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While his team's Linker was replacing the battery of the station they'd reached, Raphel Hagos Mekuria took the liberty of noting everything he'd observed from the Invaders that they'd detected along the way. There was a lot of data that he'd compiled, and research into all the data could prove extensive; if not for the higher ups, then to Raphel himself. He was always curious about these creatures that appeared out of the blue during the Second Genesis, and the more information he could garner for himself, the more faith he'd have going into future missions.

Still, Raphel figured he'd best send a copy of the file he made to Lt. Mako Isoshima, the commander for this operation, after the mission was over. While it was possible that she and the other higher ups would find nothing that they didn't already know, Raphel would hate to consider the probability in which he'd otherwise be withholding vital information. He returned the PDA that he stored his wealth of data on back into his pocket, and looked over to see how his team's Linker was doing. It looked like the necessary maintenance wasn't complete just yet.

"I'm going back on lookout duty," he told the Linker, "Come find me when you're done."

With that, he separated himself from the Linker, albeit making sure he didn't go to far. He climbed a nearby tree and concealed himself within its leaves, before looking down the scope of his marksman rifle, The Voice of Reason.

Raphel was confident that the Invaders wouldn't spot the Linker and try to attack, but it was better to be safe...

Ineractions: Assistant Ray/Dr. Rei Osborne (@ShwiggityShwah), ALMA Unit "Roxanne" (@BCTheEntity), Jenny Kami* (@LemonZest1337)

"You and Jenny are part of the same class! That means they'll be plenty of opportunities for you guys to be friends now. Isn't that great?"

Well, the slimy assistant might have been jumping for joy, but Cahreli was not amused in the slightest. She even had the facial expression of disapproval down. The only good thing about that whole exchange was that she could finally put a few names to a few faces. Not that it served her any good. Cahreli would still rather go by the pet names that she'd come up with on the spot, anyway.

"Hey, I'm all for risking my life as much as the next gal, but I was kind of under the impression that I'd only have to do it out there," the admittedly less-than-mature Arachne was quick to voice her dismay, "Not in here, or more specifically..."

She was about to refer to Jenny as "Miss Badly Oversized Klutz", but before she could say much more than she had, the assistant's body had seemingly went all screwy on her and melted, before reforming itself with a few very slight changes. The assistant had then introduced herself as Dr. Rei Osborne, all the while speaking in a German accent of all things. Cahreli could only scratch her head in response to all this.

In any case, she unveiled a mission for everyone, before handing the debriefing over to another assistant who went by the name of Roxanne. Roxanne had also mentioned that everyone should meet at the hangar by 1200 hrs should they want to take part in the mission. It was at this point that Cahreli had a sudden epiphany, slamming an open palm against her face for having completely forgotten about it earlier.

"Awe, that's right; I was supposed to test those parts I just installed last night," she mentioned through gritted teeth.

Whether she even had the time any longer would be another story...
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In Neo Sorairo 11 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aight, made the swap in nationality.
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Does Psionic Lockdown have a time limit?

Not a specific one, no. It all depends on how strong the entrapped enemy is and/or how much psychic energy Raphel has left to spare. I did consider the possibility that boss enemies would only get slowed down as opposed to outright stopped, and not even for long either.

As for the nationality, I can swap it over to Ethiopian if you guys really want me to. I just didn't think it'd be a big deal if I left it.
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So... I'm thinking Striker with the ability to transfer the pain he feels from an attack to the enemy that delivered it, on the condition that his body still takes the damage. Would that be acceptable, or should I try to think of something else?

Ineractions: Jenny Kami (@LemonZest1337), Fellicia Kuntz (@Foster), Assistant Ray (@ShwiggityShwah), Queen Rose & Frens* (@Lady Selune)

"Oooohhhh, so your tail's the problem!" Cahreli gleefully suggested, "I'm sure there's something we can use to take care of that!"

Truth be told, Cahreli was pleasantly surprised at how easy of a picking the giantess proved to be thus far. Her response to Cahreli's confrontation wasn't all that assertive. It couldn't even be considered defensive. All the girl really did was splutter out an apology and a bullshit excuse for her lapse of awareness... which it was bullshit. Last time Cahreli checked, they weren't exactly on an icy surface. Or an oily one. Or even something as comical as one giant banana peel.

In any case, Cahreli was quite happy to leaving that as the possible looming threat that it sounded like. Just as she turned to leave, however, her compound eyes had just caught vision of a cat-like being making a move to attack her, which enabled her to react just in time to dodge the incoming volley of quills coming her way. Cahreli turned back to face her attacker... only to make a mockery of her voice.

"Nyyaah, it didn't even hit your table; nyyaah, apparently you're so arrogant that you shouldn't care about a table being smacked around just because it wasn't yours; nyyaah, of course I'd think that cause I'm a ditzy dumbass broad-cat with milk for brains; nnyyyaaahh!" well, one would have to question the lack of maturity that Cahreli presented, not to mention the insolent brashness, but in any case... "All of that is what you sound like! It's a good thing you're such a hack, too. Cause otherwise you could've REALLY HURT ME!!"

The tantrum that she pretend to have may have been a facade, but Cahreli was more annoyed over the fact that cat-person attracted all the attention earlier. Some bee-girls flew over to try and cheer the giantess up, and even a slime-girl had rushed to diffuse the situation before it got any more out of hand than it already was. That slime girl looked familiar to Cahreli somehow. Wasn't she Dr. Osborne's main assistant? How the hell did she get dragged into this mess of all people? Cahreli needed to say something, so...

"Well, it always starts with a couple of tables, innit?" she told the assistant, "Then all of a sudden one of those tables smacks someone on the head, then they both do, then the people get hit bad enough to fall into comas and then... there's a reason people still get arrested for manslaughter, is what I'm trying to say."

Cahreli used her compound eyes to check on the cat-person. No doubt she'd be fuming over everything the Arachne had said, but it was entirely possible that she bailed out of fear of getting an earful... unlike Cahreli, who reveled in the attention she got no matter how good or bad. Confident that the cat-person wouldn't try anything either way, Cahreli continued speaking.

"Oh, and it may not have sounded like it, but for the record, I was calm this whole time. The only reason I may have been shouting is because..." she turned to face the giantess mid-sentence, if only to prove a point " is customary to ensure the person that you're trying to talk to can actually hear you!"

While all the future students were convening on how they did as individuals, everyone that was playing the part of the villain had their own discussion with each other. Understandably, The Dragon was a little late to the party and, contrary to her usual self, showed a great deal of sadness in her face. She curled up into a ball on her seat and kept her eyes low to the ground.

“So what’s the story?” asked The Shadow, being the first to express concern.

“Well… Tetsumi-kun seemed to be OK from what I could see, but the medics insisted that we give him more time to recover,” The Dragon rose her head to make eye contact with The Shadow, but lowered it back again when she was finished with her explanation, “Guess a face-to-face apology is out of the question for today...”

Everyone had a moment of silence. The Beast admittedly had the head start in that department, not having actually said anything since The Dragon arrived. The Mastermind’s smile vanished, a rare sight as that was of him, as he took in the gravity of the situation. The Shadow simply nodded in acknowledgement, having been all too familiar with these types of scenarios. Even The Ruler felt obligated to pay her respects to her comrade of the fairer sex. Suddenly, however…

“Cheer up, Tanifuji; we all make mistakes from time to time,” The Mastermind’s annoyingly sparkling smile returned in the most unexpected of fashions as he said this, “In fact, we were still discussing how exactly we were meant to get the students home again considering the bus is now officially totalled. ”

“We did agree that the repairs were to come out of Goudo’s pocket, though,” The Ruler snarkily added.

“Correction; only for the panelbeating; it’d be highly unrealistic to assume a teacher’s salary would be enough to pay for a new engine,” The Shadow felt obligated to mention, to which The Ruler rolled her eyes in dismissal, “In any case, that’s beside the point. We should be focusing on how the students had performed as a whole...”

The Beast continued to remain silent for much of the meeting, as did The Dragon. As he looked slightly over to his left, he noticed that the proctor was visible on the outskirts of his peripheral vision, compiling all sorts of data on her laptop which had kept her preoccupied from participating too heavily in the meeting. It was at this point that The Beast finally broke his own silence.

“That reminds me,” he stated, turning to face the child-like proctor, “Go ahead and give those three the points they’d have gotten from me, if you don’t mind.”

“Are you sure about that, Itagaki?” the proctor asked for clarification.

“If it’ll stop a certain one of them from bitching at us later down the road...” The Beast grumbled through gritted teeth.

Nodding in acknowledgment, the proctor simply got back to what she was doing, while most everyone else were still going over a few things of their own.

“Alright, I have enough here to work with,” she said, “I’ll let the students know what will happen.”

Three days had passed since the exam had been held, and still there was no word on whether Umi had passed. The thought of her failing despite her best efforts… it was enough to prevent her from getting a decent night’s sleep. She got out of bed and washed herself up, and was just about to sit down to eat breakfast when she noticed her mother, Suguro Mako, with a handful of envelopes. Mako was reading one in particular that was meant for Umi, which had detailed the results on the examination at Jigokuraku Academy… and seemingly with high regards.

“Oh wow, this makes it look as though you aced the exam,” Mako said as she noted Umi’s arrival, before, no longer able to contain her excitement, rushing to wrap herself around the poor girl and squeezing her tightly in her chest, “I’m so proud of you, UmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIII!!”

“M-mom!” Umi tried desperately to pry her head away from Mako’s breasts as she exclaimed, her face red in embarrassment as they made contact with the side of it, but the way her mother held her wouldn’t allow such a thing to be possible.

“C’mon now, don’t be such a prude,” Mako ruffled Umi’s hair with her free hand as she said this, only just now realizing the time after the slightest of glances on her watch, “Let’s get you ready. Don’t want you to be late on the first day, now, do we?”

With that, Mako let go and moved to fix Umi’s lunch for the day, whereas Umi herself finally got to sit down and pour her bowl of cereal. She glazed over the letter that was addressed to her specifically.

‘Suguro Umi

The bravery and fortitude that you showed during the examination are exactly what we’re looking for in an aspiring hero. We’ve had to make a myriad of difficult choices during our selection process over the years, but the decision to accept you was arguably the easiest decision that we’ve ever had the fortune of being presented. You should take great pride in your accomplishments.

Please make your way to the school hall at precisely 8:00am. Your fellow students and teachers will be awaiting your arrival.’

'How could they say that about me?' Umi worried over, unsure whether to be grateful or dismayed.

She also had to wonder how the proctor was able to gather enough information to make the executive decisions necessary, despite the fact that the exam was called off early. In any case, it wasn’t worth thinking about now that Umi had no-one to go over the facts with. She’d have to wait for the inevitable rendezvous with all the other participants of the exam...

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Tentative interest is tentative. I'm a bit too busy trying to make important posts elsewhere at the mo, but I'll start working on a char by tonight.
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