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Torys's response to Luke was comforting, for it meant she would allow him to go on the mission. He'll need to find some people to go with him though. Who should he ask? Gwendolyn and Astoria are already going on missions...

He thought to himself for a moment. He wasn't paying attention to his surroundings, which was why he was mildly surprised when someone stepped up to him, grabbed the assignment from his hands and curiously looked at it. It was one of the newer members who joined, Gerard. The only thing Luke had in common with him was the hair color and nothing else.

"Do you want to join me?" Luke bluntly asked. Gerard showed the front of the assignment to Luke and pointed straight at the dark guild part.

He smiled as he spoke loosely. "What a pointless question. Why else would I come over to you if I didn't want to join you on this job. There's a dark guild involved after all." He shrugged his shoulders as if speaking to Luke was a bother in itself to which Luke only tilted his head in confusion.

"I don't really know you that well. Was it wrong for me to ask?" Gerard's otherwise impeccable smile twitched just a tad.

"Yeah it was. It's fine though. I realize you're one of the slow types. Anyways we probably need one or two more members for this before leader gives us the okay. So...who would want to go on an A-rank mission with us?" Gerard wondered to himself.

Vane's response to Virgil's disappointing attitude was a small sigh. Only after feeling the urge to speak up to him, the man and his friends already left the area. He then turned towards the two who initially ran into him, the blonde girl's hair gaining his attention. There was also a very toned boy coming towards them as well. His identity was clearly obvious.

The shade of the now named girl's hair, Cynthia, reminded him of his friend. With that thought putting a smile on his face that washed away even the tiredness he felt in the morning, he spoke up with some cheer in his tone.

"Virgil ain't that bad. I'm sure he's got some good qualities in him." And he truly believed that. Vane can smell some insecurity from him, so he would prefer if he had a nice heart-to-heart chat with him to see what's really up with the boy.

"Ah, my name is Vane Wilson by the way. Don't call me talented though. You'll make me get carried away just a bit." A laugh was what he ended it with to let everyone know not to take him all that seriously.

"Well, if that's all, I'll be heading off now. If there's anything you need me for then..." He paused himself for a bit and then placed his hand on his chin in thought. He then snapped his fingers, concluding his momentary thoughts. "...Spar with me. That's the only way I'll do any favors for you guys. See ya."

Since some time has passed, he decided to head to class early.

The past three weeks for Luke was a monotonous repetition of the days before he went dragon hunting with his friends. The guild expanding didn't deter or discourage Luke from gathering up the fragments of his everyday and putting it together like a stairway he came up and down each day. He woke up from wherever he was sleeping around and rounded at the guild each day for any free job, then left to go rest.

Today was supposed to be a normal day just like any other. It was supposed to be one, yet there was a small, critical difference that irrevocably threw off Luke from the comfortable path he found himself on. Probably because it wasn't the proper route.

He woke up with a cold feeling in his gut. "Ouroboros... it's—" His mind was slow due to being disturbed from his sleep. He was still groggy, but he forced himself to stand up. For the first time ever, the snake ceased gorging itself on whatever it was consuming.

There was an urge inside of him that incited a feeling of revulsion from two sides.

So, he ran into an alleyway and vomited out his guts. There was no green bile typically seen in vomit, nor was there blood showcasing an illness of any sort. What was revealed from his stomach was something horrifying.

Luke rubbed off the vestiges of a black, inky liquid that was slipping from his lips. More than anything, the action of wiping off that liquid put a primal fear in him. All he could do was hopelessly smile while building up an even stronger self-identity.

"This is no good..." Luke muttered to himself with that same smile that didn't belong on his face. "This really is no good at all." He shook his sleeve and wiped off any remaining trace of his little morning issue before walking to the guild with the same placid look on his face.

The snake started eating once more.

The guild was becoming even more lively with more requests flowing in and new members joining. Luke slightly nodded his head in recognition of those new faces and grabbed a delicious meal from Zenith, which was finished in record speed. He then lazily took to the board with his eyes trailing all over the mission requests.

His ears took in the loud conversations between everyone. He filtered them out to look over the interesting missions.

The two jobs that caught his attention the most were the two bodyguard missions. He reflexively turned away from the first one once he saw the mention of an orphanage with a raw dread filling him, so he looked towards the other one.

God Hand? He feels like he's heard of them before, but since he can't remember them, they can't be all that relevant. An A rank mission perfect for his rank, though he wonders if anyone else would want to come with him.

He gently pulled the request off the board and walked over to his guild master.

"Excuse me Torys. Could I take this mission?"

It was an early morning. A schedule that Vane still hasn't adjusted to even after a week has passed in the first semester. He just finished up the required daily rituals and was lazily taking a walk. A yawn slipped out of his mouth. He made no moves to cover it up.

He was slightly annoyed that he couldn't use the training facilities due to a certain Virgil; however, it wasn't all that bad. He can just train his body with push-ups, squats, and daily jogs. "Might as well go inside the building."

The sound of a fight made him curiously turn his head towards that direction. He was greeted by the impact of two people running into him. The surprise of it almost knocked him down, but he balanced himself to view the conflict.

"A two-on-five?" It seemed like a nice potential fight for him to get involved in. If he were to go all in on it, the best option would be to turn all of them on him. He thought for just a split second before acting like a busybody. He got in the way of those students running towards the other two that crashed into him.

"Come on now. You guys don't need to fight this early in the morning, right? You can just save it for sparring." He cheerfully smiled at everyone even though his heart wasn't in it this early in the day. His tired eyes were clearly visible to those who were even mildly perceptive.

Ready for a checking.

Luke placed a hand to his mouth in contemplation. The mission is done, but he would like to stay and help the city recover, though he doubts everyone would let him stay behind. I guess I can go back and get some sleep? He absentmindedly double-checked around him to see if there was anything he missed. After seeing there was nothing of note, he shrugged his shoulders and lazily walked towards the floating airship.

"Obsidian Kite?" That's a guild name he's not all that familiar with. He's heard the general knowledge about them, but it was the type of knowledge that went in one ear and out the other. Lavinia then started letting out her normal, crazy personality to the newcomers, which made Luke widened his eyes a small amount. If she acts like this...won't they take back their free ride?

It seems like Grasidia isn't letting anyone else on but Cloven. That's the only exception, so Luke had to use his weakest skill to negotiate with them.


"Um, don't mind Lavinia. She means well." He spoke softly and gently to the mages of Obsidian Kite. "She's actually a really nice person. We could use a ride back."

Luke's social skills aren't the best. He would've talked some more and probably bit his tongue had he not felt a sudden dizziness overcome his body. He's really regretting not giving his body the durability enhancement when going against that dragon. He had to take an extra step not to fall to the side. He steadied himself and walked towards the airships with his vertigo dissipating. His expression was set in utter neutrality.

Luke ignored the crazy behavior his guild was showing off, for all his focus was on Felix. The boy was seriously injured. Thankfully, he'll make a full recovery and be back on hs feet with the same behavior as usual. Leon is a reliable guy.

Since there's nothing else to focus on, Luke started to zone out and blankly stare at Felix while not really looking at him. His mind was currently elsewhere; the face of that powerful mage stirred up something. Luke already forgot that feeling, but a small something was unchained just an infinitesimal amount. If anyone came up to ask him anything, he wouldn't be in a state to respond at all.

Whenever the amnesiac tries to recall anything past a year when he found himself stumbling on the street, he just comes up empty. Almost like there was nothing to remember. He remembered hearing wild theories from his guild mates, such as him being a robot. He brushed his hand over the wound he received. Unfortunately, head trauma didn't jog anything inside.

"I need some sleep," he muttered to himself. His eyes were starting to get heavy. I can at least wait until I find some place to sleep.

The feeling of a hand brushing through his hair and caressing his face pulled him out of his thoughts before he delved even deeper. It seemed it was one of the twins, Gwendolyn.

He slowly turned to her and spoke. "Ah, I'm glad you're safe as well." He then fixed her with an odd look and smiled strangely.

The familiar faces are nowhere around me. Would I call this feeling...melancholy?

With the dragon finished off and everyone starting to wind down, some dropped to the ground in exhaustion and others were worrying about everyone else's injuries. Felix's condition is currently somewhat stable, so the only person of worry seems to be Gwendolyn.

And maybe the shouting Lavinia. What if she loses her breath and passes out from all that?

Before Luke went to go look for Gwendolyn, Marduk found her. She looked fine from Luke's point of view, but something must've caused her to go unconscious. Luke tilted his head momentarily in thought, but gave up that avenue relatively quickly. He's no doctor after all. Besides, Lavinia is caring for her in her special way.

Luke became still and closed his eyes, almost giving the appearance of a man who fell asleep while standing up. The world around him was at peace, which of course means something had to disturb him before he delved inside his consciousness.

An earth-shattering sound hit the ground, revealing an interesting man with an air of suffocating power around his body. Luke's eyes widened as his hand slipped behind him reaching for something that wasn't there with an eerie grin on his face. He immediately corrected that into a smile. At least it wasn't him that contributed to the rising tension. Luke turned away from that man's confrontation with the two top members of his guild.

The moment he appeared... Why did my hand do that? Almost like it was muscle memory from seeing his visage.

The atmosphere could've set a match ablaze with how much heat and pressure was being generated. A thought wormed its way into the amnesiac's brain. If it did turn into a brawl, what should he do? It was strange that the idea of a fight with that powerful mage didn't bother him in the slightest. Even if he would lose ten out of ten times, he just feels that he could care less about the idea of victory or loss.


What if I just let those familiar movements guide me...? A remnant of what was left behind. A ghost of a thought seemed to superimpose itself over his memories, but it was far too hazy to even think of it as something more real than a dream or an illusion. All those thoughts vanished from his mind and seemed to disappear before sinking into his memory the moment the burning tension cooled.

Luke's erratic and abnormal behavior returned to its normal state with hopefully no one the wiser. Everyone is fine and away from danger including him. He ignored the thumping in his chest and just attributed it to the running adrenaline that hasn't yet settled from the monster fight. His eyes found one of the other guild mates seemingly off to the side away from the main group. Luke felt like wandering over to the person who's name is escaping him right now, but he turned his focus elsewhere.

"How is Felix?" he asked while walking towards Leon with a serene smile on his face. Holly metaphorically sounding the horn of victory slightly put him in a good mood.
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