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Shiranui noticed a faint sweet aroma and sent Okami out to find the source. Having used Odor Sleuth, Okami tracked down a Salandit that had just defeated a Magby in battle. Feeling plucky, Salandit turned towards Okami and prepared a Dragon Rage. Okami put her superior Speed to work and used Rock Tomb to hurl boulders at Salandit for heavy damage. Salandit executed its Dragon Rage attack and scored a hit on Okami. Shiranui threw a Great Ball at Salandit and the lizard was drawn in. The ball shook three times before snapping shut with a successful capture. Shiranui discovered to his luck that his new friend was female and named her Nayamashii. He saw the light on Nayamashii's ball still glowing red and knew that he had to send one of his Pokémon back to make room for her. He returned to see how Chuck and Ariel was faring with Turtonator.
Shiranui looked up the move that Marowak had used on his Pokédex. "Shadow Bone, a physical Ghost-type move and a signature move of Marowak: Alola Form. The user attacks by beating the target with a bone that contains a spirit. This may also lower the target's Defense stat."
"I'm ready," added Shiranui.
Mike knew his friends wanted to know where he got Silva from. He had already explained it at least in part to them but clearly watching that intense battle had made them forget.

Mike chuckled before he said "I did mention before hand, the answer to that Chuck but clearly you guys forgot already but that's fine. I was visting the aether foundation one day and has a young woman approach me, she called herself Wicke I believe. She told me that she was rather impressed by how strongly i bonded with Pokemon after catching them. She told me, she had a Pokemon that had a rather Lonely and sad past and wanted me to take care of it but she made me swear I would never let this Pokemon out of my sight, that I would protect it and I would ensure that only those who I can trust could see this Pokemon in action. I was curious why but I accepted the Pokemon which is now called Silva. She also gave me spicial items to help it change typing"

"What is the Aether Foundation?" Shiranui inquired.
It's any move they are capable of learning. As for the previous point, Ash got his Electrium Z from Hala when most challengers would have got a Fightinium Z; thanks to Tapu Koko pulling a switcheroo.
"Mike, you gotta tell me, where did you get that Pokémon? It's amazing!" Chuck said. "In all the years I've worked at my parent's daycare, I have never seen a Pokémon like that!"

Shiranui was curious about where Silva came from as well.
Liam got his Dragonium Z in a similar fashion to how Ash got his Electrium Z.
We haven't done the grass trial yet.
"That battle had me on the edge of my seat so to speak," commented Shiranui.
This time, Silva dodged it and used Bulk up to increase its damage output. Before he began to run around Goodra, trying to throw it's concentration off, waiting for the next opening to attack.

Silvally is not capable of using Bulk Up.
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