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5 mos ago
Current Since life didn't think I got enough shit last time, it came for round 2! Anyway, replies will be a bit slow for the following days, so I cannot apologize enough!
5 mos ago
Now that the shitfest that was my life for the past couple of days has calmed down for now, I am able to reply once more!
5 mos ago
It's weird that I have the imagination to write all these characters and all these posts, and yet, I often have no idea what to write for my status.
1 yr ago
After a long hiatus in which my creativity decided to dive of a cliff, I am yet again back and ready to post!
1 yr ago
Well, I'm back and I'm ready to reply!


Well hello, what are you doing here, my friend?

Well, if you need to know the crucial things about me, here they are:

I'm a 20 year old male from Romania(give yourself a cookie if you ever heard about this country) and not I'm not a gypsy if that's what you're thinking.

I'm mostly interested in fantasy and sci-fi genre's, but you'll find me trying other genres of RP's as well if the premise sounds interesting enough

If I would do a self-evaluation of my writing skills, I would place them at somewhere around between high-casual and low advance, though I could probably force myself with writing something advanced if I really like a certain RP.

If there's anything else you would like to know about me, then you're free to PM me, if not, then I bid you farewell, for this bio is now done...

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Aight, first of all, I want to throw my official interest here and say that I'll hopefully finish my sheet later today or tomorrow.
I'm still interested.
Considering how much I've been using Discord in recent days, I'd say it would actually be a pretty good idea.

I know this question probably won't have much relevance in the roleplay itself, but the history nerd within me is forcing me to ask. How large is Kron-Nesis' army at the moment?
The question is, do you want to return?

War Room
Southern Jewel

"And there's another thing, they have absolutely no field..." IIyarion wanted to say more about how the two girls had absolutely no field experience, making the use of their actual combat experience somewhat limited, however, it was Lenius' turn to interrupt him. Illyarion listened to the argument and the proposition of his friend without as much as saying a word and he when he did, he found several problems.

However, he realized as soon as he spoke that Lenius had most likely thought about all of these problems ahead of time. Instead, he turned towards Maryvale and Princess Azmyn and studied them for a moment, to see if they would perhaps be ready for a bit more than just fighting on the front lines. So, giving the two a brief smile before turning towards Lenius, with an idea for the Ravenguard to be more than just bodyguards to the two girls before him.

"I admire your generosity my dear friend, but I have a slightly better idea, instead of the girls just fighting on the field of battle like a common soldier, why don't I make them temporary officers within the Ravenguard and allow them to lead men into combat as well, it would give the girls some much needed experience as commanders, experience which they'll both need if they are to become Queen and Grand Marshal respectively, am I correct? he asked his friend with a smiled on his face, though soon a thought came to him that he already had such a thing in mind for them, and his smile diminished a bit, though he did not ask Lenius if that was the case.

As he waited for his friend's response as he looked on at the map. If they would take the path he thought they would take through Eamonvale, then they needed someone who would know the lands beforehand at least and though he did not like to admit it, he had done his fair share of raiding deep into Eamonvale back when he worked for the Crow King. "I also think that I should mayhaps serve as the vanguard of our forces, considering my special knowledge of the terrain." He said, not even saying what he meant to say. The Grand Marshal would know what he meant by this, however, he did not want the two girls to find out that he had been part of some of the atrocities that the Crow King had committed, it would be likely that the girl's opinion on him would change a bit if they found that out, and not for the better.

"So, is there anything else we need to know, my friend, or shall we be on our way?"

I apologize if the post is a bit sub-par, but my creativity is a bit down-under at the moment.
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