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From the car, Jason stared at the four armed inhuman and just sighed. “See Master, this is why I told you we should have sneaked instead. Now we wasted the element of surprise.” If it was up to him, Rider would have avoided all signs of trouble and just sneaked to the enemy base. But his master had to be a kid and want some action.

Oh well, great deeds are indeed the measure of a hero.

If he had to be honest that way his master acted, both helping and hindering at different times- that reminded him of someone. His relationship with her had many turns, but even now he could admit that he wouldn’t have been a hero without her. That was why he placed a hand on the dark coat of his master and concentrated.

In that moment, bitter memories returned. Of sweet dreams, cunning tricks and ruined endings- in the end both had been bad to each other. But that was why he still had to remember her; to not repeat those mistakes again. “That’s why Master, for the rest of this night you shall be the Witch. Be cunning, be bold, and above all- win.”

Having someone play her role reassured him, now if only he had his best friend too it would be like old times, or at least as close as it would get these days.

Leaping out of the vehicle, Rider of Black addressed the foreign hybrids, “Leave? After what you did to my future subjects? I would be a poor hero if I did that. No, we end this tonight, so bring out your servant and let’s end this.” In a flash, the mast of his ship appeared in his hands not bigger than any spear. Standing tall like a pole, the sail flowed proudly in the air, reminding all who could see of the pride of the Argonauts and their captain.

Jason did his best to ignore the specter that had been created by his master and just focused on helping the people. Coordinating the cure, and keeping an eye on the battle. Every person he helped was a new potential crewmate and a better investment of his time. It was just practical and otherwise, otherwise he would feel the knot on his neck and the crushing weight of his despair again.

That thing was everything Jason wanted to avoid, but in the end, he knew would have to rely on that curse too to win. Plus, if he addressed the thing, he knew his peppy ship would want to pop out and that would get annoying quickly.

So once things had calmed down, he turned to his master to answer his earlier question, “The people of this era? The truth is that they haven’t changed at all from my times. They are still small. So you are right, people like these won’t swim against the current and can’t change their own fate. They are just children walking in the dark, but that’s why they need heroes. They need to be taught that they have nothing to fear, for a proper leader will be there to shine a path they can follow.”

That had been the kingdom Rider had wanted to build in his youth, a place where all could live happily and no one would be rejected. That had been the promise Rider had made so long ago… but in the end things didn’t go as planned. That was why he couldn’t waste this chance.

Pounding a hand to his chest, Jason boasted, “And the one to do that will be me, when I regain my glory and properly become a King. So for that reason Master, let’s attack the purple team. This is our chance, and they need to pay for doing this to our people!” With a slow spin, Rider turned his body until he pointed to the horizon, “So let’s borrow a vehicle and pack some cheese to go, we will end this war tonight!”

While his master spoke with his fellow seer on the phone, the Rider of Black contemplated the situation. It was a simple trap. The disease was there to force them to act before this mess escalated too much, but raiding the ship (a Carabela- a Spanish ship- the grail told him) had terrible odds.

Whoever this enemy Rider was, he probably would be at his strongest on his ship. A captain always was. Plus, Jason was sure that the moment the Rider was close to being defeated, an ally would distract them and allow the purple servant to escape. That was what Jason, himself, would do in that sort of situation.

So in the end, what they should do is deal with the cause of the urgency- the toxin itself.

"You are right, there is no point in staying here. A true hero is clever enough to avoid obvious bait.” Then, Rider leaned down, and whispered, “Master, there are several good doctors among the other mages, correct? Let’s find one and get them to deal with this. I am sure this smallpot thing is nothing for these great mages, right?”

Of course, they wouldn’t compare to that great doctor in his old crew, but beggars can’t be choosers. If all failed, he would just show one of his new crewmates how to do it right. If he could deal with the bait fast, while he allowed the others to fight off with the purple Ride for him. Then when that Rider retreated, he would use that chance to ambush the enemy instead! Yes, that was a truly perfect plan that only could come from a genius like him!

Plus saving the city would make him look better to the other servants. He had to present his best foot forward to start recruiting for his new crew.

So with a grin, he pointed towards where their base- the Palaiogos mansion- was. “Master, we will make our proper debut after we deal with this mess. We need to set up a bigger stage that can be worthy of heroes like us. For now, just call the others and we can be there in a flash with my ship!”


This was his big chance.

That was the only recurring thought in Rider’s mind during the time they had spent preparing for the start of this mess. Sure, the scope of this war was a tad too large for his comfort, and he wasn’t quite in his prime, but he would make it work out somehow.

That was how he always did it back in the day, so he would make sure to do it again.

No matter what, he had to keep telling himself that. Otherwise he would sink again into a poor mood and lose sight of what he had to do. He didn’t want either his master or -even worse- the nagger to start worrying about him, so it was best to avoid that.
"Rider, shall we go? There's an adventure to be had. A legend to forge, oh hero.”

So when his Master asked him a question, he stopped for a second to think despite the answer being too obvious. The goggles and mask his master wore made it hard to read the magus (curse user? seer? witch!?) at times. Was this strange man from the east being sarcastic, or truthful? There was no real way to know.

But in the end Rider didn’t care much. Some in his old crew had been like that, often moody and hard to read, but their actions had shown their worth and trust. It would be the same with this seer who would become the first member of his new crew.

So the servant flashed his brightest grin and responded, “Of course, we can’t fail as long as I am in the lead!”

His unkept beard, his worn armor and the shadows under his eyes probably didn’t inspire much confidence. But his smile was still as radiant as it had been back in the old days, so it would have to do. It always did.

After all, this was his big chance.

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A friend recommended me a Fate game they will soon host, so I am planning to join with their help.
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Came here suggested by a friend, nice to meet everyone.
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