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Current I should sleep, but I can’t sleep. aaaaaa
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Looking to RP a disguised/different take on Arceus if anyone's interested. Pokemon or Human, idc either way. PM me if that sounds fun to you >_>! I have a plot in mind that we can follow or ignore.
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Welp. Fire Emblem Three Houses got fucking dark fucking fast. >____>
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All is well. I made a fun post. I have video games.
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I can’t wait to leave work. Not because I dislike my job, but because I’m so excited to RP. I also have a chiropractic appointment today so rip me. I just want to WRITE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


Roleplay Interests: Star Trek, Final Fantasy VII, Pokémon and FFXIV. Pretty much exclusively right now. Doctor Who if you can sell me on a plot idea. I am very hesitant to roleplay in an original world, because I enjoy fleshing out my characters, and a lot of times original worlds lack a lot of the information I need to effectively roleplay. I am PG-13 only. I'm 30 IRL, but mature themes just aren't my cup of tea. I even would prefer to stay away from relationship-based RPs, but if it makes sense... well it would be out of character to not, I guess. I can, and might make exceptions depending on the RP, or character, but I'd rather not.

Roleplay Style: For the most part, I can't RP a child. Which of course is entirely awkward for most Pokémon RPs, so on the whole I'd much prefer to RP a Pokémon instead of a Trainer. I also largely RP males, though I've been known to play other things. I'm also entirely fine RPing Canon characters of my preferred Fandoms, and I like to think I do a good job? You can expect two paragraphs minimum from me, pretty much universally, with no cap. Sometimes I won't shut up. That said, I try to write concise posts—meat and potatoes. Once upon a time I wrote in purple, but I really don't have time for that anymore.

Contact Info: My reddit username is RhaqaZhwan. The best method of communication is probably Discord, and my tag is Ninian#3747. I have Steam which I'm always on, just because of auto-login lol. If you play FFXIV, I'm Rhaq'a Zhwan of Mateus, so if you're on the Crystal Datacenter, feel free to say hi!

Timezone: EST (GMT/UTC-5) On the weekends my sleeping schedule is very strange. Otherwise I'm up early and sleep early-ish. Unless it's bizarrely slow, I can't post at work, sorry!

Cravings: I want to play Emet-Selch from FFXIV so badly, willing to make compromises for this to work out. Romance or not, group or 1x1, I care little at this point! I'm happy to come up with a suitable plot and guide the story if necessary, I have a lot of ideas and I'm very flexible.

  • likes Pokémon, Star Trek, Fire Emblem, FFVII, FFXIV, and a lot of other Fantasy/Sci-Fi nerd stuff.
  • 30 years old and counting, also married.
  • prefers PG-13 scenarios.
  • Discord tag is Ninian#3747 (on the RPG Discord so you should be able to just message me if you've joined it).
  • posts frequently.
  • post quality tanks when RL aggros.
  • can and will play a million characters in an RP if necessary.
  • I don't ghost. If I can't continue RPing for some reason, I'll tell you. If I get really sick you might have to poke me on Discord.

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The more she taunted him, the more he wanted to slip away and hide somewhere where no one, not even she could find him. He knew exactly what she was doing, and he hated that he couldn't counter her. They had been together so long, and he still hadn't figured out her weakness.

Her offer of privacy was a double-edge sword, and she knew it. In public, she would only go so far, but he would have to suffer embarrassment. In private, he'd suffer debatably less embarrassment, but his mate would not hold back. This was why he had been avoiding close-quarter, intimate situations for a few weeks now. He was always romance-adverse, and despite their mutual understanding, it was always something that terrified him on a deep level.


Now biting his lip, he was searching around for an escape route. Answering the succubus meant that she won, and he wasn't about to give in yet.
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All right, I'm dropping out. GL o/
Eyes wide at the unexpected display of affection, he stiffened, trying to escape her grasp, but being unable to. At least not without making a huge scene in the plaza, and there were already enough eyes on them being miqo'te and all. Finally, the kiss that seemed like an eternity ended, and he hung his head letting out a sigh, "You're... welcome."

They still continued to stare, and all he wanted to do was take off, and duck behind a building, out of sight. But, much to his dismay, she was so pleased with the current situation, and he already felt horrible fighting it the way he was. Reluctantly, he put a hand to her back, patting it gently a few times as she rested against him.

Allowing her a fair amount of time to hug him, he tried to gently pull her off of him. "We... are attracting attention."
Of course his mate didn't see the cultural stigma of her peculiar preferences. It took all he had in him not to facepalm. Though, at least she gave in, and accepted the situation for what it was. With a nod, he followed behind her quietly.

The smirk on Rhy's face was telling, and it only served to re-affirm feelings of dread. He did not know what she was planning, only that it was like as not to be either embarrassing, or uncomfortable. Most likely both, at the same time.

As she pointed to the Aetheryte, he looked at it, confused. "Yes, darling that is an Aethery—" Cutting himself off, his eyes widened at the splendor before him, "I see. I assume this is what you wanted to show me?" Being pulled into her embrace, he tripped slightly before composing himself. "Yes, it's beautiful." Smiling he looked to his mate, "As are you."
Letting out a sigh, the man shook his head, "I should have guessed as much. Well I suppose a discount is a discount, no matter how dubious the reasons. But, would he not be upset seeing you with me?" Thinking for a moment, he continued, "Their traditions are not... well, most are unlike Miqo'te, frankly. Perhaps you should use your charm to obtain the noodles, then we could eat elsewhere? Though I must admit, I'm not familiar with many of the public spaces here..."

As she kissed his nose, the man squinted, a very brooding, sulking expression across his visage. Averting his gaze, he'd gently pet the side of her face with his hand before picking himself up. Taking the last dongo, he plopped it into his mouth before looking to her as well. Reluctantly, he offered her his hand. "By your leave..."

Suddenly, he felt his stomach sink. She was being too sweet. Something was up. She was plotting something, and he would get to the bottom of it. Hopefully, it was not what he was expecting...
Averting his gaze, the man let out a soft sigh, "Perhaps they are not, but you cannot forget the reason for our being here. That said, we should have a few hours to ourselves."

The look in her eye was not unfamiliar. She too was plotting, plotting to force them to do something he likely wasn't interested in. Though, the bath house was not near the Kugane Dori, which was more than likely where she meant. After a few moments of contemplation, he nodded, "Then we've reached an agreement." Holding a hand to his lips, he considered for a moment though, "I was under the impression you do not come here often? Might I ask how the manager has come to like you?"
Her taunt was certainly a threat, as she really would eat them all, with no regard for whatever dinner they may decide to have later. Hanging his head, he conceded, "I suppose you are right..."

His chest tensed as she 'teased', but he knew full well that it was not in fact a joke, but really her opinion twisted into such a way that anyone but him would think she were kidding. Instead of honoring his mate with a response, he simply chose to ignore that particular statement.

As for dinner, he frowned, thinking for a few moments, "Noodles, perhaps. There are several places that come highly recommended." Averting his gaze, he responded, "No, perhaps not. I come here far too often, it's... not... exactly a vacation. I am here on business, as are you." Shaking his head, he groaned, "I think not. If you were to have your way, I'm sure we would be having more dongo..."

Taking the treat from the stick, he took another bite. "If you insist, after we have a proper meal, I could take you on a tour of the city?"

Name: Rhaq'a Zhwan
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Race: Keepers of the Moon Miqo'te
Birthplace: Black Shroud
Marital Status: Bonded with Rhy Nbolo
Height: 5 fulms 8 ilms
Class: Chirugeon

Personality: A known recluse, Rhaq'a seems to—at first glance—prefer the company of books. However, when in the presence of others, Rhaq'a is very cheerful, charismatic and enthusiastic. Despite his reclusive tendencies, he is more than happy to engage in friendly banter, and especially enjoys discussing more serious topics such as magic and advanced tactics. Rhaq'a is quirky, which is not a trait uncommon to male miqo'te.

Though he's generally mild mannered, Rhaq'a is capable of being upset under the right set of circumstances. Generally a people pleaser, Rhaq'a will go out of his way to help someone if the situation arises, and is willing to make sacrifices.

As far as interpersonal relationships go, Rhaq'a has difficulty trusting others, mostly stemming from the fact that males are not viewed on the same level as women in his culture. While he may appear to trust someone, in the back of his mind there will always be a lingering suspicion. The only exception to this is his bonded mate, Rhy Nbolo, and his sibling Mara.

Description: Rhaq'a is tall for a Miqo'te and slender. He has deep black fur; a common trait for a member of the Zhwan Clan. His yellow eyes are often seen through a pair of glasses; especially if he is focused on his work. Unlike most Miqo'te—especially those from his clan—Rhaq'a has very little facial marking, only having a few patches around his eyes. Rhaq'a's facial features are very 'pretty', and he is often mistaken for being a woman due to his androgynous appearance and slender form. Though it's not apparent through his normal attire, Rhaq'a has a naturally toned body thanks to genetics.

Background: Born of Rhaq Zhwan, Rhaq'a is a member of the Zhwan Clan and lived with them for all of his early life until he went through puberty. He then left with aspirations of becoming either a Conjurer or Physician. It was then he traveled to Gridania to learn the arts of healing.

Though conjury effectively healed injuries, it did little for congenital diseases and other afflictions. So it was off to Ul'dah to learn the art of Alchemy.

Rhaq'a's pursuit of knowledge eventually lead him to Limsa Lominsa, where he studied arcane geometries in order to defend himself on his travels. Now he finds himself wherever he is needed, which seems to be in the company of other Keepers, for better or worse.


Mother: Rhaq Zhwan
Siblings: Mara, Rinh, Yehn, Tseh
Children: Pyah, Gota, Rhoe, Semih'a

Rhaq'a is a member of the Zhwan Clan, a family group consisting of the descendants of Koja Zhwan. Born to Rhaq Zhwan, Rhaq'a was the firstborn son, and second child. His elder sibling by a year was Mara, with his other sisters being younger than him; Rinh, Yehn and Tseh.

At the age of 14, Rhaq'a left his Clan as he was of age to make it on his own, however he was pressured into visiting the Vashai and Nbolo Clan as a breeder and a token of the Zhwan Clan's friendship. He sired a few children; Pyha, Gota, Rhoe, and Semih'a Vashai.

Rhaqa's bonded mate, Rhy Nbolo, is now with child.
Brooding on one of the benches outside of Unineko Teahouse, the chirurgeon found himself staring at the gravel beneath his feet instead of taking in the wondrous sights of the grand city aglow in the night's light. Pulling out a chronometer from the pocket of his dogi, he stared at it with deeply furrowed brows. Looking up and around, he thought to himself, How has it taken this long... Hanging his head, he let out a sigh before hearing the familiar voice of his mate.

Looking up, his yellow eyes sat on her for a few moments before catching sight of the treats in her hands. Letting out a sigh, he responded with a tinge of disappointment in his voice, "Weren't you to be fetching us dinner...?" It was then that he realized the true horror of the situation. To her, this was dinner. Putting a hand to his brow, he groaned, "...very well, I'll have a few bites. But this is not nourishment. We are getting something else whether you want to or not."

Carefully taking a piece for himself, he placed it delicately into his mouth, making sure to look as grumpy as possible.
Sounds good! Good luck!
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