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The title says it all! I'm looking for a kind of cute slice-of-life RP, with a slave x master pairing. Nothing super serious, though if we really click I don't mind adding in more serious elements as we go!

The premise I currently have in mind is kind of silly, and definitely isn't set in stone. Feel free to adjust, adapt, or completely overhaul everything here.

We begin our plot in a large fantasy town! Lots of trade, plenty of adventurers coming and going and bringing piles of treasure along with them to help keep everyone in business... Except your little store. Unfortunately, your store has fallen on hard times ever since your parents died and left it to you, and after numerous loans and mounting debt, the debt collectors have come to take the only thing you have left to pay for everything -- Your freedom!

...Oh, the store too.

Lucky for you, they have a buyer lined up for both you AND the store already! Enter my character: Quaela Ubruten.

Quaela is more than happy to take over ownership of the store, but she plans to take ownership of YOU as well. Your debts will be paid, and you'll still have the store to tend to and live at, but you'll be the property of this stranger! What could possibly happen next?!

So... it should be mentioned here, that I'm looking for a roughly 70:30 Smut to Non-smut split for this. Further details can be discussed in PMs if you're so inclined! I'm only looking for a female character to play with. Thanks for reading!
I'm going to keep this fairly short. I'm looking for a long term partner for a Slave x Master RP, in which I'd be playing the Master. I'm looking for someone willing to play a female character. I'd probably consider myself a high-casual roleplayer, but in the interest of trying to stretch my writing skills a bit more, I'm looking for someone who'd consider themselves advanced! That means multi-paragraph posts, multi-faceted characters, and a not-insignificant amount of writing skill.

While I'm willing to play in DMs, I've found that it's easier to keep track of people within Discord and actually play in a Google Doc, where we can freely make changes as needed to keep the story moving in the direction we need it to. It also helps to keep me on task... I spend a lot of time in Discord these days, and not a lot of time on this site, so I'm more likely to realize I need to post if we're chatting there.

I've already mentioned that I'm looking for a Master x Slave RP -- and a lot of you are probably wanting some details about that! Well, I don't have any. That's not to say I don't have ideas, I just like to try and build characters, settings, and lay out the key plot points with my partner, instead of determining all of that on my own only to inevitably change it later when my partner comes in with their own ideas. The only concrete things I have in mind, are that your character is a female slave, and has been given to my character as a gift. Probably by a family member, but perhaps by a friend -- or even won in a bet or something along those lines! I'm not super picky.

If you have questions, feel free to DM me here. If it looks like we're a good match, we'll do all the actual planning and character building on Discord. I hope to hear from you soon!
Before we begin...

A note from the author: The specific pairings found in this request thread will revolve around a single theme: Relationships, both romantic and sexual, between close family members. I understand that this isn't for everyone, but please remember what is described here is fantasy. Nobody is being harmed, and these stories are not meant to suggest that I support real life incestuous relationships, any more than someone who roleplays non-con supports real life sexual abuse. We're all adults here -- or should be, at least -- so let's try to act like it.


[*] I am a multi-paragraph roleplayer - I try to give at least three good paragraphs. Sometimes I write more, sometimes I write less, depending on the context of the RP, and how much I'm given to work with. I won't expect specific word counts or character quotas, but I do expect a certain level of detail from my partners.
[*] I'd like partners who enjoy worldbuilding and character development. I'd like for them to take an active role in creating the world and directing the narrative, including adding places, NPCs, events, and even their own story arcs.
[*] I enjoy smut. I prefer to play out any sexual encounters, rather than fading to black. That being said, I don't want to see the RP devolve into a constant cybersex session. Enjoy the moments of intimacy, but understand that at a certain point the story must move forward. I'd like to see a story:smut ratio of 60:40. Plenty of tantalizing, titillating content, but never so much that we lose track of the story.
[*] I expect at least an Advanced literacy rating from my partners. Little to no major spelling or grammar mistakes. We're all human, and I'm not going to get prickly because you made a run-on sentence or misused a semicolon, but please be aware of the rules of conversational English grammar, for my sanity if nothing else.
[*] Character references should be ANIME or DIGITAL ART only. Something just rubs me the wrong way about using the likeness of actual people for RP involving any kind of sexual content. If you don't want to use those mediums for character references, I will accept a detailed physical description without complaint.
[*] While I am personally willing to play any sex; male, female, or futanari, I am only interested in playing with female characters. Your RL sex or gender is irrelevant to me for the purpose of finding RP partners.

I'm currently mostly interested in a brother x sister pairing -- Older brother with a younger, or twin sister. Naturally, all characters should be 18+ -- the exact details of the RP are mostly dependent on the preferences of my partner, but I'm primarily interested in modern or fantasy settings at the moment. I have a couple ideas of my own, but none that I'd be super comfortable explaining in detail outside of PMs! So if you're interested, let me know and we'll chat more in private!
Hello! If you're here, you already know what this thread is for. You saw the title, and you clicked on it. I'm not going to go into the details here, because the details are going to probably go into some stuff that site admin don't want to get displayed on Google! Suffice it to say, I'm looking to play a single father, and I'm looking for someone to play his daughter, who as it turns out, might actually be half succubus and has certain... inconvenient needs. Luckily, her father is willing to help out!

I'm looking for things to start our a little awkward, as any plot like this really should! But after a while, the ideal situation will have both father and daughter getting more comfortable with their arrangement! The details will have to be discussed in PMs -- but I should tell you ahead of time, I'm a multi-para roleplayer and I'm expecting someone who's at least willing to try and keep up and involve themselves in story building and character development as we go! This shouldn't be 100% smut by any means, but adult content will be a major part of things!

Sorry to be so short and to the point! Ordinarily I'd try to make it flashy and interesting, but concerns over the subject matter and accompanying kinks that are intrinsically tied to the RP mean I have to keep this short. PM me for more info and to chat about the idea!

As a side note: I DO have a particular look I'd really like to see for the daughter, but this is totally optional and not at all a requirement: i.imgur.com/86Sc6jZ.jpg
Hello there! I'm looking for a long term partner who can at least match me in post quality, if not quantity, and who enjoys worldbuilding and collaborative character creation as much as I do! I'm going to keep this kind of vague, and very brief, in the hopes that by doing so I give you just enough information to help get the creative juices flowing, without stifling creativity with a concept that's too specific.

The idea that I have involves a tribe of women who live within a tropical jungle-like environment. The tribe has no men to speak of -- but does have a means to reproduce among their tribe, in the form of a sacred tree that grows in the center of their community. I see a couple of ways that the tree could work to allow for children, but which direction we take would depend largely on whether you'd prefer to include temporary futanari or not. Our characters would be two women who have just reached adulthood within the tribe, and are now preparing for their coming of age ceremony, where they will be assigned their official roles and responsibilities within the tribe!

I'd really like to focus on the tribe being something... foreign to us, as the players. I want to work with my partner to develop their culture from the ground up. What are the laws of the tribe? What jobs does the tribe need to be done by their members? What is the tribe's view on sexuality and nudity? Are there any social norms that they should observe that people in our own society might be confused by? Are there any modern standards that this tribe would think to be weird or pointless? I want someone who's interested in answering these questions! One idea I did particularly want to look at is the idea that nudity just isn't taboo. The tribe isn't a bunch of nudists, but clothing tends to be for decoration rather than modesty... Aesthetics over function -- and in some cases may denote rank or privilege within the tribe.



Despite this being in the Redstar section, I'm actually not looking for much in the way of actual kinks. The biggest one is just the casual nudity aspect of the theme, which is already -- hopefully -- built in to the idea. That being said, if you'd like to include some other kinks, I'm more than happy to consider them! I won't guarantee that I'm into the idea, I'm a pretty vanilla person by default, but I'll try to see what I can do.

One kink, that I think I'd be potentially fine with that USUALLY doesn't seem to get a lot of traction around here, is incest. A pair of sisters who are also lovers. I like to think that that kind of relationship might not only be accepted by the tribe, but might actually be encouraged for religious and/or mystical reasons. I'm thinking if we go this route, they'd be a pair of twins, which would probably come with some specific beliefs. This is, however, entirely optional. The RP as I've described it thus far is designed to work with or without the inclusion of questionable kinks like incest.

The only other major kink that I tend to have is BDSM content. In the context of this RP, if we used it at all, I like the idea of the tribe's priestesses voluntarily pledging themselves to the service of one of the hunters of the tribe. Kind of a one-way marriage, where they travel with the hunter, providing comfort, stress relief, and healing -- in addition to a devoted sexual partner. There are two keys here. One: This is a required step to become an adult if one is to commit themselves to the path of the priestess. Two: The priestess chooses her partner. She is not bought or sold like a slave, but chooses one woman to be her master. It is considered an honor, and a privilege by the hunter in most cases.



From Me:

* Typically an High-casual low-advanced writing level. Little to no spelling errors, and a concerted effort to switch up sentence structure and word selection. I am of course, not perfect by any means, but I'll strive to be as close to perfect as I can manage!

* An average of 3-4 paragraphs per post. Sometimes more, when the RP calls for it such as a major event or opener that requires more description. Sometimes less, such as in conversation, where I need input from you to do anything else. I am not comfortable assuming your character's actions.

* The possibility of multiple posts in a day, but at LEAST 3 posts per week, as my work schedule and energy levels permit.

* The ability to play multiple NPCs and other characters when necessary. I try to stick to one major main character, but without a whole group to play with, it's generally expected that it's up to both of us to control the world and drive the narrative together.

* Will probably use an anime-style reference. They are simply the most numerous and easily found character references available.

My Expectations:

* At least a casual writing level, basic capitalization and punctuation, and the ability to keep track of the story and characters.

* The ability to keep up with my own posts in quality, if not length. The more detail you pack into your posts, the more likely I am to maintain interest in the long term.

* At least three posts per week.

* Help me drive the narrative and play any NPCs that you introduce. Work with me to make sure our plot ideas don't conflict!

* 3rd person past tense. I know that I occasionally slip up here and switch to present tense, so I'm not going to be totally anal about this, but let's try to keep it 3rd person past tense as much as possible to avoid confusion.

* No real life photo references. They really bother me, please use artwork of some type if you want to use a reference at all.
Welcome! Glad to see all of you here~ let's keep this one simple, shall we?

I'm looking for someone to play a slave girl to my master character. I'm specifically looking for female characters, but beyond that the details are kind of up in the air! There are a couple slave options that I can think of off the top of my head that might be interesting, so I'll outline a few specific ones, then give some other options just for inspiration. Don't let my limited options deter you from messaging me if you have other ideas though!

The Princess - A former princess of a distant land, now sold at auction as a slave. Perhaps she's been sold out by courtiers that she trusted. Maybe her kingdom was invaded and she ended up shipped off to a far away land to live out her life in servitude.

The Sacrifice - A young woman who was once part of a very large family. She sold herself into slavery in order to help her family survive the harsh winter -- but will life as a slave end up being an upgrade from life as a poor peasant?

The Priestess - Your holy order considers submission and servitude to be virtues, and as such it is part of the holy rites of passage to become a fully fledged priestess to submit yourself mind, body, and soul to another. Usually, priestesses are pledged to the high priest of the temple -- but an error in the paperwork resulted in you being sold at auction to the general public, much to the outrage of the high priest who was... looking forward to having you join his harem.

The Thief - Sometimes crime pays! It certainly did for you. Right up until you robbed the wrong person and ended up slapped in chains. Instead of prison, the powers that be decided you'd do better to serve your sentence by being sold off to pay for everything you'd ever stolen!

The Heroine - Unfortunately, it looks like it's game over for you! You failed to save your homeland, and instead got yourself captured by the villainous dark lord's forces! Maybe you shouldn't have rushed straight into the final boss zone right after getting your first starter sword!

The Villain - Bad news! Your plot to take over the world failed spectacularly, and your power has been sealed away by magical collar. Now you're being sold to the very people you sought to subjugate yourself! How humiliating.

The Debtor - You were going to be an adventurer! Unfortunately, you weren't very good at it, and ended up racking up more debts than you could possibly pay off! So now you're being sold. Maybe your master will let you pay off your debt over time so you can one day be free again!

Other Ideas

Wild girl
Unicorn-girl (No anthro please~)
Blind and/or Mute girl
Fallen Goddess
Monster girl
Magical Android

We can discuss what kind of master you'd like to see, and what kind of story you'd like to focus on~ I'm partial to adventure and traveling the world -- but I'm perfectly happy to play out a lighthearted slice of life storyline within the master's manor or a small shop or something where your character is expected to live and work.
Hello~! Welcome to my newest RP request thread! I would like to preface this with assurances that I believe RL incest is wrong and gross. That being said, this is a text based RP world and text based fantasy incest is kinda hot, so now that that's out of the way, let's proceed!

This post is going to encompass a wide array of potential stories. I don't have just one story that I'm totally focused on, nor am I specifically looking for any single setting or theme other than the taboo relationship between siblings. I'm not even totally fixated on the idea of it being brother and sister! Some variety of futanari is definitely on the table too!

I'm not going to get into amazing detail about each of these stories! I'm just going to give a vague outline, and if you're interested, let me know and we can fill in the gaps together.

Idea 1 - Modern Day: A pair of twins has finally moved out of the house, but they aren't quite independent yet. Their parents have paid for them both to attend the same college, and have splurged to get them an apartment that they can share together -- turns out there's been a mistake though, and the apartment is a one bedroom. They're locked into the lease for at least a year, so the twins will just have to make due until then! What could go wrong? It's not like they didn't share a bed before when they were kids...

Idea 2 - Fantasy Pseudo-isekai: A pair of siblings grow up as part of a wealthy great house within a powerful city state. Growing up, the siblings are obviously close -- too close -- and it catches the attention of their parents who work to keep them apart. They find a suitor for their daughter, and train their son up to take over the family business, but when their daughter's fiancee catches her brother looking at her just a BIT too familiarly, he kidnaps her and challenges her brother to a duel to end the scandal before it can happen! During the ensuing duel, the sister improvises a magic spell to help both her and her brother escape. Good news! It worked! -- Bad news... it sends them both somewhere entirely unfamiliar. Worse news: It may have brought her fiancee along too, but he doesn't show up with the siblings. What will they do now?!

Idea 3 - Modern Day: An older brother returns home from college to discover his bratty kid sister all grown up. Maybe going through college without getting a girlfriend along the way wasn't the best plan after all... Because he can't take his eyes off her, and she doesn't seem at all shy about flaunting her adult charms at him when she catches him looking!

Idea 4 - Modern - Paying the bills - Futa x Female: This one is specifically meant for a futa/female pair of sisters. After leaving home and moving into a place of their own, the sisters soon run out of money and turn to the internet for a way to pay their rent and feed themselves. What starts out as innocent streaming with video games eventually leads into amateur webcam shows for a thirsty audience who's excited to watch a pair of genuine sisters... And what starts out as just a way to make money eventually becomes something more.

I have a ton of other potential setups, but in the interest of not overwhelming you with a bunch of potentially similar stories with slight variations, or confusing you with some of the more complicated, and magical plotlines that aren't solidly grounded in reality, I'll stop there for now! If any of these interest you, send me a PM and we can talk further about them! Or if you're really curious about some of the ideas I had with more convoluted plotlines and less mundane features, just let me know and I'll be happy to share~
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