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Current Playing Alien Isolation for the first time. NOW I REMEMBER WHY I HATE HORROR GAMES!
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Life is like a night in a whore house. You never know what you're gonna get.
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Yes it is, and thats the good shit.
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If the RPG clock is anything to go by, I have been on this site for officially a year! Yay!
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I'm a day off a year, I feel so dwarfed ;-;
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Hiya's, I'm Vocab (if you didn't know that... Stop fucking about ^-^) and this here is my tiny little bio of crap. I dont really have that much to say, so its gonna be pretty short.

I'm a Casual Roleplayer, so you'll see me over there all the time. I try and make it a goal to write every post above 3000 characters, though that doesn't always come to fruition - especially currently. I've been told I'm good at writing, but I honestly dont have that much faith in myself, which is probably why I never moved up into Advanced (not that I could keep up anyways XD)

I would love to be in more Roleplays than I am, but my limit is about 2 at a stretch due to my... Maxed Out Procrastinating Skill and short attention span. I used to have a nasty habit of just getting bored of a RP and not saying anything unless asked, but I like to think I've grown out of that.

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Well, I guess Liam's up for adoption then. Anyone want him? XD
@Saarebas Did somebody say candy?

I concur, it'll be great to see this going once again. It's hard to believe it's been over 2 years...

~ The Maw of Despair ~

In the panic of the scenario, Shaun had forgotten to think. He followed Krista as every Infinite they could find went about searching every nook and cranny plausible for his handbook. To see so many talented people, banded together in unison for a common goal, he almost felt awed. He didn't forget to feel. Deep set into head was a dull headache, slowly his thoughts; deep set in his stomach was nausea, that slowed his movement; and deep set into his chest, a heavy dread slowed his progress, leaving him trailing behind as the two explored Axis Mundi, keeping up as best he could.

When they came to the first floor, and Ice declared the discovery of the smoke, the dread gradually grew worse. His thoughts echoed with suspicion and nervous, afraid what they would all find, in his own room no less. The thoughts stung at his morale, leaving him clinging in despair, praying desperately nothing bad would come of the events past.

The moment Krista uncovered his handbook, thrown mercilessly into the mound of garbage that had been piled up over their stay, adrelanine rushed through his body, overtaking his senses in nervous anticipation. Feeling returned, overpowering the dread, headache, and nausea for the briefest of second, and the group crowded around his door. Everything was going to be alright, he thought, raising his scarf over his face to block the smoke.

Standing directly behind Krista and Ice, Shaun watched as the Violinist scanned his handbook, and pushed the door inwards. In response, a black cloud belched forth from the room, and up unto the ceiling of the corridor they found themselves crowded in. The sound of extractor fans filled his ears, and soon the room cleared of the dark miasma that filled it.

Except in the span of a second he wished it hadn't.

Thrice already had he seen it happen. Thrice had he watched the maw of despair, the final moments or aftershadow of those he once knew. When his parents died, that was one thing; he never saw their bodies, just heard what had happened. But in Axis Mundi, the hospital for the Infinitely Talented among society, a place of healing and hope, he had already watched the lives of three others come to a short, tragic, and unfavourable close.

The sight was more gruesome than he could have realised possible, and his eyes scrunched close at the mere sight of it.
"Th-tha-n-n-" were the muffled, pained sounds that escaped his lips before the hope and adrenaline that had built up in his core crashed down around him, kicking up dust and debris as it collapsed. Everything he had felt up until that moment rushed back ten fold, sparking a furious pain in his stomach that clawed its way viciously up his throat.

Shaun's eyes opened again, for just a second, and looked upon the sight for the second time. In the instance, everything went numb, and his hearing ceased in static - the sounds of his fellows drowned in white noise and shock. His knees buckled, reducing him to the cold floor baked softly in the residual heat of the room, and he collapsed onto all fours. His hand reached to his face, pushing away the scarf as in sudden haste, and went to cover his mouth, but too late, as a stream of lquid bile and vomit rushed from within him, painting the white floor a sickly yellow and green.

He coughed, and soon mixed into the puddle were fresh tears that streamed down Shaun's face, dripping from his chin and cheeks into his stomach contents surrounded by his friends, as he fell down into anguish and despair.

An ugly despair.
@BrokenPromise@Card Captor The guy from Steins;Gate is Okabe Rintaro.

~ Uncertainty ~
24 Units Remaining
Location: Deacon Arms Tavern

The summoning of Saber by Leon was the perfect excuse Olympia needed to head to be, she found, purposefully ignoring any evening meetings to head to her room. A certain amount of shame had dawned on her as she entered the less than luxurious room, as her mind replayed the past evening, and days events. To think she had almost been drawn in to drinking the night away with Rider was unfathomable, but in that vein she would have to thank Caster as quickly as possible. Her tired mind had left her somewhat impolite, and needless to say the sequence of the day had done little to sweeten her mood, but in some ways she found herself in disbelief that she could so easily forget the manners her parents had taught her.

But even with those thoughts in mind, the moment her head reached the pillow of her bed any doubts and worries were wiped clean from the room. Her body simply extinguished itself upon contact, relieving itself of the stresses and emotions of prior events, letting its owner drift softly, deeply, and soundly into rest. She hadn't left Caster with any orders, but being her Servant she made the assumption he'd do his utmost to protect her, even if she had in some ways embarrassed him with her behaviour in the tavern. She needed to be strong. The strongest of the Masters didn't cry.

The next moment, Olympia shot from her bead in a terrible fit, sweating profusely. Her figure was bolt upright in the room, and though she took comfort in the scenery, her mind did not let up for a second. Her eyes shone a deep mix of blue and green as she surveyed the room, taking in the dim light that surrounded her. Her hand reached to her head, and her fingers ran through her hair. It was morning. Though pinpricks of light penetrated the room, she still took a second to make out the silhouettes of objects in the dark.

"Caster..." she whispered in her head, sending a telepathic message to her Servant. While it was true she felt closer to the other Masters than the Servants, Olympia felt an odd bond with Caster. Whether it was due to her being his Master, or some other undefined reason, she was unaware, but she wanted someone to talk to, and there was no guarantee the others would be awake. If anything, she just wanted something of an unbiased opinion.

Images pervaded into her head from the night prior. Her nightmare had been fraught with agony, but less so than the events that had actually transpired. But even still, she felt more terror in any dream. An endless expanse of night, without friends nor Servants, and the masked face of her once and always fear beckoning her into terror. She wanted to scream, but couldn't; wanted to cry, but wouldn't; wanted to fight, and why shouldn't she? That question had stuck with her after waking up. This was as much everyone's fight as a group as it was their own personal war vendetta. No matter the wrongs, Olympia didn't want to fight. A battlefield was no place for children, but in the fight between Magus it was far from a place for one without skill.

"Caster..." she asked the silence, trusting him to be there, "I know I cant... but... should I leave..? I feel lost here..." there was no conviction in her words, merely empty questioning. Despite the nights rest she was tired, and she could feel it stemmed from doubt and fear. The only person she could really trust on telling her the God honest truth was Daedalus... Everyone else had their biases. Biases Olympia didn't want nor need.

I'm gonna make the assumption (cause I cant be bothered to look it up) that the Master's replenish their Od overnight. If not, I can change it, but in any case, THAR BE A POST! Bit shorter than usual, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of writing again.
@Turboshitter I... don't think I'm gonna be able to get something up. Please, move the scene forward; hopefully that will help.
@Shifter_Master That should be the motto for this Roleplay, me thinks XD
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