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As the title suggests, I'd like a post that I made to be removed. This is the post in question:

I originally posted this as an April Fool's joke, but I feel as though it's been up there for long enough.
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Collaborative Post with @Kestrel
Interactions: Ezekiel Abel O’Brien, Whina Rikimaru* @Lunarlord34, Elliot Silber* @Not Fungus

As she waited for Zeke’s answer to her offer, Saori looked down at her phone and noticed the text that Whina had sent to everyone in the room. It was a condensed version of the briefing that she just had in hand. However, the fact that she decided it had to be condensed in the first place was enough to raise Saori’s suspicions.

"That can’t be all the briefing had to say, surely," she rolled her eyes as she said this aloud.

True, this was the girl that left the briefing behind in which it took Dunkas of all people to recover, but Saori couldn’t deny the possibility that there may have been something Whina may have purposefully omitted for whatever reason. This is why Soari could never trust shorthands…

“Surely, Miss Whina has her reasons.” Zeke casually butted in, though he rolled his eyes. He glanced over his shoulder, then leaned in closer to Saori to whisper, “-but the little lady should practice a poker face. I must say I can’t help but worry for our little family when the boss kicks the bucket.”

"Quite," Saori had to agree with Zeke on that one, with what having been with Whina for the past year at the very least already, "Still, we could use that our advantage if we really wanna press her for whatever she may have missed." No doubt she was musing such a ploy right as she said it.

Zeke frowned. “If you are to bully the girl, you’re on your own.” He sighed and looked at Whina over his shoulder. “More importantly, about our earlier conversation. I do not mind procuring samples in the...” Zeke shifted his eyes towards Elliot Silber, “Most delicate possible condition, but you forget that cooking is as much an art as it is a science. Trial and error demands more than just the single subject, yes?”

"Herein lies the issue; we might only get exactly one single subject each to work with, for all we know," Saori pointed out the obvious problem, "Like I said, it might pay to wait until we’ve captured what we can before we concern ourselves with divvying any of them up. There may be more than one species of monster that comes through Zero Time, so that may affect how we handle this..."

“If that’s your wish.”

Saori too wound up casting a cursory glance at Elliot. He might prove useful in fending off anyone wanting to attack valuable test subjects, while she and Zeke focused on detaining said subjects and bringing them into the base alive. Saori wondered.

"You think it’s worth having him on standby? Y’know, in case those barbarians from Isamu try to butcher our haul?"

Zeke drew the knife Artemis had copied for him and ran his finger across the blade. “Surely, the man has the appropriate talents.” A point he emphasised by igniting the edge of the knife. “It would be a waste if they went unused in such a dire situation… and speaking of wastes...” Zeke extinguished the knife and pointed over his shoulder. “It looks like we’re about to head out. Artemis is already gone.”

"Yes, I see that. One moment," without a second’s hesitation, Saori went downstairs to change out of her bloody clothes and into some clean ones, went back upstairs again, "Alright then; let’s get going."

There was no telling how much time was wasted not getting out into the field already, with what so many discoveries to be had and even less time than normal to discover them.

Interactions: Whina Rikimaru @Lunarlord34, Ezekiel Abel O’Brien @Kestrel

"Honestly, there's a decent probability that it doesn't help the project I originally promised your grandfather with in the slightest," Saori told Whina, "That said, there's so much knowledge to be obtained from these arcane creatures that we still sorely lack. If anything, I think it'd be worth looking into them as opposed to constantly chasing this myth."

Saori's eyes drifted down, specifically so she could look at the state of her own clothes.

"In any case, I probably should change before I go out with everyone," she noted, "Just the slightest glance at my direction and those foolish commoners will immediately assume I killed a guy. I'd rather not have the hassle of it all..."

However, she didn't have much of a chance to go anywhere. It was at this time that Ezekiel O'Brien, or Zeke as his name was often shortened to for convenience's sake, had piped up his own interest with the monsters, and proposed the two of them come to an agreement on how exactly to divide the "treasure", so to speak. Saori simply mouthed an 'oh' and raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"You wouldn't try to carve one up and put it on a plate before I've deduced that they're even safe to eat, would you Zeke?" asked Saori, still trying to fathom what Ezekiel might have wanted from a monster, before debilitating a bit more on his proposal and coming up with an answer, "It's not that I mind sharing, as accurate as I suppose it is, but we'll have to see how many of these creatures we can... procure, for the night. Tell you what; if you were to assist me in capturing and containing them, I'd guarantee that you'll get to keep at least one regardless of the sample size I'd ultimately have to then work with. How does that sound?"

Interactions: Artemis @Shard

"Journal Entry 5735," Saori Akasura mused to herself as she jotted down some notes from the experiments she was conducting, "Still having issues isolating the gene responsible for aging the test subject. Will no doubt require further testing. May even require a new approach entirely. Perhaps Whina can make a device that will make this process easier..."

With that, she put the notebook she was writing in and the pen she was using in an inside pocket in her lab coat, and took off the blue gloves that she usually wore before conducting her experiments. Saori wanted to keep going with the experiment in isolating the right gene, believing herself to be so close to successfully doing so. But if the text message she received which told her to meet with everyone else was to be taken at face value, apparently it was urgent. So she left her little lab, without bothering to change her clothes.

Unlike everyone else, who would've likely had to descend a flight of stairs to get to their usual meeting place, Saori instead had to ascend a completely different flight of stairs. It was rather convenient having an underground laboratory so close to the usual place of business. However, with convenience came laziness on Saori's part. She arrived with a huge blood stain on the black sleeveless top she typically wore underneath her lab coat, with more blood evidently having splattered onto the lab coat itself as well as her trousers. It looked as though everyone was here; even the giant meathead that was Dunkas Marcos had arrived. Saori merely lent her ears for the most part, not really wanting to partake in any discussion. It was something that Artemis said, however, that got Saori talking.

"Are we prepared to discuss Null Time?"

"Zero Time," she corrected him nonchalantly, "And quite frankly, I don't see the point in all this "Soul Essence" business. We have the answers right there in science. If it were up to me, I'd never set foot in that accursed Zero Ti-...!"

She paused mid-rant for the slightest few seconds, and then an epiphany hit her.

"Actually, I take that back. Those monsters that show up could prove useful to my research..."
I'ma go ahead and post what I have so far real quick

I'll be honest; I'm having second thoughts about continuing with the RP, as I've been struggling to stay motivated to RP in general these last few weeks. I feel like it might be better if I withdraw right now as opposed to waiting to get back in the right head-space again.


Go ahead and write Torami off how you must, and uh... good luck with the RP and all :/
I'll consider this.
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