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Current Playing Alien Isolation for the first time. NOW I REMEMBER WHY I HATE HORROR GAMES!
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Life is like a night in a whore house. You never know what you're gonna get.
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Yes it is, and thats the good shit.
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If the RPG clock is anything to go by, I have been on this site for officially a year! Yay!
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I'm a day off a year, I feel so dwarfed ;-;
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Hiya's, I'm Vocab (if you didn't know that... Stop fucking about ^-^) and this here is my tiny little bio of crap. I dont really have that much to say, so its gonna be pretty short.

I'm a Casual Roleplayer, so you'll see me over there all the time. I try and make it a goal to write every post above 3000 characters, though that doesn't always come to fruition - especially currently. I've been told I'm good at writing, but I honestly dont have that much faith in myself, which is probably why I never moved up into Advanced (not that I could keep up anyways XD)

I would love to be in more Roleplays than I am, but my limit is about 2 at a stretch due to my... Maxed Out Procrastinating Skill and short attention span. I used to have a nasty habit of just getting bored of a RP and not saying anything unless asked, but I like to think I've grown out of that.

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@Shifter_Master That should be the motto for this Roleplay, me thinks XD
@Turboshitter Last time I checked, people were waiting for me. I wasn't expecting things to get as bad as they did; since my last post I've been in a shitty place. Things seem to have gotten a little better for the minute, so I hope to get something up as soon as I get home tomorrow.

Really, terribly sorry for my absence, guys.
@Flamelord Penny only has one friend and it ain't Alicia!

*Yandere Intensifies*
@Turboshitter NotgonnalieIthinkAlbertisbetterlookingthanLeonjustsaying.
@Turboshitter Is it doing that fucking annoying thing where you click save and it doesn't fucking edit it at all? I get that sometimes. Makes me wanna shoot puppies. You heard that right, puppies.
What have I done?

~ Genghis Onee-san ~
21 Units Remaining
Location: Deacon Arms Tavern

With a yawn, Olympia let her head rest heavily against her hand, elbow leant atop the table as she patiently awaited a response from her Servant. The night had dragged on long enough in her mind, and after coming down to sit in the bar she suddenly found herself regretting the decision entirely; it would have been a much better, and wiser, idea for her to stay within the confines of her room, where none of her fellows would need look upon her tired expression and sullen body language. Like them all, no doubt, she was a sorry state to behold, a fact she tried to bury away to stop her running off back to the safety and comfort of her bed.

Her eyes scanned the room, taking in each of its occupants in turn. James, sat at the bar minding his own business in similar fashion; while she knew few, if none of the Masters personally, he had to have been one of the few Oly knew particularly little about, although his choice of Mystic Code made her question whether or not they'd actually make good companions during the battle. Berserker, and his Master, Sonja, sharing a drink like friends; Sonja was the oldest of the group, and in a similar vein to James when it came to how much Olympia actually knew about her. Then there was the bartender, a relative of Leon's so she'd been told, and was evidenced by their familiar exchange, as well as Leon himself, and Rider. She couldn't exactly tell whether or not she should be thankful to Leon for being one of the organisers for the fight, not after the massacre that had occurred prior to their meeting.

But what she hadn't expected to lay eyes upon was the sight she beheld between the aforementioned, and Rider herself. She kissed him! Olympia could do naught but blush slightly and avert her eyes, overcome with the feeling she had accidentally intruded on something private, despite being enacted within a public place. To think the Masters and Servants were already getting amorous with each other... She hadn't read about things like that happening, but what more could she expect? They were all a bunch of teenagers. Dealing with studying and their insufferable Professor had probably left them all starved. N-not that Olympia fell into that category. She was only sixteen, after all; that may have been... legal, in England, but she had other things to worry about!

In the panic of seeing Rider and Leon kiss, Olympia found her mind drifting aimlessly, awaiting a message from Caster, announcing his arrival at the Tavern. He couldn't have gotten lost, could he? She knew it was wrong of her to have left him, but she needed to help Morgana escape from the castle. The girl was blind, and would've been slaughtered where she stood if she and the others hadn't intervened to get her out. Saving each others lives, that was what friends did... And Olympia found comfort in calling the other Masters her friends, for as long as it lasted. All she hoped was that none of them snapped due to the pressure and paranoia of the situation... Everyone had Servants, except Leon, but if someone went mad... She had no guarantee she'd be able to stop them killing her.

In a second, her train of thought was derailed, crumbling to pieces, as she looked up from the palm of her hand to Rider, stood at the bow of her table, clutching unsteadily in her hands two glasses of... foreign liquid. The legal drinking age in Scotland as 18. Even at her family home she had never drunk, despite it being legal. If the Servant hadn't have been drunk, the look on Olympia's face - a mix of confusion and reluctance - would've tipped her off to the fact, but in her present state all she could do was pray the drinks weren't meant for her, and she had merely come over to say hello as a formality.

"Ey', lassie, have a drink 'nd cha'h with big sis Raidah, eh? Ye' seem y'need th'companeh. Drink up, gal'. 'S easier t'tlk freely with sum hoppeh' in ya."

Inside, the penny dropped, and her shoulders sunk as the glances were placed cack-handedly atop the table surface, though all without spilling a single drop of the fluid. Through the haze of alcohol that secreted from every word Rider spoke Olympia could only barely make out what exactly she was saying, and her pre-existing accent didn't help any. But from the sound of it... she had come to drink and talk, two things she wasn't the most prepared to do. Talk, maybe. But not drink. She could barely even identify the substance within the glass, and as much as she... trusted the Servant, she didn't want to get drunk, nor receive a hangover, especially not with the stakes that were at hand. That, and deep inside a little part of her niggled, reminding her not to break the law, since she was a child, and she had her families reputation to think about, in the circumstance she ever wanted to go off and do something reckless in a drunken manner - something she, likely the same as every child of a family with anything resembling a somewhat good standing, had drilled into her.

"I-I don't really... I-I mean, I'm not really... Allowed to drink..." she murmured to Rider, eyeing the glass with something of a suspicious look, as though she hated it and the day for tempting her to drink. In any other circumstance, mainly one in which she drank, she would be happy to wash down the horrible taste of the past hours with something tasting even worse, but that wasn't an eventuality she was keen to entertain. It wasn't that she wanted to remember the day... If anything, she more so didn't want to forget about the people that died in her and her fellows stead. She was glad, and... gracious of them. If she could help it, there sacrifices would not go in vain.

But as she eyed the glass, Olympia couldn't help but wonder. She had never drunk before. This would be a first - much like the rest of the day. It was only one drink...
"Hae' ya' feelin', dove? Yer' te' cute t'be sad 'nd gloomdoomy. Don' worry, big sis'll listen." a little bit of her couldn't help but feel that, in some tiny way, this was akin to peer pressure, and she was succumbing to it. A single drink wouldn't get her close to getting drunk... She hadn't eaten much at all, and she was quite small, but she couldn't have been that much of a lightweight... right?

Her arm outstretched towards the glass, and Oly wrapped her palm around it, clutching the cold vessel as she drew it across the table towards, letting her peer into the brown liquid inside. She could feel herself tremble as she gazed into it, questioning internally whether or not to drink it, or simply pass it off to Rider, whom no doubt enjoyed her liquor. The decision lasted much longer than it should have, leaving Rider to watch her as not-so-drinking companion stared thoughtfully and curiously into the drink that had been placed before her.

Then, in one action, she lifted the glass to her mouth, and tipped her head backwards, letting the fluid rush into her mouth and down her throat, swallowing the entire thing in one go. As soon as it flooded into her open jaws, she regretted the decision, as her taste-buds and nerves fired up with a burning sensation, that continued like flame down her throat as the alcohol rushed passed. What the hell was she just given?! Poison!? She placed the glass down hard on accident, choking, coughing, and spluttering as she did so, recoiling from the sensation with tears in her eyes.

"Tired..." she finally croaked out, no doubt through the laughter of Rider, "I feel... tired... it's not even the second day yet... and I'm already sick of this fight... I'm weak, I don't belong here... And I..." for some reason, she couldn't help but talk, no thanks to the sudden kick of adrenaline from the pain, and as she did a tear rolled down her cheek, "I've already killed people... they died at my hand, no matter what side they were on and how guilt they were... I-I hate it... I feel sick... I just wanna go home already..." she cried, very evidently distraught from the day.

@1Charak2 Shhhhhh, that's a detail we can worry about later. It'll be okey ^^
@KawaiiKyouko Y-yes, Onee-san...
@Grey Who needs saving when you've got scotch and big sis Rider?

@KawaiiKyouko BTW, Oly has never actually drunk before... XD
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