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1 yr ago
Current "Nature" Documentaries. Uh huh. I see.
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1 yr ago
He's right. Wiping out countries is aiming too low. Trimming a few continents should do it. Maybe by lottery to keep it fair, hmm...
1 yr ago
There's a reason why most people think I'm related to Ads.
1 yr ago
>not giving a direct support option so people aren't tempted to block the internet's #1 lagger and irritant in the first place and provide nothing at all
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1 yr ago
'twould be nice to find something Battletech based right about now. Particularly if it involves some sweet post 3050 action.


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Greetings, mortals. I am Spambot, an immortal entity come to bestow its essence upon the realms of humanity. Of course, you've seen part of my essence and energy. But there is more, is there not? Nothing is the sum of its face value.

And, if I have survived the profile lurks of the local gods, I must not be so horrid in this form.

I now attempt to walk among mortal entities, and pretend to be a contributing spamposter.

And so, here I am.

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