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I posted some brief character sheets on each of the four Kaptins. You would all know these details about them.
Gork is Brutal, Mork is Cunning. I wasn't planning on having internal jihads between the warlords on this particular question.
Reserved for enemy NPCs

Space, da final frontier. Dese are da voyages of the space’ulk Grimmsmasha. Its mission, to fly frew space fasta den any ovva git. Ta find new worlds an civilizashuns, an kick da zog outta dem. To boldly go where no ork ‘as gone before!

"Da spacehulk Grimmsmasha was a dead good spacehulk, all full of orks ready for fightin. Every planet we came across we looted, an put da boot to loads of humies, orks and other gits. Dat was until da Kaptian, Zokk Magdread, went an got himself killed in a proper good fight with some beakies. Da beakies was driven off but the damage was done.

With the Kaptain dead there were a lot of orks who could step up and take his place. Problem was, all of em wanted to be da boss, and none of them wanted to see any of the others in charge. A great fight broke out, all across da Grimmsmasha, with every ork choosing a boss they wanted to see as Kaptain and joining his mob. It was a good fight, and lasted for a long time.

By the time the dust settled not many orks was left, and the Grimmsmasha wasn't in the best shape either. There were only four ork bosses left, each calling himself Kaptian; Shazz Snaznabba, Gakk Blakteef, Gorgutz RedSkull an Kork Sixfingas.

Lucky for us, the Grimmsmasha floated into a new system ripe for plundering. Although they were still keen for a fight, the four kaptains agreed to a ceasefire; there were other things out there worth fighting. Loot could be used to rebuild the Grimmsmasha, and it would take a while for more boyz to stumble out of the mushroom groves to repopulate the krew.

Each kaptain also knew that the kaptain who got the most loot would become the Grand Kaptain and control the Grimmsmasha. Da race was on!"…


OOC is up. I'll get the ball rolling now with three and hopefully others might be tempted to join if they see some activity.
Some FAQ that have already been asked by some, and may arise again. So i'm putting the answers here for the benefit of any interested parties wandering into this page for the first time.

Feel free to PM me your character sheet or post it here and i'll review it.


Alrighty... for anyone who doesn't understand what was just said in the Opening post, don't worry, the short answer is.... ORKS!!!! this is an rp set in the Warhammer 40k universe where players take on the roll of orks, caught up in the middle of a quasi civil war. Your warboss is dead, and your warband needs a new leader, rather than continuing to fight amongst themselves until every ork was dead a new competition was put forward. Whatever kaptin could rally more boys to their side and secure the shiniest loot would become the new warboss of this Hulk. Even with the recent inter-conflict being brought to a close there are still plenty of boyz alive across the Grimmsmasha, to do some serious damage to whatever unfortunate world they set their eyes on.

But what the four kaptins know that most boyz don't is that this competition needs to be quick. Space marines (The afformentioned 'beakies' for anyone that doesn't know ork lingo) aren't ones to simply give up after getting a bloody nose. They were pushed back for now but they will return and the Grimmsmasha may not survive a second battle in it's current state. No one knows how much time they have but no kaptin wants to be left behind to fight the humans when they do finally catch up.

As far as the players themselves are concerned, you are all going to be playing a small mob(squad) of boyz as they make planetfall, get stuck in for some epic scraps and decide which of the four kaptins to throw their lot in. It's a tough call and doesn't need to be made early on in the game. But eventually you will need to pick a side.

Please let me know if your interested, or even if you just think this idea is the shittiest idea ever to be posted on the forums. I'm open to ideas, let me know what you think of the game or any concerns you may have about the game.

Also I must give credit where credit it due. This idea actually came from another gentleman on a DM subforum who freely posted this idea that he himself once ran, and for others to make use of. I think it sounded like a lot of fun. Also I've never actually attempted an ork themed roleplay (DMing one that is), so this is something of a new experience for me. Questions, comments and critiques are welcome.
@Katthaj Awesome possum, that makes three.
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