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Why does nobody pray to me?
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Blame sif for this. My Spamminess returns for the Star Wars thingamajig.
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Wait, banned already? Damn it.
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Execute Order 66, my spawn.
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Greetings, mortals. I am Spambot, an immortal entity come to bestow its essence upon the realms of humanity. Of course, you've seen part of my essence and energy. But there is more, is there not? Nothing is the sum of its face value.

And, if I have survived the profile lurks of the local gods, I must not be so horrid in this form.

I now attempt to walk among mortal entities, and pretend to be a contributing spamposter.

And so, here I am.

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It's not exclusive at all. I have a fantasy lore and a science fiction lore in pretty heavy detail; the former bleeds into my fantasy gigs to a limited extent and the latter simply doesn't show up at all. Both are too well defined to be more than self hosted GM concepts, given I've created the paradox of being the only one able to host the world and given the investment it takes that I cannot offer, stifling my chances to even use it in roleplay.

Personally? I consider it a necessity to be able to either a) work around your lore and simply make something new for the sake of roleplay, or b) wield the creative energy to twist the results into something mallable for your content. Both of the aforementioned canons are composed of roleplays that didn't fit the world at all, and were posthumously made to do so. Inapplicable details were tweaked, but the core experience and the personalities involved still remain as legitimate entries to pad the depth.

Or, as noted above, decide you want to try and host something in the world anyways and make the ground rules very clear. It would take a special lore that couldn't possibly be simplified into a format a reader (we read here right?) could understand the gist from in a few blurbs, and you're bound to get some bites who get it if you've done your job, though you'll inevitably get bites that you don't and you'll need to handle them accordingly. The key to all of this is clearly communicating that you are stingy about the content and that you are trying to develop an already well developed lore, and that you will have very high standards for keeping continuity. As long as you make this clear and stay consistent, you are Kenobi on the high ground.

But again, that is not to say you have to use it in a roleplay context at all. You can relegate it to a background personal work and then branch out to things your mind does not have so completely defined. But staying with the core question, no, there's probably quite a few people who are the same way to some extent or another.

You couldn't be more shamed than when I just tried to make the community happy and all my friends were launched into orbit by nuclear detonation.
I rp to create new concepts and contribute to building new worlds. Yeah, Star Wars is known setting but this entire pw is practically filler like rouge one.

Not sure what this has to do with the thread or how this even makes sense. The entire plot is set in an undefined stretch of old republic, making its events setting changing and all-relevant in the span of few thousand years that it can affect without even touching canon, as compared to Rogue 1 attempting to slide into the first couple lines of A New Hope intro and being essentially landlocked from there. Not counting the divergence from ANH near its ending.
I see it more like someone going:
"I wanna use a spork"

Then getting a response of:
"such eating utensils are not relevant or even seen as concepts"

Followed up with s'more nonsense like:
"the odds of anyone having such a specific variant of their primary eating utensil in this era are astronomical. Anyone applying with such would have extremely good reasoning for it to be approved."

In that scenario, I kinda feel like the person would be perfectly reasonable to think something along the lines of: "eeeeeh, maybe I'm not interested in playing in an RP you're running if you're this uptight about something as insignificant as a spork." Ultimately, while it is true that not being able to eat with a spork is a small thing to lose interest in an RP over, seeing how poorly a mod handles small and insignificant things can be a pretty strong indicator of how they'll handle the rest of their RP and thus a very reasonable thing to lost interest over.

The reply was rather,

"You'd best have a good reason for having that spork."

Anyone with a substantial investment in their concept ought to be able to produce a line of reasoning. This is starting to draw close to 'heaven forbid the context maintainers want to keep things making sense for the context', especially given the raw field of concepts that can be explored and even implemented should people make a case for them.

How it works in practice is of course an entirely different matter, as this conversation is mostly theoretical and could even change with the GM giving input in the conversation.

Yes, I know I replied to something that is now not the flavor of today's discussion. I clearly require a software update and shall report for it immediately.
The idea wasn't even fully shot down. It was brought up that no source in canon establishes it as being common or logical until far in the future, and that someone should have good logic for breaking the norm in that way. If one quits as compared to finding the viable reason in such a potentially diverse universe (that still follows standards of what is normal, and thus expects justification for breaking from those perceptions of normal), well, that's their own problem.
I find the design extremely silly, but that's not to say the design isn't plausible if given proper reason to develop in this context. A specific point of a specific era is not required to formulate an idea.

A finer display of English than some native English speakers have given. Welcome, mortal.
@Spamboti hope you didn’t think I was saying you couldn’t apply, just letting you know that we are closing it in 24 hours. You can post one still if you like.

It takes me some time to decide if I'll actually stick around, and as far as character choice, I am woefully indecisive. Neither will resolve in time.

Easier to RNG a spam ad than make something of substance.
Best of luck to participants, then.
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