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Interactions: Morgana Solomon (Yours Truly :])

As the ship completed its descent to the ground, Skyler Gallegos uncoiled herself from her seat. She'd wrapped the serpentine portion of her body all around it to secure herself, figured it'd keep her in place in an emergency just as well as the seat belt provided. Skyler was the youngest of this batch of students headed for Shade Academy; she was only 15 years old as opposed to everyone else's 16 or 17, or so she had to presume. But she showed more than enough talent at Mirage Academy to warrant her early transition. She even found Mirage Academy much too easy for her, having been prepared for combat through a brutal training regime from her father when she was 8.

Unsurprised by her own success, Skyler looked down at her Scroll for a brief moment, and followed the other students outside. Just as she was about to step off, she heard the voice inching closer and closer to her, and felt as though she had to prepare for an ambush.

"Yay, we made it, we made it, WE MMMAAAAAAAADE IIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!" this was the sound of Morgana Solomon, a butterfly faunus that served as Skyler's classmate and, to Skyler at least, was as much an annoyance as she remembered her to be. Unable to contain her excitement, Morgana had spread her arms wide to try and hug Skyler, but Skyler held Morgana back by the middle finger to her forehead, before bringing her thumb to the fold and flicking her into flinching.

"OW!!" Morgana rubbed her forehead as she exclaimed, "Skyler! What was that for?"

"I keep telling you to back off from me, and yet you never listen," retorted Skyler.


She turned to go down outside the ship, only just catching a glimpse of the news portraying the revocation of a shady doctor's medical license before the feed cut off and Shade Academy did its thing.

"Wonder if this will be a challenge at all," Skyler mused aloud.

"I heard we get to go into teams for this," said Morgana, as if Skyler wanted her opinion, "Can you imagine that? We'd get to be the dream team Creamy Mirage Sisters! Wouldn't that be amazing?"

"Eww, that's the worst team name I ever heard in my life!" Skyler spat, "Besides, I'm actually hoping they don't enforce that as a rule. I don't know about you Morgana, but I myself wouldn't want three mindless goons slowing me down."

"C'mon; don't think like that!" Morgana pleaded, "They're supposed to be friends. They're supposed to help you when you just might need it mo-..."

"So what? They expect my hand to be held out just like at Mirage?!" Skyler lashed out, anger smoldering as she turned away from Morgana, "See? This is exactly why we can't be friends; I won't leave my brain out to rot like yours clearly has..."

"Huh? Wait, why would you...?! SK-SKYLER??!!" Morgana called out to her classmate, but she could only watch as Skyler slithered away from her to lose herself in the crowd of other applicants, and buried her head in her hands, "Oh god... what did I do wrong?"

Interactions: Morino Zaketa (Collaberation between @ERode and Yours Truly :])

Tsurushi had only just back from her therapy with Hitsu. She wanted to make a quick trip to the convenience store to get the ingredients that she needed for the recipe she wanted to try, but she figured she needed to check how many of which of those ingredients she and Zaketa already kept in their hotel room. It was a good thing too, since for the first time since she even got here, Tsurushi found the room to be almost spotless! Ordinarily this would be considered amazing, but knowing Zaketa? Something had to have gone horribly wrong while Tsurushi was away.

Her suspicions were confirmed when she saw two suitcases out in the open; one of which had to be filled to the brink with everything Zaketa would normally have strewn across the floor, and the other being in the process of being packed. Tsurushi didn't know what to think about the idea of leaving this place. Her first instinct was to see if she could find some kind of clue that would give Zaketa to leave. An eviction notice? She looked over at the top of the table, then over to the bench and even inside the bin where all the trash would be placed.

"I... I don't understand," Tsurushi finally told Zaketa, "Why should we have to leave so suddenly? Did something happen when I was gone?"

She didn't know what kind of answer to expect from her young lover, given her current mood. That alone was enough for Tsurushi to tense up in anticipation.

"They found out," Zaketa spat, grimacing at the thought. "About what I...used to do before. What you're doing now." More smouldering anger surfaced, but she knew control, at least. Knew how to keep going, cramming more belongings into the suitcase.

"You don't mean...?"

Suddenly, it hit Tsurushi. There was only one type of people who'd even have a problem with what she and Zaketa were doing now; those sleezeballs they both used to work under the employ of, "Love S Us", if she remembered the name correctly. Why they'd be pursuing the two after all this time, Tsurushi didn't know. But she did know that there had to be a better way they could get out of this situation.

Just as Zaketa shoved even more stuff into the open suitcase with more determination than ever, Tsurushi reached out and grabbed her hand.

"Wait, hold on!" she demanded in desperation, "We're already as far away from that place as we can possibly afford; we can't just pack up and run away! Not after I... not after we had just got the chance to settle down!"

"What..." Zaketa narrowed her eyes, frustration leaking through. "What else can we do? It's not about the past, you know? It's about your future, Tsurushi!" She pulled her hand away from the green-haired woman's grasp, fists clenched, shaking. "Thirteen years age difference, with the younger one being a former prostitute. If that gets out, who would want you as a teacher for children?"

Her eyes were bagged, bleeding mascara.

"If nothing else, I need to leave. You don't have a past with them, Tsu."

No. Zaketa was wrong; Tsurushi did have a past with them. She may have used her power to rewrite it completely, but it was still fresh on her mind, as if it were yesterday. She hid that deep in her heart for so long, and she never told anyone. None of the teachers and staff she worked with. Not Yasuo. Not Hitsu. Not even Zaketa. It haunted Tsurushi deeply; enough so that she began to shed tears of her own.

"Zake..." murmered a saddened Tsurushi before she suddenly brought Zaketa in close, and wrapped her arms around her, "This is all my fault. I got so caught up in trying to get you out that... I knew I should've thought of a better way to cut the ties between you and those scumbags! If only I wasn't such a fucking coward, I'd have...!"

Tsurushi let go of Zaketa, and distanced herself by the slightest amount. She took the time to wipe away a few stray tears, but then looked her lover straight in the eyes, with a newfound determination.

"I know you might think you're not worth the trouble," she adjusted her tone accordingly, "But I'll be damned if I'm forced to give up on the person I love. I'll find a way to fix this, Zaketa; I owe that much to the both of us..."

Zaketa was too old to believe that feelings alone would fix all this. It wasn't as if it was difficult to run, but running away was different from escaping. She blinked, a difficult expression emerging as she placed a hand upon Tsurushi's own. Cold and warm, seeping through and mixing until they became the same. She took two breaths to steady herself, and forced a smile.

"Ok. I'll trust you with that." The dark-skinned woman said. "But Tsu. We're still going to have to pack our bags and run, ok? You need time to think, right? So. We're going to do this then. Just promise me. If things go poorly, cut me off."

She swallowed, released Tsurushi's warm, warm hand, and went back to packing.

"I'll be fine. I just want you to be more than fine."

"Er... sure," Tsurushi replied hesitantly, although she was evidently lying through her teeth. She could never bring herself to cut Zaketa off. Honestly, she would kill herself before she'd allow it to come down to that.

Still, Zaketa may've been on to something. Perhaps it was for the best that the couple secure another place to stay, even for a night or two before the big confrontation with 'Love S Us'... Just in case the highly likely event occured that something were to go horribly wrong. But where would they go? Zaketa had to know that neither of them could afford anything real fancy and secure, and that Tsurushi still had her job that they couldn't live too far away from either. Tsurushi didn't want to think about that. She was already racking her brain as it was.

Tsurushi knew she couldn't do this on her own, but who'd be her best ally? A prosecutor? No; their services tended to cost way too much, and she'd have to sacrifice her whole salary for the year just to be able to pay them off. The police? One would expect that to be the go-to choice for a law-abiding citizen, but Tsurushi had no idea how sure the cops would feel about shaking down a place of business, and she'd feel bad for requesting that of them. A bruiser-type? Most of them were too scary to even approach, let alone ask for a favor of any kind.


Maybe it was better for Tsurushi to just go to 'Love S Us' and figure out all the fine details along the way. And maybe she should start leaving right then and there; maybe make some excuse about checking somewhere out or.... something. But could she leave Zaketa to fend for herself knowing that those goons would come after her again? Tsurushi really did need time to think how to solve this problem. But could she really afford it?

It had been a long time since Tehlarissa Wranvaris first set foot in the Foxbridge community. She'd only been here once before, and that was only to accompany the teenage daughter of the scientist that had revived her, as she went from place to place. Ironically, it was the last stop along the way in which Tehlarissa didn't feel entirely out of place. Morning Star Cafe had quite the assortment of other-worldly creatures from memory, who both had worked inside and were served as customers. However, the fact that she was well over one and a half times their size on average had still made Tehlarissa feel uneasy. She could barely even fit inside the bus she took to get into Foxbridge.

There were still quite the number of streets that Tehlarissa would have to go down to get from the bus exchange where she was dropped off to the cafe that brought so much familiarity in her life. As such, she'd have plenty of time to start looking for a source of income for herself while she was here, which was good because, although she may have looked to be wealthily dressed, she actually had no real amount of money on her person. Tehlarissa had only brought three things with her; a violin case with an accompanying violin, a parasol and a hiker's backpack that would've presumably contained the entirety of her remaining belongings. Perhaps she could put the former two to good use? Well... it was worth a shot. Tehlarissa opened up her parasol, but purposefully held it upside-down from the top, placing it in front of her, and holding it with her front-most legs while she used her hands to pull the violin out from its case.

As she held it in place with her hands and her chin, Tehlarissa began playing to the melody that was Amazing Grace, using her free tentacles to fine-tune the violin as she went. She had a keen mastery of the violin from her former life, and it was good to see that her muscle memory had not been affected by all the extra... additions to her body. Her voice, however, wasn't something she was entirely confident in. She settled for simply whistling the first verse of the song after she completed the fine-tuning of her violin as a result. The "wretch" that was part of the verse had hit Tehlarissa especially hard; and it stung so much because deep down, she knew that was exactly all she was. A wretch. An abomination. A grotesque, badly oversized obstacle that never failed to position herself in someone's way whether she'd meant to or otherwise. Perhaps trying to fitting into any sort of community was too much to ask of Tehlarissa, now that she was like this. She continued playing on the move, being considerate of where she was going but trying not to overthink it.

♪♫"'Twwaaas Grraaaaaaace thaaaaaat taaaaauuuuuggghhht mmmyyyyyy heeeeaaaaaarrrrt tooooo feeeeaaaaarrr"♫♪

Deciding to start from the second verse instead, Tehlarissa unveiled a somber, yet soothing singing voice, tears starting to fall as it escaped her lips. Perhaps it was merely an act, perhaps how she truly felt. What mattered more to her now was that the song go on.

♪♫"Aaaannnd Grraaaaaaace, mmyyyyyy feeeeaaaaarrrs rreeeeliiiieeeevved"♫♪

Through the third eye that was on her midsection, Tehlarissa saw that some of the pedestrians had stopped and lent their ears.

♪♫"Hhooooow prreeeeeciiioouus diiiiiiiiiiid thaaaaaat Grraaaaaaaace aaaaaappeeeeaaaar"♫♪

A slight smile slowly curved onto her face as she presented the upside-down parasol to those who stayed, ensuring her movements were slow so as to not appear pushy or desperate. The sound of coin making contact with the felt of the parasol was just the sign she was looking for.

♪♫"Thheeeeee hoooooooooour IIIII fiiirrrrrrst beeeeliiiieeeevved"♫♪

It would've been awkward to try and mouth "thank you" mid-performance, but to compensate, Tehlarissa held a couple of free tentacles to her heart, her eyes conveying her appreciation for her. With that being enough to keep her going, she continued on her path, stopping at a corner where traffic lights were present and pressing a button that would allow her safe passage across the street in due time.

♪♫"Thrrooouuugh mmaaaaaaaaannyyyyy daaaaaaaaaaaaangeeers, toooooooooooils aaaannd snnaaaaaaaarrres"♫♪
♪♫"Wweeeee haaaaaavve aaallrreeeeeaaaaadyyyy coooooooooome"♫♪

Curiously enough, the song caught the ears of a young Nekomata girl who was waiting at that same set of lights with her grandmother. She was a larger girl; probably 7 or 8 years old if Tehlarissa had to guess her age. She evidently wanted to sing too... so she did.

♪♫"'Twwaaas Grraaaaaaace thaaaaaat brroooouuuught uuuuuss ssaaaaaaffe thuuuuuuss ffaaaaaarr"♫♪
♪♫"Aaaannnd Grraaaaaaace wwiiiiilll lleeeeeaaaaad uuuuuuss hooooooooooome"♫♪

Well, the girl had said "was" instead of "'twas" and "this" instead of "thus" but, considering she may have still been learning her words, Tehlarissa couldn't exactly fault her. In fact, she found it to be cute. She playfully rubbed the tip of one tentacle underneath the girl's chin, which tickled her and made her purr. Sure enough, the walk signal turned green for Tehlarissa, so it was time for her to take her leave.

This was it. Just one last street to go down before she'd reach Morning Star Cafe. With her confidence starting to come into fruition, Tehlarissa made sure to belt this last verse out and let her true singing talent shine.


A few more payments of spare change from enchanted pedestrians later, Tehlarissa made it. She could see a few people inside Morning Star Cafe already, but it didn't look to be open just yet, judging by the queue outside. Perhaps it would open up to the multitude of customers by the time she finished her performance? Whether that would be the case or not, she didn't mind. She was merely grateful that people would pay to hear her sing. Judging by the sheer volume of change contained by the parasol, it was safe to say Tehlarissa had a good run. She turned to look toward the direction that she came, wanting to thank her audience despite having a feeling they'd all be gone by now...

♪♫"'Twwaaas blliiiiiiinnd..."♫♪

She wrapped a tentacle around the bow of her violin and pressed hard against the instrument itself, before relinquishing grip from her hand.

♪♫"Buuuut nnoooooooooow..."♫♪

She closed her eyes and held said hand to her chest for a few seconds, making a single, deep inhale of breath. She then extended it far to the direction that she came, slowly opening her eyes again as she did.

♪♫"IIIIIIIIIIIIII... sssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"♫♪

Interactions: Anenokoji Hitsu (@ERode)

Tsurushi continued to listen as Hitsu gave her opinion on the matter. It was heavily extended from her previous statement, and there might've been a few keywords here and there that stuck out to Tsurushi. Something about flexing wings and biting back? Tsurushi shook her head; she was never going to remember any of that. She kept listening for anything that might help her cause.

About half way through, sirens could be heard in the distance, which distracted Hitsu for a brief moment. Tsurushi was curious about those too, and had wondered where they were headed. She decided against asking right now though, as it would've been rude to force a change of subject to something so mundane. Perhaps it would've been best to save that until the end. Right now Tamiko took priority.

"So... I should try to relate to her, is what you're telling me..." Tsurushi deduced aloud, but shook her head again, "I mean, I'd have made a better effort than I had if knew what to go off of. Administration hasn't told me shit about her; I don't know whether it's because I'm new or because they don't know anything either or..."

Tsurushi stopped, and blinked a couple times. She had a habit rambling on for a moment, where she was never entirely sure what she was saying.

"I'm sorry; am I making excuses?" she asked Hitsu, "It feels like am when I shouldn't be..."

Interactions: Kei Aiba* (@Jun)


Genesis could only look towards the boy in shock as he walked right past her with only a single word of goodbye. She could not believe this was someone would not stop to strike a conversation; even if it were only to be brief, it would've been better than what she was just given.

'Did he just blow me off?' she couldn't help but wonder.

While she had half to mind to go after him and demand an explanation, Genesis decided she didn't really have the time to chase the boy. She still had to flip a text to Karter to let him know that school had ended early. She pulled out her phone.

'School ended early. I have the rest of the week off too. Come pick me up, plz?'

With that, Genesis headed out to the parking lot that was at the school's front entrance, and waited for Karter's vehicle to arrive.
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Interactions: Itsuki Konomi (Collaberation with @Claw2k11)

Sure enough, the demonstrations continued as normal, with Mori-sensei continuing to praise the other students regardless of whether they were all that impressive or not, which... not all of them even held a candle to the first few Quirks that were displayed, if Lacara were honest. Still, much unlike her, at least they showed they could control their quirks. Lacara's was much too wild, and much too intimidating at that.

Even long after the initial chain reaction of eruptions that Spacenaught had to save everyone from, lava still continued to seep out of the openings in Lacara's skin. All the fear that was projected from the other students had started to reflect back onto Lacara herself. Even Mori-sensei felt obligated to change how she'd address Lacara in order to stop her quirk from triggering again and threatening to take lives again. It was the sudden sense of alienation that had caused tears to well up within Lacara once again.

On all students other than Konomi, who looked mostly worried towards the fiery girl. She knew what Lacara felt, the rage due to the fact that they were the ones who had to hide their quirks, that they were considered freaks for simply having a odd power or transformation, but unlike Lacara, she bottled her rage and always put on a wide smile and try to talk to people, to resolve the conflict without any actual violence.

Konomi found herself drawn to the emotional girl and could not help but walk towards her, same friendly smile that she usually had on.

"Hello there!" She greeted Lacara. "My name is Itsuki Konomi, I'm glad to hear that we'll be classmates in the future!" She said, now standing close to Lacara as if not afraid that she might be hurt by her lava.

Lacara looked up at Konomi, remembering her from a couple of turns back. She seemed awefully cheerful for someone that was also in the crossfire of the chain reaction of eruptions. She even had the courage to walk right up to Lacara, who could admire her bravery.

"Yeah, I know who you are," Lacara's eyes drifted back down again as she said this, but took the time to wipe away the tears that began to form, "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to go off like I did, I just... damn it, I knew I should've found something else to talk about,"

"You don't need to apologize for who you are, Hanazawa-san." She said, almost wishing to place a hand on her shoulder, but the lava prevented it. "We all feel like you do, but everyone chooses to deal with it in their own way, for example, I choose to believe that if we're at the bottom of the barrel then things can only get better from here on out and I choose to try my best to make things go better for people." She said, pondering what she had just said, realizing that it may not make that much sense to Lacara. "I'm sorry, sometimes I just keep talking when I meet new people."

"It's OK, I get it,"

Suddenly, Lacara found herself looking back in the direction of the front gate. Her thoughts trailed back towards the protestors that were there and her efforts to try and nab a megaphone off someone and speak her mind before she was stopped by a teacher. Perhaps she would've made it worse, perhaps they'd shut their mouths long enough to listen; it was too late to gauge now.

"In that case, I stand by the point that I was trying to make," Lacara stated in determination, "Those people are always picking on and bullying quirk users, and all that out of spite as well. Yet they wonder why villains exist in the first place..."

Konomi smiled wider than before, though now because she saw the determination in Lacara's eyes, but was still a bit sad that she wasn't the one to be able to cheer her up, but a happy person was a happy person as far as she was concerned. "Well, I'm not sure if you'll agree with me on this one, but it is now our job to make that..." She pointed towards the protestors. "... and turn them into crowds cheering as we, their heroes perform yet another heroic deed, or lock up yet another villain." Konomi based all of heroic knowledge on the many manga and comic books she had read and she really hoped that Lacara did not know about any of that, or Konomi's reputation might have to suffer.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Lacara had to admit, "Maybe if we save enough of their sorry asses enough times, they might actually have the incentive to finally give us the respect we deserve. Probably not immediately, but... hopefully soon."

"But enough of that whole mess, what I wanted to ask you is what you thought of the other people here, especially..." She looked over all of the students who had gathered there, trying to think of the one who had the most explosive and notable demonstation. ... that one? She asked pointing to the first student to do a demonstration, Ryuujin Katsuro. In truth, this whole conversation that she had started up was Konomi's own special way of trying to distract Lacara away from all the feeling that had made her explode in the first place and so far, she was not feeling very successful in the endeavor.

"Huh? Oh, him?" Lacara had to take some time to think about this Katsuro person, and how he stacked up to the others, "Honestly? His was one of the only real ones that had any real wow factor to his quirk. Dunno what happened to the idea of saving the best until last, but whatever, am I right?"

"Quirk is certainly explosive, pun not intended, but his personality could really use a bit of work if you ask me."

Lacara shrugged her shoulders at that last question, rhetorical as it was. Now that she thought of it, there were at least three others that caught her eye to one extent or another. It was worth a mention, at the very least.

"You didn't have such a bad quirk yourself, actually," she told Konomi, "Neither does the boy with the dog ears or that fat girl... Hattori Hiromi, I wanna say her name was? All of them seem useful in their own way. Not like mine..."

"While Himori-san's quirk seems pretty useful, I've yet to see the usefulness of a quirk that turns you into a bloodthirsty wolf monster." She said, briefly glancing towards Marius before turning back to Lacara just in time to hear her comment about her own quirk.

"So?" Konomi asked. "Quirks aren't supposed to be thought in that way, they're a part of who we are as people and they grow alongside us." She said. "Sure, your quirk isn't perfect now, none of them are, but give it a bit of time and training and you're bound to be better than everyone present here, fireboy included."

Lacara was bound to be better, huh? At what exactly? Killing everyone? That was the first thought that came across her mind, but then Konomi's statement seemed to resonate with her. Perhaps she could become a competent hero in due time. Lacara still had a long way to go; that much she knew going in. But at least now she garnered the confidence she'd need to tackle the aspect head on.

"Yeah... you maybe right," Lacara stated, "Thanks for the talk. I needed that."

Feeling a little better, Lacara stood up and collected her key from Death Glare, before turning back for the briefest of seconds.

"I'll see you around, Konomi."

It was then that she took her leave. As she walked towards the dormitories, she look a little more closely at the key she collected, noting that it had the number 5 on it. If not for the earlier conversation, that number would've meant nothing to her; all she would've cared about was getting inside and going straight into the bathroom shower so she could wash the lava off of her before it could cool and solidify. But now Lacara had an inkling of wonder that she might encounter Konomi again earlier than she could've expected.

With that, Lacara approached the room number 5, and slowly opened the door.
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