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Full Name: Shas'la Vior'la Shie'el

Shortened Name Shie'el

Age: 9

Gender: Female


standard issue fire warrior kit. Inc. Pulse carbine, photon grenades

Personality: Like any young Vior'la fire warrior, Shie'el is hot blooded, head strong and brave to a fault. Perhaps too willing to stand her ground and make a name for herself across the empire.

An uncomfortable truth that she will not admit even to herself is simply that while Shie'el believes in the supremacy of the greater good as the most moral and perfect ideal. The disasters of the 4th expansion and the many invasions of the Empire fill her with dread and despair. She lacks hope that even the mighty battlesuits and technological wonders of the Empire can stand against the combined threats arrayed against the Tau as a species.

She is determined not to go down without a fight, or shame her sept with an open declaration of fear and unease, lest such a statement be interpreted as cowardice. But she is possessed of a depressing surety that the empire may have no future in this galaxy, and each day it continues to exist will be be paid for in blood. Horrifying quantities of blood.

History: A brief Little to be said. Shie'el was born into the fire caste and trained at one of her sept's numerous and famed academies. Recently graduated barely one terran year previous, she now finds herself on the front line against what the gue'vesa call the 'chaos threat'

Skills: Training in the operation of the DV8 tactical support turret

Miscellaneous: Anything you want to mention but haven't been able to cover yet.
Much like Ollum's roleplay here we'll be taking the process through various arcs and having various 'down time' between them.

Haha.... ya..... I dropped the ball on that one. Keep meaning to pick it back up. Is this standard fire warriors or a breacher team?
I might be in the same boat. i'm working late and often this month, thanksgiving is coming up and I already tried to write a post but had to delete it because it was shite.

At best I can't post until Wednesday
my post is coming. hopefully today
A khornegor with a bloodletter blade? Make him mutated and extra muscled.

Idea, former space marine that mutated into a khorngor. No power armour, but with the warped physique of an astartes
You could make a plaguegor? Or a general Bestigor champion with a daemon axe with a bound fury.

Awwww, my first character idea was a messian chemhunter devoted to khorne. I didn't go with him because we already had too many frontline types and several khornites.

But Having two messians would have been funt
I wish there were more variety of horrors than just blue, pink and brimstone. I want there to be a whole matryoshka style line of them.

It's a bit rough but here it is
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