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Current If you need me, I’ll be on Discord. Ninian#3747
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Family Emergency. I might go AWOL. Sorry!
4 mos ago
A little Sprout who I helped in FFXIV get gear now turns out to be one of my favorite RP partners. Funny, that.
4 mos ago
We’re tired of this crap-filled castle. Let’s play in the forest!
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Posts when I get home! :D


Roleplay Interests: Star Trek, Final Fantasy VII, Pokémon and FFXIV. Pretty much exclusively right now. Doctor Who if you can sell me on a plot idea. I am very hesitant to roleplay in an original world, because I enjoy fleshing out my characters, and a lot of times original worlds lack a lot of the information I need to effectively roleplay. I roleplay PG-13 scenarios. I'm 30 IRL, but mature themes just aren't my cup of tea in general. If you desire more, I’m open to conversation. I tend to avoid relationship-based RPs, though some of my characters are more prone to it than others.

Roleplay Style: For the most part, I can't RP a child. Which of course is entirely awkward for most Pokémon RPs, so on the whole I'd much prefer to RP a Pokémon instead of a Trainer. I also largely RP males, though I've been known to play other things. I'm also entirely fine RPing Canon characters of my preferred Fandoms, and I like to think I do a good job? You can expect two paragraphs minimum from me, pretty much universally, with no cap. Sometimes I won't shut up. That said, I try to write concise posts—meat and potatoes. Once upon a time I wrote in purple, but I really don't have time for that anymore. With certain partners I can do bursts of rapid-fire, but at that point my responses will shorten.

Contact Info: My reddit username is RhaqaZhwan. The best method of communication is probably Discord, and my tag is Ninian#3747. I have Steam which I'm always on, just because of auto-login lol. If you play FFXIV, I'm Rhaq'a Zhwan of Mateus, so if you're on the Crystal Datacenter, feel free to say hi!

Timezone: EST (GMT/UTC-5) On the weekends my sleeping schedule is very strange. Otherwise I'm up early and sleep early-ish. Unless it's bizarrely slow, I can't post at work, sorry!

Cravings: I want to play Emet-Selch from FFXIV so badly, willing to make compromises for this to work out. Romance or not, group or 1x1, I care little at this point! I'm happy to come up with a suitable plot and guide the story if necessary, I have a lot of ideas and I'm very flexible.

  • likes Pokémon, Star Trek, Fire Emblem, FFVII, FFXIV, Hazbin Hotel, and a lot of other Fantasy/Sci-Fi nerd stuff.
  • 30 years old and counting, also married.
  • prefers PG-13 scenarios, but is open to discussion.
  • Romance is character-specific. I usually play aces.
  • Discord tag is Ninian#3747 (on the RPG Discord so you should be able to just message me).
  • posts frequently.
  • post quality tanks when RL aggros.
  • can and will play a million characters in an RP if necessary.
  • I don't ghost. If I can't continue RPing for some reason, I'll tell you. If I get really sick you might have to poke me on Discord.

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None on RPG currently.

Old RPs

Hello Kitty Eorzea Adventure
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads of Time
Pokémon Legendary Guardians [V2]
Pokémon: Legendary Guardians
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Shadows of the Past

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Bump! Still looking. Please poke me on Discord if you’re interested! I’m most interested in non-MSQ interaction, but I’m not a choosing beggar! 😊
"Yes, I suppose you're right." He smiled. Puffing his cheeks, he groaned, "It is the worst. Simply terrible..." Petting her gently, let out a soft sigh, "Yes, you will be you and I suppose there's not much I can say to make you act otherwise. Just... perhaps do try. In the future. For my sake. I do not expect miracles."

Frowning some, he averted his gaze, "We do not know that the war is winding down. Assuming the best case scenario is dangerous. "
Petting her gently, he let out a sigh, "Yes, I am aware. I'm sure that is at least partly my fault. I have been busy. As I'm sure you have been as well." Smiling, he frowned some at her comment. "I..." Hugging her, but making a face of hating it, he continued, "You're just saying that to make me feel better."

Averting his gaze, he finally admitted, "Though I am glad to have this time with you as well. Having you... relatively... calm... is rare indeed."
It would seem Rhy had this all planned out. For better or worse. "O-Oh." Was really, all he could say to that. He really didn't want to know how she had that arrangement.

Frowning, he nodded. His mate had a solid argument, but he still wasn't sure if this was how he would prefer to go about such. "I... suppose so." Furrowing his brows, he awkwardly pet her hair. "All right, I get the point."
"Reading is productive." He frowned somewhat, "As is stargazing, if you are familiar with astrological ideals." After a moment, he then spoke quietly, "As for relaxing... normally, it is if I am too physically or mentally exhausted to be productive. I then typically sleep. I am neither physically nor mentally exhausted, and as such this... is puzzling."

At her words his eyes widened, "W-What?" The splash of warm water made him spit in disgust, "W-wh..?" Frowning, he let out a sigh, "Yes, you're correct, but perhaps it would have been best to schedule this later instead of now...?"
"I know and... I'm sorry." He looked genuinely apologetic. Though content in the hot-tub. Closing his eyes, he relaxed.

As she sprawled across him, he flushed, "B-Be careful, the water is still deep enough." At her words he responded, "Perhaps obvious, but still a strange... concept. It is... I'm not accustomed to simply sitting around doing naught productive. Which this certainly qualifies as."

Caught off guard by her loud proclamation, he nodded, "Yes, I suppose so?" After a moment, he let out a sigh of reluctance, "Yes, certainly..." He moved his hands to rub her shoulders... At least this was something non-traumatic he could do to please his mate.
He held her, petting her head gently. "If this is acceptable, then this is what I prefer." A soft sigh escaped his lips as he hugged her. "Though I apologize if you were hoping for more. Still, I'm sure your muscles are quite tired from today's strain, so perhaps this reservation was for the best."

Removing his own fogged glasses, he set them aside. Probably for the best. "I... assume the point is to sit here, relaxing? Apologies it's new territory."
Well, boiling pots were hot water, but he wasn't going to argue semantics. "Perhaps..." Moving to her side, he sunk in as well, removing his own cover. Sliding down, he allowed all but his shoulders and head to be submerged.

Flushing at her words, he averted his gaze, "I... ah... cuddling would be nice." A soft, awkward smile crossed his lips. He reached around to hold her, letting out a sigh. "Well... what... do you do here? Sit?"
Hanging his head, he let out a sigh, listening to her explain herself, shaking his head, "No, I... I'm sorry. I had no idea you were trying to..." Ears flattening to his head, he stared at the water before being urged to look up, "It is nice." Flushing at the kiss, he leaned in to hold her. "Though you are correct my... memories are less than pleasant. Perhaps that is why I'm so uneasy. I... did not mean to offend or..."

Snuggling into her, he smiled, "I'll... try to be more receptive to your advances, but... please be... less overbearing. I... will like as not need some time." Kissing her, he smiled, "I... like you for you as well. You are intelligent and kind, and I am very lucky to have met you."
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