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@Reflection On second thought, I've decided I'll hang back for a bit. I've seen way too RP's get just as much attention as this seems to at first, only to completely die out the following week or even earlier.

In the off-chance that this is still around by then, I might come back with a solid CS, but we'll see...
@AdmrlStalfos19 Unfortunately, we have decided to say no to half bloods (Particularly anybody who wants to merge with the Uchiha or Uzumaki clans). Primarily due to how they tend to be front-loaded. We already said no to a few people asking about being half-uchiha or half-uzumaki, so it would be hypocritically to accept somebody who is half of both. Even if they do have a gimped start.

...I guess that's fair.

I do have a couple more char ideas, but neither one was as concrete if I'm honest. It'll probably take some more time for me to get one out as a result.
Well this blew up rather fast :/

Unfortunately my schedule's a little too busy for me to get a CS going today, but I still wanna get my Uzumaki-Sharingan girl. If you guys remember, my plan to keep her balanced was to render her unable to naturally cast ninjutsu in any way, shape or form. She'll most likely either not realize how much chakra a jutsu actually needs and not use enough for it to be effective as a result (see Naruto's attempt at a Shadow Clone prior to him getting the Scroll of Sealing), or she'll over-invest in chakra, only for the jutsu that she's trying to cast to blow up in her face. As such, she'd have to rely on taijustu and genjutsu (and maybe not even the latter now that I think about it; we'll see)
The major issue I'd have with that is that the Uzumaki bloodline is already hecking powerful because of their canonical 'near limitless chakra.' Mixing that with the canonically also absurd Uchiha stuff which is only limited by how much chakra is required is like giving a nuke to somebody with the ability to chuck it across state lines. It'd have to be one of those "You gotta discuss it with us" things, simply because it's one of those things that is prone to being abused.

Well, now that you mention it, I do plan to have my char gimped right from the start. Namely, the poor Uzumaki-Sharingan girl would have no capability of learning any ninjutsu whatsoever (which is ironic since she'll have almost no access to sealing jutsus, which the Uzumaki clan's supposed to be known for). This in turn would mean she'd mostly have to rely on taijutsu to actually do any damage and genjutsu to help her close in for the kill. That, combined with the fact that we're dealing with Genins, should knock Uzumaki-Sharigan down enough pegs to keep her balanced for now, and if there're any more bumps on the road, I'll try to smooth nthem out when I get to them.
So... we allowed non-Uchiha Sharingan users and/or non-Hyuga Byakugan users? I have an idea for an Uzumaki gal who would belong to the former, among another couple at the very least.
Sure, I'll toss my hat into the ring.

'Where the hell even is this place?!'

Ishiyama Tsurushi looked all over her current surroundings, searching a highly specific building in the southern district of Tenoroshi, but to no avail. Nothing stood out from all this mess of steel and concrete, which made things all the more difficult to discern from one another. Considering the job she took before becoming a grade school teacher, Tsurushi was supposed to know the vast majority of the city like the back of her hand. However, her life had made a sharp left turn since that day, and that might have had an effect on her memory. She tried to force herself into a recollection, but all that did was cause a headache that only compounded her issues.

Finally giving into the epiphany that she was completely lost, Tsurushi briskly walked over to the closest public seat that she could find; a park bench that had been caked with a suspicious pattern of white across a good portion of where one was supposed to sit. Whatever it was, it was a good thing that it would've long since dried onto the wood of the bench, or it would've ruined a perfectly good dress as Tsurushi sat down. She clutched her forehead with her left hand spread wide, all she could do to try and alleviate the agonizing pain inside. With a momentary glance to her left, however, she noticed someone who didn't belong. It was a girl. Black backpack. Mahogany eyes. Raven hair in the form of a ponytail.

And to top it all off, a highly familiar school uniform.


"Tamiko?" asked Tsurushi, wondering if she would get the girl's attention, "Suzukaze Tamiko, is that you?"

She didn't want to be wrong. She didn't want to have mistaken this girl for the troubled 5th-grader that was in her class. But with much of her memory turn asunder like it had been, Tsurushi couldn't be so sure that her eyes weren't deceiving her all this time. Afraid of such a possibility, Tsurushi turned away from the girl again and looked forward, a saddened look across her face.

"Never mind that, you should be in school at this time of day; not out in a place like this," she said in a sorrowful tone.
Apologies for taking so long to respond. Only just now figured where I'd want everything:

Love S Us in the Southwest
Suihei Elementary School in the East
Kokina Obu Resort in the North

As far as relationships that Tsurushi would actually have between the other PCs go, I'm thinking the most likely ones would be Mana and Marina; Mana may or may not remember Tsurushi being her grade school teacher back in her day (considering Tsurushi rewrote her history and all), and Marina could be someone she bumped into while she did her call-girl things. This is, of course, assuming @Asuras and @OwO don't mind these respective relations. Cause otherwise Tsurushi will have no frens. Which will be sad :C

I'd like a Discord. Not so much for shitposting (cause who does that, really?), but because questions can be answered faster, generally.
So here's my CS for Ishiyama Tsurushi, a young woman who has the power to rewrite her own history by entering a dreamspace where she can manipulate her memories. This took me all night to get it to point where I'd consider it slatable, but I can try and make changes and go into detail tomorrow.

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