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Current Hello, people of RPG. It's Tim, and I gotta say, you're looking extraordinarily beautiful right now.
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Y'know, I tried to measure my Charisma on a Vit-o-Matic Vigor Tester once. The machine burst into flames.
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Why did "Bowsette" cause Nintendo's stock to dramatically rise someone pls explain
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Hey there, guys, gals, attack helicopters, and lamps. If you feel like you're havin a bad day, just know that it's illegal to dab in Saudi Arabia. So express your freedom to dab instead of feelin blue
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Hello, my peeps of RPG. It's Tim again, just here to remind you that you're nobody until somebody loves you. And that somebody is me. I love you.


Hi! I am Tim.

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<Snipped quote by Tim>

I think it shows his youth that he's see it in blanket terms of good and evil which is cool.

So you then propose your approach to how the Sith bring him in.

I thought I did that. Sith is there on business, Sith witness potential and senses hatred of Jedi when the sabers start glowin' , Sith uses hatred and naïvaté to convince him to join voluntarily, knowing that even if he refuses, the Sith Kidnapping Squad can come pick him up. I don't think it was all that coincidental, because y'know it was only a matter of time before someone with Sith relations noticed his subtle force powers, and Anchorhead is pretty much the place to be to hire some Scum and Villiany for dastardly deeds.

But, I mean, if that's too much of a stretch, I can think of something else. Just gonna take a bit for the cogs to turn.
<Snipped quote by Tim>

Check out my Selene WIP CS.

Dark sider not officially with the Sith, but I have to plant seeds in the CS that the Sith will get their damn hands on her,'s the Sith Empire.

Taken against will can turn into really really fun games, and make Sith who aren't always so happy about the Empire's status quo.

Just a similar situation you might wanna check out.

Yeah, I read over it a while ago (just did a quick re-read to be sure) and I definitely would not want to be her when the Sith come for her.

I myself was kinda implying that, even though his naïvaté has literally almost been the death of him, Garen is still naïve enough to believe that the Sith are the good guys, and really the tipping point for him is if he can learn to shake this before the Sith can manipulate him past the point of no return or not. Kinda shows the more subtle villiany of the Sith. Or something like that, I dunno.

But I realize that not everything on the sheet is up to par and that I haven't really been thinking enough with my big ol' brain. I definitely have to consider my next moves...

Okay, thanks for the response. I'll change the status to WIP and give you a teg when I'm done, but I'm gonna address these real quick before changing the sheet:

1. That is a very good point. I didn't really think of themlike that. Sorta had the mindset of "they know how the force works, so they know the best why to fight Jedi" and not just "they know how the force works". Just sorta figured it was a young Anakin deal where he never actively used the force, so they didn't notice, focusing on the martial art.

2. If that seems too powerful, then you're probably right. Just really wanted to emphasize that he's probably up there with the strongest Teräs Käsi fighters. Like at least top 10. So I can change it to maybe the last 2-3 years he was the champion, but I just sorta show how he was always getting stronger, and when he hit the plateau for strength, he wanted to leave.

3. Okay two things about this one:

a. I didn't really know enough about the Sith Academy, so I didn't really wanna touch it.

b. I also really didn't want him to be, like... Taken against his will? I mean, he already sees the Jedi as evil, and I figured that if the Sith sort of trick him into thinking The Empire are the good guys, it would be more beneficial. I mean, he probably no doubt spent some time at the academy (for basic force understanding, then continued under his master), but I just don't believe that any Sith that witnesses his fighting potential and can sense his hatred for the Jedi, like, WOULDN'T try to trick him into coming of his own volition. Plus, I don't think there's anything wrong with a Sith Lord just picking up an apprentice. Unless I'm wrong and that's not a thing.

Also, I wasn't really sure how The Empire tracks force users, so I didn't really wanna touch that either. I mean, Tatooine isn't really a Sith world, so they'd have to be sending people out. And I mean, of course there's been Sith ON Tatooine, probably to meet with smugglers and bounty hunters or something, but this is probably just the first time one has seen Garen in a fight. I dunno. I could just be making excuses. Sorry.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback! I'll change my sheet when I can.

Hawke had sat by, barely saying a word as the groups interacted. He was too busy planning ahead, thinking on just what he was going to do once he got out. His time in the army was long gone, he would be wanted fugitive, and bounty hunters would most likely track him relentlessly. Sure, he'd be ready for them, but for how long was he willing to be constantly looking over his shoulder? He was considering joining the adventurers, but just then the bloodthirsty noble had struck down their new companion, starting a lightshow of flames.

Might be more effort than it's worth, with friends like these.

That small noble, Kris, always seemed to be scheming something, and getting into trouble. He didn't really know much about the spellbreather, Diana, but he didn't really trust anyone who could kill you with a word. Then again, they probably wouldn't even have him. He was an ex-con with a very big sword. He could see that the fox boy, Scar, looked at him with intense malice behind a mostly disinterested front. And Hawke supposed that the strange noble girl wasn't to blame for her condition.

Well, he'll cross that bridge when he came to it.

For now, he wielded Aether like a massive shield, standing in front of the party and ready to hold back the horde, using the guard's sword in his offhand as a spear. They would not pass.
February 22nd, 8:05pm
Hub City Realty, Hub City

"Oh shit, he's coming this way!"

Arsenal quickly turned to leave back the way he came, but he heard someone coming from that direction as well. Looking in the opposite, it was a dead end with a single window. Seems like his only option.

This was a recon mission, so I didn't bring enough arrows or ammo for all the guards and criminals that were around. And I didn't really wanna risk a civilian worker getting hit in the crossfire if I decided to wreck the place, so I just decided to leave and come back with a plan.

Leo quickly went for the window and shimmied it open. It needed to be oiled or something, because it kept getting stuck. He heard the door open behind him and froze for a second, before the footsteps started walking away. Arsenal started to climb through the window, just over the shipping area, and he'd almost gotten through when he heard the guard down the hallway say:

"Hello, Mr.- HEY! YOU! STOP!"

Looks like he rounded the corner a bit earlier than expected. As Arsenal jumped from the second-story window, he heard gunshots follow him as broken glass spewed forth. As he both tucked and rolled out of the fall, he knew that every guard was most likely alerted to his presence. He looked toward the guards posted at the shipping area as they ran to stop him, some firing on him, and he bolted down the alleyway.

A couple of thugs came from the other end, both with pistols, one advancing. Arsenal, avoiding the pistol fire, ran up the side of a dumpster, then onto the wall, kicking off it and landing on the closer guy as their gun clicked empty, taking him out. He grabbed the gun, throwing it at the farther guy, hitting him in the face and taking him down as well. Arsenal ran for the corner as his brain picked up more thoughts.


Looking behind him as he ran away, he didn't see anyone directly chasing him, so he looked back ahead as he turned the corner-


The ol' "hit em from around the corner as the run by" trick.
Works every time.

March 2nd, Unknown Time
Unknown Location, Hub City

We all caught up now? Cool. Now let's see what happens next.

Leo's sitting in the chair, another punch just landing on his face. Burly shakes his hands for a moment as he lets his knuckles recover from such rigorous treatment. He looks over at Lanky.

"You got anything on your end?"

Lanky sighs in frustration.

"Like I've been saying for the last two weeks, how am I supposed to get information about him from a broken bow, a smashed camera, and some fancy-schmancy arrows?! I mean, he didn't have a wallet or a notebook or anything that would help?!"

He holds up Leo's phone, showing Burly.

"All we got is his phone, and the only thing we're getting from this is fucking SELFIES! I mean, goddamn, how self-centered do you have to be to have this many?!"

Lanky scrolls quickly past all the selfies in Leo's gallery, showing Burly the amount. Arsenal gives a cough, and pipes up.

"You call it 'Being Self-Centered', me, I call it 'Scrapbooking'."

Burly quickly gives him a punch, nearly tipping the chair. Leo lets out a grunt of pain.

"...Ow... You Dick..."

Lanky sets the phone down and points to him.

"And him! Two weeks of nothing but snark outta him! Are you pulling your punches or something?!"

Burly looks clearly offended. He steps up to Lanky.

"You want me to give you a taste test?!"

Lanky is still pissed, and not giving any ground.

"What, you gonna hit me? That all you good at? Must not be good enough, if Robin Hood over there can still hold a debate!"

"And what the hell are YOU doing about it? From the looks of it, you just stand over there with your thumb up your ass while I do all the heavy lifting!"

"I dunno, I don't got shit to work with, so I guess I'm just here for emotional support in case you hurt your fists and start crying."

"Ladies, Ladies, you're both beautiful."

Burly does a 180 and punches Leo in the face, and blood from his nostril begins pouring over the dried blood. This was gonna be a long night.
March 2nd, Unknown Time
Unknown location, Hub City

The room is dark. No light to be found, except some seeping under the door. It's cold, and not just any type of cold. The type of slightly-below-room-temperature cold that, given enough time, freezes you to the bone. Typical for the midwest this time of year, but there HAS to be an AC blowing somewhere...

Footsteps can be heard approaching the door, and after a few clacks of locks opening, the door opens, the light illuminating the room slightly. A lone figure sits in a chair in the middle of the room, and two more figures enter. One of them flicks the light switch with a click, fully lighting up the room.

Leo Cash, unmasked and shirtless, sits in the aforementioned chair, hands and feet bound to it, looking quite beaten and battered. His mask, as well as his other possessions, lie upon a table against the far wall. His bowstring is broken, and his camera is smashed.

One of the two men who just entered, thin and lanky, closes the door, locking it behind him. He speaks up:

"Well. Here we are again. Let's see how this plays out."

Him and his much more brute-like companion (here on referred to as "Lanky" and "Burly", respectively) approach Leo. Lanky rubs his arms.

"Whew, is it chilly in here... How are you feeling, guy?"

Arsenal looked up at the man, tired.


"Cool, cool. You gonna talk now?"

"... Nah, I'm good."

"Ah. I see. Maybe you just need to soften up a bit. Take your time."

He signals to Burly and walks over to the table, inspecting the gear for clues. Burly walks over and cracks his knuckles, giving a large punch to Leo's face. Then another to his gut. Then another. Then another. After a good amount of punches, Burly takes a moment to rest his fists, talking to his punching bag.

"Come on. We know you're that internet guy, we're not stupid. But how'd you track us, huh? Who sent you?"

Leo lurches over in his seat, coughing.

"... It... It was..."

Burly grabs him by the hair, and Lanky looks over expectantly as they hear this. Burly holds Leo's head up.

"Yeah?! Who was it?!"

"... Your mother. We're real worried about ya. Please come back home."

Lanky gives a sigh and a facepalm, and Burly lets Leo's head drop. He rolls a shoulder.

"... Well. Back to it."

Another punch hits Leo's face.

Record Scratch
Freeze Frame

Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering: "Arsenal! How'd you get into this situation?!" Well, let me tell you. It all started about a week ago...

February 22nd, 8:00 PM
Downtown, Hub City

I'd been handling some street crime the first day I got here, but I'd stumbled upon various bits of information pointing to some larger organized crime. Shipping manifests, notes, multiple scared goons begging for me not to hurt them- all adding up. Led me to this place Downtown, Hub City Realty.
Seemed legit at first, but with the amount of traffic that place gets? I had to investigate.

Arsenal leaps over the side of the building, landing on the rooftop of the adjacent one with a roll, seamlessly transitioning into a sneak as he moved to the ledge. The Realty office was just across the street. Removing his camera from his chest, he looked at the electronic screen and zoomed it in at the building.

"Alright, boys and girls, let's see what we got here..."

The place was strangely lively, with delivery men coming through the service entrance on one side, a man guarding the side door on the other, and a group of fine-dressed men entering right through the front door. Looking through the windows, there were still a few employees working, but the rest of the people inside looked a lot more dangerous than normal security guards...

He'd spotted a small balcony which appeared to be an outdoor smoking area on the second floor. That's his way in. Putting the camera back on his chest, he readied a rope arrow, aimed for the balcony, and let the arrow fly. It stuck itself in the wall just above the door. After tieing the rope around a nearby AC unit, he tightened it and double checked it.

"All right, let's do this."

After getting a running start, he jumped onto the makeshift zipline, using his bow as a handle. He near-silently zipped across the empty streets, right above the guards, and onto the balcony, landing with barely a sound. Trying the door, he found it unlocked. Probably didn't expect an intruder entering through here. He stepped inside to the dark break room, quietly.

I'd done my fair share of recon, and I was pretty confident that I'd be able to slip in, find out what was going on, and get out without being spotted. But, at the time, I assumed that this place was, at worst, a front for some shady dealings done by some shady guys that'd probably die all the same with a few well-placed arrows.

In hindsight, this could not have been a bigger underestimate.

Arsenal, finding nothing of note in the break room, stealthily made his way into the similarly unlit hallway. Had to find the main office, oh where could it be...

"And the packages?"

"Two retrieved so far."

"Disappointing. Yet not entirely unexpected considering some of the ... talent."

That sounds nefarious. Our hooded hero followed the voices to the door of what must be the main office, the door slightly ajar, allowing him to peek in and listen to the ensuing conversation...
With the battle over, Hawke quickly spun Aether around in his hand, getting the blood off it, as he wiped away what was left with his palm. More of a reflex than an action, really. He'd helped the noble girl to release her urges a small amount in a slightly more productive way: "productive" being "not attacking him", but hey, it was a start.

It wasn't enough, though, and he could tell. After that brief moment of pure bloodlust, she was only barely in control of herself. Enough so that she could warn him. Hawke knew what she was feeling. The rush was like no other.

"... I understand."

Upon regrouping, Hawke had caught the tail-end of the conversation. Another maniac from The Pyre. He'd heard one was here, but he wasn't expecting to ever meet him. Great. Well, it's better than nothing. What choice did he have but to play along?

"My name is Gabriel Hawke. I was a high-security prisoner here. I met this merry band of misfits not too long ago."
February 14th, 10:45
Downtown, Central City

Just as Arsenal had pressed the button, he'd felt something press aginst his cheek for the briefest of moments, and the camera flashed. He turned to look at Velocity, but she was gone, the charged air being the only sign she was there in the first place. Lightning traveled across the horizon: she's just as fast as they say.

Descending from the air was a small index card, flipping rapidly, trying to keep itself afloat as it hovered in front of his face. Arsenal snatched it from the air. The edges were singed, but he could clearly make out the note:

- Next time call first, we'll make a date of it~ V.

His heart stopped for a moment as he slowly flipped the card around. Sure enough, there was a phone number handwritten on the other side. Leo was more a little excited.





As he went to immediately go put the number into his phone, he'd noticed the picture. It was him, posing normally, and Velocity next to him, giving the camera that wink she was so well known for. Leo's face got almost as red as his mask. She's even faster than they say.

He quickly saved the number to his phone, and gently put the card into one of his vest's pockets. Picking up his bow and putting away his phone, he ran across the rooftops, filled with newfound energy.

February 14th, 11:30
Central City

Opening the lock, Leo opened the door to his motel room, carrying in his duffle bag and throwing it to the side. He closed the door, locked it, bolted it, and put the chain in. He made sure the blinds on the window were shut, and that drapes covered that. Never can be too prepared.

After making sure his room was secure, Leo plopped down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling with a sigh. After a moment, he got out his phone and updated his status on social media.

"You guys would never believe who I ran into after the stream.

No pun intended."

After looking at the picture again for a moment, Leo uploaded it, attaching it to his post, and sent the thing. Not a minute passed, and it hit over 500 likes. I guess getting cozy with the big heroes are what people wanna see.

... Well, he wouldn't mind getting cozy with Velocity, but I mean, who wouldn't?

Thinking of Velocity, Leo sat back up in his bed, stretching and yawning. Better do this now before he gets too tired and forgets. He gets up, grabs his notebook from his belongings, and heads over to the desk, opening up to a fresh page. He writes the topic of consideration at the top of the page:


He begins thinking up potential methods. Slippery substances, a two-part arrow, quick-drying liquid adhesive... He doesn't enjoy thinking of hurting her, but he needs an arrow for every situation. Before he can even see her again, he needs an arrow for her. He already has that EMP arrow for that Lightning Bug lady, so it's cool for them to hang out again.

Leo stops writing for a second, and grins when thinking about meeting Velocity again. That'll be a good time.


Valentine's Day

Hawke stared back at Macy, knowing the look in her eyes. It was the same look his superior officer had that day. It was the same look Hawke himself most certainly had at one point in his life. When that look is around, things don't usually end well. Hopefully, this would end quickly.

But in the meantime, Hawke had to deal with keeping the noble girl controlled, but satisfied.

"You want blood? Stick with me."

Hawke gestured for her to follow, and rushed the two magic users, avoiding the group. Too much blood to be spilled there. Seems like these two were trying to cast a spell.

"Oh no you don't!"

Hawke made two quick, powerful slashes at their arms, hoping to sever a hand, or at least a few fingers. Magic's pretty intricate, and most spells require some form of fine input.

And hopefully, the noble girl followed him.
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