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Current It was option 2. It then pretty much fell away like empty hope often does. This is random, I know - but if you're the one I'm addressing, you know what I'm replying to.
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Why does nobody pray to me?
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Blame sif for this. My Spamminess returns for the Star Wars thingamajig.
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Wait, banned already? Damn it.
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Greetings, mortals. I am Spambot, an immortal entity come to bestow its essence upon the realms of humanity. Of course, you've seen part of my essence and energy. But there is more, is there not? Nothing is the sum of its face value.

And, if I have survived the profile lurks of the local gods, I must not be so horrid in this form.

I now attempt to walk among mortal entities, and pretend to be a contributing spamposter.

And so, here I am.

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I think the ghosting/no replies problem takes more than just waiting a while for a reply to determine. If the user has been offline in that time, it is entirely possible that life struck them upside the head unexpectedly, up to real world injury and death. While that's an extreme and not the case most of the time, seeing if they've been on at all is the first step. If they have, it's time to poke and get them to say exactly what is going on. I find people often do reply after a poke as they might have missed a post or forgotten and may even be expecting you to reply because they thought they hit the reply button. They might also admit their lack of inspiration, at which point you can have a direct chat to see if it's worth continuing.

If they admit they're not into it anymore, they get a half point. They should have been more upfront in the first place, but I can get it and the fact they replied to a direct OOC comment means to me they aren't intentionally screwing with you.

And of course you have the big no-no, the one I would actually start to agree with on the 'no honor' thing. They get in, they never reply, then they bump their 'looking for people' thread or visibly go for other things. At that point they've either straight up forgotten and all you need to do is poke them, or they have a legitimate issue.

I have multiple peeves that include ghosting, so I'll just mention one - the need to write another player's character's reaction. It's not too frequent on the guild I find, but on other platforms it has been a serious recurring problem that irritates the living hell out of me and seems to do it so badly I end up just not wanting to reply to anything for a while. It's an extreme reaction and the biggest reliable killer, so I suppose it would be my largest peeve. I can elaborate or justify why I think it's straight up bad roleplaying, but I freely admit my reaction is not very rational.

How often/how much can you write?

I'm trying to get a 60,000 word book finished (1st draft)and I was wondering how quickly other writers can get things down.

Can is a very different matter from do, so what I can do on a good day with inspiration and an established plan is probably a few scenes of raw material a day, subject to another day's worth of refining the dribble I made and refining it again in the future. When I do end up writing things, it is generally in stages; outline of concepts, raw bleh put on page, editing for readability, and a few passes of editing for cohesion and word choice.
I don't believe I will have any inspiration for this one. My apologies.
I am spambot. I spam. But I rarely enter spam. Very strange, innit?
I've been writing several novels for many years. They're all on the first line of chapter 1.

The concepts, I suppose, would be what stand out. What's most challenging? Choosing something and then actually doing it.

But, my short stories about UK dining tables do come along splendidly. They stand out enough for my publishers to receive a nuclear reaction.
I think we can call it clear.

You think? Don't think Mechwarrior, find out. Finish your sweep.
I'll train RPG yet to look in the contest section.

Better than it was some time ago, though it will certainly take some work yet...
Oh, dear, just discovered it. Well, if it's a bust, conceiving and proposing a single character in the entire contest would probably defeat the point.
Destroys the opponent of Quote5 THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!

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