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Alrighty, posted my sheet. :) I don't know why, but the divider images don't show up on my sheet, hope that's not too bad.

Manon Sophia Blackfremt

"There is much to be done, still."

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Say if, hypothetically, a Quinx would turn into a One-Eyed at some point, would it be fine if that character was submitted using the CCG sheet?
<Snipped quote by Sunbather>

I know, I should've probably separated those sentences x3 What I meant was, it's a good idea to start with the Quinx squad, and that at the beginning I didn't want non-CCG or anyone outside of the starting group. So at first, I want everyone to make a character for the same CCG squad so we can kick the RP off.

By the way, if anyone looking at this page hasn't read or watched Tokyo Ghoul, don't let that stop you. ^^

Oooh, yeah, that makes sense, keep everything centralized to our own group, at least for the start. I totally agree. :)
@Matador@Sunbather Are you two still interested in the RP? If not I understand, I just want to know so I can open up some space for others who might be interested in joining.

Oh geez, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you reserved a spot for my insecure interest! :c Yes, please, open it up.
<Snipped quote by Sunbather>

I'm a bit wary about the one-eyed ghouls unless they're crucial to the plot, so I don't think there should be more than one or two PC. Also, the Quinx idea is good, but I don't want to allow non-CCG at first so as to keep the group in the same place to get things started. Otherwise, everything becomes all over the place and difficult to manage.

Right, but you could still regulate the applications. :P If you feel something doesn't fit, is questionable, or otherwise potentially bad for the roleplay, you can could just deny it, right? Like, I totally agree, I don't think there should be a bazillion of One-Eyes and stuff, but by going with Quinx, you just have more potential creative freedom. If I'm not mistaken, Quinx does work with non-modified humans. I dunno, I just feel that it'd give less restrictions, creatively, while you as a GM could obviously still moderate everything. Especially since the half-humans die so early, it'd mean everyone would have to play a young character, or else they'd have to be killed of early. Not to mention it sets a definite age limit, which is always unfortunate. Heck, you could even change/create a new version of Quinx.

Oh, and Quinx is part of CCG. :P
I'm interested! Although I'd say something like the Quinx Squad would be a tad more interesting than the half-humans, because it allows for greater variety and greater revelations. (I'd essentially make half-humans a possibility, along with normal humans AND one-eyed ghouls.)
Oh, that's unfortunate. Well, much success with the roleplay then!
Gaaaah, this looks really cool, I wanna join! I don't like any of the free Guardians though. <.< I'll have to brood over this conundrum if you still accept new players. :)
Those slots filled up fast. xD I might apply for that last slot if I am sure I'll have time to dedicate to the rp. :)
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