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Liam inserted the Ghostium Z into the Z-ring and went next he stepped forward and called out Bastille, the shiny Palossand.
"Bastille, Shadow Ball!" Liam called. Bastille flung the ball of energy at Aoloan Raichu, who managed to evade it. Unfortunately for the totem, it had no offensive moves to hurt Bastille. The totem called in a Baltoy for help.
"Bastille, Earth Power on the Totem!" Bastille's attack connected this time and did considerable damage. The Baltoy began to absorb sunlight for a Solar Beam.
Liam activated the Z Ring and did the small dance. "Now Bastille, finish this with Never Ending Nightmare!" The area around the battle grew dark and began to resemble a cemetery. Many dark, ghostly hands shot out from under the Totem Pokémon and pulled it into the shadows. Just a few seconds afterward, a light shot straight upward, ejecting the Totem Raichu who crashed to the ground KO'd. Liam gave the totem a Max Revive and the Baltoy an Orren Berry. The Raichu gave Liam the Psychicnum Z, to which Liam thanked it. He praised Bastille for a good job and recalled it. Lastly, he swapped the Dragnium Z back into the Z ring.
"So, who wants to go first?" Liam asked.
It wasn't too much longer before Liam saw the post that signaled a trial location on the distance.
Liam did not see any native Pokémon that seemed to have been bothered by the downpour.
I got five shiny Swinubs, but no 100%'s at all.
Liam began to think about the cave at Seafoam Island where he encountered Articuno, which he nicknamed Borealis
It is after midnight in my time zone and I got my Sinnoh Stones from the team leaers.
Has anyone played the demo for Devil May Cry 5? I was wondering how it holds up in comparison to the other games in the franchise, and my friend who plays the series has yet to get a chance to play the demo.
"So, what? Should we try to think of cold places to help keep our minds off of the heat?" Liam inquired.
Once getting into the desert, Liam was reminded of the time he had to cross through the desert in Hoenn, and was glad he had the forseight to hold onto the Go googles.
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