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4 mos ago
Current Hell yea, cowboy roleplay would be quite fun. I've got a character idea for a Norse/Viking Cowboy
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4 mos ago
Speaking of Arthur Morgan, I'm in the mood for a Red dead style western roleplay. Got a character thought up as well
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4 mos ago
I agree to a extent, the fetishization of a characters sexuality and hyper focusing on it is pretty distracting and can damper a character as a whole when one of their traits is simply "I'm gay"
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4 mos ago
There is no worse feeling than seeing a roleplay you know you'd be fantastic for and really enjoy but then noticing the "Full" tag on the interest check.
4 mos ago
So who's the fool? The one laughing at their own joke or prank, or the victim subject to the whims of a self indulged jester?


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Hey, I was wondering if right now was a good time to join the roleplay? Are you guys in the midst of a big arc or anything that would make joining an issue?
In OBLIVION 4 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hm, well so far character-wise we've got a few archetypes done. Rebellious party girl and nerd specifically, does anyone mind if I go for the Quarterback/Jock archetype? I don't want to step on anyone's shoes of course
If were going with Salamnder's I do have a character in mind already
I vote for Sallies!
Also quite interested, it's interesting you bring up Chronicle as it's a pretty good movie to show how the average human would react to getting superpowers and I think is a good baseline for this kind of roleplay.
Very much interested, as for which chapter...maybe space wolves? Or we could go with the blank slate method like you mentioned
Yea, are spots in the role play still available
Im very interested, Im curious if you guys are allowing new players?
Is this open to roleplayers new to the site? This will be my first roleplay on the site, if you'll have me of course
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