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Current Am I the only one who never knows what to write in their status bar?
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Orthodox Easter has arrived, which means my time for replying to stuff is going to be close to nonexistent. I apologize.
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It's been a stressful past few weeks for me, so I apologize for how that may affect the quality of my posts and my general grumpiness.
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I feel extremely tired and stressed right now, so responses might not be of the highest quality, I apologize.
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Finals are finally over! Time to find some RP's!


Well hello, what are you doing here, my friend?

Well, if you're still here and you wish to know more about me, then:

I'm a 22 fella who's currently in college and is trying to RP while attending college at the same time. I've been into roleplaying since about the mid 2013's, though I was really bad at it during the first year or so. I "migrated" to RPGuild around 4 years ago since the previous site had banned roleplaying due to a large influx of newbie roleplayers polluting the site with shitty RP's. Either way, since then I've been on this site quite regularly, except during a few occasions when real life took precedence and I had to vanish for a month or two.

As for writing capabilities, I'd like to think myself right now that I'm somewhere in-between casual and advanced levels of writing, though if I'm really into an RP, I'll tend to force myself to write something advanced. As for writing in general, you don't have to worry about that, I really love writing and I do it all the time even when I'm not roleplaying, though there are "dry" periods when my creativity seems to vanish for no discernible reason. General interests include most types of fantasy writing as long as it's properly written, though it has happened in the past for me to be interested in something when I thought I would like it, so if you have an idea and you want to roleplay, then pitch it to me and I'll tell you if I like it or not. As for smut, well, I'm not actively looking for one, but if you think you have an interesting idea, then feel free to pitch it to me.

Well, that's about it, if you want to know more personal stuff about me, or simply wish to have someone to talk to about any topic you so desire, then feel free to PM me.

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Onyx Harkin

Onyx did not feel very comfortable in the airbus right now, there were too many people present here and they were packed way too tightly for the lion faunus' liking and the fact that he stood out like a sore thumb in here thanks to his size didn't help his comfort levels that much. Part of him simply wanted to go back to Maroon's forge and craft weapons, armor and other things, hoping that one of the Hunter's making the orders here would be the one to kill his intended target.

But that would not feel right.

No, he had to do it himself and in order to do it, he had to join Shade Academy and form a team. That thought didn't really help his comfort levels all that much. However, finally, the airship landed and he could finally exit outside in the comforting heat of the desert. As he exited he stretched himself out for a second and looked on around, noticing a lot of students that were not from Vacuo and some that even complained about the heat itself.

That in itself made Onyx frown. There were people here that had not shown their capability in surviving the harsh terrain here, the heat, the Grimm, the hardships. However, he could not let that get to him, he simply shook his head and moved on. Natural selection would have all those unfit to be here and leave and have those that deserved to be here to become Hunters in this harsh land.

As he studied the people present there, however, he noticed someone standing out near the Vale airbus. A tall, white haired and quite well built young woman, however, that was not the only thing that attracted his attention, but the quite large pair of gloves she wore as well. They looked extremely well made and looked like they could pack a decent punch if it came to a fight.

And so, without so much as a second thought, Onyx turned and moved straight towards this young woman, not really thinking what he'd actually say to her beyond questioning her about her weapon. The moment he reached her, he asked her rather abruptly, not caring if she had seen him approaching or not.

"Hey, you!" He called towards her. "Name's Onyx Harkin, did you make those weapon yourself, perchance?" He said, making sure his Lion's Claws were plainly visible as well.
May I still join this RP?
Would I be able to make something similar to this guy? Except rather than becoming a monk, he quit after a bit and became sort of an outlaw/vigilante killing what he thinks are bad people?
Alright, I'm actually really interested in this, gonna start making a character.
Itsuki Konomi

Konomi smiled as all of the teachers introduced themselves, though internally she was a bit worried about vigilantes teaching them to be heroes, she understood that there wasn't that much of a choice either way. There was little in the way of actual heroes right now and she doubted that any of them could afford the time to be both teachers and heroes at the same time. However, most of them seemed to be really nice anyway, Zhao-sensei seemed perhaps a bit too strict what with him being a military man, but she didn't mind that part about people at all really, strict people do often push people to do their best.

Then, however, came the quirk presentation she so dreaded. She didn't mind the fact that she had to present her quirk, it was obvious why she had to do that, what she was most scared off was everyone looking at her. Her quirk was nothing impressive in first place and everyone staring at her made her feel all the more nervous in the first place. So, she decided that it would be best to let other people first while she prepared herself mentally to eventually having to show off her quirk in front of a crowd of people.

The first person to present their quirk already slightly annoyed Konomi just by the sheer arrogance he displayed and at how he addressed even himself. She expected him to become the archetypal school bully considering he looked and talked like one. However, when his quirk was activated, she saw where the arrogance came from as a pillar of fire erupted from him. The flames constantly clung on to him, which would obviously make him extremely dangerous in any sort of close quarters engagement, however, she could not help but wonder how the boy would do his cooking if the gas did emit from him constantly.

The next person was a girl and from her introduction, it sounded like the girl was Zhao's daughter, which also meant that she was probably trained a lot in the use of her quirk. Emiko first launched a regular punch and a kick, throwing some sort of concussive force with each one, however when she started throwing them at a much faster pace, she could not help but smile widely. Not because of the quirk itself, that was impressive in it's own right, but because of the fact that she referenced when she launched them. She had watched Fist of the North Star a long time ago, but she could still remember it like she had watched it yesterday.

The next person was much more subdued than the last two, who both seemed to be confident about themselves and their quirks. His quirk however was not any less impressive, she looked in awe at the explosion caused by the Wisp itself and how it had turned what looked like a sturdy missile into scrap metal. As the boy left the stage, she smiled towards him and gave a thumbs up, a light boost to his confidence, she hoped.

The following student was yet another girl, this one however had a quirk that was not necessarily one who could be used in combat, though she did imagine that it would give the fire boy a bit of trouble. The girl could coat her skin in a layer of water and slide around as if she was ice skating. That in itself made it look like it would be extremely fun to have this quirk. If it were up to her, Konomi would do it absolutely the whole time, especially when she came to school.

Konomi took a deep breath afterwards and prepared herself to step forward to present her quirk and be done with it before any more people with even more impressive quirks did first. However, as she took a few steps towards the stage to present herself and her quirk, another girl had already been faster than her and got onto the stage first. Konomi awkwardly backed off from the stage itself, blushing all the while for the undue attention she had gotten for being too slow. She looked at the girl presenting her quirk, but barely, as she held her head down in shame, staring at the dance only with the corner of her eyes. Nevertheless, the water quirk itself looked really impressive, however, she was more hypnotized by the dance itself rather than the fact that she had used her quirk in tandem to dance with her.

She found herself staring towards Mizura perhaps a bit too long, even after she left the stage. However, after a few moments, Konomi shook her head, took a deep breath to help prepare herself for a bit and perhaps uncharacteristically, she moved rather abruptly onto the stage with a large pleasant smile on her face. "Hello everyone, my name is Itsuki Konomi and my quirk is called Demi-Cellular Divison." She said with the same light, confident looking smile. "Not the best sounding name, I know, but the person who came up with it is not very imaginative." She said, pointing to herself with a light chuckle. "Anyway, what my quirk does is it allows me to split my mass into two mini-me's!"

And with that, starting at her midriff, what was once Itsuki Konomi split into two little girl versions of herself, all with a wide childish smiles on their little faces.

"These clones are both controlled by me in a sort of ummm, hivemind if you will." The left clone said. "They can move apart as much as I really want them to and I can learn and can do things through them separately." The right clone said, the one speaking switching every time a sentence ended. "However, the clone only has a three day lifespan and if I don't recombine with it by the end of that lifespan, it dies and I am unable to absorb it and I am left in this form." She said. "That doesn't mean I'm stuck as a little girl, however. In order for me to regain my original form, I have to consume the mass I lost." She said, looking at all the students and teachers there through the two pairs of eyes she had now, looking for reactions in them.

"Wooooooow!" Mori-sensei cheered, this time actually running onto the platform. It seemed she couldn't wait until Konomi stepped off on her own. "What a unique Quirk! So you're Konomi-kun," she said while pointing at the one on the left, then moved her finger to the other clone. "and you're also Konomi-kun! Nice to meet you both! So your mass is divided equally among the copies, making you look much younger! It's cute! I wonder how far we could take that? Clones making clones making clones until we have a Konomi-swarm!"

"That is correct, sensei, though I'm afraid for now I can only split myself in two, I tried splitting before into more, but all I got from that was just a really strong headache!" The clone to the left said, with a frown before turning back into her usual child-like cheerful smile. She had to hold herself back from trying to hug Noriko, especially considering she was her teacher and the fact that everyone was watching them. So, she simply offered her the cutest smile she could muster before walking off stage, hand in hand, combining back into her regular self as she did so, feeling a bit more confident in herself now.
Ephielle Okairos

Ephielle placed a hand on her head as the last traces of yesterday's hangover still stubbornly clung on. Whatever drink the minotaur had given her, it was strong enough to get even her wasted. She really wondered what the hell the drink contained, however, now was not the time to think of the ingredients of some supernatural alcoholic drink, now it was time for her mission... which consisted of her standing around and waiting for something exciting to happen other than just a raving cultist shouting about THEIR lord and savior, whoever it was supposed to be this time around.

It felt like a really bad re-run for the demi-goddess, yet another cult trying to summon some sort of eldritch being into the world. For some here it may have been the first time, for Ephielle, it was more like the hundredth time she witnessed such a thing. Well, whatever they were going to summon meant something fun for her fight and defeat, or at least so she hoped. The last creature she fought had been thoroughly disappointing when it came to its combat capabilities, it had barely even landed a scratch on her.

Ephielle would have started to daydream once more about the battles of her past, however, now she saw something, or rather someone she was interested in walking all by his lonesome, none of his teammates in sight. A sly, flirtatious smile appeared on her face as she approached Henry. It was not the first time she had met him and talked to him, however, the man was quite obsessed with job. Calling him a workaholic would be a severe understatement, the man needed to loosen up a bit, and Ephielle would be more than glad to help him do so.

"Well, hello there, my handsome little man!" Ephielle said as she moved towards him. "What are you doing here all by yourself, where is your team?" She asked, moving uncomfortably close to the masked man. "It doesn't matter, maybe I could keep you some company?" She asked, looking him straight in the eyes through his mask with a seductive smile.

The moment she stopped talking however, a voice came to Thompson through the comms. "Thompson..." A groan could be heard. "Change of fucking plans, get your ass down here and bring any reinforcements the boss can spare, and quick before we all die down here!" And with that, shots being fired could be heard through the comms before conversation ended abruptly.

Kharon Minos

Kharon cursed as he saw the monster regenerate. This would certainly make things that much more difficult for the two of them. The bull aimed his gun once more to try and hit the beast again, with an incendiary shot this time, one that would hopefully set it on fire and at least prevent some of the regeneration process taking place. At least enough that the two of them could actually hope to even take down whatever this thing was.

However, with the pillar pieces coming straight for him, Kharon quickly moved to aim his gun at the largest of the pillar pieces coming for him and fired, shattering it into minute little pieces, however, before he could fire a second shot, an assortment of much, much smaller rocks rained down on him, the largest of them all knocking him straight in the head and knocking him and his weapon down.

Yeah, no, this was impossible, the two of them could most definitely not defeat this thing by themselves. So, while the thing was still a bit busy with Kat, Kharon spoke through his comm piece to the only reinforcements they could call, Thompson. "Thompson..." He groaned as he got back up, bleeding from several spots on his body, including his head. "Change of fucking plans, get your ass down here and bring any reinforcements the boss can spare, and quick before we all die down here!" The moment he spoke the message, he gritted his teeth and once more began firing at the creature ahead of them, this time with incendiary ammo.

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