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Current Somebody, please, kill me before I have to see the RPG Status Bar turn into an argument over Feminism. I don't think the Guild can handle anymore issues at present, let alone Feminism.
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When people get angry and defensive over a comment seemingly fired at the sky, you gotta stop to wonder if they're pissed cause they think it's false or if they're pissed cause it's true ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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@Scrub Mage Top Ten Questions Science Still Can't Answer.
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Pull it
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@Otaku95 well in that case I guess we wont have to ask you to miss, you'll just take it upon yourself to do the job of your own volition. I can see why you have the highest honours, you go girl.


Hiya's, I'm Vocab and this here is my tiny little bio of crap. I don't really have that much to say, so its gonna be pretty short.

I'm a Casual Roleplayer, so you'll see me over there all the time. I try and make it a goal to write every post above 3000 characters, though that doesn't always come to fruition - especially currently. I've been told I'm good at writing, but I honestly dont have that much faith in myself, which is probably why I never moved up into Advanced (not that I could keep up anyways XD)

I would love to be in more Roleplays than I am, but my limit is about 2 at a stretch due to my... Maxed Out Procrastinating Skill and short attention span. I used to have a nasty habit of just getting bored of a RP and not saying anything unless asked, but I like to think I've grown out of that.

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~ Desperate Measures ~

The emptiness of the battlefield hit Joshua like a train. In all directions smoke billowed into the sky, pillars of destruction in a foreign land. He had barely been given time to breath, though the acrid air intoxicated with blood, decomposing bodies and burning wood made him wish he couldn't. Feeling another person's blood gushing from an open wound and across his flesh made him recoil, if only for a second, but he kept steady, doing his best to stabilise the man.

"Don't talk, save your stre...ngth..? he trailed off, watching the soldiers head lull against his armoured chest in a coughing fit before the last of his breathe leaked from his lips. Joshua grabbed his head, lifting up the limp body as best as possible, "C'mon, hey, wake up, don't go falling asleep!" he shouted, only to find himself confronted by the dim, open eyes of the recently deceased.

In the spur of the moment, he felt himself fall backwards against the mud, splashing foul and tainted water against his already stained clothed in a brief fit of panic. Not once, up close, had he watched a person die. Watched the light and life filter slowly from their struggling body, and feel them go still and quiet under his grasp. A thousand thoughts danced a serenade cacophony in his head, spurring him to his feet, spinning around in a circle, taking in the desolate landscape in its unholy glory; what manner of worlds did had he found himself in? What happened to his-

The scared neigh of a nearby horse broke his attention, drawing his head away from the landscape and out of his tumultuous thoughts. The fact that something was still alive, on the fields of war, granted him some semblance of calm. But in his calm he didn't recognise the fear of the creature. He watched it scamper off, over piles of bodies, clearly disturbed by something.

And the drumming. Joshua's body turned in the direction, glancing across the field. There was drumming coming from somewhere, off in the distance. A steady, repeating drumming, growing ever closer with every second that passed, thundering across the crimson soil, faster, and faster. A second past, beating, faster, faster, echoing the rhythms of his heart, faster, exploding, ripping up mud and soil and building faster and faster over the field.

A horse, decorated ornately in fine robes flowing in every direction from the wind. Beating its hooves against the earth directly towards him, the antithesis of its relative that had mere moments ago fled the scene. But in the next second, seeing the creature leap over a severed tree trunk and a mound of fresh corpses, Joshua saw the true face of the enemy; a soldier, a man, pulling tightly the taut string of a bow.

And instinct took over, forcing him to his feet. Things wouldn't be like with his father, never again; he wouldn't stand and take a beating when he could get away. Whatever world he had landed in, wherever he was, whatever foul event had taken place, his only priority was to survive. For Emily. He grabbed from beside him a blood and mud speckled sword, feeling its weight in his hand, before leaping over the dead horse in front of him.

"I'm so sorry." Joshua whispered, grabbed the robes of the recently deceased man by the neck and hoisting him in front of his as a make shift shield to protect against the arrow that would soon be loosed in his direction, "What the hell are you doing?! I'm not here to fight you!" he heard himself shout over the thundering hoof falls before him, barely able to see over the corpse in his hand.

~ Animation ~

Plastic carrier bag clutched in one hand, he made his way up each slate step in the evening chill, and along a path or decorated stone towards a large, relatively worn but seen discernibly modern building, just off the outskirts of the city. They liked to keep the place out of the way, either to keep the patients from hearing the sound of traffic constantly, or to keep the crazy away from society. In either way, it was a pleasant walk up from the car park, just far enough of a distance to let him into a calm mood, on the off chance the visitation didn't go as planned.

She had already been locked up within the Harrison Private Psychiatric Hospital for four years now without signs of recovery. Some days she seemed to be a tad better, but any disparity in her condition reverted within the next couple days. For a few years Joshua had blamed himself; maybe if he was a better older brother, maybe if he had stood up to their father, or just been there more through their foster years, she wouldn't be in the state she was.

He couldn't let himself think like that, though. Couldn't harbour those kinds of beliefs and emotions. All they would do was hurt Emily. What if one day he could't visit her, or something else happened, while he was in his own self hatred? She could have another episode. If she was taken to a state hospital, who knew what they would do to her? It was a scenario Joshua simply wasn't willing to entertain.

But every step he took seemed to sound more hollow. As though the earth beneath each slated section of path had fallen away, deleted from under his feet. The world seemed to spin, the trees in all directions molding and warping in a psychedelic kaleidoscope of greens, and blues, and the oranges of the setting sun against a backdrop of grey clouds and white light from the city. It rained and snowed and thundered and the sun shone and detonated in a million sparkling stars shifting like a wave of diamonds that rained down on the planet and obliterated everything in their path to make way for a new reality.

His stomach lurched as he sat up, from those slated pieces of path surrounded on all sides by grass and trees, and the giant, wavering, illusory old but modern building. His clothes were soaked through from the rain, and the smell of pine and oak trees tickled at the back of his nostrils in protest to his location. The sky sat overcast, glaring at its newly procured victim with sneering beads of sunlight.

Yet the closer he looked, the more he let his eyes focus on the dim-lit sky and the rich, deep green trees, something clogged his view, blocking the passage of reality to his brain. No trees existed here. No overarching building of wood and glass, old yet new. No ornate path to the psychiatric hospital he had visited for the past four years. No grass. No glinting sunlight through dark thunderclouds.

Smoke and ash and blood and decay lingered in the air round his every molecule, filtering past his eyes and nostrils, the facade of a real world blemished with torment. This place wasn't real. He had just fallen unconscious, maybe slipped in a puddle on his way up the stairs. The life essence of human beings clung tightly in fabric to his skin, tarnishing his skin incarnadine. Turquoise eyes pierced the fog of war like a lighthouse beacon, radiating through the deaths of hundreds, and the burning of the churned and demolished land to see what he wanted.

For Joshua wanted nothing more than to see anything else. Bodies littering a wasteland of darkness, eclipsed in smoke from fires long since extinguished by time. The dull ring in his ears, taking in his surroundings from an upright position, letting feeling return to his legs and arms and brain to make sense of everything. Where, on Earth, had he ended up? Feeling the panic crawl its way into his throat with ragged breathing, caught on his windpipe, forcing out a cough from asphyxiation.

And a scream. A scream that drew his head instantly, despite the migraine that implanted itself deep into his brain. Even in an addled and vacant state of mind, Joshua had a duty; he couldn't let a person in pain or trouble to their own devices, especially not on the field of battle. The though had barely crossed his mind before he reached his feet and sprinted in the direction of the man.

Wounded, barley conscious, with his arm severed at the shoulder, collapsed against the bloodied corpse of a horse; the stench of decay clawing at his nostrils, forcing him to swallow down gag reflex time and time again. Just like that time.
"H-hey, hey, its okay." his voice shook as he spoke, still recovering from the dehydration in his mouth intermixed with the metallic tinge of blood, "Help! he felt himself shout, against his misgivings, "Th-there's a wounded here!" he took the cloth from the man and pressed it tight to the wound, attempting to stop the bleeding; he had basic medical training, but not for this. Not a severed limb or a... a sword wound.

Taking another glance around the field, everything seemed to slow. Corpse after corpse piled high against mud and dirt, peppered with smouldering fires trickling smoke high into the miasma of the sky. Horses lay strewed periodically, punctured with arrows and swords, much the same as the ones every soldier seemed to carry. Their weapons, their outfits... Where? Where the hell was he?
@Typhon How's that CS coming along?
Here’s my sheet, hope she’s up to scratch ^^

Thanks to @Aewin for making the picture.

Hey ya'll, hopefully you're still taking reservations. If so, I'd like to grab myself the SHSL Hacker.

~ Argumentative ~

Cyrus's sudden and impromptu entry left a lot to be desired in the eyes of Faith, lacking much of the formailty and professionalism she might have expected from the Infinite Politician. As he stormed in, letting the doors swing shut with a bang on their own, she threw him a little hello wave, seemingly and relatively oblivious to the apparent danger of the situation. Much to her dismay, he didn't return the action.

He began, and finished, quickly, laying out the events clearly, concisely, taking charge at the moments notice; no less than she expected. She reached into her pocket, withdrawing the Tome and a random coloured felt tip - yellow, this time - and flipped to around halfway, scribbling something out before writing another thing down. Cyrus was something of a disappointment, in that way, but it was all material she could work with.

Sitting, listening to everyone's discussions, arguments, about what to do and how best to go about saving Krista, or not as the case may have had it, Faith couldn't help drifting, concocting a master plan that would rival the greatest exploits in history. Everyone arguing back and forth, repeating the same points "Fight this" "Give her that" "Talk about this" had her head spinning, but not in the way a good mystery confounded her; how she longed for precognitive abilities if merely to cease the seemingly endless squabble.

Davis's abrupt appearance perked her up a little, but with more frustration than excitement than anything.
"Davis!" she exclaimed at the screen as the image of their captor winked out, no doubt attracting the odd looks from a few of the others, "Release the Magic Dampening Field at once, before I relay your machinations to The Council, Warlock! They shan't be as lenient as I!" but to no avail.

Instead, she found herself and the others face to face with their least favourite mascot, Monokuma. Faith found herself strained to stop herself demanding Davis be summoned, and instead listened in to what the bear had to say. And as much as she hated to admit it, his offer was fantastic. Much the same as with the battle against Alexandria, as Noel had informed her, they would be granted access to the next floor for destroying the Sister. It would be during the Night of Carnage, so they'd have to fight her Carnage Class Chassis, but they would be able to put it out of commission for good; the added difficulty was just a small price to pay.

Finding a pause between the constant arguments that seemed to ravage the Diner, Faith tried her best to make herself known.
"Uuuuuum, Hiya guys! I'm Faith - kinda new, Infinite Matchmaker - all that cooooool stuff." she quickly ran through her introduction, "I might not be of much help, cause somebody-" she shot a glance towards Monokuma, "-decided to set up an Anti-Magic Field, buuuuuuut we should totally fight! We've got a bunch of strong Infinites, ahem, and me, and anyways, you guys already took down one of their Chassis things before, right?"

And then, she turned to Aleecia.
"Cause y'know Aleecia... Allie. Allie? Can I call you Allie?" she paused for a second, thinking, "I'm gonna call you Allie~! Buuuuut, we can't just give you up. Didn't you hear, Nariko won't give Krista up even if you do go there, and talking isn't gonna work - if the Robots here are anything like my old game, they've got enough screws loose to make a new cabinet! Or... robot - but the point still stands! Plus you're young, I bet, and cute at that - no way can I let us waste such a prime candidate for shipping~!"

~ A Little Birdy Once Told Me ~

Pleased at meeting her only friend within the new Killing Game, Faith proceeded to look around. The new scenario was much reminiscent of what she had been transposed from, but in a way unbeknownst to her exhumed something of a different aura. Though that wasn't to say it was unexplainable, for she had a good deal of training in examining, determining and identifying various energy signatures; it would merely take some time to set up.

All she could hope was that her Arch-nemesis, Davis, had taken the liberty to learn from his previous mistakes in setting up her room. What he had presented her prior to the transfer was a particularly pitiful effort, as though he had little to no knowledge on her true self. Faith might have thought it strange, but as she strolled along the corridor in the patients quarter, glancing briefly and intermittently at her handbook, towards her room, it was quite clear she didn't; rather, she considered it perfectly within sound judgement.

But as Faith swiped her handbook over the panel to her room, pulled down the handle and burst into the room, a grin lit her otherwise smirking face.
"For an Evil Warlock, Mr Davis, you're so kind oh my MOTHER!" she exclaimed, darting into packed room, containing bookshelves and assorted shelf's of varying materials. Paper, chalk, purifying salts, a sharpened ritual dagger; not exactly the tools her trade, but beyond everything she could have ever hoped for.

What lead the man to alter her decision on her room style she couldn't tell. While Faith wasn't exactly the most powerful of Mage's in the field of Arcane, Druidic and Ancient "Offence" Magic - with the term of offence used very lightly - she was still powerful enough to stand toe to toe with some of the greatest minds in the field.

But, alas, with such great materials, there was many a thing missing. Faith hated to be one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the room did lack some components she would have greatly appreciated. First of all being a Philosophers Stone, but she could easily tell that such a thing wasn't going to be handed to her, even if Davis could have sourced one quite easily with his number of captives. No, what she would have desperately desired would have been a certain plant - the Lily of the Valley, primarily. It was a component in one of her most powerful mind alteration spells, used to generate feelings of love between two parties.

How she longed for some kind of Herbalist, if only to prove to Jez it was possible to have her fall in love~!

In her excitement, though, Faith had forgotten the most important thing of the new Game entirely. The one thing that made it bearable, enjoyable almost, and the thing she needed most of all. The people! What kind of a Princess to the Throne of the Love God would she be without taking advantage of such a grand situation? The confinement had people's emotions running high, scared for their lives, what better a time would it be where her spells would be most effective? She poured her own lust and energy into her Tome, but what if she could take that energy from everyone present? She could match them to her hearts content, without worry about anyone's...
"Asexualities getting in the way..!" she coughed aloud, strolling from the room. And where, did she divine, that there would be the greatest congregation of people?

The dining room of course! Her legs picked up pace, practically skipping her way along the corridor towards the Resort, in correspondence with her E-Handbook. What kind of people would she meet?! If Jez was so happy around her, despite the circumstances, they must have been a wonderful bunch, the kind ripe to be shipped off into love at the earliest of conveniences! The thought accelerated her heart beat, driving her along the halls unto her newest of encounters!


One shower later and the reporter was back in action. She wanted to forego the shower, afraid to miss the juiciest information available. But what kind of lady would she be if she didn't at least clean herself after a proper workout. Beating cops fair and square was extremely hard work! Not to mention, her stench might've scared the scoops away! Now that would simply be unforgivable. Only victory was on the mind of Noel Hawthorne, and it was going to be a clean victory. To sate her endless need for information for another day her ultimate goal. again and again.

She has a good feeling about today, it followed her as she ascended the stairs. Today was simply made for her to succeed. Victories never came alone, not if you knew where to find them. And if Noel was good at one thing, it would be finding things. But what kind of victory would be next? The juicy kind? The grim kind? Perhaps the kind of victory you'd rather not win? Nay, it was none of these. Because you see, she already saw victory as she arrived on the second floor! Conquest was hers! Wait, that wasn't right. But she won anyway.

"CELEBRITY SPOTTED" Noel shrieked as she leapt over through the hallway, graceful as a feral cat. She landed in front of Faith with the widest grin imaginable. As if a wolf in front of a sheep. But no, she knew better. The woman in front of her was no sheep. She was the fiercest of predators. A dangerous creature, much like her. Noel's eyes shone with fierce light, the light of opportunity. "Faith matching-people-like-socks Lambert! What a pleasant surprise." She said with glee. She very much expected faith to know her. Noel had covered quite a bit of her work, some of the more famous couplings. Regardless, she introduced herself. "Noel Hawthorne, infinite reporter of news both disastrous and lovey!"

In her excitement to reach her destination, the dining hall, as illustrated on her map, no doubt the primmest of locations for social interactions, Faith hadn't directly entertained the idea of being jumped in transit. She had, under false assumptions, believed no one would know her here; circles of Infinites tended to be closed and exclusive at the best of times.

But as she found herself skipping along, cheerily, basking in the tentative feeling of up and coming experiences, something twitched. She didn't know what, not for a second, but things didn't twitch for no reason. It twitched in her head, a premonition, she might have called it, despite having few connections nor experiences with precognition. Maybe it was the new scenario, or perhaps the stress of being displaced into another game that had triggered it, but she braced herself regardless.

And thusly, as she turned the corner into the Resort, she spied the only thing that could have created such a twitch, equally entering the Resort. The moment they locked eyes the other bounded towards her, a predator unleashed. But this wasn't her first time dealing with such predatory creatures, and in her defensive stance, prepared for the inquiries she knew were to happen...

...Faith grabbed the girl in an embrace, as though they were friends.
"Helloooooooooooooooooooooo Noel~!" she exclaimed, recognising her hunter instinctively, hugging her for a few seconds, before releasing her and skipping backwards a short distance, "Who woulda thought you'd be here, huh~!? What are the chances? The stars have blessed this game, we could say, for me to meet so many I have heard of or met before!" in the follow-up, she removed the tome from her outfit, along with a green felt tip, and flipped it open to a seemingly random page, "How about an interview, little miss reporter~?"

Noel hadn't expected such a warm reception, it rather made her giggle a little. "Good fortune comes to those who wait, even in a place like this." She exclaimed.She eyed the matchmaker as she took out her book, curious as to its use. She smirked, taking out her notepad in response. "Who will be interviewing who, I reckon?" She locked eyes with the matchmaker, she felt a certain spark. The spark one could only get when two people lusting for knowledge locked eyes. Of course, they had slightly different reasons for wanting to know. "It's not a reporter's place to be on the front page, you know?"

"Hmm, I wonder, I wonder~" she giggled, placing her hands, book and pen behind her back, clasping them together in the process, "Is it good or bad fortune that I myself am to be interviewed by Noel Hawthorne, only the most respected and dangerous reporter, a harbinger of doom to the masses~?" she flicked the lid off the pen, an audible click resonating strangely loudly as it hit the floor, and she swung her hands forward again, this time actually writing something in within the pages of the ornately decorated Tome, "But I guess either way I get to learn a little bit more about you, riiiight~?"

She gasped in faked shock. "You'd imply I could be bad fortune? How utterly cruel." She pursed her lips. "The masses love me, I'll let you know. At least I think they do. Who else would they wanted to be spoon-fed your latest couplings by? Even if some of your couplings are more interesting to see their inevitable demise." She snickered, throwing back some attitude. "Depends entirely on what you're asking, honey. I'm pretty sure I'm fated to marry my camera." She dismissed the topic. "Of course, you have every bit of information I want... or at least will have. Tell me, oh great maiden of love. Who oh who are to be bound by the shackles of fate?"

Well that was on a completely different level. Faith could feel the pout form in reponse, and she quickly took to pointing the tip of the pen towards her opponent.
"Now lookie here Miss Noel, none of my pairings dies! Love doesn't die! I mean, the people might die, buuuut..." she trailed off, sort of looking into space, before abruptly, "-that's not to say my pairings fail! I'll have you know my power is absolute! Being the Daughter of a God does that - I thought you did your research on me~?"

As quickly as the seeming frustration had formed it dissipated, forming altogether back into her characteristic childish, playful behaviour.
"But if you really wanna know who I've divined to be matched~?" she paused for a couple second for added effect, then winked at her, "You'll have to keep watching and find out~! The Gods don't give unfair knowledge to those who haven't earned it~" In response, she darted forward, so the two were just a short distance away, "But'ya know, having such a talented information gatherer and broker doing favours for me could help... sway my mother into giving you some sneak peaks, if you're interested~"

Oh, the matchmaker had devised many good pairing in the past, but she knew of several that had hit a rough patch. They hadn't necessarily broken up, but she considered it a matter of time. But that was perhaps a story for another time. She didn't look amused being denied the information she so desperately wanted. But it didn't take long for that grin to reform. "Now you are speaking my language. A fair exchange. And I don't have to expose your mother's dirty laundry in the process! Yes, an excellent deal." She teased. "So is there anything specific you're interested in?"

Faith paused for a second, looking at the door she assumed would lead to the Dining Hall. Her eyes betrayed a kind of curiousity to it, but quickly she snapped back to the conversation, flipping a couple of pages forwards into her notebook.
"Weeeeeeell, there is somebody who I could use a bit more info on~" she finger ran across the page, as though reading from something, and at the edge of the page she smiled, "There are a lot of things, actually~! I wanna know about this Game, the crimes, the victims; standard stuff for a new face. Buuuuut, specifically, I wanna know all about Jezebel~!"

Noel's eyes glimmered. "Well, those are easy enough. Most definitely." She wondered why jezebel specifically. But that was a matter she'd ask later.
She gave a quick, but accurate detailing of the past week, but then moved to the meat of the story. "Jezebel. Jezebel. Yes, well the last case was unravelling her predecessor. The former infinite trickster, that was something." She snickered.
"She went rather... far in her defense of one of the suspects, nearly made poor Krista cry, I tell you." She paused for a few seconds, letting Faith wallow in the anticipation for a bit. "If you find him, go have a chat with the infinite archer. Blond, kinda weird, looks like an elf. Jezebel totally has hots for him. They're together all the time." She chuckled.

Those words were all Faith needed to here before the glint in her own eye matched that of Noel's. Her fingers flipped through the pages of the book, settling on one in particular, and began to write down everything her fellow said regarding the Game. She noted certain things, such as needing to fight a Carnage Sister to advance to the next floor; a staple, she assumed, belonging only to their Game in particular.

Then, as Noel began on Jezebel, she flipped through another set of pages, scanning down each one as she spoke, until she finished.
"The Infinite Archer... Zachary Ackerson~?" she took a second to read what was written, thanks to Monokuma's introduction "So you think Jez likes him~? I'll have to find him at some point, it's definitely something worth following. I have a good feeling about this pairing; I think my mother might approve~!"

Faith was about to continue, and indeed she might have done, but remembering their bargain she quickly scanned the page once again.
"As for your payment..." she began, tracing over each word slowly and adding small notes as she went, "I suppose I can let you know that Jez and me are friends from one of the other games, so I have a particular interest in matching her with someone~! I think she dared me to? Hey, hey, is he cute?"

Noel had to think a little on that question. "Guess he's okay. Kinda feminine, not the brightest tool in the shed, needed to be defended by Jezebel last trial because he barely had the balls to speak up. But I guess he looks okay." Noel said bluntly. "I guess he's kinda harmless. You know, not a bad guy." She shrugged. She smiled at Faith. "I trust you'll keep me updated. I think there's some cute couples possible here... All them hormonal youngsters, flirting even in a deathtrap." She laughed.

She moved closer, and whispered in Faith's ear. "Of course, that includes your own prince charming... or princess, I ain't judging." She teased.

Only somewhat good looking? Particularly submissive? Only one of those things could be true for someone Jez liked; she had always sensed the clown had a bit of a dominant streak behind her.
"Hmm~" she watched Noel closely as she spoke, almost creepily if it didn't look so innocent, "Of course I'll keep you updated~! I'd never break a promise!" she exclaimed, beaming a smile that betrayed some hidden idea, that not all information was on the table.

But as Noel herself got closer, the grin sunk into something of a smirk. Faith had everything she wanted out of the conversation.
"Don't forget, though~" she whispered back, intentionally closing the already minuscule distance between them, "That you're on my radar as well~" and just as quickly as she moved in, she danced behind her, skipping off down the corridor ever so slightly, "And you've been in enough war-zones to know they do their best not to miss a target~! See you around, little birdy; you'll be of great help to me~"

Noel let her pass her without as much as a movement. She put a finger on her lips and smiled. "You can try, I suppose." She responded. She said as she saw the distance increase. "And I've been in enough war-zones to know how not to get hit. I wish you good luck, you'll need it. Either way, I imagine this alliance will be of great benefit to us both." She waved. "You have fun now!"
Almost didn’t enter this, but since it’s really just an opportunity to write outside of roleplay, I don’t have a reason not to. Hoping it’s at least semi-decent.

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