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Suihara, Mizura

Mizura had left home with little fanfare. Her mum was already at work, and wouldn't return until late at night. Mizuro had already left for middle school. It was entirely up to Mizura to make her own way, as always. She supposed she wouldn't have it any other way. After all, somebody else might just get everything wrong. To look at her before she'd put on her makeup in the morning, anybody would think they were looking at a different person than the peppy girl that had stepped out of her house today. However, with a dash of lipstick and a little eyeliner, suddenly a happy young lady stood in full view of those around her. Wasn't it better to see that then some depressed and sour looking nerd girl?

She was informed that they were to take the side entrance into the school rather than raise the ire of the rabble. But as it would happen, even as she avoided the eyes of the large crowd, Mizura had the misfortune of coming upon a small rabble of her own. Some of the other students of this UA school had decided to mill around the side area once more. Mizura's first plan was to walk on past them nonchalantly, but it seemed the ID around her neck served as a beacon. Then again, from the looks of the fools, maybe their eyes were searching for something other than her ID near her chest region?

"Hey, bitch!" Some thuggish type called out to her. "Some of you might have sneaked in already, but the buck stops here. No more freaks in-"

"Oh, very well, just this once." Mizura loudly called out upon the boys approach. As he looked utterly confused, she grabbed him around the shoulders and held him in a pose while she produced her phone and started snapping pictures. She got a picture of them standing together awkwardly, one of her with her arms around him in the fashion of a lover, and one of her pretending to kiss him on the cheek.

"I'll send you the pictures later, lover. Have a good one~" Mizura walked off to the side entrance without another word. As she left, she could hear the murmurs behind her as the boys friends gathered around.

"What the fuck was that?"
"Is she just some kindof slut?"
"Oh dude, she was totally into you!"
"Heh. I know. I AM a huge stud like that..."

It was all talk Mizura had heard before. Nothing to be surprised by. Without another thought about it, Mizura passed through the school's side passage check point. She relaxed once inside, and just played around on her phone until something worth looking at occurred.
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Kiko Mazzini-Ishikawa

Interacting with; Soga @Claw2k11 and Souta @Bluetommy

Their time had finally come. It was time to get started. Kiko was almost already sick of sitting through explanations and lectures. She wanted to get out there and shoot something. She was still annoyed the mission was just to find three whatevers and bring them back safely. There had better be something out there to challenge them, or she swore to God she was going to consider shooting Guodo-sensei in the rear. Then again, how could she look at that smile and get so mad at him? It probably wasn't his fault. Maybe it was that grody nurse guy. Maybe she could shoot him in the butt instead?

At least there was something she could do in the middle of all this waiting. "Oooh, oooh, I'll get the maps and stuff!" She said to Souta and Soga before shooting off, not even remotely waiting for their approval. She rushed over and snatched up some maps, and then examined the ribbons. She didn't really care what route they took, but picking the right ribbon was important. Kiko settled on green, for that was Italy's greatest colour. She grabbed three green ribbons and then raced off back to her team.

"Okay, Bullet Cavalry, we're going on the green path!" She'd already mentioned the name to Soga, and she didn't care if Souta had a problem with it. They were the Bullet Cavalry now and that was that. She handed out a map and a ribbon to her teammates. "Anybody got anything else to do? Otherwise I say we go go go!" It was beyond obvious that Kiko was excessively eager to get started.

Following this
Kiko Mazzini-Ishikawa, Souta Tachibana, and Soga Yutsuko

A collab between @Etranger, @Bluetommy, and @Claw2k11

Mentioned; @pkken

After her words with Yasu, Kiko went off to pout and plot her revenge. She was going to show her and everyone up and prove just how amazing her Quirk really was. All she had to do was get a good opportunity to show just how much she could shoot the place up. All she needed was to show everyone how devastating she could be.

But as she pouted, she took notice of some people approaching Yasu. She didn't like it. If those people were talking to her because of what they'd said to each other, that meant they were getting in the middle of her business. Nobody got in the middle of Kiko Mazzini-Ishikawa's business. She would have to make a mental note to make sure they understood to stay out of her business, one way or the other.

Thoughts of keeping people out of her business would have to wait, because the helicopter showed up to deliver the start of their next affair. It actually clicked in Kiko's head that this might have been what Guodo meant by it "getting windy". She was expecting something way more impressive, like a giant wind machine. It also turned out all they had planned for them was a lame rescue mission. Kiko couldn't shoot civilians, at least not without getting chewed out. How could she show off if she couldn't shoot anything? This was going to be a huge disappointment.

Now Kiko had to go to all the trouble of finding people to be in her group. She didn't know anybody except Kenji and Yasu. Yasu was out of the question, and Kenji looked like he already had friends. Kiko would just have to stand around and wait for someone to realise what a great asset she would make to her team. Who wouldn't want an Italian-American badass on their team?

And as if to give her an answer to her question, Soga moved through Kiko's line of sight, his brows furrowed for a moment as he passed by, looking distracted and alone, his jaw hanging slightly open, revealing his sets of serrated fangs and his wings unfurling slightly as he walked by her. In his mind now, he was thinking of who possibly could serve in his own team now since Haruka had seemed to give him the could shoulder as she walked with the other three. So far, he had yet to find anyone for his own team.

The moment she saw him, her jaw dropped. It was the dragon dude. THE dragon dude. Kiko had been keeping an eye on all the best Quirks during the demo, and being a dragon was up there on her list of "badass fucking Quirks". He could fly and everything. It only kindof seemed less badass when she compared it to being able to just smash the dummy like it was nothing, but hey, he was a dragon. All Kiko knew for sure was she had to have a dragon on her team.

"Hey, hey, dude!" She ran up to him feverishly. "Dude! Dragon dude! You gotta be on my team! We can totally fly and shoot things from way up in the sky! Come on dude, say yes! Say yes say yes say yes!" In her excited state, she couldn't even remember dragon dude's name, but that was okay, because dragon dude was a better name anyway. Even she would want to be called dragon dude, even though it wouldn't make any sense.

Soga was snapped out of his thoughts when what seemed to him a little girl approached him and kept calling him "dragon dude". It took him a moment to realize it was Kiko who approached him. He was taken aback for a moment by the girl's exciteful nature, he had yet to deal with somone as with a personality as overwhelming as hers. It took him a moment to get his bearings and put on his usual polite smile, but after he did, he began speaking to her.

"Isn't our mission to rescue civillains?" He asked her, smiling as the image of her on his back and shooting randomly while he flew popped up in his head.

Kiko almost deflated upon hearing him say that. "Ugggggggh....yeah you're right." She was struggling to come up with a way to talk about rescuing stuff that could make her sound badass. "But I can like, shoot down trees and stuff. Or maybe there will be enemies stopping us from attempting a rescue. Or maybe it's all a ruse to lure us into a false sense of security!" She was just pulling combat scenarios out of her arse at this point.

"What I'm trying to say is...just say yes! Say yes to the bullet cavalry!" Bullet cavalry was an impromptu team name. She neglected to consider someone else would even be involved.

"Bullet cavalry?" Even Soga liked the name of that idea and once more pictured Kiko mowing down trees, or dummy villains and he could not help but chuckle at the idea. She was not the one he really wanted to team up with, however, he could not help but be charmed by her enthusiasm, so his grin widened to reveal his terrifying maw. "I would absoultely love it!" He said offering his hand for her to shake as a sign that they were a team now.

"Though, alas, we might need a third member to help the Bullet Cavalry be whole." He said, the name sounding better and better each time he said it.

Meanwhile, Souta's attempts to poke at the princess had failed, and he was instead approached by one of the two assholes of the class. This boy attacked Souta by calling his quirk useless and claiming that he had no right to attack anyone else. Souta glared at him in response, yelling out "I don't even know what your quirk is, you extra!"

Souta didn't really want to engage with this asshole right now, maybe later, but for now he needed to join up with someone, if what he was overhearing was right. He knew this moment would come, but he really wasn't looking forward to it. He had barely paid attention during quirk demonstrations, so he didn't know who was worth joining up with. Looking around the field, he decided upon going with the person who looked the most like they could rescue, or whatever the point of this exercise was. It was easy to identify that person, the tall dragon-man with wings. Flying would probably make it far easier.

He walked over, sort of pushing himself into the dragon's space as he talked to the girl who Souta had attempted to get vengeance for.

"You need a third?" he asked simply.

"Ye-" Kiko was about to greet their third member enthusiastically when she realised who he was. It was that guy that was talking to Yasu. Possibly about her. She didn't really want to know what had been said between the two of them. She didn't really want to have it mentioned at all. But now he was here, and there was the possibility he would say something, or anything.

"Yeah, we do." Kiko said much more calmly. She was going to play it cool and hope it never came up. If it did, she would have to shut the guy up, one way or another.

Souta nodded simply. He didn't want to talk much to them, just enough to get him in a team so that he didn't end up being assigned to one. He looked at the girl for a moment, noticing a shift in her behavior as she turned to look at him. Something was up, probably from his actions earlier. Whatever, it didn't matter.

"Great," Souta said, his voice bored. "Tachibana Souta, my quirk lets me add or remove rotational velocity to objects." He reintroduced himself, hoping that they'd do the same for him.

"My name is Yutsuko Soga." He says, his head bowing his head slightly as he introduced himself. "And I think my quirk is quite obvious. As for you joining our team, I'd be glad to have you Souta-san." Soga was not sure as of yet how Souta's quirk would be able to help them in a rescue mission, still, judging how quickly other teams formed and the fact that nobody other than Kiko invited him in their team, he could not afford to be picky of his partners, so, he just smiled as he spoke.

"I appreciate it, Soga-san," Souta said politely, bowing in response to Soga's own bow.

"The name's Mazzini. Kiko Mazzini." Kiko assumed the only right thing to do was to introduce herself, even if she had said her name loud and proud during her demo. "And if you guys don't know what my Quirk is by now, I'd say you gotta be deaf!" That said, Kiko shot out a single shot into the air in demonstration, just in case they really needed a refresher. The shot landed harmlessly a small distance away from them all.

Souta jumped slightly at the shot, but didn't move to defend himself as most would at such a loud noise. Instead he maintained his stance, frowning. He had forgotten how loud and reckless some of these students were. He began to wonder if maybe he should have tried to find a different group. "Hello, Mazzini-san. Interesting name, you're not originally Japanese, are you?" Souta asked, hand on his chin thoughtfully.

Soga's only reaction to shot itself was a slight twitch of his eye as the sound of it was a bit louder than he had expected, leaving a brief but loud ringing in the draconic teen's ears. He shook his head for a moment to both shake the ringing away and to show his disappointment. "Hmm, sounds Italian if I'm not wrong." Soga said, now curious himself of the girl's name. He himself was only half-Japanese, however, he and his sister had chosen their father's family name instead of their mother's german name, figuring that he would stand out even more with a foreign name like that, something which he did not want to do at all, especially considering his own quirk.

"By the way, I don't want to spoil the immense amounts of fun we're having here, but maybe we should start coming up with a plan for how we're going to do this?" He asked, wishing to move to what the three of them had teamed up for in the first place.

"Ey, I was born and bred in this country. I just got my last name from my dad. He's an OG Italian-American." She explained.

When the topic turned to plans, Kiko just shrugged. "Jeez, man, what is there to even say? We don't know where they are, what state they're in, or if there's anything else waiting for us out there. I say all we gotta do is get in there and think on the fly. Works for me every time." What Kiko neglected to mention is that her on-the-fly thinking rarely worked out for her, but she was never going to admit to that.

Souta looked contemplative, then shrugged. "If we don't know what the test's gonna be, then on-the-fly thinking is the best we can do," he said simply. Kiko's statement about there being nothing to say rung true in Souta's mind. He was definitely intrigued by the fact that the girl was half-American, but he didn't care to put much thought into it, he'd learn more by overhearing things in the future than he would by sticking his nose in right now.

Soga sighed as he looked on at the two. Even if a plan was not needed now, one must always have contingency plans for a rescue mission. It might be just as simply as retrieving a lost child from the forest or rescuing said child from villains who might ambush them, or use traps, or who knows what else. Still, he could not oppose the majority, so instead of forming a plan with the two, he began to mentally prepare himself for all specific scenarios, should they happen. Just because they did not want to get ready did not mean Soga would have to blindly charge into the forests.

"Very well, I suppose you all are right, no use overplanning for things that might or might not happen." He says, mentally preparing to do just what he said was use in doing, all with a wide, friendly smile. "Ok then, now that we are all set up and unless you have any other questions, I believe we should proceed and get a head start, if it's ok with you all?"

"Yeah, let's go!" Kiko moved along with the group. "We can get in there and be all "BANG, POW, DAKKADAKKADAKKA!"" Kiko then figured she should come up with some awesome onomatopoeia for her teammates. "And maybe...."WHOOSH, CHOMP, BURN!"" Those were directed at Soga. "And, uh...."SPIN, WHOOSH"....uh...." She was struggling to come up with good ones for Souta. "Yeah, sorry dude, I ain't got much for you."

Souta responded with an unchanging stare. "...Thanks, I guess." He was kinda worried, now that he got to thinking about this. What would he do if he failed? Where would he go from here? Try to get into a normal high school? Then what? Souta sighed and rubbed his hair out of his eyes. He'd have to put in some effort here just to make sure. Hopefully it all went well. Hopefully.

Kiko Mazzini-Ishikawa & Kenji Ito

An @Etranger and @Jojo collab

The demo was exhausting, and that was amplified by some amount by the subsequent post-boost crash that came with Kaito's boost. Somewhere along the line he must have separated with Kaito on the path to the grounds Goudo-sensei lead them to. The large boy came out of his daze by himself, well behind the rest of the class but still within view of everyone. For a moment he didn't remember how he got there and considered the possibility that he might have just sleep-walked all the way outside somehow. The campus was pretty and so close to nature that he almost felt like this whole year was going to be a long camping trip. He was excited to be here but the Power Chord crash and the general exhaustion from his long trek here was starting to really get to him. His face gradually sunk until he almost looked like he was asleep again.

By the time they reached the open field and Goudo-sensei gave them the okay to wander around and socialize, Kenji was far to tired to continue and simply layed down in the grass. The blue of the morning sky enveloped his vision as his eyes struggled to stay open. Falling asleep on the first day? Never. He just needed to lie down a bit...

Unfortunately Kenji would not find rest because someone approached him the first opportunity they had. Having become interested from the moment she saw his demonstration, Kiko had been waiting for the moment she could say something about it. The moment they were left to their own devices she came up and started speaking loudly. "Hey, dude, your Quirk demonstration was awesome! I was watching the whole time, and you were like, "Hiyah, Watah, KERSMASH!"..." Her onomatopoeia were either exaggerations or outright fabrications. " was soooo cool! Oh man, I really wish I could just smash things like that...." She only paused a moment before carrying on without a care. "Hey, whaddidya think of my Quirk? Was it awesome? Tell me it was awesome!"

The sudden barrage of information brought about by the student standing over him snapped him back into reality as he tried to register everything she said. His eyes were squinted at the bright sky behind her, but vision focused and the blurry image cleared to show Kiko Mazzini. Kenji was familiar with her but he didn’t think they had ever been officially acquainted.

Well, he had seen what she could do at least. Bullet Hell, her quirk, he had been on the wrong end of it before. He could never deny how impressive she was, and yet here she was standing over him and calling him cool.

“Zzzz-- Oh! Kiko-san, right?” Kenji buzzed into life, his antennae more upright than he could manage himself. He propped himself up on his elbows but was still lying down. “You’re quirk demo was awesome! Way more amazing than what I can do alone.”

"Oh yeah, my Quirk is pretty damn amazing. It's all like "Bang, Whiz, Dakkadakkadakka!"" She would have continued, but she remembered why she approached Kenji. "But come on, Amico, you've got plenty of pizazz on your own! Like I said, I would kill to be able to smash things into other things like that. I mean, I would want to smash things into other things AND shoot them full of holes, but they're both cool things in their own right!"

It was here that Kiko remembered her earlier encounter with Kenji. "Oh, right, I shot at you during the exam, right? Sorry about that. I get really excited when I'm in the zone, and I don't pay too much attention to what I fire at. I thought I was shooting at that Croco-dude. Can you forgive me?" Kiko wouldn't normally make such a big deal of something she considered so small, but she did want to get on Kenji's good side right now.

Though some of the italian lingo was lost on Kenji he understood the kind words she was trying to get across. He smiled at her before she brought up their first meeting.

Kenji thought back to the entrance exam. He and another student fought desperately to keep Croc busy, spending the majority of the exam taking a beating from his family friend. Somewhere along the line, he felt and unexpected pain from his back. It wasn’t too terrible compared to what he was already facing, but it did give him a bit of a start. In that brief moment he turned around he caught a glimpse of Kiko before she turned and ran off as soon as she had arrived.

He was never upset about it. He had a much bigger problem on his hands after all.

“It’s okay. To be fair you would have hit him a few times if I wasn’t in the way.” he said, not wanting to discourage her. Enthusiasm like hers was something to be cherished, a true trait of a hero in the making.

"Yeah, I probably could have put that guy on ice. All I would have needed was a good clean barrage on him and he would be so down." Her eyes shifted left to right quickly at that moment. She was reminded that said guy was a teacher here, and she could never be sure he wouldn't be within earshot to hear her bragging. Deep down, even Kiko knew she couldn't take Croc in a fight, at least not a fist fight.

"Hey, where do you see yourself after all this?" Her question was inspired by yet another random thought that popped into her head. "I mean, I see myself being on screen from here to Italy while turning crooks into swiss cheese. I bet I'll be number one in more than one damn country, that's for sure. But how bout you?" In Kiko's head, she was already conjuring up scenarios of Kenji running around crushing people's skulls with his bare hands. It was a good thing he couldn't read minds, or he might be shocked by images of him committing extreme violence.

Kenji held back his laughter at the thought of Kiko trying to take on his uncle one on one. Itagaki-sensei would wipe the floor with any of the students based on the demonstrations, and he was sure Kiko understood that as well. The question that came next was an easy one to answer for Kenji, even with the somewhat manic expression she was looking at him with. The reason he wanted to be a hero wasn’t very deep at all, and the type of hero he wanted to be was one everyone looked up to.

“I’m not really after being the top hero or anything like that. I just want to be a hero so people will treat me with more dignity than just a gross bug. I want to be a hero like All Might was one day!” he answered, tiredly holding a fist into the air. “Go beyond!”

Kiko did a double take at Kenji's words. "Wait a minute, woah woah woah. You're telling me people treat YOU like a gross bug? Come on, you can just go "Wacha!" and smoosh them like a REAL gross bug!" It was inconceivable to Kiko that somebody could let others bully them meekly. "Seriously, dude, why would you even let people do that to you?"

Kenji averted his eyes at that suggestion, upset at even the thought of hurting someone like that. All he could do is shrug and try to deflect the topic.

"Anyway... why do you think we're out here? I imagined the first thing after the assembly would be a tour of campus."

Kiko was a little put out by having her question deflected, but wasn't nearly nosy enough to push the issue. Luckily for Kenji, he chose the perfect way to distract Kiko; giving her something to rant about. "Oooh, ooh, Guodo Sensei said it was going to get windy, right? Maybe it's like endurance testing or something like that. They're gonna turn on a huge wind machine and see if we get blown away. I dunno about you, but I reckon I could take it. I can and will withstand anything on my path to number one." As always, Kiko was oblivious to the notion that someone as small and petite as her could easily be knocked down.

"Actually, no, I can probably say with some confidence a sturdy built dude like you could stand up to a little wind. You reckon?"

Kenji almost immediately went back to smiling when Kiko took the bait and he had successfully gotten her on another topic. The idea of a sudden surprise windstorm test was intriguing but he hoped that it wasn't the case after the demo had tired him out so much. And he had even left his things behind when he entered the main building, so there was nothing to weigh him down.

"Well, I'm probably one of the heaviest people here. Maybe. Though the surface area of my body might also work against me, more to push on when you're this wide you know?" Kenji joked, placing a single hand on his hard but bulbous belly.

"Hehe, yeah." Kiko laughed along with him. She wasn't the type to make fun of fat people, but Kenji seemed to be making fun of himself, so it was only fair to laugh with him. "But hey, if your legs are half as strong as your arms, you could totally just dig yourself in. Aint nothing gonna move legs that can smash rocks, amirite?"

True to her nature, Kiko quickly seized on a new topic of discussion. "Hey, what if it involves windbag over there? You know, the one you called Magical Miracle back in the courtyard?" She was cleary gesturing at and referring to Hiroki. "His Quirk makes wind, we all saw it in the demo. Maybe it's us against him?" It did not occur to Kiko how unlikely it would be to recruit a student for a test on their first day, but that was par for the course so far.

Kenji remarked in his thoughts how digging himself underground to protect himself from high wind speeds was a tactic to keep in mind, though it highly depended on how soft the ground was beneath him. Did this girl have a tactition underneath the spray 'n pray attitude?

The possibility that some other students might have mistook his earlier unfortunate confrontation with Hiroki as more than an accident hadn't registered before then. He had to clear that up before someone got the wrong idea about the kind of person he was.

"Ah. That wasn't what it seemed like you know." Kenji remarked quickly, "I honestly thought he meant the real #1 was here. But I don't think he's they meant. I could be wrong though, I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

"Yeah, I guess we'll have to wait." Kiko remarked along with Kenji. Taking a moment from chattering endlessly, Kiko had an unprecedented moment of insight and noticed that Kenji seemed kindof tired. It suddenly occurred to her that she might actually be bothering him. "Hey man, you look pretty beat. I'mma leave you alone so you get some rest. Can't go beyond if you're out of it, eh? Peace!" At that, Kiko got up and walked away with a wave. She had no idea how much time was left before it got windy like Guodo said, but if there was any, she would probably spend it gushing over someone else's Quirk. There were a few big contenders...

Kiko Mazzini-Ishikawa

Interacting with; Yasu @Naw, Guodo @ShwiggityShwah, basically everyone in the Gym

When the assembly finally began, Kiko was greeted by a familiar face. That was the one she had fought so bitterly with during the exam! Her only regret was she didn't actually win against her, but she couldn't be expected to win against a staff member during the entrance exam, right? Victory over the staff would have to wait until she was the best damn Hero in the world. After she ended her introductory speech, the next face was almost as familiar. The croc guy was the one that had been fighting a whole bunch of people at once, at least one of which had been standing there while she opened fire on the crocodile. Kiko both somewhat regretted shooting at the bug dude, and felt chuffed at having likely put the fear of god into him, as was surely the case after enduring one of her barrages. Crooked Croc seemed like he would make a fun Sensei though. Kiko always preferred them more bombastic.

There wasn't much to say about this Sakkaku woman. Short and sweet had a certain appeal, Kiko guessed, but it sure made it hard to get a bearing on her. Guodo made much more of an impression. Kiko recognised those pearly whites from when that windbag kid was making a scene earlier. He seemed pretty nice, at the very least. She wasn't sure why they were going to be going over history, but it didn't matter much to her. Tanifuji was another face from the courtyard incident. Though it might have been compounded by her microphone, Kiko still reckoned she had as much of a set of lungs as the very windbag she'd had a part in stopping. She seemed like she would make a fun teacher at least. Combat was definitely one of Kiko's key interests as a Hero, though she preferred to shoot things rather than punch them.

The teacher from the beginning came back to make their own introduction. At least it gave Kiko a name to put to a face; Fujino Ukimi. By her own admission, however, it sounded like she was going to be the boring one. Even besides her teaching role, she went on to talk about all the technical stuff, like uniforms. Kiko often dreamed of her daddy's tales of a schools where there were no uniforms and everything was more free-form. It felt like stuffy teachers like Fujino were always breathing down her neck at school. It seemed like it would be the end of it with Fujino, but then the principal of all people showed up late to the party! Kiko wondered if she could get away with using the principal's example if she ever ended up late to anything. Kiko wasn't expecting much from her arrival, but boy was she wrong! She told them they were part of the "Four Pillars", that they were going to compete in some elite tournament, and were going to get to do their provisional license exam at the end of the year. Everything was looking up. Kiko had thought she'd been sent to a dumpy place, but apparently they were good enough to compete with the best of Japan. Kiko always knew she had it in her.

With the assembly finally over, Kiko went along with the others to the gym, eager to get started. She chose to remain close to Yasu as she went, if only because she had started this day alongside her. Once in the gym, they were presented with an elaborate set up to facilitate their demonstrations. As far as Kiko was concerned, this school was just getting better and better. When Guodo was done explaining, he called for a volunteer. "Me first! Me first!" Kiko called out. She turned to Yasu before leaving and told her, "Cheer for me, 'kay?" Before long, she had herself out in full view of everyone else. "Buongiorno, everybody!" She called out while giving her audience a hearty wave. "The name's Kiko Mazzini, and I call my Quirk "Bullet Hell"! Let me show you why. Gimme just one dummy, Sensei!"

When provided with the solitary dummy she had requested, Kiko stood with her arms stretched out towards it, her palms held open. With a loud yell, she unleashed a hail of projectiles on the hapless dummy. Every projectile exited her arms with a distinctive "thwip", and by god were there a lot of projectiles. Each one left a miniature crater where it impacted on the confines of the gym. Eventually, Kiko's barrage came to an end, and the ground was littered with countless bullets. Kiko turned to the crowd and gave told them "Ciao.", before leaving to take a seat. She left looking pleased with herself, but the discerning eye might notice that of all the bullets she had fired today, only three had left their mark upon the dummy.
Kiko Mazzini-Ishikawa

Interacting with; Yasu @Naw

Kiko thought it was hilarious how everything blew up after the putz made his big announcement. Nobody took him seriously. This was some real time humiliation. She'd have to make a mental note to watch herself around him, though. She wasn't about to let herself get pushed around like that fat kid. Come to think of it, that fat kid was one of the people she'd fired at during the exam. She hadn't actually planned on shooting at other students, but he was in the way, so whatever. If people learned to fear her tommy guns, all the better.

"I say he lasts a month, tops." Kiko replied to Yasu as they made their way towards the front doors. Talking about how long others would last made Kiko worry about herself a little. Her folks had made it pretty clear this was her once chance at being a Hero. She lamented the lack of accommodation for her life choices. So what if gangsters were usually associated with crime? She wanted to be a Heroic gangster that shot people, so that was what she was going to be. If people didn't like that, then she'd just have to do it anyway. Real gangsters didn't take shit from anybody, and neither would she.

Once inside the school building, Kiko was mildly surprised by what she found. She had been given the impression this wasn't the greatest school, but it didn't look all that bad. Maybe they could make something of this place after all? After arriving in the assembly hall, Kiko took a seat up the front. The front was where she belonged, no matter who told her otherwise. Who cares if it meant nothing right now? It was symbolism, at the very least.
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