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That's a baseball!

A quick drawing of hardening runes, on her own clothes, on his clothes. It was a good enough defense to start against the blows of a master, and perhaps even against a servant. “Check with your master’s clairvoyance. They seem to be a lancer, but noting their class skills and parameters would be quite useful to know. As far as how we'll handle it.. We'll just continue a bit more as this game~"

IT was possible that they had a means of long-ranged attack that could strike back at them, or a curse of retaliation. However as far as curses went, she could defend herself, and with the type of magecraft her master had it was possible to defend himself with it, even if it could potentially be costly and sacrificial... But... Well, figuring out those surprises was part of the thrill, isn't it?

"Hmm, if you have any suggestions let me know. Other than that... If they start coming this way I'll set you down. Even if their master is powerful... well, you have your own abilities and I'll give you a rune or two as well just in case."

With that said she brought another stone to her hand and grinned before chucking it forward. If the last one was a probing sparkler, nothing more than a prank she set out just to see how things would play out. Then this was an actual bullet, a rune painted bullet.

One, three, five, ten…

It was a good way to test his capabilities, and perhaps they’d even be able to learn a skill of his. A thunderous spear that reminded her greatly of her own spells… My, well they already learned something in a sense. It’d be interesting to see what else he could bring forth.

Again and again she threw the same sort of stone, the same sort of attacking. It was an actual deadly version of the first playful toss she gave. Flaming sparkling balls, blindingly fast, blazing through the city sky as though it were a blip and momentary shooting star. Each of them blowing out and roaring against its target, whether it be the body of Lancer or his spear.

But then on the thirteenth it changed.

From a flaming stone to a thunderous stone, a stone that was difficult to feel as magical energy, a stone of chill and ice, a stone that exploded into a flash of light before yet another flaming one came.

A sudden shift, a sudden curveball. How would he deal with these as they changed?

Nightfall, Shinto's Sky

The shopping was pleasant to say the least. It was wasteful, but not ruinous, it was refreshing even as they were enveloped by a foreign and strange community. At his concerns she had laughed, after all they weren’t something to worry about.

“Magic isn’t something to be used frivolously, you know that most of all surely. I can tell that you’re not some random child that’s picked up some traits, there’s an air to you that shows that you’re a practitioner somewhere in your heart.”

She stuck out her tongue out playfully as she put on some rather gaudy looking sunglasses.She was in a pair of ripped jeans, wearing plasticy cheap bracelets instead of the druidic wear and jewelry she had came in. All over that was a casual summer jacket that only covered half her torso.

Well, she certainly was having her fun..

What was impressive perhaps was her ability to sniff out deals, and manage to work out some deals. The flow of fortune, the growing change in the land, and the surprising combination of shrewdness and a foreigner that could speak Japanese quite fluently led to an onslaught that left her with various good deals and lucky moments!

“To scam people with magic just for a bit of extra money is a waste… Although making sure you run into good opportunities and don’t lose things is fine I’d say.”

The lives of people and magic both had their value, and it wasn’t right to steal away the value of normal life with magic. Magic was something that would defend against the mysteries and distortions in the world, or something that one devoted themselves to. It wasn’t that magic served people, but rather than people served their ideals and magic with their lives.

“I’m a scholar in a sense, or an adventurer. But the main thing is I wanted to see all sorts of lands and people, all sorts of magic. I wanted to collect wisdom, simple as that. But there are a lot of mages and magicians who wanted to accomplish great things, to change order, to challenge the laws of the world… But doing something as great as that requires multiple lives, multiple generations.”

She smiled.

“I’m sure you know of it already. But I need to remind you of it in another way. All the people we’ll be fighting, defeating and killing… Even if the individual has deviated from that path or dream, even if they’ve rejected it or become a person who only lives for themselves chasing a small and pathetic little individual desire..”

As night fell she drew runes upon her clothes, and brought with a spell a synchronization of the flow of mana from the two to match the air of the city to help protect against detection.

“Each one of them is a magic user who inherited the tools and magic in service to that. Make sure you have the perspective to understand the weight of your own magic’s history, and make sure you have the resolve to crush those other paths for the sake of your own wish and history.”

Only one would be accepted by the grail. But more than that, was he really ready for all of this?

“Do not hate them, for they are the same as you. Do not hate yourself, for it is the natural way to live.’

At a point she picked up her master as the moon rose, and the two took to the air. The still contemporary dressed lady humming as she looked for some sort of target, runes of clairvoyance helping her see through the city.

“We should start however… with a playdate, a little bit of fun.”

The moment she found a fun seeming target a stone and a rune made for a good baseball pitch to get attention and frighten them a little bit. How will they react she wondered with a little bit of a trick?

Shinto: Park

They managed to procure some sort of clothing for another day. But at this time, it was operational hours. It had spent with the operator and the familiar known as Archer the day, after handling the strange need to buy normal clothing of some sort… (It was a quick affair really as it bought what fit best, was functional and what was fast to find. There was no time to waste on such frivolities after all.) A dissemination of the information and knowledge that had been collected by former operations and units. Discussion of various anti-servant tactics devised, of all sorts of magecraft, and discussion of possibilities with the capabilities of Archer.

It also spoke of the operating parameters and directives.

Namely that of the threat evaluation levels.

Black, Green, Violet, Orange, Yellow. Categorized by the noble colors.

If Black was something that could only called the level of a hoodlum with a pistol.

Then green was a prepared magus that had knowledge of what they were doing, and some form of magecraft meant for combat that could defeat a trained person with a gun. Often Greens were rather rare, after all magi were primarily researchers.

Violets were those who could take on groups, who would be at a level that they could be called a proper threat. Something that could be called a danger that would be able to fight and engage with a combat focused Freelancer or familiar.

Orange was an evaluation where one was considered to be getting close to the levels of an anti-magus specialist like an Executor.

In other words, it was only at this level that the unit was expected to fight with full lethal intent and no restriction on the usage of weapons.

Yellow... The lowest of the primaries, yet a shining jewel among the Noble Colors still.

There was no expectation for any Yellows. If there were, then it’d likely require the assistance of Archer to survive.

The expectation was that the Einzberns would be able to send and create combat units on the level of high oranges. Victory would be difficult. But victory was the purpose of the unit, even failing and perishing so long as victory was claimed was acceptable.

To rampage until the operations and the objective of the visit to Fuyuki was accomplished. To prove one’s abilities and bring honor to the family.

“Archer, send it in.”

It was an order to swing a firework, an attention grabbing flare with one obvious meaning to be had in a park that had few people there at this time of night. Even less, that is to say, no one once they were scared off by the sudden burst of noise and light, the grounds sanctified as a battlefield by the combined magics of the two.

Come and fight.

It was time to visit the old battlefield.
Khairi Ilunga


Khairi couldn't help but raise a brow at the Caster's use fo big sister as she spoke, but shrugged it off since, given how he had chosen to summon her. . . she wasn't exactly wrong in that. Whatever the outcome of this war, Tlachtga was considered a part of his family now. An odd thought, to be certain, but she was no more eccentric a member than any of his ancestors by blood.

Though none of his ancestors had managed to take flight as easily as this woman did and he was unable to hold back the look of wonder on his face as he saw her floating above him with seeming easy. It reminded the young man of some of his childhood dreams about using his own skill with magecraft. Common sense told him that he should be more cautious with this excursion and that passing under the illusory veil of such a powerful Magi was the proper way to engage in recon. . .

"Well. . . if you're offering I guess it'd be rude to decline the offer." Khairi attempted to keep some measure of composure about himself, though it would be clear that the idea of taking flight had won out over his more grounded sense of common sense. "If you're going to be walking about, are you thinking of purchasing anything? One could turn deserves another so I could give you a budget if you really want to feel the full tourist experience."

Outskirts/Forest -> probably Shinto

“A budget?”
She grinned.

“Of course! To shop is to become part of the circulation of goods and value, to enjoy and admire the craftsmanship and enjoy the tastes of a culture.” Ah yeah.. She definitely was the sort to visit flea markets, bazaars and enjoy all sorts of street food. Khairi was getting a sort of insight into Caster as a person and simple woman in all sorts of ways as she giggled and skipped around playfully while talking about what she saw looking over the city with magic. How she spoke of the knowledge she knew from the grail, and how it differed from actually seeing things with magical senses.

“I’m looking forward to seeing it with my own two eyes, my nose, and even my ears. The crackle and popping of oil, the sizzling of meat, the steamy wafting of rice, it’s quite nice you know.”

She was a woman who visited countless lands, who learned of many techniques both mundane and mysterious. Even this adventure as a Ghost Liner, not the true person and a fabrication, an illusory manifestation of myth in a world that declared her an impossible existence. Was just another trip and adventure to her.

“I am very curious of the sort of books that they have, and also of clothes. There are brand new fabrics of all sorts, although some of them don’t seem all that great for magic. But I think they’ll be fun to wear. How much do you have? Oh never mind, I’m sure I can manage one way or another.”

A few magical words, prayers and signs. Auspiciousness, blessings, favor and joy.

It wasn’t really cheating, but they’d surely come across good fortune, and they would likely get some good sales and find what they’d enjoy.

“Now now.”

She smirked devilishly like a witch even as she weaved the flow of their lives and fortunes.

“This is the war of your one and only desire, a grand wish that can distort even the world right?... Fufufu… fufufufufu! I sure hope you weren’t planning on skimping on it. Even if it costs your entire life savings I’ll make sure we end up with plenty a treat!...

A witch indeed. It was a simple little human desire that turned her from a wise druid and understanding mother. But perhaps that was the fault of the festival that had become associated with her? Well, it couldn't be blamed completely.. Her master would surely understand that she was that sort of person in life, and that the manifestation known as a servant didn't fall too far from the tree as far as candied apples go.

"Oh, if we run out of money I’m sure we can have money as a treat that we ask of the people who want to come through the forest~”

Wait isn't that just extortion?!

”Ahahaha. I guess you wouldn’t be wrong. That was most of my legend really.” She rose up to her feet from a stump she had been using as a momentary chair. “But there is something to see here, there’s something to see everywhere! This is a completely foreign land to both you and I, a forest in the east, and a very different land. You can feel the difference in the flow, the way the air meets with the land, the lightning right? It must be very different from your home… If I were to guess going off how the general mana and vitality of the land is… Well, it’d be diminished, but my home would still be what it was. Ireland and this Island are as different as two islands could be.”

Still, as much as she wanted to explore she ended up nodding along with his voiced concerns. “Two points. You said why you might be hesitant, so you get some points. If that’s the case big sister can help out you know? There are two choices, and you get to pick one.”

She gave a hop and hummed a little noise. The waves of magical energy coming from her spiked for a moment before settling down back to normal. Most importantly… she didn’t come down. She floated in the air, flying with her first mystic code and creation. This was different from simply flying as a spiritual body. Her physical body, her materialized self was ignoring the pull of the earth.

“I worked on it first thing of course. It took a bit of hassle but it’s what my father and I made. It’s fun to fly you know. We can either walk through town, and I’ll make sure a spell is cast on you so no one pays any attention to you… But well, sometimes good things happen if you walk around as a foreigner you know? It can be dangerous, and you might see sad truths and things about people and a new land… But it lets you experience it in a different way too you know? It’s a bit of courage but it’s a step worth taking.”

She let out a sigh and raised a hand “Well, I don’t mean to badmouth you or complain. It’s just one option out of many. Sometimes it’s good to not be part of the flow, to be an observer too. But I thought the world was a lot more ah… what’s the word? globalized? “

Indeed, it wasn’t just someone like her that had the flying machine or various spells that could visit one end of the planet from another. It was that anyone in the world, as long as they had some money, could hop on a plane and end up in a matter of hours on a completely different landmass. Hundreds and hundreds a flight a day, people shifting back and forth between the world like blood going through veins.

Ah, what a different world indeed.

“But… well the locals are different from us… The other option then is to not even walk among then.” She grinned. “I can let you fly and watch you know.”
@Raijinslayer @Turboshitter @Syndrome @Cu Chulainn

Hoping for a city-side visit

“The world is quite different isn’t it?” The words came with a wistful quality as she took in a breath of the smells of the forest. In a way everything felt lesser… diminished, as though things were more fake. Ironic considering that she, and what she was weaving were ultimately illusions and replications. She sang to herself as she placed down a pumpkin brimming with a mischievous light. A container for souls, a beacon to mislay those on their path. One already lost makes themselves home, and one with purpose ends up following suit.

Yet for the master of the forest the will-o-wisps were hardly a threat. They were fun little lights, and ironically were pretty much landmarks for her.

How refreshing it was after a mere few hours compared to the city, or even the state of the forest before they came to it. The wind blew in a cleansing cycle, bringing forth the miasma (feelings) of man to the forest to be colored and converted into mischievous sprites. A light in every household, a bonfire in the sun-lit castle.

The castle was stained in its own mysteries, and just like the city and the land known as Fuyuki it had its own master… But ah, for a woman who traveled the world and understood many of the mysteries of the world, who held knowledge and mystery descended from the gods, collected from a long past era…

Ah, it was perhaps a bit mean to break open the paths, to open it up so she could take, so she could sway the flow. But she was sure that the owner of the land wouldn’t be all that mad. After all the land was being revitalized, society cleaned up. An excitement and bustle weaved in with magical energy and mystery, and the sun’s warmth shined upon the land.

The forest was… well, it wasn’t like people should be coming in so only the ones who lived in here in that manor who once controlled this place were the only ones to get mad no doubt.

Soon there would be many strange things roaming in the night, but that was not the concern of the common folk. For those who would play tricks in the night… well. She’ll just have to show she was the most dyed color, the greatest mystery of them all.

“There are a lot of things I’d like to see however. As much as I could explore with a familiar or two, there’s too much to experience as one’s self. If I wanted to be a wizard in their tower I would’ve lived a very different life you know? It’d be too boring to simply wait for night. Surely you won’t begrudge me a break?”

Of course she could have studied and explored the city, hiding away in her castle and while doing further work. Of course she could have lied and said that it was necessary for her to personally check the city. But she didn’t, there was no need she felt. It was important to clarify one’s intentions, to showcase one’s desires.

And for her? Well, she wanted to have fun and learn things.

“Worry not, I’ll do my work properly as a servant. But any apprentice or master still needs some time to enjoy and learn. Mhm, maybe I am technically a familiar but I can’t say I feel like too much of one~ I want to see the other participants of this war, I want to see their magics, I want to see the other heroes and I want to see this city. Of course some of it is actually relevant to our work too. But most of all I want to play some tricks, and see if anyone will bring us a treat.”

Shinto: Center Building

There was a change in the city’s environment, not that it could understand. There was a drastic change in the flow of the leylines, and something was infused into the city. However what it was, it could not figure it out.

“Archer, you hold knowledge of magic as well. Do you understand what is going on?” It did not understand. Of course it couldn’t, it was a matter of enjoyment, and spirits. To a weapon like the unit the idea of a festival was hard to understand emotionally, even if it knew intellectually and logically what one was.

“..If it will not have an effect on projected operations, then it is not a big worry. Field work is necessary for further familiarization of the environment and operating grounds before the hunt begins. Utilize your clairvoyance skill and project your sight through our link so I may gain a tactical understanding of the streets and city faster as well. Are there any problems or suggestions to alter my supplied course of action?”" The Spartoi asked of not just Archer, but the third member that was in the suite... who was well, a chicken.

“Bwak… yeah of course. If you’re gonna go out you can’t go out in your combat gear like that. You’ll need to have a spell that keeps attention off you from normies you know!”

“Normies?” it blinked. The operator had some strange words and terminology sometimes. Was this part of being a bird brain?

“Can’t you put the outfit in the sash for now anyway? It’d be more efficient to wear normal clothes and not have to use magecraft until we move into the next phase Bwkah.”

“...That is logical in its own way. But there is a problem.”

The unit tilted its head to the side. “What exactly are normal clothes if not operating clothes? This clothing suits my function and purpose, it was created for my usage. Is that not normal?”

A suitcase of bills, a sash of military ordinance and magical armaments..

Well, there was a sort of t-shirt that came with her uniform and defensive gear?...

"...This isn't going to work is it?"

From the car, Jason stared at the four armed inhuman and just sighed. “See Master, this is why I told you we should have sneaked instead. Now we wasted the element of surprise.” If it was up to him, Rider would have avoided all signs of trouble and just sneaked to the enemy base. But his master had to be a kid and want some action.

Oh well, great deeds are indeed the measure of a hero.

If he had to be honest that way his master acted, both helping and hindering at different times- that reminded him of someone. His relationship with her had many turns, but even now he could admit that he wouldn’t have been a hero without her. That was why he placed a hand on the dark coat of his master and concentrated.

In that moment, bitter memories returned. Of sweet dreams, cunning tricks and ruined endings- in the end both had been bad to each other. But that was why he still had to remember her; to not repeat those mistakes again. “That’s why Master, for the rest of this night you shall be the Witch. Be cunning, be bold, and above all- win.”

Having someone play her role reassured him, now if only he had his best friend too it would be like old times, or at least as close as it would get these days.

Leaping out of the vehicle, Rider of Black addressed the foreign hybrids, “Leave? After what you did to my future subjects? I would be a poor hero if I did that. No, we end this tonight, so bring out your servant and let’s end this.” In a flash, the mast of his ship appeared in his hands not bigger than any spear. Standing tall like a pole, the sail flowed proudly in the air, reminding all who could see of the pride of the Argonauts and their captain.

The witch? a witch indeed. The man who witnesses and does terrible things while knowing the path that they walk so a hero could shine greater. A magic user who looks forward to the demise and collapse of glory. To say that he was in the role of the watch was not one he would dismiss.

Well, if he was told to live up to the expectations of filling in for the great witch it'd be rather difficult, but that wasn't a slight against himself or a matter of a lack of confidence. But as that burden, that role was pressed upon him he could only smile. The magical energy he drew from the land was almost intoxicating despite the pain as his circuits rotated and heated up in a way that he never would have achieved on his own. A technique to draw energy, and various ideas. He was not granted a new channel, nor did he inherit a path or knowledge. It was more like he was tracing another's work and yet...

"Μαρδοξ" The word twisted the air and the magical energy that was laced in it soon took form as a glass-like film that spread out from the mast of Rider. A bubble hardly ephemeral. It was a space that both defended and consecrated, washing away attacks as though it were but seafoam in comparison breaking against the bow. A space of glory, a space of heroes and adventure.

Yes, it was a spell that borrowed the concept of, and in this case, married with the presence of that legendary ship.

As he took his blade in hand and spoke more words of power, and messed with magical formula to improve and set upon his own gear further enchantment he looked and saw. The future, his actions, the outcomes, and the curse that he formed.

"Targets for extermination, Machia"
He saw the flow of mana, and he could meddle with the leylines even better than he could have ever thought was possible even with the eyes he had. The conditions were set, and the battlefield became the curse of extermination. The resonance with the Actor's role, the classification of the enemy...

Swiftly he cursed their enemies as he slipped out of the car. Oh you oni, you barbaric foreigners. Thy role is to be hunted down, destroyed as enemies of civilization.

The Actor rushed forth, his face shifting, his stance and pose focusing into that of clearly practiced muscle. Glory and radiance akin to that of a hero eminated from him as his fists flew out-

Ah, this was indeed the mighty hero, even as a mimicking shade of it... Theseus. A man who wrestled the great boars and minotaur into submission. Against him no monster could stand. A man who with his friend enacted genocide, Centauromachia.

While he...

The witch of treachery who would bring forth painful death unseen.

The clash in battle, the dead who fell, and his own wound even augmented in wrestling with such powerful foes in getting a strike that laid him low not in body, but spirit.

He saw that future, it was recorded in the writings.

Synchronization of events commencing.

His hand twisted into an inhuman shape. Of course he felt the pain, but it was no matter to him, it was simply the function of his arm after all.

He grabbed the bubble he saw.

The trading of blows, plunging his blade into the breast of a half-blood, searing away his mind even as he staggered from a not fatal but serious blow.

The future seen was recorded as an event that occurred. Cause was muddled, skipped as the Avesta wrote and copied, teaching the land and world what had already happened in his eyes, in the future.

The curse placed itself upon his target.

Blood gushed out, and his mind was seared. He was after all struck down by the blade.

Yet they had not clashed yet, they have not yet fought.

But that's not true is it? In that bubble it was what happened after all.

One done, three more to go. Borrowing another technique of the witch he blurred his presence with a veil of magical energy andcovered himself, becoming a ghostly shadow before splitting into two. Duplicates, fakes, blurred and obscured.

But what would come of their servant? and how far would he be pushed with these borrowed abilities? Best to keep it light for now.

Trusting in Assassin, Lancer engaged the enemies. Just as they wove between trees, his strikes speared out with enough of a ferocity that it seemed like the woods were coming alive to punish them for their intrusion. He was not the fastest of the Knights of the Spear, but still as a servant he could hunt them down. He was not one to spend his time too idly, driven by a fervor that bordered onto mania.

It was no different from last time, although it was in his opinion a more palatable situation for them to deal with. Perhaps this time it would continue without a strange and sudden end as well?

Unfortunately he knew it would be rather boring to go to these villages and treat normal people. Especially with how they weren't willing to take care of their brewing plague. He could see the future after all. Although, the future was vague, and splintered in bubbles rather than a true path that dictated the future. Still, it was much too boring Well, he thought it was all silly to begin with, and he had what came close to a laugh with the other predictor of the future over it.

Well, he considered it a giggle shared between them anyway.


At this point this was just a plain normal and idyllic country-side rroad trip. Now mind, the annoyance of his servant by the demon, and his attitude in general was very amusing. If he had to choose a roadtrip he'd choose them as companions. Although some fresh meat, and the little Atlas girl would have made it more fun too.

Hmm? walking? why would they walk when they could take proper transportation? A car wasn't all that difficult to get for a magus after all, and he was interested in seeing the riding skill in action even at a low level.

"It's been hours since we've crossed that unofficial border. Are they really so lax that they won't send a committee to greet us? At this point I may as well make a flare to announce our presence. In fact I think I shall do that."
A flagrant provocation.

Now do come and send something worth our time.

The announcement of a victor shone in the sky of the Territory of the Purple Team.

The disappearance of the harlot empress, and the sinful that have yet to be punished was rather troubling. Not because he was plummeting towards the ground. That didn't matter at all. "he impact soaked into his feet and rushed through his body. But physical damage and energy without mystery or magical energy had no effect on a existence like a servant that existed as a high grade mystery. What broke was the ground instead as Lancer cratered the ground and ended up buried to his knees. With the leisure of a man finishing a work out he climbed out and stretched, all the while the magical energy that was supplying him slowly healed his wounds. He had taken his fair licks, and it seems like Assassin had gone through some pain. But they would heal in due time and if they continued their advance they'd likely be in fighting shape by the time that they came to another encounter.

Mph, really this was a bit disappointing.
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