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Current Time to blow the dust off this account then. Been quite awhile since I checked out the site, so I'm excited to see what I find!
7 yrs ago
Zelda Breath of the Wild hype!
8 yrs ago
High school is about 90% more bearable with a spare
8 yrs ago
Gotta head into the dentists tomorrow to get my wisdom teeth out. Pain killers and delirium ahoy
8 yrs ago
Welp, they removed the tracker in a location based....tracking....game. Good one Niantic, Pokémon hunting in GO just had to be more random didn't it?
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Roleplay topics of interest: Pokémon is a big one. The canon of the main series games specifically, though I'm cool with a few select points from the anime thrown in. I'm also a big fan of the Mystery Dungeon universe. I'm good with RP'ing as a Trainer, but I can handle playing a Pokémon too. I prefer to have alot of interactions between the characters in an RP. I enjoy to flesh things out and give my character actual 'character'. Original worlds? Eh, I'm ok with as long as I got alot of background to them.

Recently, I've been in the mood to try RP in other series/fandoms, so if I can be sold on an idea, I'll probably look into it. Let it be known that I'm not into anything 18+ or sexual in nature. It's just not my thing.

Roleplay style: For each post that I make, I write about a paragraph or two. I try to include a bit of environmental detail, physical character detail, and sometimes delve into the mind of my characters to see what they think about the situation at hand. I'm trying to get better at expressing my characters emotion through body language since I tend to run out of descriptive words after a few posts. Most of my characters will most likely be teen aged or occasionally young adult. I also try to keep my characters male, but I can play a girl well enough.

Timezone: I feel this is an important thing to mention. My timezone is EST (GMT/UTC-5). During pretty much every month of the year baring July, August, and the later half of December, I'll be going though school during the week. So I'll most likely be able to get posts out on the weekends or later in the day when I get home.

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Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads of Time
Pokémon Legendary Guardians [V2]

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Digimon: Genesis

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