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Ezekiel was displeased with the answer that Cpl. Hunt had given him, but supposed the commanding officer was right about the intelligence division not really wanting to give out unnecessary information. That thought in mind, it was better to see if he couldn't extract what he needed from the spies themselves. Which in turn would mean he'd best ensure he got onto the distraction team.

When it came time for the squad to gear up, Ezekiel simply picked up one of the Vipers that were lying around, deciding he'd best stick to weapon type that he knew. The only other type of gun he ever fired before was a rifle, and the pistol was considerably more effective in tighter spaces. Not to mention that it was almost impossible to conceal a rifle without placing it elsewhere entirely.

Now all he had to do was wait for it to come time for the trap to be sprung...
Char's almost finished. I'm looking to get him up by tomorrow, but as long as there's still a spot open for a Vampire Knight, I don't mind the IC starting up ahead of me.
I'll more than likely make my post tomorrow. I could try to shoot for tonight, but I doubt my schedule will allow for it :\
That's fine; I'm pretty much all caught up now.

App will go here once it's done.
Yeah, unfortunately I'm gonna have to cut myself out of the running. Character ideas don't seem to be sticking right now, and knowing my luck and experience, I highly doubt I'll be able to get a sheet in fast enough. Maybe next time.
So... how much DxD lore would I need to know before I can jump in on this? I ask because it's been a long time since I touched the anime and I may not remember everything :/

It had taken them a long time but, after hours upon hours of trudging through the dense fog, Granoda finally managed to lead everyone out of the forest, and into the village in which the medicine was meant to be delivered. However, something was still amiss; namely, the fact that the party had never been attacked despite being at its most vulnerable. This could only mean one of two things. Either these threats were lies in their entirety, or these so-called assailants had a subtler method in mind for ensuring that the medicine never reached the villagers that needed it most. Mind games were not Granoda's forte at all, but this was starting to look like she'd have to play along...

"Still gonna need a pint after this," Granoda muttered to herself, reluctantly slinging her axe over her back again. They were in a village, after all, so it would be customary to holster one's weapon so as to not cause its populace to panic unnecessarily. But at the same time, she didn't really feel all that safe right now.

Up ahead was a man who had been tending to a flame situated at the center of the village, clad in black robes and with his back turned to the party. He seemed to be the only visible person in this village, but everything about him screamed outsider. Why exactly he was here was unknown as of yet. Granoda stopped everyone before they came too close to the man, refusing to take any chances with him.

"Before we go any further, we should ascertain that there's... say, more than one person here," she explained, before turning towards a certain rare vanguard, "Diana?"
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