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Shiranui came back to the Pokémon Centre to heal his Pokémon and send Zoro back to Prof. Oak. He was thinking about the next trial and immediately dismissed the notion of using his new friend Tsuchi and Okami as they had a type disadvantage. He knew Ashika and Ikari stood a chance as they were resistant to Water-type attacks.
Shiranui was at the ranch training the Pokémon he caught in Alola when he came across a Mudbray jack resting contentedly in a mud wallow. He waited until Mudbray got out of the wallow and then the battle was on. He sent Ashika out and Mudbray was struck with an Aqua Jet compliments of the Brionne. Mudbray's Defense stat went up from the hit and Shiranui realised he was battling a physical wall. Mudbray gave Ashika a Double Kick and Shiranui winced when Ashika felt the two impacts from Mudbray's hard muddy hooves. He threw a Poké Ball at Mudbray and the jack was drawn in. The Poké Ball shook three times before it issued a loud ping, indicating a successful capture. He named his new friend Tsuchi and looked him up on his Pokédex. "Mudbray, the Donkey Pokémon. It loves playing in the mud. If it isn’t showered with mud on a daily basis, it gets stressed out and stops listening to its Trainer." He discovered why Tsuchi got a Defense boost from looking at the Pokédex and it was from an ability called Stamina.
I look forward to seeing that.
"Just like Moo Moo Farm back home," added Shiranui, "Only it has a town that looks like a Poké Star Studios western set."
Shiranui recalled his Pokémon after the cages were destroyed and started making his way to Paniola Town.
"I would probably take a guess and say she's probably going to remain incognito for At least a few days which will make finding her difficult even with Mewtwo power, I would advise continuing our journey for now and we'll come across her again"

"I third the motion," Shiranui agreed. He also understood the incognito part as it was a common shinobi trick. Saisei nodded in acknowledgement to Mike's suggestion, knowing even the world's most powerful Pokémon had its limits.

"There's just one more thing to do," Shiranui said, "Saisei, destroy those cages!"
"With pleasure!" Saisei acknowledged. The Mewtwo's eyes glowed a bright turquoise as it used its psychic powers to reduce the cages to rubble.
Shiranui had sent Saisei out while the poacher was gloating and the Mewtwo got a lock on her mind before she made her escape. Both the trainer and Mewtwo came down from their treetop cover and along with Zoro and Bakeru got the cages together.

"She can't have gone far with a Mega Garchomp unless she had a Pokémon who knows Teleport handy," Shiranui stated.
"I locked onto her mind while she was gloating and got the info from her partner while Mike was punching him," Saisei added. The Mewtwo warned Mike, "The path of a berserker is not a path for you."
Shiranui entered with Zoro using illusions to make the heroes invisible and Bakeru in the crook of his arm. Using his shinobi skills and Bakeru's malleability, he planted Bakeru in one of the cages and the Mimikyu quietly told the Pikachu within they'll be free shortly provided they too kept quiet.

Zoro's invisibility illusions were dispelled when the trainers started battling some of the guards and the Zoroark was luring some of the Dragalge away with his Taunt attacks and a Pikachu illusion, leaving Bakeru to take out the Drampa guards near his cage with some quick Play Rough attacks and zipping back into the cage after each defeat.

Shiranui had taken cover in the canopy of a tree after planting Bakeru and was watching the action unfold, trusting Zoro and Bakeru to execute their parts of the plan with autonomy and ready to call out Saisei if Mike's plan starts to unravel.
"Zoro can help us sneak in and provide distraction and Bakeru can take out the dragon guards using the old 'Mimikyu in a Pikachu Crowd' trick," Shiranui added to Mike's plan, "If things go awry, Saisei can provide backup."
Jen listen to everyone talks about Waterium Z crystal and which Pokémon of their Pokémon could use it. Maui finds a poacher’s trap and growls as Jen kneels down to inspect it.

Shiranui noticed Jen and Maui's actions and spots the trap. "Looks like some ne're-do-well is trying to poach Pikachu from the nearby valley," he stated after making a logical connection between the trap and the sign pointing to Pikachu Valley.
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