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Shiranui wasn't expecting a grateful Bewear of all Pokémon to show up, but nonetheless felt proud of Liam and Chuck for saving Stufful. "Indeed," he answered.
"Yep," answered Shiranui, "The sooner we complete our Grand Trials the sooner we can exterminate the poacher ring."
"Seems like water, grass, and Ghost would be good choices, but ghosts need to be cautious"

"Ice and Dark are also good," added Shiranui.
"She'll be a cinch for me," replied Shiranui, greeting Chuck back in the process, "I trained both those Pokémon."
"Alola," Shiranui greeted back, "What info have you found, Liam?"
"Alola, Liam," Shiranui greeted, waving back at Liam, "How's Slushie?"
Shiranui made his way to the waiting area, researching about the local kahuna.
Shiranui went to bed after healing his party.
Shiranui stepped up to take on the Dragon Trial, sending Bakeru out to take on the totem Kommo-o. "Bakeru, Let's Snuggle Forever!" Kommo-o opened with its signature move, but Bakeru was unmoved by the noise. Shiranui twisted the Mimikium Z on his Z-Power Ring and performed the dance. Charged with Z-Power, Bakeru zipped out of sight of the gargantuan totem. Kommo-o looked around before Bakeru enveloped the totem with his rag and pandemonium ensued within. Afterwards Bakeru jumped off, leaving Kommo-o knocked out.

Shiranui used a Max Revive on the totem and a Jangmo-o brought over a Dragonium Z. Kommo-o showed Shiranui the dance to activate Devastating Drake.
That makes three of us.
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