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Current Am I the only one who never knows what to write in their status bar?
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Orthodox Easter has arrived, which means my time for replying to stuff is going to be close to nonexistent. I apologize.
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It's been a stressful past few weeks for me, so I apologize for how that may affect the quality of my posts and my general grumpiness.
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I feel extremely tired and stressed right now, so responses might not be of the highest quality, I apologize.
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Finals are finally over! Time to find some RP's!


Well hello, what are you doing here, my friend?

Well, if you're still here and you wish to know more about me, then:

I'm a 22 fella who's currently in college and is trying to RP while attending college at the same time. I've been into roleplaying since about the mid 2013's, though I was really bad at it during the first year or so. I "migrated" to RPGuild around 4 years ago since the previous site had banned roleplaying due to a large influx of newbie roleplayers polluting the site with shitty RP's. Either way, since then I've been on this site quite regularly, except during a few occasions when real life took precedence and I had to vanish for a month or two.

As for writing capabilities, I'd like to think myself right now that I'm somewhere in-between casual and advanced levels of writing, though if I'm really into an RP, I'll tend to force myself to write something advanced. As for writing in general, you don't have to worry about that, I really love writing and I do it all the time even when I'm not roleplaying, though there are "dry" periods when my creativity seems to vanish for no discernible reason. General interests include most types of fantasy writing as long as it's properly written, though it has happened in the past for me to be interested in something when I thought I would like it, so if you have an idea and you want to roleplay, then pitch it to me and I'll tell you if I like it or not. As for smut, well, I'm not actively looking for one, but if you think you have an interesting idea, then feel free to pitch it to me.

Well, that's about it, if you want to know more personal stuff about me, or simply wish to have someone to talk to about any topic you so desire, then feel free to PM me.

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Itsuki Konomi

Konomi could not help but be excited as she prepared. She had forsaken sleep in exchange to think of all the possible scenarios that would happen on this day, of all the possible people she would meet there, both student and teacher alike. The smile on her face was as wide as possible, not even the fact that her parents had once more left without so much as saying goodbye to her could bring her down right now, it would probably be the last time she would see them in a very long time considering they would most likely not even to bother visiting her. Heck, for them it would probably be a good thing that they were finally rid of what they considered a "parasite".

The fact that these thought did not bring Konomi down was telling of how excited she was to attend this school, of finally being able to try and make people smile.

As she walked down to where U.A was in the first place, the same things she had been thinking since yesterday floated around in her mind. Of what kind of people her teachers were, of what kind of heroes her new classmates would be in the future. She looked at her ID to check that she was not dreaming, that she would actually be attending a hero school meant to train heroes for the future. And sure enough, she was not dreaming, she was in fact number 8 student of hero course of U.A. She would start skipping if she would become anymore excited.

The instructions sent to them by U.A had instructed the students to go through the side entrance and for a moment she had been confused as to why, but then she remembered the bullying she had received once people had found out she had a quirk and realized that a school full of people like this would be the main target for the quirk hating part of the populace. Those thoughts proved true enough once she saw the crowds of people gathered there, protesting to this.

For a moment, her smile faltered as memories of her past once more flooded in, of the abuse she had suffered. But she shook her head, that was in the past and this was now, she would not let such memories dwell on her anymore, if she wanted to be the hero to cheer everyone up she could not let her past get the better of her. She walked by without attracting the crowd's attention, mostly because she looked regular enough and she had not kept her hero course ID out on the open.

Awaiting for her at the entrance were what she could only guess were the teachers of the place and needless to say, they were not what she had pictured they would be. The ones who would attract her attention the most were the person in the space suit with a smile on it's helmet that she could not help but think that it was cute. The second man to attract her attention was the large, very brutish looking foreigner currently staring down at her. Still, Konomi was able to keep her cool and bow down before her teachers in a calm an collected manner.

"My name is Itsuki Konomi, it is an honor to meet you." After she had greeted them, she showed them her ID to prove that she was here for the hero program and moved inside the classmates. She been among the first to get there. So far, there had been only four other students in the class, but she was already excited to meet them.

"My name is Itsuki Konomi and I hope we will all be friends." She moved in front of the class and bowed slightly before them as well as she introduced herself. She then moved next to one of the few students who had already arrived, who incidentally happened to be the white haired girl.
Kharon Minos

Everything happened pretty quickly from the moment the grenade was launched at the creature. There was first the man coming up and grabbing Katherine by the neck. It was all he could do to prevent himself from instinctively punching the man straight in the face. He was quite surprised Katherine had not taken the man down for even daring to touch her, but apparently he did not need to worry about that, as the moment the man started running away, the creature in front of them instantly snagged and dragged the man back into the dark and killing him.

That proved to be the right assumption as he heard the screams of the man, then followed by flesh being torn and bones being broken. Judging from the amounts of waste around here, Kharon could easily guess what had just happened to the man before them. The creature then started speaking of Kaiwan, or rather to Kaiwan himself considering how he was speaking. Minos only sighed in response in the sight and used the time that the beast was monologuing to prepare himself further for combat.

When combat did start and the tail started coming for him, Kharon could not help but grin. This creature did not have any idea with what people it was messing with right now, but it would find out soon and it would regret. Minos moved the aim of his AT gun from the creature's head to it's tail and fired the incendiary projectile in his gun straight for it. If it would not damage the creature's tail, the force of the blast would at least knock it back enough for him to dodge whatever attack it was launching.

Then, the minotaur charged, not for the beast itself but past it, he wanted to get behind it ti get a clear shot to the back of it's head and if not, at least distract it for long enough so that Katherine would be able to take some potshots at the thing's head. "Do you think you can keep this thing distracted a bit for me, Katherine?" He asked the girl through her telepathic powers. "I may or may not have an idea."
Kharon Minos

"Listen , I know you're ready to see this thing burn, I want to as well, that thing is creeping me the hell out." He replied, glancing ever so briefly at the monolithic figure. "However, our overall mission is to secure the hostages, any other objective is secondary and if you threw that grenade, then the cultists not only would have been aware of us and killed the hostages, they'd run down here to help whatever this thing is in dealing with us, so that's a no go." He shook his head as he spoke to her.

He moved away and back from Kat and the figure as slowly and as quietly as possible, placing himself behind one of the pillars there. Once there, he would draw his AT gun from his back and aim it straight for what one would consider to be creature's head. "For now, you just focus on getting some cover and signal the secondary team to sneak in through to the other stairs up into the hotel while we make sure this thing doesn't move, do you understand?" He asks, staring straight towards her, hoping she would not try to attack the creature while he was away from her.

"By the way, you seemed to recognize this thing for a moment there, want to explain something?"

“...I've seen something like it before.” She grunted in response. “Long time ago back when I was taken off the streets.” She didn't seem to care to elaborate, though. “Don't matter. We should just get rid of it.” She didn't seem overly concerned about the hostages.

“And I don't do cover. I'm gonna shove Remy into that things gut, and watch it burn from the inside.” Reckless? Foolish? Maybe, but that was how Kat always had dealt with things, and for now she didn't seem intent on changing her style. “You wanna signal the others? Be my guest...but I'm not letting that thing move a single goddamn inch.”

Minos closed his eyes and took a deep breath for a moment to try and contain his annoyance at his subordinate. She was stubborn was reckless and from the looks of things right now, refusing orders from a superior. "Then signal the secondary team to get past us already, every moment we waste here arguing means higher the risk of our mission failing." He said, now glaring towards the reckless young woman before him. If their first barrage would not kill this thing, then she would probably be quickly terminated by the thing in front of them, at least quicker than he would be. He could easily try to order her as her superior to get into cover, however, he doubted she would even listen if he did so considering she had ignored his first order.

With that, feeling stupid for having even moved back in the first place, the large Minotaur once more moved slowly closer and closer to the large creature in front of them, keeping his gun trained on the thing all the while doing so. After this was all over, he would have to think for a punishment for Kat, maybe something relating to their late night bar outings, still, that would have to come later on.

Says the one who stopped her from finishing this problem in the first place.

Rolling her eyes, Kat placed a hand to her temples, focusing on 'feeling' the people outside. As she couldn't see them, it was a little more difficult to accurately relay any sort of information to them, but she had been using it for years. A small distance like this was child splay.
”Captain, this is Havoc.” She pinged the captain from her position, using her old alias out of habit more than anything. All people in Fenrir went by their codenames. For safety, after all. ”Get the secondary team moving. Quietly. There's...something down here. Minos is ain't lettin' me kill it so tell them to move up the stairs quietly unless they want to get felt up by some tentacle monster.”

While relaying the information, she didn't take her sights off the creature for a second, still holding her armaments at the ready.

As Minos approached Katherine once more, the secondary teams slowly descended down the stairs as silently as possible. Their sights first moved on to the figure in the center of the room, then to the man in the corner of the room, pausing only for a few brief moments to make sure these targets were not hostile in the first place before they turned towards Minos. The minotaur man simply confirmed the orders that Kat had relayed and signaled them to move towards the staircase on the other side of the room.

Without even waiting another second, the secondary team moved to the staircase as quietly as they were able to. In the meantime, Minos simply frowned as he stared at the creature in front of him. "This thing have any weaknesses I should know about, Katherine?" He asked as steadied his aim towards the creature itself.

”You act like I know what that thing is.” She replied. ”I don't, but in my experience fire works on most things.”

"As good as anything I had in mind, I suppose." He shakes his head as he keeps his eye on the team. The moment they cleared the area and were past to the stairs, he turned towards Katherine. "Ready to light this bastard up?" He asked, his sights fully focused on the creature in front of him now. "I'll even let you have the first shot there, Havoc!" He grinned widely as he used her old callsign.

“Heh,” She reached for the frag she had reached for earlier. “And here I thought you were gonna make this date boring.” In one swift motion she had lobbed the frag to where the thing had been laying.
Kharon Minos

When it came to equipment, the large minotaur did not need too much in his missions as he himself was a living battering ram. Normally, cultists like these would not warrant the use of heavy equipment on his part, there other people in his squad much better suited in using firearms than he was. This time, however, he had a bad feeling about what awaited them down in the basement, so he packed his favorite weapon, a large custom-made anti-tank rifle he liked to use when there were targets that were too big even for him to tackle and pummel into the ground.

He nodded very briefly at Katherine's remark. He had known her for a while now and he knew that she was not a very social person, she preferred working in solo missions, doing her own thing. He had tried with a very limited success of having some outings for Midas in a bar, just drinking, discussing and playing a few games with the other members of the team.

He came in directly after Katherine, however he found it slightly uncomfortable to walk through what felt like narrow staircases. He had worked in this line of work for 20 somethings years now and he liked to think that nothing would surprise him anymore after everything he had seen thus far, however, whatever was inside here gave him a feeling bad enough to still make him nervous.

And his sense proved him right.

The smell was first to hit him, the smell of rancid, spoiled meat. He frowned at that, not because of the smell itself, he had gotten used to smells like these whilst serving in the OTO for so long, however, he was more worried about what could have possibly caused all this.

Thankfully, he did not have wonder for long as the large monolithic figure came in sight. He froze completely as his eyes locked on on whatever the thing in front of him was. Even at his own stature, he still felt a tinge of fear as he stared at the figure in front of him. That fear quickly vanished as he shook his head for a bit however, he had seen things far more terrifying than this in line of work, or so he liked to tell himself right now to stop himself from feeling any sort of fear towards the creature.

His attention was once more drawn away as Katherine once more contacted him telepathically once more to draw his attention to something else. She warned him that whatever was in the pile of quick rancid flesh was breathing and was alive. He nodded as she slowly approached whatever the monolithic figure as well, he prepared to draw the AT gun on his back should things get ugly, however, before he even had any time to contemplate things properly, he saw Katherine moving towards one of her grenades.

If she threw that, not only would it probably piss off whatever was down here with them, but it would most likely alarm literally all of the cultists above them of their location, which would mean that their mission will have failed right at the start. He could not order her to stop, it would be way too loud and would probably alert whatever was in front of them of their position.

Thankfully, he was close enough to Katherine to stop her from lobbing a grenade at the figure and advertising their position to everyone, he simply moved one of his long arms and grabbed Kat by her own arm and shaking his head for a moment as a way to tell her to stop.

Got it, thank you!
I'm thinking of a Sergeant or Lieutenant, you decide.
Hey, one final question, since I plan my guy to be on the older side(mid forties or so), could he perhaps be of a somewhat higher rank?
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