniusJ355' at... She... She has her own email...?"

Leo, now incredibly interested, continues to read on:

"... 'A gift from me to you'... Saw you were in Coast City... Welcome to town present... do do do do... See attached images."

He opened the attached image, and saw the gift that was prepared: a futuristic-looking bow, with all sorts of fancy doodads on it. Leo can't exactly tell what they do, but it appears to have vents with tubes. Definitely for some sort of oxygen compression. Pneumatic, maybe? But then there's this crystal... What was that for? And what mineral was it?

But the questions can wait. That bow looks fucking awesome. Leo wants to shoot with it. Case closed. Continuing with the rest of the email:

"... The WB-B attachment..."

Leo cautiously opened up the code and gave it a look over. This "WhistleBlower-Buster" program was... Well, Genius. He didn't even know what most of this meant, but he could tell it was some high-level stuff. After double-checking the code for any malicious code or backdoors, he sent the code to one of his Admins to implement it into the site. He finished the email:

"... Regards... 'A genius fan'... Yeah, no kidding."

He noticed the P.S under the farewell, and his tone started getting excited.

"P.S.... 'If you want your gift just email me back, I'm sure we can figure out a pickup spot'?! Oh dang!"

The bus driver gives Leo a look in his rear view as if saying "Quiet down, I don't need this right now". Leo got the message and piped down his happiness. He proceeded to type out a response in silent joy.


From: Leo$

Subject: RE: A gift from me to you!

Body: Hey there, person! Thanks for writing. Not even gonna ask how you got this email, because judging by your work (and username), you're pretty smart.

I've already got my site managers working that program you gave me into the site. The code was absolute brilliance. I'll be able to stream for a longer amount of time now. Thanks!

But now let's talk about that bow: it looks WICKED. I'm not entirely sure how it works besides the oxygen compression, but I'm sure I'll find out!

... Some packaged instructions would also help.

I'll be in Primm tomorrow on the 22nd before I head to Fabulous Las Vegas. If you can, I'd like you to drop the bow off on the roof of the hotel there. I'm sure you have a way. If possible, I'd like to send a gift of my own back! Least I can do!

Anyway, always nice to hear from a fan. I'm glad you enjoy my stream! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to have peeps like you as my fans!



Aaaaaand sent. There we are. Leo switches to a music app and puts a pair of headphones on, drifting off to sleep as the bus makes it's journey to Primm.
1:15 AM, January 7th, 2026
Coast City, California

Arsenal shoots his net arrow at the fleeing ATM thief, the arrowhead bursting open mid-flight and covering them, trapping the scoundrel. The thief struggles in vain as Arsenal approaches casually.

"Crime doesn't pay, jackass. It only fills you with arrows. Trust me."

A subtle curb stomp to the face later, and Arsenal leaves the unconscious crook as he hears sirens approaching. A donation pings in his ear.


11:35 PM, January 14th, 2026
Los Angeles, California

Arsenal looses an arrow, hitting the would-be mugger in the his genitals. As the man falls to the ground, clutching his crotch in pain, Arsenal turned to check on the victim as another donation ringed out from the bluetooth:


Arsenal lets out a bark of laughter at the donation before controlling himself.

"... Yeah, yeah, I did... Are you okay, miss?"

"... You're... You're that internet guy, right...?"

Arsenal perks up. Always good to meet someone who knows of him and his work.

"Oh, yeah, I'm Arsenal! I'm actually streaming right now! You want a shoutout, or-"

Another ping in his ear interrupts his thoughts:

Whistleblower887 ($1): The police are on their way. Stay right where you are.

Arsenal can hear the distant sirens. Great, another Stream Sniper. Really gotta deal with those guys...

"The police are coming, you'll be okay. Have a nice night!"

And so, leaving the woman and the man crying in the fetal position behind, Arsenal makes a quick and narrow escape.

10:45, January 20th, 2026
San Diego, California

As Arsenal fired another arrow into the another gang member in the warehouse, the leader must have decided to cut his losses and book it, if the car filled with drugs starting to peel out made any sense. Arsenal grinned under his mask, readying his latest creation into his bow.

"This guy isn't going anywhere! Not if my new Explosive Arrow has anything to say about it! Let's flip that bitch!"

Arsenal loosed his arrow at ground under the rear of the fleeing car. The arrow, on impact with the ground, exploded with amazing heat and force, causing the car to also explode in a great ball of flame. Arsenal stood deadly still for a few moments.

"... Less... Less gunpowder. Much less. Got it."

He quickly flees the scene, leaving the entire gang with more holes than they should probably have.

6:00 AM, January 21st, 2026
San Diego, California


Leo hits the button as he lies in bed, half-awake and half-dressed. He lets out a sigh before getting up and going to the bathroom. The normal routine followed: taking a shower, brushing his teeth, doing some exercise, et cetera. He inspected his Arsenal gear he kept in his duffle bag, cleaning his guns and bow, and looking through his supplies.

He takes out his notepad and makes a list of things he needed to do today:

    1. Pick up more food for trip to LV
    2. Get more arrow materials
    3. Redesign Arrows (Less Gunpowder)

With this, Leo puts a shirt on and walks out the door, exiting the motel grounds and taking a stroll to the nearby grocery store.

12:00 Midday, January 21st, 2026
San Diego, California

Leo sat at the motel desk, looking through his notepad and inspecting his trick-arrow schematics. The pencil tapped the paper a couple of times as he thought it through. He voiced his thoughts in a low tone.

"... Let's see... 3/4 gunpowder was too much, so maybe... 1/2? Worth a shot."

He flipped to a blank page and copied the schematic, changing the measurements and labeling it "Explosive Arrow V2".

"... Could keep the other one, rename it 'High-Explosive'... Yeah. Now, for the 'Greek Fire' one... Maybe-"

There was a knock at the door, interrupting his thoughts. He quickly put down the notepad and grabbed a pistol, sitting still. They knocked again. Can't take any chances. He approached the door and opened it slowly, door chain still in place, pistol behind his back.


Outside was a man, probably in his early 30's. He looked pretty winded, and was wearing a tank-top, with a tattoo on his shoulder.

"Hey, man, you got any cash to spare? I need some money for gas, it's an emergency."

Leo paused for a moment, trying to sense if there was any danger near, but relaxed.

"Yeah, sure. Let me get my wallet."

As closed the door, his sixth sense kicked in, reading the man's intentions.


Yeah, he was legit. Leo grabbed his wallet, holstered his pistol, and opened the door. The man looked relieved.

"Oh, thank god, you were the only person to here willing to do me a solid!"

"It's no problem. How much you need?"

"$20! It's all I need!"

Upon closer inspection, Leo saw that the tattoo was a military one. Looks like he was in the infantry. He hands the man a $100 bill.

"Thanks, so- Wait. This is a 100. I just need 20."

"Keep it. Always good to help a fellow soldier."

The man looks puzzled for a moment, then realizes and looks at his tattoo, grinning.

"... You served too?"

Leo rolls up his sleeve, displaying his own tattoo.

"Marines. Marksman."

"... Thank you, sir!"

They both give a firm handshake. Leo smiles. Good feels were had all around.

"No need for that, my good man. We're both civvies. Now, wasn't there something important you needed to do?"

The man, his smile quickly dropping into shock, nodded and bolted away in the direction of the gas station. Leo stood there for another moment, smiling, before heading back inside. He sits back at the desk and picks up the pencil.

"... Speaking of gas, can't use gasoline, too expensive... Maybe Lighter Fluid..."

By the end of the day, Leo had another prototype in mind.
Hawke picked up the sword from the ground, looking with sadness as the mysterious infection took the man. Although they didn't really know each other, he knew Wilhem was a good man, and didn't deserve to go out like this. He spoke a few words of ease to the dead man:

"... Thank you, Wilhelm. May whatever comes next be better than this fate."

With that, Hawke aims the broadsword for a quick, clean kill through the mandibles and into the brain.
@Lucius Cypher@Darked13@Rune_Alchemist

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