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"So, who wants to take on the kahuna first?" Liam inquired.
"The Kahuna lives just around this bend," Liam commented.
The Bewear let them go and grabbed Meowth by the arm and dashed off again. Meowth could be heard calling out: "I'm off with a new blaaast." before Bewear vanished from the horizon. Liam collected the berries Bewear gave him. "So, shall we go on?"
The heroes were out walking for only a few minutes when Liam saw something running across the water. He pulled out a pair of binoculars to discover that is was, in fact, Bewear. He made a comment that Team Rocket must be on the island before he realized Bewear was running toward them.
The Bewear skidded to a halt in front of the heroes and produced Meowth from behind her back. Meowth made a comment about his stomach being left on Melemele while gasping for air.
Bewear here wanted to thank the two of yous," Meowth said indicating to Liam and Chuck. "If it wasn't for you not only would I have been sold off, but so would of her little Stufful. She wanted to give you something to show her gratitude."
Bewear produced a basketful of berries for each of them and proceeded to try and give them a hug, which would unintentionally be a Urasing hug.
"Right," Liam replied. "Should we get going?"
"Seems like water, grass, and Ghost would be good choices, but ghosts need to be cautious"
"Her name is Hapu, and she uses Ground-Types, particularly known for a Mudsdale, and I have heard rumors of a Golurk"
"Morning," Liam said to his traveling companion and her Pokémon.
"Doing good," Liam replied as the Alolan Sandshrew finished the bottle. He sat the bottle on the table and told Shiranui that he was able to get some info on the kahuna.
Liam saw Shiranui come into the waiting room and waved at him.
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