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Teruko miki

Looking at the bill in her hand, Miki frowned as she and Isaiah returned to the group of now familiar faces. She really wanted those strawberries and could have easily convinced that rude merchant to take her money... probably. Though as she surveyed her surroundings, she noticed the eyes on her and her brother. It was unsettling enough to make Miki move closer to Isaiah, hoping to hide behind him so though it was a shame to leave the strawberries behind, it was probably for the best to leave this place sooner rather than later, which Andromeda and Graham agreed with.

“I prefer Miss Andromeda’s plan, but what would we sell? I only have my backpack with school supplies." She inquired as she patted her backpack before looking at isaiah with intrique. "If my brother here can use some cool tricks, why don’t we let him deal with it? I wanna see what his magic looks like. Or maybe we do both?”
Teruko miki

Miki listened intently as their small group of misfits debated, though their discussion made little sense to her. She knew for sure that she was speaking japanese, but these people were not? it was weird; they were lying, or crazy. After all, the silent girl just turned her head as if she saw a ghost before suddenly speaking with that inappropriate grin on her face. Then the magician was having an academic conversation with the lady, leaving the vulgar dude to be the normal guy; she did like that he called her Ruko though, nobody had ever actually said that before.

Taking a step towards Graham, she intended to ask him something but as she looked at his jacket, her eyes caught a red flash behind him in the distance, grabbing her attention completely. She casually walked to and past Graham in the middle of Andromeda’s request, utterly unaware of her words.

As she walked forward, a small market stall selling a multitude of fruits, including a small batch of strawberries came into her vision. Sitting behind the stall was a sleek looking woman with pointy ears coated in ginger colored hair. The look she gave Miki upon noticing a potential customer was shifty, but that only encouraged Miki to take a step forward and reach for her pocket, which, of course, was empty. unfortunately, she left her wallet in her backpack… Which was still on her back.

Smile on her face and hand reaching behind her, she slid the backpack from her shoulders and reached inside of it, finding the wallet in mere seconds. Looking at the lady in front of her, she reached out her hand filled with a 500 yen bill and asked,

“How many strawberries can I buy with this?”
Teruko miki

Her first day of school… There were many ways it could go, but this? this was not on any list. As Miki still held her hand in the air as if holding the doorknob, she looked upon a bustling market street so unfamiliar it strained her eyes. She rubbed her eyes in an attempt to return to reality and she thought of how she got here; which was by opening her front door… which was ridiculous, because her front door didn’t lead to a medieval town square filled to the brim with people who cosplay for a living. Looking around once more, this time more frantically, she searched for her own house to no avail.


Closing her eyes, she hoped that the noise would go away, but instead, she listened to her surroundings, which sounded like a lively market filled with banter and coins changing pockets, along with some voices awfully close to her. 2 boys and 2 girls were talking to each other while she stood right next to them and she hadn’t even noticed.

From the delinquent to the lady, they all looked as confused by their surroundings as Miki did, but turning her attention to literally anyone else, it felt like these 4 were in the minority.

For some reason, the lady thought it would be good to introduce themselves in turns, and to be honest, it wouldn’t hurt to get familiar with at least someone in this place.

“M-my first day of school starts today and I wanted to leave early so I could, you know, meet new people. Not like this though…” She spoke as her eyes shifted in and out of the ladies gaze. Fiddling her hands, she continued, “I’m Teruko Miki. My friends call me Miki but I like Ruko better.” With a small nod and smile she took a step back to bow.

“Nice to meet yo-” As she attempted to speak, her back bumped in a passing civilian. Shocked by the interruption, Miki abruptly shifted her weight, turning around to say sorry, but the bystander only showed their back as they continued on their day. Her guilt quickly turned to curiosity as she became entranced by the wagging tail on the behind of the bystander. She stared at it for a good few seconds before returning her attention to the small group before her, promptly attempting a second bow, albeit more subdued this time.

“Yeah so, nice to meet you.”
cant wait to get this show on the road :>
@KoL carry us andromeda :^)
@Kuroakuma So how's it all looking? Any updates?
Nice andromeda has all four elements, shes the avatar xD
So what do we all think of a discord channel? :)
is that something we're interested in?

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