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Azul Larkspur

Many years ago, when she was a little girl, Azul's father fed her stories of how scary life could be as a huntress. Tales of the tearing talons of Grimm and the roughhousing rogues that stalked the streets at night. All things that could kill those that sought to uphold the peace. She knew now he was trying to scare her on purpose. He was so desperately worried he would lose his children the way he lost his wife. But Azul had still wanted to be a huntress. She wanted to be a hero like her mother was.

As a girl, she was genuinely scared of the stories her father told her.

She was no longer scared.

She was terrified.

But not of Grimm, criminals, or anything that lurked in the dark, but of all the people around her. All the people smothering her on this teeny tiny ship. Granted, nobody was even standing that close to her, but it felt like they were smothering her. She could feel their judgemental gaze upon her. Their eyes saying "Who's this trembling girl?" or "What a feathered freak". It was all she could do to stand in the corner and force a wavering smile on her face, hoping nobody would look past her seemingly happy face.

All she wanted was to get off the ship and get to work. Putting a dust round in the skull of a Grimm at 100 paces seemed so much easier than having to smile and wave at all these scary strangers. It was a great mercy to Azul to finally hear the words "Welcome to Shade Academy".

Sweet freedom.

Sweet release.
Suihara, Mizura

The first thing that passed through Mizura’s head when witnessing Konomi’s Quirk was she would never have to worry about getting fat. Otherwise, she could only imagine the myriad possibilities of being able to split into two, regardless of the reduced capacity of the clones. She was going to call her “Double Team”.

The incredibly hyperactive Haruki could apparently come inside anyone he wanted, presumably at any time too. It was an interesting idea…but also highly disturbing, in more ways than one. This one she would call “Jumpy”.

Perhaps the most disturbing of all had to be Lacara, if only because of the thought of sudden impending death if she got worked up without Spacenaut around to deploy a shield. Though Mizura would simply raise an eyebrow as the lava spewed forth, she was more concerned than her face let on. It was a very devastating power, but not one she wanted being used anywhere near her. She would be “Hot Bod”. It was basically handed to her by her Quirk name.

Seo sounded like he didn’t want to be here, which begged the question; why was he? He probably had some reasons, none of which mattered to Mizura. The blood manipulation was mildly interesting, but it seemed like such a double edged sword. He could be “Bleeder”. Not terribly inventive, but in his own words, WhoTheFuckEvenCares?

Nadeshiko certainly had versatility, but without knowing the nature of the substance that made up her body, it was hard to tell how effective she could be in other situations. She was going to call her “Gummy”.

The shrimp girl, Hyouka, was almost as energetic and zany as Haruki, but was, of course, a shrimp. A shrimp with great strength, that was. She would call her “Pinchy”.

Himori was, in a way, similar to Nadeshiko, if only in the ability to manipulate their body. As Mori-sensei demonstrated, it appeared there was some strength behind their grip. She wasn’t so sure how she would stand up to someone with a knife, however. Mizura was going to call her “Silky”. She really was running out of good inspiration at this point.

Nyoko was a hard one to come up with anything for. Her Quirk was fairly banal and didn’t even have a name. It was bound to be effective, but it wasn’t something she could get excited about. Lacking inspiration already, a nickname for Nyoko would have to be shelved for now.

The next demonstration was annoying. Deeply annoying, which may have been the whole point of it. This son of a bitch Daizo’s Quirk was supposed to give people depression, apparently. What kindof cruel, miserable universe would invent something so disgustingly petulant? Mizura had a mind to suffocate the worthless reject right her and now so he would never get the chance to do that again.

Then she snapped out of it, and made a note not to get anywhere near him ever again.

Perhaps it was the residual effect of the last demonstration talking, but Mizura had a hard time getting excited by Dimitri either. He was strong like an ox. Good for him. She had a feeling nicknames about him being a bull would be almost offensive so she decided against it.

Apparently Marius’ Quirk was to be a psychotic and dangerous Werewolf. Great. More huge threats among their own student body, just waiting for a bad day to make someone regret setting up this school. As if she didn’t have enough to worry about.

As wild and unusual as Yaseishi’s Quirk was, it certainly seemed useful. At least it didn’t come with the possibility of them going nuts and eviscerating someone, which was an improvement. She would call them “Chimera”, given the hodgepodge of different elements their Quirk seemed to encompass.

That was finally everyone. For some reason, Mizura felt a bit tired just thinking about them all. At least they finally got to move on. They met the principal, talked about a bunch of weird things like sex in the dorms, and then were released from their duty to listen. Mizura decided she was just going to go to her room and sit down with a nice bottle of water. Whoever was to be her roommate could either meet her there or give her a moment of solitude.

Suihara, Mizura

While the faculty made their spiels Mizura was mostly playing around with her phone. She wasn't really interested in some idealistic hogwash about how they would be embraced for their Quirks or how they would be serving the people. She had already made up her mind that the likely intention of this school was to provide some utility to the country. Their true purpose would be to act as some cold-hearted economic benefit, no more, no less. Any prattle about ideals and virtues was just dressing to make it seem more inviting. Mizura didn't really care in the end. She had come here to hopefully acquire a respectable career out of this. It was a new and developing field, and there was bound to be money to be made from it, and respect to be earned.

When they were all finally done, they were led out to some stage to show off their individual Quirks. Now they were getting to the meat of why they were here. Personally, Mizura was torn. Her usual strategy was to play the bimbo and let everyone underestimate her, but now she had a unique opportunity to start with a bang and try to impress everyone here. Who knew what these people expected from her? Or more importantly, who knew what they would actually want from her? She certainly knew nothing about what to expect from them.

As she thought on it, she decided to take notes on the people that went before her. The first was a boy called Ryuujin Katsuro. He seemed very sure of himself. Cocksure, somebody might say. He appeared to have some objection to the name of his own Quirk. She could only guess that somebody else had named it for him. Having used it in private, mostly concealed even from her own mother, Mizura had both named hers and spoken of it very little with others. Only Mizuro, who shared her Quirk, had been there to hear it named, and he couldn't have cared less at the time. Watching Katsuro's blazing display, Mizura noted down that she was going to call him 'Hot Stuff'.

The next one up was some Chinese girl called Zhao Emiko. She vaguely recalled hearing one of those staff types use the same name, but it didn't mean anything to her. She was more interested in what this Emiko girl could do. She seemed to have a sort of rapid fire energy blast Quirk. She had no idea why she was shouting while doing it. Maybe it helped her put more effort into the attacks? She seemed very flighty to Mizura, overall. Her nickname was going to be 'Fister'.

Then they had Himaru Mitsuo. He seemed to lack confidence. Watching him speak awkwardly on the stage was almost painful. At least his Quirk seemed alright. It wasn't flashy, but he could clearly control it well, and it had a certain oomph to it. Once he was done, he left the stage as meekly as he came onto it. She was going to call him 'Wisp'. Not just because of his Quirk, but because his personality sure made him seem like a wisp of a man.

Then there was Seto Yuuki. It turned out her Quirk involved water too. Was that something Mizura could exploit in the future? Time would have to tell. It seemed a whole lot more focused than her own Quirk. Rather than manipulating it freely, she just coated herself with it and could move around using it. Mizura wondered if she could do something similar if she tried. Her one big advantage seemed to be she could make water without need for an external source. That, or she was able to draw upon the water in her own body. Besides that, there wasn't much to say. Mizura decided to wait to give her any impromptu nicknames.

With Yuuki done, Mizura decided to take the initiative and take to the stage herself. Maybe people would get bored, seeing two water Quirks in a row, but they could just shut up and put up. Mizura just silently stepped up onto the stage and popped open the water bottles she kept within her clothes. As the water gathered in her right hand, she turned to speak to everyone present. "Hello darlings, my name is..." The characters for her name formed from her water as she spoke. "Suihara Mizura. The name of my Quirk is..." The characters reformed to form the name of the Quirk. "Waterpath. It lets me manipulate water by touching it. I bet you never would have guessed. Now let me give you a slightly longer demonstration..."

Mizura's water gathered at her feet. It then reformed into a mini-Mizura. Both Mizura and mini-Mizura started to dance. Both Mizura and mini-Mizura danced in perfect sync without missing a beat for a good minute before she stopped, melted mini-Mizura down and returned the water to her bottles and walked off the stage, blowing the crowd a kiss as she went.

Mori-sensei was very impressed with the show. She was laughing and having a great time watching her dance, and by the time it was over she was clapping for the performance. "Whoo! Thank you, Mizura-kun! That was a very fun way of showing what your Quirk can do. You must have practiced a lot for that! You'll have to show me a few moves while we develop your Quirk together."

"Thank you, Sensei, you're too kind." Mizura told her before joining the others. It was nice to see someone had enjoyed it, though she might have just been being polite. Mizura rejoined the crowd and prepared her phone to keep taking notes. There was a whole lot of people yet to go and she was going to tap something out for each and every one of them.
Suihara, Mizura

Mizura had left home with little fanfare. Her mum was already at work, and wouldn't return until late at night. Mizuro had already left for middle school. It was entirely up to Mizura to make her own way, as always. She supposed she wouldn't have it any other way. After all, somebody else might just get everything wrong. To look at her before she'd put on her makeup in the morning, anybody would think they were looking at a different person than the peppy girl that had stepped out of her house today. However, with a dash of lipstick and a little eyeliner, suddenly a happy young lady stood in full view of those around her. Wasn't it better to see that then some depressed and sour looking nerd girl?

She was informed that they were to take the side entrance into the school rather than raise the ire of the rabble. But as it would happen, even as she avoided the eyes of the large crowd, Mizura had the misfortune of coming upon a small rabble of her own. Some of the other students of this UA school had decided to mill around the side area once more. Mizura's first plan was to walk on past them nonchalantly, but it seemed the ID around her neck served as a beacon. Then again, from the looks of the fools, maybe their eyes were searching for something other than her ID near her chest region?

"Hey, bitch!" Some thuggish type called out to her. "Some of you might have sneaked in already, but the buck stops here. No more freaks in-"

"Oh, very well, just this once." Mizura loudly called out upon the boys approach. As he looked utterly confused, she grabbed him around the shoulders and held him in a pose while she produced her phone and started snapping pictures. She got a picture of them standing together awkwardly, one of her with her arms around him in the fashion of a lover, and one of her pretending to kiss him on the cheek.

"I'll send you the pictures later, lover. Have a good one~" Mizura walked off to the side entrance without another word. As she left, she could hear the murmurs behind her as the boys friends gathered around.

"What the fuck was that?"
"Is she just some kindof slut?"
"Oh dude, she was totally into you!"
"Heh. I know. I AM a huge stud like that..."

It was all talk Mizura had heard before. Nothing to be surprised by. Without another thought about it, Mizura passed through the school's side passage check point. She relaxed once inside, and just played around on her phone until something worth looking at occurred.
@tobiax I'm doooooooooooone.

Kiko Mazzini-Ishikawa

Interacting with; Soga @Claw2k11 and Souta @Bluetommy

Their time had finally come. It was time to get started. Kiko was almost already sick of sitting through explanations and lectures. She wanted to get out there and shoot something. She was still annoyed the mission was just to find three whatevers and bring them back safely. There had better be something out there to challenge them, or she swore to God she was going to consider shooting Guodo-sensei in the rear. Then again, how could she look at that smile and get so mad at him? It probably wasn't his fault. Maybe it was that grody nurse guy. Maybe she could shoot him in the butt instead?

At least there was something she could do in the middle of all this waiting. "Oooh, oooh, I'll get the maps and stuff!" She said to Souta and Soga before shooting off, not even remotely waiting for their approval. She rushed over and snatched up some maps, and then examined the ribbons. She didn't really care what route they took, but picking the right ribbon was important. Kiko settled on green, for that was Italy's greatest colour. She grabbed three green ribbons and then raced off back to her team.

"Okay, Bullet Cavalry, we're going on the green path!" She'd already mentioned the name to Soga, and she didn't care if Souta had a problem with it. They were the Bullet Cavalry now and that was that. She handed out a map and a ribbon to her teammates. "Anybody got anything else to do? Otherwise I say we go go go!" It was beyond obvious that Kiko was excessively eager to get started.

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