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Osamu Kenzo

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, 1-A Classroom, April 8th

Interacting With: @Inkarnate

Osamu sat stoically through the events that followed. Their teacher's arrival he regarded with naught but respectful silence. Her height did not matter to him. All that did was that she was the instructor the school had saw fit to assign to them. He hoped she would prove a competent teacher, though he had his reservations about her attitude. But that was not his place to question.

She singled out Tanaka Shun, who for whatever reason presented the teacher with a pineapple fruit. Was it an earnest sign of respect, or an attempt to curry favor with his instructor? Osamu certainly hoped it was the former. Bribery by students was not a welcome sight, and he certainly hoped Kinzokuma wasn't the type to be swayed. She did not appear to be pleased with it, at any rate.

With Shun dismissed back to his desk, their sensei continued to reiterate what they had heard during the opening ceremony. There was little worth retreading on that matter, but Osamu was intrigued by the announcement they already had reviewed their provisional class rankings. Only two were made clear; Amuro Namie and Kunze Adrianne. Neither of them Osamu would have personally picked for the top of the class, but it was not his place to choose, after all.

It was clear that the foreigner was at the bottom. Of course Osamu was inclined to assume she would be the worst performer, and yet, why would the school bother letting them in if they had no faith in their ability to perform? Better to simply leave them out from the beginning if that were the case. Perhaps the foreigner was as atrocious a student as Osamu would assume her to be?

Regardless, these rankings painted both of them as targets. Adrianne as the subject of mockery, and Namie as the object of scrutiny and envy. While Osamu would take some small satisfaction in the recognition of his diligence, he had to admit neither position would be enviable to him in the end. Better to be in a position to work hard without the eyes of others upon your back.

When their teacher opened the floor to questions, Osamu took the opportunity to rise and bow respectfully. "Kinz-" was all he managed before a late student arrived and proceeded to mistake the teacher for a fellow student. It put both her and Osamu in an awkward position, as he was not sure whether to continue with his question or wait for his teacher to rebuke the student. He chose to simply get it out of the way.

"Kinzokuma-sensei, may I ask for you to clarify what criteria the ranks are based upon? Thank you." He hastily uttered before retaking his seat, hoping that he had not committed a faux pas himself. If luck was on his side, she might appreciate him pretending as though nothing were wrong. If not, he would simply have to endure.
Osamu Kenzo

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, 1-A Classroom, April 8th

Interacting With: @Naw

"Ah, Tanegashima-san. I am well." His stoicism only barely letting in a shred of warmth. "My first night was uneventful, as might be expected. My roommate was of no trouble." In fact Seo seemed to have barely wanted anything to do with him at all. Osamu was not the type to force the issue, so he left him be. It did not bode well for their future relationship, however.

Osamu noted that the foreigner arrived shortly after Wakako. He had to admit it was a small surprise she was still here. He would not have been surprised at all if she had offended the faculty enough she was sent packing on the first day. Perhaps time would betray her inclinations? The rest were not all that noteworthy to him, besides Seo, who brushed past in a hurry to reach his seat. Still not keen to interact with his roommate, it appeared. Or anyone.

"We should perhaps keep our conversation brief in anticipation of our Sensei's arrival." The teacher still had yet to arrive, but they could arrive any minute. It would not do to be mid conversation when they came in. Better they wait in silent appreciation of the staff so they were ready to learn immediately.

Osamu Kenzo

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, 1-A Classroom, April 8th

The first to arrive would be Osamu. He was always an early riser and a dutiful student, and he would sooner perish than be tardy. Wasting their educators precious time was the height of rudeness, and he was not keen to be the one to do so. He was not so sure about his dorm-mate, Yasuhide Seo, who seemed far more consumed with his own entertainment than getting the most out of his education. He would have to see if Seo would prove him wrong over the course of their mutual tenure at Ishin Academy.

Curiously, it seemed he had arrived here ahead of their teacher. He was sure there were many reasons to explain such a scenario; perhaps they were held up in a meeting, or they had something they yet needed to prepare for their first lesson? The fact was it was none of their business as to why the teacher was late. Even if it were a matter of negligence, that was for the school administration to sort out, and not them. Osamu would simply take his seat and silently await the arrival of both the rest of the class and their instructor as well.
Osamu Kenzo

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Interacting With: @Raijinslayer @Pirouette

Curiously, rather than being told anything by his roommate, he was instead provided with something akin to a business card. He was confused until he saw that he clearly communicated by means of that board around his neck. He assumed there was something that made him incapable of verbal communication, whatever that may be. Ultimately it was none of Osamu's business, besides the fact he would have to keep in mind that he would have to look at him directly whenever they conversed.

As the conversation turned from his introduction, it seemed Seo wished to discuss the presentation, and in particular how boring it was. It seemed like a disrespectful comment to make about their school's efforts to orientate them to Osamu. At least Namie seemed to understand it wasn't supposed to be about jokes. "It was perfectly serviceable. It is not the staff's role to tell jokes and entertain the students. They told us what we needed to hear and that was that." Osamu was wondering if Seo was the type to expend himself in search of "cheap yucks". That boded very ill.

"Might I ask what your reasons are for attending Ishin Academy?" He was curious because Seo seemed like an abysmally poor fit for the school, at least based on first impressions. Namie too had greeted him completely out of line with tradition, and yet here they both were at a school known for rigidity and discipline. Perhaps they both had deep personal reasons, but Osamu could but guess. He knew little about them, and they knew little about him.
Osamu Kenzo

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Interacting With: @Raijinslayer @Pirouette

It would seem that Osamu would not have to wait long before it was made clear their conversation was over. By none other than the girl calling out to him with his first name. Not just his first name, but his first name without so much as an honorific to accompany it. Either this girl had no care at all for etiquette, or she meant some offense in referring to him so casually. Neither option boded well. It seemed that Ishin did not implicitly attract those with a respect for formality, despite the reputation. Fortunately, this girl was not his roommate nor the person he intended to engage in conversation with, so that might be a problem for another day.

"Yes, I am Kenzo Osamu." He replied. "Forgive me for hovering, but I thought it would be rude of me to interrupt when you were mid conversation." He approached the pair of them and offered his hand to shake. "Let us introduce ourselves more properly, shall we?"" He was offering his hand to be shaken by both of them, preferably in turn, if they so desired. Though he could not speak for Seo's inclinations quite yet, he supposed there was every chance the first naming girl would not care to shake his hand. He would just have to see.
Osamu Kenzo

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Interacting With: @Raijinslayer (kindof?)

As their class gathered together, some tensions began to arise. Osamu could not say whether it was a largely trivial dispute or something that was likely to build over time, but from what he could tell, one of the girls involved was merely oblivious as to proper etiquette rather than meaning sincere offense. Perhaps it would ultimately come to nothing.

The first pairing, as though by fate, involved the solitary foreigner in their class. Nothing on Osamu's face would betray it, but he was already leery of her being here. He fully expected her to prove to be nothing but trouble in the long run. Fortunately, it was not Osamu himself that would be forced to find out exactly how obnoxious the foreigner intended to be. He pitied this Nadeshiko girl, who was bound to bare the brunt of the indignities stemming from Adrianne.

Wakako was paired with Kana, who was apparently a native of Aomori just like him. The fact that Aia had chosen to draw attention to it suggested her name was recognisable. After thinking on it, Osamu realised why. It seemed Kana herself was reluctant to respond to Aia's probing, and Osamu could fully understand why. The last thing he was going to do was draw attention to it, as he was sure that fact being made common knowledge was the last thing Kana wanted.

The rest were of little consequence to him. All names and faces he knew nothing about and had little to assume about them. Finally, when it came down to the men, of which there were few, he was to be paired with a "Yasuhide Seo", and someone called "Tanaka Shun" had no dorm mate at all. One of them waved to him, which implied that the one who did was Seo. Presumably, they knew who Tanaka Shun was and realised Osamu was the other one by deduction. That or it was a completely meaningless gesture and Osamu was reading too much into it, but in lieu of any knowledge to the contrary, he chose to have faith that he had reached the right conclusion.

Seo, however, appeared to be engaged in conversation with another at this point in time, making no move to engage Osamu himself. Osamu assumed this meant he had something he needed or wanted to say to them, and thus had no intention of interrupting. Osamu would instead politely wait until it was clear that he would not be intruding upon any ongoing conversation. There was no need to rush.
Osamu Kenzo

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Interacting With: @Naw

"Quite fine, thank you." Osamu responded to Wakako's inquiry. It would take a great deal more than some juvenile prank to debilitate him. "It is an ill omen, I must admit." He replied to Wakako's follow up comment. He had hoped that Ishin of all places would not attract the kind of people who would engage in such tomfoolery, but apparently a reputation for being harsh and rigorous did not daunt the most avid of troublemakers. Hopefully the staff would be quick to crack down upon such nonsense when classes started in earnest.

Just like Wakako, Osamu's full attention turned to the stage upon the call for silence. t would not do for him to give anything less than his full attention to the principal, or any staff member that demanded the student body's attention. The principal immediately began to speak of the rigors associated with attendance of Ishin Academy. Osamu had heard much of what to expect from his father, though they both expected that things would have changed in the 20 odd years since he had attended personally. Goodness knew the presence of foreign students spoke volumes about how much had changed here. He believed himself ready for the trials to come, and yet, a small piece of him disagreed with what he heard. It was not some great rebellion or defiance that swelled within him, but he did question the seemingly antagonistically competitive narrative that was being spun here. It was Osamu's firm belief that they should work together as a body to further their development, rather than leaving people behind if they seemed to fail. Provided it did not involve him having to directly defy authority, Osamu for one would be doing his best to prop his comrades up rather than beat them down.

When the speech ended, the different classes were called to follow different upperclassmen. Wakako herself got up to leave, and to Osamu's small delight, it would seem they were both in class 1-A, following after the feline girl that had called for them to follow. "It will be a pleasure to learn alongside you, Tanegashima-san." Osamu told her as he walked alongside her. It would remain to be seen how well they would get along, but as far as first impressions went, he was quite certain she was a perfectly pleasant young lady.
Osamu Kenzo

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Interacting With: @Naw

This Wakako Tanegashima was clearly a nervous one. But that was to be expected, what with everyone being fresh and new to this school. Osamu was certainly not one to judge. Even he wondered sometimes how well he would adjust to his new environment, though his stoic demeanour would not betray it. He also found safety in the knowledge that of all the schools in Japan, this was the one best suited to his preferences. While UA may have been a prestigious school, he often believed it was responsible for creating the cavalier culture that had developed among Japan’s Heroes. His father believed much the same, but he had many more colourful ways of describing it. ’A disease of foreigners and the self-indulgent, if you’ll excuse me for the tautology!’, as he had said in one speech.

”I am from Aomori, Tanegashima-san.” Osamu responded to Wakako’s question. He would have gone on, but he was in no hurry to tie himself to his father too quickly. While he did not hate his father, he did not wish to invite discussion of his politics into his life if he did not have to. Having to answer for his father’s political speeches was not only tedious but also largely impossible. He could not speak for his father’s intentions.

”Seeing as your last name is Tanegashima, would I be correct to assume that you are-“ He was about to link Wakako to her mother, the Warship Hero when he felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck. He looked back, stone faced as usual, to see if there were any clues as to what had happened, but he could not determine how or why this had happened.

He turned back to face Wakako, rubbing the back of his neck casually. ”Alas, it would appear I have been the victim of some juvenile tomfoolery.” He told her plainly. He was less bothered by the act than he was at the fact that someone had wanted to waste their time in such a fashion. A student who derived joy from irritating and even hurting others was both a menace and a time waster. It would seem that Ishin was not immune to having such callow youths among its student body.

But for all the disapproval in Osamu’s head, his physical reaction was minimal at best. His typically stoic face definitely did not betray any real annoyance.
Osamu Kenzo

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

Interacting With: @Naw

Osamu chose this morning to jog, not walk, to the academy once he had exited the train. His father had suggested a much more elegant form of transportation, but Osamu had refused any such offers. It would not do for him to be indulgent prior to beginning his formal education as a Hero. The jog would do him good, and it would set a better example to others. His father had made a great deal of his selflessness, but Osamu was not keen to indulge in such talk either. As his father regularly reminded him, it was not as important to be praised for being a Hero as it was to act in the manner befitting of one. The need for humility among Heroes was yet another notion impressed upon him by his father.

More recently, his father had been raving on the subject of the recent increase of foreigners among the student population at Ishin. Being an alumnus himself, he was mortified to hear they were allowing even one of them at his old school. Anyone that knew Miura Kenzo knew he was renowned for his virulently bigoted views. Osamu remembered hearing that there was a whole channel on Youtube dedicated to hosting his "greatest hits", which were all the times he had said something controversial about foreigners. Osamu considered himself fortunate these people could not record his father while at home, else they would have far more damning comments to plaster all over the internet. While Osamu did not share his father's passion for the subject, he had come to the conclusion as of late that perhaps it was better that Japan remained dedicated to the Japanese. However, he had no desire to go about offending people if he could help it, and if the foreigners would stay clear of him, then he would stay clear of them.

Upon arriving at their designated gathering place, Osamu was sure he had picked a few foreign faces out of the crowd already. While his face did not betray it, he was already making mental notes of whom to be concerned about. Trying to place foreign concerns out of mind, Osamu turned his attentions to those arriving. Many people were milling about, making greetings and starting conversations. As these people were to be his comrades for some time, it was only fitting he too attempt to get to know as many as he could.

Approaching a seat in the auditorium, he initially believed, from a distance, he was about to take a seat next to a man. On closer inspection, they were clearly a very tall and muscular woman. He felt it was a good thing he did not speak too quickly, else he might make an arse of himself to the first person he was about to meet and greet.

"Ah, hello. My name is Kenzo Osamu. Would you mind terribly if I sat beside you?" He asked of this tall young lady. It was only proper to at least ask permission before simply plopping himself down and chatting away, though he would be somewhat surprised to be told not to sit next to her. Hopefully, they could get the awkwardness out of the way quickly.
O s a m u

(Pictured wearing a family uniform)

Personal Dossier

Kenzo Osamu


Aomori, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

Physical Description
Osamu is 172cm tall (5’8”) and possesses a well-toned physique. Osamu makes a point of having his black hair cut short and made presentable, and would never be seen in anything short of the neatest, if unimaginative, clothing. Due to his generally stoic demeanour, Osamu maintains an intense expression on his face at almost all times, even if he doesn’t mean to.


Personal History
Osamu is the son of Miura Kenzo, a politician known for his conservative, nationalistic and nigh-bigoted beliefs. Their family has a history of military service, and Miura prides himself on being descended from someone who fought and died in the name of his country. As a child, Osamu didn’t pay much attention to his father’s politics. While he never opposed him, he never really took his fiery words to heart. Rather than seeking to follow in his father’s footsteps, he wanted to become a Hero like many young boys. One notion he did take from his father was a disdain for U.A. and many mainstream heroic institutions. Partly due to being a graduate of Ishin Academy, Miura was highly critical of the frivolousness of modern heroes, believing they should serve the public interest rather than compete for rankings. The youthful idealist in Osamu agreed, and he vowed to be a man that looked out for others rather than seeking personal gain.

As a young teenager, Osamu had a close knit group of friends. Every one of them entertained aspirations of heroism, but not all of them had much talent for it. Osamu, however, considered it his mission to try and help his fellows make the best of themselves, and always invited them to join him in learning martial arts. Miura was initially supportive of Osamu’s group, and even paid for lessons for those that could not afford it. However, when the group came to include two Zainichi Koreans, siblings named Joji and Jun, Miura became immediately hostile. He counseled Osamu to disassociate with them, spewing all sorts of hateful rhetoric. For the first time in his life, Osamu openly defied his father, refusing to cut ties with his new friends.

Osamu continued to visit his friends until one day when his wallet went missing. It happened at a time when he had been with the Zainichi siblings and a few others. When they were unable to find it, Osamu’s father was quick to suggest one of the siblings had stolen it. Osamu naturally refused to believe it, and defended him to his father’s face. Going behind Osamu’s back, Miura arranged for the police to investigate the sibling’s house, and found the wallet in Joji’s room. Osamu initially didn’t want to believe it, but after neither sibling had been prepared to speak with him since, and with his father constantly speaking bile into his ear, Osamu resigned himself to the situation. He grew alienated from his friends, and spent some time in relative isolation.

Eventually, Osamu got over himself, and resolved that whatever the case was, he still had a dream to live up to. While a great deal of his idealism had died of late, he still wanted to be a hero that would do right by somebody, if not everyone. He threw himself back into his martial arts and exercise, preparing for the day that he would make his debut at Ishin Academy in earnest.

Character Development & Conceptualization
After reading through the premise, I felt that this school could use at least one character that is in line with the spirit of the school. Osamu is based on a character I have made before, though heavily adapted to fit the setting. Obviously, the character could be described as ever so slightly racist, though hopefully not to a degree that people will find distasteful. I hope to express Osamu’s prejudices in a subtle fashion, rather than having him be a caricature that runs around shouting slurs. Naturally, I’m expecting to have his prejudices challenged in due time, though as in all things, it remains to be seen what the exact result of his experiences will entail.

In spite of his prejudices, Osamu is still intended to be a mostly good person. He will try to help others and breed a sense of camaraderie among his peers. This will be subject to change depending on the demeanour of those he finds himself around, but barring any overwhelming hostility, he will likely try to become something of a leader among those that will allow him to. In regards to those who aren’t fully or even partially Japanese, he will be inclined to politely maintain a distance from them until otherwise encouraged to overcome his aversion to them.

Abilities & Talents

Quirk Type

Quirk Description
The quirk is named Rising Sun, and it entails absorbing solar energy and storing it in Osamu’s body until it needs to be used. Osamu can use it by ejecting it from his hands in a concentrated form, allowing him to, for example, create searing beams of solar power. These attacks naturally create intense light, and are harmful to look at directly. However, concentrated attacks tend to drain Osamu’s reserves quite quickly, and the energy charges fairly slowly even in direct sunlight, hence Osamu tends to favour smaller, less flashy uses of his power.

One crippling disadvantage to his power is the fact that he cannot recharge it at night or in any location where the sun’s rays cannot reach him. While energy can be stored and kept until a time where he needs it, it will be quickly drained and unable to replenish if he were to use it liberally under those circumstances.

Other Talents & Attributes
Trained Martial Artist: Ever since he was young, Osamu wanted to learn martial arts in order to be better as a Hero. Encouraged by his father, Osamu spent much time over his formative years learning Judo. He is not only skilled in said martial art, but has also reaped the benefits of the regular exercise associated with it.

Amateur Tactician: Learning of his families’ military history from his father, Osamu became interested in military tactics after reading more about it. While you probably wouldn’t want to put him in charge of a military unit just yet, you might find he’ll come up with an inspired idea from time to time.
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