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The battalion has light and medium armour assets. You may have them supporting you guys, I would rather not have the PCs split up and each driving their own vehicle.

As far as specialist equipment like battle armour and jumpjets. What I said was that you will not start with them. Again, to keep the PCs together and not running around in different directions. Also to keep balance between the PCs. SO one person is not so much more effective and powerful than the others. But depending on future missions, you may get to issued some suits or unique equipment. But it's not a blanket 'Have it all the time' thing.

You are of course, welcome to stay and give this a go. But if your still not interested in an infantry centric game, than there is nothing more I can really say. I bid you a good day sir.


How are things coming along?
I think there's enough people here to cover all major roles
@Nate1008 I take it you're not familiar with the BattleTech universe? Not a problem, you're still welcome.

The short answer to the first question is no, there are no aliens.

The second answer is that there are many factions in BattleTech. It's a very political setting. Human colonized space is broken up into kingdoms and empires under the reign of long-standing noble houses that go back centuries. We are going to be playing an unaffiliated mercenary company working for one of these noble houses. We may not remain in that houses employ forever, But for the start of the RP we will. That is going to be House Kurita, of the Draconis Combine.

I'm also going to go ahead and post a link to in the OP. It's the best wiki for BattleTech. It has nearly every scrap of lore on this setting you could hope for.
Bumping this again
I gots two peoples so far. Let's see if we can make it three
@WXer Sure, just mark the grenade launcher in your equipment. You didn't have it listed which is why I was confused. As for other things like remote detonate explosives. That will be issued on a mission by mission basis. Or you can try to requisition it.

Otherwise. GO ahead and post your character
@Ollumhammersong my sheet is now aesthetically epic.

I feel like I just took half an acid tablet
I see, so were you wanting to take a grenade launcher? or just a bandolier of grenades?
@WXer It looks pretty good. I'm wondering what you mean by 'munitions he deems appropriate'. Are you talking about any special assignment equipment? or....
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