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this was originally my idea with the red X denoting the specific city my people are from, minus the small almost island. I can adjust
fair enough, i've been busy these last three days with work and driving to a different city and I haven't really been diligent in this thread so I probably missed that. but I did write in my sheet that they inhabited a large portion of the western peninsula. I just haven't gotten around to drawing it out for the afformentioned reasons of work and heavy driving.

Also, which part is the bottom part in that picture. can you draw out your idea for territory?
That's the peninsula where I had my people from. We should probably iron out borders
that is a good question. Are we on the ship or on the land where the ship is approaching? Is there one ship or a convoy of ships?
This is what I have so far. i've just been a little lazy with the history and magic specifics. But I figure their magic is more spiritual and based around buffing their warriors natural abilities. 'Everybody easts a slice of raw bull or bear heart, splashes some blood on their face and is granted great strength' type of deal. Mostly behind the scenes magic.

I'm still trying to work out magic in this. So do I just have dozen or so mages? Casually slinging fireballs or whatnot from horseback. Are people generally restricted to one kind of magic?
The current idea is light cavalry/infantry styled off ancient Iberia

I just need a cool name
If the gm is shooting for a classical fantasy theme I don't think going steampunk will jive.
also a little silly for my tastes. i'd stick to horses or something of similar size
maybe cavalry, but that's the only thing that may be of any real interest.
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