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What the hell, I'll thriw my interest into this. I'd like to see an ooc and a little more info before i say anything for sure
@Mister Thirteen

I dont think its to restraining, if anything i think the opposite. You should probably specify the limits of what we can take in terms of enchantments and the like or people might go a little wild.

Maybe some other guide lines, like only people who specify themselves as mages cab have adept level prof in spell schools. None mages can only be prof in one school of magic to start. Give more variance and meaning to picking a class. At least for the start. I don't necessarily mean these specific changes *should* be made. Just some examples.

We are just novitiates, magic rings and necklaces may or may not be a little beyond us to start.
@Mister Thirteen

Ya I was thinking about those, honestly... i'd tread carefully around those. Leave the main story line and anyone related to it untouched and as the outcomes as ambiguous as you can.

I assume your leaving the grand quest line and the imperial/stormcloak thing? If so there can be some fun to be had eliminating certain officers from either sides. Just not any of the really higher up or story critical ones. Or taking out a few nosey Thalmer (or the Thalmer are a client)

The story of rebuilding the brotherhood itself is compelling enough and can require more than just shiving people in the dark. Contacts need to be made, bribes collected and given and maybe a bit of travel to the other provinces.
This seems like it could be fun
Very well, @Quincy Here is Viktor Thark, Polished it up a bit so it should be better. Question. As a mage can I have a familiar? And how would familiars work? are they magically summoned/bound or just abnormally smart pets?


Was the sheet I pm'd no good?
I'm between two character ideas right now, hopefully i can have something soon.

Cool... gives me something to think over, thank you
I know you wanted us to be low-key at the start. but I was also thinking towards the long term and a fun specialization. Gotta have a plan on where to take a character and what not.

And my question on magics was more, how does it work? Especially in regards to the not infernal or holy side of magic. Do you control it innately through fortunes of birth/bloodlines or similar cosmic lottery type of deal? Or is it studied fastidiously in colleges and academies and can be taught to more or less anyone who puts in the time and effort? i.e sorcery or wizardry respectively.

Just trying to get a feel of things for the sake of character ideas. I admittedly no nothing about the animes this idea is based off (or anime in general) and am coming at this with a more traditional sword and sorcery/ mindset. That's why i'm kinda wondering how magic works and what its potential limits are, how spells are cast (magic staves and thespian gibberish or waving hands in the air and sprinkling material components everywhere), etc , etc.

You left it pretty open ended in the write up (at least from my perspective) I can think of plent 'what about this?' questions in regards to archtypes. So i'm not quote clear where I can push and in what regard. Druids? Bards? I have a bunch of questions regarding on magic alone and how that works
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