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Calmly strolling into the room and gaining warmth foreign to the outside, Richard saluted to his two superiors as he waited for them to finish talking. As Connor listed the names, Richard tried putting faces to them. Unfortunately, he hasn't met any of them, but he knows of one of them. The recently promoted Sokołowšky is just a Corporal he's heard of, so hopefully she's easy to work with.

Richard went outside with Lieutenant Connor and stayed silent like a wooden puppet while listening to him. It wasn't his job to speak up, only to follow orders. There was also no point in responding to his superior's query about the corporal's location as the man himself would likely know better than him. He let himself be dragged by the Darcsen and followed his gait with broad steps. The flurry of snow greeted his clothes and touched his skin with its chilly embrace. Letting the weather inhibit his task in searching for a corporal with his superior would be a disgrace as a soldier, so he ignored it.

He needs to get his assignment still.

@Yam I Am

It was early in the morning, sun beaming down on Richard's hatted head. The tall man was currently making his way toward the ration stations, intent on getting his meal for the day and working as a soldier until natural weaknesses such as stomach pains and exhaustion kicked in. The soft snow crunching beneath his boots served as a minor annoyance as he waded through the white terrain.

Before entering the station, he swiped the snowy debris off his uniform and straightened his cap. Alongside him were his fellow soldiers strolling in for a meal, varying countenances displayed on their faces. Richard took the designated meal: water, meat, and bread. He broke up the bites into the dry meat with short gulps of water before finishing both of them. The blond solder took the loaf of bread with him out of the station into the communication trench that had the closest path to the command trench.

It was a comfortable tunnel with an open space that gave him the feeling that he was doing his job. Finishing the last of his rations, he did a mental check on his gear, recalling if he uncharacteristically forgot anything.

His gun, his trench knife, his grenades. He has them all, which means he's ready for battle this instant. There was no outward shift in his expression and even his muted emotions had next to nothing rippling through them; however, his soldier's will toward war gradually shifted into something that would benefit him on the battlefield.

A breath of air from inside came out as steam once it mixed with the cold air outside Richard's body. His gloved hands could be slowed down by the weather once the wind picks up, so he forced the blood to get flowing in order to perform his future duties to the best of his abilities.

Finally passing through the communication trench, Richard entered the command trench to report for duty and get his assignment.

I'm feeling a bit interested in this.
Michael Klein

Michael belatedly realized that the group of people he's with is a colorful and possibly problematic one. He shook his container of water and judged that it had around a third left before it ran dry.

The lady seems to be a bit cold in his eyes, and a little mean, but that's fine. There's a man who seems to be having a mental breakdown all while ignoring everything around him, but that's fine. Then there's the last man who drank his water who seems to be suffering from frayed nerves, but that's all okay.

Last but not least, a guy who looks like he came out of a medieval show. A tried and true soldier of a kingdom with an air of dignity around him that almost garnered an appreciative whistle out of Michael. Thankfully, Ryom decided to chat up the experienced man. He really had no idea how to answer him exactly.

"Yo!" He placed his hand on the one who seemed to be looking the worst - the man who fell to his knees in shock. "You want some water as well? I still got enough for you to take a nice big gulp." He hopes that his smile is enough to make the man relax a bit.

While he was smiling his thoughts were slightly tumultuous. He can try to smile, but it doesn't mean he's completely putting off all this mystery and stuff. Ripped from where he was previously and dumped in here with no warning whatsoever. There are many ways one could react to this, so Michael just took the positive approach.

If there's a way in, there's a way out.

@Ithradine @Guy0fV4lor @Phonic @Vocab
Shouyou Tenma

Shouyou found himself nodding alongside Dieter's evaluation of Hanzoku. From the perspective of a teacher, he can see the point that the stoic man is making, though he believes it was slightly harsh.

Of course, the mission had to slightly go south with the sudden attack on the truck. The violent assault on the truck caused the vehicle to moderately shake as though somebody struck it with a large hammer. The former swordsman's balance wasn't disrupted in the slightest as he awaited orders from the leader.

After hearing what needed to be done, he swiftly nodded and turned towards those who would be separated from him.

"Be safe." Those were the only words he left while leaping from the moving truck.

In direct contrast to Dieter's loud superhero landing, Shouyou's feet gently touched the ground and gave off a mild presence with a neutral countenance plastered on his face. Half of his thoughts were about the other team who were rushed to their destination, twenty-five percent of the other thoughts were about Hanzoku's abrupt departure with them, and the remaining percentage were directed towards the enemies around them.

The man didn't do something as unprofessional as a sigh, yet he did show some signs of reluctance on his face. "Any plans, or do you prefer us to handle things to our own discretion?" he asked before making plans of his own. His body was perfectly limber without the need for stretching; Shouyou was ready to fight on behest of the Isamu Family.

He won't kill a single person. At that thought, he did unprofessionally sigh.
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