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Current Time to blow the dust off this account then. Been quite awhile since I checked out the site, so I'm excited to see what I find!
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Zelda Breath of the Wild hype!
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High school is about 90% more bearable with a spare
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Gotta head into the dentists tomorrow to get my wisdom teeth out. Pain killers and delirium ahoy
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Welp, they removed the tracker in a location based....tracking....game. Good one Niantic, Pokémon hunting in GO just had to be more random didn't it?
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Roleplay topics of interest: Pokémon is a big one. The canon of the main series games specifically, though I'm cool with a few select points from the anime thrown in. I'm also a big fan of the Mystery Dungeon universe. I'm good with RP'ing as a Trainer, but I can handle playing a Pokémon too. I prefer to have alot of interactions between the characters in an RP. I enjoy to flesh things out and give my character actual 'character'. Original worlds? Eh, I'm ok with as long as I got alot of background to them.

Recently, I've been in the mood to try RP in other series/fandoms, so if I can be sold on an idea, I'll probably look into it. Let it be known that I'm not into anything 18+ or sexual in nature. It's just not my thing.

Roleplay style: For each post that I make, I write about a paragraph or two. I try to include a bit of environmental detail, physical character detail, and sometimes delve into the mind of my characters to see what they think about the situation at hand. I'm trying to get better at expressing my characters emotion through body language since I tend to run out of descriptive words after a few posts. Most of my characters will most likely be teen aged or occasionally young adult. I also try to keep my characters male, but I can play a girl well enough.

Timezone: I feel this is an important thing to mention. My timezone is EST (GMT/UTC-5). During pretty much every month of the year baring July, August, and the later half of December, I'll be going though school during the week. So I'll most likely be able to get posts out on the weekends or later in the day when I get home.

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@Delta44 Glad to hear you're doing better, my dude. And hey, if you ever wanted to start it back up again, I'd be down.
Sometimes you die a hero, sometimes you live long enough to become a meme yourself.
You know, I forgot to post this here a long time ago. So I guess better late than never.

Press F to pay respects to the RP that died literally one post into the first event.

Kai Mori

@Stern Algorithm@Naw

The casual conversation was cut short by the last thing Kai ever expected to hear was an explosion, and to be bathed beneath the light of a red sky. His head turning up to gawk at the pillars of smoke rising into the sky before him as he visibly tensed, gritting his teeth a bit. "...Well well, this just got a hell of a lot more interesting. Didn't the teacher just make a point of not damaging any of the historical sites up here?"

His question was answered with that dominating, powerful roar that echoed throughout the forest. The deep bellow of what sounded like a giant monster straight out of the movies. A cold drop of sweat rolling down the teen's neck as he starred at the forest for an extra few moments after Yasu called him over. Nodding slowly, Kai's hand shot down to his pocket at he heard the text tone go off, pulling out his phone and scanning his narrowed eyes over the messages. "I'll be...right there."

There's a hidden objective? What the hell is this, a video game?...If the texts are hints, when it says 'beat the blaze'...Wait, what if this is all just a red herring? What are we really supposed to do?

The bespectacled teen stuck close to his two teammates, crossing his arms with his phone still in hand as each of them said their piece. His attention being stolen for a few moments as he heard the scream from the bat-like girl, perking up as he heard a semi-familiar name called to the aid of the fire by the lake. Suguro...She was the girl that got scared off earlier. That bat-girl told her to go near the lake fire by herself, so she must have some sort of Quirk that uses water really effectively...That's our ticket. We gotta support her.

His brown eyes going back and forth between Yasu and Mari after they had both finished, his hand slipping back into his jeans to pocket his phone as he loosened the backpack from his shoulders and let it drop behind him, adopting a rather serious expression as his brows furrowed, and he frowned. "The way I see it, they're expecting us to think fast, act fast, and work together with everyone so we pick up each others slack. Yeah, they sprung this on us out of nowhere, and haven't taught us anything yet, but right now, we shouldn't care about that. The teachers aren't going to magically make us into heroes, the only people who can do that for us is ourselves."

Pointing off to what looked like the closest pillar of smoke in the sky, Kai turned to face it as his dark red tentacles suddenly shot out from his back, and settled into something resembling a thin cape made of liquid with a split down the middle. "I'm with you guys on fighting the fires. What else could 'beat the blaze' mean? But I also think it's important to pay attention to the dummies. We should stick to the path we chose, bring back any dummies we find along the way, and try to meet up with somebody who has a Quirk more suited to handling giant balls of flaming death. My arms can probably stamp out some of the flames, but if it gets bigger, I'm a bit less useful on that front."

Looking over to Mari specifically, Kai shot a thumb back into the crowd of other students near them. "Mari, Surguro's Qurik must be really great with water, right? We should support her on her way to the lake. If she's that timid around strangers, I think she'll need the help getting there safely."

Kai Mori

@Stern Algorithm@Naw

The mention of possible sabotage from Mari caused Kai to look at her rather strangely. Cocking his brow and glancing over at the crowd of other students around them as he raised his arms up a bit to shrug. "Sabotage? Isn't that a little counterproductive? Why would anyone try to screw over the other teams? If they did, it's their rep that's getting trashed. Who would be dumb enough to pull that kinda stunt?"

Jeez, what is up with her? Why is she distrustful of everyone? Something must have happened to her...

Shooting a quick glance over towards Yasu to gauge her reaction to Mari's statement, Kai pushed the thought to the back of his head to focus on the task at hand. Moving in closer to his two team mates and looking over the map. Yasu's suggestion for scaling trees in order to gain a better view of their route causing the dark haired teen to nod to the plan. "Yeah, go for it. Having eyes both above and in front of us should keep us from running into any surprises. I'm probably the best for any up close and personal encounters, so I'm alright with being by myself for a bit."

As the intense girl started to walk off towards the beginning of their route, Kai stuck a bit closer to Yasu, pushing his glasses up before putting his hands in his belly pocket as he looked over to her, smiling a bit. "So, Haykawa-san, you get out in nature a lot? I'm more used to hopping around at parks and around small buildings myself. There's not many trees to climb near my place."

Kai Mori

@Stern Algorithm@Naw

...Did she just take a jab at me for being late? Nice. I hope she take as much as she deals. The thought passed through Kai's mind at the reaction to his praise of the dark haired girl's abilities, but only gave an innocent, unknowing grin to her in response.

Yasu's question directed towards the four armed teen caused him to frown slightly. A thoughtful look taking his face as he put his hands behind his head, his extra limbs doing the same. "I don't actually know myself. I always figured they were made of some type of special muscle cell. Every doctor that's looked me over never really gave me a straight answer." Looking back over to the newest member of their group, Kai smiled. "Anyways, what's your Quirk like, Hayakawa?"

The electrical wire that appeared from thin air between the girl's hands immediately had Kai's attention. His extra arms quivering before turning back to liquid and slipping into his back again. His fist punching into his palm as he flashed an excited grin over towards Yasu. "Electric trip wires huh? That's pretty sweet! We could plan out some killer ambush tactics by combining our Quirks if we're gonna focus more on defense then straight rescue."

A new voice spoke up among the ground, garnering the attention of all of the students, Kai included. He felt his pocket as a small tone chimed, and pulled out his phone to look at the notification. Even his texts have smiles... His eyes were drawn away from the screen however as he heard his name, giving a tiny wave in response to Guodo. I should meet with him after and explain why I was late... His thoughts raced as the crowd moved to follow the teacher, listening to him explain everything as he eyed the ribbons curiously. "Different paths...And I think poisonous berries are gonna be the least of our worries."

Kai nodded towards Mari as she vented her frustration to them, crossing his arms. "Sounds like it's gonna get pretty competitive. But hey, I don't mind a little competition, do you?" He asked the question towards Yasu with a turn of his head once Mari left to grab their supplies, and upon her return, he answered her question with a confident smirk. "Course they can. I could lift three in one limb. But if we gotta give the dummies a quick exit, I might need to pass one to ya."

Kai Mori

@Stern Algorithm@Naw

The new girl's reminder of the odd number of students in the class made Kai stand up a little straighter, waving his hand about and laughing off the comment. "Aheh, I didn't mean like, literally by myself. I knew there'd at least be some people left to hang out with. Good to meet you, Haruishi."

She seems pretty er, straight forwards. That ain't a bad thing though...unless she ends up being super anal about everything.

Mari then awkwardly attempted to introduce her partner, who had unfortunately vanished before Kai even managed to greet her. The teen putting a hand on his neck as he looked over towards the group Suguro had fled to. "I was actually just about to ask about her. Suguro huh? She turned tail and ran as soon as you started walking towards me. Did I scare her?" He crossed his arms, frowning as Mari told him of the small blue-haired girl's shy personality. "Crap. I wasn't trying to freak her out. Maybe I'll try talking to her after all the excitements calmed down." Meeting Mari's face, he put a hand on his hip. "Anyways, you're right. We still gotta find someone. You got any ideas? You've at least had a little time with everyone."

As luck would have it, the duo didn't have to seek out a third member of their party on their own, as one approached them all on her own. Kai's dark brown eyes glancing past Mari to spot the new girl and flash a grin, and give a wave towards her after Mari answer her request. "And with that, we got a full trio. Thanks Hayakawa. The name's Kai Mori."

Well, that was easy. She looks a little pompous, but looks can be deceiving after all. I probably look like just some skinny nerd.

Mari wasted no time in focusing the newly formed group's attention on the objective of the upcoming exercise. Kai leaning his head in a bit towards her in a semi-huddle as he nodded along to her review and analysis of the situation. "So, still be on the look out for any dummies, but we're most likely gonna end up on the offensive. We can handle that." The conversation then shifted back towards him being a late arrival, and the parties Quirks. Kai's eyes lighting up a bit at Mari's explanation of her own Quirk, looking her up and down in awe. "Super speed and lightning!? That's awesome! I bet you didn't have much issue making it on time!"

Taking a step back and putting on a toothy grin, Kai dropped his backpack behind him before he brought up his fist to pump it. "As for what I can do? It'd be easier to show you guys, and explain as I go." His hands moved down to tuck into his belly pocket, as a red, inky looking liquid began to bubble from underneath his hoodie behind his shoulders. Suddenly, two long, crimson tentacles shot out from the bespectacled boy's back. The twin appendages standing up behind him as they glistened in the light, as if the sun's rays were reflecting off of the surface of water. One of the tentacles moving to push up his glasses as he spoke. "I've got these two tentacles that form out of my back. I can stretch them out, curl them, reshape them, a lot of stuff. They're super flexible. And if I need something a bit stronger..." The two tentacles shivered, inflating as five 'fingers' appeared out of their tips. The liquid sheen of them fading away as they turned a deeper red, now appearing as a set of two large, muscled human arms that crossed above Kai's head. "I can turn them solid. They're heavier and slower, but I can still bend em a bit."

Kai Mori

Interacting with: @Stern Algorithm

Mentions: @ShwiggityShwah@AdmrlStalfos19

The dark haired young man continued to people watch as he got closer to the cluster of what he assumed were the other students. A curious smile keeping his lips spread as he took it all in. His earlier worries pushed to the back of his mind as he focused on his class mates. Wow, check out some of these Quirks...He's got antennae, that guy's got pipes coming out of his arms, that girl looks like she's part plant...Holy shit! Is that a dragon!?

As he observed everyone with his interest growing fast, the teen quickly noticed many of the other students heads turning upwards. The grass beneath Mori's feet beginning to sway as he too directed his attention to the sky to gawk at the sight above him. Jeez, looks like someone's pulling out all the stops for this, huh? Would've been nice to catch a lift from a helicopter instead of making the hike up here.

Watching the red haired man descend down in style, the teen tucked his hands into his pocket and simple stood and listened to the man's introduction as one of the teachers at Jigokuraku, as well as introduce a group activity for the class to partake in. An eager grin passing over the the teen's face as he rolled his shoulders a bit.

The first day, and we already got a physical training exercise? Alright then...Time to test out my skills for real. Now I just gotta find two people for a team.

Conveniently enough, the bespectacled teen took notice of two girls making their way towards him. Two quickly becoming one as the smaller girl suddenly bolted back into one of the other crowds of students. Mori's brown eyes following the fleeing girl as he bit his lip, turning his attention to the newcomer that had actually managed to approach him. He nodded briskly, flashing a smile. "Yeah, I am. I got here a little later than everyone else, but I doubt the teacher's will be ticked at me."

The offer for him to join the girl's group was quite reassuring for the teen, his hands coming out of his belly pocket as he met her gaze. "Thanks for the consideration. Glad I didn't up being late and stuck by myself." Reaching out an open hand towards the dark haired girl, he finished.

"Kaito Mori, everyone just calls me Kai. What's your name?"

Kaito 'Kai' Mori

Hoo man, this is not a great start. From the looks of things in the school, I must've missed the whole orientation. Hopefully we're not marked on attendance on the first day.

A slightly pained expression came across the dark haired young man's face as he glanced down at the slip of paper sticking out from the front pocket of his hoodie. His hand coming down to hastily push it further into the belly pocket as he looked towards the path in front of him. Light filtering through the leaves in the trees above him glinting off of the lens of his glasses as he pushed them up his nose a bit and sighed.

Maybe the teacher will be cool about it? Junkei had some pretty relaxed teachers in highschool, some of them didn't even care if he was late.

The hopeful thought remained in the front of Kaito's mind as he smiled slightly, tugging the light strap of the worn white backpack up his shoulder as he properly emerged in the vast clearing. One his hands flattening as he brought it to his brow to shield his eyesfrom the sun as he gazed out at the crowd in the distance. His black sneakers tapping a bit as he inspected the gathering of teens from a distance.

This looks like the spot. Now all I gotta do is find the teacher. Whoever's tallest and isn't hanging out in a group....Is it that....creepy smiling guy?

The teenager's brows furrowed and his eyes narrowed briefly at the sight of the tall, overly happy dark haired man. Shrugging his shoulders, his hands found grip on both straps of his bag as he began to walk over towards him. Glancing around and inspecting the other students littering the field.
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