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I’m sorry everyone but I’m afraid I’ll be dropping this RP. I wasn’t expecting it to get quite this big or move this fast and after seeing the activity the past few days, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with it.

Feel free to continue using Jackalope as an NPC if you want, I would like that.
Wanted to get something out so here’s a quick WIP and an explanation of her Quirk while I finish the rest. The basic idea is that she originally worked as your average desk jockey before a traumatic villain attack on her office/coworkers motivated her to pursue a career in heroism.
Question. Are we allowed to play older characters who have been in the hero biz for a few years or is that exclusively DMPC territory? Like how much of the cast is students and how many are graduates/working professionals?

EDIT: I guess what I’m asking is “can I play the helpful senpai character who’s been working for a few years as a sidekick?”
Any more room in here?

Tobin and Plutonis are the remaining vacant Masters on Blue Team, currently.

Servants on the Red Team that need a Master are Meleager and Akhenaten.

I’ll see if I can think of anything then. Might not be a guaranteed thing, as I just got invited to another RP by some friends. But if I can come up with something I really like, I’ll let you know!
Sure thing! Was working on a fill-in for Rider, but I've just been tapped out of sheet writing this past month, so the slot's still open.

If you make both a Master and a Servant, you get a gold star

Is Dr. Tobin still the last remaining Master for Blue?
I noticed Rider of Blue is ??? Does that mean there’s a spot open?
Sorry but I’m gonna have to drop out of this. Been having some personal problems in addition to being busy with other things.
It looks like I’ll probably be locking down Strength!
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