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Hmm looks like we got a bit stuck...

Dorothy felt a bit disappointed when she was reunited with the ground, but turned her attention to more pressing matters.

"Nova Terra?... Invited? Are you talking about that letter?" She asked the strange masked man. He looked like nobility and so Dorothy decided to treat him as such.

Dorothy looked over to where he was pointing and saw the draconian girl. Apparently, that beastly barbarian looking girl was the one responsible for her, and apparently some others too, current predicament.

She was knee-deep into her own thoughts when she noticed that the thug-ish looking man was now paying attention to her. She felt a pang of irritation as the man looked down on her only to feel it surge into a spike of indignation when the man knelt down in front of her and started treating her like some clue-less urchin.

Her, Dorothy Baskerville, the prodigal daughter of the Great House of Baskerville, a lost child!

The sheer audacity of this man!

"L-lost!? Me!? How dare you insinuate such a thing! I am not some ignorant waif who can't tell right from left, you thuggish oaf!" With puffed-up reddened cheeks and a stomp of her foot, Dorothy began screaming at the man, completely forgetting the fact that she had absolutely no idea where she was.

@Crimson Paladin@TheFake

Dorothy barely made it ten paces away before gravity decided it didn't want anything to do with her anymore. The girl flailed about in mid-air in a panic until she realized that the big scary white dragon had somehow disappeared.

"Huh?" Dorothy looked around and realized that she was floating upside down, her earlier action putting her in such a weird position. Ironically enough, it was what finally gave her a sense of clarity.

"Fascinating..." She reached out to the ground above her in wonder. Dorothy had seen magic before but none that had an effect quite like this. Despite being upside down, she didn't feel her blood rushing to her head nor any kind of discomfort, quite the opposite in fact. It was almost like she was nestled in a cradle. The thought made her drowsy but the surrounding noises shook her off her reverie.

For the first time since her arrival, Dorothy finally took a good look around her. She was still invertedly aloft but for a genius like her, that was barely a bother.

There was... a colorful assembly of people gathered together. There was... a gentleman embracing some sort of dark slime-like lady in a dress. A swordswoman in weird clothes, an intoxicated albino, a horned-woman that looked disturbingly draconian, the last two stroking her nerves a bit, and finally, a thug surrounded in light fog.

"You there! Where are we? What is going on?" She pointed at the thug with her other hand on her waist. Noblesse Oblige demanded she acted accordingly to her aristocratic stature regardless of her physical one.

I think we're kind of waiting for you to post.
Nova Terra is described as a big half-sphere.
Does that mean there's both a flat surface and a round-ish surface?
If so, Do we live on only the flat surface or the round-ish surface, or both?

It happened in an instant. The next thing Dorothy knew, she was falling. The questions "where" and "how" were promptly pushed back to the recesses of her mind in favor of the reflexive action of screaming her lungs out.

Stuck in freefall, Dorothy tried to access her dimensional storage but her special bag was flailing too much because of the violent winds and her maneuvering mid-air only ended up making her spin uncontrollably.

Out of ideas, The little genius alchemist curled into a fetal position, her hands covering her face protectively.

Then everything simply stopped.


Dorothy risked a peek between her fingers only to be unceremoniously dropped to the ground none the worse for wear. She quickly got up to take stock of her surroundings.

Trees... Water... she was in a forest, beside a lake.

White... Scales... Snake... Giant...

"DRAAAAGON!" With another scream, Dorothy ran in the opposite direction of anything white.

And in an attempt to slow down any possible pursuers, she threw ice bombs behind her at random intervals.
Yes! Posting it in the characters page.

I finally found a pic I'm satisfied with. Thanks anyway~
Added some abilities and reduced her age to make her even more of a prodigy (Though it was more to match her new pic)

And in case you haven't noticed my edit on my last post. The Homunculi she can make are also capable of performing alchemy under her instruction(though not at the same level as her), even independently if need be. Is that alright?
Sorry, not feeling this one.

And lol, I'm just too used to dampening my char's powers in RPs.

I did think of one other ability that she can use.
Which is memorizing "properties" of materials she had used before and applying them to future alchemy products even without those materials.
I could limit it to raw materials or 1st or 2nd level alchemy products or not put any limit to it at all.

And for the equipment. Would a dimensional storage bag(filled with materials) be okay to carry over?

I forgot to specify that her Homunculi are also capable of performing alchemy under her instruction(though not at the same level as her), even independently if need be.
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