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<Snipped quote by malmshodes>

If you still want a rebellion theme, the dragons or chaos ones work since Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon is, wouldn't have guessed it, a dark dragon.

Also this was just an excuse to shamelessly plug another really niche rebellion-themed card:

The rebellion card is closer to what i was originally going for like iui would be a combination of cards to take control of other monsters and cards with a religious theme like the forbidden cards, and the fallen angel ones,but eh. It kind of got complicated ^^
I'm in(teresed)!
@1Charak2Thank you! I appreciate it a lot.
Right now I'm leaning towards:
A chaos deck
A dragon Deck
Or a Rock deck.
Will look them up in the morning. For now I am beat @@
Maybe we could make some a table of links to the accepted decks, got reference for those still brainstorming?
@AmaranthineOh wow. didn't think anyone would be interested in those since you never see them in duel links. Hmmm maybe I'll wait to design a deck till after i make my character ^^;

Kind of want to something based on rebellion. Still not sure what prime monster to have, but I know I want to have the forbidden cards (forbidden chalice, forbidden lance, etc, etc)
I think that we should skip the packs altogether, because adding random elements to a rp always tend to overly complicate things, especially on the GMs part. Just have a person come upon a card they want, that's approved after awhile, or fuel for cars.
I've been casually on and off, and still don't get pendulums xD
Definitely interested!

A perhaps unpopular thing that's worth noting, and it's a mentality that could help in this RP: The duels in Yu-Gi-Oh rarely follow the actual rules. If we treat dueling like the anime does, it's about character interaction and writing the drama and stakes of a duel, not so much making sure we are following tournament rules.

That is true, but if we're going to be rping together then there's got to be some form of basic rules or understanding to play our characters or it all becomes anarchy and chaos, and not the fun, joker kind, but playing a game of chess against a pigeon type of anarchy
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