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Saef Harken-Ravine

The two heavenly beings shot through the air like rounds from a Machina grav cannon. Most of the champions for each side had already left the Blood Arena, leaving the ordinary foot soldiers to reapply a vigorous coating of the location's namesake. It was an awe inspiring spectacle if one could ignore the screams of the dying...and the smell.

Luckily Saef wasn't just the egotistical scientific superstar he had once been. Battlefields no longer fazed him like they once had. Instead of yanking off his helmet and emptying his stomach the thaumaturge was setting another spell in motion. His sweeping hand sent an invisible current of energy at Lucifus, the channel momentarily humming like a high voltage wire as it enveloped the archangel. To any gifted with magical sight like Saef was, his companion and he were now cocooned in protective magic and connected be a cable of energy. Nothing would be touching them as long as his mana lasted.

His job done for the moment Saef scanned the battlefield around them. There was a Demon with an unusually strong aura in the ravine with them, a collection of foot soldiers from each side cutting their way through the local scorpion population...and another Machina drone who's movement's caught his eye. They were smooth and precise even a hyper-efficient member of the robot hordes. To say nothing of the fact that it went and vanished right before his eyes.

A helpful bit of text popped up on his HUD, his computer had also been tracking the drone and posited that this model also had stealth capabilities. Teleportation and high speed maneuvers normally resulted in large energy spikes. It's theory was reinforced moments later when a signal burst sang out from a course consistent with that of the vanished drone.

With a sigh, Saef began summoning orbs that floated around him. The small stars slowly forming a constellation around him as he streaked through the air.

"Careful." He called out to Lucifus. "We have a stealthed Machina drone around here somewhere."

Saef Harken-Blood Ring

The drone was fast, somehow managing to rip its sword free from the magic that had been anchored to it through the sheer velocity of its swing. It then ran back off into the battle instead of attempting another strike. Unfortunate, the drone would likely have to be dealt with at a later time.

For now Saef was free to help Lucifus. The Archangel had been busy dealing with something that gave off absolutely fascinating energy readings. The scientist in him had been dying to get a better look but well, he didn't want to actually die. Now that he had the time he could get a closer view of the temporal warping lasers that now hovered around Lucifus.

"Absolutely fascinating." He said as he closed in on the other champion, his jetpack engaged once again. He stopped outside what he generously assumed was the blast zone and cocked his head as he stared at the orbs for several moments. The energy flow was most impressive, and the way they just sat there without becoming undone and detonating just begged further study. He would have loved to meet the inventor.

He shook his head and clenched one fist before him. The orbs of temporally desynchronizing energy were abruptly encased in globes of golden light. Saef turned his hidden gaze to the Angel and spoke.

"Let's go. You attack, I'll defend."
@Gardevoiran@Lmpkio@floodtalon@Sho Minazuki

Saef Harken-Blood Ring

A grunt escaped the ascended human as a sword impacted the back of his shielded form. His sensors had not detected anything in that direction, which meant that whoever was attaching him had both extra sensory abilities and some sort of active stealth. The combination made a Machina drone or soldier the most likely culprit.

A glance over his shoulder as he continued to run confirmed his suspicions. A sleek and mechanical humanoid was striking at him with a laser edged blade. Thankfully none of the blows held as much power as they could have. Attacking from the rear may have gained the assassin the element of surprise but it was costing them in the long run. Saef was constantly in motion away from his new opponent, which meant that the sleek figure had to run to keep up. While he did stay in range it robbed him of the solid footing or relative momentum needed for a proper strike.

The Thaumaturge ignored the gradual drop in his shield's strength, using the time to adjust his barrier spell instead. A couple extra components was all that was needed before he released the spell. As Muramasa's next strike was about to take off another chunk of his shield a golden wall of energy appeared in its way. The laser edged weapon impacted the new barrier it bit into it, cutting partway through before stopping. Before the combat android could withdraw the weapon the barrier collapsed in on it. Shooting up the length of the blade towards the hand that wielded it.

Beacon Academy-Survival Class-Beryl Harken

"Keep going, I'm going to try something."

The half shouted words came from a couple yards to Yue's left. Beryl stood with arms outstretched above her, her legs planted solidly against the raising wind. The other girl's face showed intense concentration as the otter faunus all but glared up at the dark sky above.

Rain hissed as it impacted the shining column of flame. First only the occasional drop, then more and more as they were supernaturally redirected. Beryl gritted her teeth as she reached out with her semblance. This was hard. she wasn't used to dealing with so many distinct pieces of water , nor could she effect it along the entire length of the beam.

So she chose a spot as high as she could reach and started concentrating water around it. Collecting globs of the liquid and then letting the beam boil it away in massive clouds of steam. Not too much at once or it could douse the fire. She couldn't be overly cautious either, as the wind of the monsoon was tearing away the steam as soon as it was made.

The end result was a bright glowing beam with a twisted and chaotic white cloud starting midway up that glowed with an internal light. Perhaps not Beryl's best work, but it was certainly noticeable. Even if the effort was likely to drain her aura almost completely.

Saef Harken-Blood Ring

Bullet-like seeds began to ping off his shields as Saef thundered on. Most of his attention was focused on the rather painful looking collection of lasers pointed his way. Still, the skeleton's attack was annoying and placed an unneeded drain on his suit.

A couple symbols arranged themselves in his head. It was a simple spell that barely took any time or effort to cast. To those watching a dense fog appeared to erupt into existence around the Thaumaturge, extending for about ten yards in every direction and traveling at the same speed and on the same course. It wasn't actual fog. Just light shaped to look as such. A simple application of power that would prevent anyone from seeing in through viaual or thermal means.

Of course the young woman before him probably had other means of seeing, the same as Saef did. So as her cannons glowed with rising power the Heavenly soldier changed direction slightly. Moving from his previous position in the cloud he hit the ground running, forming a proper barrier before him that was angled to deflect rather than stop incoming fire.

Saef Harken-Blood Ring

And so it begins.

Soldiers from all sides were firing now, having used the brief pause to size up their opponents. Metal shrieked as Machina drones were torn apart by thorny vines and melted by abyssal darkness. Screams and cries echoed through the arena as Chen's attack also reached the Demonic lines. The Angelic side had fared well so far, protected by Deva's bodyguard. But now that battle was joined in full that lead wouldn't last long.

The now chaotic battlefield before him was a sight that was becoming disturbingly familiar to Saef. First on his home planet and now here. People fought, died and were revived just so they could fight and die some more. The conversation with the Stargazer hovered at the edges of his thoughts no matter how much he tried to push them away.

The youngest of the Heaven's present champions shook his head as he followed the rest of the group. This was going to require some serious contemplation in the near future if he wanted it to stop haunting him. Thankfully, the battlefield chose that moment to send a distraction his way. The Machina Demon was making a speedy beeline for the passage out of the arena.

The skeleton couldn't hope to stop four of the Nexus Heaven's champions. But he might be able to slow them down enough for the other power players on the field to catch up. Then it would dissolve into a bloody free-for-all. Bloody and unpleasant.

With a grunt Saef shot forward, calling over his shoulder as he dashed past the rest of the group.

"I'll make sure nobody can hold the pass against us."

His intentions communicated to his companions he activated his jetpack and roared ahead. Going low and fast to avoid Machina anti-air defences he shot towards the exit to the Blood Arena. Symbols flashed through his head for a split second as the Thaumaturge swept his scepter at the Demon he was racing.

A wide blade of white light shot forth from the glowing object of power. It swept on an intercept course, not with Bonesword, but rather with the vines upon which he rode.

Saef Harken-Blood Ring

The armored Thaumaturge came through the portal alone. Well, not totally alone. Warriors of the Nexus's Heavens came through around him. But he was lacking the troops that usually followed his personal command. His team was being reorganized once again. Set up more like a tactical strike force than a battlefield formation. The process was still ongoing, which meant he had to rely on local support this time.

He scanned the large arena as he summoned his tome. It appeared that all three factions had arrived in roughly the same place this time. The term bloodbath seemed like it could be a very literal reality in the near future. The skeleton demon he had fought along last time was here as well. New and high tech weapons adorning him. Combined with the fact that the Machina drones around him weren't trying to vaporize him pointed to some interesting conclusions.

A goddess stood a few yards away from Saef. Amaterasu if he remembered correctly. A champion of Heaven-no, he stopped himself. The Nexus's Heavens. His recent visit to Ciel had changed how he thought about this demiplane.

Regardless this was not the time for philosophy. Amaterasu was on his side in this battle and they would need teamwork to get through in one piece. He walked over to the stoic goddess, his boots scuffing faintly in the sand of the arena.

Just popping in to say that yes, I'm still interested. Minimum three days to a post is doable especially on Discord. Still need to read up on the relevant mechanics but I'll do that over the next few days.

Saef Harken-Ciel's Observatory

Saef had to admit, this place was beautiful. Fields of lilies spread out to either side of the path he traversed. The light of the silver moon overhead caught on the white petals of the flowers and turned the entire field into a scene of natural wonder that took his breath away. It was a reassuring feeling, knowing that there were still things that could do that to him.

At the end of the path sat his destination. An unassuming looking observatory at the edge of a cliff. As the thaumaturge got closer he could make out mystical symbols carved or inlaid into the outer walls. The building possessed a definite Heavenly theme to it but for the most part it was just an observatory, much the same as those he might have found back home before the war.

It added to his ever increasing curiosity about the owner. Lots of people knew about her. She was even pretty popular with many of the younger angels and celestial beings. Not many of her fans seemed to actually know her though. The few older beings he could get to talk to him hinted that there was more to the Stargazer than met the eye but wouldn't say anything more on the subject. Turns out being an upstart human who used copious amounts of technology wasn't the best way to make friends with the brass in the exalted, gilded, and highly stagnant halls of Celestia.

All the hints and teasing bits of information had engaged his curiosity like a high powered electromagnet. He couldn't bear not knowing anything like this. Not even in the almost completely unknown universe of the Nexus. So here he was, without his armor and walking along a starlit path in search of answers.

His boots thumped softly on stone as he made his way up the stairs at the front of the building. At the top he paused a moment. This place shone with as much magic as any major location he'd seen thus far. Whoever Ciel was she was definitely more than a simple stargazer.

But you already knew that didn't you.

With a shake of his head he steeled his nerves and crossed the final few steps to the door of the observatory. Saef raised a hand and gave the fish shaped door knocker three solid thuds.

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