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And a bump for a name change.
Could we get more details on how the elements work? I'm kind of undecided as to which one to go for ^;^
(For now leaning towards wind just because I love electricity)
I mean do the elements work like in the Avatar series, or are they more esoteric (the representations of the elements such as wind and the connection with mind or fire and its ability to cleanse corruption), or both, or neither??
I'd be up for pokemon, or maybe star wars.
What's the technology like here? Is there anything that's going to be specific to our characters or is it everything for everyone (who can afford it)?
I mean, I am tentatively interested.
I mean, I'd be up for this.
I don't have many ideas at the moment, but it has potential.
A bump for the weekend!
I'm off and need to be productive with my imagination!
A work in progress. Feel free to ask any questions. I'd love feeback.

How many people are you looking for?
Hey guys, gals, and everything between! How's it going today!
My name is malmshodes and I've come here to roleplay, and chew gum, and I'm all out of gum. Also roleplays, which is why I'm here at the moment.

So my idea is simple, our characters die, and end up in a sort of hub for the universe, multiverse. At the hub, we'll find a special ability and then as we posts, we'll be able to buy new skills and abilities (we'll need to work out the specifics.)
So we'll go from world to world, collecting abilities and solving wrongs. Etc. Etc.
At least that's what I've got as far as an initial premise, but I'm open to ideas.
Anyways hit me up if you're interested.
@Rune_AlchemistWas i mentioned at all or did i mess up when i updated my CS in the character section?
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