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"Yep," Shiranui simply answered, having got Ikari back from being healed while Jen was petting the Blastoise.
Shiranui waved back at Zenni.
Shiranui handed Ikari over for healing and during the time he sent Nayamashii and Honoh back to Prof. Oak and got Okami and Tsuchi in return, knowing they would handle Rock types better.
Shiranui nodded in agreement, raring to stop at a Pokémon Centre.
"From what I read, Ula'ula Island has the most amount of trials," replied Shiranui, "Not surprising given that some people call it the Big Island."
Shiranui bowed in gratitude as well. "Once we get our Pokémon healed, I believe our next destination is the Ruins of Hope where we take on the local Grand Trial," he stated.
"Thanks," replied Shiranui.
"Ikari, I choose you!" Shiranui sent his Bagon out and Lurantis snapped into action with an X-Scissor, scoring a good hit. Ikari retaliated with Dragon Claw and Lurantis was hit, suffering a decent amount of damage. Lurantis' sickles started glowing as it was charging a Solar Blade attack. Shiranui activated his Z-Ring and dance the Fire dance with Ikari matching his moves. "Inferno Overdrive!" Ikari's fangs ignited as the Bagon launched a powerful blast of fire at Lurantis. Lurantis was charred and before it could launch its Solar Blade, it fell over knocked out.

Shiranui gave Lurantis some Sitrus Berries and in return Lurantis gave him a Grassium Z. "If I remember rightly, once everyone is done here, we can take on the Akala Island Grand Trial," he thought to himself.
"In the meantime, I'll take my turn," replied Shiranui.
Shiranui was relieved to hear Mike and Ryu were alright. He congratulated Liam and Chuck on their victories.
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