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I'm doing the Prof. Oak Challenge on White (So, shouldn't it be the Prof. Juniper Challenge? lol) I just caught a shiny Tympole. I'm debating using it as I already had a Tympole prior.
The elevator took them down to the lowest floor where a large arena was laid out out with a stream of sunlight coming in from the cave opening behind an empty desk before a man turned round in his spinning chair and the arena lit up. Nigal walked up to the battle field and smirked "Hello again, Dragon master Liam, son of a nurse joy, now we can't really have you hiding your true colour can you? Are you worried people will treat you differently as a child of Nurse Joy? For shame, that you would hide your true self, probably makes your mother think you don't love her" He said with the tone of a master and a villain, hell he sound more menacing then Giovanni. His Hydragon landed next to him with growl before the rest of his dragon stood next to him too. "Shall we just get on with it? Single, Double, Triple or Routation battle? How would you like to test yourself against a fellow dragon master Liam?"

Looker was surprised learning of Liam's lineage. Liam meanwhile was angered by what Nigel said about insinuating that he didn't love his mother. But realized that Nigel was trying to get a rise out of him and decided to channel his anger into the battle instead of letting it distract him. "Let's go Single Battle," Liam said.
I hope that is false. I would think they would be smart enough not to kill their golden goose. Besides, if it was proven or at least highly suspected among the fanbase they sabotaged Pokémon in favor of say Little Town Hero people might boycott it and other non-Pokemon titles, if not everything completely.
Welp, GF stream was a bust. Only thing about Pokémon was some info on development of the original games, everything else was GF's origins and promoting their new IP's

Yeah, I mean that is something I would like to learn about, but I wish they would have been more transparent about what the live stream was over.
agreed. I'd be happy being completely in the dark on the rest if they'd tell us that.
So, assuming GF decides to remain silent on the starter evos, who is everyone choosing? I'd be taking Scorbunny.
He was wanting to do a Pokémon fusion, but I'm not too keen on the idea tbh

Drampa rampage was still going as it easily destroyed the water shurikin but being hit by the moon blast made him even madder as he now began using flamethrower and dragon Pulse after one another at not just Liam team, but Liam himself and the Drampa own trainer who was struggling to keep him under control before sudden a dragon Pulse came from the elevator knocking the Drampa out before the Dragonite would lock eyes with Liam and wave to him to come. It looked like Nigal himself was calling Liam now.

"Nigal," Liam sneered in anger as he used both hands to use Full Restores and Max Elixers to restore the two Pokémon to full health before recalling them. As Liam began to follow, he informed the others through the link of what was happening. Liam and Looker entered the room.

Both attacks hit their targets but Drampa went on a rampage from the hit, sending flames and Dragon pulse everywhere including his teammate who he knocked out.

"Look out!" Liam called out as his Pokémon avoided the blind attacks.

"Water Shuriken and Moon Blast!" Liam ordered.
Honestly, I think all that hype for just a Galarian Form was a letdown. I would have been much happier if they would have just put out a two-minute video saying Ponyta was getting a Galarian Form. But, what does everyone think its typing will be? I'm sure it will have Fairy and maybe something else.
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