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No sooner than she had turned up and nervously shuffled into the group accumilating in front of the Manor SOMEONE FREAKING PORTALED IN LIKE IT WAS FREAKING NOTHING!.


The letter was all real. Had to be now. It was the only explanation. Other people could do magic, and it was different to hers. More impressive too, not that this was a contest. And congregated here, where the letter said too. Her heart and mind were still racing, locked into fight or flight mode, what could the others do? How long had they been studying? What had they found before they turned up? Did they all get the exact same letter?

Stop. Slow down. Release the grip before someone gets hurt. No one else seems quite as worried about all this. Breathe. But wow... This is what she'd been looking for, all this time. Hours in libraries and Museums, here in the states and abroad, even the smallest clue that someone could do anything that defied natural law like she exerienced. Nothing but fakes and frauds, people desperate for attention and money, drowning out anyone who might have had an actual talent. But not today. Freaking portals, dude. She sighed with relief, finally some answers. Her facial expression softened from nervous with fear to nervous with excitement. Now that the danger was over for now, maybe she could play it a little more cool-ly than she had been.

Pushing her glasses back up her nose, she retrieved her letter from her pocket, careful not to also retreive the other thing. She smiled at Sally.

"So, you all got the weird, creepy letter too? I'm Sally. Sally Jenkins. I-"
"I see dead people."

"Yeah, bizarre huh? I couldn't sleep, thought I was going to get abducted, sold at auction to the highest bidder like a prize heifer at a cattle market and made someone's seventeenth wife, if I was lucky. Gwyndolin, by the way."

Hold up. Portals are real. She wasn't joking. Gwyndolin was facinated.

"You really see dead people?"

The day before

Gwyn, set the letter down, trembling slightly. A shakey hand removed her glasses to clean them on the bottom of her pyjamas. The candle light flickered, swaying in rhythm with her deep breathing.

Nope, it really did say all that.

It had to be a prank, an eloborate ruse. Somebody caught wind of her enquiries, her odd behaviours and habits, her witchy inclanations and put together a little story, strange and vague enough to push the buttons, forcing her to investigate further. The destination wasn't even that far, deep enough in the forest to have a good laugh at her when she turned up for her invite only occult party, but not far enough she'd have to wait for a convienent time to make the trip and not enough to set them back should they need to fund a taxi all the way upstate. If we were to assume it was just a joke at her expense, was there anything she had over looked? No date was given so if she just tucked the note and card away in a drawer and forgot about it for a few months, they'd have have to camp out for an eternity, at which point, who was getting the last laugh then? And the name of the card could be easily explained, you can order them with all sorts of silly customisations on these days, she'd done it herself, and as long as she wasn't buying an expensive watch or a plane ticket, who'd question the name?

It had to be a prank because the alternative wasn't worth thinking about.


The mere thought quickened the heart. Believing this meant believing her quirky candle experiments, her flashing of ordinary A4 and her enhanced fireworks weren't a toy to be played with, but a martial art she'd learn to defend herself with. It meant being thrust into a conflict she wanted no part of, had no stake in, but was inextricably linked to just because of her unusual affinity with fire. She could feel her heartbeat in her mind, thumping, interrupting thought. Throat dry, mind swirling, trying to map out the situation in just her head was beginning to fail her. She flipped the note and grabbed a pen.

| Go | Stay
The Letter | Tutored Magic | Not Tutored Magic
Is Real | Fight Badguys | Die
The Letter | Laughed at | Nothing
Isn't Real | Abducted |

Abducted. Where did that come from? Was that a real concern? Someone targeting her specifically would likely use danger and magic to draw her in. But could they afford to stake out the location for long? Probably. Unlike a simple joke it might be worth it to them as long as she got caught. But who? Why? And how would she mitigate the danger? It was all getting too much and there was still one last variable to check. She got up from her desk slowly, careful not to pass out and showered, trying to calm herself and failing miserably.

Life had been a blur for the last hour but she found herself infront of an ATM in the dead of night, staring at the balance. Since opening the letter the world had a dream like quality, real but not quite real. Now she was sure it was the world that wasn't real. This was elope to a foreign land and live like a queen for months kind of money. No abductor and certainly no prankster would dare risk this much, you'd barely break even. Gwyndolin ejected the card, withdrawing nothing.


Guess she was getting ready to meet her generous benefactor. But for now, bed.


Despite that her faith in the letter had been bolstered late last night, Gwyndolin was still nervous as hell. Something about being confined to the back of a taxi didn't make her better either. When she closed her eyes it was difficult to distinguish between the beating of her heart and the rhythmic pounding coming from the engine. It was the longest 20 minute journey of her life, and it wasn't going to get any easier after she stepped out of the taxi.

Not knowing if she was about to step into a trap or start the long journey of progressing her ability and forging herself into battle ready witch was beginning to make her sick. She pulled out the letter from the front pocket of her Supreme Hoodie, reviewing her notes from last night. Yup, just as crazy as she remember them being. Imagine a list of demands that started with "Show me magic". Lost in thought, in contingency planning, the time passed faster, for better or for worse, and eventually the car came to a halt.

"This is as far as I can take you, little miss, you take care now."



She collected her stuff from the boot and stood watching as the taxi disappeared. It wasn't too late to back out now. She could leave, nothing would come of it, nothing except never knowing if she was truly safe. She breathed deep. C'mon Gwyndolin, you can do this. She left the suitcase on the grassy verge, the noise it made rolling on tarmac would be too much to bare right now and she could always come back to collect it. She slipped her hands into the pocket, the firepower she was weilding wasn't particularly comforting. Tightening her grip, she walked nervously up to the congregation. It was do or die time.

"You got it too." Gwyndolin stated. It was a question, a question she hoped they'd answer in the affirmative, because if they didn't....

Well, lets not worry about that right this second.

This better work this time :D

Edit: Kinda

@VarionusNW , So it does lol, amazing that we only really read what we want to read.

If I have to lose spells for now it'll definitely be cauter but I'm split between Luminosis and Ignis, Ignis obviously more useful for fighting, Luminosis I think would be a better starting place.
I do like the effort put in!! I would keep in mind for all intents and purposes, magic and the knowledge of its existence is very much an unknown. Would there be people who believe in magic and search for clues? Yeah of course! I don’t think the order as it stands would work per se.

Oh, maybe I should have elaborated, I was thinking the Holy Order is just a ordinary religious order, and what Gwyndolin is supposed to be doing is evangelising and spreading the First Flame's warmth. The magic is something she does in secret and is somewhat reluctant to share with the rest of her kinsmen on account of rumours about the The Holy Order's involvement in witch hunting.

As well, it’s important to remember that everyone’s powers will be very minimal at first! You can grown into those powers, and eventually exceeded them, but your fire magic will be limited to start!!

I don't know what kind of power curve you're going for yet but maybe if I explained my spells it would help.

Ignis - Make the flame jump a short distance, little further than she could by swinging the lantern
Luminosis - Make the lantern brighter
Cauter - Make the flame hotter for an instant

keep in mind these characters are from the modern world

Ah, the setting is not what I thought it was. I thought it was a fantasy setting. Can I get a clarification on this? Clarification recieved.

I'll start work on a CS as I rework the character, if thats ok. :)

I'm interested!

I'm thinking about a Scholar/Cleric journeying to research the old magic. She's admits that, despite her best efforts, healing magic just doesn't come naturally nor has she found it particularly well detailed accounts of it but speciallises in what she calls "preventative methods of care" and what others might call fire magic. She wears robes that make her instantly recognisable as belonging to The Holy Order as a low ranking Scribe. Irremarkably brown and plain except for the white bands on the shoulders, Large black one size fits all mitts that, bless her, could be pulled up to the elbow. The hat on the otherhand is anything but, a large yellow wide brimmed thing with the Order's insignia emblazoned front and centre, making her unmistakably a member.

She weilds a heavy duty battle lantern and chain to channel spells like "Luminosis", "Ignis" and "Cauter". When she doesn't have her nose buried in a book she's awkwardly shaking down locals for leads and sustinance, wrestling with her hate/hate relationship with universes tendancy towards atrophy and decay (she doesn't like dead/smelly things) and admiring the majesty of God's creation in all its facets (except those mentioned previously).

What do you think? I got a bit carried away.
May I join? Does the Gang predominant skill have to match the Boss?

Michelle Diggby

Location: The Palace Grounds (E3)
Skills: N/A

Karma, nay, her faith in her collegues rewarded Michelle; of course they wouldn't be distracted by a kitty-kat in the hallway unless it was of importance. Michelle narrowly avoided being spanked by the mutant cat, and by avoided she meant she barely had time to flinch before the horror slung its limbs in a humiliating demonstration of his strength and agility. Goose was not to be messed with, at all, and counted her lucky stars she hadn't stuck up her teammates, someone might have over reacted.

"Mrow. Well said." Michelle thought.

Cornish threatened the cat with a one way trip and Michelle struggled to keep her own composure, she didn't know much about the human or the cat but her money was on the tentacles. Michelle remained professional only due to the knowledge it would be her turn later, and she'd likely not such a polite way to put it. Niah seemed to have tamed the beast with petting and grooming but this alone was not enough to reassure her sufficently to try petting him herself for the time being. Michelle wondered how she would ingratiate herself with the fluffy eldrich god. Food? Toys? A Blood Oath? For the time being Niah had him under control, or vica versa, and it seemed to be keeping him calm.

Michelle was content smugly keeping her trap shut until Wanda was mentioned, her royalist interests aroused, "Princess Wanda? Here? Or real Wanda? What were you upto?"
Michelle Diggby

Location: The Palace Grounds (E3)
Skills: Identity Obscuration

Michelle rounded off her performance with a demonstration of oral skills she had zero intention of ever using with some of the discarded firearms, seductively tucking a pistol into her waistband. With a final sexy flourish, Michelle slung a rifle over her shoulder, saluted the boys and sashay'd into the palace. Round the first corner the deception was brought to a close. She pinched her eyes closed and massaged her forehead, seriously contemplating misusing her powers on herself to forget the last few minutes. "Urp, gross... Another good reason to undo this reality." Despite how little she had enjoyed the experience, it had gotten her team in, which was the important bit.

A couple of deep breaths later, Michelle continued following the signs for Royal Quarters, hoping to catch up with her team already investigating the source of this madness when she bumped into them only a little further down the hallway, distracted by some cute pets. Michelle resisted the temptation to do many things to Tinley and Niah from pushing them both over to startling them, weapons drawn. Instead Michelle leaned in stealthily, between the pair.

"Questioning a key witness? Is Tiddles here responsible for restarting the universe?" Michelle asked Agent Abercrombie before turning her head and asking Agent Bautista, " I take it you know this sweetheart from the real world."
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