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being a ghost is so cool /hj
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AAAH I’m so sorry for not posting anything these past few weeks! I’ll be getting some stuff up so my apologies for the roleplays I am currently in right now
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Status: Semi-Active (I’m kinda off-on most of the time)

Note: I’m literally a pile of bones right now

Free for Rp?: No…ish

Explicit Rp or No?: nope

RP’s I am currently in/have slipped into:
TNT [The Nameless Tavern] (Free Roleplay)
Free-Form Fantasy (Free Roleplay)
The dark ball- who will be the successor? (Free Roleplay)
Otaku Town (Free Roleplay)

Literary Level: Semi-literate to literate; if I’m feeling casual I’m normally semi-literate but whenever I have enough time I will type out multiple paragraphs and nothing can stop me! *evil cackling*

Extra Info:
I am sometimes really slow on picking up hints, so I sincerely apologise if you’ve been trying to hint at a plot or anything but I still haven’t got it yet! I also enjoy making up my own stories, though sometimes the ideas are kinda dumb.

I also tend to forget important things sometimes so please forgive me if I’ve forgotten a major plot point or anything similar.
sometimes I also cannot english

PS: I have a duolingo streak going 300+ days strong so I might not respond because I’m using my free time to continue my streak sometimes hehe

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i just want to say that everyone here is really cool and awesome and intimidating- all you guys’ writing styles are amazing and i’m a bit scared

New Beginnings

A lizard scampers into the Tavern as a patron enters, wholly unaware of anything happening.

Hm. Bright. And so many predators too. Perhaps this wasn’t a good choice of place.

The lizard licks his eyes, gazing around.

Oh well. Time to eat a bug.

Quick as lightning, he darts towards a table, snatching an unsuspecting beetle.

Where was his fox and robot friends? Had they disappeared, like how the beetle disappeared into his stomach?

He rather not think about it.

For now, the lizard lounged beneath the table, contented.
heyo! sorry for not posting- things happened

unfortunately I don’t think I can join this Roleplay anymore

thank you for your patience and time ^^
Name: Mildew Larue

Age: 16 [time of death], 56 [ghost age]

Species: Human…but dead

Gender: Female

Appearance: Her skin is a translucent blue, sickly and pale looking while her hair is a similar shade of bluish-white, long and wavy. Where her eyes are supposed to be are instead two glowing lights in the vague shape of eyes.
She dons a simple white dress. She has a thin ragged (and transparent) form, as if she was recently ill.

Mildew Larue was known as the black sheep of her family. Those 40 years ago, before her untimely death, she was quiet and reserved, never speaking unless spoken to. At least, that’s all she remembers.

She was diagnosed with pneumonia and died the same year. How she came to be a ghost is a mystery, though a few days before her death, there were whispers of a dark necromancer lurking near town.

When she had risen once more, she was even more shunned than she was while alive. The people she had once loved feared her, so much so that they hired an exorcist specifically to push her far, far, away.

Afraid, alone, and hurt, she had retreated to a lonely crypt.

Now, to celebrate her 40th death-day, she has emerged, sure that the ones that hated her were now also dead and seeking something to do.

She can be incredibly stealthy. Not speaking when spoken to came with its perks- through listening while alive, she had learnt many secrets when other thought those secrets were safe to be shared.

Although she cannot interact with objects of the physical world, she can interact with that of the mental world. If she tries hard enough, she can delve into the mind of others, ‘possessing’ them for a short while. However, she cannot keep this up for long and will be forcefully ejected in an exhausted state if done for too long a time.


As a Dark ghost, any type of water enchanted by Light magic will harm her. If doused with such water, she would disappear, pulled back to Limbo where she rightfully belongs though defies anyways. This goes with any other Light magic enchanted weapon, which can harm her unlike other weapons.

She cannot interact with physical objects and therefore cannot hold a weapon. This practically makes her useless in physical combat.


Mildew can phase through walls and turn invisible, as goes with most ghosts.

If she tries hard enough, Mildew can shape her form to how she sees fit, I.E forming her hand into a blade. Mind you, this won’t normally do any damage to the physical body, but will harm other apparitions and beings made of magic.

here’s the ghost cs
I'm okay with that type of character as long as you're aware I've already made the initial post and my character is also an airbender.

oh o-o

I just read your first post- not sure why I didn’t do that in the first place haha

Two airbenders in a group would be an interesting dynamic and i’m glad to hear you’re fine with it!

I can always change characters though if the situation demands it before the roleplay starts
@Crimson Crusade apologies for not replying sooner!!

I’m thinking air nomad orphan who was originally meant to be raised in one of the temples but something happened in their younger years which led to them being completely on their own

Perhaps due to this they might retain the peaceful teachings of the temple but that may also be mixed with some pretty aggressive and primal behaviour since surviving on their own.

Their air-bending wouldn’t be the strongest but they could also develop newer and a little less traditional techniques (such as man idk, taking someone’s breath away in the literal sense but a lot less hardcore)

Not sure if this is going over the top. Please do let me know ^^

(Also also- welcome to the site! I did not realise you were new aswell I have to admit)
the spirits of our ancestors who came before, those who had intricately weaved the tales we take inspiration from /j

I do believe @Kuro is right though. Or maybe there’s a random horde of people who dig through roleplay sites for some good long tales and end up bored so they start looking through the other stuff on the site idk

Avatar: the last airbender is a name I have not heard in a long time..

This seems very interesting…I have few ideas for a character but I want to check with you first if it’s okay?

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