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Location: The Lagoon

The lion naturally followed the werewolf's fleeing form, for it gave off the scent of a pleasurable hunt. Chryseis prowled around the group that split from the whole that decided to chase after the canine. The golden beast took this short time to mentally go over the individuals who he unfortunately didn't have the pleasure of conversing with.

'A colorful bunch,' he thought to himself. Indeed, it was an assortment of wonderful individuals that all had a lust for violence with the exception of one. Ignis requested that everyone refer to that one as Pandora, so that will be the stand-in for her name at this moment in time.

What's odd is that Chryseis doesn't see the desire for violence on her. Not even the smallest smidgen of a latent want for carnage. He closed his eyes in thought with only letting his nose and ears guide him.

'No matter. In time, anyone would grow to love it just as I have.' There was a euphoric grin emanating feelings of pure bliss from the lion. Reminiscing in the days of his past before he was cast down here was an everyday pastime for him.

It's time to look to the future though. The moment his thoughts zeroed in on that, he heard the howls of other werewolves. He opened his eyes to see a fortress turning inside out with furred beasts throwing themselves out.

"Vengeance is the spice this time? Wonderful...!" Nothing more than a type of motivation to birth a powerful will to do battle. Anything that creates a situation for conflict is something Chryseis can support. "Throw upon me all your sorrow and hatred and light my heart. I will respond in kind and fulfill you desires for a battle." Naturally, the first one to meet the charge of the werewolves was Chryseis. He rushed forward with satisfaction as he threw out his claws along with his love.

His pounce signaled the start of the wild and chaotic battle.
Suigin Ikotsu

Suigin watched the redhead leap out the window. It was quite a ridiculous thing to do, granted it was only two stories high. It's doable, yet crazy thing to do at the same time. Kenji might've done the same thing.

"No, actually he would've just strolled out the door like he owned the place." A twitching smile symbolizing both fondness and irritation.

And just like that, he fell back into somber reminiscence. It's going to be quite the difficult habit for him to break.

There's no telling what in of punishment is in store for him if he's found here. "Whatever, I don't even care anymore. I'll just take the punishment." Because that's what normal students do in a normal world.

He clicked his tongue and prepared to go over the room one more time just to see if he missed anything critical. The whole room must be searched. While he was giving a thorough second go through the room, he stored the scene in his memory like a photograph. Just enough stuff to ge a general layout in his mind.

He then walked out of the room once he was satisfied. Right into the path of someone who would definitely administer punishment. He sighed and prepared for a lashing. 'It had to be her of all people, didn't it.'
Suigin Ikotsu

Suigin sighed due to a lack of progress in finding any substantial evidence for this case. It's normal for a normal high school student for him to be an amateur in this field. Not finding any evidence and just sitting still is the normal thing to do. It's too bad that his normality was already disturbed though.

He must find something somewhere else to put an end to this case. To protect his bastions of the sacred everyday, he will find the culprit. Even if he's a normal person, his craving won't allow for anything else. Still though...

"Wait, hold on a second," he said to himself. He wonders if these cleaning supplies really haven't been used before. Just by eyesight alone he knows that they've been gathering dust, proving that they shouldn't have been used recently. There's a small chance that it could've been faked so he went and touched all the instruments himself.

He contemplated the details of the case after finishing.

"Just where am I going to find anything else?" He most likely won't be able to solve this on his own. 'No choice but to rely on other's information,' he thought to himself. He sighed as he realized this could've been solved easily if he teamed up with Kenji.

He shook his head out of those thoughts again. He needs to focus on the right thing now. Death Husband first, Blood Eye second. There's a saying to save the most important for last, so he might as well do that. He needs to convince himself that this is something important if he's going to devote a sufficient amount of effort towards it.

He noticed the older woman's scheme. He's actually quite thankful towards her. He should find a way to pay her back. He walked towards the other two students in the room that were investigating. 'The broken glass, the finger, the missing person, the scream, the piano, the location, the lockers.'

@Ryteb Pymeroce @World Traveler "What did you two find? It could be anything at all, just tell me. We should also probably share theories while we're at it." He's going to use them to further his understanding of the case.

Location: The Lagoon
Interactions: @ZAVAZggg, @Reflection, and @TheWindel

"Azrael..." The lion savored that name on his tongue. Indeed he may have heard about someone with a name like that. Memories are a bit too vague for him to make any perfect recollection of when and where he heard that name. He shrugged his head and stopped focusing on that train of thought. There's really no need to focus on the times when he was nothing more than a dying spark that couldn't even start a flame.

There was also that Emperor. Now he is someone he's definitely heard of. A large ego that might even rival his own. A very interesting person indeed. There's also that skull-faced creature. They have seen battle, and they know it all too well. These are the kind of beings he would like to understand.

He grinned showing all his teeth with a glow alight in his eyes. "I am Chryseis. A pleasure to meet you indeed." After that small exchange, the beast was prompted to look over the other manner of creatures in his field of vision. They were all such interesting beings indeed, such wonderful creatures. They obviously desire conflict and destruction in their hearts. How they crave violence and war like he does is so obvious to someone who desires to be the very embodiment of it.

"They should join us. No, they will join us." He spoke as if it was an assured thing. Having comrades is something he believes is important for goals. And if he believes such a thing, then so will others. Of course, he's also using Azrael's invitation to others as a basis.

War cannot be waged by a single person. The art of conflict is a beautiful thing. It requires multiple people on both sides and a fitting stage. It's so much like a play with how much intricacies are involved. If that's how it must be, then so be it. The entire world will be the stage for their war.

His war will be a most exquisite painting on an already painted canvas.
Suigin Ikotsu

A scream drew his attention. And not just his attention he belatedly realized, but the whole classrooms attention and maybe even the whole school from how mind-numbingly loud it was. It was a truly bloodcurdling thing that had absolutely no right to be in a peaceful setting such as a high school. Of course, somebody had to go run towards it, probably intending to play detective. Suigin would've huffed in annoyance had the scream not already cracked his peace. As such, he merely stayed in his seat and waited for the class to end before he actually went to investigate the cause behind that scream.

The bell rang and he left at a normal pace. He knows this school better than anyone. Even better than his former friend who loved to play hooky and sneak around the school...

He shook those intrusive thoughts from his mind and continued to where the scream would be. Nearing closer to the music room, he noticed a door ajar. He slipped right into the opening and saw two people already at the scene. His eyes took in the sight of a ring finger laying on the piano seat.

"Was that really it?" he muttered to himself in a baffled tone. Even as he saw the short redhead pick up a glass shard from his peripheral vision his thoughts were more focused on something as worthless as this actually attempting to tear apart one of his bastions of peace.

He could feel foreign emotion akin to anger come over him temporarily, but someone who's clearly not a student barged into the room. He doesn't recognize her at all, so she isn't school staff. He immediately put her out of his mind and focused on more important matters. He heard the other student respond to her calmly, so he really didn't need to respond to her.

He can't take on a mystery like this with annoyance bubbling in his core. He took a deep breath through his mouth and let it out through the same orifice. "Now, let's finish this up quickly. Still have classes."

Suigin sighed and cooled his immense frustration before going over towards the lockers. He pulled them open not too quickly nor too slowly. He needs to check everything, find out the cause of this crime, and return to his goals. "Death Husband...really, how annoying."

Location: The Lagoon
Interactions: @ZAVAZggg and @Reflection

Chryseis was pestered on his way towards the lagoon. He dealt with every wonderful annoyance that bared their fangs against him, which only left him hungry for more. Much to his misfortune, the rest of the packs were already cleaned up and dealt with by some strange individuals in the lagoon.

A party of strange creatures no different than what he is awaited him. The large lion sauntered over to the more interesting group in his eyes. Someone dressed like royalty with the shape of a pure human being, and another exquisite being in the shape of a human as well. These two...

He may have possibly heard of them in the past, but he barely remembers those days. It all blended together until now where he truly awakened himself. Instead of reminiscing though, he should be greeting these two. He gracefully prowled the lagoon until he came within a foot of them both.

"Pray tell me, what are your names?" He's interested in these being which radiate vigor. The human draped in dark clothes and the royal human that emanates extravagance and arrogance not unfounded. The both of them would serve as worthy opponents or great allies. Either way would mean the same to Chryseis, for he would love them both no matter their choice.

There was also another reason why he came to talk to them. The feeling of tension in the air between those two. He could feel the chaos coming to a boil unlike with the other groups of strangers. The turgid air was being ignited by the clashing wills on both sides, so there's no way he could just miss something as beautiful as that. A dance of wits or battles, both are ardent in their own ways. After all, conflict is the most sincere form of love. The path of the deepest bond leads to a mutual self-destruction. The antimony that Chryseis acknowledges. The contradiction that he holds as the world's truth.

In short, he would love to know these two.

The Catastrophe released all manners of beasts. Some were felled by the staunch defense by the werewolves and others pierced through. Some ran before the werewolves could catch them and others hid away. There were even a few who decided to stay in their cells out of apathy.

Chryseis was one of these apathetic individuals who didn't even move when there was an opportunity for freedom. A long time in this abyss sapped him of the energy he once add. The dream he carried in his breast used to be bursting with rambunctious fervor, but now it's at a low burn on top of a candle.

It was then that one of the panicking monsters had his fear hit a fever pitch and he tried to stab the lion in the form of a man. It rebounded off of him. It was aimed at his heart, but it was nothing more than a sting, a mosquito's bite at most.

It was a tiny attack. Something minuscule that's not worth noting in the first place, yet it was a hint of battle. What was his wish? What is the craving that burns deep in his heart? What moment would he trade for no other? And what should he do to attain it. All he needs to do is remember. "I..."

The Ancient Times. The Gods. The Demons. The Humans. The ardor he never once lost. The Baleful Gold. The Moment he sought with all his being. It's time for Mephistopheles to open his eyes. The beginning of a fight burned away any traces of hesitation within him.

Yes...that's right." Reaffirmation.

Chryseis could feel his soul pulse, akin to a heartbeat. "I wasn't merely rotting away here, waiting for my death. That's no different from a prisoner on death row." He slowly, yet forcefully stood as he said those words. His eyes shined with power and an apathetic frown grew into a savage frown. All the remaining apathy faded like a receding wave.

He gazed down on the creature that attempted to murder him. It was nothing of note. His soul and body began to regain its past vigor. I've yet to achieve anything. Does that not contradict my dignity?"

He realized his true craving at that very moment.

He was dropped down here by the gods because nothing could withstand his love.

"So be it, then. My love will take the form of destruction. I shall ravage so I can cherish. I adore the weak that bow before me, as well as the defeated that bend their knees. My love expands to those who would do me harm. I love all and everything. And so I shall lay waste to all before me."

The monster that attacked him had already collapsed from the sheer density of his soul expanding. The man transformed into a giant lion and utterly destroyed the cage, not caring for anyone else trapped in there. He let loose a roar signifying the boundless void in his heart. To soothe its listlessness, he will embark on a quest to devour the world, hoping to chance upon something that will sate him.

Soon after, Chryseis found himself at a lagoon with the bodies of werewolves left in his wake feeling joy dancing in his breast.

Location: Lagoon
Interactions: Open
Elliot Silber

'Wow she is just all over the place, isn't she?'

Elliot looked bemused at Whina's fumbling. He patiently waited for her to calm down; however, it seemed the exact opposite happened. The moment she grew pale was when Elliot's bemusement became interest. She was shaking, but he didn't really understand what she was feeling at all. The ding of his phone made him reactively pull it out to see the coordinates and the information. He looked at the report, which looked perfectly normal and clean. It's a bit odd to him.

"That's strange. What got you so pale and shaking from this info? You said main objective...does that mean there're some side objectives to run through?" Elliot donned a look of confusion as he ripped out what was directly causing him that strange feeling. It's an incongruity. He didn't say it hoping for an answer, but more out of pure curiosity. He then shrugged his shoulders as if to say it didn't really bother him.

He'll devote everything to the main objective unless something critical happens to tear his attention away from it. After the Soul Vein is collected though? He'll be completely free to hunt down what's got the honorable granddaughter in a tizzy. It could be something completely boring, something very irritating or annoying, or it could be something exceptionally exciting. Elliot's curiosity has been activated. At least he can use this has some nice motivation to actually put in some serious effort for this mission.

"Well, whatever. Orders are orders. I'll just go off myself when that's done myself." Elliot huffed in minor disappointment. All he needs to do is to temporarily play the role of a reliable subordinate who completes the mission as best as he can. After that...

Elliot stretched both of his arms high in the sky. All the tension's been released and it's fun times here on out. "That it, boss? Let's get this done," he finished with a grin.
Suigin Ikotsu

Suigin was almost late for class at the sluggish pace he walked. His neutral face belied his true thoughts. He was considering skipping class to go hunt for the killer, but he believed he should at least go to school for one day. Just to remember why he's doing this.

The class was mind-numbingly boring. It was just a female teacher introducing herself and explaining the schedule and what the class will consist of. While he started to yawn, his thoughts retreated to the back of his head. He focused on the memory of his dead friend and tried to pull out any clues he could think of from that scene.

Bloody eye. Same thing as some other cases he heard about in this city. No possible way it could've been something external. It had to have been something internal for sure. Drugs? Poison? Kenji wasn't the type of person to use drugs. He smoked cigarettes, but he used nothing else. 'Could it have been external if someone ran an icepick through his eye all the way to his brain?' He attempted to guess at the cause, but all it led him to was the surety of it being internal damage.

"Almost like a hemorrhage or a hyphema; however, those shouldn't be fatal," he muttered aloud from an enlightenment. His mind went back to the classroom when he received the syllabus, but he didn't let go of that train of thought. He doesn't know what kinds of poisons or drugs could induce a hemorrhage or hyphema. He doesn't even know if that's actually how the victims died, but that's all he has to go on. The cause could be something even more elementary than that.

'So, I have a guess on the cause, but I don't even have any idea on who the culprit could be. Going outside should serve as a nice matrix for balanced schemes.' He just needs to wait until the school day is over.

The Death Husband cases? Not once did those banal crimes even enter the very peripheral of his mind. He ascertained his objective and then fully turned his thoughts towards the class. He let out a content sigh and began to enjoy the remaining sense of jubilation.
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