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"Well, that was the idea..." Tsurushi shyly trailed off, wondering if this was a bad time to approach the man.


However, according to him, that was just the way this specific woman was. Whether the alcohol was causing the problem or whether it was supposed to keep her calm, Tsurushi didn't know... and it wasn't her place to ask anyway.

Sure enough, the man, who'd introduced himself as Minami Yasuo, had asked whether Tsurushi lived around here, referring to her as "taser-lady". Well, it was fair given that Yasuo had nothing to go on in terms of a name, but it made Tsurushi feel uncomfortable nonetheless.

"Please don't call me that," Tsurushi shook her head as she said this "My name is Ishiyama Tsurushi. And no, I normally live up in the North, actually. But I heard the shrink here's really good so... yeah, that's the whole reason I've come all the way down. I've got an appointment with her in about an hour. I just hope it helps-..."

She paused mid-sentence, her thoughts trailing off towards Tamiko. Was this really the best thing to do for the girl? Tsurushi didn't know. All she knew was that she had an obligation to do something, even if she had to do multiple do-overs.

It was safe to say that Hanazawa Lacara was not herself today. Normally she would be a highly excitable individual, but today she was visibly tired; so much so that even getting up off her bed for the day may have very well taken up all the strength she had to give. Her movement was all over the place, involuntarily zigzagging from one side of the footpath to the other, and she had a hand right up to her forehead this whole time, the sun burning its way into her eyes and affecting her vision of what was ahead of her.

This was the first time Lacara had been out of the house since living in Detroit, and the first time she'd seen the outside world of Japan. She wasn't particularly enthused about having to go out; in fact, she was so absolute in her refusal to leave that she pleaded he mother Yatsumi to let her sleep in. But Lacara was immediately reminded that she still had so much to learn, and that Yatsumi was never going to be able to teach her all of it. That was what got her to enroll Lacara into UA in the first place; so that she could learn things in peace, without any of the discrimination that Yatsumi or her father Fedarius would've had to endure for being in a quirkless society.

Well, that was the idea at least, but the illusion shattered the second Lacara stumbled her way up to the front gate. She knew those boos and jeers all to well. It was the sound of a protest that was starting to transform into a riot... if only because of course that was what would inevitably happen. All sorts of memories flooded Lacara's mind. The beatings. The kicks that were inflicted upon her and Yatsumi back then. All the times the both of them were smacked by signs that their attackers wielded.

And the labels. Those accursed, abominable labels!


A violent discharge of lava from her back had brought Lacara back to her senses. It also burned a hole in the shirt that made up the top half of her uniform but, as it could be quite handily and affordably replaced, it didn't matter so much. What mattered was that Lacara was pissed. She scanned the crowd ahead of her, eyes immolated with a wild, unadulterated rage.

Three people looked to be wielding megaphones in order to make their voices heard, from what Lacara could see. One was a man in the center of the protesting mob, but there were way too many people that Lacara would have to fight through to get to him, regardless of the angle she could try to attack from. To say such an endeavor would be physically taxing would be a severe understatement, so that would be a hard pass. A woman with a megaphone could be spotted through the cracks of the back of the crowd, but the men that surrounded her looked to be too strong. No dice on her, either. However, Lacara spotted a particularly bold woman right near the front of the crowd. True, she'd have to go right round just to get access to her, but those in front might very well have had most of their energy sapped from combating the riot police and security, and the woman herself was probably someone Lacara could easily overpower if she had to. Perfect.

Her move determined, Lacara took a confident and much more stable stride, through to the same side entrance that everyone else took to get to UA. She stopped to say hi to neither the students that had got there before her nor the members of the staff that were there to greet them. All she cared about was getting back into the front gate, using whatever mixture of bravery and insanity was there to guide her.

It was safe to say that Lacara had enough of this farce...

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"The hell could I not find this place earlier?" Tsurushi rolled her eyes as she muttered this aloud, "Ugh, I really am hopeless..."

There it was; the clinic that she was after, in what to be the third floor of the building that was dead ahead of her. And she found it with an hour to spare. A part of her wanted to just go inside and get the session over with already. The sign did say that drop-in sessions were perfectly acceptable. Tsurushi observed her surroundings, however, wondering if there was an alternate way to make use of that hour.

Over to her left were that bunch of teenagers that had whistled at her and made cat calls towards her and the like. Oddly enough, that reminded Tsurushi of a particularly embarrassing incident where she got a call to see to a couple of horny teenagers... and wound up taking the virginity of one of them. She shuddered and shook her head; she was done with that life, and never wanted to go back there again.

Two more persons caught Tsurushi's eye; they looked to be trying to solve Sudoku puzzles whilst they were drinking. At first, Tsurushi dismissed the weird couple, but then she recognized the male of the two as the guy that was with Tamiko that Friday. That guy had quite the odd choice of friends, that was for sure. In any case, Tsurushi made her approach towards the estranged couple.

"Hey; I just wanted to thank you for looking after Suzukaze-kun the other day. I..." Tsurushi paused and steered away for a moment, before slowly, and awkwardly, returning to make eye contact, "Come to think of it, I never got your name..."
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Interested. Is there a main thread up yet?

I just talked with @tobiax about it, and I can confirm that there are things that (s)he needs to finalize beforehand. It'll come when it's ready :]

A part of Tsurushi just wanted to have this therapy session she was supposed to attend over the phone. It would save her from having to go out at all today and risk getting completely lost. Then again, that was the whole reason she left so early in the first place; so that she could scour the whole city of Tenoroshi if she had to. She retraced her steps back to the park in which she found Tamiko.

This time, Tsurushi stuck to the outskirts of the park, and looked around for buildings that she hadn't come across before. She was determined to find that clinic that she needed to attend for this afternoon's session, and she wasn't going to give up on trying to find it. Tsurushi looked down to the map that was on her phone, just to ascertain that she was on the right track. She hadn't made any deviations from the path that was supposed to take her to said clinic, which in turn meant it wouldn't change on her and throw her off; so far, so good.

Tsurushi kept going down the highlighted path.

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Sure enough, Goudo announced that, yes, everyone was to collect maps so that they knew where they were going. Umi breathed a sigh of relief.

"Alright, th-then uh... I-I'll grab the m-maps and r-ribbons for us, I-I guess."

With that, she left Hiroki and Haruka for just a moment in order to collect the necessities for their. The members from some of the other teams had also came over for that same purpose. But unlike many of them, Umi actually took the time to study her map thoroughly while she was there. The streams over to the bottom right corner caught her eye. The orange path crossed over them once, the green path twice and the yellow path thrice. If she could secure any of those three, the whole team would be in the clear.

Unfortunately, a boy from another team had already collected the yellow ribbons, and was in the process of leaving before Umi had realized that fact. She considered asking for a trade, but reluctantly let that thought go, figuring it'd be a hassle to try and explain that she needed a readily available source of water for her quirk. Neither the orange nor the green ribbons were present when Umi came to collect the maps, rendering them eliminated as options as well. Biting her lip, Umi returned her attention to her attention to her map.

The lake was completely surrounded by the purple path, which made Umi scratch her head. She looked over and noticed that the purple ribbons were still there, but what perplexed her was the possible notion that Hiroki wouldn't be very comfortable with wearing that color specifically.

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It was at this point that Uranishi had noticed Umi gazing blankly at her map for the longest of times, whereas Shun, Mari and many others had already collected their ribbons and returned to their teams. She came across as confused as to which direction to ultimately commit to, so Uranishi had figured it was worth offering his aid to her. Helping students was a key part of his job description, after all.

"Did you need any help?" Uranishi asked out of curiosity.

"O-oh! Er... S-Suguro U-Umi, sensei," Umi made a quick bow as she said this, remembering the request that the teacher in question had made before students were to ask him anything, "M-my quirk needs a s-s-source of wat-ter before i-it will come i-into e-effect, so..."

" were hoping for a path that would lead you towards a river or a lake; I see," Umi was surprised that Uranishi was so effortlessly about to complete her query for her; Uranishi had noticed that as well but, being as to the point as he was... "In that case, I'd suggest you take the purple path. It's the most direct path towards Safferon Lake."

"Yeah, ab-bout that, I..." Umi eyes drifted over towards the blue path, where she noticed that it had forked into a separate route that conjoined it to the purple path, "C-can I, er... are w-we allowed to c-cross over i-into the p-purple path? Ass-suming I choose the b-blue ribbons inst-stead, that is?"

Uranishi furrowed his brows for just a moment, which Umi had picked up on. It seemed as though he had reservations on the prospect of one team interfering with and taking credit for the rescue operation of another, but Umi didn't seem like someone who'd do such a thing.

"Well, I suppose there's no harm in it." he stated.

Giving her thanks, Umi picked up the blue ribbons for her team, along with another two maps for Hiroki and Haruka.

'A pedo? Me? That's more of something a man would be accused off...' Tsurushi contemplated. It was rare for a woman to be labelled as a pedophile, but she supposed it wasn't impossible. Perhaps it was best that she took her leave after all. She was about to, but she realized that she still had no idea where to go. She turned to face the man with Tamiko one last time.

"Can I just have...?" before she could complete her question, everything went white.


As her vision returned to her, Tsurushi noticed that she was now all alone, surrounded by glass as water cascaded down her exposed body. Her arm was still outstretched from what she remembered, and her index finger specifically had been raised slightly. It took her a moment to register that she was indecent, but even once she did, she never feel any urgency to try and recover her modesty. Tsurushi started to bring her arm down again as she came to, only to re-position it on the right side of her head as it sank low.

'Just a dream. Or was that my power going off again? Shit...'

Using her other hand, Tsurushi reached for the closest tap and turned it all the way to the right, continuing to do so until the water would no longer be running. She stepped outside of the glass box, dried herself with a nearby towel and got dressed before opening the door to another room... only to find said room in shambles. Papers were strewn on the floor. Streaming equipment had looked to be set up, but not put away again. The TV was left running, displaying what looked to be the main menu of a video game known as Splatoon. Trash from a fast food restaurant had littered the dining table. Tsurushi knew only one person who could leave a room in anywhere near this bad a state.

"Good grief, Zaketa; I'd have the impression that a hurricane had hit this place if... I didn't know any better..."

Sure enough, there Morino Zaketa was, her body entangled in bed sheets as her head lay, up-side down, over the end of the bed that she was sleeping in. She looked to be looking straight at Tsurushi, but with the gaze in her blood red eyes as blank as it was, along with the fact the irises were barely visible over those heavy eyelids of hers, it was hard to tell if her head was really there.

Perhaps the best thing for Tsurushi to do for Zaketa now was to let her sleep, in as awkward a position as she found her in. She went over to the dresser next to her own bed and collected her purse and her glasses. Putting the latter on and slinging the former over her shoulder, she checked her phone one last time. With a sigh, she pocketed her phone again and went outside.

"I'll be back at about... 3 or 4, I wanna say. Text me if you need anything while I'm out, OK?"

With that, Tsurushi flicked the sign over so that the "Do Not Disturb" side would be displayed, before closing the door and making her leave.
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