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18 days ago
Getting someone new to RP with is like using a slot-machine ngl.
1 mo ago
It’s funny how this site tells you what people visit your profile. I see you.
2 mos ago
I wonder when I’ll lose my vision.
2 mos ago
Its fun to count how many bumps per post there are, it makes my inner critic shut up.
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2 mos ago
I have fully embraced all corporate art style as the new normal.
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mfw I put all I want to say in my Introduction.

Well thats all I wrote.

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When I’m finished, should I put my character(s) in here first so you can check them or do I dump them in the characters tab?
So, how many people is too many people in a faction?
Am I allowed to make my own faction?
In 3 Word Story 5 days ago Forum: Spam Forum
radioactive nuclear waste.
You have a bad taste of music.
In 3 Word Story 10 days ago Forum: Spam Forum
it got angry
O.o this looks interesting, not quite sure what its about though.
The fact that in the previous 11 days, you have posted 75 times is much more insulting than whatever I can come up with.
I’m open for potential roleplays. Follow this up with a PM if ur still looking.
I bet your hairline looks like the McDonald's symbol.
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