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Shiranui arrived at the observatory after Liam did. "Yame, Tsuchi," he commanded and the Mudsdale stopped before he reached the road. Shiranui dismounted with a leap and recalled the Mudsdale.
"But, we can dwell on it later, let's go see how the others are doing."

Shiranui nodded and rode on Tsuchi back to the rendezvous point.
"That makes sense to me," Shiranui agreed.
Shiranui raised an eyebrow when he heard Poipole was a popular starter in its home world.
"Sneaky little thing," commented Shiranui, "It reminds me of my Hoopa. Liam, are you feeling alright?"
"It's an inevitability if we plan to use the Ultra Beasts we catch in battle," replied Shiranui.
"I hope so," replied Shiranui, "With any luck the nearest Pokémon Centre can heal it like it does for Pokémon native to this world."
As they got ready to advance on, another wormhole opened up and something flew out from it before closing up. A small purple Ultra Beast came crashing toward the ground but was saved by Liam and Smaug. Liam pulled out his Pokédex.

"Poipole, The Poison Pin Pokémon, no other data available at this time."

Liam looked Poipole over and concluded that it was injured from some brawl and he needed to do some first aid on it.

Shiranui pulled out his Aether Foundation communicator and got on the line to Lusamine. "Lusamine, we have an injured Poipole here," stated Shiranui, "What do you know about it medicine-wise?"
Shiranui recalled the newly-evolved Nayamashii and got back on Tsuchi.
"I didn't want to have to deal with a burning forest again," Shiranui agreed, "On that note, we should see how the others are handling Xurkitree."
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