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The Elder was silent for a while before saying "When we were inspecting his Aura, it seemed like something granted him that expanded life. We believe it may have been a legendry pokemon ether Ho-oh or Xerneas, Ho-oh appeared often around the castle Kazuma had. We believe when the hero of Ransai brought down the last of Nobunaga general, something happen at that castle that granted Kazuma his long life"

"It's a possibility," Shiranui replied. Since he trained both of those Pokémon he would want to hear their side of the story. After hearing Jen's suggestion, he added, "I, Liam and anyone else in the World Coronation Series will return to the mainland to participate in their event.
Shiranui was surprised to hear that Nigal was far older than he thought. "I believe you're telling the truth and understand your hesitancy about me since I walk the path of a shadow warrior, but it doesn't make sense that a human can live that long naturally," he stated to the Lucario elder, "Per the texts I read about the Oda clan, Kazuma would have already exceeded the maximum natural lifespan of humans by the time he attacked your clan. I have a hunch about how he might have prolonged his life; but what are your thoughts?"
Shiranui pondered over how Chuck and Kubfu would get along while he healed Nekomata and Kirigami. "Rotom, what do you know about Kubfu?" he asked his phone.
"Kubfu, the Wushu Pokémon. A Fighting type. If Kubfu pulls the long white hair on its head, its fighting spirit heightens and power wells up from the depths of its belly."
"I have not heard mention of wushu outside of the history texts before," he mused, "Nowadays we call it bujutsu taikyoku ken or various styles of martial arts."
"Throwing in the towel already Shiranui? That's unlike you." Chuck said. "You still have one Pokemon left."

"Last I looked, we were only allowed two Pokémon this battle," Shiranui reminded.
"You did well, Kirigami," Shiranui praised as he recalled his Kartana, "Looks like Kubfu is under your wing, Chuck."
I've been wanting to get Gible in the underground, haven't seen it yet. I'm also wanting second opinions on which kind of playthrough to do on SP

Gible won't be available in the Underground until you get the Icicle Badge.
"Kartana, make like a ninja and use Double Team!" Multiple Kartana copies manifested, but it was to no avail as Omega—cloaked in fiery energy—charged into the real Kirigami and knocked it out in one hit.
"Counter with Leaf Blade!" Kirigami went to a better position and lay flat on the ground ready to intercept Nessie's Body Press. Nessie slammed down, hitting the Kartana while Kirigami launched a point-blank Leaf Blade with its very sharp blades.
Nekomata got hit and the damage was enough to knock the Meowstic out. "Nekomata, return; Kirigami, I choose you!" Shiranui switched out his fallen Meowstic and sent his Kartana out.
Nekomata took heavy damage from the Megahorn and countered with a Sucker Punch uppercut, forcing the Dragon Pulse to fire straight up into the sky.
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