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Why did "Bowsette" cause Nintendo's stock to dramatically rise someone pls explain
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Hey there, guys, gals, attack helicopters, and lamps. If you feel like you're havin a bad day, just know that it's illegal to dab in Saudi Arabia. So express your freedom to dab instead of feelin blue
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Hello, my peeps of RPG. It's Tim again, just here to remind you that you're nobody until somebody loves you. And that somebody is me. I love you.
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Another great day on RPG. Just wanted to let you peeps know that each every one of you is wonderful in your own special way. Have a nice evening. Or day. Or whatever's good for you.
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Ah yes, another day in RPG, a site which, in my opinion - which I respect - has some of the nicest people around.


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Febuary 14th, 10:40
Downtown, Central City

oh my god she watches the stream


Arsenal internally shrieked in hype.

He was actually quite surprised that she also had a vlog. And a normal one at that. He'd figured that she was really busy doing hero stuff. Thinking about it, super speed isn't exactly the most time-consuming power to use. She HAD to have had a job, what to eat and all that. She probably eats a lot and never have to worry about it, with her power probably taking a lot of energy. He'd started to wonder if she worked out, or if her thighs were just naturally fit due to all the running, when she'd started talking about the downsides of being a hero and how you don't get paid.

"Oh, yeah! Unless you're like me, am I right?"

I pay a different toll...

"But really, I get it. You're obviously really busy trying to balance normal life with hero-work. I should probably get going so you can do that..."

Arsenal perked up for a second and pulled out his phone.

"Oh! Before I forget, can I get a selfie?! If it's not too much to ask!"
Great. Can't really use Aether in this smoke. Don't wanna risk hitting the others.

Just then, he remembered his other weapons. He unsheathed the Guard Blade from his belt. The blade's enchantment shimmers in the smoke, giving Hawke some idea of where he's going. Knowing these guys would be wielding makeshift weapons, Hawke devised a simple rule to discern friend from foe: If they're wearing white and don't look feminine, they're bad.

Putting this theory to the test, he approaches one figure dressed in white and just slashes before even looking, the enchantment cutting the man in two. Yeah, that was a prisoner, enough evidence. Hawke goes from one figure to the next, slashing the inmates into smaller pieces, passing my the small noble and the magic shouting lady. He hadn't seen the Foxboy or the other quiet noble in the smoke, so he'd hoped that was a good thing.

As he was pretty sure he was finished with the inmates in the smoke, he'd heard the sounds of magic from the shielded part of the room. Time to make an entrance. Sheathing his guard blade, Hawke dragged Aether behind him, the sparks giving them some indication of where he was, running towards the barrier.

Hawke burst from the smoke, using his momentum to slash at the open air. Only the flashiest entrance to clear the area as he took stock of his surroundings.
Well, that didn't work out. Plan B it is then.

Hawke, not wasting any time, quickly rushes forward towards the leather-armor clad man just as he finished his war cry. Now, he wasn't sure if Aether was in good enough shape to get through the armor, but it could definitely slice through flesh and bone. With great killing intent, and the magical power of Momentum, Hawke put all his force to a great slash, hoping to cut the man in two straight down the middle.

Hopefully, that smoke bomb would help the others. Hawke couldn't risk fighting in that with Aether. While a normal sword might be intended for you and only you, Aether in Hawke's hands was more addressed "To whom it may concern".
10:35, February 14th
Downtown, Central City

Oh my god she knows my name

Don't freak out

Just act natural

"Well, really, I prefer rooftops less for the edgy atmosphere and more for the high-ground advantage. But yeah, the view's nice too."

Arsenal goes and sits on the edge of the roof as well, a pretty respectable distance away from the legendary hero, facing the other direction with his back to the streets.

"As for what I've been up to, just the usual. Streaming. Fighting bad guys. I'm actually on a cross-country tour right now! Decided to stop by and see if I could catch a glimpse of one of the greats!"

Leo facepalms internally.


He readjusts his harness out of nervousness.

"Of course, I manage to end the stream right as some crime happens, and right as you show up... Not to say crime is good, or that I didn't want you to show up! It's just... Like...
I mean... Y'know."

Just stop talking
10:30pm, Febuary 14th
Downtown, Central City

Moments after getting back onto the roof, Arsenal felt a large gust of wind behind him. With the feeling of electricity in the air, he already knew who it was. His heart stopped for a moment as he turned towards the source.

"Wow. Really knocked him out cold, huh."

It's Velocity.

Oh jeez.

Oh wow, she's actually here.

Shouldn't have ended the stream, DAMNIT!

Okay, just play it cool. Nice and casual-like.

"Uh, Yeah! It's one of my new arrows! Y'know, I sorta have a thing for making really cool arrows..."

That came out weird. Already messing up. Just roll with it. Change the subject.

"So, uh, I haven't really been able to catch you for the last couple of days, with the crime rate here being super low. Which is a good thing! ... But, y'know, not saying it's good like I didn't WANT to see you, just that, like... Sorry, I'm just a bit surprised. Kinda. A little."

This is a trainwreck.
Hawke, suffering from only minor burns, had walked at a more relaxed pace than the rest of the group, trying to formulate a strategy for escaping the place alive. With that magic-user so carelessly shouting at everything, he wasn't sure if they saw him as expendable or they were just extremely reckless. Maybe both. The noble girl was extremely adept at quick, methodical fighting. The Fox-Boy was deadly accurate with those needles and bolts. The little noble seemed to be the leader, and to Hawke seemed the most evened-out in terms of fighting ability.

More impotantly, he learned that while the bugs didn't show pain, they could be killed like anyone else. Enough damage to the body would kill them, but destroying the brain would just as well. As long as he had Aether, they wouldn't be too much of a problem.

Lost in his thoughts, he noticed that the group had exited the stairwell when they came upon the roadblock. A couple of guards taking the easy-way-out before the infection could take them. He gave them a small acknowledgement of respect. They were bad to him, but no man should have to go out like this.

Suddenly, he'd heard sounds of a struggle in the next room, followed by the sound of the small noble's voice: "If you two bit, no three bit prisoners were worth your weight in metal than you were in wits then you would yield to any being that doesn't jump you first that comes from the top of this tower!"

Great, trouble ahead, and it doesn't sound like the small one's in much of a mood. Looks like he'd better step in.

"I didn't grab my equipment again just for some fool who's been cooped up in this tower to use it as his own! Use your brains and keep yourself from getting killed by someone half your age old man."

"I couldn't agree more."

Hawke slowly walked out from the stairwell, his massive sword resting on his shoulder. The only language these people understand is intimidation. And nothing is more intimidating than a man with a really big sword... Well, except maybe a dragon. Or a werewolf. Or these bug things that've infested the prison. Anyway, back to being intimidating.

As Hawke approched, he spun his sword around in one hand as if it was nothing. Really show his power.

"If you cretins think you'll make me drop my sword and turn-tail, you're dead wrong. I've waited TOO LONG to use my sword again, and NOBODY'S going to take it from me again."

As soon as he reached the others, he pointed his sword at the large scarred man at the back. He grinned, and he could feel Aether itching for another battle. Looks like it's a win-win. He mocks the original threat:

"So allow me to answer your choice... With another choice: Either we walk past you, or we'll walk over you. What's it gonna be?"
10:25, Febuary 14th
Downtown, Central City

Arsenal had just about run out of questions, and there was not a crime in town. Looks like it was time to end the stream. He'd leave the city first thing tomorrow.

"And that concludes our broadcast day. Tune in next time, where I'll probably actually do something. Laters."

He switched off his camera and ended the stream on his phone. Well, this entire experience has been disappointing. Maybe Hub City will prove to be more exciting, what with the mob ties over there...


Arsenal quickly dove off the unit he was resting on, rolling away, and quickly took aim behind him. Nobody. Huh. Where could that have come from...

"The bag and your money."

A voice echoed from the empty street below. Arsenal peered over and found the source: some dude in a generic cheap-ass stocking mask, holding a revolver. Said revolver was pointed at a woman who appeared to be a college student, backpack and all. Great, some action just when he ended the stream. Arsenal readied an arrow, intending to finish this guy quick.


Wait, what?

Arsenal could sense the crook's confusion as well.

"... But... I have a gun."


Wow. Velocity must be pretty efficient if citizens just act so nonchalant. Really, trying to mug someone in this city is pretty dumb, but you'd expect a little more worry from someone at gunpoint.

"That means you have to do what I ask."

"Yeah, I don't feel like it."

At that point, the crook started to falter. It was pretty clear that he wasn't actually intending to use the gun, and that he definitely wasn't expecting any resistance, let alone a brush off like this... on second look, is that gun even loaded?

The lady yawned and started to walk away. Either this was the bluff of a lifetime or she actually had no fear at all.

"Go home and rethink your life, dude."

I can respect the nerves, I suppose. 'Guess I'll go easy on this guy.

Arsenal switched out his arrow for his latest trick arrow, firing at the mugger. The arrow split open midair, a bag inside quickly expanding and the foam within hardening in an instant. It hit the back of the man's head with great force, and an audible CLONK sound, knocking him out before he collapsed.

The archer slid down a nearby pipe back to ground-level, walking over to the unconscious man and taking his gun. He said a small comment, mostly to himself.

"... I'll just, uh... Be taking this. Thanks."
10:20pm, Febuary 14th
Downtown, Central City

Arsenal sat on top of an AC unit, as he overlooked the city from the rooftops. He'd decided to stay in this major capital for a few days, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the greats: Velocity. One of the original costumed heroes. He'd been starting his streams earlier each day to have a chance of seeing the OG in action, but no such luck. And with the city having such a low crime rate, he was stuck with the petty crime. His fans were getting bored, and so was he.

At the moment, he was currently in the middle of a Q/A session with his stream, looking at questions his fans sent in from his phone.

"How do I come up with my arrows? Uhhh... It sorta just comes to me. Sometimes, I think, 'What could I have used in the last fight?' And sorta go from there. I'm pretty smart, I guess."

As he scrolled through the questions, his mind started to wander a bit. He sorta expected meeting all these cool people on the tour, and he has (LB is proof of that), but he was kind of expecting to meet actual heroes. Maybe glean some advice off them, or bond over the same goals and hopefully not go to jail. So far, he's just met fans. And that's cool, just...

He snapped back to reality.

"Oh, right, um, next question..."
Hawke growled a little internally at the Warden's voice. Of course he's far from any danger, like the coward he is. Hawke's gut was telling him that there'd be a trap waiting for them (or, at least, him) on floor 25. He wasn't sure, but it was their only option. What he was sure of, however, is that they aren't taking his sword this time. Not while there's still enemies to slay. He could FEEL Aether thirsting for death after such a long time...

Suddenly, just as the bugs broke through the door, the noble girl behind him dashed past him, as the Fox-Boy loosed a crossbow bolt and several needles with great accuracy. The noble girl then proceeded to slice one damn near in half and inspect it like a medical study for a moment. It was in this moment Hawke knew he could not have finer allies.

"Usual crap then. Kris and Diana upfront, Macey and I will back you up. Big guy, do whatever it is you do."

"Say no more."

Hawke charged forward as well, his massive blade nearly scratching the ground as he held it behind him. With one great diagonal slash, Aether cleaved right through two of the bugs like a hot knife through butter. He wasn't sure if he needed to destroy the brain on these things like proper undead, being an infection rather than magic and all, but it'd sure as hell cripple them.
6:05 AM, Febuary 10th
Keystone-Central Bullet Train

Leo gave out a loud, drawn-out yawn. Man, last night was tiring. Defintely going to prepare better next time he raids some criminal HQ. Didn't get back to the motel until 2:30. Got plenty of donations, though, so at least the fans were happy. The Hornet's Nest arrow proved pretty effective as well, if indifferent to it's intended target. What's that saying about who a grenade is being addressed to?

Well, either way, he's only slept 2 hours. Had to catch the first train to Central to avoid large crowds. Less people meant less of a chance of losing or accidentally spilling and displaying his Arsenal equipment he'd packed. He could sleep when he booked a motel in Central.

Actually, the train's going to be a bit until it arrives maybe he can just take a quick nap...

"In other news, a massive explosion appeared today in downtown Keystone, at about 1:30AM."

Oh, look. The news caught up with him. Leo opened his eyes and watched the TV screen positioned above the doors of the train, listening to the anchor of WKEY-TV News.

"The explosion occured at a local rented office space pictured onscreen. It was on the 35th floor, rented by an anonymous organization. The explosion covered the main reception room of that gloor, as well as partially destroying the floor above it. In the aftermath, firefighters uncovered many wounded men, some killed in the explosion. They also uncovered both remains and partially intact forms of various military grade weapons and ammunition. It appeared that this organization was subtley smuggling guns and other weapons to sell on underground markets."

Another score for the good guys, bad guys nil.

The picture besides the man's head, having shifted from the building and the guns, now changes to a picture of Arsenal himself.

"The police have not given a formal statement regarding the cause, but various online sources state that Vigilante and Social Media star, Arsenal, was behind the assault. Some sites have clips of the masked archer storming his way through an office building, but the police have neither confirmed nor denied his involvement. Evidence suggests otherwise, however, as one of our contacts inform us that many of the injured sport arrow wounds. We'll have more for you after the break, so stay tuned."

Leo smiles and checks his phone, happy at the amount of new followers his social media accounts are getting due to last night's events. He updates his status.

"Just saw my beautiful self broadcast on WKEY-TV. They should've gotten a picture that shows off my good side lmao"

Aaaand sent. That should help. And now for some much needed rest...

"Have you ever heard the stories of Atlantis?"

Leo can't help but open his eyes and pay attention. He forgets that the mythical city of Atlantis is actually a thing from time-to-time.

"In most tales, Atlantis is seen as an academical powerhouse, said to be housing the greatest minds man has ever seen. And to be honest, the stories are true. Here at the University of Poseidonis, you can see for yourself. Here, we accept the best and brightest from around the globe. Even if you're not the fastest fish in the sea, we also cater to those wishing to improve."

Leo stares in silence at the advertisement as it shows pictures of the school grounds, students relaxing and studying, and professors mid-lecture.

"If you seek higher learning, then come apply to Poseidonis. Atlantis awaits!"

As the commercial ends and another begins, Leo sits in own thoughts. College. Before all this, it's what he'd wanted most to do. Go to College, earn a few degrees, make his parents proud as he became a great scolar, or Scientist, or even an Astronaut as his younger self had thought a few times.

But then a completely random mugging ripped his dreams in half.

He was so struck with grief, he forsake his scolarships and ran off to the army, to vent his feelings. After they made him a highly-effective tool of combat, he came back and became... this. Some punk in a mask who thinks he can make a difference. But has he?

What would things be like if he'd just... moved on, unfazed by his parents' death, and went to college? Would things be any different?

What would his parents think if they saw him now?

... No, No. This is just the lack of sleep making his brain second-guess himself. Of course he's making a difference. Less criminals on the street means less crime. Star City is a prime example of that. He's the face of underdog heroes everywhere. People look up to him to stop crime, because nobody else can or will. His parents would be proud that their legacy lives on as a motive for justice.

Shut up, brain. You're tired. Go to sleep.

An excellent idea. Leo rests his head back on his seat, getting into a comfortable position, before slowly closing his eyes...

"Now approaching Central City Station. Please remain where you are until the train has come to a full stop."

Leo opens his eyes.

Ffff-fuck me.
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