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Lol, okay? Is it that difficult of a post to respond to?
So how is everyone?
By all means, feel free to give it a try, as I said. I will watch this to see if it goes anywhere. But I'm not throwing my hat in just yet.

I retain my misgivings based on previous experiences but as always, I could be pleasantly surprised
Some tried but that alone doesn't solve the afformentioned issue. Everyone is basically the same person.
you've only been on the site for a short while I imagine. But ya, there have been several attempts in the past. overall i'de say a half dozen.

The main problem with them is orcs are more one dimensional than other character options for 40k. So everyone ends up playing more or less the same personality. The randomly violent comic relief. the usual pattern is that it starts off fairly entertaining but dies quickly as most people are doing the same things just describing it in slightly different ways.
having seen ork rps come and go in the past I know that they are a much tougher kind of game to keep going in the long term.
As apprehensive as I am at the idea of an ork rp. I am curious to see if it catches on. For now i'll say i'm tentatively interested
I should add that the sentinal and pilot are on a different lander. One with other armour assets to land alonside the infantry. So you will be seperated for now but in a couple posts we are going to be all together.
Ok, its a little later than I wanted it to be. Let me know what you guys think.

You all have the chance for an establishing post for your characters before shit gets real. Some final monologues or thoughts or whatever the hell it is they try to do to pass the time and deal with the stress of a planetary assault.
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