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I am more than aware of what the strength score does in this game and what it affects.

And fine, whatever. I'll change the word around.
Worst techpriest ever.....

@AdvancedJ3lly Also I am including her much higher than oeverage toughness stat, which in this game is usually combined with strength to give an indication of a persons physical ability and overall health/constitution.

its not my fault strength increases are mostly pointless on heavy troopers, aside from carrying capacity. If you want to split hairs on this I can change it to say 'toughest'
That may well be your opinion on the matter and it may at times be true. But I also feel you are being impatient, and probably don't have too much on your plate as far as day to day activities, doing things after work, etc. I don't mean that as an insult, merely an observation based on what I am reading.

And just because something is slower paced for you doesn't mean that it feels that way for everyone. personally I find 4 days is the most reasonable window of time to grant that ends up suiting most people. Which, in the end is the purpose of establishing a schedule. It needs to work for the most people. not just the ones who want to get going the quickest.

I agree a strict initiative order would be a bad thing, And I am more than willing to give the GM's idea a go and I think it would work. But you need to give other people time.
And I find that forcing a breakneck pace is also bad for an rp because it forces some people out immediately, and causes burnout far quicker, potentially driving more people away and not necessarily offering encouragement to new joiners.

This is the main disadvantage of the forum rp. Unlike meeting at a house where everyone sets aside one night a week. This is subject to peoples daily lives. I'm happy that you are able to post every single day if required. But not everyone can.

I would say 3-4 days myself. But ultimately this is the GM's decision.
While that could work. That is potentially punishing someone for just having a busy week. I personally can't post on Tuesdays and occasionally Wednesdays. Is my turn just going to be skipped if the DM happens to make a post on Monday and I can't respond until Thursday?

I admit there should be a point where too much time has passed and the group just goes ahead. But saying 'you got one day'? No, just no. That isn't giving people nearly enough time if life happens to get in the way. Which it will.
The problem of not using initiative is this. How often will each player be able to post during a fight, and how often before the other players have a chance to post?

If each player can only post once anyway in a round, than it makes no difference if we use initiative rolls.
Jayne tapped the butt of her service issue shotgun impatiently. Three minutes out from drop and she was stuck with a 'Throne be damned' pea shooter as protection. After training for so long with the many and varied 'real' weapons her regiment had access to the simplicity that was the combat shotgun felt absuredly light and fragile in her hands. Like it would break over the first skull she would try and crack.

She missed the familiar and comforting weight of her stubber. The muscle jarring 'chug chug chug' of high calibre fire.... Anything less than a 50 calibre round just didn't have the same satisfaction when pulling the trigger. Her thickly muscled arm flexed as it gripped the overhead handle, keeping her steady as the Valkyrie pitched sharply to the left then levelled off again. She was proud of her physique. One of the strongest soldiers in the regiment bar none. And she would (and did) happily take opportunities to prove that honour on and off the battlefield.

Feeling a momentary press on her shoulder, Jayne knew that Geralt was fiddling with his grave-shute straps. He was a good kid, strong as a grox which was great in a heavy weapons teammate. But barely eight months out of his cozy PDF tour back in Elysia, the pressure of a true, honest to god battle was beginning to mount. And the tell tale giveaway of a green recruit was fiddling with their safety equipment. Checking and rechecking it a hundred times over again. Jayne hoped to see him through this fight and plenty more. He defiantly had a good future with the guard once he got some real experience under his belt. And a good year of routine and repetition of drops like this should see those nervous tell-tales become less and less common.

Jayne would never admit to feeling anything of the sort, Even to herself. Despite the fact that the ever familiar flutter in her stomach, that dull gut feeling that combined the worst parts of a wild imagination and a tinge of uncertainty and dread that built up before every combat drop. That was the worst part about a combat jump, the waiting before hand always felt ten times longer a wait than it really was. And the mind hand all that time to wander. It was easy for such an unoccupied mind to slip into imaginings of death and catastrophic injury.

Even if she refused to show the signs, her brain was still acutely aware that she was about to willingly leap out of a moving aircraft, some hundred or thousands of kilometers off the ground and dive headlong towards any number of unknown dangers that could be waiting for them on the ground. To say nothing of the likely hood of being shot out of the sky during the jump by some flak shell or stray round from some heretics autogun. Her brain was also aware that this was a very, very, very, very stupid thing for any human to willingly do. And yet somehow there were entire regiments worth of people just that stupid. And she was one of them.

Gripping the over hand rail tighter she fought to regain control of her thoughts. Better to clear the mind and think of nothing than continue down that thought path.
Where is my heavy weapon? Stowed on the valkyrie?
I've already said I am ready to go. I've been busy this last bit with life and haven't written up a backstory, so sue me. I didn't think it would be so critical to the start of the game.
I'm still around
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