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Current Mr Lester is my father's name, call me Moe.
1 yr ago
Who is this incel, and why does my balls itch?
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When Hero ignores my messages :(
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Waka Flaka Flambe


To test my abilities

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<Snipped quote by Moe Lester>

You went from P4G to FES and didn’t rage quit? You are a trooper, and you have my respect.

(I will never forgive Ai Junpei for what he has done to me...)

I actually originally started P3FES 2 years ago, spent like 2 hours in Tartaraus and died and quit unntil after I beat P4G lol. Playing The Answer and it's making me question if i still want to keep going.
Welcome to the family, son
After beating Persona 4 Golden when it was first released on Steam I went back to Persona 3 FES. beat it's main story, The Journey, and am currently doing it's epilogue episode, The Answer.
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Minor God of Power Rangers
About to close on my new home this week.
Welcome my fellow Negro!
Hey, everyone, Moe here. I'm brand new to the roleplaying scene but I feel like it is something that I can get used to. I have played D&D once before and a few campaigns of Pathfinder in the past. I am into the Fantasy and Sci-Fi scenes reading books such as Wheel of Time and Lord of the Rings. I am also looking to expand my horizons and fiddling into other genres for roleplay. Looking into the romance roleplay fantasy.

Please be gentle.
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