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@Letter Bee I figured I'd try my shot at purple rider if that is something that was open. If not I can rescind my application.

Clarenzio Spatafora d’Adragna

Red Team Headquarters

Master of Red

@Letter Bee @Th3King0fChaos@hatakekuro@SSW@Unlucker@SkyHresvelg[anyone else I missed in red faction]

“Dreams are but the future. Without such aspirations, what right to power does one have? Call it naivety. I simply refer to it as “reality”.” Clarenzio said dryly towards Kaden Trask. Without turning to face the person who had made such a backhanded comment against his way of life. But he seemed…. Almost serene. If he had any worry before, such was not found on this version of Clarenzio

He had told his Servant to hide his identity. He had told his Servant that informing others of his existence would allow for better countermeasures to take place.

Clarenzio seemed to defy a lot of conventions. His mannerisms, his appearance, and even the way he spoke seemed unnaturally calm for someone who had just witnessed a colossal display of power. One could chalk it up to his inability to see, yet for whatever reason, he always seemed able to seek what he wished to seek. While impaired in some way, it seemed that his vision did not hinder his ability to ‘view’ the world. What sort of view of the world that might be could be up to speculation. But one could tell he could “see” in a way most others would not have been able to.


---A clap, then another.

---And another

There was a smile on Clarenzio’s face. To defeat the demons of the night…. To aid in the destruction of those who had given up their “humanity” to the detriment of humanity was something that Clarenzio would happily stand beside.

“Excellent work~! Bravo! I could not have done it better myself. You truly are the greatest class of Servant, Saber~! I doubt any of you can even doubt my ability to grant us victory from the jaws of these monstrosities~”

Clarenzio was applauding the display he was shown by his Servant.

“A truly magnificent display by a truly magnificent Servant~! I doubt there is a single Servant in this war that will grant you trouble. Though, personally, I wished you would have kept the bodies more … intact. I suppose beggars cannot be choosers though. With this, you can play all you want. Your righteousness shall light a path for others to follow."

Clarenzio would begin the arduous task of collecting the dead. At the very least, it appeared that the enemy Servants were retreating. Such materia would be something those in his profession would consider invaluable. The prices for such on Dark Amazon would put him into debt for centuries at best, and that wasn’t a bill they could realistically collect on given his magic and personality.

More so, the bigger prize. The blood of that…. Well, realistically Clarenzio didn’t know what she was. But the aura he was able to view from her soul was exuding malice that likely radiated for several blocks.

However, such bodies were incinerated. They would be useless to most mages. Such things were truly disgusting. However, to someone like Clarenzio, who lived off the existence of others, such was not a problem. Specialized in the field of the “curse”, specialized in the tracking of “alignment”, such was not an issue to discover the location of this dust. If his Servant wished to continue to assault his opponents, that would be perfectly fine by him. After all, he was a man of action. It was simply unfortunate that the opponents were to have run away, however, his Servant has proven himself at the end of the day. ‘

“What a haul~. And all for you, my little Valli."

Clarenzio’s shadow would envelop any of the remaining ashes into its existence.

And grow.

In power.

In strength.

In magnitude.

“Clarey, you really know how to make an amorphic shadow demon feel special. You know that?”

Clarenzio Spatafora d’Adragna

Red Team Headquarters

Master of Red

@Letter Bee @Th3King0fChaos@hatakekuro@SSW@Unlucker@SkyHresvelg[anyone else I missed in red faction]

It appeared that a new person had entered the fray. Perhaps that was not to be unexpected. After all, the seats of the team were not filled yet. There was much to be done. Much to see. And very much to fight.

“I see you have arrived late, …. Lovise, was it? I was merely disagreeing with the choices of the team as a whole, though please, feel free to form a choice of your own. Perhaps I am merely being overly cautious, however, it is a point I surely cannot agree with.”

Clarenzio seems to contemplate a moment, staring blankly upwards with a finger placed on his chin, seemingly deep in contemplation. However, before one is able to question what he was thinking of, he began to ramble once again in his calm inflection that seemed too calm for the conversation at hand.

“Hmm, allow me to ask you this then. Do you believe your poultry curse is strong enough to stand against a moment of time in which the world’s magicks were heavily condensed? Surely, someone of your stature isn’t planning on playing with fire against those mages of the age of gods,... Kaden, no? My expertise is in the realm of such devices(curses). In the event that there is someone on the opposing teams who is able to utilize curses more effectively than I, surely we would not wish to lose ourselves to those devices. Therefore, I ask that my Servant’s name not be made public.”

Clarenzio snaps his position towards Kaden, previously staring into space as he was speaking before he pinpointed a focus somehow with his eyes covered by the strap of leather.

“However, I can attest to his prowess in combat. The strongest class tends to lead to the strongest Servant, is that not right?”

Any Master with even a monochrome of skill would be able to utilize their Master’s Clairvoyance to see that the Saber of Red was a peerless Servant. The Saber class tends to be the most powerful of the class containers, but even so, his read combat stats were much higher than what should be expected of such. A prime Servant of the strongest Class.

“Again, if you wish to share the information of your Servants, that is within your right to do so. I’d simply wish to stay out of this foolish game. After all, even if we are allies now, there are so many wishes one can obtain from the Grail. As soon as the Red Faction is victorious over both black and purple, let us not pretend that we are not going to fight over these wishes.”

Clarenzio was correct. Even if the Grail offered several wishes, it was not as if the Grail would offer 14 wishes for each Servant & Master. From the perspective of the pragmatic individual who had given away much of himself to obtain his power, he could not see a world in which their alliance lasted past the destruction of their current foes. And surely his allies believed the same. It was something that was likely heavy in the room, yet no one wished to bring it up.

“An alliance is never what I suggested. Surely, you’ve misinterpreted me. I have no intention of forming an alliance with the Black Faction. I merely believe that passivity shall simply allow for the Purple Faction to overcome our two Factions in the event they are a more unified group. Perhaps I should state my intention: The destruction of the Purple Faction is a mutual interest for our parties. Lowering the power of the strongest player on the board will allow for the remaining players to resume their fun.”

The purpose of him being in this war. The destruction of the Purple Faction was all he truly cared about. Whether Darnic was successful in his attempt towards obtaining the 「」was not of his concern. He was a mercenary hired by the Mage’s Association due to his association with the Church, and though he was not a proper member, one could consider him almost as if a “sanctioned” Master, even though his methods were rather strange. After all, Stregoneria was a branch of magecraft that was not completely vilified by the Church. Even portions of such were adopted towards Church dogma. Therefore, he was there for a single goal. The absolute destruction of the purple team.

“Humans are beings that burst past the possible to become the impossible. Mages are merely creatures of habit. If Darnic is truly as vile as you say, then all the more reason to assist. If he is still human, if he still holds dear to his heart the Mage’s desire to achieve akashic communion with「」, then our will align. As a fellow magus, I am sure you can understand the desire to achieve that goal; not that I would ever understand such trivialities.”

With a simple turn, he faced the exit of their meeting place. It seemed as if Clarenzio had said his part. The strange Magus (?) was something that even a Clocktower lecturer would find strange. Though the path of a Magus is one that goes against conventions.

And Clarenzio defied those in spades.

“However, I will ask that my considerations are at least considered. I am merely here to save humanity. In the end, so long as our goals align, I see no reason for my path to be any different than your own. I shall make preparations to petrol the area as you speak. I feel as though I am the most suited to do so. Come, Saber. Our presence is required elsewhere.”

A simple command towards his Servant.

However, what was not simple was the way that Clarenzio seemed to glide across the floor as if his feet were being moved through alternative means, his posture not shifting as he holds his hands outward.

Weird flex, but okay.

“Do you have to make a scene everywhere you go, Clarey? Not that I’ll complain about leaving. But still, you know you can just walk out, right?”

Clarenzio Spatafora d’Adragna

Red Team Headquarters

Master of Red

@Letter Bee @Th3King0fChaos@hatakekuro@SSW

“Oya? Oya oya?”

He stares incredulously towards the female Master. Well, not exactly stared. It appeared that even with his eyes bound by leather, he was able to move his head sharply towards Kesi, staring incredulously at the woman.

There is no malice in his stare. There is no discernible intent. Nothing was there. And for a moment, one might assume that this man would not say anything further, though surely to the person who his “eye” had caught the interest of, this might be somewhat awkward. However, before another word could be spoken, Clarenzio spoke once again in a tone, not unlike his friendly demeanor previously.

“Of course. The names of the past mean very little to me in the grand scheme of things. History is history, and fiction is fiction. Therefore, such information should be freely shared, correct?”

Strangely enough, they had agreed with them. Information should be shared between two individuals who were to work together. If they were to be working as a team, of course, in the end, it would make sense they would need to provide their strengths, and more importantly, their shortcomings if they wished to strategize at maximum capacity.

Clarenzio looks deep in thought once more, before continuing.

“There is no need to discuss the names of our Servants, however. Such information spread between us surely would result if even one of us were to be captured, or dare I say, turncoat, our team will surely crumble. Names are simply tags given to others in an attempt to differentiate them from what persona is presented, is it not? In the war against Servants, information can lead one to victory or ruin. I doubt there is any confusion about that. Given what our enemies are, I cannot say I’d wish to grant others the identity of my Servant or the extent of my Magecraft, and I would wish you not to inform me of such information as well. One could never be sure what liabilities exist within the confines of mercenaries, no? I would imagine you would be able to obtain information on myself should you look for it. Though, if you must for such a label, call me Clarenzio, and my Servant, the Saber of Red. Not the greatest solution, though one all the same.”

Clarenzio seemed to lack any display of emotions during his conversation, aside from the slight smirk that had formed before any of his allies had begun to speak. The sort of speech, elegant in its design, was direct and to the point.

After all, he would save humanity, even if they would not.

“Though I must say, I do not disagree with the sentiment for trusting others on one’s own side. Please, don’t hold my worries against me. Our goals are aligned, and therefore, I see no issue with granting my assistance to you in this case. The victory of humans is something we are very serious about. You have our word on that.”

Not a trace of doubt in his voice, Clarenzio at least on value seems truthful about his intentions. However, given the sort of mindset someone like Clarenzio has, one would not be able to tell their intent sometimes.

“Though I must say, I do not believe that my Servant specializes in the defensive. I am sure of my ability to hold my own in a fight, though if our strategy involves us playing solely defense, I believe we will be playing into the trap of the inhuman, and our pact with the Yggdmillenia will surely falter if we are to think such as. A pact is built on the idea two individuals can gain more from others than from themselves. However, when a pact is not honored, both parties no longer hold an obligation to one another.”

Clarenzio seems to be speaking towards the more aged individual when he speaks this time. Though he speaks more generally towards the group, his eyes seem to have focused towards a neutral position, staring in front of himself; staring towards the great nothing. His eyes were no longer able to provide sensory information, though the residual of such remained. If there were diagrams or anything of the like, such would be useless. Though the “Eye within his mind” gave him insight into the predisposition of the soul. A binary existence that simply surveyed its surroundings, judging those before him.

“I doubt that our opponents are, well, forgive me for saying this, but idiotic enough to allow for the destruction of humanity to take place. In the event they are, I shall see them as nothing but the enemy, and our alliance shall fall apart on that principle alone. Darnic, while his snake-like attributes should not be left unsaid, is a mage of some renown. Mages will never let go of their pursuit, even though we find such to be trivial.”

Once again, Clarenzio seems to imply a “second” individual he was projecting his thoughts to, though to the others, such an individual likely didn’t exist. Valli is the fool who leads the blind. Towards their destruction, or towards their salvation. Such distinctions were not made to this creature who wished to “save” lives. So long as Clarenzio wished to “ascend himself” to take this goal upon himself, Valli would follow him. That was their “pact”, after all.

"We don’t need these chumps. You have a bad choice in friends, you know that? I'm sure they will slow you down and before you know it, you will be begging me to help you again. ”

---Though that does not prevent him from providing his opinion on the matter to the ‘ears’ of Clarenzio. Though Clarenzio minded such words not. His mind was focused on salvation, and Valli was simply the method towards that. His "shadow" existed to shoulder the imperfections of the Saint. Though perhaps, in some ways, that made Valli more "human" than someone who aspired towards this "perfection".

@Letter Bee {@ the rest of Red Team}

Clarenzio Spatafora d’Adragna

Red Team Headquarters

Master of Red

The man stands tall, about six feet so. His muscles would put the strongest of bodybuilders to shame, and his breath is so light that one might confuse him for a statue should he not make his presence known. His eyes were blocked and hidden by a leather strap, thrown away with his memories, unable to see the world for its superfluous appearance. However, giving his sight away granted him power.

The power to change the fate of humanity.

Infinite possibilities become void as a result of infinite experience. One's own existence becomes bunk under these constraints. To throw away one’s own existence is to walk the path of the Saint. The man who has cheated death once before due to their constraints has died a different sort of death.

“The destruction of the Purple Faction is something I can agree with. The stagnation of humanity shall lead to its death. Coddling from the teet of benevolence is hardly the existence we should afford to your kind. Humans should achieve so much more than that.”

The man states in a calm, serine-like tone of voice without any sort of inflection or changes in his relaxed posture. His presence seems almost nonexistent. Like a breeze upon the world, barely noticeable on one's skin until it presents itself. Such an unorthodox man seems like they would garner much attention, though, for whatever reason, his calm disposition seemed to disarm one with a kind smile.

Though behind that smile laid nothing. A fleeting existence, like the wind. One could never truly understand the thoughts of someone who had willingly given up their memories, well-spoken as "it" might be.

“Everything is false grandeur; I hold concern for this end should it come to that. If the Yggdmillenia of the Black Faction wishes to call the conflict for another time to deal with a threat of inhuman invaders upon the prosperity of humanity, then I shall simply play my part in this conflict to steer said conflict towards its conclusion. Surely, anyone in this position would see this the same, correct, Valli?”

There is a short pause as Clarenzio nods to himself as if he had affirmed something that he already knew. If someone was paying attention, they might notice that the shadow displayed by this man would contradict the direction that it would typically appear according to the light. A-and was it …. Waving?

His Servant was beside him as well, though it appeared that Clarenzio was paying the Saber of Red little mind. After all, he wished to bring upon change. Though he would need the strength of his Servant, such existences were something he, too, could not comprehend. However, in a way he envied them. Those who brought about change as humans were existences that Clarenzio respected. To reject the ingenuity of humanity is to reject the existence of humanity; to stifle them behind the watchful eye of the “other” is simply alien to him.

“Oh, yes, Saber. Are such conditions amicable to yourself? If they are not perhaps there would be a counteroffer you would like to put forward? I will, of course, ignore such an offer. Allowing for the festering of the inhuman is something I cannot abide by. This little game can continue another time. Though that does not mean I have the right to cut your fun short. Act as you may, and so shall I.”

I guess I could make a master.

Not if I make one first!

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