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I don't think the dwarves would care so much about her being a half orc. Half elf? Oh now you're ostracized, but as a whole I don't think they'd care that much. And only certain people are allowed in the deep deep science anyway, even among the dwarves. Although, that's giving me an idea...

Would you mind if the GM takes a little bit of a liberty with your character's backstory and includes a subplot for it that you don't necessarily know everything about?

To answer your question, I'd keep that particular aspect of the plot the way that it is.

I don't mind at all, no. :) So, keep dwarven dad?
Woops, I'll go change that. And yes, I figured, but since the dwarves are protective of their craft I figured it'd be a bit of a stretch to have a human there be all in-the-know AND THEN also have his half-orc daughter learn without anyone going "Maybe we should supervise that".

Although perhaps that'd give her a good reason to flee after his death. Hm... What do you think?
Sorry for that, filled it in! Totally overlooked that last bit. I also slightly tweaked it, so she's from Dholgrin now, and her father was a dwarf. It fits well, since I already made her quite short, though if Orc/Dwarf relations are not okay within your lore, then lemme know and I can change it! :)

Hope everything looks good now!
Updated bio! I kept it kinda vague on the culture/geographical side because I wasn't 100% sure about the details you wanted to have set 100%, hope this works! :)
Still working on the bio, but wanted to put first draft down! :)

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

With a finger squished into her cheek, Hajo ruminated over Shun's words, her eyes flickering back and forth between him and their neko-senpai. “Ehhhh?!! But of course! A hero saves everyone, and gets along with everyone!” Showing off her pearly-whites, Hajo throws the pineapple-carrying boy an animated thumbs-up, almost dropping her duffle bag, only to hastily catch it as it slipped off her shoulder halfway through. “I just meant, uhm, I expected a lot of boring meanies.” Her brimming, expectant gaze glued towards Nekohara did not match the crushing judgement of her impression on Ishin.

Giving her senpai a happy little wave as the catgirl excused herself, Hajo thrusted her bag upwards, steadying it tighter, before letting her eyes wander over the assembled students once more. “So she's none of them, but hmmm...” Her mouth shrunk into a tight-lipped dot, head tilted in thought. “Roomie must be one of them. Guess we'll talk later!” With a quick little shrug she gave Shun a quick bow. “Sorry that you're stowed away all alone! But at least you don't have to worry about a snoring roommate, heh. I think I wanna snoop around a bit and see where everything is. I guess you have to, uhm... get your pineapple stored away, too? See you around, Shuun-san!”
Super interested! Gotta run in a bit but I'll probably return with a pitch (and possibly a few questions) :>

Actually a few questions already so I know what to pitch later:

- it says fantasy pirates, and I see various races that are associated with magic. However, because it wasn't directly referenced or limited: Are we free to suggest magical things/powers/trinkets/processes for you to review? Is it fantasy due to races and, well, a fantastical continent but no magic per-se?

- may we suggest roles that fit on a ship (such as, for example, a musician?) or do you require the roles to remain as are? I ask mostly because I don't want to be rude when presenting any ideas C:

- do we have a concrete, pre-given reason as to why WE specifically banded together or can we make up why or how we came to be on the Maiden?

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th

When their senpai called out Hajo and her future roomie, her eyes lit up. She stretched herself onto her tippy-toes, hands balled into loose fists, slowly shaking in excitement. However, her new friend seemed to not have heared the announcement. Or, if they did, Hajo thought, they were of a less-excitable kind than she would've liked. With puffed out cheeks and a pout, Hajo descended back onto her soles, allowing her shoulders to slump. Unsure what to do with herself and the now homeless enthusiasm that had surged within her just a moment ago, she merely fidgeted, massaging a fingertip between the index-finger and thumb of the opposite hand, her face cast towards the floor.

It seemed most of the pairs chattered away, leaving Hajo with a sense of emptiness. After a moment or two, she straightened herself out, and snuck towards the tall boy (Shin? Shuun? That was it, Shun.) and their upperclassman Nekohara. As she peaked past his wide frame, seeing the somewhat flustered senpai, Hajo tilted her head, giving Shun a mischievous smirk. With an index-finger resting on her chin, she leered up at him, musing aloud. "Shuun-san, I thought boys liked it when there's a bunch of girls in their class?" There were few to no hints at accusing him of any wrong-doing, though Hajo shrugged as if to dismiss such a thing anyways. "You've got a lot of space to yourself, at least!" she squeaked in what she hoped would be an encouraging tone of voice.

“What does Ishin think we think it is?”

Turning towards the cat-eared second-year, Hajo brought her arms behind her back, rocking on her heels and the ball of her feet in an almost jittery fashion. “Mh... is it not a high quality but, like, suuuper strict school? Like Shiketsu? Honestly, that's why I applied after... Well, it just seemed right, but, uh...” She craned her neck, looking over the crowd, where her gaze lingered on the takoyaki mascot, the comically-grumpy foreigner, then back to Shun. “Our class is kinda goofy, though, isn't it?” She smiled, now intertwining her fingers behind her back, her posture shifting into a lackadaisical one. “It must be funny to watch our class being so mixed. I mean...” she paused, her nose scrunching up. Her eyes flittered over towards Osamu, then Adrianne. “It really writes itself, with Kenzo Jr. over there next to her.” She pointed non-chalantly, for a moment or two, and suddenly she seemed a lot more aware of her classmates than previously. “I think it's fun! But... unexpected for Ishin, perhaps?”
I do like a good One Piece rp. Is there a list of already-accepted sheets, perchance?

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy, April 7th


Her confused squeal accompanied the lowering of her arm, her eyes wide and fixed upon the girl with the cotton-candy hair. Hajo tilted her head, stepping closer to the unknown student, and flashed her pearly-whites; that sort of smile her brother bore proudly, the obligatory smile that still reached the eyes, though it always came out as challenging - an impression Hajo wasn't necessarily too wild to evoke. “I didn't insult him, though!” Before her eyes could scan for any detail to latch onto, the upperclassman intervened, causing Hajo to scratch her head, a bewildered look on her face. "Fighting, senpai?" Throwing up both hands in defense, Hajo shook her head rapidly from side to side, her face glowing red.
The boy himself now spoke up, and Hajo bit her lip so as to not make another comment, instead residing to give him a mute thumbs-up and a wide grin.

As their senpai continued down the list, Hajo perked up, her smile shrinking, until her mouth turned into a tiny o shape. With her hands behind her back, she non-chalantly shuffled through the small set of students in front of her, leaning in on the list as if to confirm what she had heard, then stared at both the girls called up. “Famous folks?” she asked, her voice shaking with excitment. “Your name, hmmm...” With one hand raised in front of her chest, a slender finger extended to point at the tallest girl she'd seen in her life. “I feel like I've heard that before, too, but...” Her lips moved, voicelessly forming "Mutsuki", as she mulled over it on the spot. After a moment of silence, her face fell in on itself in defeat. “Can't place it. Hey, hey, senpai, what's in Aomori?”
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