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I like Grecian style mythology and bronze age era fun times. But this is a little light on detail. Is there anything else you can say about this idea?
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Right, sorry for my lack of contact on this rp and this site in particular. In the weeks leading up to the pandemic my industry of work (telecommunications) got... weird for obvious reasons. It was still weird for a bit but it's calmed somewhat. I know I left this high and dry and I apologize.

@Afro Samurai Working on it. I caught a chest cold earlier this week and have been dealing with that and trying not to take days off work at the same time (and failing). I am off the rest of the day and tomorrow. So I am working on it
@Jarl Coolgruuf that's an idea. Though it may not be something you all choose but something chosen for you. It will probably be heavily influenced by the initial adventure
And with that we are off to the races. I'll keep this thread open in case one or two more people pop in and want to join. But I think we have a solid core. I'll post your warband's leader soon and get an opening IC up this week.
@Niksis@Jarl Coolgruuf@TyrannosaursRex@BangoSkank@Afro Samurai@Fallen Muse

Another quick thing I want to throw at everyone. Every warband needs a name! including ours. I don't just want to name you guys after a GM pc character so if anyone wants to throw around cool name ideas for an aspiring warband. Than lets have 'em!
@Afro Samurai@BangoSkank@Niksis@Jarl Coolgruuf@Fallen Muse

So, I didn't expect to get six people for this. I originally assumed just three or four. And my plan in that instance was to let the PC's control 2-3 goons each to round out the warband's numbers.

I'm still debating on that, i'm just throwing it out there to see who is interested in that or just wants to stick with one character. The goons don't need to be fleshed out at all. They would just be redshirts essentially. Mechanically they would be like fire-team companions from Only war. They would be members of the warband and not necessarily personal servants to your characters, on that note I do remind people to keep infighting to a minimum. We may be chaos but we are still a united warband. At least for the start.
So something I'm genuinely surprised at, In a setting that freely allows chaos dwarves and elves and ogres and beastmen. Nearly everyone still picks humans
@Jarl Coolgruuf@BangoSkank@Afro Samurai

you can all post in the character tab
@Jarl Coolgruuf well cannibal man is definitely chaos enough for this crowd.
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