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Name: Roux Gibson

Nicknames: -

Aliases: Mt. Battle Master, The Ace from the Under

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Origin: The Under

Appearance: [Here you can write any added information about your character's appearance]


Short Biography:


Summary: [A one sentence summary of your character]

I hadn't expressed interest before. Could I still submit a sheet for review?
And finally, the clan sheet. Though, I think I broke the side-title thingy, and I'm not sure how to fix it.

Nerd. *shakes fist*
One thing I'm not entirely sure on after reading through the provided information is the exact setting? Will we be on some sort of special facility? A new course at a hero school? A new, private "school" or other teaching ground? Immediate patrolling as sidekicks? Also, can we consider the general canon, well, canon? Did the teachers and students we know existed before? (provided this is even still open, I saw there's a fair share of sheets submitted already!)

Also, I had to check all the banned jutsus, 'cause I was curious what they were, and... well, those were a wild frickin' ride.
Sweet, then I'm in. :)

I love the setting of Naruto, but I've never been a fan of the show/manga in what actually happened, so my knowledge of the franchise is sorta superficial. (I watched up until they finished the exam with Gara vs. Lee etc.) Like, I do have a basic understanding, but I'm not a fan that is able to say "Well ackshually!!" and then cite every little detail of a character's heritage etc.

Is that coolio with you? I tend to ask lots of question when making characters and I may need even more than usual since I don't know everything. But, if that's cool, I'd love to join. :)
Sounds great, I'd love to join!

Are you looking for us to form a group similar to the protags (i.e. a few kids and some older peeps) or do you have a specific age range in mind etc?
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