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Shiranui noticed the newspaper clippings and read through them. "There was apparently a fire here," he noted, "That may explain why Po Town became a ghost town until Team Skull took root."
"So the Aether Foundation is paying Team Skull and likely the poachers as well to do their dirty work in looking for Cosmo," stated Shiranui, "Guzma's probably reporting to Lusamine as we speak about what we did, which means we're not likely to get as warm a welcome as before. I find it amusing that Guzma had unknowingly come very close to accomplishing that goal. What is so special about Cosmo that would lead Lusamine to go after them?"
Shiranui searched wherever the others weren't looking and when he saw Jen with some papers he got curious. "What's that you got there, Jen?" he asked.
"Good thinking, Chuck," replied Shiranui. He turned to Jen and explained, "Teams Aqua and Magma were gangs of eco-terrorists that almost made Hoenn the epicentre of an ecological catastrophe; and Team Flare tried to eradicate all life that didn't fit their ideal world vision through a weapon located near Geosenge Town, Kalos."
"At least it wasn't a total waste of our time and resources," replied Shiranui, taking a Buginium Z, "We have the Buginium Z and we cleared out this nest of Rattata. By the way, Chuck, did you find any information about the people who were slipping money into Guzma's pocket?"
"Congratulations, Chuck, you just became daiichi on Guzma's list," Shiranui quipped. He saw the box and asked, "How obsessed with one type do you have to be to hoard all those Z-Crystals?"
"That attack better knock Golisopod out or its Emergency Exit ability will trigger," Shiranui thought as he watched the battle, all the while puzzling over Team Skull's role in the Aether Foundation mystery.
"San, ni, ichi, hajime!" Shiranui went into Guzma's room and addressed the Team Skull leader. "Guzma, we're putting a stop to your operations!"
"I'm ready," added Shiranui.
Shiranui was not far behind Liam and after seeing Chuck all right he was relieved that the latter hadn't taken friendly fire.
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