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^^^^ and this is totally the trial right now

Max was impressed by everyone yet again; they were effortlessly countering Jezebel’s pathetic words. Although when Shaun emptied his pockets, Max noticed burn scars on his left arm. The poor boy looked like a total mess, but even he was valiantly fighting for justice. But soon after Felix spoke his mind, Cyrus turned into a malicious creature intent on completely decimating Jezebel. It was a profane and out of line display of the otherwise respectful politician. Now Max had to admit that he had been getting quite hostile towards jezebel himself, but Cyrus was simply out of control; Max was going to have to talk to him after the trial.

But then, when Ice pulled the wallet out of his pocket and announced some very distressing news, neither Max nor Felix could hide their surprise. This piece of evidence had been sorely missing, and the fact that Ice had waited this long to present it annoyed Max. No matter how much you want to hide your secrets, it is never worth keeping more than your life. What would’ve happened if they had voted for the wrong person and got everyone killed simply because ice thought that the wallet held less importance to the trial then to him; it was unacceptable.

Even now, Ice still hasn’t shown us the wallet. He’s doing the same thing that Jezebel got roasted for just a second ago (which she apparently doesn’t even mind). All Ice was doing, was presenting claims and statements like the fact that he used to be part of some mob, and that Shaun is apparently not Shaun at all, But rather Erin Steele the trickster, part of a mafia gang that opposed Ice.

“Hey hold on second, I think Krista may be right.” Felix pointed towards Shaun’s left arm before continuing. “When Shaun exposed his left arm, didn’t you all see the burn marks on his skin? They looked pretty dark to me. And remember which note I got? ‘Their flesh is a bit dark’. At first we all thought that it belonged to Marianne because of her tanned skin. But now that I think about it, using the word flesh seems oddly specific compared to tan or skin. Wouldn’t it be possible that my note actually refers to Shaun?”

As soon as Felix spoke those words, they resonated with Max as well, so he decided to add onto them.

“Indeed, that sounds very plausible. And if the trickster note doesn’t refer to him, then he most likely isn’t the trickster.” Max placed his hands in his pockets before facing ice. “And you know what else is weird about this? The person who threw the wallet already had it in his possession. But who would have a wallet containing your secret and info regarding the trickster, other than the trickster...or you?”
Another daily meme for y'all

Felix was watching the debate that jezebel started closely. It had already turned into a battle of rebuttals between her and Krista, but despite Jezebel’s less than praiseworthy statements that Krista cut through easily, her use of personal attacks probably had more of an unconscious effect on Krista then she let on to. Glancing between the two of them, Felix couldn’t help but feel the urge to support Krista, even more so because she tried to counter everything without even getting violent, despite Jezebel’s obviously provoking words.

But with each argument that Jezebel presented, Felix noticed something; Jezebel was presenting theories, arguments, and even evidence that were previously not even remotely on the table. More and more, it was looking like Jezebel knew more than she let on previously, but the thing that pushed Felix over the line, was the voice changer. That piece of evidence, which Jezebel even knew the precise name of, was not something that he could possibly overlook, even if Felix desperately wanted to believe otherwise.

“Hey Jez? I know you’re trying your hardest to paint Shaun as the blackened but…you haven’t given us any solid evidence yet. All I’m hearing is theories, claims, and insults. Shaun showed you that he has neither a wallet, nor a voice changer, but…you knew about the arrows, you knew about the buzzer, you could’ve heard that Shaun was meeting Marianne, and you have a voice changer. Even now, you’re shaking and sweating, having trouble to find the right words.

And have you even thought about the fact that we could be wrong about which notes refer to whom? And wasn’t it you who first agreed with Cyrus about whose notes refer to who, and then quickly swiping it under the rug? Besides, we don’t even know if the trickster is the blackened. Now I’m not one to accuse people, but you have to admit that this is all looking pretty suspicious.”

Max knew that going with your gut was a risky move, one that could very easily turn out for the worse. But Max is a risky man, and he knew that risks needed to be taken in order to advance. And this risk turned out to be quite fruitful.

Cyrus may have neglected Max, but although their methods may have differed, Cyrus was aiming for the same goal as Max; Cornering the Trickster, putting pressure on them, and ultimately letting them reveal themselves. He was quite impressed by Cyrus’ attempt, although it was to be expected that the infinite politician had a way with words.

But then Zachary decided to speak up, first apologizing to jezebel, and then Peering at Max. Their intense glares must have probably seemed very intimidating to the others, it at least daunted Felix enough to take a step back. But in the moment, Max was solely focused on Zachary, who refuted Max’s claims with such confidence that it almost convinced Max. In any case, this was going nowhere, and the last thing that Max wanted, was to stall the trial.

The next topic that was brought up by Alice surprised Max, he found the truth bullet about parker’s testimony quite weird, as there was no parker here. But the fact that she was a carnage sister who’s goal was to get as many people killed so she can escape!? It spelled trouble, and it concerned Max even more that Alice and Shaun talked about it so casually; as if they would help this parker.

“I would like to meet this…Parker after we finish the trial. And I do not have a wallet on me, there is really no need for one while recovering in Axis Mundi.” He pulled his pockets inside-out to show that it contained nothing.

“Same, it’d be weird to keep it in your pockets while you’re in a hospital bed anyway.” Said Felix while giving a grinning glance towards Cyrus.

Both Felix and Max sighed in response to Monokuma and the sister’s tiring commentary, but that sigh quickly turned to disappointment as Jezebel desperately tried to protect Zachary; they had been pretty close, but this was just embarrassing. Anyone could find the flaws in jezebel’s arguments, which Krista neatly summarized. All Max could do, was sigh and shake his head in disappointment.

“Jezebel, what is it you're trying to accomplish? Throwing these wild accusations and flawed arguments at us does nothing but embarrass you. Is it to protect Zachary? I admire you looking out for your friends, but you are only worsening his position right now.” Max was talking a bit like how a disappointed dad would talk to his kid, but he now looked at Zachary again.

“And you. Are you really that pathetic? to let a woman cover for you because you refuse to man up?”
I'm not forgetting it i swear!

Monokuma throwing in new rules surprised Felix a bit, but Jezebel agreeing with what he suggested set his mind to peace at least a little. Having shared opinions always gives you a sense of safety.

However, Max was still very much surprised; he was impressed by the overall cooperative debates. It was much better than in the previous case, something that the new rules painfully referenced back to. He found himself agreeing with everything that was being presented. The gown, the arrows, the buzzer, there was nothing for him to add. But Max actually kind of felt relieved by the fact that there were some competent people in this room when he wasn’t expecting anything from most of them.

But then, a sudden flash of uneasiness crawled over his spine. Zach spoke his first words, and they contained a lie. Even after it was pointed out by Mercy and Calvin, the archer did nothing but deteriorate the situation. Max wanted to confront Zach in the hopes to reveal the truth, but he was interrupted. This time, the overextending teddy decided it was time to reveal the notes and Max took this opportunity to take the lead after looking through all of them.

“Can I have everyone’s attention?” Said Max with an elevated voice accompanied by a few claps of his hands. “I’d like to confirm something regarding the notes. At first, they don’t seem relevant at all, just random trivia and facts that pertain to the infinites. Yet as Jezebel said, there are some missing, two to be precise; and one of them is a truth bullet. And said note is about a certain trickster unlike the one we've seen." He said, giving a slight look at jezebel.

"But by connecting all of the notes to the infinites we would leave only Shaun and Zach without a note that relates to them, so through the process of elimination…one of them is the trickster."

"But how are you gonna figure out who it is? there's no clear evidence that points to Shaun nor Zach." Said Felix while scratching the back of his head.

"Well, there is another clue, but it isn't very clear. It is the fact that the trickster’s note was found in Shaun’s room, but it could just as well have been placed there by the blackened, so it isn’t a solid lead.” Max placed his hands on the counter and focused his gaze onto Zach. “Yet even though it isn’t a solid clue, I Have to go with my gut and say that the note belonged to Shaun. Which means that the only possible person to be the trickster would be you, Zach." A sudden serious and intimidating glare had taken root within Max's eyes. It was as if he tried to warn Zach to choose his next words very carefully. "How fitting, that the trickster just started to lie.”
guess who gets a meme again?
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