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As Chikako answered flare’s question and tried to address the situation, it was immediately obvious how impulsive Chika was. Looking at the events unfold, Flare decided she was going to stick around chika to make sure she didn’t get in over her head.

All according to keikaku, she promptly followed Chika as the impulsive cheerleader had decided to socialize with the reclusive maiya while chomping on a sandwich, something that put a smile on her face; as she was very glad to see many people dig into the sandwiches she made. Flipping her ponytail behind her to not get it into the food, she took a seat next to the girls with her lips opening as if she was about to say something.

She did not speak though, as two people entered the hall. It looked like the pink girl had slept inside of a bush, or at least tried to, for some reason. It almost raised a literal question mark above Flare’s head, as she had absolutely no idea how one night could ruin a person’s appearance that much.

Next up was the oh-so-stoic Shirou. Flare physically cringed as she looked at the baseball bat that Shirou used as a walking stick; he should’ve just asked for an escort...At least the discussion he presented interested her enough to overlook the blatant disregard for self-preservation...again.

“I doubt anyone found anything interesting, or they would’ve come clean already.”

“Not everyone is here yet, you know...”

In the opening of the mess hall, surrounded by godrays, stood the silhouette of snow. Her hair looked marvelous as always, and her make-up seemed to be right up to the standards of her usual princess status. As she graciously stepped into the mess hall, the wind of the closing doors behind her swept her lush locks of silver hair into waves more endearing than a sunlit ocean.

And then the doors slammed shut behind her...


With the most squeamish sounding scream she ever uttered, she stumbled further into the room, flailing her arms in a desperate attempt to keep balance, almost falling over a chair, and eventually stopping herself after what seemed like hours of torture. Her arms were still raised in the air, but her head, and most of her upper body was facing down; too embarrassed to look up.

And then she did look up. With red cheeks and a flustered expression, she casually played with her hair before clearing her throat.

“While everyone was busy cowering in fear or cleaning up unnecessary wounds, I have scouted out this entire prison.” While she tried to sound very confident and authoritative, her crackling voice still conveyed her embarrassment clearly. “It’s obvious that this place used to be a camping ground, but the entire perimeter is surrounded by electric fences, and there’s only two exits, both of which are fatal to cross.” She grabbed a chair and placed it in the middle of the mess hall, slowly and carefully sitting down, as if to avoid any further ‘issues’. With her legs crossed, she continued,

“There are a lot of buildings, and I’ve found some useful items in some of them but...There is one building that is closed.” She grabbed her e-handbook and pointed towards the office, the redness slowly disappearing from her cheeks. ”I’m sure any person with half as much a brain as the morons who trapped as here will understand...That building is the operations-center.”

Standing up from her chair, her embarrassment now seemed to be completely replaced with confidence. “So! All we have to do is break into that building and force our captors to release us...Somehow.”

"...uh, Snow?" A familiar voice interjected as Snow had just finished her contribution to the discussion, Aurel, just like yesterday, appeared right by her side holding a glass of warm milk and some kind of purple juice. If she wasn’t so startled by Aurel’s sudden appearance, she might have noticed another sudden appearance; that of multiple glasses of water to accentuate the already present sandwiches.

"Y'might wanna wait 'till everyone's here before talking about what we investigated, He said assertively, or so it would’ve been if he wasn’t looking away for the entire time; and yet it still hit it’s mark as Snow seemed at a loss for words.

“Wha-no-I…” In the end she chose to just cross her arms, look the other direction, and pout...honestly, that boy just took every opportunity to annoy her to the max.

"... also, here," Aurel continued as he placed the glass of milk on the closest table to Snow. At first, she didn’t even look at the drink, but after giving it a short glance, her eyes seemed in turmoil.

“I don’t need your milk! I can get my own...milk….” her words were abrupt and yet, there was hesitation in it; how did he know? How did he find out that Snow’s favorite beverage was hot milk, preferably with annoying, and yet she couldn’t help but give in to temptation, as she slowly scurried towards the milk to smell it’s deliciously hot savory aroma.

"O-oh... I... only really got it for you." Aurel said, and in return, Snow’s gaze upon the milk shortly shifted to the resident thief, seemingly filled with astonishment and gratitude, but the gaze lasted for but a split-second as Snow looked back upon the steaming milk with her usual resting-bitch-face.

“’ll just be thrown away anyway…” She sharply said, “and get cold.” she whispered after before taking a sip, leaving a barely noticeable smile on her face. She then peered towards Aurel a last time before uttering:

“You explored yesterday too right? Tell them what you found.” she bossily commanded with a hand gesture before finally digging into the sweet milk.

"... er, uhm, I-I'll do that later... gonna... distribute the rest of these drinks..." And with that, the interaction between the ice queen and tiefling was finished.
o7 godspeed @Ammokkx

One by one, Slowly but surely, the mess hall was starting to fill with people. From the grumpy to the cheery, most seemed to remember the meeting, though she didn’t recognise one of the girls who entered but that could just be an oversight from yesterday, and to be honest, Flare was more concerned about what the people thought of her sandwiches. But she made sure to wait in front of the mess hall for as long as she could to count everyone who entered the mess hall...and who didn’t.

It wasn’t until Chikako addressed her, that she finally decided to get up. The birds had just finished their meal, and were now gently sleeping inside her palm, and Flare was hesitant to disturb the sleeping beauties, but alas, duty called. With the birds scattered to the winds, Flare followed after Chika, who had just finished her little speech. It was maybe a bit too theatrical, but the idea was one most of us could support.

Though entering the room, her eyes very quickly scoured the tables to search for people eating her sandwiches...but almost none of them were touched which saddened Flare somewhat. eventually her eyes also crossed Momo’s, which were staring daggers at her as if she was the number one target on the US’s biggest hit list. It was just the thing to snap her out of her train of thoughts. So with her attention back to the important things, she turned to face Chikako, preventing the awkward silence that would probably have started soon.

“Can’t say I hate your idea,” Flare said as she gave Chika a pat on the shoulder, “So! if I’m following you, where are we going?” She slyly chirped.

It was early in the morning; the sun had only moments ago peeked over the horizon, dimly lighting the mess hall where a lone girl was looking at her food in disdain. As good as the meal looked, it was prepared by strangers who captured Flare, so she really didn’t want to eat it. Who knew if they put some weird drug in the meal to make her submissive, or something worse. But then again, it seemed like that bear was expecting them to live here, so perhaps the food was just

’Rumble’ Her stomach seemed to agree, as her frustrated, yet flustered eyes were giving the eggs and bacon a death glare more deadly than a rabid badger, and then she took a bite.


her eyes then glanced past her plate, and towards the tables around her. She spent the past 10 minutes setting up plates and cutlery, as well as sandwiches for everyone once they arrived. And now that she’s tested the food, she could hopefully comfort the rest of the hostages to at least have a full stomach before facing whatever was to come; god knows they’d need it.

After finishing her breakfast, she stood up from the bench with a sigh, and walked towards the exit with a small bag of breadcrumbs clenched in her fist. She took a good look at the sunrise as she plopped down on the ground next to the entrance of the Mess hall. Digging into the bag of breadcrumbs, she soon had her arm outstretched towards the sun, as if offering the crumbs to the giant ball of fire. After a few seconds however, two little sparrows flew over her head, and hopped onto her hand, happily chirping as they filled their bellies. It was quite a nice and happy sight, and yet Flare’s expression as she laid her chin to rest on top of her knee and looked at the birds, was quite melancholic.

In another part of detention camp, the little princess who slept on the pea didn’t sleep as good as the fairytale made it out to be. In fact, Snow slept the entire night with one eye open. She was in an unknown place, with unknown people, for an unknown reason, and against her will; who could blame her for being scared out of her mind. It didn’t help that her throat had begun to hurt, so she decided it was time to greet the new day with at least some semblance of energy. But removing her blanket send shivers up her entire body; these cabins were not warm at all, and it was probably what gave her a sore throat too.

“Ugh…” She sighed; maybe some water would help. But she couldn't find a sink anywhere near her; great, it seemed like she would need to get it from the mess hall, where everyone was supposed to meet. She really wanted to stall that for as long as possible, but...she was also curious if anyone found anything useful.

Guess she could hit two birds with one stone; but before she left, she walked past the mirror to take a look at herself, and what she saw, was not very good. A tired face, saggy eyelids, bloodshot eyes, and smeared makeup; she was a total mess ,and it honestly made her hesitant to go out at all.

’cough cough’. But she really wanted this sore throat to go away…

As she walked towards the mess hall , her mind drifted off again; seeing the sunrise was kind of refreshing, but she would avoid contact with people for as much as she could, at least until her throat and make-up were fixed.

Outdoor Ampitheathre

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So the chaos started, and so the chaos continued, and the people around Flare had thrown order and composure completely out the window. But even though it was understandable to do so, Flare still found it to be rather pathetic and childish. There were real and serious issues to deal with right now, feelings and speculation could wait.

But even Chikako, who should understand the stakes, acted like the rest of the group as she refused the help that Flare offered. It saddened Flare, but if those were Chikako’s wishes, she would-owh, she changed her mind again; well Flare was just about finished with the bandage anyway, though she still sat down next to Chikako, holding her so that Chika could comfortably lie down without straining her shoulder.

While she was stuck being a cushion for Chika, Flare could focus a bit more on her surroundings, and she immediately noticed a white-haired boy starting to speak up on the stage next to her, and as she looked up to him from her sat-down position, his words started sinking into her mind.

This boy...was barely holding it together. He was probably scared out of his mind, stuttering like he did; scared of crowds, scared of dying, scared of failure, there could be many reasons he’d be scared, but right now he seemed to fit the bill for all of them. And yet he still tried to calm the crowd and settle things, despite his shortcomings; it unconsciously put a smile on Flare’s face, albeit it a melancholic smile, due to his struggle to convey his message.

It didn’t take long for that smile to fade, as the next contender entered the fray; the one-eyed grizzly veteran looking girl. It wasn’t like Flare was particularly scared of Momo’s imposing stature and tone, but she wouldn’t have picnic with her; probably stinks like smoke too.

The bigger issue however, was the contents of her words. She probably drew the attention of everyone present, as she antagonized Aurel, as well as the others indirectly. Whatever caused her to have those thoughts, Flare was sad that it was aimed at people she didn’t even know. seeing the worst in people was the opposite of what Flare believed, and those who didn’t trust could never earn trust; it must be a truly solitary life with a mindset such as that.

In the end it was good to hear parkour-boy and Improv-girl stick up for the little thief, but seeing most others dissipate and walk in their own directions proved how dysfunctional this group was. It would probably take a huge unifying event to even get everyone in one place at all after today, which was so stupidly stupid; at this rate the killing game might actually begin soon…

In any case, right now, the wounded took priority, so with Chikako still resting on her lap, Flare looked towards Shirou...who stood up and started talking.

All she could do was stare dumbfounded at the hero dishing out another speech in a last effort to unite the people; most likely in vain. the time for talking was over, at least for now, and to be honest, it shouldn’t be Shirou’s concern at the moment at all. But he seemed to think about it much differently as he started walking…

“Idiot!” Flare suddenly shouted at Shirou’s back, not necessarily ignoring Aurel as much as leaving the others to deal with him to focus on Shirou's idiocy, “You’re in no condition to be walking! Have you even checked for an exit wound!?” She gently laid Chikako down next to her and abruptly stood up, her eyes becoming lit with fury as she stomped towards the boy and surveyed the wound with no care for Shirou’s opinion.

“Yeah, there isn’t one, so the bullet is still lodged in your leg...honestly-” she sighed as she took Shirou’s arm and put it around her neck to lift the weight on his wounded leg. “you shouldn’t even be standing? the pain alone would make most guys faint.” While Flare could understand why Shirou would prioritize helping others over himself, she honestly couldn’t believe how anyone would be able to endure a bullet to the leg while acting so confident and calm. It wasn’t like he didn’t feel the pain, as his strained voice obviously hinted at it, so why did he do it? Was he too proud? Did he not want to burden others with his problems? Was he determined to not rely on anyone but himself? Flare wanted to ask, but…

“Gods what did I get myself into…” Was all she said as she guided Shirou towards their goal.

This day, it had passed so very slowly. It was packed with events, terrible events, regretful events, hateful events; it gave Max quite a headache as he sat in his room, contemplating on what happened during the meeting.

Even though not a single person would have noticed, Max had been quietly listening to everything from a distance, and to be fair, it took quite some self-restraint to stop himself running in there and stopping the madness. It was an opportunity to hear everyone's side, and assess their sanity, which seemed to be fading for some, if not most of them. Soon they would end up just like Max, or worse.

The announcement that played was per usual, a complete joke; but one with a purpose. It seemed like perfect timing; first the group turns to fight, antagonize, and harm themselves, and then that damned Monokuma forces them to choose once more, to pit them against each other; it was brutal.

Max wanted to speak to them, and make sure that there wouldn't be anymore infighting, but he knew that was impossible; it was far too late for that. All he could do was make sure that those who remained escaped, even if some of them had to die to make it happen. So with that determination, he picked his heavy-feeling body up from the bed, and stepped out of his room.

The night creeped ever closer, and with every tick of the clock, Max focused his attention towards his objective. And as he rested his back agains't a wall near Ice's room, he waited for his accomplices to show up.

Holy…man this was a complete clown fiesta. Even as Snow was preparing to leave, she immediately got interrupted by the deceitful thief. Whatever his plan was, it wouldn’t be worth her time, nor that of any in this place from the looks of it...and yet, she listened.

it was like an unconscious feeling gnawing away at the back of her skull, forcing her to stay and watch these morons as they dealt with the situation in all kinds of ways; none of which were competent. Not that she had much of a choice, what with Ryuma blocking her exit like he did.

Stolen memories, good, bad; spring, autumn, the passing of time; Hope’s Peak, class...friends.
the memories of going to school she could accept, but being befriended with these people? Ungrounded, baseless, impossible accusations.

when Aurel’s speech had faded into chaos, so too did Snow’s feeling fade into a different emotion: Anxiety.

These people were at each other's necks, and Snow wanted no part of it. On one side you had the ’bro’s’ consisting of Aurel, Ryuma, and the red hair insisting on peace and comradery, the white haired glass about to shatter seemingly taking their side. And in the other corner there was a complete maniac with no care for hygiene or fashion, and she had a mouth that spoke words of antagonism which could only be described as: gutter-rat language; nobody sided with her though.

In any case, Snow wanted to get away from this chaos as soon as she could, so when Ryuma allowed her to leave, she didn’t hesitate to start walking in the direction of the cabins, hoping to find some semblance of peace; a place where she could gather her thoughts, and think of a solution.

So...Teodor wanted to save the world? to lead every living being to salvation? hmmm, that sounded like something Raikou would want to do; if only slightly. To save the world would mean saving oneself, and if anything, Raikou wanted that.

Her thought process was cut short however, by an ominous presence appearing in their vicinity. It was something that took hold of her tiny heart, and tried to tear it out with incredibly gruesome power...However, something like that would probably threaten this world; the world which her master seemed to want to protect and save more than anything; something that Raikou would want to save.

So as Teodor took hold of his gun, so too, did Raikou draw her sword and coat it in poison, for this entity would not threaten the world without opposition.

She was focused on the enemy, which drew closer with every second. her finger was itching from grasping the blade so tightly; her mind was filling with adrenaline as she got ready for the battle, so it took her by surprise when her master called out to their original prey. Of course she hadn’t forgotten about them, but in the presence of this thing, their existence seemed trivial.

Teodor’s suggestion did make sense though; strength in numbers seemed the only option to fight these beings...and yet Raikou was reaching out for her master, to take him under her arms and run away, leaving the others behind for the sole purpose of delaying the enemy. It wasn’t like she didn’t approve of this alliance, but if her master was to survive, she somehow felt like sacrifices would have to be made. However, that idea was already vanishing as the lyaeus’ took their position surrounding the four, and their words shocked her.

“To make the world beautiful…” If you really thought about it, it wasn’t that much different from saving the world, so perhaps they could work together after all...but no, there was a memory, words from people from ancient times where oni still roamed the streets. Raikou was often called a “natural beauty” and yet those words never made Raikou feel loved, for that beauty was tied to her being, which was one of conflict and chaos.

“It doesn’t so bad, but-” While her words hopefully distracted the Lyaeus, and without leaving a split-second to spare, Raikou tapped into that conflict, chaos, and rage to release her inner-oni. Simultaneously, she used her now strengthened lightning prana burst to move at incredible speed towards Teodor, and pushed his head to the ground in a single swift yet careful movement.

But she wasn’t done though, for as this all happened with her left arm, her right arm had already drawn her trusty blade, with which she released a deadly swing of lightning in a complete circle around her, hitting every well as her new friends, if they didn’t dodge.

“I’d really rather save the world, than make it beautiful!”

Once more, she smashed the ground in front of her, creating a giant screen of smoke, rubble, and sand, making sure to not let any debris hit Teodor. It was a simple yet effective move to impair your opponents vision.

Lastly, under cover of the smokescreen, she grabbed Teodor, released a final lighting burst towards one Lyaeus, and jumped over it into the dense forest, hoping that their alliance would delay at least some of the enemies.
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