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I don't know if we have any Lebanese members, but if we do, please know that my thoughts are with you right now.
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Sorry for leaving without warning, had a bad mental breakdown. To all my partners, I'm back if you want me.
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Get new job, get fired from new job. Why me?
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Saen slithered out of her bed and got herself dressed. A simple brown cloak for her human half, and as she'd never been able to find anything worth wearing for a tail, that went as was. Speaking of her tail, she noted it was peeling with distaste- she'd realized she'd been putting on a little weight, but she hadn't thought it would be enough to make her start shedding. Alas.

The lamia headed downstairs. Business had been brisk the day before, with a fair few silver pieces and even one customer buying a scrying crystal for a whole three gold. Not bad. She flipped the little sign out front to read 'open', then started to get to work, tidying things up. She really needed to get herself a familiar for the mundane work one of these days...
Name: Saen

Race: Lamia. Lamia are a race of snakelike humanoids, with a human upper half and a snakelike lower half, usually measuring about twelve feet long and weighing two hundred pounds.

Appearance: Saen has blond hair she keeps cut short, and snakelike green eyes. She has the hood of a king cobra and the tail of a gaboon viper.

Job: Saen is a trained witch specializing in telepathic magics and enchanting items. She has a small shop, The Arcaneum, where she sells low-grade magical items and teaches magic lessons.

History: Saen is a first generation Lorenstader, she grew up the daughter of merchants in the western desert. When she was young, she discovered that she had magic, and started studying the magic of the mind. Soon thereafter, she moved to Lorenstad, and after working various jobs for a while, she had enough money to afford a place of her own.

Home: Saen lives in a little loft above her shop. The store and apartment are enchanted to be somewhat bigger on the inside than the outside, like a low-budget TARDIS.
Ivy's hands whirled in a blur as she conjured a flowing trail of water around them. But this was no ordinary water, or even merely supernatural. Called from the deepest trench of the icy seas her father claimed as his own, it corroded and corrupted everything it touched. Even Ivy herself was not immune, not completely. Wincing from the pain, she sent a blast of the water at one of the attackers. "Do you think the wards will keep them out?"
"Well," Ivy said with a shrug, "this isn't the first time Miss Muir has tried something like this. She's got a reserve of souls she's stolen over the years and uses those to maintain her mortal form. As for the Grail, I know it's somewhere in Avalon, with a bunch of old gods watching over it. Probably Celtic, but I'm not as familiar with those stories."
Ivy found a spot in the corner and got to work. Pricking her finger to get a drop of blood, she began chanting in an old, blasphemous tongue. The droplet hovered, multiplying and spreading until a red pentagram levitated around her, with sigils at the points written in demonic script. “Leviathan, old one, damned one, come before me. One who is not worthy seeks an audience.”

"Old One? Who are you calling Old, little boy?" Leviathan retorted, seemingly as a disembodied voice.

"Hmph." Ivy shook her head at being called 'boy.' "I mean, I know I'm flat as a pancake, but that's just insulting." The witch shrugged. "And I did think you'd recognize your own flesh and blood. But I digress. I take it you've heard what Madame Muir has planned for us, so I'd like to ask you a few questions about the whole situation."

"Alright." Ivy took a deep breath- she was about to lead with a big ask. "First off, I'm nervous about having a safe house on this plane. Too easy for her to find, and with enough time and effort, she could break the protective enchantments. So, what I'd like, if you can provide it, is a cottage on the shores of the Sea of Envy. Big enough to fit the whole class, and protected by an anti-scrying enchantment powered by you so she can't locate us. If you can't... I understand."

"Eh, no, I gotta better idea."
"Manifest me on Earth's Plane, and I'll help with your little Witch Bitch situation."

Well. This just got interesting. Ivy strained at the momentousness of what her father was proposing. Conjuring the physical embodiment of the Seven Deadly Sins in the mortal plane was a feat that would at least get you some consideration as a new Supreme. If you could survive, that is. If she tried manifesting any of the others on her own, she was sure all that would be left of her was a pile of ashes and a decent pair of heels. Even with the connection to her father's blood, she wasn't certain she could do it herself.

"I'll keep it in mind. Second idea. Madame Muir wants to steal our life force. If she's immortal, she won't need to do that. Question is, how do we get her to that point? I'm willing to work with her if it saves our lives.”

"I know all about how Madam Muir came to become immortal, and why she's dying. I will only tell you everything you want to know if you agree to a few stipulations."
"Oh, and I wouldn't suppose you happen to have any of her possessions or something like that would you?"

"No, I don't." Ivy sighed. A possession of the Madame's would be a huge boon in working curses on her. It wasn't a fight she could ever win, but maybe she could at least hurt her and make it easier for the others to bring her down. Alas. "What are these stipulations you ask of me?"

"Okay here's the thing. I need you marry Dagon."
. . .

"Dagon? Dagon?" Ivy's eyes narrowed as she tried to place the name- then she had a full-blown freakout as she managed to do so. "No. no. This is not happening. My father is not selling me like a horse to get hitched to a godly piece of seafood. And can you imagine the 'smells like fish' jokes? No way. Nuh-uh. Not. Gonna. Happen."

"Hon. . . " Leviathan began sardonically. "You know I'm a demon right? I'm not Father of the Year material. I've been trying to find some way to make use of you since you were born, and this is probably one of the best ways how."

"If you wanna get hitched with someone else, I suppose there is also Vlad Tepes. You've heard of him, right?"

"Ugh. You know what, Dagon isn't so bad. But you're paying for the wedding. I could use a couple of spare damned souls." The witch shuddered, but she was over a barrel and she knew it. "Now, tell me everything you know about Madame Muir."

"Oh, one more."
"Ahem, you don't necessarily need to um. . . you know, "Consummate the marriage"
"But you most certainly as his Queen, must give him literal children that you birth."
Immediately he changed subject.
"The Supreme Witch was born as Emma Muir, in the year 875, Common Era. She was born as the most beautiful woman in all Strathclyde."
"One day, the local Lord of her region took a liking to her, which would be prove to be a great curse."
"This Lord raped the fair Emma, took her child from her, and paid her for her "services" and also as hush money.

Emma rightly tried to tell everyone what had happened, but as the culture of the day wasn't exactly the most progressive, they shunned her as a wench and kicked her out of her home. Emma was hunted down in the forest and violated by several of the Lord's men, and died from her wounds.
Emma's powers activated after her murder, and her body magically restored it'self.

"She rightly hated the Lord and his men, and the village, but her curse was a terrible punishment. Three villages, the Lord's castle, and all innocents in the region fell under the shadow of a plague. Three thousand men, women, and children. First, there came an unbearable thirst, then unbearable hunger. All pleasant sensations left them, while their pain and discomfort from the starvation and thirst would heighten, and they would all age an entire year in one day. Soon, there were no living folk among the cursed places, and worst of all, their souls still hunger and thirst, in agonizing starvation as they have for more than a thousand years, and will continue to do so until Judgment Day."

"The key to her defeat lies in the damnation she torments her victims with every waking moment of every night and day."

"So, let me get this straight. Madame Muir gets her power from souls she trapped and tormented, and if we can free those souls, she'll probably age to dust. Correct?"

"Nope. It's more complicated than that. She not only gets power from the suffering she inflicts on her victims, but there is also the little matter of her only son."
"He was the only survivor of the incident."

"Okay. Tell me about Junior and what his role is in this fiasco."

"For one thing, Junior is either still around, or somehow has a role in taking Muir down. He has made some artifacts of enormously powerful magic."
"The so-called Jacob Stone, also known as the Stone of Scone of Scottish Kings is one. It's not just a gemstone, it can hold all power of all Scottish mages, both witch and warlock inside of it. Each time a witch from Scottland dies he or she sheds an insignificant portion of their soul into the Stone. Witches aren't the most common kind of person so even after a thousand years it might not seem like a lot, but then there's indirect gifts the Stone brings. Muir, for example, was so strong with her magic that her son constantly had nightmares of the screaming souls of her damned souls. When he created The Stone of Scone, he managed to blot out her power. This stone is said to have the power to protect from all curses."

"So if we can get our hands on the stone, we'll be able to protect ourselves from her magic."

"The kid, if you call someone a thousand years old a kid, is the one who made these things. These are things and things can be broken."
"Madam Muir still has feelings for both her children, even Emelia, there could be a way for her to avoid murdering them and still get what she wants."
"There could be a way to use Emelia and the other kid to give Emma Muir what she wants and avoid slaughtering anyone."

"I think I understand." Ivy smiled again- she had several more cards to play, and they could well be aces. "Anything else, or is that all you want to tell me?"

"Okay, well I think I do remember more than a couple of ways you can restore Madam Muir's immortality without massacring innocents, which, let's face is, a lot more boring than watching her do just that."
"The Holy Grail is actually still somewhere in The World of Avalon."
"It's the only object which is empowered by both God and Pagan gods at the same time."
"This object would be difficult to acquire. It's guarded by various Fairy deities."
"They're not malicious, but you'd have to earn it's use."

The tiefling went utterly rigid and stock-still. When she recovered her wits, Ivy said in a low voice, "The Holy Grail?! I... I thought that was just a bedtime story for kids! It's real?"

"Yeah. Like I said it's a little different from the traditional legend. Jesus did come into contact with it, and it's the only thing he's ever done in cooperation with Pagan gods."
"It basically has a portion of God's presence throughout and inside the chalice."
"Take the Holy Grail, with anyone that Madam Muir trusts, and have them give it to her in exchange for her agreeing to banishment to the Other World."

"An interesting proposition, but will she take it? Regardless, we have several options to pursue. I... I think we're in a good spot, dad." Ivy mentally broke her connection to her father- she could always summon him again later. “Okay,” she told the other witches. “I know how Madame Muir become immortal, I got a lead on the Holy Grail, and most important, I agreed to get myself knocked up by a glorified sushi plate.”
Name: Ivy Natasha Virmire

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ivy is tall and angular- neither thin nor fat. She has dark brown hair just short of black that comes down to her shoulders, and the deepest green eyes you've ever seen. She's very pale, and tends to dress conservatively due to what she thinks is a scaly skin condition. Hint: it ain't.

Powers: Blood magic- Ivy can use blood as a power booster for her spells.

Call to the Damned- Ivy's unique heritage makes her a natural at calling up demonic entities.

Cursewright- Ivy is adept at casting curses on unfortunate souls who have wronged her.

Hydromancer- Ivy is talented at controlling ice and water.


Ssspeaksss fluent Sssnake- Ivy can talk to snakes. Make Harry Potter cracks at your peril...

(To Be Learned) Possession- Ivy will eventually be capable of taking over another's body and mind.

(To Be Learned) Demonic form- Ivy will be capable of calling on her ancestry to take a massive serpentine form.

What she doesn't know: Her father is a demon whose true name is Invidiel, but he's gone by many names over the years. The Serpent in the Garden of Eden? Him. The Leviathan prophecied in the Book of Revelation? Guess who. First to be corrupted by Lucifer and second to him in power, the Lord of Envy is a mighty ally- or a deadly foe...
Ivy came up so late, one might have thought her father was Belphagor rather than Leviathan. The tiefling panted as she reached the doorway to the estate. Nice ward work. And it seems he even took one of them down so I could get in. Must have known in advance we were coming. Did he get a premonition, or did Emelia contact him?

Ivy looked at Anatole. The old sorcerer was well respected throughout the school, and even in several other planes. "You wouldn't happen to have a place for me to do rituals, would you? I don't need a fully stocked arcaneum, just a bit of space."
Ivy shook her head. "Those holy wards will also keep me off the hilltop, and blood magic and infernal powers aren't good for working protection spells, anyway." She though for a second. "Tell you what. I'll start doing some summonings at the little field at the base of the hill. I've got a few questions to ask, and some powerful demonic entities might at least make her think twice before trying something tonight."
Ivy sat in the room with Emelia, eyes open wide as saucers. The water elementalist shuddered in sheer terror as the gruesome fates were described. I... I hadn't expected her to fall so deep into madness. And we aren't anywhere near powerful enough to stop her, not yet. This... I'm not sure how we can survive this.

"I hate to ask, but I have to know to satisfy my own morbid curiosity. How- how does she plan to kill me?"
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