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Michael Klein

Michael belatedly realized that the group of people he's with is a colorful and possibly problematic one. He shook his container of water and judged that it had around a third left before it ran dry.

The lady seems to be a bit cold in his eyes, and a little mean, but that's fine. There's a man who seems to be having a mental breakdown all while ignoring everything around him, but that's fine. Then there's the last man who drank his water who seems to be suffering from frayed nerves, but that's all okay.

Last but not least, a guy who looks like he came out of a medieval show. A tried and true soldier of a kingdom with an air of dignity around him that almost garnered an appreciative whistle out of Michael. Thankfully, Ryom decided to chat up the experienced man. He really had no idea how to answer him exactly.

"Yo!" He placed his hand on the one who seemed to be looking the worst - the man who fell to his knees in shock. "You want some water as well? I still got enough for you to take a nice big gulp." He hopes that his smile is enough to make the man relax a bit.

While he was smiling his thoughts were slightly tumultuous. He can try to smile, but it doesn't mean he's completely putting off all this mystery and stuff. Ripped from where he was previously and dumped in here with no warning whatsoever. There are many ways one could react to this, so Michael just took the positive approach.

If there's a way in, there's a way out.

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Shouyou Tenma

Shouyou found himself nodding alongside Dieter's evaluation of Hanzoku. From the perspective of a teacher, he can see the point that the stoic man is making, though he believes it was slightly harsh.

Of course, the mission had to slightly go south with the sudden attack on the truck. The violent assault on the truck caused the vehicle to moderately shake as though somebody struck it with a large hammer. The former swordsman's balance wasn't disrupted in the slightest as he awaited orders from the leader.

After hearing what needed to be done, he swiftly nodded and turned towards those who would be separated from him.

"Be safe." Those were the only words he left while leaping from the moving truck.

In direct contrast to Dieter's loud superhero landing, Shouyou's feet gently touched the ground and gave off a mild presence with a neutral countenance plastered on his face. Half of his thoughts were about the other team who were rushed to their destination, twenty-five percent of the other thoughts were about Hanzoku's abrupt departure with them, and the remaining percentage were directed towards the enemies around them.

The man didn't do something as unprofessional as a sigh, yet he did show some signs of reluctance on his face. "Any plans, or do you prefer us to handle things to our own discretion?" he asked before making plans of his own. His body was perfectly limber without the need for stretching; Shouyou was ready to fight on behest of the Isamu Family.

He won't kill a single person. At that thought, he did unprofessionally sigh.

Vane knows the person before him is slimier than an eel and almost exactly like a scurrying rat trying to cover up any trails before they can form. "You know," he began. It felt like the calm before a storm. "I really don't think you're a bad guy even with the skeevy stuff you're setting up. Makes me wonder how you got to where you are."

He was naturally going to accept the offer, yet there was something else. Something additional that he didn't expect Virgil to add that triggered a seed of chaos that already existed within Vane's heart. Keith definitely influenced him much more than he thought.

Or was it a quality he had from the very beginning?

"I used to be a quiet, calm kid who preferred to keep to themselves. That part of me broke down to reveal something else, you get me? Almost makes me wonder if something similar happened to you. A brat that didn't know what they wanted to do and..." He shook his head and stopped before he spoke any further. He scratched the back of his head in a confused manner.

Vane was desperately trying to hold something back. He shook the other boy's hand with a tight grip.

"Anyways, I'll take you up on that offer. Just to be sure, you said I could fight anyone and not worry? Does that mean I can fight you and everyone else here?" Vane tilted his head with a simple smile right as he said something that was a little bit ridiculous.

The colorful group that Virgil now had the time to analyze looked like a mash of people that shouldn't have worked together yet did; no thanks to the man directly talking to him, wearing almost Victorian-era clothing. A moment's more of a glance at the other party, Vane ignored them and directed all his attention to Virgil. He took a seat and rested his cheek on his fist.

He felt like audibly commenting on the company Virgil keeps, but he decided to cut straight to the chase. "Let me use one of the training facilities you're hogging up. You're probably gonna ask me for something in return, so let's just get all this over with." He spoke in a lackadaisical manner.

"Whaddya say? I'm interested in the terms you feel like forcing on me just so I can get even stronger." Finally, Vane's countenance shifted from the lazy plain-faced neutrality it was to a more exuberant smile hiding a small bit of savagery underneath.
Michael Klein

"Sure thing! The name's Michael Klein and I was just jogging down a street in Florida before ending up here." The young man instantly responded to the other aggravated man's snappish tone. Seeing his sharp tongue came to a halt when he worriedly pulled out his phone made the exercise nut concerned for him.

Michael couldn't just frown and leave things be at this. "Hey dude. You doing alright?" He held out his container of water that was almost full. "You can have some of this if you need it, whoever you are."

With his hand outstretched, he looked up at the sky, seemingly ignoring whether or not the irritated man before him would take him up on his offer. The skies were more clear here than back where he was exercising. It was a nice temperature as well. All in all... "Pretty good weather for jogging," he absentmindedly spoke.

He's not so much of an airhead to ignore the repercussions of being brought to a foreign place like this though. He's still confused about what the initial apology was about. Eying the others who haven't spoken yet, he felt a seed of worry germinate in his head. For now, he can just put a smile on his face as there's nothing to seriously worry about yet.
Michael Klein

"It's okay?" was the man's response to a random apology after having his location suddenly change from Florida to a place that he can confidently say didn't exist in Florida. He rose a hand in confusion to his head only to feel the cold sensation of a chilled metal sports bottle containing water. He switched to his other hand and ran it through his hair.

"More than anything, where exactly am I?" Michael began looking around, only now noticing that he wasn't the only person in the area. Judging from the other people's modern clothes contrasting the medieval structures... Well he only has a guess.

His bad habit of leaving his phone behind on jogs seems to have bitten him in the rear here. This little oddity wasn't enough to make him sigh though. He merely put on a simple smile and asked a question to the people around him.

"Do any of you guys know what's going on?"

Vane yawned right when class was dismissed. "That was pretty tiring," he said aloud. He left his seat and stretch out the unused pats of his body to get the blood flowing. Soon after that, he packed his bag and went to leave for lunch.

When he collected his lunch, he found an open seat and began slowly gorging himself on rice and chicken. There's a little orange on the side to fill up the healthy portion of his meal. He was lost in thought from the confrontation with some other people this morning. 'What was his name again? Virgil?'

The threat of him not being able to use training facilities bothered him a bit because he so desperately needed those to get stronger. Maybe he can strike a deal with him if they just sit down and have a little chat.

As Vane absentmindedly peeled an orange clean, he wondered. "If I was Virgil where would I be?" There were a couple of places he could think of, so he'll just knock one of them down before classes start up again. The American dumped his empty plate into the proper spot and left the cafeteria in search for Virgil and his ragtag group.

"Honestly, why'd he feel like getting in the way of my flight?


Since Luke returned, all that he seemed to be doing was rest and eat. He became slightly more lazier since the completion of the mission with him sometimes not even showing up at the guild hall until much later. This however wasn't one of those times as he decided to casually show up early on. Early enough to see the meltdown that Lavinia was having while cooking.

"The food's been ruined?" The amnesiac frowned at the waste of good food. His disappointment went away after spotting Gwendolyn moving about in the guild. Luke was tempted to talk to her, yet Astoria wasn't here yet. So, he did what felt normal to him and sat down on a seat.

He closed his eyes in thought. The topic of his thoughts was the mission he took. Compared to the dragon fight, it wasn't as hard, but it was different. He feels grateful for the help he received from his teammates. He just wonders if there was more he could've done, like being stronger. The chances of wrapping up the mission sooner would've made themselves more apparent.

"Hm." Luke felt like yawning. The mission was a success anyways, so there's no need to be so thoughtful about it.


"Heh? What the hell are you guys messing around for? The fire mage was perfectly content on sitting back and watching the fireworks go off in the kitchen. It was a slightly entertaining sight that erased the boring aura of the guild. Gerard can confidently say that Lavinia is a very entertaining person.

He's been in the guild for only a short period of time, but he's already figured out the general personalities of his guild mates. Lavinia alone is fun. Lavinia with Zenith is a comedy act. The perfect duo of a circus that makes Gerard chuckle to himself.

"That's enough of that though," he murmured to himself. He cracked open a book about fire magic and started greedily taking in the information with barely concealed joy. He had a wide smile on his face as he completely mono-focused on the contents of the book.

Even information he already knows can be fruitful. The more he takes in, the more he learns how to use his fire spells more efficiently. Saving magic, strengthening the basics, and learning even the rare basics that he skipped over in favor of more raw power. He absolutely needs to do this to avoid relying on his shadow magic again.

Yes... He was absolutely furious that he was forced to bring that out again. He must get stronger, so he doesn't have to rely on the power of a faded past.
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