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Current I'm going to try my hand at drawing my gf as a Pokemon trainer with her six favourite Pokemon for valentine's/our anniversary. Wish me luck!
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Got a drawing tablet, time to draw porn
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Seeing actual bushfire footage looks straight out of Hell... It moves so quickly and so powerfully, literally the trees just ignite. You firefighters are absolute legends, but please, don't die.
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Today ain't Christmas, it's garbage day!


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Welcome to my little personal den of Hell! Sorry, sorry, I meant my personal profile. Same thing, right?

I'm a roleplayer, same as any around here. I've been doing it for about five years now, coming up to six in September. Its been quite the time, thinking back. I started out fresh as can be, understanding the basics of writing but never quite knowing how to become better, or become as great as those around me. In the end, I did the only thing I really knew at the time:

Write as much garbage as possible and hope for the best!

As you can see, that particular tactic fucking failed.
Jokes aside, I like to think I've developed a lot over the years, both as a writer and as a person. However, absolutely nothing can dissuade my weeaboo ways and supporting my OTP with all that I can freaking muster! If you haven't already guessed, said OTP is Chrom x Robin (Chrobin) from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Highly recommend the game, there's a reason (other than nintendo's cheapskate attitude) that it hasn't dropped in price, it's honestly the best place to start off in the series. And hey, maybe you'll end up addicted like me and want to buy every game on the 3DS like a fucking loony?

Speaking of loonies, the Fire Emblem Chrobin Comic Dub Project has recently finished, so for those of you who also appreciate the best ship in existence, I highly recommend it. Hell, even if you're not interested in that, I do highly recommend watching it for those into fantasy love stories. The quality improves drastically with each episode, so trust me when I say by the end of it you should be thoroughly impressed. It has helped motivate me in ways I can hardly describe with words, and so I thought the least I could do was put this out there. Maybe it's not for everyone, but I know it was the perfect thing for me.

"Do you think you can tip any of the scales in here?"
"Chrom, for the love of Naga, I'm thinking..."

"So I heard."

"There are better places
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The Best of the Best - Four Pillars Big Four
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@Stern Algorithm@Animal

I'll go ahead and say yes to this :3

@Gentlemanvaultboy's Linkle and @Delta44's Minako vs Junpei Iori
Word Count: 6,154

Blonde or Brunette?

Minako was just about ready to rush into an engagement with Junpei when Linkle came to her aid. Having lost her focus and determination from her words, a sea of self-doubt began to swell within her, only able to half-listen to Linkle as she gave Junpei a proper examination.
He looked... shocked. Like he was holding his breath, muttering to himself. He wiped his eyes and continued gawking. There was absolutely no way...

"Leader is fine." She kept her response short and simple, seeing as she was still thinking. About Junpei, about Linkle, about how to make this whole situation work. And yet for the life of her, even while in her element, she couldn't quite get down a game plan. Undoubtedly, Junpei's presence had thrown her off, even if she tried to focus and change her state of mind. The fact of the matter was that so long as they stood as enemies, Minako's resolve was shallow, no matter what she told herself, no matter how hard she tried. "Look, I..." She sighed, starting to get the jitters. "I don't quite have a plan right now. I've never had to... fight a friend."
She bit her lower lip and gave Linkle a nervous look.
"He's stronger than he looks, so be careful, that longsword isn't all for show. He can summon his own Persona, Trismegistus, who fights with fire and strong attacks that slash like a blade. They come from his wings, you'll see it if he summons him."

That's right, it was starting to come back to her, now. He had a special healing ability which recovered him after every attack, even if it missed. Considering he had 3x his normal strength, that meant Agidyne and High Counter, so physical attacks would be difficult. Engaging him at range was their best option, and with Eurydice recovered, fire attacks were less of a-

"Minako, w-wait a minute!"
His voiced snapped her out of her thoughts. She looked up. He was smiling and waving his arms around like a fanatic, ecstatic. It was only now that the realisation truly hit her:
This was Junpei.
"Mina, I'm so glad you're alright! I've been lookin' everywhere for ya!" A goofy grin surfaced on his face once he got the recognition from her he was waiting for. Her surprised gasp helped him come to the same realisation: even if she seemed like her spirits were down, she was still the same Minako who he first introduced himself to a year ago. She was still his leader, still the person who helped him deal with his issues at home, and still the same person who confessed to him. But if that was the case, why did something feel... off?
Of course, there was an easy remedy to that:
"Maaaaan, you gotta introduce me to the hot blonde beside ya! She's a real cutie, y'know! Are you pickin' up girls without me?"

Stunned into silence, Minako couldn't quite put words into her mouth to respond. But she looked about ready to cry! Perhaps to Linkle it would look like some kind of mental torture...

Linkle turned her gaze from the boy toward Minako, getting a look into her eyes. Right into her eyes, which was weird. Every other time she had had to look down at her, but now...

She shook the though out of her head. No, no, she could worry about that little detail later. The important thing was how much pain Minko was clearly in. Linkle frowned. She really had no idea what the girl could be going through right now. She'd never had to fight a friend of hers before either. To put a point on it, she'd never really had a real friend to fight. He didn't look like he was interested in fighting right now though, so she at least had time.

Sheathing her bows she reached over and put her steady hands on Minako's shoulders. "Minako. Hey!" she raised her voice to snap her at least slightly out of her weird headspace. "He'll be okay. He'll be fine. I told you, I promise, that we're going to save him and the one thing a hero never does is break her promises. Him saying stuff like that, all that means is he's just like that Kid or the fat guys or any of us. So you can introduce us once we've had our buddy Tora clean all that black gunk off him." She said, trying her best to reassure the girl she could swear she felt trembling under her fingertips. "But if you can't fight him, I won't ask you to. That rabbit's part of me now, so even if he brings out that fire monster you told me about it'll still be like he's fighting two people at once."

The snapping of fingers was effective in drawing Minko's attention, though she only gave Linkle the briefest of glances. Even so she listened, and lucky she was to do so, given how hopeful her tone was in the two getting Junpei back. It helped the teenager come to a realiztion as to why Linkle was so easy to get along with, despite their differences: her kindness and empathy were unlike any others. Perhaps greater than any heroic feat she could accomplish, Minako felt that her inspiring spirit was one of Linkle's greatest qualities. While she didn't completely stop shivering, the hand was comforting to the leader, encouraging. Even if she doubted herself, Linkle believed in her. Unable to help it now, the girl's eyes began to well with tears, though even as she cried, it was clear she was far from sad.
"He's alive...! L-Linkle, he's... h-he's alive!"
While it was hard to respond to all that her supporter had said, with Minako barely registering the height difference that the girl beside her hd undergone, she did her best to respond, even with eyes full of liquid.

"I-I hope Tora can... can do it. H-he's my... best friend..." She was kidding herself if she couldn't even admit that much. Junpei himself took a concerned step forward but, by command of the Master Hand, could not step further. His programming prevented him from doing so. "I'll... I'll try. I can't say I can do much, but I... I have a new Persona which can keep us a-alive. It can heal you up if you're injured, so I'll try to use it to protect you. B-but please..."

"Be careful... OK? B-both for him, and for yourself. I'll be with you, better three people than two."

Linkle nodded along as Minako affirmed her will to fight. That was good. She knew she'd be able to pull together, at least a little. It still looked like this was mostly Linkle's show, but it was good to have someone at her back. "You got it, Leader." She said, turning resolutely back toward Junpei and pulling out her crossbows.

"Okay buddy, this isn't going to be easy for you either."Linkle called over to the boy, stepping forward just enough to make herself the more tempting target without putting herself into range of that sword of his. She left a good distance between him and her. "That black stuff is going to make you do some things you're not gonna like, but I'll make sure you don't do those things to her."

She pointed both of the bows in Junpei's direction and was shocked at how steady this felt. She had never gotten the hang of aiming at distances like this, something about how the bolt didn't just fly straight had never clicked with her. Now, though, she just sort of got it. She smiled at that, almost imagining she could feel that rabbit guiding her hands. She let the spirit guide her to aim for his legs.

No bombs, not yet. She couldn't risk that. So she pulled the triggers and let the bolts fly, again and again, sending bolts flying toward his legs to try and incapacitate him before he got over to them.

"Man, I hate to do this to such a pretty lady, but..."
With a kick and a step, Junpei began to push into a run. Normally he wasn't the most dextrous or agile of people, but he showcased a significant increase in mobility, likely a result of that black aura that surrounded him, Crimson eyes honed in on his target, the boy careful not to run off too far to the side in case they tried to slip past him.
He stopped in place, having gotten closer to the two girls but not too close to give Linkle a clear shot at his legs just yet. Her improved aim put a lot of pressure on him to keep back, knocking down his mobility would prevent him from doing anything, so he knew not to get reckless. As she shot at him further, her arrows would 'Ping!' off of the crystal-like diamonds that were appearing in front of him, which took shape to reveal a strange humanoid creature, using the same technique as Minako to summon it. The wings of the summoned beast caused the air to shift somewhat, and parts of it seemed to briefly light aflame.

Without the compassion to complain, he immediately followed up with a dangerous fire attack, the fire seemingly appearing all around Linkle, as opposed to being shot out of anywhere in particular. Its area-of-effect was minimal, however, so if she was quick to notice she could duck and roll out of the way before getting incinerated.
Minako had her Evoker on-hand, ready for immediate use if Linkle needed it. An Agidyne would hurt like all Hell, but at least she had the versatile summoner's newfound power to counteract it. The leader was well aware that Junpei could only use his fire so many times before running out of stamina, and any physical attacks he used would eat into his health. However, letting him be and not attacking at all would put the both of them at a severe disadvantage, due to Trismegistus' innate ability to self-heal. What an annoying fight this would turn out to be...

Linkle growled with frustration as the monster she'd been warned about sprang to life in front of him, just when he gotten close enough for her shots to actually start connecting, and her bolts bounced harmlessly off of it. She was getting real tired of running into things that wouldn't get hurt when she shot them.

She was about to attack again when fire suddenly sprang up all around her. The image of the ice attack that had been used on the robot earlier jumped into her head. Maybe if she just had her normal reflexes she'd be hit by that, but that rabbit was suddenly with her again. She ran towards the flames in front of her as they closed in, ducking at the last second and going into a slide as she felt a wave if heat from behind her as the flames collided.

Coming directly out of the slide into a dead run, she took a few more steps forward and raised her bows again, the tips glowing red as Junpei's eyes. Sweeping them upwards like she was under handing a ball she pulled the triggers and tried to launch of pair of bombs over the top of the creature at the boy behind it before jumping back and away from the both of them.

"Thanatos!" Where Linkle charged ahead to try and press an advance, Minako also pushed to try and keep up the pressure. She wasn't sure if Junpei knew any attacks to target groups of people, but she was banking on her own knowledge at this point; if she woke up with her Persona only knowing base-level skills, it was safe to say Junpei simply got the advanced versions of his base-level skills upon powering up. It only made sense, considering Eurydice' agi would eventually grow into maragi, then agidyne, making the skill 3x as powerful. Junpei's use of agidyne helped justify this train of thought, though if she was wrong...

As Linkle approached, Junpei used his Evoker again, firing off another shot into his temple to keep his Persona summoned. The winged humanoid turned not to Linkle, but to Thanatos, who was now charging with its blade. Trismegistus charged the opposing Persona head-on, slashing the death avatar with its wings, causing it to disappear as it had after the fight with Bastion. Pushing forward, it charged for Minako, who made the choice to summon her new Persona in an effort to block the attack. The resulting Persona took the form of a woman with a harp, who used said harp to block the charge of the winged humanoid, though not before taking a swipe that one-shot it as well.

On Linkle's side, the bombs she had thrown had taken Junpei by surprise, and even as he rolled forwards to avoid much of the blast, he was still caught in it marginally. The effects of the blast, however, would soon disappear, as a soft blue glow enveloped the teen's body, removing any sign of the former injury. He wasted no time in rushing her, longsword swinging like it was almost weightless, though his form was unlike anything she would have seen in Hyrule. "Heh. Thanks, Chidori." He muttered to himself, aiming a slash across her body.

Linkle saw it! She spotted it when the boy brought that guy up to his head to pull the trigger. There, that was the time when he was vulnerable.

Not that that did anything to help her right now. The monster shot off toward Minako, tearing apart the thing that had torn Bastion to pieces with ease and doing the same to the second creature Minako pulled out of her hat to defend herself. All this as Junpei charged in, swinging that sword of his with the strength of a full grown moblin.

Oh goddess's he was so much taller up close than she'd expected.

She couldn't run though. There wasn't a way to hurt the guys monster, so she had to make him call it off somehow. So in the face of his oncoming charge she held her ground and spun, bringing her leg up as it was set alight and planting her burning heel directly into the boys wrists to divert his swing to the side.

Linkle could feel something building up in her. That vibrant energy she got in every battle, as though the momentum of it was being converted into fuel for her to use. It was still small, but she could feel it there. "You'd better call your pet back fast, because there's no way you're beating me like that!" She said, continuing her rotation intending this time to bring her boot into his skull.

WIth his slash diverted, Junpei's force carried him low, however the added strength meant he was quick to recover. The flame on Linkle's boot that would do harm to pretty much anyone else did very little in this case, barely leaving a mark on him, though the force of the kick with his momentum still did the trick of diverting his blade. He was about to send it back at her in another wide-swept arc, but found a foot kicking him clean in the jaw, interrupting his swing. Yet, in spite of the force of said kick, Junpei didn't stumble, using the opportunity to catch her outstretched leg with an iron-like grip.
"Nah, I think I'm good."

With the strength of a titan, the teen pushed Linkle's leg up and back, trying to trip the significantly shorter girl to send her on her back. His Persona used agidyne on Minako, who couldn't escape the blast in time, sending her further from the battle. As his Persona started to de-summon, Minako summoned her own new Persona, Eurydice, to try and heal herself up.
With his Persona returned, Junpei attempted a quick summon on Linkle, giving her precious time to react. It only really gave her two-three seconds, but perhaps that would be enough to get a good hit in.

As Linkle was pushed backwards she jumped with her other leg, letting Junpei's amazing strength push her over entirely. She landed on her hands, bow points digging into the ground, before pushing herself backwards to land back on her feet. Behind hershe heard an explotion and grit her teeth. She would actually be having fun if this guy hadn't just gone and made a liar out of her.

She didn't have time to turn around and check her teammate as Junpei brought the Evoker back up to his head to summon that thing again. As he fired she spirited forward, sliding under the crystiline diamonds that marked where the Persona was coming into being while firing her bow in a sweeping motion in front of her.

As she came out of the slide she didn't let up on her attack. She thrust her bows forward one at a time, left, right, left, right, as though throwing punches, like she thought that that would multiply the force behind every arrow she was now firing right at him. As she fired she moved closed and closer with every thrust. If he broke, she needed to be close to captalize on it.

Finally, as though to put an exclamation mark on her assault, she thusrt both forward at once and launched another pair of bombs.

The assault was fluid in its motion, enough-so that it put pressure on the capped boy to not die. As soon as the first of her arrows weged itself into his hip he stumbled, and that was nothing to say of the second and third, which all had a noticeable impact. He winced, unable to quite take the pain of being shot that many times without feeling something, knowing full-well that if he failed to act his life could be forefeit. While no master ninja, Junpei knew his way around a bat and ball, and his added physical strength truly shined as he prepared a misdirection of his own. With a step to the side, groaning from the pain, he swung his sword with the flat edge running parallel to her arrows to thwart them. Though it didn't do much to those that were shot wide, bolts that came directly at him were passed on to the left or right of him, helping him avoid extra damage save for one stray arrow which left a mark in his shoulder. He couldn't help but growl in frustration, seeing the two bombs headed straight for him.

This time, Junpei let them.
Another gunshot as he tried to summon his Persona again. Though the bolts were quick, the forming crystals seemed like they deflected oncoming fire as a means of protecting the summoned spirit as well as the summoner, some kind of shield that deflected frontal attacks. The bombs bounced harmlessly off of the Persona, which took shape quickly, completely immune to the explosion which came after. "Brave Blade!" He ordered, his Persona rushing forward and draining the life from its' host, visibly weakening Junpei even as his body glowed that healing aura. Now Linkle had to face the charging wrath of his Persona, who aimed a much more precise slash than Thanatos, opting for a downwards cut followed by a heavy advancing slice from the side.

Meanwhile, further back in the battlefield, Minako had recovered herself enough to start getting closer once more, using Linkle's distraction to try and rush Junpei with Thanatos. While losing stamina over summoning him would hurt her in the long run, making sure he wasn't also going after Linkle was a priority. Her Evoker fired to reveal the embodiment of death once more, whose coffins flipped open to reveal that chilling wind which drifted around the enemy. Shivering, the young man started to freeze-over, his skin turning blue from the ice. "D-d-da-am-n...."

Linkle smiled as he brought out his Persona, even if her smash was denied to her again. She had no idea if he could see her through the monster but she stuck out her tongue anyway. "Told ya so!" She shouted at him even as the Persona charged in.

It brought its blade down in an overhead slice as Linkle jumped to the side, and ducked down as it continued its combo with a horizontal slice. "Told ya you'd need your monster to GAK!"

Whatever taunt was about to leave Linkles tongue was cut off by the sharp pain she felt flowing down from her head. At first she thought the monster had scalped her, and her hands flew up to the top of her skull to check. But what she found there wasn't a bloody hole, but two furry tubes she hadn't even known were there. As her fingers traced up the length of the protrutions she felt light fur becoming slick and matted, before they abruptly plateaued into wet littles marches. She pulled her hands down and saw they were spattered with fresh blood.

She didn't realize it, but she'd just gotten her new ears trimmed to half length.

Whatever injury she had wasn't important, though, because the monster was still right in front of her. More than that, though, she heard the crack of the Evoker again and the chill cracle of ice forming. Looking around the monster she could make out Minako, having moved in to attack while she had Junpei's monster districted. She beamed with pride at a job well done. There was no way he could take on Minako's monster without his, so the only thing she had to do now was try and keep this things attention. Pushing through the pain she dived to the side to try and get around it, holstered one of her bows, and pulled the Bwah Blaster from the hem of her shorts.

Maybe they ignored bolt, bullets, and bombs, but she had no idea whether they were immune to light blasts! The mouth of the gun flared to life as she lined up a shot at the Personas head and fired.

The mouth flashed as the bolt of light shot out and exploded directly on the monsters face. Unfortunately for Linkle it turned out to be just as immune to that as it was to everything that came before. Linkle marvaled for a moment, trying to figure out what these things were made of. She was about to try it again, but she somehow knew it'd be useless. Not because the monster wouldn't be hurt, she just knew that for some reason she had to wait between shots with this weapon.

Figuring it must be that helpful rabbit on her shoulder again, Linkle decided to cut her losses here and starting dashing back toward Junpei and Minako.

Without an option, Junpei's Persona turned on himself, fire appearing all around Junpei to shatter the ice around him. While he was unharmed from the fire, he did get knocked around a bit, sending him to the floor. Thankfully, this was just enough time for Thanatos to close the distance, drop-kicking the capped teen and sending him back towards the bridge. As soon as the hit connected, Minako closed in on Linkle, before bringing out her new Persona once more. It's gentle, beautiful melodies began to heal her wounds, though it probably wouldn't help Linkle grow her new rabbit ears back, at least not completely. Unlike Blazermate, this creature seemed to really tire out the user, with her partner panting visibly, struggling to keep up. "L-Linkle...! Y-you OK....?" She asked, careful not to get too distracted. Junpei was already getting back on his feet again, more annoyed than hurt, it seemed.

"I don't know." Linkle replied, befuddled even as the healing notes of the harp renewed her body and spirit. She wondered if the melody she'd heard about from the legends was anything like this. "What's on my head?"

She didn't get her answer before Junpei interrupted them.

"Y-you two really tick me off..." He muttered to himself, his Persona having faded between the two of them. Knowing he would have to get a bit more reckless, Junpei shot his Evoker again, only this time he wasn't going to give them a chance to react. They'd see just what he was capable of. "Sick 'em, Trismegistus! Brave Blade!" His orders were loud and clear, but his true intention was subtle: deal as much damage as possible with physical attacks, then pelt them from a distance while healing himself up. Not a bad plan for someone who usually couldn't formulate them, and this time it might just work. With speed far greater than anything Minako's Personae could ever hope to achieve right now, the winged angel of flame charged forwards, turning up wind as he flew by. His first target, Eurydice, neither had the endurance nor the means to defend against such a powerful physical attack. The first slice cut through her with ease, causing the Persona to shatter back into glass, and causing Minako to be suddenly overcome with some kind of painful tiredness.

Immediately following this, Trismegistus took aim at Linkle, the second biggest threat, and did similar slashing attacks to before, ony this time they just kept on coming. Though it started out in a pattern, quickly the creature's movements got erratic, growing more and more unpredictable by the second.

Linkle jumped back as the monster again demolished one of Minako's own and came straight at her with a flurry of powerful slashes. She was grateful, in a way, that the boy seemed to still have enough presence of mind to not kill his friend when he had the chance.

Because as Linkle jumped, ducked, and weaved about like a prizefighter she knew that Minako couldn't have lived through this. She knew how much each spell was taking out of her. She wanted to lead this thing away, but she knew that was pointless. He could just have it back in no time at all, and as long as she was having to avoid all this Junpei was free to do whatever he wanted to the exhausted and struggling Minako. In addition she was starting to feel the strain of dodging its blows merciless blows only a few seconds in, her normally inexhaustible supply of energy being pushed to the limit just to keep up with it. She felt the wounds start to appear, grazes and glancing blows she was just barely too slow to dodge. A cut along the thigh, a stab that scrabed her side, a few more inches of those knew ears lost. Every scratch, every blow, she could feel that old momentum building.

She had been watching it closely as it swung, looking for any point where it faultered or fumboed where she could strike back and had found none. As Minako's own monster had proven these things didn't even die when they were killed. Trismegistus had no weaknesses! The only thing she could see that beat these things, even momentarily, was raw power and as she felt that momentum peak from this struggle she knew could put out enough to at least stun it.

So she let loose.

She felt a surge of power fill her entire being as she crossed her weapons, firing both forward and backwards. The beam that came from the mouth of the blaster she was still using instead of her other crossbow burst harmlessly off the monsters chest, but she was already crossing her arms again and fired off in the other two directions, at nothing. Then she spun, firing like a maniac in a circle around her, and as she reached the end of her spin she felt that power burst out of her. A dome of fire and force sprung out with Linkle at its center. The fire crashed harmlessly off the monster, but the force was enough to push back the sword blow that it had been swinging at Linkle at the moment. It was momentarily pushed back, off balance, and that bought Linkle the second she needed.

As she stopped spinning her arm was extended and her blaster was raised. She looked down the barrel at Junpei, and looked past him to the most he had his back too. That drop kick had put him right where they needed him. Something was telling her what this blaster would do.

"Leader, your friend needs to cool off!" She urged, and fired the beam she intended would bounce him right into the water. She didn't get to see if it worked, though, before she heard the sound of the monsters blade cutting through the air. She turned, bringing the bow and blaster up to try and ward off the blow that hit her like a falling tree. She felt something break, and she hoped it was he arms for a moment because those would be less costly to repair in this weird world. Then she was lifted off the ground and sent flying through the air, rolling along the ground, and then slamming back first into something hard.

As soon as the blow collided with Linkle's frame, the monster disappeared, fading away from sight just as it had done before. However this time, she couldn't hear it or Junpei, the two of them having vanished from sight. In truth, her plan had worked almost flawlessly - the beam knocked right into him and sent the student flying backwards, straight into the moat, quite a ways away. He probably wasn't dead for now, that much Minako knew, but with the amount of distance now between them and how poorly he was at swimming, it granted the two more than enough time to catch up with the others.

It was no victory. They hadn't defeated nor converted him. But it was enough for now.

She lay blearily against some of the arch debris, eyes fluttering open as her crossbow and blaster clattered down on either side of her. She tried to pull herself up, felt something go CRICK, and decided that might be a bad idea. Still, her eyes searched for Minako and Junpei.

Minako hadn't been able to move for the past while, struggling to get back on her feet, using her weapon as a crutch. She carried a wayward glance over at Linkle, worry etched onto her face, but also a smile. Though not the best result, it would buy them time to patch themselves up and regroup with the others, at least to get into a working state. And so long as Junpei wasn't a spirit, Minako was pretty happy.
Her limp was evident, but unlike Linkle it wasn't particularly serious, especially with her naginata to support her. Her movements pained and precise, it took her longer than she would have liked to get close to her, but it was better than making Linkle walk to her.

"You... don't look s-so good..."
Stating the obvious, perhaps, but her concern was well placed. She knew just how much an attack like that hurt, especially when you were far weaker than you should be to take it. Several near-death experiences meant she had a good idea how much damage Linkle had taken. There was always the option of using her Soma, but she wanted to save that for the brink of defeat. Having only one meant she had to make it count, her countenance quivering as she put the Evoker to her temple once more. "I can... heal you a little more... But we really n-need to get to Blazermate..." She wasn't going to let Linkle protest, pulling the trigger, her eyes glazing over as though she had died for a moment, eyes a sick yellow. They returned to their natural red once Eurydice had appeared, regaining the life in them. The Persona strummed her harp, melodic and peaceful, and Linkle would begin to feel her wounds heal very quickly. It couldn't heal like Blazermate, but it may be just enough to get her standing.

It cost Minako another lot of stamina, eyes blurred as she fell to her knees again. It felt as though this would be a common occurence. What mattered most was that they could move. "D-did it... h-help...?" Her voice was fairly raspy and her throat was dry, like she hadn't had anything to drink in hours. She wasn't unconscious, but definitely didn't look to be in fighting condition.

"Yeah. Thanks, but you're right about Blazer." Linkle agreed, pulling herself up and looking around for Blazermate only to come to the startling realization that they were the only two out here. In fact, without the adrenaline pumping in her ears and a monster coming for her throat she could make out other sounds, the sounds of battle raging within the castle itself. "I think she's busy right now."

Their freinds had finished up and were right now engaged with that monstrous dragon Bowser. "Your friend is really something else, huh?" Linkle said, uncertainty tinging her voice form reason she didn't quite understand. This was bad. If they went in there as messed up as they were, Blazermate might heal them or they might get destroyed immediately. "If we go in there Junpei will follow us and who knows what'll happen to him in that melee."

Minako couldn't help but agree. Entering a battle they were unprepared for was like a death sentence. And letting Junpei get away meant they would have to face him again, surely with some form of support, but she didn't want to give him the chance to heal up. Even worse was if he teamed up with the big Bowser inside, making the fight infintely more stressful on those within. She had her Soma, yes, but for two people it was just rather pointless, especially when she knew it could fully recover four at least. It was best to have it as insurance for a later date, if the group ever got into a large battle they couldn't win without some kind of edge.
Edge... Junpei would be reaching the edge of the moat soon. Despite flying back so far, he didn't seem too unwell when he was hit by Linkle's Bwah Blaster. It definitely had some kind of effect, but it didn't look like it had killed him. The obvious knockback was a plus, though.

"Heh... He's pretty incredible, huh?" She sounded a lot less tired as she spoke of Junpei, though definitely looked like she had been through enough for one day. It couldn't contain her cheer, though. "I agree though, for our sakes, for the others, and for him... we can't let him get out of the moat."
She thought back to a previous escapade with water, between herself and the members of SEES, where Junpei had been splashing water at the girls and being a bit of a jackass, if she were honest. They gang all teamed up on him, forcing him to retreat deeper into the water, before using water blasters to keep him there.
Though a strange thought, it gave Minako an idea. A cruel, fun idea.

She took Linkle by the arm and began pulling, though without her full strength it was more of a tug. Approaching the moat, the two arrived just in time to see Junpei surface, apparently caught up in a scuffle with some monster of the deep. He was swiftly swimming to shore, using his full strength to get back there as quickly as possible. As he swam, Minako filled Linkle in on her plan. It wouldn't use up too much of her own energy to do, and with the Bwah Blaster, things would be a whole lot easier.

The plan was simple, easy to execute, and undeniably the lamest way Linkle had ever ended a fight. So, as Junpei reached the edge and pulled himself back out of the water with a triumphant cry Linkle half-heartedly aimed the blaster at him and pulled the trigger again.

Junpei was bounced unceremoniously back into what was now his watery prison as her and Minako seperated, each one taking a shore. If he tried to climb out, he got knocked back in. If he tried to pull his Evoker, Linkle blasted him. If he dived under the water Linkle stuck her head underwater and blasted him that way. If any of the waster creatures tried to hurt him, they got bombs, studded with arrows or, if Minako was feeling up to entombed in blocks of ice. His programming kept him from retreating, so he would just keep coming at either of them, and the light touch of the girls attacks combined with his natural healing kept him safe.

So long as the gang inside came out the way they entered to check on their allies, there wouldn't be any problems with such a plan.


-Begins turning into a ssj3-
In a dark room, elsewhere in the academy...

Eyes of stern blue are glued to a series of monitors, many focused on the gymnasium, showing off the quirk demonstrations of Jigokuraku's heroics class 1-A. Cross-referencing what was being shown with student reports from their previous schools, as well as footage of the entrance exam, Sakkaku Haruhi was in the midst of compiling a ranking based on the relative development of each student. Beside each student's name was an attachment regarding quirk-specific details, followed by potential training options, statistics based on previous scores during school athletics and academics, the whole nine yards. With untapped focus she committed to her voracious study, her temper and focus built on years and years of experience, contrary to outside appearances.

Being ageless had some benefit, after all.
Her fingers tapped away like one slamming their fingers against a piano, an un-orchestrated symphony of clicks and taps. She almost didn't hear the signal: a swift double tap against the carpeted floor, signalling a person's approach. With a soft hiss, the office chair she was using to work with lowered as much as it could go, and even then the Proctor almost didn't get her feet on the floor, slipping off of it with a hop. Inside the dimmed room was none other than Oracle Thought, the school's principal, who came in carrying a simple beige folder, thickened by sheets and sheets of paper. "Sakkaku-san, I come bearing gifts! Investors report, says they'll be here tomorrow to have a house tour! This is all the info you requested."

With an affirmative "Hmph.", Sakkaku quickly took the folder into her small hands, finding the contents to be heavier than expected. Being ageless also had some downsides, but thankfully her desk was nearby, making the trek a short one. She set the heavy folder on her desk chair, popping open the front seal with a click, and taking a peak inside.

Good. Nothing unexpected.
Clicking the folder shut again, her attention turned back to the Principal, who interrupted her just before she could ask what was on her mind. "I'm wondering if you've made any progress identifying potential students?"
"I-I'm... worried. Naturally. Do any of them look like they will... you know..."

Sakkaku gave the taller woman a look, furrowed brows on a gleaming forehead really highlighting her age for once, sprouting wrinkles. They faded as she softened up and sighed, trying to let the tense situation the two now found themselves in go, but it was hard to ignore. They both knew what was at stake.
Sitting herself down on the chair, using the folder as an uncomfortable cushion, Sakkaku climbed with the hiss of white collar engineering. Her fingers tapped mercilessly against the keyboard, showing the full cast of students, followed by percentage values, all of which were incredibly low. The highest was Mari's, being 5%.

The principal, who had leaned in to take a closer look, was disheartened.
"This... this isn't good at all. I can't let this happen. Those numbers are too low."
A few clicks and taps began combining numbers, grouping students together and giving them a greater total. Some now had 0%, but the top student, Mari, had her number increased by 22%!
"This looks better... What are the odds of Haruishi going even higher?"
The numbers then combined to give all other students a grand total of 0%. Haruishi Mari, on the other hand, stood at a solid 63%. Still nowhere near good enough, but it did mean in the worst case scenario, there was still a chance.

"I feel a little sick when I look at numbers like this. I'd hate to have your job, predicting when they'll all die."

A bead of sweat trailed from temple to chin, Miraime Tokisaki doing her best to stay composed after a statement like that. How could one even begin to know what to do in this situation? Visions of a world turned red, fires raging all over, children screaming, a city left in ruin. And all without a date to give them time to prepare, any sort of guidance to know when disaster would strike. There was a lot of reasons to keep the school open in spite of knowing what she knew, and some of those reasons would mean no matter what, the students would be fine. But if they happened to be caught off-guard, to get caught in such a terrible nightmare... Miraime shuddered at the thought.

"So...? What gives her the edge?"

"Her speed. The support users help her the most. If she can live with sacrificing her friends to save herself, or they're selfless enough to do so for her, then she shouldn't die. The percentage accounts for if she wants to stay behind, but really it depends on what they would say to her." Sakkaku's tone is monotonous as she replays the video of Mari's demonstration alongside the video of her matching the bus' speed in the exams. "Most of the others couldn't turn tail and run if needed, their pride or friendship could get in the way. But with the right push, it's highly likely Haruishi Mari would live. Of course, it leaves her with survivor's guilt, but this is strictly looking at things analytically."

There was a silence as Miraime let the Director's words sink in. There was no one better in Japan than Sakkaku Haruhi when it came to gauging potential, so she trusted her judgement, but seeing the low chances among the class was depressing. Of course accepting students based on something like potential survival and growth was wrong. So many students scored greater than those doing their demonstrations right now, it was a waste of good looks, good grades. But, if it meant that class would make it out alive, then maybe it would be worth it. Maybe they had what was needed to become greater than ever, even if they didn't look particularly great just yet.

She was banking on that being the case... If they couldn't become the best as soon as possible...
... then everyone in Jigokuraku's class 1-A would die.

The demonstrations had been a smooth, exciting process overall, and Goudo was happy with what he saw. Many of the students kept things simple, such as Kiko, Azukina and Yasu, focusing on demonstrating their quirks as quickly or as simply as they could. Of course, their quirks were pretty self-explanatory anyway, and their flashy displays more than made up for their length. Those who utilised their quirks with ingenuity, such as Souta, Akeno and Mari, proved that some quirks (and in Akeno's case, people) had levels of complexity to them that had to be accounted for, and all showed a rather refined understanding of what their quirk did, much to Goudo's pleasure. However, it was those that tried to team up who really caught his eye, from Haruka and Soga's aerial rescue to Shun and Shiki's hostage takedown, the level of cooperation among the students actually had him impressed. He didn't expect so many to work so well with one-another so soon, and the fact they seemed mostly pretty friendly (save one particular exception) put a shiny white smile on his face.

"OK, everyone, that's enough for now!" He let his voice project out across the gym, creating a slight echo. With the last of the demonstrations done, he tapped a bit at the console to close everything back to normal, returning the danger room back into a simple gym. With the class mostly together with him on the bleachers, he didn't have to go far to get their attention. "Excellent demonstrations, guys! You all did fantastic! Huge shoutout to everyone who decided to pair up for their demonstrations, we really want to see more of that. Even Seijin and Ryota, though please try and keep things a little less hostile next time?"

He gave the two boys a healthy smirk before having his attention stolen by a phone call. Seeing who it was, he answered and quickly listened on what was about to happen, hanging up with an "All right, awesome! See you outside."
His phone back in its rightful pocket, Goudo looked at the group with a face that let everyone know he was hiding something. "Well guys, it looks like we're headed outside for a bit. Best to do so now before you get lost trying to escape the dorms!"

Taking the lead like any good teacher would (though with a watchful eye over his shoulder so nobody would sneak off), Goudo lead the students out of the gym, following a pathway that lead up and out of the school - seamlessly blending nature into the artificial road.

"So you see, the school is really close to nature. Like, really close. All it takes is a quick wander off the beaten path and suddenly you're in the middle of the forest, so don't go off the paths, OK?" He wasn't speaking to anyone in particular, none of the students seemed especially troublesome in that regard. Maybe Kenji if he got distracted or something, but even then it wouldn't be hard to track him down with a gifted Koumori able to hear him a mile away. A gentle stream of water follows either side of the path, artificially formed by digging into the ground to form trenches, to prevent flooding during the wet season. Up the hill some more, and they could see the tops of Jigokuraku's main building, gym, and dorms, though smaller buildings that went unnamed had their place. The sleet and dew on the trees thankfully kept out of the way for much of the path, which seemed to curve around to the back of the school.

Though the climb was arduous, proving just how dumb an idea it was to build a school on a steep hill, the students eventually made their way to a large, open clearing surrounded on all sides by trees. Everything beyond the field just looked like more trees and hills, as evidenced by the fences surrounding the open space, though a few pathways delved deeper into the woods, marked by signs illegible from where they were. Goudo spun around with a cheery smile, that same weird look on his face that made one just know he knew something they didn't.

"Well guys, welcome to The Field! A big open space to do, err, stuff? It's the gateway to a bunch of the old shrines 'round back, so don't go taking any of the paths just yet. Or climb the fences. Feel free to wander a bit, just don't head off anywhere yet or stand too close to that circle over there! Things will be getting... windy, real soon."
𝓑𝓸𝓸𝓴𝓼 𝓞𝓷𝓵𝔂 𝓪 𝓝𝓮𝓻𝓭 𝓦𝓸𝓾𝓵𝓭 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮

Azukina and Soga geek out over hero philosophy for twenty minutes or so...

As the presentations continued, Soga placed his book down for a moment and stared at the people that would come after him with interest. After all, if these were to eventually help him take down his father, then he would need to know how their quirks would serve him in a fight against his father.

The one straight after him was a muscular girl, more so than him. Her quirk was quite simple, she could heat up her body to much higher temperatures than normal humans could and, from the look of things afterwards, she was a fairly skilled fighter as well. However, against his father, neither her quirk or her combat skills would be of much use as not only was he was highly resistant to both of these, he was also much, much stronger than the girl.

The following students were a boy and a tiny girl with fairly large ears. Soga showed some interest in these two students, he did not remember seeing either of them during the entrance exams and yet they had somehow passed and were now presenting their quirks. He was curious as to what either of them were capable. The first of them to go was the boy, who introduced himself as Takeda Suzaku, his quirk being called Black Wings. Shortly afterwards, a large pair of smoky black wings erupted from his back. Soga could not help but smile, a flyer, even one without any other powers would be of great use to him.

However his smile diminished as he continued informing everyone of his quirk. The wings were not that useful at the moment, though it did help him with mobility a great deal, they were unable to help him fly at all. Soga surmised that as he was now, Suzaku would only serve well as a scout of sorts, capable of getting in and out of a situation fairly quickly, but otherwise than that, not a lot he could actually achieve against his father as he was now.

The girl however, would prove even more interesting than the previous demonstration as he started hearing the large-eared girl introduce herself and her quirk. It was quite simply called Bat and it was what Soga would expect of a quirk with that name, the girl had basically all of the physical traits of a bat, echolocation and all. After her introduction, Koumori tied a All Might blindfold over her eyes, a fact which got a light chuckle out the draconic student.

The demonstration, as Soga would see, would be a flawless one, the tiny bat girl would navigate a maze of obstacles without any trouble at all. Even Soga had to admit that not even he might have been able to navigate the maze in such a completely flawless way. She would be an incredibly useful scout and incredibly useful at locating any foes trying to sneak up on them, yes, she would be part of his group, not now, but soon enough, if he could help it at all.

As they both passed he and Azukina by, he nodded towards the girl. "Good job, Yakkaimori-san, that was very impressive!" He congratulated the girl. "You will truly become a great hero, I can guarantee it!" He said with a smile that would seem genuine to almost anyone, save the most insightful of people.

After the brief conversation, he turned back forwards to attend to the following pair of students, however, in his mind ran the demonstration of the girl right him and her bold proclamation of how she would be the next Symbol of Peace. Which in itself meant that she had distinct knowledge of the previous holder of that title and his personal mantra. He smiled, the girl Yomodachi was incredibly powerful and probable the only person currently to have a decent chance at defeating his father. He picked up his book back up and began reading once more, though perhaps making it a bit more obvious to Yomodachi and see what reaction she would have to him reading this particular book. It would certainly serve as a good conversation starter, a much better conversation starter than whatever he could think of anyway.

If there was no reaction, if Azukina would not start a conversation, then he would continue reading the book either way as it did offer quite a lot of insight into the philosphies of various heroes, what it meant to be a hero and about the philosophy of what made the greatest hero, All Might into who he was and how his qualities had made him into the Symbol of Peace.

Azukina, on the other hand, had only a brief amount of time to herself before the quirk demonstrations started again, proceeding her being a boy who paid her an admittedly rather nice compliment. His quirk, rotation, was perhaps one of the most interesting quirks she had ever seen. To be able to rotate just about anything through touch, in a variety of different ways, sounded like a complete nightmare to deal with. While he had obvious application in a variety of ways, the real charm of such a quirk came by thinking things through intelligently. Keeping things unexpected with a quirk like that would surely be its greatest asset - the versatility of it was honestly impressive.
Speaking of versatility, Yasu and her quirk demonstration came shortly thereafter, simple but easy to understand. While not a huge fan of her attitude, Azuki could appreciate the girl's understanding of her own quirk and the usefulness recognized within. In fact it was a quallity she felt herself lacking in, so to see someone with a great handle on their quirk step up and show their stuff helped fill the ice-user with confidence. If nothing else, Yasu seemed fairly dependable... when needed.

The rescue operation between Haruka and Soga was a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one in its complexity. The pair demonstrated not only a skill in quick-thinking, coming up with their scenario, but also aptitude in their quirk demonstration. Soga was a gifted flier, probably a result of practice his entire life, who, despite the wingspan, was quite agile in the air. On the other hand, Haruka's vines made her possibly one of the greatest counters to her own quirk, if they were forced to face off. Being able to pin a person, or even manipulate and misdirect their attacks, gave her ways to keep away from her wind. That said, if Azukina managed to get her wind on either of them for an extended period of time, both students appeared pretty susceptible, based on the information she kenw.

"Congratulations on the demonstration." It was the first time she had congratulated anyone who had come sit on the bleachers, even though it wasn't necessarily their quirks she was congratulating. "I didn't expect a rescue scenario so early. You must be quick-thinking."
Admittedly, body and mind were out of sync more than Azuki would have liked. She hadn't much time to strengthen her mind as she did her body, so when it came to things the girl didn't understand, she could be... dumb. But! Perhaps she had found a way of learning - her silver lining?

Before any further conversation could be done, Checkers' attention returned to the demonstations, keeping in line with her attentiveness. Following the pairing was Kudo Akeno, who clearly conveyed strength much greater than her own. Admittedly, while her legs were strong, Azukina's arms were lacking in a few too many ways. This, combined with her quirk, quickly placed Akeno at No.1 of Yomodachi's Mental Personal Threat List, a massive hard-counter that was almost unbeatable.
Following that was Suzaku and Koumori. Admittedly, their less-flashy demonstrations didn't quite capture her attention so much, because she liked things looking cool. However, Koumori's echolocation gained her full attention, Azukina watching in disbelief. Suzaku's quirk looked cooler, but Koumori's was certainly the more powerful as it stood, showcasing perhaps the best use of quirk mastery of her peers. Growing up with your quirk was a largely understated pro of being a mutant, made all the more prominent in today's society.

As Soga spoke it got the teen's attention. She would congratulate them herself, however she had already done so with another pair, and it felt unnecessary with the dragon's welcoming smile. About to return to the demonstrations, her eyes made out the cover of the book he was reading, and her eyes instantly lit up. Unfortunately she didn't have it on her person as she had left the book in her bag, but to see someone else reading the exact same book she was definitely made her more than curious. She had to strike up a conversation.
"That book..." She began, unable to quite think of a suitable conversation starter. After a pause only barely uncomfortable in length, she added: "I am surprised. I'm reading that exact same book in my free time."
There was another pause, much more brief this time around, before she extended her non-frozen hand in the dragon's direction. "Azukina Yomodachi. Yutsuko, right? Congratulations on making it."

"Haha, well, to be fair, I do prefer mental activities more than physical ones, but still, thank you very much for your compliment." He said smiling to the Black and White girl, not that sure himself as to what he would say next now. While he was used to talking to people when he needed to, compliments were something uncommon to him, especially coming from someone as talented as Yomodachi had proven to be. He wanted to continue the conversation, however, for once in his life he did not know what to say to someone and all he could do for a bit was simply stay in a slightly awkward silence until he would think of something to say.

Thankfully, it wasn't he who had to start the conversation once more, Azukina had thankfully seen the book and she had shown the interest he thought she should, the fact that she was not that good a conversationalist herself made him feel slightly better about the lack of an interesting speaking topic earlier.
"Yes, my name is Yutsuko Soga, glad to meet you, ummm." He was not sure what name she would prefer to be called, while it would be normal to call her by her family name, Soga had recently learned not to treat that as absolute. "Do you prefer Azukina, or Yomodachi?" He asked, needing to make sure not to accidentally insult her.

"As for the book, yes, well, I thought it would be only natural for somone who wants to be a hero to read a book that would teach one how to actually be the best hero they could be." He said smiling, not only because his suspicion had proven to be correct once more, but also because the girl actually seemed interested in the topic at hand. "How far have you gotten into the book right, I do not wish to spoil it for you, or you for me if you are ahead."

"Azukina - I much prefer to Yomodachi. Please, don't feel awkward in saying so, Azukina-san is formal for me. It is good to make your acquiantance, Yutsuko."
With the two of them both slightly awkward book nerds, it made talking about books feel a little... odd. At least for Azukina, she hadn't met anyone with the same taste of reading material as she did. Her philosophy could get quite heavy and for most boring, so it didn't bring in a lot of casual hero fans. Though it targeted a niche audience, it was still known well enough to get some traction in universities across the world, sharing a steady growth rate. "Unfortunately there are many who don't share your point of view on philosophy. I understand it isn't something for everyone, however. It makes me happy enough knowing someone here also enjoys it."

She took a glance at the page number he was on, then gave a confident "Mmmh," as though coming to some kind of realization. "You're behind me a fair ways. Do not worry, I will not spoil anything you do not want to be spoiled, but I will say it starts to pick up from here."

Soga's eyes widened, how would it pick up, it had already stated many of it's most major points asked the most important questions and in part answered them with the writer's own opinions, what else could it have in store. He smiled, and for once it was genuine, he had finally met someone with whom he could discuss such topics with someone who was actually interested in them.

"Well, if it would be ok with you, then maybe we would be able to discuss some of the topics that have been discussed until now?" He asked, placing a bookmark where he had reached with the book and turned towards her. "If you wish, we could make it a sort of mini-quiz, to test one another's knowledge of the book at hand, or offer our own opinions, if you feel more comfortable with that." He said with a grin on his face. "Also, how about we make this more interesting, though this part is more optional, I wish to collect info on all of my fellow students, how to help them improve both themselves and their quirks. So, we begin asking and answering questions, whenever somebody answers wrongly, or simply admits that they do not know the answer, then, they must answer a question truthfully, how does it sound?"

She had to admit, a quiz sounded like a pretty fun idea. Azuki was confident she wouldn't spoil anything for him, seeing as he wouldn't know unless she specifically told him. However, the usual pains of trying to talk to boys beyond formality reared its stupid head, causing Azukina to become momentarily flustered. What were his intentions? Was he trying to ask her out? Would he end up being a nasty piece of work behind that smile?

Soga almost instantly noticed her change of expression and raised his hands up in defense, to show that he had nothing to hide. "Of course if you do not want to make it more interesting, we could simply ask questions just for the sake of asking them, either way, it will be all the same for me." He said, not wholly sure why he had said these words in the first place, finding out info was his prime objective now, he could not afford to get emotional again and delay the search for information like he had done in the past, he had come to regret it then and he would regret it now.

Checkers shook her head. Nevermind, he was just a dolt. "It is not that, you see, I was just... no, it isn't important." She shuffled in her seat awkwardly. Damn, this was harder than it looked. Just trying to maintain some form of eye contact was hard enough, asking questions was another matter, and despite dismissing it, she still felt as though she was being hit on. Nevertheless, Azukina tried to think of a question as the next student took up the challenge of demonstrations; or rather, students? Another pairing, this time being between a stocky guy and...
Oh. Him.
Instead of focusing on the demonstrations, the monochrome girl decided it was best to give Soga some of her attention. It was difficult, but every so-often she would find something to look at - the book, her nails, the gym, her skirt. It kept the nerves away, at least a bit.
"Alright then, I agree to your terms on the condition personal questions for both parties have the option to 'pass', provided they are too, err, personal."

Her first question was a simple one. It wasn't as though he wouldn't know it - it was highlighted towards the beginning of the book. "My first question for you, Yutsuko, is to define the three primary qualities of a Symbol of Peace." She would be shocked if he couldn't get that one, but he gave off the impression of a scholar despite being a large, obsidian dragon, so it would be no surprise to her if he could recall it off the top of his head.

Soga simply smiled upon the question being asked. "That was the same question, I wished to ask, but nevermind." He said shaking his head for a moment. This was really one of the easiest questions in the book, or one of the easiest questions for any aspiring Symbol of Peace, really, he would have been ashamed had he not known the answer.

"Firstly, a Symbol of Peace must be popular, not necesarily the Number One, but still. Second, they need to demonstrate a strong moral compass, to embody the very essence of what it means to be a hero. Third, and though I have my issues with this one, they need to be able to be anywhere at a moment's notice, to show that they are always watching, that they are able to stop crime wherever it might pop up." He answered, smiling pridefully, having proven his knowledge.

"Anyways, my turn now." Soga said, having already lost track of the remaining students, though he did offer very brief glances to see what was happening. "Though the book does not focus on the topic very much, I wish to ask you a similar question, can an antithesis to the Symbol of Peace exist and if so has there ever been one?" Soga grinned as he asked the question. This part was barely even touched in the book, at least to the point he had reached, so unless it returned to the topic once more later on, this question would truly test the knowledge of the girl before him, though as he asked that question, he could not help himself but be distracted by a girl with fiery hair showing her quirk and its... aftereffects, so to say.

He wasn't alone in his fascination of the girl with the flaming hair quirk. Another person with a quirk which could overwhelm her, given the properties it exhibited. Her skill at using such intense fire really intimidated the teenager - it brought back some memories she would rather leave alone. However, thoughts of how the girl's quirk could counter her own prevailed over silly memories best left alone, for a fire such as that could be dangerous. That said, it could also be an asset, capable of removing the frost on her arm at a moment's notice. If they worked together, provided her flames couldn't go out, the two of them would be a menacing threat.
She almost forgot Soga's question, given how intersting flames-for-hair's demo was. She pondered the question a little, however as far as she knew, the book hadn't covered such a concept outside of speculation.

"The antithesis to the Symbol of Peace, a Symbol of Terror, can exist in theory, however we've yet to see what one would look like. The closest thing could be the person who fought All-Might, however nobody really knew anything about him, so we can assume he was more of a lone-wolf. Minor spoilers, but the book talks about it in later chapters, arguing such a person could exist, but would require anarchy in the place of peace."

Now it was her turn. The next group of students took to the demonstrations, three this time, simulating a hero vs villains scenario with a hostage in the mix. Checkers couldn't help but envy their creativity. "It is said that heroes are the modern embodiment of kings, exercising the full spectrum of the human condition and taking it to a new degree, exemplifying the personification of humanity's biggest emotions, ideals, and experiments. My question to you, err, Y-Yutsuko, is if heroes truly embody this philosophy of extremity, what does their counterpart, the villains, embody?"
Now this was a tough question. She couldn't help but stutter a little from excitement, but remained mostly composed, just a little fidgety. If he had read this far in, or considered this line of thinking himself at some point, then she felt the two may have come to the same conclusion. "Put simply, if heroes are kings, then what are villains by comparison?"

A very difficult question indeed. Soga's eyes narrowed at the question, as he swore he could briefly hear his father's voice when he was a child. "From their point of view, they are freedom fighters, fighting for the freedom to do as they will, whilst taking the freedom of others, but in our eyes, in the eyes of the ones who are their targets, they are but usurpers to the rightful throne of heroes." He answered, a little more poetically than he had wished it and with perhaps a bit more venom than he had wished, considering that he unfortunately had some personal experience with this, but still, he hoped that he had gotten the answer across properly.

By this point, Soga had become completely engrossed in the subject at hand, completely ignoring everything else that was happening around them. "For my second question..." He looked around in his mind for a question that would fit her now, but could not think of one.

"Let us go to the beginning, then, shall we?" Soga asked, a question finally having come to him. "Was the first quirk we know of, truly the first, or have quirks existed alongside us from the moment of our inception as a race? Were the mythical people of the past just that, or were they proof that quirks have existed since ancient times?"

She thought about his query for a moment. Considering he asked, she assumed he was further ahead than she thought, meaning he probably had some idea of the answer. Given this, Azuki did her best to explain without going overboard on the details, as it was a big topic later on in the text.
"Well... I don't want to mention anything you don't already know, but quirks have been a part of humanity long before our time. Its been said that the dawn of ancient civilization marked the beginnings of quirks, although they may have been in use before that time. The first recognised quirk, Luminescence, marked the beginning of mass quirk expression, so in a way it's the first quirk we definitely know of, but remains of potential quirk-users have proven the existence of quirks before then. The question then becomes one of how deep something like this goes? Are the likes of bigfoot and apparent psychics included? Religious figureheads and founders? Magic used to sound like a far-fetched concept, yet knowing quirks may have existed before us, it isn't uncommon to assume mages were merely precursors to our modern-day heroes. But if that's the case, does that mean acts of divi-"

She cut herself off with a gasp and shook her head. No spoilers!
"S-sorry, almost went overboard there." Her face lit up a tinge of pink as she thought about her question. The three boys were still doing their demonstration - it was a long one. "This will be more of a personal question of mine, but it's based on the text, mostly. While simple, I'd like for you to define the differences between a Symbol of Peace and a Number 1. Hero."
The amount of people that got this question wrong was astounding. This question would truly test if Soga was as astute as he seemed or not.

Soga grinned from ear to ear as Azukina answered his question, not only because it was right, but because of the fact that he had finally found someone to discuss such topics freely at last. However, when she placed her own question, he once more furrowed his brows as he thought of the answer. But, was there a difference? For a very long time, both those titles had been held by one person, All Might and as such, for most people, there was no distinction between one or the other and shamefully enough, this was the case for Soga as well.

He shook his head, there was no reason to prolong this situation by pretending to think about the answer to the question when he did not know it. So, with a defeated smile, Soga acknowledged his defeat. "I do not know." He shook his head. "Congratulations, Azukina-san, you are the victor here, you may either ask me one question of your choice and I shall answer it truthfully." He said with a bow of his head, acknowledging the checkered girl as the victory.

The mini fist pump of victory was her form of acknowledgement in victory. Soga had played well, but he probably preferred other aspects of study, as opposed to boring hero stuff, Completely forgetting to tell him the answer to her own question, Azukina pondered the ideal question. She couldn't ask anything too personal of him, else she would end up risking upsetting him. Everyone had their secrets, and it wasn't her place to pry,
So she decided to test her luck, having thought about it long enough without giving any true idea much thought. Besides, it would help determine what kind of person he was.

"Have you ever had a girlfriend, Yutsuko?"

Honestly she felt bad asking a question without giving him the opportunity to ask his own, especially with a question like that. Even if he didn't seem the type it could still stir up memories, so she awkwardly added: "J-just so you know y-you can pass, or, uh, yeah... B-but if you do ask, please ask me a question, mine was too improper! I-I... deeply apologise."

Soga, without even realizing so, began to growl slightly upon the question being asked, it picked at a wound that had yet to even close. His tail started to slowly move around as he remembered the betrayal, his claws diging deep into his scales for a few moments as he thought of what punishment would be fitting for those who had him backstabbed so. However, he calmed himself down as he reminded himself that he had been the one to come up with the terms, it would be unbecoming of him if he refused to answer the question.

"No, it is quite ok, I agreed to answer any question, no matter how personal it may have proven to be." He said, raising his hand to stop her apology. "As for the answer itself, well, almost, I suppose, I did sort of have a girlfriend, I mean up until our separation, we had been a couple in name only when she... how do I put this." He said, as he calmed the rage that was welling up inside of him. "Well, I dislike being so blunt, but caught her making out with one of my other friends, so that should tell you quite well why are not together, and to make it worse..." His expression turned into a slightly pained one as he continued. "It happened to days ago."

With that, he took a deep breath to completely calm himself down. He thought for his question for only a second, as she had already asked it for him. "As for my own question, well, you could perhaps answer your own question?" He asked her, though he fully knew that the topic might be a bit hard for her as well. "Though of course, if you feel like the matter is too uncomfortable for you, you need not go into detail, you can answer with a yes or a no if you wish."

Well now she felt horrible for asking, her insecurities proving true as Yutsuko revealed a raw wound to his heart inflicted a mere two days ago. It had the girl recoiling; this was a dumb idea. A terrible idea. Why ask such a stupid question? Even if it was for fun, her mind could have thought of literally anything else, but instead it went to the one thing she knew she shouldn't have asked about. Visibly upset about the whole event, Checkers turned her gaze towards the quirk demonstrations, now in the middle of a hostage rescue mission similar to the last. Interesting, to say the least, but it was hard to focus on it right now.

But his asking about her own relationship status helped brighten the mood a little, turning the darker mood to a dim glow. Unfortunately her answer was pretty straightforward in comparison. "I have been asked out, however I refuse to go out with people. I did so once and it was a horrible experience resulting in me almost freezing a pervert's, umm, p-par- pants off. Pants." She nodded as though to reassure herself, but now she just felt more awkward. Perhaps it would be best to give it a rest for now.
"Th-thank you for your time, Yutsuko, but I believe demonstrations are almost over... In which case I suppose we should p-pick this up another time?"

His rage quelled as she talked about her own, much more amusing story about a past date. He even got a chuckle out of his when he heard that she had frozen somebody's pants off for being a pervert. "Of course, of course, we should pick it up at a later date, I have so many things I wish to talk to you about." He said smiling towards her. Overall, while a certain part of this conversation did leave a sore spot for Soga, it did allow him to probably find one of the few people that shared his interests in heroes and their philosophies. Who knew, maybe the two would actually become friends in the future, though if only for Soga's necessity for a strong ally to fight his father, or a true friend was yet to be seen.

Dang, I was a month too late! This scenario was like the perfect one I was looking for too. Ah well, looking forward to reading how the story unfolds!

Oh? Would you happen to have a character idea in mind, then? c:

The Exam Proctor stood after the end of the assembly without a word, dusting her simple violet dress down. The teachers seemed almost as excitable as the students, though then again, she had already caught onto that. After all, she was the one who went through the process of selecting them. They were the ones who decided on the students.
"Unfortunately I will be busy for the remainder of the day, otherwise I would come and see what the students can do first hand. Then again, I've already seen plenty of what they can do."

Perhaps it was a bit harsh to be judging them already, but as they were, Jigokuraku's 1-A would be the punching bag of the Four Pillars. Going by what she had told the two groups of examinees at the beginning of their entrance exams, and purely by that method of measurement, very few students of the hero course would even be here. It was a shame, really, seeing as so many applied to other, greater schools. Was it due to the test being too hard? Or perhaps they were lacking in some way? Whatever it was, it was Sukkaku's job to figure it out, eliminate it, and turn these students into future heroes. How she would go about that was a different question entirely.

Sukkaku was about to leave when one of the students approached the teachers, probing questions that he probably shouldn't be asking. It not only stopped her in her tracks but made the Director turn to face him, taking in his appearance with a watchful eye. "You know," she began after Itagaki had finished, "I believe I have seen a certain 'Black Dragon' around Jigokuraku. He's right there."
She pointed right at him, eyes alight with suspicion.
"I truly hope said black dragon doesn't end up becoming a villain after hearing a mere rumour. As Itagaki-sensei said: focus on your studies for now, Yutsuko-san."

The Proctor left it at that, disappearing backstage, off to find herself a phone.

Meanwhile, Fujino was subject to Itagaki's bragging, much to her vexation. So what if they liked his jokes? He was still going to be loud and annoying, and the students would dislike him as a result. If she acted the part of a professional and didn't act like a complete idiot, then maybe her students would actually like her. Fujino knew just the kind of teacher she was going to be, and she was going to make it very hard for her students to not be enthused by her presence!

Following everyone to the gym, Fujino added onto Tanifuji's complaints. "If you want to make good puns, start dividing some strategies, you'll find your skill multiplies by the number."
One should never underestimate the puns of someone who did a degree in English teaching.
Unfortunately she couldn't stay, as she would be the one to look after the support class for now. Though she had very limited knowledge on engineering and all that stuff, she at least understood working with big technology, and that was better than any of the other teachers. With a quick wave and a simple goodbye, she turned back to lead the support class elsewhere...

Quirk: Black-And-White

The assembly was certainly a whirlwind of surprises, from the teachers to the Four Pillars announcement. She noted all the different teachers, having seen them after the exam ended abruptly, and took particular note of Itagaki. She felt guilty for saying what she did back at the exams, even if it was in the heat of the moment. It was entirely unprofessional for a future hero, and had been on her mind since. Following that, the school uniform announcement filled Azuki with a sense of pride, knowing she was the only person currently wearing it. She opted for the red design over the white, favouring the bold colouration. But the real announcement was yet to come. Azukina hadn't been exposed to Oracle Thought, admittedly, but the woman seemed nice and much less formal than her previous principal, something the girl greatly appreciated. But when it was revealed that they were to be part of the Four Pillars, her excitement wasn't just visible, but could be felt in the air itself! Just as she had in the entrance exam, her emotions lead her left arm to accidentally creating a minor wind, probably making more than a few students uncomfortable. Not that she was aware...

With the assembly over, her first order of business was to apologise to Itagaki, however that was... unlikely to happen. He seemed plenty busy speaking with two other students whom she had seen outside but didn't know, and could only assume they were part of the other examination group. It wasn't urgent, but she at least wanted the opportunity to speak with her teacher privately. Perhaps later in the day.
With that option shot, her attention turned towards the other students to follow, who were being directed towards the gym. The size of said gym was absolutely enormous! It was actually rather impressive, and as she listened to Goudo's explanation, it made her looked forward to PE and Heroics in there. Considering she felt more comfortable physically than mentally, knowing this place could simulate environments was a very good thing.

At the offer to go first, Azukina was about to step up, however was beaten to the punch by an eccentric girl of tan skin. One that didn't have thighs the size of her head, at that! The thought made her quickly realise her place, and those nearby would note her anxiously looking around at the crowd of students. For awhile now, Checkers had been holding out for Umeru Kuki to make an appearance, but it looked as though she didn't make it. The lack of assurance that the only person who had come to terms with her as a person, in spite of how their thoughts may have differed, was pretty heartbreaking. The only person present she had really spoken to on at least even footing was Hiroki, who had already accrued plenty of attention himself. If she wanted to find a friend that felt comfortable enough to call her an equal, she would have to go out of her way to prove herself.
And that's exactly what she was about to do.
As soon as Kiko began to walk away, Yomodachi stepped up to fill her place, offering a brief "Nice quirk," on her way through. There were a few careful moments of deliberation before she looked up at Goudo - her demonstration would be simple, really.

"Goudo-sensei, could you create a bunch of dummies by the opposite wall over there? And maybe put up a backboard if possible so I don't damage the gym."
Thankfully her request was easy enough to accommodate, with a large quantity of dummies on the opposite end of the gym from her. Standing straight, Cookies-n'-Cream got into position, side-on to the dummies, as opposed to directly facing them. "My name is Azukina Yomodachi, and I aim to be the future Symbol of Peace! My quirk, Flash Freeze, was inherited from my father, Frostbite! While I don't believe I have what it takes to be a great hero yet, I will show you all just what I can do today!"

Anyone savvy with heroes from the Symbol of Peace Era would know Frostbite, a consistent top 10 hero, even with All-Might around. He was an absolute menace towards the big villains of the time, freezing everything his cold wind touched, and dealt with rampant fires with ease. However, after a string of lawsuits following the new regulations upon heroes, he was one of the first to experience the boot. His quirk caused a lot of damage, which was problematic for the new image of heroism arising post-Peace era. He has disappeared from the public eye ever since.

Without further notice, an intensely bright, white light shone from Azukina's palm, and from that emitted a blizzard of ice and snow. The effects were immediate, blurring the dummies behind the cold wind, making it hard to see anything. As the wind hit the back wall and began to circle back around, the temperature would drop considerably. She kept up her wind for a little over thirty seconds before finally putting her arm to rest, flicking off the ice and frost that had accumulated up her forearm. A dense mist of sorts hid the dummies from view for a few seconds more, yet as it slowly cleared, it wasn't hard to see what her quirk could do.
With a smile on her face, she returned her attention to the class, raising her arm to make a small fist pump. "As you can see, I can generate a wind which freezes even the moisture in the air, provided enough continuous exposure is applied. It works in a cone-like shape, as you can see here."

Azukina points to the ground, which showcases directly just how her quirk is emitted. Closest to her there is barely any frost, coming to a point two meters in front of her, yet down by the dummies, the entire floor is covered in ice! As are the dummies themselves! "I'm not immune to my own quirk, and suffer greatly against those who can get in close and avoid my quirk. That said, I won't make it easy for anyone who wishes to get that close, either!" Checkers points to the frost on her left arm, which had crept up a quarter of her forearm from those thirty seconds alone. Despite the cold, the monochrome girl is completely unfazed, and instead offers a sincere and respectful bow. "I apologise for the cold. It won't be the last time it happens, however I hope we can get along as students."

With her turn up, the 50-50 quirk user decided to join Kiko in taking a seat, taking the time to lose herself in thought before the next student stepped up...


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