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I finished EV training my sword doggo earlier today.
no problem. I didn't get it sadly, how my perfect IVs did it have?
Go ahead and hatch it
Alright. Do you want the Scorbunny hatched or do you want the egg?
I also have sword. My sis took Sobble, so I'm good there. So a Grookey would be nice.
I could certainly use one, now that I beat the game I wanna complete the Pokedex, so I need a Scorbunny. Also gonna set up a big team for when Home comes out so I can do a bug-only run.

Well, we will need to coordinate being online so I can get it to you. Do you want the egg itself or do you want me to hatch it first?
If anyone needs a Scorbunny let me know so I can breed it, additionally if you want me to hatch it for you for another lotto number or if you want to be its own OT

Both attack would hit but with Dragalge only taking neutral damage from the attack she was only just able to survive but she had been badly weakened. One hit from Liam next pokemon would take her out with ease.

Liam recalled Sylveon, praising her for the good job. Liam sent out Glalie next, who attacked with Ice Beam

About to go into endgame stuff myself when I get home
From work. I have F Cinderace (Mia Hamm), M Jangmo-o (Ryu), M Glalie (Frost), A vileplune I caught today from a lv 4 raid so it has 3-4 guarded perfect IVs but can’t check them yet. Also, as a side note my sis and I tested it to be sure, if you do a raid with a Group of people, it has the same stats, nature, and ability for everyone.
Well, your further then mem I've not even got the first badge yet. I've been doing other bits around the house.

Did you take Grookey?
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