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I could possibly pick this up. We'll see.

Interactions: Aria Phoenis (@Saltwater Thief)

'It survived, huh?' Torami had been disheartened as this came across her mind, 'What a bother...'

Still, she had to keep on the offensive. Many others had been fighting the monster off too, including a sword-wielder who could summon and manipulate flames. If memory served Torami, this girl was the first to engage the enemy, even before Torami herself decided she'd best spring into action. She'd been holding her own thus far, but Torami could only wonder how long she could keep this up.

Another girl had used her power to transform a nearby tree into what looked to be a crane, and used it to hoist the monster in mid-air where it seemed to be helpless. It was an interesting power, and had proven very useful in the heat of the moment. However, the monster had one more attack it could use. It fired the spikes on its body all around the park, in a last-ditch effort to skewer who it could.

Torami instinctively reached for her umbrella, which had transformed into a giant mace right at the start of the battle. She brought it up high, intending to swat down the spike that was coming for her. It looked as though following through with that swing wasn't necessary; the fire girl rushed to Torami's defense, erecting a barrier to repel all the spikes coming this entire direction. Unfortunately, one of the spikes had managed to break through, scratch the girl's shoulder on the way past and slam into the ground behind them. Torami appreciated the girl's valiant effort to protect them, but her sudden injury was enough cause for Torami's concern.

"I thank you for coming to my aid, but... are you sure you are quiet alright?" she asked.

Torami had half a mind to see if she could heal the girl, but something she said before she was struck had resonated within the heterochromatic girl. Do whatever you need to do. It wasn't until she took that second to think it through that Torami realized what she really needed. She needed that thing to repent for the damage it had done. It wasn't going to repent if it didn't understand, and the only way to make it understand was...

"I shall borrow this," Torami decided, walking over towards the spike that had penetrated the fire girl's barrier and pulling it out from the ground. She then made her way underneath the monster. First, she tossed the spike lightly in the air, giving it enough of a spin so it would point to the same place she had hit her Star Grenade. Next, Torami brought her mace up and forward again, this time lining it up with her right eye as it generated more starlight. This was it. The moment she'd been waiting for.

"Luminous Eye. One more time," with that, Torami allowed the force of the starlight beam to rip the mace from her hand, where it would collide with the spike she tossed earlier and propel it forward. With both the weight of a gargantuan mace and the power of a strong beam of starlight behind it, the spike soared into the air as part of a makeshift javelin, with more than enough speed for a through and through penetration.
I'd like to do the honors, if I may.

I know I hadn't posted in a while; that was due to personal matters that I had to see to. But I should be good to go some time today if need be.
On second thought, I'd like to have The Sun as my Arcana. I'll leave Strength up for anyone that wants it

As for the character herself, I'll start work on the app tomorrow morning, with the aim to have it completed by nightfall
Well that's a shame. Glad I asked before I got too far into development, but still...

Back to the drawing board for me, then :/
@Ambra Full-blooded Russian that moved to Japan and learnt the language recently wouldn't be too much of a stretch on what you're looking for, would it? I can quite easily scramble something else together if that happens to be the case; this is just the first concept I have for a char
@Ambra Would it be OK if I had a Persona that uses Earth skills? Or would you prefer we all stick to the usual elements?

In any case, I'd like to reserve Strength for my character, but am still yet to nail down the exact Persona(s) I want for her
Ooh, Persona RP.

Count me in

"That would be wise, yes," Torami said in response, "Do not worry; I will keep everyone safe."

As the girl took her leave, Torami turned her attention to the monster, examining it more closely and trying to compare it to what she remembered of the monster that attacked the mall that day. This one was not it; that much she could tell at first glance. But still, she couldn't ignore the damage that the whole park had sustained thanks to this fiend, nor could she ignore the lives it had claimed thus far. Torami knew what she had to do. She had to kill this thing before it had the chance to hurt anyone else.

Starlight had already been forming inside her dead-looking right eye, and she gathered even more in her left hand, which belonged to her good throwing arm. It looked as though the monster had already been softened up by some of the other combatants while she was charging up her attacks, so she intended to finish it off right then and there. She was confident that just those two attacks from her would do it.

"Now then; Star Grenade," with that, Torami hurled the ball of starlight she'd been forming in her hand with all her might. It had exploded right in the lower chest area where she was aiming; this was meant to stagger the beast and destroy whatever armor plating it had there.

"Followed by Luminous Eye," a beam of starlight shot from Torami's right eye and slammed right into where the monster had been struck by the Star Grenade from earlier. Torami had no intention of letting up the pressure. This thing was going to get slain one way or the other.
Yeah, I had a feeling the idea of the four girls playing the frisbee might've been wrong, but I was in a rush and didn't have the time to try and ascertain that it was wrong. I've just fixed it now though, so hopefully it's all good.
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