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So...Teodor wanted to save the world? to lead every living being to salvation? hmmm, that sounded like something Raikou would want to do; if only slightly. To save the world would mean saving oneself, and if anything, Raikou wanted that.

Her thought process was cut short however, by an ominous presence appearing in their vicinity. It was something that took hold of her tiny heart, and tried to tear it out with incredibly gruesome power...However, something like that would probably threaten this world; the world which her master seemed to want to protect and save more than anything; something that Raikou would want to save.

So as Teodor took hold of his gun, so too, did Raikou draw her sword and coat it in poison, for this entity would not threaten the world without opposition.

She was focused on the enemy, which drew closer with every second. her finger was itching from grasping the blade so tightly; her mind was filling with adrenaline as she got ready for the battle, so it took her by surprise when her master called out to their original prey. Of course she hadn’t forgotten about them, but in the presence of this thing, their existence seemed trivial.

Teodor’s suggestion did make sense though; strength in numbers seemed the only option to fight these beings...and yet Raikou was reaching out for her master, to take him under her arms and run away, leaving the others behind for the sole purpose of delaying the enemy. It wasn’t like she didn’t approve of this alliance, but if her master was to survive, she somehow felt like sacrifices would have to be made. However, that idea was already vanishing as the lyaeus’ took their position surrounding the four, and their words shocked her.

“To make the world beautiful…” If you really thought about it, it wasn’t that much different from saving the world, so perhaps they could work together after all...but no, there was a memory, words from people from ancient times where oni still roamed the streets. Raikou was often called a “natural beauty” and yet those words never made Raikou feel loved, for that beauty was tied to her being, which was one of conflict and chaos.

“It doesn’t so bad, but-” While her words hopefully distracted the Lyaeus, and without leaving a split-second to spare, Raikou tapped into that conflict, chaos, and rage to release her inner-oni. Simultaneously, she used her now strengthened lightning prana burst to move at incredible speed towards Teodor, and pushed his head to the ground in a single swift yet careful movement.

But she wasn’t done though, for as this all happened with her left arm, her right arm had already drawn her trusty blade, with which she released a deadly swing of lightning in a complete circle around her, hitting every well as her new friends, if they didn’t dodge.

“I’d really rather save the world, than make it beautiful!”

Once more, she smashed the ground in front of her, creating a giant screen of smoke, rubble, and sand, making sure to not let any debris hit Teodor. It was a simple yet effective move to impair your opponents vision.

Lastly, under cover of the smokescreen, she grabbed Teodor, released a final lighting burst towards one Lyaeus, and jumped over it into the dense forest, hoping that their alliance would delay at least some of the enemies.
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Southern Moor Shinto

Along the path, slightly behind Teodosie Tomas Istaairyf, walked a little girl, arms raised behind her head, and feet slowly planting their soles in the ground in a relaxed pace. Raikou had only recently appeared in this world, but was already as comfortable and relaxed as one could be, for a child. At the query from Teodosie about her homeland, she simply gave the man a thoughtful glance before returning to her own thoughts.

It wasn’t until Teodor, as she had decided to call him internally, spoke up once more to suggest going into battle head-first.

“eheh, and you’re supposed to be an adult? You know, I’d love to run into the enemy head-first! But let’s be real, these people have had waaay more time to set up shop and get to know this town. We should really make a few plans first before we start smashing heads.” She said as she crushed an acorn beneath her foot.

“As for your question earlier.” Her head pivoted to the side, taking in the sights of the city before continuing. “Once, I called this place home-” Her eyes betrayed a sense of confusion and sadness as she peered of into the distance. “But...This place isn’t my home, I don’t even recognize it anymore.” Before the situation could turn sour though, Raikou abruptly put a childish smile on her face and interrupted herself. “Well at least people haven’t changed an ounce; no matter what era, they always fight for power and answers.” she almost laughed that out before sheepishly asking teodosie, “So what are you fighting for, here in my lands?”

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Gods, for how short the day had begun, it had turned into a complete mess awfully fast. People were feeble things, and living in peace and prosperity for so long softened them. Sometimes the stress would get to them and they’d commit a crime, but in this scenario, a human was capable of the worst of the worst, even the friendliest of neighbours could turn to murder when put into a sick game like this; it brought out the worst in people, so that only the strongest and purest of them remained.

Unless Flare could do something about it. If they wanted to let this group kill each other to find a way out, then Flare would just find a different way. If they wanted to test this group and weed out the weak, Flare would just make every single one of them strong. If they wanted to crush the mentalities of the people here, Flare would just glue them back together. She was going to help in every way she could, and she was going to save them. Of all the people that the kidnappers could find, they just had to get the one that would ruin their plan. That bear picked the wrong girl to mess with and soon they would find out just how wrong they were.

Snow however...When first laying her eyes upon the grotesquely ridiculous bear, she could do nothing but scoff at his words. They were the ravings of a lunatic, nothing to be taken serious...but then she looked around. Everyone was panicking, some were getting angry, and some were probably already plotting things. But of course they would take Monokuma’s words seriously, it was so like humans to fall for this obvious ruse; idiots…

But that meant that they were already considering murdering each other, including Snow. They couldn’t be trusted, for each of them would stab you in the back as soon as they got the chance. As she stood there, getting more paranoid by the second, she looked at the bear once more, biting her nails in frustation and mumbling under her breath. “The hell do you want…”

Which Flare just happened to hear, turning her face towards Snow and answering calmly, yet deadly.

“It’s an experiment. Twisted scientists with no regards to human life who want inhuman answers to satisfy their inhuman questions. just look at that ridiculous bear; it’s obvious these people are toying with us.”

Her words fell on deaf ears though, as all the attention was quickly drawn by Chikako going in guns blazing. It was a kind of boldness and courage that Flare didn’t expect when she first met the girl. Even though their interaction was brief, Flare had quickly grown fond off the sassy attitude, talking with her about parties and even planning one for this group!

So seeing her run off like that, Flare couldn’t help but chase after her, warning her not to do anything stupid...unsuccessfully. From several feet away, she saw it all, and stopped moving, her vision blurred as she peered at the blood seeping from that guy...the boy who tried to rally everyone together; he had saved Chikako at his own expense.

But that wasn’t why Flare stood there frozen in place; no her eyes were still focused on the blood, almost obsessing over it with a terrified expression on her face; who knew where her thoughts were at the moment, but with every passing second, she seemed to get lost in them more and more.

Until she snapped back; when ginshi suddenly shouted for help, Flare almost jumped into the air of shock. But quickly regained her thoughts, which were now focused on one thing.


She said as she ran towards the injured party, taking off her jacket and ripping it to pieces. Underneath her jacket was hidden a very peculiar black shirt; the collar was entirely made of black feathers which protruded upwards. In any case, she soon had the jacket laid out into several pieces to serve as bandages.

“Lay them on the ground carefully, we need to check for exit wounds,” She proclaimed as she took hold of Chikako to observe her shoulder at multiple angles until she indeed spotted one. “Alright that’s good. Any luck with him?” She questioned Ginshi before carefully tying the bandage around Chikako’s shoulder.

“We’re gonna need a medical arm sling for that shoulder, and crutches for mister speech, it’s important that you don’t move excessively, as hard as that may be for someone as bouncy as you.” She smiled at Chikako, an obvious attempt at comforting her.

Meanwhile, Snow was just in utter surprise, she knew that this group was quick to turn to panic, but those two were on a wholly different scale. Though the guns didn’t shock her as much as the others, mostly because she was already familiar with them, thinking back to the pier.

After observing the crowd one more time to look for any abnormalities, Snow finally turned around to walk away, sifting towards her new handbook for any intel that would give her an edge, and off she went in the direction of the cabins.

As soon as Izo decided to leave, Flare’s mind sprang into action with ways to stop the boy, or at least help him with his plans. But Taka and Momo soon resolved that mindset, allowing Flare to focus on the here and now.

Chikako was not happy about everyone’s dead-serious attitude, which Flare could understand, and the party afterwards sounded like a great plan! one that Flare would definitely want to help set up.

And yet Taka opposed the idea instantly, he wanted answers, and he wanted them now; and Momoe wasn’t doing anything to ease the situation. So one wanted to leave, one wanted answers, one wanted fun, and the other was a mystery...God how is a person supposed to help people when they all wanted such different things that conflict with each other so heavily! It was mind-boggling, and it was all that Flare could think about, which in turn caused her headache to worsen, and that in turn twisted her face into a conniving and almost furious thing.

Luckily it didn’t last long, as the announcement snapped everyone out of their thoughts. It seemed like they all agreed to listen to the announcer, thank god for whoever was on the other end of that screen, they just saved Flare a mental breakdown.

Without much further thought, she quickened her pace so she could walk next to Chikako, who seemed the nicest out of the bunch, giving her a small glance before focusing on the road ahead without saying anything for the rest of the walk.

A scared girl was running, she was running from something, from someone. the moon illuminated the night in a bright shade of red as this girl trembled and fell to the ground, a face full of terror looking behind her to face this man. He wielded a spear, and was faster than the fastest vehicle on earth. and the spear he held was aimed for her heart.

With a single strike it pierced the soft and frail body of the girl, who screamed out in agony, yet nobody could hear her cries for help, or rather, they chose to look away; as they should, for this girl was not murdered, she was executed.

Sofia shot up from her slumber, gasping for air while grabbing her chest as if it was no longer there. a nightmare…

Slowly and carefully, she removed the blanket from her legs, placed her feet on the ground, and looked at the letter on a shelf next to her. It seemed like she was asked to help fight a servant, but that would have to wait...something was wrong. As Sofia looked at the washed out magic circle in the middle of the room, she noticed that...her servant wasn’t here.

with a sudden rush of adrenaline, she rushed out of bed and into the hallway; why was her servant gone? did the summoning go wrong? the karmic link! it was still there, and as Sofia focused, she saw.

Raikou was in town, strolling the streets with no care in the the middle of the riot zone!

Owh no, this was bad, there was no way Sofia could enter that zone on her own, it was too dangerous, but her servant wasn’t responding to her at all. she needed to find Benita and Achilles, ask them to go with her, so she can find Raikou.

Sprinting through the halls, she searched and searched for any sign of Benita, until she entered the entrance to the hot spring and found her target, only to immediately jump back around the corner. There were two other people with Benita. one was obviously a servant, and the master was most likely the man in front of the servant.

But wait, this master, was he the servant? checking him out with her pure eyes, Sofia was startled by what she saw; it looked like two servants stood in front of her, but one had to be the master, though looking at their appearance, the glasses wearing man was most likely the master, this was no ordinary master though, and she would be smart to be careful around him.

So slowly but surely, Sofia walked towards the group, a cautious look on her face as she got closer and closer.

“H-hello sir, do you mind if I borrow miss Benita for a second?” Sofia asked of Gin, giving a smile towards him and the boy behind them.

“I know i’ve said it before but, I want you to know that I am really really really sorry, for everything that happened yesterday.” She softly spoke. “All i wanted to do was help my sister...but it backfired so bad, I just, it was a disaster.” She looked at the ground as she said it, but immediately after, she looked Benita in the eyes and folded her hands in a pleading motion.

“A-anyway, I wanted to ask...are we still allies? because I’d like us to be.” And with that, she backed off, finally having the tension and stress released, Sofia felt miles better than the day before, and her trademark innocent smile soon returned to her as she walked over to the other two in the room.

“Sorry for that sir, I am Sofia Whitehall.” She said as she introduced herself and extended her hand, expecting the master to return the favor so that she could possibly get him to assist in finding Raikou as well.

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