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Tobin and Plutonis are the remaining vacant Masters on Blue Team, currently.

Servants on the Red Team that need a Master are Meleager and Akhenaten.

I’ll see if I can think of anything then. Might not be a guaranteed thing, as I just got invited to another RP by some friends. But if I can come up with something I really like, I’ll let you know!
Sure thing! Was working on a fill-in for Rider, but I've just been tapped out of sheet writing this past month, so the slot's still open.

If you make both a Master and a Servant, you get a gold star

Is Dr. Tobin still the last remaining Master for Blue?
I noticed Rider of Blue is ??? Does that mean there’s a spot open?
Sorry but I’m gonna have to drop out of this. Been having some personal problems in addition to being busy with other things.
It looks like I’ll probably be locking down Strength!
<Snipped quote by Turboshitter>

I'd ask that they appear as a suit of armor. Even Personas that appear more than simple figures standing behind the character (for example Makoto's Johana motorcycle) are still complete physical beings.

If that’s your final decision as GM then I’m cool with it either way. Though if I may explain myself/make one small counter-argument, while it’s true that Johanna is a physical being that Makoto more or less just rides on the back of, the Necronomicon is basically a vehicle. Futaba is inside it at all times, so it kind of blurs the line a bit between entity and object? I dunno, that’s my thinking.

Either way, I’ll have it manifest as an empty suit of armor rather than a wearable one if you think that’s more appropriate. I just really like that picture and thought I’d try to stay true to it.
I think I’m going to go with Galahad as my character’s Persona. Any objections to a Persona that manifests as a wearable piece/suit of armor? I can always have it just appear as an empty suit of armor behind her but I figured that I’d ask, since we’ve seen Personas can be more than just Stands.
<Snipped quote by Turboshitter>

Some great ideas. Gilgamesh was one of the first ones I thought of with this theme.

For me finding art for stuff like Stands or Personas is always difficult because they have such a unique style. So here are a few I found thus far, tell me what you think:

Obviously the Arcana and type of character I play will change depending on what Persona I end up going with but I feel like these are some strong contenders.
Yaaaaaaas. Need to think of character concepts but some Personas that immediately come to mind could be Gilgamesh, Koschei the Deathless, Nicolas Flamel, Count of St. Germain, Cartaphilus, Galahad, Merlin, Sun Wukong, etc. Some of those are admittedly better than others because a couple of them didn't really seek their immortality quite as purposefully as others, but they're all ideas.
There room for one more here?
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