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Current Sorry for leaving without warning, had a bad mental breakdown. To all my partners, I'm back if you want me.
8 mos ago
Get new job, get fired from new job. Why me?
1 yr ago
@Penny No, Aphrodite will just get you off.
1 yr ago
@Todd Howard Dude, don't. Whatever you're thinking, DON'T!
1 yr ago
Turned on the TV, and the first thing that came up is my all time favorite movie. Gotta love dumb luck.
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Sarah changed herself back to human again. "I'd like that, Professor. Perhaps you could give me some pointers on formholding? And Ponn, if you could make me normal again, that would be a big help. But after class, though. I'm busy right now."

The redhead thought for a second, looking over her possibilities. "Hmm... no, that won't do... got it." She picked up a strawberry, glanced at it, and waved her hands. Magic flowed through herself, and the fruit quickly turned into a passable impression of jelly. "Anybody got some bread?"
It's not corona, is it?
"Affect my transformations? Maybe- I'm not entirely sure. Never encountered this particular problem before. Heck, the whole reason I came to this class was to learn to control them better." Sarah scrunched her eyes in concentration, then turned herself into a golden retriever, complete with a glass right front leg. She tried walking; it seemed that even when made of inorganic material, she could move it easily. "How's that?" she asked the professor.

Gertrude took detailed notes, her pencil writing furiously. She had no margin for error in the theoretical parts of magic, given that she'd probably get zeroes on most of her practicals. When the professor mentioned that she wanted to see everyone put the knowledge to use, her features plummeted. "Unfortunately, miss, the only magic I can use is holy magic. Elemental spells like this- they're impossible for me."
Sorry, not going to have the time anymore.
Gertrude raced down from her dorm, trying her hardest not to swear. It was both unladylike and sinful, and she wasn't sure which was worse. Still, she was late, but she got into her Spellmaking class, overhearing the professor mentioning something about water magic. "Sorry I wasn't here on time, Professor. It won't happen again, I swear to the gods." She quickly bowed, then took her seat.

Saram started molding her clay, forming it into the shape of a crude dog. "I thought I'd do something simple- the transmutation is the key part of this, after all." She stopped to admire her handiwork, then took a deep breath. "Alright, here goes." The redhead concentrated deeply, a quiet hum of sorcery building up around her. There was a flash of light that slowly faded away to reveal the dog had indeed been transfigured into crystal-clear glass- and so had her right arm. "Great."
Still here, just waiting for full lore before I commit to my character.
I'll join.
Gertrude smiled when AJ suggested tea. "I'd love that, AJ. A good chamomille sounds wonderful right now." She got up, smoothing out a wrinkle in her sleeves. "So, do you do anything for fun? Reading? Art? Exorcise... er, exercise?" A little wink, to let him know she was having fun. She might have been what she was, but even she wasn't completely above it all.

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