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Won't be online for a couple of days- Queen Elizabeth the second has passed away, and the entire country is in a state of mouring- hope you understand.
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Looking for a roleplay - DM me if you want to!
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" And if the seven hells collapse, Although the day could be my last.. You will be okay. When I'm gone, you'll be okay. "


Hey there, Junk here!
I've been roleplaying for a few years, but I'm pretty new to this site.
I have a wide range of interests, so if you have an idea/request to roleplay, DM me!
But I must say, I am not comfortable with very sexual roleplays. Sexual references are okay, just not actual descriptions of sexual situations.

Also if you like/have been to Alton Towers, DM me (I'm very obsessed)

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Sorry for not being online, a lot has happened in my life lately
Standing there for a while, Anya's daydream was cut short when she heard someone tell her to throw it away, so she just stuffed it into her pocket, for later use.

Scanning the tavern once more, she spotted the woman with the fox-face.
She didn't want to be rude, but she wanted to know why she wore a mask. Mustering up some courage, she crept towards, her with shaking legs.

It might've been the wraiths shaking her up like this, or the fact that she didn't have anyone to talk to- but she felt awfully scared for some reason.

"Uh-uhm, excuse me," the fae asked her the woman, "If it's not rude.. why do you wear a mask?"
She didn't think she'd ever been this scared before, for some weird reason.
Still, curiousity got the better of her, and she wanted to know.
Hmmm.... not sure.

I could easily remove that tag if it came down to it.

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Should I?

Probably, up to you though
For the amount of stern looks Elizabeth had given them, her face might have frozen like that, Bea thought.

Shortly after her siblings left her, she began to pace the ballroom, greeting a couple of people on the way.
Beatrix noticed Lady Nightingale following one of her siblings. She was rather annoying,and obviously after the throne. It seemed every time they met she had a new dress to show off, or something expensive and rare.

Bea began to look for Elizabeth, somewhat frantically. She only stopped when offered some food, which she took before continuing her search.

She probably wasn't looking very far, but with guests rushing in at the entrance, she didn't have much choice.

"Elizabeth! Lizzzz!! I need you!"

After what seemed like hours, the child finally came down from her hiding place. The commotion seemed to have calmed mostly, so she scanned the room. The fox-looking woman was dealing with some of the last couple of wraiths, a seemingly injured man was.. naked. Anya quickly looked away from him, trying to see if there was anyone else she recognised.
She saw Ghair, who also seemed to be injured, pressing a tag against his wounds.
Deciding to do something, she took the bandage from her leg, and quietly asked if anyone needed it. Of course it wasn't the most hygienic, but the blood from her leg had only pooled into one spot, and she could just cover the area up if anyone needed the bandage.
I'll try and help revive the rp, things are just happening irl right now that I need to focus on
Ooft sorry for not being online, I'll probably get something up soon

Go on- I'll still be adding stuff, and thanks for waiting!
For the past minute or so, Beatrix had been staring at nothing, seemingly lost in thought.

When she finally 'woke up', she noticed her half-brother had arrived.
"Nos, how kind of you to join us."
She always watched herself around Nos- he intimidated her a little. He would be a very powerful ally if she were to be crowned, but there would have to be a few strings pulled before they could get along like good friends. She had no idea how he felt about her, but Nos at the least seemed to tolerate her.

Turning her attention towards Elizabeth, Beatrix simply responded with, "May the best of us win."

Being unsure of what to do next, Beatrix just stood where she was, and peered down at her shoes, forgetting about appearing good for the public for a moment.
For some reason the king seems like a version of Henry VIII to me- /j
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