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The cloaked figure, with the giant standing behind, tensed at the sight of the marines. Her left hand clenched, tight enough to force the veins to show like a declaration of war. Gritting her teeth was all she could do to keep from jumping into her buddy, and making a move towards the marine, yapping about everyone standing back during the fight. It was infuriating.

Then, little by little, the man's words started to meet her. Gears began to turn. mathematical figures danced in her vision. The ghost thing, like a ghost. Could that be the captain? It had to be, right? The odds of everyone regrouping, after the butchery, the ghost stuff. Licking her lips, the figure nodded, and pushed herself off from the chair.

"Oh Well" Sophie sighed. No time for a drink now. "So much for getting together in secret, and figuring out a plan of attack." She shrugged as she started forwards, motioning the large figure to follow.

"Don't worry about us" the voice from the cloak was small, but tight like a bow's string. "My friend and I will make things easy, and just leave, while you big brave marines, hero and all, wait here cowering, and chugging down booze."

She didn't wait for a reply. Nothing the marines said mattered. Not that she didn't hope they would try something. It would give her friend and her a chance to release some of the frustration that was building up inside her.

Just one excuse.

Draped in a brown cloak, a figured hurried through the busy streets. A slender white hand, bruised, and scratched, clasped it's hood tightly, as if a sudden breeze would come down at any second, and pull it away. It was on the smaller side, and would go unnoticed by most passerby. The few who did focus on it, didn't think much. Perhaps it was an adolescent, lost, and looking for their parents, or maybe it was a young adult, on the run from their parents.

Behind the rushing wee-one was where most eyes turned. Draped in a similar cloak, walking steadily, came the giant, at least, giant, among normal men. It's steps boomed on the cobbled streets. Occasionally a step would crack the stone, or cause already existing cracks to spread out.

"Where? oh where?" A tiny voice from the smaller cloaked figure mumbled. The red eyes under the hood darted one way and another. "I doubt they got everyone, but enough. Damn marines." She spat marines like bitter poison. "Every time I find somewhere to rest easy, here they come, and sink everything to the bottom."

"Ah!" Her eyes sparkled. There was a bar. She didn't think she'd been to that one, in particular, before, but that was okay. She didn't know all her crew, but she knew enough of them to know they'd head towards the nearest watering hole. Even if they couldn't regroup from the massacre, they could at least drown away their sorrows and sing to the fallen. Quickly, as if a timer had started somewhere, and Sophie only had so much time, Sophie made her way to the bar, and slipped inside.

Everyone was celebrating. Of course they were. From the outside, the pirates were always the enemies and the enemies had just been destroyed. Cheers everyone. Cheers!

Hard as it was not to say anything, Sophie managed and looked around. It didn't take her long to see some familiar faces, gathered at a table.

"Aye." She said, taking a seat and giving a nod to the rest. A few moments later there was pause in the celebrations as the larger fellow in the cloak stepped inside. It didn't bother to survey the room. it headed right in, and took a standing position behind Sophie. "Good to see I wasn't the only one who made it through that mess."
Hi! Is this still accepting?
Think she's done.

Is this still open?
So I don't have much in the ways of an idea, outside of perhaps an AU setting with a different theme from the Samurai.

Would probably prefer a story driven plot, as opposed to sandbox as I don't have much in the way of experience running one of those.
Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by to have a look at the seed of an idea I got, thanks in no small part to a tiktok video.

The video went as such. A man, bald, with glasses, and good teeth had a question. What if everyone in the world suddenly got a magic weapon, one of the none-firearm type. W The weapon would have one special ability. It would start out as basic, but the more you use it, experiment with it, and grow/ develop as a person, the more the ability would change. Also, the weapon could only activate if it was with you, and you had to carry it with you. So what type of weapon would you get?

The initial idea is what if this happened, and everyone woke up suddenly having a special item(melee weapon, fire arm, piece of jewelry, watch, phone, etc, etc,), with one special ability that would grow with experience, and character development.
Ooh! Now this is something worth keeping an eye on!

Meishu's engine roared to life. Smoke poured out through the chimney as raining cannonballs continued to impact around and into her tiny ship. One in particular found its way near the cabin, causing an explosion which momentarily blinded her. "Damn it." She gritted her teeth, and pushed upwards on the throttle, intent on giving it everything her boat had to get out of the enemy ship's rang as soon as possible.

Soon as possible wasn't fast enough as her vessel started speeding away a barrage of expertly fired shots found their way into her haul. One ball in particular hit something vital. She couldn't tell what it was from where she stood, but she had little down the explosion was near her engines. It started out as just a theory but as speed and power to the controls started dropping it became clear there was no way they were going to be able to out run the larger vessel.

"Plan B then." She sighed, as something long and slithering came into the cabin. It was Fenrir. "Well I'm glad you're alive." The dog gave a gruff pff before turning its long neck around and dropping several bodies next to the Fishman. "Oh?" Frowning, the captained looked over at her companion. "Boy, are you okay? How come you didn't?" She paused to note the elongated, snake like neck which protruded from the center of her special boy's body. "Ah. Well, no solids for awhile then." She frowned at the bodies. "Yet there's still mouths to feed and look over."

Damn it. If Fenrir ate them then they wouldn't be a problem. Oh well.

There was a hard motion in the ship as she turned it around, aiming the front, with its narrowed edge towards the larger ship. "Ready for plan B, buddy?" The large doggish creature seemed to frown before turning and curling itself at the corner of the cabin.

"I know. Me too buddy." Sighing, she reached down and pushed a bright red button, hidden under the wheel. There was a ringing before something of an explain, but far bigger than anything the cannonballs could do.

The ship shot forwards.
"What are they doing?" The captain mumbled, stepping closer and to the window. He motioned for the search lights to aim at the vessel so he could study it closer. "Oh." His eyes went wide as the fact they were going to board his ship, after boring a big hole in it.

"Evasive." WAs all he managed before the little ship blasted towards them, and slammed his vessel hard enough to shake it and make him fall on his ass.
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