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While Liam explored, He ventured into the forest. While adventuring he felt something tap his back and he turned to see a Heracross.
"Heracross, the Singlehorn Pokémon. A Bug and Fighting-Type. Heracross loves sweet sap and will go looking through forests for it. The Pokémon uses its two antennae to pick up scents as it searches. This Pokémon takes pride in its strength, which allows it to lift things 100 times heavier than itself with no trouble at all. "
"Hi," Liam said with a smile to the Pokémon. "How are you Heracross?"
The Heracross began talking happily and fast. It then grabbed Liam and began to fly off with a big smile.

"Hey, let me go Heracross!" Liam called. Heracross didn't let go until Liam was at a bunch of Heracross and a few other assorted Pokémoon. It then began talking to the other Herarcoss, who all cheered. The one that dragged Liam pointed to a huge tree in the forest and pantomimed something. Liam eas trying to piece this together.
"So, that tree was your home and some Pokémon intruded in and took it over?" Liam asked.
The Heracross nodded in confirmation. Liam pulled out some binoculars to see what was going on.
"I see a Vespiquen, some Combee, and a pair of Whirlpede." He turned to look at Heracross. "They took the tree?"
Liam approached the tree while the Heracross stood behind him nervously peaking around him. Some male Combee swarmed down to try and stop Liam.
"Beckham!" Liam called out his Raboot and used Flame Charge and bashed Combee away.
"This tree belongs to the Heracross," Liam said sternly. "Give it back."
The Whirlpede began to fire Poison Sting, which Heracross grabbed Liam and yanked him out of the way of. Liam called out Duraladon and had it tag team with Beckham to deal with the invading Bug-Types. Eventually, they got it down to just Vespiquen, who used Attract, infatuating Beckham. Liam tried to recall Beckham to negate the Infatuation, but he kept jumping around giving lovey eyes to the Vespiquen.
"Dragon Pulse!" Liam ordered. The attack hot Vespiquen dealing a good deal of damage. Vespiqueen used Attack Order on Duraladon, summoning a swarm of Combee, and the infatuated Beckham to attack Duraladon. Duraladon took significant damage from the attack. Duaraladon managed to fire off one last move, KOing. Vespiquen, but passed out from exhaustion in the process. Heracross cheered and called out to its friends. The mass of Heracross came carrying the assorted other Pokémon such as Emolga and Foongus as they all cried in joy. The one that came with Liam was the only one that didn't rush over to the tree. He looked concerned as Duraladon before rushing over to a different tree and returning with some berries to Duraladon. Heracross was trying to ensure Duraladon would be alright. Liam was touched by the concern the Heracross had.
He then heard rustling as Jessie, James, and Meowth jumped out of the bushes. Liam sighed.
"Now I have to deal with you three?" Liam said annoyed.
"Actually," Jessie started, but James rushed past them and into a hole at the base of a tree existing a moment later carrying a box. He exclaimed with joy that he found his bottle cap collection and hugged the box tight.

An elderly Heracross using a branch as a cane approached Liam. The others rushed over to it and surrounded it with joyful expressions. Liam hypothesized that this was the swarm's leader and it was being held hostage in the tree. The Heracross thanked Liam for helping them. It then turned to the Heracross that brought Liam to him and said something.
Liam turned to Meowth. "Hey, thanks to me James was able to get his bottle caps back so you guys owe me. Translate for me"
Mewoth started to mouth off but stopped when Liam glared at him. He knew Liam could easily beat them so he caved.
Meowth explained that This tree was their home, Vespiquen took over the tree, the elderly Heracross was the only one that didn't get away.
"The old Heracross is thanking the Dragon Twerp for saving them and wants her son to go with him and see the world beyond the forest like he always wanted. He saved the swarm, and so she feels he has earned the right to go and travel like he wants."
"Is that true, Heracross? You want to travel?" Liam asked.
"Hera!" Heracross replied. Liam pulled out a Luxury Ball and tossed it at Heracross, who gleefully leapt toward the ball and went in. The Ball pinged shut instantly.

"Heracross has been registered to your Pokédex."
Liam decided on the nickname Heracles and called him back out. Liam and Heracles waved good-bye to the Pokémon and escorted Team Rocket out.
James protested the escort and Liam reminded him that they are the bad guys. Once they were out of the forest, Liam saw a Meowth Balloon with a red capital "R" on the basket.
"Now, leave before I change my mind on being merciful," He said pointing at the balloon. Once they were gone, Liam recalled Heracles to its ball and proceeded to return to the dojo.
Mustard realized he had an odd number of participants. he picked three students at random (Jen was one of them) so that an elimination bracket could be properly formed. He said that they would happen on the battlefield outback. He then revealed the bracket he quickly made randomly placing participants on the bracket.

1. Liam
2. Klara
3. RP
4. Chuck
5. RP
6. Jen
7. Avery
8. Shiranui

Mustard then explained that no one was supposed to go out there until morning when they would have the battles, It was evening, so everyone had a couple of hours to explore the island if they so wished, but he wanted them back by nightfall.
"Sweet," Liam said. "I'd love to explore the island some more."
by die roll, Liam will get Kubfu.
No one has said anything.
Mustard explained that the battles would take place on his battlefield outback and that it was a Power Spot, so Dynamaxing would be possible. Mustard said each trainer could bring three Pokémon, however you can only use one per fight except in the finals where you can use two. He also said that in an hour he would announce the layout for the fights.

(Liam, Shiranui, Chuck, Klara, and Avery. Am I missing someone who gathered the max mushrooms?)
We just need to figure out who gets Kubfu
Mustard waited a bit longer and right as he was about to call it, Avery ran up with the three Max Mushrooms. He announced that he did it with a pant between each word. Mustard was pleased and said that the people who passed the 2nd test would face off in a tournament for the third test, the winner would get the Dojo's "Secret Armor".
So, I'm thinking it would be an elimination tourni (2 Pokémon each to speed things along) with the heroes, Klara, and Avery. the winner of it gets Kubfu
Mustard was delighted that Shiranui returned with some, stating that he was the third to complete the task. About as he finished the sentence, a dirtied Klara ran in with three as well.
"See, you made it," Liam said to Shiranui with a smile.
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