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Current I don't know if we have any Lebanese members, but if we do, please know that my thoughts are with you right now.
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Sorry for leaving without warning, had a bad mental breakdown. To all my partners, I'm back if you want me.
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Get new job, get fired from new job. Why me?
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@Penny No, Aphrodite will just get you off.
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@Todd Howard Dude, don't. Whatever you're thinking, DON'T!


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Rebecca nodded as Sister Deborah started to herd them back towards the coven house. "Yeah... going back sounds real nice right about now." She joined the throng of new witches, still reeking of Eau de Stagnant Water and unsteady on her feet.

As she made her way back to the table, the medium started to see a few more ghosts, but something was... odd. She'd always had to focus a little bit to interact with the dead, and they were constantly fuzzy, but now, she could see them easily and clearly. Something to do with the wellspring, perhaps? Jennifer floated over, not the pale spectre she usually was, but bright and colorful, almost solid. "Wow! I could feel the magic coming off you before, but now? It's like comparing a faucet to a fire hose!"

"I know. I'm amazed by all the power. It... it might actually go to my head, you know. Not that I'm going to let it. Hopefully."
Cassandra looked at the knife with what could only be described as dispassion. So, this is all I have to do? Easy enough, let's get this over with. The cursewright stabbed herself, then drank the blood. It felt like a hundred lightning bolts went through her body at once, as she went stiff as a board and fell blind for a few seconds.

As she got up, having toppled over backwards, she saw that her problems had been comparatively minor. Rebecca looked like one of the dead she dealt with on a regular basis, Calypso was puking up more stuff than she thought humanly possible, and the rest of the witchlings were in various states of agony and physiological mayhem. A perfect chance for me to play it all up, she thought. With a grin on her face far more suited to a six-year-old getting her first puppy than a teenager who'd just been knocked flat on her ass, she quipped "That was fun! Let's do it again! Let's do it again!"
Blood magic. Ugh, really? At least we don't have to sign away our souls... Rebecca rolled her eyes at the idea of drinking her own blood. Sure, she'd sacrificed a drop or two to open a way to the afterlife before, but this just felt a little too macabre. And that was saying a lot for Little Miss Death Magic. She looked back at the rest of the witchlings. At her family. At her friends.

She stabbed her palm, letting a trickle of red fluid slide into the cup. "Over the lips and over the gums, look out stomach, here it comes." The redhead downed the drink in one gulp and saw... well, she wasn't sure what the hell she saw. Flames, great castles, various kinds of entities that twisted her mind. A vision of the world beyond, perhaps? Finally, after what seemed like years, she came to face down and half drowned in the lake. Sputtering, she hauled herself out of the drink, her robe absolutely ruined beyond all hope of repair by pond scum. "Um... I think that could have gone better, couldn't it?" she quipped, her face the same tomato-colored shade of her hair. But she was a witch, she was a sister, and nobody could ever take that away from her.
Cassandra looked down and realized she'd forgotten her purse. Cussing up a storm (cursing was something extremely different, in her experience), she went back to the food table. As she found the black leather bag, she also saw Hana there, lagging behind the rest of the witchlings. Huh. I thought everybody was already up at the house.

"Oh, hello, Hana. I almost didn't see you there."
Cassandra gave Hana a warm grin as she went up to the potioneer witch. "Mind walking down to the house with me? I could certainly use the company, and I've got a few ideas I want to talk to you about, if you'd be so good."

“What could go wrong?” Oh, how Rebecca rolled her eyes at that statement. Every witch in the world knew far better than to tempt the fates like that. Still, she managed to keep her spirits up- though she did a quick search for a four leaf clover, just in case. “Don’t think like that, Rowan. If you believe you’re going to fail, then that’s what will happen. But if you believe you’ll succeed…” The medium tapped the side of her head. “It’s all up here, Rowan. That’s what decides how you do.”

It was then that Kate came up, making a crack about summoning Satan. “I hope not, Kate. Besides the obvious problems with calling up the Lord of Evil- and how would you put him back down- I don’t want to even guess at the cost we’d have to pay. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it’s not that.” Thank god.
My lamia should fit in just fine with a little adapting.
Rebecca listened to Sister Deborah's speech with interest. She let out a whispered "Thank you" when the coven's leader mentioned those who had passed in the previous year- she couldn't see any of their ghosts around, but it didn't hurt to give her respects. Finally, the moment arrived. Sister Deborah told them all to meet for the binding ritual, and she let out a very unladylike yelp of sheer joy.

The medium was absolutely off like a shot, making a beeline for the house. On the way, she saw Rowan heading there as well. "Hey, Rowan. Mind if I join you?" Without even so much as waiting for a response in her giddiness, she continued on. "Any idea what they're going to throw at us? I've asked a few of the spirits, out of sheer curiosity, but they've all been careful not to let anything slip out."
Cassandra sat bolt upright when Sister Deborah started her speech. She knew exactly what this meant. After going through the usual motions, and a moment of silence for those who had passed, the coven's leader got to the point that the cursewright had been waiting for: listing the names of the new witches and telling them to meet for the ritual. With a grin on her face, she headed straight for the house, almost feeling light enough to fly. Almost- she'd leave the aerobatics to Dakota.

A few of the other witchlings were already there, and Cassandra caught sight of Iris. The other girl had been interested in golems lately; taking the phrase 'making new friends' a little too literally for her taste, but to each their own. She gave Iris a curt but friendly nod. "So, who's the buddy you've got over there, Iris? Somebody new?"
"Listen, Alayna. I've heard all the damn rumors... And I don't believe them for a second. If you meant to betray us, you'd have done it already." Rebecca took a long, slow sip of her water. "No offense." Eventually, Rebecca found her way over to her assigned seat, smack between Iris and Alex. She was rather comfortable with both of them, but after all these years, there wasn't anybody she really wasn't on good terms with.

"Sorry I'm a little tardy, you two. But then again, it is appropriate for a medium to be late, you know?" She giggled a tad at her own hideous pun, then sighed. "Honestly, I just want today to be over. All this anticipation, wondering what the elders have in store for us- it's playing all sorts of hell with my nerves."
"And I'm Cassandra," the blonde said with a grin. "If you ever need someone well-versed in the Dark Arts, come find me. I admit, it's usually not the most in-demand of magical talents, but it does have its uses." She took the flask from Kate, noting the deep green color of the contents. As she pocketed it, she gave the potioneer a gentle, almost imperceptible nod. "Thank you, Kate. You're right; these will help me create some pretty cool new spells, or at least travel with them."

She then gave Jeremy the once-over; it didn't exactly hurt that he was attractive in an off-beat sort of way. "No offense meant, Jeremy, but it's somewhat odd to see a newcomer here for the first time at the initiation. Honestly, you've got me kind of curious. Why join the Dying Branch instead of another coven? Why us?"
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