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(is about to call second)
(catches sight of Naw's sheet)


Fuck it, I'll take the bronze medal on this one.

Some new faces would be nice :/
@LunarisDaFox@Stern Algorithm@Indra@Phonic

We now officially have a server! :D

You can find the CS template in the respective channel. It may look like a complete mess on there, but when you transfer it into RPGuild as is, the sheet will appear to be a lot nicer.
As it says in the initial post, you are what you play. If you want to be an Adventurer who is good at haggling, all you need to do is spend a lot of time at the market, bartering for items, arguing about quality and pinching pennies. The Supporter class has an easier time doing these things initially, but if you put in enough time, you can end up being just as good.

You raise a fair point. I'm actually probably gonna go Smith, actually. Making your own weapons and armor to go adventuring with seems nice.
Would there happen to be an option for Dual-Classing, by chance? I like the idea of my guy being able to haggle, but I don't exactly wanna go full Supporter :/
Ooh, this is nice find. I do have my hands full with an RP that I'm hosting rn (among other things), but I'd be happy to invest whatever time I manage to scrounge up into this gem.
@Stern Algorithm Ah, right. Seems like a cool enough idea; looking forward to seeing how it pans out.
@Stern Algorithm I'ma go out on a limb and assume you mean magic in the arcane/illusion sense or something, cause otherwise the answer would be "no shit, that's what an Esper does".

In the case you meant that, then... sure? Question mark? Just don't try and do anything too crazy; I do intend to have a power cap on what Level Espers get to be at when they're maxed, I just haven't figured out what I want that cap to be at yet.
A simple Railgun/Magical Index RP with a simple plot.

It revolves around a titular character, which will be RP'ed by me, and his rise to fame as the newest Level 5 Esper. He is ranked 8th, with the original 7 Level 5 Espers still ahead of him in terms of power, but he is still diligently training to become stronger. However, experiments are still being conducted on the Espers in Academy City as a whole, and it may be up to him to stop them from seeing fruition.


Yeah, the whole "thisisastoryallabouthowmylifegotflippedturnedupsidedown" angle is cliche as all hell, I know. And if it seems like I haven't put a lot of thought into this, it's because I haven't just yet. I'll probably need a co-host to bounce ideas off of; preferably someone who knows their way around the Railgun/Magical Index franchise. If you feel like giving me hand, go ahead and throw me a line on Discord if you have my tag for it, or PM me your own. Otherwise, feel free to drop an interest check. I'll do something about organizing the OOC and making a CS template when I have a large enough show of hands.

Interactions: Aqua Marina* (@SubjectVision), Nickel (@Nyahahameha)

"Stop moping, you're in the way," with that, Morgana was effortlessly shoved to one side before she could even react. She was warned about the way humans tended to treat faunus, but she didn't want to believe that was normal of them. Perhaps that was why Skyler was so reprehensive about humans in general, but Morgana herself had no way of knowing that.

Morgana considered confronting the girl; telling her what she did wasn't nice in the slightest, and asking her who hurt her to make her act that way. But maybe it was for the best to let it go for now. It might've given her a first impression of being a pushover, but it was better that than to get into a fight right out of the gate. That would just look bad for anyone; most of all Morgana herself.

Collecting herself, Morgana was just about join the others when suddenly...

"Excuse me," said a girl who'd approached Morgana out of nowhere, catching her attention "Uh...this is probably gonna' sound dumb, but...are angel? Or, like...a fairy, maybe?"

"I wish," Morgana laughed her own statement off, "Just your average faunus that was lucky to be born with wings."

Something about this girl seemed off with Morgana, now that she thought about it. The height advantage she had over her wasn't surprising; Morgana was always a short person. But the facial structure was more fitting for an adult, and the arms almost seemed... robotic.

"Forgive me if I seem rude, but... may I ask what you are, exactly?" asked Morgana, her hesitance shown in her voice.

Interactions: Tori RauĂ°rgant* (@Lemons), Malachite Aventure (@tobiax), Onyx Harkin* (@Claw2k11)

Skyler looked back for the briefest of seconds, and had caught eye of Morgana being shoved away by that girl. If this was Skyler the girl was trying to pass like that, she would've picked her up and slammed her on the ground. Immediately. And from there, Skyler probably would've continued to rub the girl's face in the sand, until she took the hint that she was barely worth the dirt that'd be trapped in the soles of one's boots. However, as much as she loved putting humans in their place, Skyler ignored the girl for now. She knew better than to act unnecessarily violent over matters that didn't directly concern her.

Another scuffle had caught Skyler's eye. This one took place towards the engine bay of the ship, and involved three people; a human boy going against another human and a faunus. That one human simply ran away after a while, abandoning the fight that he himself had started. However, Skyler caught up to him as he stopped running for whatever reasoning.

"You're a complete and utter moron, y'know that?" Skyler told the boy, as if she had to say it to his face.
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