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"Thank you Michiru," said Shiranui after getting squirted. He pulled out his smartphone and accessed the PokéNav app to get his bearings.
"There are also our Pokémon," added Shiranui, "Some of them are capable of generating water or ice."
"Bang, it's hot out here," Shiranui commented after entering the sun-drenched desert. He was glad to have Ashika on his party for when he would need to cool off. He wondered if the trek to the trial site was part of the trial given the hazardous biome.
Shiranui nodded and started making his way to Haina Desert.
"Ready," added Shiranui after sending Lusamine an apology text.
While Liam was doing damage control with Lusamine, Shiranui went off to call Prof. Oak and deliver his warning to Majin.
Shiranui agreed with Jen as he pulled his Go Goggles out and donned them, knowing of Lusamine's technological ability to detect spatial anomalies.
"Well, that sure is convenient," Liam stated.

"Although next time I get in touch with Prof. Oak I'll need to have him warn Majin against doing his Hyperspace Hole delivery service for now," replied Shiranui, "With all the Ultra Beasts showing up, we don't want Lusamine to get a false alarm."
At that moment a small wormhole opened and several pairs of Go Goggles came through with a note. Shiranui opened the note and read out, "These will help your friends tackle their first trek through the desert. Compliments of your friendly neighbourhood Hoopa." He tossed a Poké Puff back through the wormhole before it closed.
"Got Ashika with me," added Shiranui after altering his party, switching Nayamashii for his Buzzwole named Okinaka.
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