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Sorry guys, but I’m going to need to bow out of this RP. The holidays and my current medical situation have kept me from posting much so far, either because I’ve been busy or just not feeling up to it, and I’m afraid that’s about to start up again now that I have a neck dissection scheduled for next week and radioactive iodine a few weeks after that. Odds are I just won’t have the energy.

@Lemons, you can take control of Nimmie if you want to keep things moving along. Otherwise feel free to pretend like she was never in this RP.

I’m sorry to have to leave like this, and I genuinely hope this RP picks back up. I just feel like so far all I’ve been doing is slowing people down, and I don’t see that changing soon.
Alive as well. I actually had thought this RP had started to peter out, which is why I haven’t been posting (that and things have been complicated lately with the holidays, my surgery and other personal stuff). I hope everyone hasn’t been waiting on me to post.
>tfw you have a character idea ready to go but it’s two days till Christmas and your writer’s block is at “I can’t even be assed” levels of motivation

Alright, finally gonna start working on Mordred’s Master. Should hopefully have at least a WIP up before Christmas. Speaking of:

Okay, so seeing the incoming Servants for team Blue, I think that I'll scrap Sinbad and go for a canon Servant just so there's a bit of balance. As a side note, I do find it unfair how there's a 3 skill limit for OC Servants but already made Servants are free to go with what they have.

ANYWAYS, I'll throw out the Servants I'm considering, and anyone who has an opinion on which they'd like to see can chime in, as I'd love to make things interesting. Who I'm looking at are Medb, Boudica, St George, St Martha, and good ol' Christopher Columbus.

Medb could be... interesting. Keep me updated on that.
I can't believe I forgot this, but Personal Skills cap at three.


<Snipped quote by Turboshitter>

Hindu Servants are strong in their legends because Hinduverse is the original shounen. That said, they're drastically nerfed in Nasuland, as they should be; for instance, a Servant's Noble Phantasm that can destroy a planet does not exist, but in our world's legends there are literally hundreds of astras that laugh at planetbusting.

With that said, the Hindu Servants we've seen are all "main characters" of the epics. Rama is arguably the strongest mortal in the history of the three worlds, depending on where in India you're asking, and Karna/Arjuna aren't far behind. It's not really fair to compare them to average Servants so much as comparing them to chief culture heroes the likes of Herc and Ozy, against whom they're perfectly reasonable.

It's also worth noting that prana consumption is very much a thing. Karna's gonna wind up killing 99.999% of Masters the second he starts fighting because he's so damn inefficient. That's why Cu's a better pick unless you're like, Illya, and even then Cu's nothing to sneeze at.

What about Ea? Also the powerlevels of some of the astras make me lol when you remember that alongside stuff like the Brahmastra that can destroy the universe there exists an astra whose sole function is to make it rain snakes.
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