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Hey everyone. First of all, I'd like to say thank you for the interest. I'm glad this found some people who thought it was enticing. I received quite a few of questions about the world, and the setting, and such things. I ended up realizing that this isn't as thought out as I believe it needs to be. While I definitely intend to keep the collaborative world-building dynamic in the final product, I think I need to strengthen the framework, so that players will have an accessible and consistent playingfield.

@FantasyChic You're right, they tend to die quickly. I will definitely use a narrative-heavy approach once I finalized it.

For now, I apologize for the sort-of-kind-of cancelling right now, especially to those who have already put work into sheets. If you are not too angry at me, I'd like to offer a sort of pre-access thingy once it's up and running, so that you are notified and can decide if you're still interested when I reopen it.

Soley Gibson

Hao'li City Outskirts @Arty Fox

As Soley turned her head towards the outskirts, where sand fizzled into the lush green of the environment, she suddenly felt something small bump into her with quite a bit of force. "What the-" she gulped out, before the momentum of the little Pokemon tipped her exhausted body over. Lying on her back, she rubbed her temples and stared up at the little Shinx, which vigorously moved around. Soley wondered what kind of Pokemon that was, as she put her flat hands on the ground and propped herself into a seating position again. "Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, it's okay." she assured the incoming trainer, who appeared concerned, which made Soley assume the Pokemon tackling her belonged to him. "That's a pretty energetic Pokemon, huh?" she asked, perhaps a little grumpier-sounding than she intended, as her eyes scanned the little blue creature.

Ophelia cackled in the background, hovering around Soley, as if make to sure she noticed the little ghost. Deciding to ignore the Shuppet's attempts to tease her, Soley instead eyed the trainer and his Shinx. "What kind of Pokemon is that? I've never seen one like that before", she asked, and carefully extended her hand, trying to stroke the Pokemon's back.
The lab is outside the town.
I let my character enter Mele Mele from the Marina, hope that's alright. Also, I apologize if my post was sucky. I haven't properly roleplayed in months, and I'm so out of it. :( I'm sure I'll get into the swing of things quick though, just bear with me for now, haha.

Soley Gibson


The smell of salt slowly subsided from her senses as she stepped off the Rider Sharpedo, and set foot on Mele Mele Island for the first time. Her hand ruffled through her hair in an attempt to get out the remains of water that had splashed up, as she looked up at the ferry terminal, and, eventually, let her gaze wander around the surroundings. It's so warm, she thought, and quickly slithered out of her leather jacket, revealing a black tank top and rather pale arms. Soley let out a sigh of relief as a gentle breeze brushed against her now uncovered skin, and cooled the Ore-native down a little bit. She carefully knotted the jacket's arms around her waist, kneeled down, pulled her bag in front of her, and pulled out a pair of headphones, and grinned happily. As the first notes of music hit her ears, she felt reenergized, and began to wander up the ramp, towards one of Hao'oli City's many shops and facilities. "Oh, right..." she mumbled, and tugged at her jacket. On the inside, a Pokeball waited for her. With a casual motion, she flicked her wrist and revealed her partner.

Ophelia, the Shuppet, squealed happily, as the ghost-type was free'd once more, though its expression changed quickly in the harsh sunlight. Ophelia scanned her new environment with squinted eyes, and began to circle Soley's head excitedly. "Calm down, you goof. This is Mele Mele island. We're finally gonna do it, you know?" The Shuppet had a confused expression on its face, tilting its head. The two made their way past a Malasada shop, which Ophelia eyed with great interest, but remained hovering close by Soley's side. "Alola has a Pokemon League. And trials. We're gonna finally beat some super strong trainers. And fight to become champions." Soley's face, previously neutral, if not vaguely grumpy, lit up, and a toothy smirk and wide eyes showed up. Ophelia smiled widely herself. For a while, the couple silently rode out the euphoria, making their way through Hao'oli City, towards the outskirts of the town.

"The Ride lady said new challengers should speak to the professor first, right?" she huffed after over an hour of exploration. The two had sprinted the streets up and down, and though Hao'oli City was a large town, the girl had expected the lab to be a prominent fixture."Shoot... Ahhh, I'm winded..." Soley mumbled, taking deep breaths. While physical excercise was no issue for her, the warmth made things a little more complicated than she had expected. She tumbled towards a grassy patch at the end of the city, and let herself collapse, leaning against the street sign. Ophelia descended, and hovered next to her trainer.

"Where is that darn lab?"
@AbysmalDemon Sooooo... Is this gonna get of the ground? I was super hyped for it, but it feels a little... I dunno. Sleepy. I understand with the holidays and all though, so I figured now that we got those behind us, I'd ask.
@Karos That sounds totally fine. I get what you mean by being flexible, and I agree, that sounds good. We can tweak details as we go. :)
@Karos No worries on the lack of Dark Souls knowledge. While it's heavily inspired by it, it draws on many things (such as Loftcraft, by proxy, I suppose) and I would prefer to create our own lore, really. So no worries on that end at all. :)

As for Amon, I very much enjoy how cohesive he feels. I only have two concerns, which I'd like to hear your thoughts on: If he is 200 years old, he would logically know much more than me about the lands, which is perhaps problematic on a purely practical level? Of course, Nehekara could be a far-away land so that he has not lived in Nelhain for too long, but then I'd like for you to have an idea as to why he finds himself in Nelhain these days.
(Click picture to listen to some mood music.)

"Nelhain is an ancient empire, but more importantly, a stronghold for mankind. The world has been coated in a terrible darkness. A darkness older than all life on earth, and deeper than the wild seas. Amidst the outbreaks of godly wrath and legions of corrupted souls, Nelhain somehow preserved for centuries.

Though civilization itself is falling victim to the Blind Curse, and few settlements exist outside shamans’ control anymore, we are still here. But the circle of ungodliness is prophesied to be fulfilled soon, and with that, our demise lurks. Another Deep Age lingers behind the cold suns. Another battle fought by the bravest, and most hopeless champions. Another cycle that will claim our sanity.

So then, shall we call upon the Divine? Such savagery shan’t be praised, but what choice does man have when facing these primordial terrors?"

Nelhain is a land clothed in darkness. Though no soul walking this world can know of other planes, all have heard of the tales of the world next to our own; The realm of the Deep. The Deep Ones slumber there, inside the God Cocoon, so they say. It is no challenge to find those who believe the ancient tales to be myths, as they’ve never laid eyes on these twisted creatures, nor have their fathers, or grandfathers, or great grandfathers. Millennia pass with nothing but human struggle to combat. But the milky shine that reflects of the shards floating in the sky seem inhuman nonetheless. And then, undeniably, there is a wretchedness in this world that consumes the land like a plague. And when the blind masses begin to rise, we fend them off under great cost. It is in these times that the people hope the Divine Savages are truth, and usurp the future molded by the Deep.

And so in these trying times, the Bellfire Covenant attempts to establish order in a ruthless empire. The feeble masses are drawn towards them, while others hide from their outposts, terrified of their champions. But the mantle of duty is to be picked up by any souls called upon, willingly or otherwise.

These lands… A battlefield for the God Cocoon’s prisoners. A graveyard founded by the Blind Curse… It is a harrowing world we live in. Perhaps it would be wise to succumb to the Deep.

So, I've been wanting to do a dark fantasy roleplay for a while now. Whereas I usually world-build extensively before booting up anything, I've decided to take a different approach this time. As you can see, this is very influenced by Dark Souls, which is often murky in its lore itself. In a world with elements of cosmic terror and a plethora of legends about the most shadowy individuals imaginable, we will shape this world. I have outlines of certain events I'd like to present our group with, and I've also established a certain level of lore, and some organizations of sorts, as well as some NPCs. Overall however, I'd like to let us build the empire of Nelhain (and potentially the world beyond it) together. For that reason, I've decided to let you come up with your own backgrounds. Create cities and monsters that have ravaged your native location, fashion ambitions of the most creative of magic, and feel free to ask me if anything isn't possible. I don't like to info-dump, so here's some very basic, stream-lined information to consider.

- Religion: Nelhain is largely free of religion. The belief in the Deep Ones is common, but few worship these beings, as they are a terrible malice to all life. A cult named The Witch's Womb exists, that believes in an old tale of a primordial mother that has once visited the vast land. The religious movement is a fringe group at best in today’s age, but once counted a large number of followers.

- The Deep: The Deep Ones are primordial beings that have ruled the world in intervals for over 2000 years. They disappear and reemerge without clear pattern, but the threat they present to life is massive, and so humanity has adopted to their presence by living in small colonies and cities where they belief protective magic is strong enough to repel the Deep Ones. In the wake of a Deep One’s appearance, the Old Curse spreads. Those affected by the Old Curse are consumed by it, and transform into the beasts known as the Viyore, named after an ancient entity, believed to precede even the Deep Ones). A plague to Nelhain, and humanity at large, the Viyore are the leftovers of the Deep Ones’ primordial origin, even in their absence. The process of turning is known as the Old Curse or the Blind Curse. Those that are transformed take a variety of appearances, but they’re all hideous, and ferocious in nature, and lose their humanity. Even those with weak symptoms are recognizable at first glance, as Vieyore lack eyes. They are covered in a layer of black sludge, however thin, and the substance often pools around their feet.

- The Law & Order: The Bellfire Covenant is the closest resemblance of authority in Nelhain. A large, stateless organization with a strict hierarchy of power. They are very critical of new recruits, and are generally seen as beneficial to life on Nelhain, but antagonistic nonetheless. It’s mission is to reestablish humanity and combat the curse. They are the creators of all Silver-Eyed Dragons that roam Nelhain. The Silver-Eyed Dragons are humans that have been magically engineered to combat the Viyore. They are feared and revered alike, and often lead small groups of Bellfire Soldiers. They, too, are recognizable easily by the liquid silver that whirls in their eyes.

- Important Fauna: The Elder Trees are gargantuan plants, with thick cores similar to beansprouts, and barren branches. As if their sheer size wasn’t enough, they are easily recognizable by the large object that sprouts in between the thicket of branches, closely resembling large eggs. It is said that angels are born from those eggs, if they ever hatch.

Keeping these core facts in mind, you are free to go wild. I'm trying to offer a somewhat blank canvas here for you to paint your character however you desire it, but I'd be happy to tweak and give feedback to any idea you might have and feel unsure is possible.

This is an application roleplay, so please submit your character sheets in here first. Here's the information I would like to have:

Epiphet: (If applicable. Can be acquired later.)
Race: (Feel free to invent something, you don't have to be human. I strongly suggest giving me a basic pitch of what you have in mind first, so you don't do a lot of work only to have me say "Nah, that doesn't work.)

Basic Description: (You can use a picture for your character (artwork only please), but give us a quick run-down of what you look like here. You may also be detailed here if you don't have a picture you want to use.)
Region of Origin:

Personality: (I want development in the story, so don't feel pressured to supply your entire character's emotional reach. Just give us an idea what they're like.)


Powers: (Magic is a thing, but what kind of magic is up to you. Well, and me, 'cause I might say no depending on how powerful it is. Try and keep a clear concept, instead of muddling everything together.)

You can make your sheet as basic or as fancy as you want, just keep everything in order and hit me with them amazing characters.
I'm struggling a bit with pulling off my idea in a way that suits the roleplay and respects the role-restrictions (wouldn't wanna even try and dilute the roles, of course), so I apologize if this is taking long. I'm mainly posting this here so that a.) you are updated and b.) if someone else is interested and has something at the ready, they don't have to even consider it barging inbetween or something. :p
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