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"Yeah, I can't wait to see what kind of Galarian variants there are," Liam said.
Anyone have anything else they want to throw in before we advance the couple days?
"The reason I ask is that I have a college in the Orange Islands, Prof. Ivy. She studies how the environment of the Islands affects Pokémon and thought she might be interested in studying Alolan variants. I knew you were doing the regional tournament but wondered if maybe afterward you would let her study them." Oak explained.
"I don't have a problem with it," Liam said. "She can study Slushie and Marrowak after the tournament," Liam said. "I guess her work at her lab keeps her from traveling here herself, right?" Liam asked.
Oak confirmed that Liam's guess was correct. He thanked Liam and said that he would contact her to let her know. He wished him luck and hung up.
"I have a favor to ask of the two of you. You have both caught Alolan variants of Pokémon, right?" Oak asked.
"I have," Liam said.
Liam decided to clear his head and go do some fishing since he had time while the arena was repaired. this was fortunate for him as he hooked, a Dragalge.

"Dragalge, the Mock Kelp Pokémon. A Poison and Dragon-Type. This vicious Pokémon sprays a poisonous liquid on opponents that come near. For whatever reason, it gets along really well with Dhelmise. It blends in with seaweed to ambush its prey and then takes them down with a poisonous liquid strong enough to melt metal."

Liam was excited to find this, as it was one of the few dragons he was missing. "Slushie! It's time to shine!" The Alolan Sandslash emerged.
"Slushie, use Icicle Crash!" Liam ordered. The Ice/Steel-type used the Ice move and dealt a good deal of damage. The Dragalge used Faint Attack and scored a critical hit on Slushie. Slushie was then ordered to use Blizzard and managed to freeze Draglage, who was then caught in a Luxury Ball. Liam knew no one was around, and realized that it made Dragalge a good surprise he could use in the next battle, so he decided to keep quiet about it, at least for now.

Liam returned to the Pokémon Center to heal and adjust his team. While Oak was on the phone with Liam, he asked him to get Shiranui, as he had a favor to ask of them.
While this was going on, Liam was deciding which two Pokémon he would use aginst Jen.
Happy late b-day. I'll be 30 in July
After ensuring Chuck was OK, and wishing Veronica luck in the mission, he went over to Joy and handed over Slushie for healing. The MC said they would need a couple of days to fix the stadium, which meant it gave Liam a bit of extra time to decide which two Pokémon he was going to use aginst Jen.
Liam entered the Center just on time to see this. He hurried over to make sure Chuck was alright.
Ash Ketchum vs Veronica
Jen Lkaika vs Shiranui Tsukiko
Chuck North vs Hau
Liam Coleman vs Selenia

Liam had spent some time getting some last-minute training in and healing up something he expected to be unexpected. He came out and took his place. "Good Luck, Selenia!" He called from his side of the arena with a cheerful smile. "It's time to shine!" Liam called as he tossed a Luxury Ball into the air and Slushie, the newly-evolved Alolan Sandslash appeared.

Actually, Chuck did his. He was before Liam's battle.
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