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Imagine using the status bar to post about your personal life, instead of using it to drop bad memes on people. Couldn't be me.
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Ya'll fuckers ain't even ready for the lore and depth behind my name - the intricate threads of nuance would destroy your puny, mortal minds. I like writing.
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Gonna dress as the whole Conservative Party. If that thing doesn't fucking count as "undead" at this point, I don't know what does.
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Somebody, please, kill me before I have to see the RPG Status Bar turn into an argument over Feminism. I don't think the Guild can handle anymore issues at present, let alone Feminism.
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Playing Alien Isolation for the first time. NOW I REMEMBER WHY I HATE HORROR GAMES!


I resonate with this sexual icon.

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Market District, Lugnica

"Now you look like a group of people with a goal in mind," came a voice from the side of Andromeda, female and purposeful, who, until the moment Isaiah noticed her slip through the tide of foot traffic beside them, none of the five had seen before. Without consideration for strangers, or the conversation going on in spite of her, a white haired woman in a black dress imposed herself upon the group. She smiled, and took each of them in, one by one, quickly attempting to gauge just what kind of people she had actually begun to interact with, until she subtly, though still visibly, came to an internal conclusion. "Sorry to drop in, I have been up and down this street asking people but they all either have no idea what I am looking for, or simply ignore me outright, but I saw you guys and thought--"

"Sera, please,"
followed a second voice. A red haired, older male accompanied it, pushing his way through the crowded street to bring up the rear of the woman. Compared to her, his voice was significantly rougher, and though his height appeared only a few inches taller than Isaiah, he seemed to encompass the entirety of the girl he called "Sera" in both stature and breadth. His own arrival and comparatively plain outfit quickly brought attention to the sheath at his hip - a sword, with a hilt closer to that of a rapier, though with the size of the scabbard likening it to short-sword - as well as the sword at the hip of the woman, which beheld a much more elegant and exaggerated design, decorated with a primarily blue colour scheme across the hilt and sheath, and a length that easily dwarfed the man's own. "If we're going to start asking every child in the district, we might as well save time and return to ask Wisp for the correct directions."

"We're not giving him that satisfaction, Cervantes, you know he did this on purpose!" the woman snapped, though in less of an angry, and more of a peeved tone. When she turned back to the group, her smiled readily grew back across her face, and she folded her hands behind her back. "Not to take up too much time, my name is Seraphina, and I'm trying to find an establishment known as 'Altifer's Artificing'. I was given the wrong directions, but if you have any idea where I might find the place, we would greatly appreciate it."

Common District, Lugnica

The silence surrounding the residential area the four found themselves in seemed to only intensify in response to their questioning, bickering, and confusion. Through the lack of sound and people, though, the group could focus on things that seemed specifically out of place - like the temperature. The height of the sun implied it to be approximately midday, if a not little earlier, but the heat, especially in their area, was different, odd, unlike the world they had resided within minutes before. The building density and comparatively small street intensified the already humid atmosphere, but the weather here felt as though they had stepped into the midst of a summer.

"Oi, you four!" Ryom's searching took little time, as he began down the street only to watch a man round the corner of an intersection between the close-knit homesteads. From the perspective of modern day Earth, at a glance the man appeared to be a cosplayer, dressed in what would have been an outfit made to seem like full plate armour, save for the missing helmet, revealing the worn face of an older man, with a tangle and sweat drenched brown hair, and a clean shaven face besides a dense bush of a moustache. But even by modern standards his outfit was too detailed - the armour too reflective, and at the same time too worn, with a complex gold design emblazoned upon the front, and a blue cape drawn close behind him, still in the stagnant, summer air. To his side, one hand clasped around the black leather wrap of a sword hilt, with the blade stored firmly within its sheath. The hilt incorporated a d-guard, somewhat similar to something Momiji might have expected to see on a rapier, cutlass, or sabre, but the length and thickness of the partially obscured scabbard, and the size of the grip the man held, indicated to her that this was some form of one handed short-sword, and it was most definitely a real weapon. "How'd you lot end up here? This area's off limits, by order of the Royal Army, so how in the Dragon's name did you get in?"

Market District, Lugnica

"Issat a joke, missy?" the woman retorted, her initially wary expression readily transformed into a scowl at both Miki, and the paper she held. One of her hands raised to adjust the pair of wire framed glasses that had begun to crest over her nose, behind which she glanced from the girl in front of her, to the rest of the group stood in front of her stall, and as if to prove a point, pulled a silver coin, marked with the iconography of some silhouetted figure. "I seen bills 'efore, they ain't looked like that, and you's lot certainly ain't the people who'd be carryin' 'em. Portion's three silver, show me you actually got some money to ya' name, or take ya' friends and get outta the way. Blockin' me view to the street."

Whatever language she spoke, all five of the individuals she directed the words towards understand what she said, clearly in spite of her obvious foreign nature, though the language that covered her stall, and the small boards in front of the her various products, still remained unreadable. One of her two evidently canine ears, which under ordinary circumstances would have been expected to sit atop the head of a wolf, twitched in response to an insect which flew beside it, all the while her eyes remained watching the group, and the coin she produced quickly vanished again into an upper pocket. At a detailed look, her stall was a majority fruit and vegetable products, all of which were recognisable to the group. Besides a small basket of strawberries, and another of lemons, the rest of the products were more simplistic, consisting of apples, potatoes, and other standard, less luxurious produce. For the height of the sun, and the fullness of her stall, she seemed to have been having a slow day of trade.

As the group conversed between themselves, their discussion, attitude, and sense of dress seemed to attract some attention. Nothing serious, and in no way similar to a crowd of any kind, but to a person like Isaiah, he could easily feel eyes upon them, if only a few pairs. People were looking at them, some intrigued and others suspicious, mostly out of nearby merchants to the woman Miki had approached, but one or two passersby appeared to also have had their gazes drawn. For Ada, the feeling of being watched only increased, multiplied by the ever-present sensation that had greeted her upon arrival, and had not dulled a single second since. They were alien to the area, and that out-of-place feeling only grew with every passing moment.

And we're off to the races. This first post is to give you guys some chance to acquaint yourselves both with each other and your immediate surroundings, before the important events start happening around and to you all.

Two key things to mention, are the 0th posts for both the OOC and Character sections of the thread. In the OOC, you'll find the Arc Dossier, which will contain a regularly updated list of things that have happened, and some important details that crop up over the story, just to consolidate all the information. In the character tab there is the NPC Catalogue, which will contain small overviews of all the NPC you come across, who will be added as and when a player character runs into them for the first time, and updated as information about them is revealed.

The Return By Death group, in a single instant, have all been transported to a brand new world, with no apparent reason or circumstance as to why or how. The only thing that stood out about the transportation were two words, "I'm sorry", ingrained deep in their heads, as though it had been whispered to them at they shifted from Earth to whatever place they have now ended up in.

Unlike every other member of the group, Ada Taliar felt a strange presence, as though she were being watched and looked over by somebody standing directing behind and over her, though no person or entity exists nearby to create such an effect.

"I'm sorry."

Two words, uttered at the foot of a spiralling stone tower, stretched beyond the black of a starless sky and the white of the moisture-less clouds, piercing the heavens and further beyond in a single, solid column. Spanning out and around in every direction, for as far as could be seen both possibly and impossibly, an endless, rolling grassland, of manufactured blades of greenery, and the facade of dirt from which each sprouted, wrapped around the plane of the world, encompassing it, the tower, and the words, simultaneously. The start and the end of everything.

So too were they the last and first words ever heard by nine people. Nine strangers, humans in every right, living and breathing, venturing forth in their lives impeded by nothing more than human inconveniences and obstacles. Stopped in their paths by the trifles of being human, and allowed to walk on again by their same measure. But for one moment, their obstacle wasn't human. Or alien. For a moment, there was no obstacle at all. Just the words. Two words, uttered by a lonely woman, staring into a pitch black sky, penetrated at a single point by a towering column of stone.

"I'm sorry."

In the gap between stepping through an open door, crossing into a shadow, closing and reopening one's eyes, the world vanished, and reappeared again, almost as instantly as it had left. A moment of transition between one moment and another - a split second of darkness accompanying a blink. But in it, the entire world changed, without feeling or sensation. No pain, or nausea, or sudden discomfort. Nine completely normal humans, disappeared from one world, and deposited, exactly as they were, in another. Not through death, as many a tale had led them to believe; no portals, no summoning rituals, and no gods or demons. Only two words that followed them into their new world.

"I'm sorry."

Graham Stone, Miki Teruko, Andromeda Hardt, Ada Taliar, and Isaiah Ayaan all appeared in the middle of a street, bustling and filled with people. Dozens, potentially hundreds of people filled their eyes, newly blinded by the harsh light of the midday sun that glared down at the expanse of paved stone they now stood upon, unimpeded by trees or tall buildings. The street itself appeared to be some kind of merchant district - stalls and stores lined the buildings on either side of them, and a steady stream of people representing most every walk of life filtered past, occasionally broken by a horse drawn cart that rolled through the centre of the road.

The telltale signs of some kind of "fantasy world" were recognisable at their most most subtle, from merely just a cursory glance across the scene before them. The makes of clothes were markedly of older fashion, even between the suits and dresses of the visibly upper class, and the varying market stalls that spanned the busy road held wears both familiar and alien, and bore signs recognisable as language, but none any of the five could read or decipher. The architecture itself, too, was recognisably medieval, though with hints of modernism that didn't quite match up to any existing cities of Earth history. Most damning, though, were the plethora of races that numbered among the passersby. Not all were human, and though the numbers of those inhuman were significantly dwarfed by the peoples the group were familiar with, an easily identifiable number possessed fur, and ears, and tails, and horns, and any number of different combination of animalistic traits.

The five of them had simply appeared there, just off to the side of the main roadway, side by side, staring blankly into the new world they appeared in, taking in, for even just a brief moment, the sudden shift that had transpired. In the midst of coming to terms with everything, a feeling crept into Ada's back and neck - the feeling of being watched, and of having a person unseen standing directly over her, looking down from above, but casting no shadow upon her, and possessing no body for her to see.

Ryom Sung-Tae, Michael Klein, Aaron Yang, and Momiji Shirogane, instead, all appeared in an abandoned street. A place significantly different to their modern world, with distinctively medieval in design and architecture, but equally recognisable features identifying the area as a commoner district. Tall buildings with wooden windows, pulled closed against the elements, indicative of housing stacked atop one another in a similar to apartments, and roads paved but unkempt, marked with damage and built up dirt.

The place they had appeared in, though, was silent, almost eerily so. Not a single person was in sight, and not a single sound reached their ears. No system shock, no fantasy races or magic presented to them as one might have expected. The buildings around them seemed like homes rather than businesses, but nobody roamed the streets and looked out from their windows, even in the middle of the day, the sun shining high and unrestrained in the sky. No birds, no stray cats or dogs, and no people. Just the four of them, side by side on a street in a city in a world they could not recognise as their own, completely alone aside their fellow transported humans.

@vancexentan Currently we're waiting on a couple of sheets, which should both be done come tomorrow. After that, the IC won't be far behind.

@Rithas Accepted, feel free to move em over.

@Guy0fV4lor@Ithradine@Frettzo@KoL@vancexentan@TheMushroomLord@addamas@Not Fungus For your leisure:
Feel free to join, feel free to not if you don't want to or don't like Discord. Anything or major importance put within will be clarified or added somewhere in the OOC after the fact, so if Discord isn't your cup of tea, don't feel obligated to join so as to remain within the loop.
@Ithradine@KoL@Vancexentan@Not Fungus@TheMushroomLord@addamas@Frettzo@Guy0fV4lor So everyone is aware, I intend to start the IC come next week, giving time for the remaining individuals to complete their sheets before applications are closed and we get moving.

Addamas brought this up a while earlier, but for the sake of receiving everyone's input, how would each of you feel about the creation of a Discord? Obviously one isn't exactly necessary, but if people think it would be useful, especially while we wait for the remaining sheets to be created in order to maintain a sense of activity, then I can get right on that.
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