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Current Played VA-11 Hall-A and I didn't realize that a bartending game could give me such an epiphany about my life, to be perfectly honest.
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4 yrs ago
Am I the only one who never knows what to write in their status bar?
4 yrs ago
Orthodox Easter has arrived, which means my time for replying to stuff is going to be close to nonexistent. I apologize.
4 yrs ago
It's been a stressful past few weeks for me, so I apologize for how that may affect the quality of my posts and my general grumpiness.
4 yrs ago
I feel extremely tired and stressed right now, so responses might not be of the highest quality, I apologize.


Well hello, what are you doing here, my friend?

Well, if you're still here and you wish to know more about me, then:

I'm a 22 fella who's currently in college and is trying to RP while attending college at the same time. I've been into roleplaying since about the mid 2013's, though I was really bad at it during the first year or so. I "migrated" to RPGuild around 4 years ago since the previous site had banned roleplaying due to a large influx of newbie roleplayers polluting the site with shitty RP's. Either way, since then I've been on this site quite regularly, except during a few occasions when real life took precedence and I had to vanish for a month or two.

As for writing capabilities, I'd like to think myself right now that I'm somewhere in-between casual and advanced levels of writing, though if I'm really into an RP, I'll tend to force myself to write something advanced. As for writing in general, you don't have to worry about that, I really love writing and I do it all the time even when I'm not roleplaying, though there are "dry" periods when my creativity seems to vanish for no discernible reason. General interests include most types of fantasy writing as long as it's properly written, though it has happened in the past for me to be interested in something when I thought I would like it, so if you have an idea and you want to roleplay, then pitch it to me and I'll tell you if I like it or not. As for smut, well, I'm not actively looking for one, but if you think you have an interesting idea, then feel free to pitch it to me.

Well, that's about it, if you want to know more personal stuff about me, or simply wish to have someone to talk to about any topic you so desire, then feel free to PM me.

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Kazumi Isano

Interaction with: @Polaris North@Styrgwyr

Of everyone there, the beautiful fox woman perhaps stood out the most, not because of her being the only one wearing white robes, no, but because of the rather large frown on her face. However, it was not because she had been woken up suddenly, or because she had to do a mission, no. She was always ready to help her family at a moment's notice. What she disliked the most, was the fact that this mission would most likely end with members of her precious family get hurt, or Inari forbid, worse.

Kazumi's eyes opened as Dieter began to speak of their mission, with the frown on her face growing a bit more as she heard that team A had to serve as a distraction for their foes. She was right and she hated the fact that she was. The people dear to her, people part of her family would no doubt get hurt, a fact, which almost made the fox wish to speak out loud against this plan. She chose not to, however, as though she was wise, hers was not a mind trained for warfare, she would let people who were better at this than her come up with plans and decide their course, she would for now just play her role as a support member and well... support the people she was assigned to.

Kazumi kept silent and waited for everyone to ask their own questions, as she herself had no questions to offer Dieter and no way to think of any better plans. She closed her eyes to meditate for a few moments longer, to calm her mind and to get herself into battle readiness, as it would no doubt require battle. Still, when Rena approached Kazumi out of her own initiative, it was all Kazumi could do to not show at first her surprise, then moments later her excitement too visibly. Though that promptly failed as everyone there could see her previously dormant nine tails begin swaying around rather excitedly as the younger fox girl spoke to her.

"Got a plan?"

"Well, nothing beyond telling you all to allow me to perhaos serve as a scout, as I can shapeshift into a sneaky little white fox and to be very, very careful." Had she been awakened properly, she would have been able to use her clairvoyance to see all their enemies, to map out the safest route to their destination and if it came to fighting, to smite the foes of the family. "I apologize, my mind is made for diplomacy and administration, not warfare, or such military like planning, so I will be trusting you to lead me now, my dear." The fox woman bowed her head gently before the younger fox girl, as in her own mind, Rena would be the leader of their little trio.
I'm gonna post something real soon as well. Most likely tomorrow.

You know you can join us in the discord, right?
Yes, I was just wondering since you didn't join the discord itself. We should probably be starting in a few days.
I couldn't help but notice you left the discord. Were you planning on continuing in the RP or have you left it entirely.


Don't want to bother you, but are you still interested in this RP?

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