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Glad to see that their efforts were appreciated.
Busy with college for the most part.
Extremely advanced magitech do-gooder society with representatives almost literally everywhere. Basically the generic good guys for any situation you might need.
Expanding Horizons literally has no multiverse. However the original design of the setting was somewhat flawed and I wouldn't mind tossing most of it out the window.

As long as I get to keep my group count me in.
Hope you don't mind the double post.

And it turns out that Krayzikk hid a YouTube link in that image/text at the top of the profile.
That profile required a soundtrack to be properly appreciated.

Gallia-Civil War-Beryl Harken

It seems that things had come to a head before they even arrived. Beryl was honestly surprised that there had been no visible fighting in the streets as overflew over the town. Destruction on that scale required serious combat to happen, it looked like somebody had dropped a cargo hold full of firebombs on the place.

Their reception on the ground wasn't any better. The guards were positively twitchy to say the least. VGGB was an expected team of reinforcements on a vehicle that should have been recognized and accompanied by a Hunter the guards should have known on sight. In fact, Beryl didn't think she'd heard Andrew even talking to any sort of Air Control on their way down. All in all she was not impressed by the team's current employer.

One hand rested on her belt next to Stream's hilt as she cast her senses out. Eyes and ears scanned the team's surroundings like radar dishes while her sixth sense reached pit for any sources of water nearby. Specifically the blood of those in the surrounding area. The young Huntress couldn't exactly see people that way, not without specifically concentrating on a person, but even just knowing the locations and general movements of people would let her pick out suspicious behavior.

The impressive beauty of the compound was a secondary detail. Something that was noted but not focused on. She had seen her fair share of gorgeous manor houses over the years. Mistral was full of them and she had often accompanied Father on his attempts to scrounge up donations for the orphanage. She'd also seen plenty of what the people in those manors were like.

Why couldn't they have done something simple, like clearing a forest full of Grimm. Or making Jericho smile. Either task would have made for a worthy mission.

Airship-Civil War-Beryl Harken

A pale hand reached back into the basket as Beryl listened to the pilot's answers to the group's comments. She froze as the questing hand found nothing but crumbs, a bit of frantic patting the inside of the basket confirmed the lack of sugary goodness. As Andrew finished speaking the young faunus shot a death glare at the absolute hog who had managed to inhale at least half a dozen doughnuts and twice that many cookies in less than a minute.

Had she even tasted the divine gift that was sweet confectioneries as they vanished down the black hole that was Gratia's gullet? In fact she wasn't even sure the rest of the team had managed to snag any before they consumed by the human Hoover. That just wouldn't do. She'd have to make something for everyone on the team aside from Gratia when they got back.

A little bit of Beryl's disgruntlement slipped its way into her voice as she spoke up again. "It's going to be hard to tell who's friend and foe in a situation like that. Hopefully we don't end up needing to depose the mayor. That wouldn't look very good on the old resume." She turned to the newest member of the team, who as of yet, hadn't said much. "What do you think, Silver?"

Vale-Civil War-Beryl Harken

Beryl was already half in the aforementioned basket of confectioneries by the time that Andrew looked back at them. Her head popped up and swiveled around to face him as he continued speaking, half a doughnut sticking out of her mouth.

"Wph gth th lmphls..." A quick swallow. "What's causing the unrest? What's got the locals all stirred up enough that outside help needs to be called in? I'll do what needs doing to keep order but if this guy is re-instituting Faunus slavery we're going to have some problems."

Possibly ones that would require excessive levels of bleach and several new coats of paint. Chances of such an occurance were low of course, something like that would have been flagged and never gotten through to the Beacon mission list. Still when the local contact describes your employer as "ruthless" and his town is suffering from civil disorder bad enough to require an armed response it payed to be careful.
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