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I might be in the same boat. i'm working late and often this month, thanksgiving is coming up and I already tried to write a post but had to delete it because it was shite.

At best I can't post until Wednesday
my post is coming. hopefully today
A khornegor with a bloodletter blade? Make him mutated and extra muscled.

Idea, former space marine that mutated into a khorngor. No power armour, but with the warped physique of an astartes
You could make a plaguegor? Or a general Bestigor champion with a daemon axe with a bound fury.

Awwww, my first character idea was a messian chemhunter devoted to khorne. I didn't go with him because we already had too many frontline types and several khornites.

But Having two messians would have been funt
I wish there were more variety of horrors than just blue, pink and brimstone. I want there to be a whole matryoshka style line of them.

It's a bit rough but here it is
Name/Titles: Magister Tri'Chlan, Vizier of deceit, Keeper of Divine Lies, Master of the Ninth Brotherhood

Denomination: Tzeentch


Personality: Tri'Chlan has sold his soul completely and in perpetuity to the deceiver. The man Tri'chlan was as an Imperial astropath is in no way the same creature he is now. He is a creature moulded in the image of Tzeentch, in the aspect of the Great Diviner, who both foretells futures and obscures them with lies and half-truths. He is a normally reserved and capricious being whose whims and goals can be utterly devoted to a single task for years at a time or change with each passing hour. He can often seem irrational and inscrutable and that is mostly by design. Lest any potential rivals think they can find and exploit patterns in his behaviour.

Biography: Once a sanctioned psyker serving within the Imperial navy, An astropath and diviner who fell to the promises and influence of the deceiver nearly three hundred terran years ago when the ship he served on became lost in the warp.

What happened during those years spent at the mercy of the warp and to fates of his original crew are mysteries Tri'chlan does not share. Never-the less it was during that time that Tri'chlan the astropath became Tri'chlan the aspiring sorcerer. Selling his services to warlords and despots, in exchange for secrets and power, and selling his soul ever more to Tzeentch.

During those years he betrayed most warlords he served under, helped a small few rise to glory, and manipulated the rest onto paths that would lead to their eventual downfall. Ultimately he sought to see his own status rise over that of another. Gaining fame, consolidating resources, power and servants. Eventually leading him to his current status and commanding his own vessel.

What ultimately lead him into the orbit of Skuberrima were the whispered promises of his familiar commanding him in the deceiver's name to the blasted world. Weeks of divinations and dozens of sacrifices convinced him that this time at least, his familiar was not speaking lies. And that the blightened world held significant potential. less so the warleader Krynne as she would serve but a means to his end. But if there was one powerful relic to be recovered from this world, surely there could be a second...

Other: Tri'Chlan rules as lord and master over a dedicated cult of followers known as the Ninth Brotherhood. These cretins and outcasts view the Vizier as a prophet of the great deceiver, and that by following him they may themselves be blessed and transformed both spiritually and literally. These cultists are slaved to his will and view his inscrutable whims as absolute. They have and will sacrifice themselves to further his rituals, or plunder and rape in furtherance of his ambitions. Capturing slaves, stealing, or otherwise scrounging any and all scraps of arcane secrets and all other manner of oddities and materials that may or may not prove invaluable to their master's eldritch studies. Or at the very least prove to be amusing curiosities.

The cult of the Ninth brotherhood claims home to an Infidel class raider known as the 'Tear of Betrayal'. Which serves as a useful mobile laboratory and safe haven. From this tiny fortress the magister can freely delegate all matters of leadership he cannot be bothered to oversee and focus the majority of his efforts on his studies and divinations that guide him to the next arcane treasure. The cult itself works hard to ensure that their master can continue to work with minimal interuptions and as a result the cult operates with a large degree of independance. With only occasional direct commands from their lord, and those often in the form of bizzare metaphors and esoteric riddles that require significant effort to interpret.

Tri'Chlan's personal equipment consists of a warp touched force stave that was once topped with an Imperial aquila but now bears the rune of tzeentch. His armour has been similarly transformed and reforged to fit his mutated and freakishly distorted body.

He also wields a rune inscribed warpsteel blade, though tri'chlan is mutated into a form surpassing the strength and speed of an average mortal he is still in reality a poor swordsman, and the blade is used primarily for ritual, sacrifice, and defence. Finally a masterfully crafted laspistol often rests in his third hand.

His final 'gift' from his master is a small, spiteful daemon who serves as his familiar. A curious creature, often seen in a form smaller than even an orkiod snotling. It can never the less never be mistaken for one at a glance. It sees, hears and whispers all into it's master's ear. It also serves as a conduit between himself and the deceiver. It constantly shares a mixture of secrets, hints, outright lies, and direct commands to be fufilled, and tri'chlan spends no small amount of time and effort discerning which is which.

Well for one, they just steal it from other people. Second, a general rule for orks is that there is a squig for everything. Literally, there is a squig called a paint squig. It excretes dyes that are used to make paint. What form that excretion comes out as is up to your imagination.

But as your ork is alone and not near any other orks they probably wont have ready access to squigs of any variety. But they can still buy or steal paint from other races
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