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"According to Dexter there are fifteen and a few of them evolve into different Pokémon," replied Shiranui.
"The Alolan variants aren't the only regional variants she'd want to study," Shiranui remarked after the call ended, remembering the Galarian Weezing he saw.
"Not me," added Shiranui, "I did spot some."
Shiranui remained at the Pokémon Centre and when he was called over he made his way to the phone curious as to what Prof. Oak wanted from him.
Shiranui was with Liam during this time. "Jen will likely use her Lucario," he stated, having lost to said Lucario, "The best Pokémon to use against it would be Fighting types that don't have a weakness to Ground-type moves. Avoid Fire types because like what happened when I faced her, Aura will break out the Ground and/or Rock moves; and as tempting as it is to use a Ground type, Aura may know a move or two that would cover them."
"Shiranui Tsukiko of Ecruteak City in Johto," Shiranui added, bowing to Markus, "I train their progenitor of sorts."
Happy Birthday, Azure!
"That was news to me too when I looked at the data I acquired at the poachers' base," Shiranui related, "But Nigal somehow accessed the old data on the Mewtwo project and through his own genetic experiments engineered Hibiki and the others to be at the same level of power or higher. My point is Saisei is the best teacher for Hibiki at the use of her power and handling her mega form."
"The Pokémon you almost defeated when you faced me for the Kanto League Championship," answered Shiranui.
Shiranui returned to the Pokémon Centre and altered his party by sending Nayamashii back to Prof. Oak in exchange for Saisei. He filled the others in on what Veronica told him and addressed Chuck. "Chuck, if you plan to use Hibiki in your next battle you'll want some help in your training from the Pokémon that inspired her creation," he offered, showing Chuck the Master Ball that contained said Pokémon.
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