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"Sherlock, if you would please teleport everyone to their destinations" Liam asked in his mind.
"I would appreciate the help," Sherlock added in.
"Are we ready team?" Liam asked.
"I think that my team is good for the operation."
"Good luck, everyone," Liam stated. "Oh, I almost forgot. I have some assistance set up in case either party needs help."
"I'm sorry for the intrusion everyone," Sherlock, Liam's shiny Alakazam said telepathically into everyone's minds. "My trainer asked Professor Oak to send me to an undisclosed location here in Alola to help coordinate and if one side needs to send out an S.O.S., I will relay it to the other party."
Liam wondered aloud about what would happen if he fought the Dragon Totem. He already had that Z Crystal since Tapu Koko gave it to him in place of Hala's Fightium Z from his first Grand Challenge. Liam said he would go with the team dealing with the poachers.
"We may just have to pick our poison here. Which way should we go about it?"
"Well, there is one option but it is exceedingly risky. If we allow the poachers to find those flutes, we can take them away. They might even have them by now." Liam proposed. "I don't like the idea of this, but I do not see too many other options right off the bat."
I hope so. Maybe Starter middle forms and the evil team.
“Yes, let’s go to the Pokémon Center” Liam said. Once there, Liam got them a private room and ensured the room was not bugged to where the enemies could spy on their plans. Once he was satisfied,he asked how they would go about this
“If I hadn’t come in while you weee tossing and turning, I’d presume it was eaten by a Pokémon “
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