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Liam called on Jiriya and Goodra to help search the room.
"I can't believe I'm saying this, but Guzma and his goons make me miss the likes of Teams Magma, Aqua, and Flare," Liam said thinking out loud.
Liam grabbed a Z Crystal. "Maybe he didn't want others to get it," Liam hypothesized. "Besides, I've seen Rocket Grunts with better teams."
Guzma flipped out at his defeat. He glared at Chuck and said: "I'm gonna beat you down one of these days! No matter whose help I need to do it..." and he ran off in a huff. Liam found a big box crammed full of Bugnium Z, and brought it to is friends' attention.
Masqurain and Pinsir
"That had to hurt," Liam commented.
"It's over you dimestore hoodlum," Liam said. Guzma looked visibly hurt by the remark and sent out Golisopod.

"Golisopod, the Hard Scale Pokemon. A Bug and Water type. The shell covering its body is as hard as diamond. This Pokémon will do anything it takes to win. Its claws, which it can extend and retract at will, are its greatest weapons. The claws are said to be able to cleave seas water, or even air in two."
"So, who wants to take care of this clown?" Liam asked his friends.
"Let's go in then," Liam said. Jiriya nodded in agreement.
"Then, let's go," Liam said determined.
"So, shall we go in and take care of business?" Liam inquired.
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