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this looks nice

Chikako & Monokuma (@Ammokkx)

Snow stood across the room from Chikako. There wasn’t that much distance between them, but it felt like Snow was on a different planet. As if standing on the moon looking down at earth, she looked at the dancer unable to grasp her own feelings.

“When you look at her, knowing what she’s done, what do you see? You should hate and despise her, she’s a monster who murdered in cold blood.” As she spoke, her eyes never looked at anything but Chikako, who was pushing Lilly away at this point. “I look at her, and I see a mistake; a pitiful girl with no control over her pathetic human impulses… They always end up like that.”

She then turned to Aurel, though her eyes were noticeably devoid of light. Stroking a strand of hair behind her ear, she looked at him.

“Yes I’m okay, and I don’t need your sympathy, it’s only a matter of time before you end up like Naomi… or Chikako.”

Ryuma, who was across the room from Snow heard those words, and they didn’t sit right with him. He clenched his fists and firmly walked towards Snow with the full intent of rejecting her stance, until he was blocked midway by the arm of Flare. “Flare, the fuck are you doing!? Didn’t you hear Snow? she-”

“Stop. You’re gonna make things worse.” Flare interrupted Ryuma before she lowered her arm.

“Come on, she is obviously not okay, if we leave her like that, she’s gonna shut herself in.”

“You can’t help her right now, she’s already shut herself in. Let her process what happened before you force your ideals on her.”

“...Fuck-sake, I hate this.”

“Think about yourself first. You can't tell me you don't care about Chikako."

Ryuma's shoulders drooped as he was forced to think about what was about to happen.“Naomi didn't deserve this. I can't forgive Chikako, but christ, that doesn't mean she needs to die for it.” His face tensed up as he looked at Chikako.

“Whoever controls that bear is the one I can't forgive. Chikako would never have needed to turn to murder if it wasn't for them... In fact-" Flare walked up towards Chikako and the bear, her brows intensely furrowed. "Bear! You think you have us eating out of your hand like little piggies hoarded into pens, but you're wrong. You killed Naomi, and for that, you will pay." ending her sentence, Flare released a big sigh before turning to Chikako.

"Himura Chikako, I forgive you."
Hey gamers, Deadline is closing in but I found this RP and you know the crave for MHA is real. Is it still true that I can apply?

This was a mess. All Snow did was ask Ayu a simple question and somehow, it went from that question to ‘Chikako is the murderer!’ in two seconds. five different theories crossed each other at once and none of them seemed to have any grip. Even in the anarchy they all seemed content with adding fuel to the fire and it was nauseating. As Snow's head continued to spin, people started providing vague ideas and answers and it was getting out of control. No actually, it had gone out of control before the trial even started, but after Aurel blatantly threw out the accusation she had enough. Snow let Ginshi finish but her mind was too overheated to consider his idea.

“Owh my god, I’ve had it with you all. I’m done, that’s it, limit reached; if anyone else starts talking in riddles without giving proof, facts, or something to hold on to, I will vote for Chikako right here, right now.” She roared as her hand floated above the vote button. “Now explain yourself Aurel, and nobody else injects any bootleg ideas, clues or theories, yeah!?”

With a look of pity, Flare looked over at Hiroki and her gaze only ended after some time with a lamenting sigh. His argument was flimsy and only caused his heels to sink deeper into his grave and it disheartened Flare.

“...Hiroki… you’re a good guy right? Upstanding student, best of your class, a commendable name like ultimate Type A Student.” A barely noticeable tremble coursed through Flare’s words as she spoke, as if trying to search for certainty. “So why are you using such a trivial argument? Nobody said the pink fabric belonged to clothing, It could come from any number of places. A piece of bedsheets, maybe a curtain; I could probably even find something in Maiya’s lab, right where we found the broken CD.” She tapped her knuckle on the desk each time she gave an example as she looked at Naomi’s seat before returning her slow gaze towards Hiroki.

“If you want us to trust you, don’t panic and try to run from this.”

“You said the fabric could’ve come from maiya’s lab right?” Snow added as her chin rested in the palm of her hand.

“And the CD case was found there too. I can see those CD pieces being carried around in a pink bag for something like murder or something.” tilting her head towards Ayu, she continued. “Did you see Hiroki take anything like that? Did you take it yourself?”

“I see. So Ginshi and Maiya have an alibi as well.” Flare smiled as she looked at Izo in a somewhat grateful way. “You speak as if you have no stakes in this trial, but your condescending words help us nonetheless so thank you Izo.”

“Help? That asshole has done nothing but insult me and conspire with Monokuma!” Snow called out as she slammed her fist onto the stand. “Ugh this making my head spin, did our suspect list just get bigger or smaller? Me, Taka and Ryuma are still protected by the rule of three right? And Ginshi, Maiya, Izo, Shirou and Aurel have their alibi’s.”

“You forgot Momoe.”

“No I didn- whatever, fine.” Snow said with a downplaying hand gesture. “So who’s left then? Chikako? Hibiki? Hiroki?” Snow let her finger go over a few ultimates until it pointed straight at Hiroki. “Yeah, what is your deal? tell us what your alibi is.”

“Is that blood?” The reluctance to keep looking at the scissors told enough as Flare spoke, but looking away wasn’t an option either. “That’s… horrible. For anyone to carve into someone’s throat like that, I’d become sick in an instant. They’d need such a big resistance to the gory, like a butcher.”

“Are you suggesting something?”

“No... I’m not.” Flare lowered her chin as she retreated into herself, getting lost in thoughts. Snow gave her a short glance before opening up to the rest of the group with her hands clenched.

“So if we’re gonna accept the scissors as the uhh, murder weapon, then does anybody know where they might get them? I… like to fiddle with scissors a bit, like cutting shapes into cloth and leaves. It helps keep my hands busy when I’m not cutting actual hair.” Though her eyes averted all others, there was an innocence in her voice. “But ever since getting here, I haven’t been able to find any. Not that I really searched for them.” She silently sneered.

“Actually.” Flare remarked as she rose up from her thoughts. “I have not seen any scissors but I know a place that could have them. Back during the investigation, I searched through Maiya’s research lab and it was filled with odds and ends, from the trivial to the useful. And with Maiya’s talent, scissors definitely belong there.” Flare stopped for a second, putting a finger on her chin. “More importantly, there was a trashcan that contained something strange. A CD case with pieces of a CD still inside; not the entire CD tho-”

“Wait, a broken CD?” Snow interrupted Flare. “The showers contained shiny shards, those must’ve been part of the CD, and there were pieces of pink torn fabric too, and the shower was still running!”

“Snow, please slow down. You’re hard to follow.” Flare raised her hand towards Snow, gesturing downwards.

“Don’t you get it? That means the killer totally got the CD and the scissors from maiya’s lab, or should I say, the blackened’s lab.”

To be honest, Snow didn’t really want Momoe to fire back at her, but being ignored like she was put a scowl on her face to match the most childish pouts. luckily for everyone involved, the scowl didn't last long as her attention drifted towards the actual content that Momoe brought to the table, even Snow could admit that the one-eyed predator had a way with words.

Unfortunately Izo’s condescending nature shone ever brightly right now, putting even Shirou in a foul mood. If Snow’s arms weren’t crossed already they’d fly into position immediately when Izo addressed her.

“Haven’t I suffered enough? I am a victim here, just like …” She stopped herself from finished the sentence, doubt causing her eyes to drift to the floor. “I … slept through it, all of it. Or well, I think I couldn’t wake up. When I opened my eyes this morning, My mind was hazy and hurt a lot, and I felt a bump on the back of my head.” She reached for her injury as she returned her gaze to Izo. “If I was knocked unconscious, I wouldn’t wake up whatever happened… and I think Naomi did it. I would definitely wake up if someone tried to break the lock in the middle of the night, it had to have been someone in the room with me … But I can’t wrap my head around why?”

“Why she did it doesn’t matter right now, it’s more important to gather all the information we can before getting into the motive. Thank you for telling us, I’m starting to see the bigger picture.” Flare assured Snow with a nod, to which Snow only responded by averting her gaze.

“If it is true that Naomi 'put Snow to sleep', She would have no problem removing her handcuff and leaving the cabin. Momoe, Aurel, if you were truly awake, didn't you hear anything last night?”

A finger twitched, an eyebrow raised, a feet tapped the floor. It was all Snow could do to contain herself from going all out when Momoe and Taka insulted and accused her. They had already proven to be trouble-making brats, but pointing their barbaric tendencies at Snow just made her feel gross. As she glared daggers at the two, she took a step back from the counter. The conversation went in all kinds of directions to prove her innocence, but she didn't need help; didn't want it. and Aurel and Maiya trying to white knight her didn’t score any points either. Yet when Maiya spoke again, Snow just had to comment on it.

“Tinkerbell, you cannot be this Gullible.” She sighed. “Of all the things to ask, why this trivial question? I can tell you right now that I was asleep during the night, and good luck finding a different answer from the others. Even if they were awake, telling us all now only makes you more suspicious!” In tune with her pent up frustration, she raised her voice as her arms started moving to her words. “And don’t even try asking about the 20 minutes rule, because every single one of you is dense enough to continue sleeping like a sheep as your partner uses their 20 minutes! Like, my god, it’s like you’re trying to derail the trial when you know that our lives are on the line. You do know that right?” Not feeling ready to settle down, she took another breath and pointed her finger towards Momoe. “And don’t you dare say something witty and obnoxious again! I am sick and tired of your attitude and if you can’t behave like a proper lady, just stay back with that cross-dressing prick and let us get out of trial alive!” Releasing all the stress, she breathed out slowly and crossed her arms.
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