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I'd been meaning to post a while now, but I'm having slight difficulty trying to decide who Ezekiel should interact with.


Who needs interaction?

Suddenly, a series of blue lights began to materialize one at a time. At first these lights proved difficult for Etsu to identify, but after some time they slowly began to take shape, all the while drawing ever so closer to her.

"Are these... butterflies?" Etsu wondered, extending her hand out of curiosity. She wanted to ascertain that what she was seeing was real, but she could easily cause any of these delicate beauties to disperse on contact; this was on the back of her mind as well.

A voice was then heard in the background.

The scent of fresh soil.
The sound of joyful laughter.
The embrace of a mother.

'Soil... Laughter... Mother?' repeating the last words of those three lines in her head, Etsu paused in thought, before reaching an epiphany, 'Wait. Is this the Greek goddess of...? An actual goddess is trying to reach out to me?!'


Sure enough, reality kicked back in for Etsu. She regained vision of that hideous monster before her, and she immediately recollected the appendage wrapped tightly around her neck. She brought her hands up to her eye level, only for the damage to her fingernails to remind her that she already tried to claw her way out... as well as how fruitless that turn out to be. There was only one thing she could do.

'Here goes...' Etsu inhaled deeply, trying accumulate as much air as she could into her lungs; she had to maximize her chances of the voice being able to hear her given the circumstances of her throat being constricted, even if that meant yelling at the top of her lungs, "DEMEEEETEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!"
Both WIP apps for Melissa and Meta are up. I'll work on them in more detail tomorrow, but if their stats don't align or something, lemme know and that'll be the first thing I work on.
Damn it! Computer restarted for literally no reason at all. Lost my rolls as a result :/

But yeah, app will be here instead of at my first post.

Hmm... on second thought, I'm debating changing my recruitment method from Weapon (which I had) to Contract. The only real reason I picked Weapon was so I could guarantee myself a gun, but after some more reading from the module, I realized I could get a gun anyway (or rather what could effectively work as a gun) by securing Dual Weapon as my 5th pick through Contract.


I'd have no choice but to re-roll should I commit to the change, won't I? It's fine if I do (I'm looking forward to seeing if I can re-roll Twinned Souls again, and if I miss it I've still got the Gold Coin); just asking for clarification is all.
I believe it was the twin's power that was the bad roll. I rolled two 14's for her weapon and outfit rolls, followed immediately by a 12
So... I was wondering something.

I rolled a 6 for my Power Roll, which would net me Twinned Souls. This was all well and good, but one of the three rolls that would apply to that Twinned Soul was bad. Could I expend a Silver Coin to change anything on the Twinned Soul, or am I stuck with what I ultimately rolled for it?
Interest checked. I'm presuming I'll have to make my own rolls since I wasn't a part of the original AMG, but thankfully I have my own D20 that I can roll myself (good thing I used to play MtG :]), so that shouldn't be a problem.

I'll edit this post with the rolls I get and the CS that comes with them.

Just got back yesterday, actually. Glad I have internet that I can actually use again.

I'll try and get a post out there today. Hopefully something comes together for me.
So... I just visited my grandmother this afternoon, and I'm staying at a hotel in the same town for the night so I can visit her again for her 80th birthday. I only have about half a gigabyte of internet data to work with (because typical hotel service) and, while that should be enough to make posts here and there, I may or may not be busy actually celebrating said birthday. So if yo don't happen to see a post today or tomorrow, that'll be way.


That said, I'll try to get a post in right now. Whether anything sticks is another story though :/
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