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Current Well, the person who was supposed to be reviewing my request for full time and liked me just quit. New reviewer hates my guts. Gonna drop the disability nuke.
9 mos ago
I don't know if we have any Lebanese members, but if we do, please know that my thoughts are with you right now.
1 yr ago
Sorry for leaving without warning, had a bad mental breakdown. To all my partners, I'm back if you want me.
2 yrs ago
Get new job, get fired from new job. Why me?
2 yrs ago
@Penny No, Aphrodite will just get you off.


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Ivy sat in the room with Emelia, eyes open wide as saucers. The water elementalist shuddered in sheer terror as the gruesome fates were described. I... I hadn't expected her to fall so deep into madness. And we aren't anywhere near powerful enough to stop her, not yet. This... I'm not sure how we can survive this.

"I hate to ask, but I have to know to satisfy my own morbid curiosity. How- how does she plan to kill me?"
Anybody home?
Name: Ivy Natasha Virmire

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ivy is tall and angular- neither thin nor fat. She has dark brown hair just short of black that comes down to her shoulders, and the deepest green eyes you've ever seen. She's very pale, and tends to dress conservatively due to what she thinks is a scaly skin condition. Hint: it ain't.

Powers: Blood magic- Ivy can use blood as a power booster for her spells.

Call to the Damned- Ivy's unique heritage makes her a natural at calling up demonic entities.

Cursewright- Ivy is adept at casting curses on unfortunate souls who have wronged her.

Hydromancer- Ivy is talented at controlling ice and water.


Ssspeaksss fluent Sssnake- Ivy can talk to snakes. Make Harry Potter cracks at your peril...

(To Be Learned) Possession- Ivy will eventually be capable of taking over another's body and mind.

(To Be Learned) Demonic form- Ivy will be capable of calling on her ancestry to take a massive serpentine form.

What she doesn't know: Her father is a demon whose true name is Invidiel, but he's gone by many names over the years. The Serpent in the Garden of Eden? Him. The Leviathan prophecied in the Book of Revelation? Guess who. First to be corrupted by Lucifer and second to him in power, the Lord of Envy is a mighty ally- or a deadly foe...
Name: Kimiko Kawamura

Age: 17

Appearance: Tall and willowy, with blue hair and green eyes. Kimiko tends to dress in muted colors, the better to blend in with the masses. In her magical girl form, she gets a white top with a blue wave design, a blue cape, blue skirt, and silver circlet with a sapphire, her hair also drops to shoulder length.

Description: Kimiko is, in a phrase, the human equivalent of wallpaper. She tries desperately to go unnoticed, and has average grades. As a magical girl, though, she's outgoing and brave to a near-suicidal point. If she could just get a little of that to carry over into her civilian side and live...

Grimoire: The Little Mermaid. A young mermaid falls in love with a fisherman and gives her legs to live on land with him, though she still misses her life in the sea.

Abilities: When transformed, Kimiko becomes a magical aquatic bruiser. Watery attacks are her specialty, and while blasts and walls of hydrokinetic doom are fine, she's still learning to master the fine art of control. Unfortunately, this can cause her serious problems when civilians are involved.
Would a half-demon character be acceptable?
Hmmm... witch of my lovely ladies should I bring in?
Calling dibs on a Snow White with ice powers, because what could be a more natural fit?
I'll bite
Phagora stumbled out of the kitchen, clearly putting her infernal liver through all sorts of abuse. With what must have been a half-dozen bottles of wine in her, the glutton awkwardly crashed into Empusa, her speech well and thoroughly slurred as she looked the blonde up and down with appreciative eyes before doing the same to Dexter.

"Well, hello, you- hic- two. If you have anything planned, I'd be happy to join you. The more the merrier, right? If not, then could you please help me to my room? I... I haven't been able to find it yet." She came to a leaning halt against the wall, waiting for their response. Honestly, she'd be perfectly fine either way.
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