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Well hello, what are you doing here, my friend?

Well, if you're still here and you wish to know more about me, then:

I'm a 22 fella who's currently in college and is trying to RP while attending college at the same time. I've been into roleplaying since about the mid 2013's, though I was really bad at it during the first year or so. I "migrated" to RPGuild around 4 years ago since the previous site had banned roleplaying due to a large influx of newbie roleplayers polluting the site with shitty RP's. Either way, since then I've been on this site quite regularly, except during a few occasions when real life took precedence and I had to vanish for a month or two.

As for writing capabilities, I'd like to think myself right now that I'm somewhere in-between casual and advanced levels of writing, though if I'm really into an RP, I'll tend to force myself to write something advanced. As for writing in general, you don't have to worry about that, I really love writing and I do it all the time even when I'm not roleplaying, though there are "dry" periods when my creativity seems to vanish for no discernible reason. General interests include most types of fantasy writing as long as it's properly written, though it has happened in the past for me to be interested in something when I thought I would like it, so if you have an idea and you want to roleplay, then pitch it to me and I'll tell you if I like it or not. As for smut, well, I'm not actively looking for one, but if you think you have an interesting idea, then feel free to pitch it to me.

Well, that's about it, if you want to know more personal stuff about me, or simply wish to have someone to talk to about any topic you so desire, then feel free to PM me.

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Hey there, Shwig, to be honest I'd be interested in either the Marauders idea, or Lonely at the Top if you're partial for romance right now. For the first one I might use one of the characters that I briefly played in one of your previous Skies of Elysia RP's if that's alright with you. For the second idea, well, I don't have an exact character, but I do have a few general ideas about certain characters that I might be able to use, though we're gonna have to discuss the details of it a bit.

Anyway, PM me if any of them sound like a good idea.

Edit: Though, Grab your Gun Space Cowboy could work with the former character I mentioned quite well as well, so there's a third potential idea.

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Haruka Fujimori

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The lack of response didn't deter Haruka in any way from taking a seat close to the heterochromic girl, her gaze lingering on their figure for a small while as she made sure to have an empty chair between them to avoid discomforting them. This was the first day, so she had to give her best impression if she sought to be a role model to her fellow students. After a couple of seconds of silence but before she could attempt to draw some idle chatter from the girl, the distant click brought her attention to the stage the light was pointing towards. It'd seem like she'd have to introduce herself to the girl later.

The mention of the school bus and the dorms made Haruka think a bit about phoning her father later to bring her some stuff she had left at home. One of those would definitely not be Guodo's poster: she had an image to maintain after all and, whilst she'd gush out the bare minimum about her handsome professor should the topic arise with other girls, Haruka would do her utmost best to avoid letting him affect her school performance in anyway. As such, she snapped her attention away from him and back to the speech, just in time to hear Fujino-sensei end her part of the speech.

The dramatic entrance of Itagaki-sensei made her jump a bit, but his energetic introduction brought her a smile to her face. It'd be good to have a professor as lively as him. Sakkaku-sensei's speech was rather stark in comparison, and left her wondering how she should approach her in the future. Then Guodo-sensei came and he spoke of him teaching history, whilst also being homeroom teach. What a blessing that was, but that was relatively small to the news he was about to give: Tomorrow there will be class representative elections. Haruka couldn't contain her smile; this situation was just perfect for her. If she put on a good show today for her classmates, she'd show how reliable was and get in the position best fit for her. No one was as best qualified to be a leader such as herself, or at least that's what she thought.

Tanifuji-senpai, as it seemed that she wanted to be called, made sure to leave a lasting impression on her eardrums. Overtly friendly and cheerful, Haruka figured she'd have a bit more of issues keeping up with her than with the others. Guodo-sensei was cheerful but he hadn't as much energy as she did, so if the plant-woman wanted to be a model student and gain the teacher's approval she'd have to try and make the effort. Fujino-sensei followed, someone who Haruka felt she'd be more comfortable with if she was to be honest. Professional and to the point, the young girl felt that she'd end up getting along well with her.

With what Fujino-sensei said after the introductions gave Haruka an excuse to go speak with her; the mention of the uniforms having already been delivered led to the plantwoman gazing down to her body. It was spring, after all, so it'd be better to be safe than sure. Mom always said that she was a bit of a drain in clothes during that period of time. However, her musings were brought to an abrupt halt with the entrance of their principal: Tokisaki Miraime. She was vaguely aware of the name, having heard her family mention her every now and then in passing comments. However, what caught her attention were those words: Jigokuraku's Hero Class 1-A would be recognized members of the Four Pillars Project.

The smile that Haruka sported at that was prideful and confident, whilst also holding some contempt towards something. She'd make it. Despite not having passed that one exam, she'd make it to the top like those people who dared reject her. She'd show them precisely what they were missing. Perfect.

The rest of the news weren't as important as that reveal for Haruka; her classmates would remember those for her and refresh her memory once the time comes. However, the future was then and she was living the present: there were steps that needed to be taken if she was to become an important figure. With that, she waved to Umi as she stood up and skipped her way to the teachers, stopping just right before Itagaki-sensei spoke some words to a draconic kid. Before she could exchange words with any of them, however, Guodo-sensei told everyone to follow them to the gym and he began the explanations. The situation led her to be walking right next to the draconic student, although anyone by them would recognize her as the source of the floral scent slowly spreading amidst the group.

Haruka Fujimori
Yutsuko Soga

Soga showed relief on his face as he heard most of the teachers reassure him that he was in fact safe. This got a smile from Soga, though it wasn't from the relief he felt of the teachers reassurances, no, he was smiling, because he had finally been able to pinpoint the person who knew about his father the most. The two teachers to show any serious reactions were Itagaki-sensei and Sakkaku-sensei. Croc was to be expected for his reaction, after all, he and his father were enemies, but the proctor's veiled hostility took him by complete surprise. That alone meant that not only had she been able to make the connection between Soga and his father, but that she was also privy to some information about him, which meant that once he would gain her trust, he would be able to press her for more information.

With that, he bowed before the teachers and hurriedly followed Goudo-sensei, only to feel a faint floral scent approaching him. Upon turning he saw Haruka walking right next him, something which admittedly did surprise him quite a bit, considering he expected the plant girl not to associate with him, especially considering his look. Still, he put on his best smile and the most polite tone he could muster and engaged her in conversation.

"Ah, hello, my name is Yutsuko Soga." he said with slight bow of his head. "Might I ask for yours?"

A voice coming from Haruka's side brought her attention, and she turned her gaze to meet that of the dragon. He stood almost a feet above her, yet the polite tone and respectful wording led to a smile from the girl, who met the bow with one of her own. "Haruka Fujimori. It'll be my pleasure to be your classmate from now on, Soga-kun" replied the leaf-haired girl as both of them walked behind Guodo-sensei

It was as Soga had suspected, Haruka was a very proper girl, which meant that he had to act equally proper in order to be able to impress her. As such, he straightened himself out and continued speaking to her in his polite tone.

"Likewise, Haruka-san, it's my pleasure to meet you, though I am a tad surprised that you approached me, after all, if my former classmates are to be believed, I am perhaps a bit too intimidating for my own good."

"If we are to follow that same of logic, I shouldn't be approached at all as one shouldn't expect a plant to be able to speak. If you are here in Heroics with me then it means we are equals, and as such I shouldn't have any quals in approaching you." spoke Haruka, keeping her gaze forward to listen to their teacher as they spoke. The explanations of this test were quite interesting, although she had to admit that this seemed rigged in favor of those with more straight-forward and impactful quirks. Simpler ones like her own would have more difficulty showing their capabilities and, if she was to guess, that'd also be the case with Soga. She wondered if he saw that as well, a sentiment shown by a gaze thrown his direction.

Soga knew it perfectly, as he returned the gaze to her with a slight nod. His quirk, other than turning him into a large bipedal lizard, did not do much else other than the wings on his back and some resistance to physical damage, added to the fact that Soga was not a very accomplished fighter like he guessed some of the students here actually were, judging from looks alone.

"If I am to be honest with you, Haruka-san, I'm not even sure what I am going to pick between a mobility test and a combat test as I am not the fastest or the strongest person, considering I prefer pursuits of the mind rather than of the body. Soga shook his head as he actually was truly actually trying to decide which of the two would be good for him. "Ah, right, but what are you going to pick, Haruka-san?" He said, trying to see if there was more to her quirk than simply being a plant person. "And I absolutely apologize for assuming this, but you do not seem built for combat or mobility."

While this discussion was going on, Kiko had already stepped up first to the plate asking only for one dummy and then proceeding to shoot a hail of projectiles at them from the palm of her hands. Each projectile left a mini-crater upon impact, which should have been impressive if of the around hundred or so bullets she had shot all hit the dummy. Instead, only a few bullets had actually hit the dummy, though even those seemed to have done quite a bit of damage. Soga guessed that with her aim, her quirk would be better for a larger number of targets rather than a singular one as there would be no need to aim and she would take out multiple enemies at once.

"That is quite the quirk." he said as the short girl took a seat, seemingly pleased with herself and saw Azukina herself going up next, something which intrigued him, he wanted to see what she could be capable.

"My capabilities aren't precisely the most flashy ones, yet I assure you they are more useful than they appear. The sky's the limit, as they say" explained Haruka, forming her own conclusions about Kiko's display. Her quirk seemed more fit for supressing hostile enemies, yet she failed to see much more use other than that as it harmed foes and allies alike. It'd be quite dangerous to team up with her if those bullets caused such a large amount of collateral damage.

Following after came the girl that had opened up their doors before the assembly, a girl with black and white hair who introduced herself as Azukina Yomodachi then proceeded to claim she was going to be the next symbol of peace, bold words that ended up bringing an amused smile to Haruka's face. This girl also said that she was Frostbite's daughter, a claim that seemed very much plausible the moment she displayed the quirk. It was a testament to its raw power that she could feel the wind from her position, ruffling her mane of leaves a little bit.

"It'd seem that the stakes have been raised a fair bit, Soga-kun." commented Haruka as she glanced towards the draconic boy, a hand being raised to fix some of her hair. "What do you say? Do we try and showcase something different?" She didn't bother asking for his cooperation: if the rest were going to have abilities as impressive as the last two, then they needed to compensate in other way. They needed to demonstrate they were reliable.

"What do you have mind, Haruka-san?" The dragon student asked genuinely curious about the plant girl's proposal. For now he had thought of two things, either the strength that came with his body against a single dummy, or a obstacle course to prove his mobility.

"How much are you capable of carrying? I was thinking of simulating a rescue operation. Let me show you." Haruka began to roll up one of her sleeves up to her elbow, revealing her thin, green arm.

"Well, my absolute limits, whilst still allowing me to fly at a decent speed would be around 175 lbs, though I could maybe push myself a bit above that." He said, still making mental calculations in his head, though he did still pay attention to her whilst he did so, if she could help him do something more impressive, then all the better for him and for her.

"That will do, a dummy can't weigh that much." said the plant girl as she nodded. Then, with her eyes on Soga's features, she tilted her head towards her arm as it began to unravel into five thin vines, her hand splitting up as she allowed them to extend a minimal distance upwards to show she can stretch them "Want to do a drive-by pick up, Soga-kun?"

"I would most likely not be against it, though I was thinking of adding a few obstacles around the way to show my general mobility as well, if it good with you." He asked, unfurling his wings to reach their impressive, nearly 14 foot long wingspan.

"That's perfectly fine, I'm confident I can protect both myself and the dummy whilst you manouver. You could drop us off midway, or I could simply find a place to get off your back so you can impress the crowd better." came forth her answer, turning her eyes towards the wings as her hand returned to normal. By this point, with this small conversation, Souta's presentation had already started and ended, Haruka having barely paid attention to it. "Think of a set up that best benefits your display, you're the star of this one show after all."

Soga smiled at her comment. "We'll both be the stars, Haruka san, we stand out much more than the regular heroes." He said to her, having now turned towards the stage itself where another student, quite briefly and somewhat comedically showed her quirk, an electrified wire quirk, an odd quirk and a bit situational, but he could still see its uses, nevertheless, he raised his hand as soon as Yasu had done showing off her quirk."

"Goudo-sensei, me and Haruka-san would like to try out." He called to the teacher as he walked forwards in front of all of the students, making sure that Haruka had been following him first. "Greetings fellow students, my name Yutsuko Soga and my quirk must obvious to all who are looking at me, currently, however, there is a bit more to it, due to these scales, I am resistant to both physical damage and fire." He said, now pointing his hand towards his still unfurled wings. "However, currently, the most useful part of my quirk is the fact that it allows me to fly at quite high speeds, thanks to my wings."

With that, he turned his look towards his partner, Haruka and awaited for her to present herself and her quirk as well.

The plantwoman had taken the chance of Soga introducing himself to roll up the sleeves of her sweater up to her shoulders, in preparation of what they had planned to do together. Once he gave her the segue, she curtsied towards the crowd, using the lower part of her attire as a substitute of a skirt. "Haruka Fujimori, fifteen years old. Much like my partner and fellow Heroics student, my quirk's rather evident at a first glance. There are other aspects of it that aren't so visible, though. The flower on my head is something I've grown myself, and my hair is effectively composed of leaves. However..." Both of Haruka's arms began to unravel, her left one into four vines and the other into six. "... I can also turn my arms into vines, all of which I can manipulate freely. Not only that, but they're flexible and can be extended up to twenty-five feet."

"Then, Soga-kun?" she turned back to him to let him continue with his words and positioned herself behind him, raising the appendages on her left side to slowly wrap around his torso whilst also being careful to not obstruct the movement of his wings. It'd be tricky, but challenge would add to the merit.

After checking that Haruka had gotten attached to him properly her turned towards the teacher. "The scene would be that of a rescue, shortly after or during a disaster, natural or otherwise." He said to the teacher. "Please add obstacles that would simulate a small area during a disaster, I would also like to ask you to place the dummy in a danger scenario as well, with a limited time to rescue it."

His request was met and various objects were raised out of the gym floor to simulate what would be rubble, small collapsing structures and the like, with the most important part, the dummy itself being raised on a structure that was shrinking in size in order to simulate a crumbling building. He looked once more at Haruka to check if she was completely ready.

And, effectively, she was. She had made sure to wrap her left vines a couple of times around so that she'd be safely held to him. A little "Hop!" and she jumped up whilst retracting her vines just a bit, at this point more or less pressed against his back. Her right side dangled, tendrils swaying lightly about as Haruka prepared herself mentally for the small window of time. "Whenever you're ready!" She hoped that the proximity wouldn't be too much of an issue to him.

Soga nodded and quickly looked at the terrain he had to work with, the window of time he had to do his job in, his partner and at the dummy. He quickly made mental calculations of how quick he would have to fly, of what maneuvers he had to make in order to make sure that both he Haruka and the dymmy would not hit any of the simulated rubble on their way. So, after a moment of calculation, Soga jumped forwards, quickly beating his wings to give him the height necessary to allow him ascend, causing a fairly significant gust of wind as he did so.

Though the obstacle course seemed difficult, made even more so by the danger of a structure collapsing or some other unpredictable danger, Soga was confident in his flying capabilities, made more so by the fact that this was the only physical part of his quirk that he had ever trained to a significant extent. As such, what may have seemed like a dangerous course for most, seemed like a breeze for the draconic student, effortlessly weaving through the obstacles in his path, making quick changes when a structure collapsed.

Haruka, on the other hand, remained still as she endured the pull from the twists and turns her partner was making. Her hold remained strong and steady, a stark contrast with her hair that now served to mark the trail of the path the draconic man had taken as some leaves were deattached and left in the wake. Behind her, half a dozen of verdant vines waved behind them as she slowly stretched them, aiming to reach a balance where she'd reach her target as fast as she could whilst not hindering Soga's movements. An opportunity came amidst the flight, and the dummy was coming closer and closer. Haruka leaned close to his ear and asked for him to roll towards his right mid-air.

He demonstrated his skill again by gracing her request, allowing her to extend her tendrils towards the dummy and hold it firmly. Careful turning of the simulacrum with her vines let Haruka pull it towards the flying duo without having it hit any debris in the way, quickly bringing it towards her and holding steadfast to it. In less than five seconds since they initiated the pirouette, the dummy was safe from harm. All that was left now was to land.

Thankfully enough, the difficult part had been already done, all he needed to do now was to get back to the starting spot from where the two had started and the designated "safe spot" where they would have to deposit the dummy in order to consider the mission a success. The added weight of both the dummy and Haruka, made it a bit difficult for the dragon student to maneuver properly and at times it seemed like he would actually crash, or hit one of the structures.

Thankfully, the two got back to the finish without much trouble and landed, depositing both Haruka and the dummy she was holding on the spot that they had started from. The moment the hand that had been around his waist was turned back to normal, he gently took it into his own and, as if he was an actor who had just finished his performance, he bowed before the rest of students and the teacher, smiling as brightly as possible.

When the ground was within safe distance, Haruka dropped to her feet and inwardly thanked Soga for the hand, as it stopped her from tumbling a bit to the side due to the wild ride. Her right arm slowly formed as normal and held the dummy by the waist as she, as well, curtsied towards the rest of the students, bringing forth the most charming smile that she could. She was genuinely happy with this: Soga was a good partner and they both managed to show their potential in a different scenario. Things couldn't be better. When they both straightened up, the plant girl let the dummy back in a standing position and offered a small fist bump to Soga. Both of them then made their way to the seats, Haruka rolling her shoulders to try and soothe the dull pain on her joints from the effort. She had to be thankful that they were dummies and not actual humans for this display, or else it would've been infinitely harder.

Soga, being ever observant had noticed this and what had happened to her during his flight during the test to save the dummy, so he looked at her and apologized. "I am sorry, Haruka-san, I must say that I'm not used to flying with passangers that often, I hope you will allow me to make it up towards you sometime." He said with a polite smile present on his face.

Then, he along with Haruka seated themselves right next to none other than Azukina herself. Soga offered a last smile to Haruka as he sat down, before turning towards his backpack and rummaging through it for something before pulling a somewhat large book named "What Makes a Symbol of Peace? An In-Depth Analysis of All-Might's Embodiment of Heroism, and What Makes a Hero in the Eyes of Society." and opened it around midway to seemingly continue reading from where he had left. Haruka, on the other hand, opted to pull a bottle of water from her own bag and drink a good portion of it before pulling out her spray bottle and generously apply it on her face and arms. She was careful enough to avoid spraying on Soga's direction, as to not ruin his reading time.

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Yutsuko Soga

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Soga stood motionless as he waited for whatever the teachers had planned, his usual slight glare turned into a full glare as he anticipated the coming of the teachers. He knew of the several more famous heroes that had become teachers, as he made sure to research them the moment he had decided to join Jigokuraku, however, there was not as much info on them, at least not the kind of information that he cared to find out.

Of the ones who he thought would be knowledgeable about any sort of information about his father would be Itagaki Naomoro and the principal of the Academy herself considering she had been a top hero in the past as well and would have definitely clashed with her at some point. Despite that, he expected that all of the teachers would recognize his father's villain name, at least, and who knows, they may actually have some sort of pertinent info about his father, though whether they would tell it to him would be another issue entirely, he would have to try and manipulate them in some way to make them reveal any sort of info.

However, his attention was taken by a light turning on and one of the teachers going on stage. His eyes became affixed to this new teacher, Ukimi Fujino, also known as the Ruler. Unfortunately that was about all he knew about her, the rest would only go into speculation and guesswork and being who he was, Soga would only settle for the actual information itself, though in this case, even he could not help but to let himself go for a few moments and speculate. The nickname The Ruler, would imply in itself that her quirk would have something to do with influencing someone to do her bidding, or maybe, judging by the authoritative sound of it, it would be more like forcing them to comply, which would be a good quirk for a teacher and even better for a villain.

She was an interesting person, nevertheless and Soga could not help but actually be drawn in by her speech... until she said the names of the rest of the teachers, then he snapped back to reality and waited for the next teacher to enter the stage. However, the loud clattering of the door took him by surprise as much as it had taken anyone else and he could not help but be slightly on edge as the massive beast of a man came inside. Back at the entrance exam, he had been surveying the arena in flight for dummies, however, when he saw Kenji getting beaten by the one person other than his mother that he knew had ties to his own father, so, in anger, he let reason pass him by and he flew down to fight. He soon realized that fighting Croc would quickly turn out bad and that it did. The two of them did little actual damage and only proved to be an annoyance in the end, while he and Kenji had taken an incredible amount of damage from the fight itself. As a result of that, he growled quite loudly, enough for the people around to hear him.

Quirk development and team-building were not the first things had expected the large man to teach and he could not help but grin momentarily as he singled out Hiroki of all people in needing of team-building exercises. It was even more entertaining when Hiroki snarled back and turned his turbines on for a moment. However, something that took Soga by surprise was when he heard that the he was also their math teacher. Soga's mind went momentarily blank as he found that info, even he could not process that fact. Still, then, Itagaki Naomoro would absolutely love Soga when it came to math.

The next was the proctor, Sakkaku Haruhi. She was a nightmare to try and find any info about her, as nobody even knew who she was, let alone if she had any pertinent info about his father. However, the moment he found out that she was the Hero Program Director, his interest in her peaked. What that position meant was that she would have all sorts of information on villains and, more importantly, his own father. He would take note of that, however, the shortness of her speech and the arrival of the next teacher put these thoughts aside as he could not help but once again growl in anger, though this time a bit more quietly.

Ohta Goudo himself, the Smiling Hero, the one who all the ladies loved, his mother, his sister and now Yaochiyo. The jealousy made anger burn in his chest and without even realizing it himself, his tail started to swish around behind him, most likely hitting their legs. However, he could not let emotion take him over again, so he calmed his thoughts and listened to the speech in a more calculated manner.

As he listened, Soga's eyes briefly lit up as he found that the Smiling Hero was their homeroom and history teacher. Another person who could have potential info on his father, though the amount of info he would have was unknown, after all, his father only recently came into the limelight as a villain, crushing heroes and villains altogether as long as they were in his path, all the while preaching about freedom of the self and taking nothing from nobody. His attention once again came to Goudo as he mentioned someone being class representative tomorrow. He grinned as he said he would expect everyone to run, after all, why should the other bother to run when Soga knew himself to be the perfect fit for the job, with maybe Yomodachi Azukina being someone he could see being perfect for that job.

The final piece of pertinent info from the Smiling Hero was the test to gauge their skills. He wondered what he would be made to do considering all his quirk did, as far as he knew, was turning him into an overgrown lizard with a tail and wings. Maybe the teachers would be able to tell if that was all there was to his quirk, of if there was something more to develop about it.

His eyes came once more into view of the next teacher, Tanifuji Egao and the one least likely to have any info on his father. He had done some research on her, just in case, however, she was not his priority and listened to her own speech with much less interest than he had done for the others. Her comments made it blindingly clear that she was the type of person that disliked anyone who would even insinuate that she was in any sort of way, old. However, one piece of important info did come to mind and that was the fact that Tanifuji was the combat coach, the one who would be teaching them to fight villains and the various strategies.

Then, his interest in her increased a fair bit and the fact that she was called The Dragon, hinted as to what she was capable of then and there.

After Tanifuji cleared the stage, Fujino Ukimi came onto the stage once more, this time presenting her own classes and even someone as studious as Soga had to admit that her classes were not exactly the definition of fun, English, Economics and one of his least favored subjects, Social Studies. Despite that, he still considered them all necessary, especially Social Studies, which would help become a better socializer, and by proxy, a better leader.

The meeting was about to end, with Fujino about to clear the stage once more. And as if on cue, Soga rose to his feet, ready to move in to ask his few teachers a question or too, nothing TOO direct as they would become perhaps a bit suspicious of his intentions of his questions. However, the doors burst open once more as someone he clearly recognized to be Tokisaki Miraime, former top class hero, now to be their principal. Soga sat back down as she started her speech and sighed as he had to wait for another person to introduce herself.

However, though at first he didn't like it, her energetic demeanor made him actually smile for a moment. The smile, however, quickly went away as she spoke about the Four Pillars Games themselves, the crossover training events, the Provisional License Exam, however the one that hit him the hardest was the rotating class part at the end of the year. That would mean that he would have only one year to find out info about his father, to find him... things had just become much more difficult for Soga and his mind drew a blank as he tried to make up new plans to find his villain of a father and finally put an end to him.

For a while, he stood like that, as an unmoving statue, until he realized that the speech was done and that students were slowly rising up. His eyes cleared up in less than a moment as he knew what he had to do now.

So, rising up from his seat, Soga advanced towards the teachers, who had not split up just yet. He put on his best smile and bowed ever so slightly before them to show the respect they were supposedly due as his teachers for one year, then proceeded to speak, perhaps ever so slightly miffed that he would have to compress his plans into a much smaller time-frame.

"Sorry for disturbing you, but even though I am a student, I thought that I should congratulate you for the speeches, I could not pry my eyes away for the entire thing." He said, with ever so polite smile. "However, I also have a question for you before we proceed with today's activities, if it would not be too much to ask." He paused enough for the teachers to have time to voice their opinions. As he did so, he snuck a glance towards Croc and wondered if he had made the connection between Soga and his father.

After an appropriate amount of time, Soga, faking a quite impressively believable worried look, asked the question. "Are we safe here?" he asked, quickly making sure he continued with his question, as to make sure they did not have time to answer the question. "Because I heard a rumor that a strong villain was near the town... the name slips me." He paused once more, making sure to seem thoughtful for his part, as if he was raking his brain for the name of what he was searching for.

Then, when he considered the time was right, his face would light up and proceed with the crux of his scheme. "Right, his villain name was the Black Dragon!" He said as if having just remembered that name. He would hope that at least the teachers would be smart enough to realize that very few people knew the nickname of his father, or knew him at all, for that matter. He also hoped that those who had seen him would be able to make the connection between himself and his father.

Unfortunately, this was way more rushed than he would have hoped, his original plan would have had him ask this question, much, much later when he had already properly met the teachers and formed some sort of friendly relations with him, when they would be much more liable to answer him, but now, with less time to do this, he would have to hurry everything along really fast, after all, who else but he to smash Yutsuko Kudo's, or rather, the Black Dragon's face in, but his own son.

Either the Dark Comedy or the Sci-fi would do for me as well. I have a slight preference towards the Sci-fi one.
Shit, nevermind, I'm dumb
Yutsuko Soga

Interaction/Mention: @ShwiggityShwah@Sunbather@Animal

"Hmm... Funny. Maybe you should follow your own damn advice!" Was all that Hiroki replied to to Soga's attempt at defusing the situation, turning towards him and aiming the same cylinders he had aimed towards Kenji releasing a similar blast of air towards him, though it did little to him except make Soga frown as the student seemingly wanted to start another fight, now with him instead of Kenji.

If a fight were to start, Soga was unsure if he would be able to win against Hiroki, after all, he had never focused on physical activities in the past, much less actual combat training as all he needed to do in the past was simply intimidate someone and they would simply stand back, it clearly did not work now. So, Soga's mind was working as fast as it could to think of something to do in this case to either avoid further conflict, or something that would help him in case an all out fight started between the two of them.

Thankfully enough, a teacher intervened before the situation got out of hand. The teacher had a broad smile and did seem vaguely familiar, though he could not exactly place it when he had seen him, maybe a movie, or commercial or something of the sort. Either way, this teacher had calmed the situation down, with Hiroki being left completely wordless. Soga straightened himself out and was about to thank the teacher for his timely intervention when another student arrived and promptly and quite loudly apologized.

Soga was left a bit surprised by the girl's demeanor and look in general, what with her now crimson cheeks. Soga could easily guess that it was because of exhaustion mixed in with some embarrassment. For a few moments, he simply stared at her as she looked everyone over, including himself. He felt his heart skip a beat as she did so and was about to open his mouth to greet her as well, until he saw her staring at the smiling teacher with lover struck eyes and could not help but lightly growl towards the teacher as she did so, shooting him a brief glare as for the first time in his life, jealousy took him over.

He quickly calmed himself down before speaking to Goudo in his usual serious, stoic tone, perhaps with a bit of resentment mixed in between that. "Thank you for intervening, Sensei, it his highly appreciated." Saying that, he turned towards and approached Yachiyo to say something to her with a smile, however, before he could say anything he heard a shriek coming from the crowd and another student running from another teacher for whatever reason. It took Soga only a moment to see that this new student would collide straight into the one he was about to talk to. So, once more, before he could even properly think of the consequences of the situation, he rushed to intercept this new student before the collision would take place, interposing himself between Shiki and Yachiyo.

Only when Shiki had finally collided with him, would he be able to realize the mistake he had done in intercepting him.

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