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So here's my submission :>

Definitely interested in this, if you're still accepting i'd love to join ^^

as for talent, that would be SHSL Hair stylist. :P

Felix couldn’t believe what he was hearing, Aleecia sacrificing herself? It was preposterous, and this new kid just comes in and supports her idea, further fueling her motivation to go through with it. He would not allow it, even if he had to tie her down.

“Thomas, Aleecia. Are you two realizing what you are saying?” Max turned towards Aleecia with a face so serious, it could drain the life out of the most lively person around. “If you go to talk with Nariko, I guarantee you, she will not hesitate to drag you in to that morgue to live the rest of you and Krista’s lives in loneliness, solitude, and despair. You may think it is better than leaving Krista to die. It is not. And if you think you can reason with a robot like that, you haven’t seen her trying to kill Krista, who she so loves.”

And then he faced towards Thomas, who he should really be apologizing to because of earlier. But nobody in their right mind would apologize to someone who said such inhumane things. For this kid to talk about things the way he did, so emotionless, was he born like this? Or did something turn him into the cynic he is today? But as he noted earlier, if Max was to connect with the troubled Thomas, he would need to speak his language, the language of logic.

“So you talk of logic, and these contingencies of yours. But you’re only thinking about the numbers and statistics. We are humans, we have feelings and emotions, and you can’t apply logic to that. You say that your contingency C is the most logical solution, but you are wrong. Because by sacrificing one of ours, the next time we are given a similar situation, it will just be easier to sacrifice another, and another, and another, till there’s nobody left. Not the mention the mental trauma we would feel, the guilt, the despair. All that would remain of this group would be a broken mess, ready to kill each other, if only to escape the nightmare. Same thing goes for your plan B.”

“In my mind, there is but a single option left. We save Krista and Aleecia, or die trying. At least that way, we can still believe in ourselves, and each other.” Over the course of his ramble, Max had worked up quite a sweat, but it needed to be said.

Meanwhile Felix hadn’t even followed Max’s words, he knew that the infinite cop would get through to them, and that gave Felix the time to formulate a plan, but without more information, doing so would simply be impossible.

“Hey, so guys? What’s actually the situation? Did Nariko just lock Krista in the morgue? Is she with her in there? Or is Krista tied down or somethin." Felix’s words were obviously meant for Cyrus, who probably knew everything, but maybe others could chime in with their facts and ideas. "We need details if we are to save her!”

Flipping a page, max sat at the study, studying some basic science. Still feeling a bit guilty by how he handled Thomas earlier, he was also thinking of a way to apologize to the kid. But those thoughts were cut short by a voice on the speakers. It was Cyrus, and his words carried with them an incredible anxiety. Could someone have died? Was there another hostage situation? With a loud thud, Max’s book hit the floor as he started walking towards the Diner at quite a pace, but while crossing a corner.


Before he could realize, Max was brought to the ground, hurting his left arm in the process. Next to him lay Felix, who seemed alarmed.

“Hey, you heard Cyrus right? Shit, this is bad. He totally sounded super serious, something bad must’ve happene-“

“Felix! Calm down. We don’t know what Cyrus wants, and you panicking isn’t helping anyone. Let’s just get to the diner.” Said Max, as he got back up to his feet. When he used his left arm to get up though, a pain spike surged through it, causing Max to flinch; it may be bruised pretty bad.

“Owh, ye-yeah.” Felix followed suit, but from the corner of his eye, he noticed Max’s pain, and his cheeks grew red as he imagined where that pain probably came from.

As the two reached the diner, Felix and Max spotted the few infinites that had arrived, among them being new faces. But introducing themselves was the last thing on their mind.

“Guys! What’s the deal? Is Cyrus inside?” Felix frantically looked around for the politician, but it seems he wasn’t here at all. “You all heard his message right? So where is he?”

“Felix, I told you to calm down. You know Cyrus could only have broadcasted from the post, he’ll be here any minute.” While he tried to appear calm and rational, even Max was clearly on edge.

After enjoying Bliss’ cooking, Max set his sights on the study. He had thought to review a bit of intelligence that would help him in this killing game. ‘This is the last time someone turns up dead under my watch’ is what he told himself while strolling towards the study. Upon reaching the doors, he took hold of the doorknob before letting go. For a second he stood there before knocking on the door three times and entering.
After scanning the room, he immediately spotted another kid. How cruel of Davis to have so many kids participate in this game. Intent on introducing himself to the boy, Max walked up to him with an approachable stance.

“Greetings, are you enjoying the literature here?”

Max’s inquiry seemed to have fallen on deaf ears at first. Thomas’s stature remained exactly the same as it was prior to the infinites greeting, hunched over his book and writing. After a short period of inactivity though, Thomas started to move. As his position had the doorway facing his back, he had to turn around to see who his visitor was.

As Thomas shifted his head back to see Max, he raised one arm into the air, the other one pushing back on the others elbow, closing his eyes and yawning in the process. There was a resounding crack as he stretched his arms, he must have been sitting there for a while. His head faced Max completely now, and he started to lower his arms as he opened his eyes.

Once again there was a pause. Thomas’s arms stopped moving and he gazed blankly at Max. After a second though, recognition looked to have dawned on his face. He lowered his arms onto the side of the chair he was sitting in, draping his hands off the armrests so they hung loosely off the edge. His notebook lay in his lap, open to the forty-eighth page.

“Infinite Police Officer. I don’t think we’ve met in person before.” he stated, rather than answering Max. He raised himself out of his seat, sliding his hands up and pushing off out of his chair. The notebook slid down his lap, and was caught by Thomas’s right hand just before it could fall off. He held it to his side, but awkward positioning caused the notebooks cover to face his leg. With his other hand, he extended it towards Max, twisting his shoulder back to reach out a little further, as a gesture of greeting.

“I see you’ve done your homework.” He said as he firmly took hold of Thomas’ hand, maybe squeezing a bit too hard. “So might you be Thomas?” after a few shakes, Max leisurely let go.

Max’s firm grip caught Thomas off guard, and he shook his hand in the air a few times as he returned it to his side. “Herringson. My name’s Thomas Herringson.” Thomas said, diverting his gaze to Max’s eyes, having to tilt his head further upwards in the process. His gaze was inquisitive, as if he were searching for something in the ocean of blue which comprised Max’s eyes.

“Nice to meet you” Said Max as he noticed Thomas’ stare, for being in the situation that they were, the boy was sure calm and absent-minded. Maybe what he was still thinking about what he was reading.

“So what were you reading? Something informative?”
Thomas seemed satisfied with what he saw, and looked away from Max’s eyes and to his notebook.”You could say it’s informative, but it’s not a book, nor was I reading. This is just a collection of thoughts, thoughts of being caught in a strange and frightening situation.” . His voice wavered at the end, giving his words an unconvincing tone.

“So it’s a notebook. That’s-” A sense of curiosity and caution took hold of him as he spotted his own name in the notebook. While Max didn’t believe that Thomas would pose a threat, he knew better then to trust anyone on first sight. “So how strange and frightening am I, according to that?” He pointed towards Thomas’ notebook; despite his attempts to stay comfortable, Max clearly sounded a bit on guard.

Tch! Thomas shot a glance towards his side, where his book was facing outwards. He called himself the Infinite Biomechanic, but he couldn’t even prevent such a rudimentary error. He didn’t want to explain what was in the notebook - he couldn't, not to the Infinite Police Officer - and in fact had planned on diverting these conversation to another topic. Foolish. His mistake had cost him. Although Thomas was mentally berating himself, his outward expression remained every bit as neutral as he has been known to portray. The only hint to his distress was his glance to his side, and even that was more of an acknowledgement than a signal.

He raised his right hand holding the book in front of him and snapped it shut with his fingers, resulting in a resounding crack throughout the study, he took this moment of silence to think about his situation and calm down. There was no issue here, surely someone like him could diffuse this situation into something palatable to his agenda. After all, even if he did make mistakes sometimes, he wasn’t made an infinite for nothing.

“You know, when I spoke to some of the other individuals in this killing game, there was a pretense of coordination. Some degree of unspoken trust between us; the infinites in the same dire predicament.” Thomas took a step towards Max, sliding his notebook into his pocket then clasping his hands together in a single swift motion. His expression was the same, the ever present paragon of neutrality. At this point it was almost eerie how devoid his face was.

“Th- You see, When we conduct simple studies, we call the strays an outlier. There’s all sorts of reasons for them, such as a heavy tailed distribution or malfunctions. The thing is: there is always a reason for the outlier. I don’t think there’s any reason to think that it’s odd for everyone to get along. That’s generally what people in these strange situations do, you know.” Thomas paused for a second, mulling over his next words, then continued speaking.

“I wonder what could make someone so suspicious of a sixteen year old boy, so skittish in a situation that presents no harm to you. Perhaps I did mention your name whilst writing. I may have mentioned several others, or even all of the infinites in Axis Mundi.” Thomas leaned in even closer, until he was right in front of (below), Max’s head. “However, It would be a shame if someone like you were to succumb to the killing game, Infinite Police Officer, so trust me. You don’t have to worry about what’s in here.” Thomas patted his pocket with the notebook, then turned away swiftly and took two steps back from Max. ”I mean, you’ve seen two trials already.” Thomas turned back around so his was facing max, a comfortable distance away. “You’ve seen what happens to outliers here.”

“Are you sure you should be saying such things to others? To a Police officer no less. Whatever it is that you are hiding in that notebook of yours, it’s not worth antagonizing me.” While Max was not exactly intimidated by Thomas attempts, a small evil gnawed in the the back of his mind. Kids like him may look completely harmless, but as Shaun had shown, even they couldn’t be trusted entirely. As Thomas clearly showed, he was very protective of his notebook, going as far as to passively attack him. While young aggressive punks were never a match for Max, the rare sophisticated and tactical among them always gave him cold feet. As Max’s police instincts kicked in, he did not only want to scold this kid, but also ensure that the notebook held no danger to the group.

“Listen kid, if you repel everyone like this, I am going to have trouble keeping you safe from potential murderers, much less those crazy robots. So how about you show that notebook, and I can decide if it holds any interest.” Said Max as he reached out his hand. “If it’s something personal, I vow to keep it a have nothing to fear.” While his last words were supposed to be comforting, his face showed that he was in fact warning Thomas to take this serious.

Reprimandation. Someone like Max, standing above Thomas, telling him what to do. In that same god damn tone. Who the hell did he think he was? What gave Max the right to speak like that, to demand to see his notebook. He was almost like…

Shut up! Thomas nearly screamed at Max. His face contorted and broke his illusion of neutrality, morphing into a expression of animosity and… fear?

Thomas tilted his head down and hunched his shoulders, he was shaking and his hands were now balled into fists. His hair fell over his forehead, hiding his face from Max.

...Then after just a moment of silence, Thomas looked back up. There was no trace of his outburst except for the shade of red that adorned his cheeks. His eyes settled back on Max, and his arms loosened back into the neutral pose he was in prior to clasping his hands together. Even though his face was neutral, his hands continued to shake even after he regained composure.

“My apologies… that was improper.” Thomas relaxed his hands and turned towards the door, away from Max ”I’m sorry; but you’re not going to see what’s in this Notebook, neither should you delude yourself with thoughts of being my guardian. When we meet again, I hope it will be on more pleasant terms.” he stated, beginning to walk away from Max and out of the study.

Troublesome. Thomas completely disregarded Max, but instead of anger, Max felt guilt. He went too far, again. If only Max took a more humane approach, he could have avoided this awkward situation. Now all he could do was watch him leave, and ponder about their next meeting.
guess I'll have to meme on the discord then :>

After Max had a leisurely conversation with Noel, his rumbling stomach pulled him away from the dojo. He remembered Emily's suggestion, and went on his way towards the diner; the rumbling becoming ever louder as he got closer to the soothing smell of bacon.

Upon opening the doors to the diner, he was greeted with sights both new and old. Looking to one side of the room, he spotted Mary, and she looked like she just confessed to Caora, who was clinging to Bliss as if it was the end of the world. On the other side of the room sat aleecia, but as Emily was already approaching her, Max decided to approach the only person left on their own. Another girl with a cloak wrapped around her. Intent on greeting this new girl, Max took a few steps towards her.

"I see you've already found the vending machine. This facility doesn't offer many kinds of food, but at least the drinks are plentiful." A certain comforting tone under-laid Max's voice as he reached out his hand towards Rika. "I'm Max."

Once Max had turned his attention to Rika, she had sat on the floor next to the vending machine and stared up at his hand, he spoke to her as if she didn't know her way around the place, or was new here, she opened her mouth and played her tape recorder." Hello Rika, my name is Rika, good morning, good evening." The tape spoke for her."Been here before." The tape squeaked, then the words started to sound garbled."Been in the hospital before, know place, know area." She still didn't take his hand to shake it, only looking up at him with her good eye and closing the foggy one.

A mixture of surprise and confusion flew on max's face as Rika started talking through recorder about her being here before. this is certainly the first time he's seen Rika, so did she leave before Max arrived and came back now? or was she always there and just eluded Max all this time. Only one way to find out though.

"So you've been here before? Guess I won't have to explain what's going on then. that's a relief." He gave a short smile before putting on his more usual serious expression and scanning Rika's tape recorder. "So why do you use that tape recorder to talk?" As Max asked this, he spotted Emily closing the distance between her and the sheepish looking girl from the corner his eye.

After she wiped some beads of sweat from her forehead and composed herself, Ellie began looking around the dining hall, she noticed someone speaking with Rika and chose not to get in the middle of her conversation, she then noticed the one girl almost staring off into nothing, she had moments where she would close her eyes for long periods of time then open them for a moment, not knowing what could be wrong her, or if anything was actually wrong with her. Ellie slowly approached her and simply asked her." Are you okay?" she then reached her hand out to the young lady but didn't touch her. "Do you need any help or do you need the Infinite doctor?" She continued questioning the girl.

Aleecia turned her head towards the voice, trying to place the voice, but was unable to. "Oh! Um... I'm well, if that's what you're asking?" She gripped the folds of her green sweatshirt. "Is there something you need?" It took the girl a second before she realized she hadn't introduced herself. "I'm Aleecia. Aleecia Marvic-" Before she could say another word, she seemed to trip over nothing and started to fall. Oh for heaven's sake!

The young girl turned to Emily, and answered her with a question, she asked Emily if she needed something before introducing herself to her, Ellie cocked her head to the side wondering if something really was wrong with her and as she started to tell the girl who she was." My name is Emi-" The young lady seemed to had tripped over her own two feet, Ellie leaned forwards into her and caught her before she could hit the floor and hurt herself."Careful, are you sure you are okay miss Marvic?" Ellie asked the girl bringing her back up to her feet.

The Dice Master's cheeks were redder than a newly painted firetruck as she tried to regain her balance, "Y-Yes! I'm completely healthy, just clumsy..." After being put back on her feet, Aleecia made sure at least one hand was balanced on the back of the chair she was sitting at earlier. "Let's redo that last bit, I'm Aleecia and you are?" She reached out a hand for a handshake.

Ellie nodded when Aleecia suggested that they re-do the last bit, she took Aleecia's hand with both of her hands and told the dice master." My name is Emily Rishimi, The infinite caretaker." She informed her, then the thoughts of Max asking how she was a caretaker came to the front of her mind and she explained it to her."I'm like Miss Bliss, but I mostly help sick and terminally ill people, but I'm not much of a nurse, so I help people who are disabled."

"Of course, Um... I'm the..." She bit her lip, not wanting to speak of it, "The Infinite Dice Master. Has anything happened since you arrived? I don't remember hearing you at the last trial." She gave the hands wrapped around hers a squeeze before letting them fall.

Once Aleecia let go, Ellie looked at the girl's eyes before telling her."Oh, I was in another game." The memory of Quill and Mason came to the front of her mind."Rika and a couple of the others were there. Sadly someone took the life of another and once we finished the trial we were here." She explained, Quill's execution flashed in her mind, every moment." Nothing really happened to me as I arrived here, everyone here is very friendly, if it were not for the being trapped part and someone dying, this wouldn't really be all to bad."

Aleecia opened her eyes briefly again, thinking back to when she could actually see the face of the person she was talking to. But it was far too bright in the room and she shut them quickly, scrunching at the pain the light brought. "I understand completely..." Sounds replayed in her head of the time of Shona's and lucas's deaths. Honestly, I've been in a coma for a while so I wasn't able to witness the latest trial. A small worry plagued her mind as she remembered she didn't even know who was dead. "So you were in another game with Rika? It's nice to know she had people like you at her side." She heard sounds of a tape recorder at the other end of the room and smiled, knowing that her friend was close.

"It was unfortunate what happened to Mason, Quill tried to pin the murder onto Rika and make us kill her, her reason for doing it was to get ahead or to escape. I don't know why she didn't want to murder Mason, I can't really remember, maybe even to hide something." She stopped speaking abruptly then recomposed herself and tried to change the subject, she noticed that the girl was in pain when she closed her eyes." Are your eyes okay?" She asked." Is there something wrong with your eyes?" She almost reached out to touch the girl's face but stopped herself before she could touch Aleecia's face feeling it to be rude to touch someone's face without permission.

At the sound of her previous acquaintances, Aleecia started to tremble, "M-Mason?" Her complexion grew pale as porcelain and she slowly sank back into the chair. "He's dead...?" Memories sprang from the back of her mind. Mason needing that caffeine fix, him swiping a sandwich from Felix. The time that no one was killing anyone, the time... When everyone had at least a little more trust in each other. Quill was a name she had heard, but never much interacted with. The woman had been known as the Infinite Model, but there's was no way Aleecia could put a face to a name. "That's... Very sad." She gripped hard onto her sweatshirt, trying to keep her eyes from dripping and biting her lip hard.

Shortly after, the Caretaker brought up her eyes, she straightened a little, "My eyes? I've not been able to really see out of them since I was twelve. Something's wrong with my brain, an aneurysm." She pushed a stray hair away from her face. How bad did her hair look today anyway? She had never been able to properly take care of it. Her cheeks heated up again.

Ellie couldn't control herself, once she heard the girl was blind, or had trouble seeing, she pulled Aleecia into a hug and rubbed her head as she hugged her, she almost shed a tear for Aleecia's condition."It's unfair how life can be to people sometimes." She brushed the back of Aleecia's head again feeling upset for the young lady's lack of sight." If you need anything, or have trouble with anything, I will always try to help." She told Aleecia." And don't feel as if you're a burden, because it's my job to help people who have a disability and can't do certain things. Aleecia I will always try to help you."

Aleecia's cheeks became much more red when she was suddenly embraced in a hug. While it was a happy feeling to be embraced by another, she couldn't exactly breathe. For the first few moments, Aleecia was just happy to be hugged, but then instinct kicked in and she started to struggle.

After Felix answered any questions that Lucy asked, he was promptly released from her servitude, and thrown out the door. Still a bit overwhelmed by Lucy's sudden interrogation, he was stumbling through the hallways, aiming to grab a bite and meet more new people; hopefully a bit tamer.

It took longer than it should have taken to reach the diner, but once inside, he already spotted a new face. taking a deep breath of courage, Felix started striding towards the blue haired lady. But upon closer inspection, the woman seemed to be holding someone, Felix couldn't quite make out who it was because she was facing away from him; but a slight surprise took hold of Felix as he got close enough to recognize who the woman was holding. It was Aleecia, and it didn't look like Aleecia was enjoying the hug, in fact she seemed to be trying to escape the woman's grip. Not realizing the mortal peril that Aleecia found herself in, Felix casually walked up to them before asking:

"Uhm, excuse me lady, I think you might be smothering my friend there." A single finger pointed towards Aleecia's struggle.

The moment when Ellie noticed what she was doing, someone pointed it out to her and she quickly brought the blind girl from her chest and fixed her hair." I'm sorry Aleecia, I didn't know that you were in there." She laughed nervously." Like I told you before if you ever need anything just come to me or call for me and I'll do my best to give you a hand." She told the young lady.

The poor girl took a few shaky breaths before looking up at Ellie. "Oh, um, alright, thank you muchly?" She turned her head towards the new voice and tried to identify it. Again, while the girl had been awake, most of her time had been spent in her room, and her memory wasn't the best. He called her his friend... But she couldn't exactly, "F-Felix?" She asked hesitantly, she could very well be wrong.

"In the flesh. I hope I didn't interrupt a touching moment, but it looked like you we're kinda suffocating sooo..." Felix jokingly said before turning towards Ellie. "No offense of course."

" Sorry again." She apologized to Aleecia." It's just when people have horrible things happen to them I just feel compelled to hug them so they can feel better about what happened to them, and it's just unfair what happened to Aleecia." When the Felix fellow mentioned touching moment she didn't really get it." Touching moment?"

"I'm okay with hugs, just maybe not the suffocating kind," she let out a little laugh. "How are you Felix? It's been a while!" She stood up again, feeling bad that she was sitting while the rest of them stood. But she kept her hand on the back rest of the chair again, just in case she tripped over nothing again.

"I'd say I was doing great, but...these last few days have been a rollercoaster. one day we're blowing up a carnage chassis, the next we're fighting for our lives in a trial. It can be...overwhelming." even though the subject material was very sad, Felix managed to stay relatively positive because of something. "But don't you worry Alli-"

Before he could say another word, Aleecia came closer and grasped his hand. "Felix... I know that this may be hard but... who died in the last trial?" Her eyebrows knitted and she gave his hand a little squeeze.

A sudden gloomy feeling grabbed hold of Felix. For Aleecia to act like this out of the blue, it was paralyzing. If Aleecia hadn't asked that question, Felix's cheeks might've turned red, but right now, it was fortunate that Aleecia couldn't see Felix, because his face completely turned pale.

"Wha...well." A knob in Felix's throat prevented him from talking normally, but after swallowing a few times, he imagined that just spouting it out would be easier. "E-Eri-I mean, Shaun...killed Marianne."

She started to sink, still gripping onto Felix's hand, Aleecia pulled him to the floor. "Shaun... But... bu-but that's impossible..." She was trembling uncontrollably, "How could someone so pure and sweet do such a thing, even Caora accepted him?" She wasn't speaking in Felix's direction anymore, but more towards the air. "Quill, Shaun, I-I don't understand it. Why? What is so important that you would snuff out another person's life?" She held onto Felix's hand for dear life as a headache started again.

Seeing Aleecia like that was extremely soul crushing, and Felix began to regret ever telling her. But all he could do was go along with her, down to the floor, and down the road to despair.

"Haha, you said it. If we knew what made them tick, we wouldn't have to go through stuff like this in the first place. Perhaps, people are just...Cruel." he said as he took grip of Aleecia's hand.

Ellie could feel the despair both of them were going through, she knew the feeling they were having and stepped in." Guys, I know the situation looks bleak, with the people we lost and the trust we lost. But we can't keep dwelling on the past, we need to keep moving forwards and learn from our mistakes, what Davis want from us is for us to fall into despair, don't give him what he wants, keep hope within your hearts and live on for the people who died here." She told the both of them, she didn't really know what Davis wanted, but keeping up morale would be for the better here, the last thing the would need is for someone to be like Quill and feel desperate enough to take the life of someone else.

" We need to make sure nobody else dies." She told the two."[color]To make sure that Davis doesn't get what he wants, to make sure that hope will reign true.[/color]" She started to sound a bit cheesy with her words.

Felix felt a bit embarrassed, having someone that he doesn't even know comforting him so much, but maybe that's why it worked. still holding on to Aleecia's hand, he started to get the two of them up while remembering the plan.

"You're totally right, I know it damn hurts, but we have to keep going. It's the least we can do for those who died. And although I'm never killing anyone, we're still getting out of here, right?"

Aleecia came up with Felix, still clutching his hand. A few tears had slipped from her closed eyes and she moved to quickly clear them, "I-I won't let him get what he wants!" She gave a small grimace, hoping it come off as a good enough smile, "Am I doing it right?"

Ellie wiped away a tear from Aleecia's cheek before telling her." Yeah, you're doing it right."

A real smile slipped onto her face, "Good."

Once the situation with Emily, Aleecia and Felix met it's end, Rika turned back to Max standing over her, she remembered what he asked her earlier, he asked her what the recorder was for, instead of reversing the tape back to explain it, she decided to let him know the other way. Rika opened her mouth and tried to speak to him, her mouth moved like everyone else's but what came out wasn't, a series of groans and moans slipped from her damaged lips, it was nothing close to words and none of it could be understood, but she knew that by now, he'd understand why she'd use a recorder to talk, nobody would understand zombie tier levels of moans and groans.

While Max was startled by Rika's groans at first, he quickly realized that the poor girl lost her ability to speak, most likely related to the numerous burns on her face.

"I see, that must be rough." Max tried to comfort the girl, before eyeing the recorder once more. "You know, we've got a lot of high-tech speech equipment at the force, surely there are better alternatives to that old tape recorder?"

When Max said it must've been rough, Rika almost glared at him, it was more than rough for somebody like herself, she couldn't go back to the way her life originally was and lost her father, "rough" wasn't a good enough word to describe what happened to her. then the infinite cop decided to tell her that they have high tech speech stuff at the force, and there could be better things she could use instead of the recorder, Rika bit the corner of the recorder before pressing the play button and opening her soda." Force is where?!" A female voice asked."Your police force isn't here to he-" Rika dropped the recorder on the floor and the recording stopped playing before some of the tape peeled back and it almost came apart.

"Careful!" Max instinctively reached out to try and catch the recorder, but it had already reached the floor. Crouching down, Max started scanning the recorder from multiple angles. "Looks like it's still intact, I think." He picked up the recorder and gave it a last glance before giving it back to Rika. "What I meant was; If we have such good speech devices at the old fashioned force, who like to use walkie-talkies and radios to this day, surely an infinite like yourself would have no trouble getting your hands on one."

Rika took back her recorder before drinking some of her soda, she listened to Mac as he told her of the recording devices and radios, Rika didn't really care for the other device and played something on her recorder." Recorder has importance." it played.

"Aah, could've guessed. But if that recorder is so important to you, shouldn't you keep it a bit more safe. It could fall, but also break; we wouldn't want that, would we?"

She pressed the play button and held it up."Already broken." her burned fingers traced the cracks along the plastic body of the device, then showed Max.

"It's not broken, if it was, you couldn't talk to me like you do now. But tell you what-" Max pulled a leather strap out of his pocket and presented it to Rika with that ever serious expression. "This is solid leather, won't tear easily. If we tie the ends of this strap to the recorder, you can hang it around your neck so it won't ever fall. How's that sound?" Having a disability in a situation like this, which was already no place for children, Max felt a need to help the poor girl; because seeing her like this, unable to speak through normal means, was not just.

Rika took the strap and shook it around, she wrapped the leather strap around her neck and held it up above her head slightly choking herself in the process, then stuck out her tongue out, like a cartoon character being choked, then acted as if she was struggling for air before let the strap drop. Max mentioned having it around her neck and claimed it wasn't broken, in her last trial with Quill the thing was broken and is still kinda broken, the idea he had seemed kinda stupid to Rika, having the device around her neck at all times could be a choking hazard, something or someone get a hold of it and it chokes her to death slowly."No." She denied the leather strap from him.

"Aah, that's...I get that you'd fear being choked to death, but I'm not planning on letting that happen to you, to anyone; I am a police officer after all." He spoke with confidence before bowing forward to pick up the leather strap and standing back up. "Well, if you don't want it, I'll hold on to it till you do."

"But people have died already." She played on her recorder, she brought up how someone had already died before she arrived, or after she arrived." Morgue has bodies of people from here." She brought up the corpses of the others who died."Not good."

"No, not good indeed." The way Rika was talking, it seemed as if she had no confidence or hope that everyone would all get out together. While Max knew better then to expect such things, it was still disheartening to hear a child say it. "But please don't give up on us, I know trusting people in this scenario is tough, but I promise you, distrusting everyone is worse."

"No" Rika stood up and dusted off her cloak, she turned away from the infinite cop and walked away from him, not wishing to continue the conversation.

Despite Max's best attempts, it looked like Rika was not going to listen. Perhaps time, was the only cure for her. and she would only have the time to cure, if they found a way out of this tomb.

But first, food was in order.

~The greeting service?~

After having an uplifting conversation with Krista, Felix was headed towards the elevators on the first floor. His intention was to greet the newcomers and find out if they were going to be an addition to the crew; or a detriment. And so, with a slight hop in his step, he marched towards the elevators, only stopping once he spotted his first victim.

"Hey hey hey! Welcome aboard, you're lucy aren't you?"

Lucy held the pad close to her face, a scowl printed across it as she attempted to get her mind together on everything. "A killing game..." She muttered to herself, her slow steps carrying her away until she suddenly took halt at the voice she heard. Peering up to see Felix she flipped the pad up into the air before grabbing it again and putting it away with ease. Taking a prideful stance she nodded, her gloved hand coming up to brush away her hair from her face.

"Lucy Fairglaive, the Infinite Prodigy. As you have clearly heard! And you would be? The greeting service?"

Felix's eyes widened at Lucy's introduction, clearly taken aback by the bold and audacious tone she held. Not in a bad way though, he was just used to the more timid personalities that surrounded him up until now.

"Greeting service, hmm?" Felix tilted his head to the left, getting lost in thoughts for a fraction of a second before returning his attention to Lucy. "I suppose I did come here to greet you, guess that makes me part of the greeting service." He beamed at her before faking the posture of a butler. "Felix Garfield is my name, and I can show you around if that also fits the greeting service's description."

Lucy let out a laugh as she heard him play along, a smile crossing her lips the first time since she had awoken here. "Heh, it is good someone knows their place in this world. makes things easier to say the least." Of course she was greatful for this, finding her way around with only the map would have been bothersome for a number of reasons.

"So, where too first I wonder." She said in a tone as if someone was attempting to pick out a trick for a well trained pet to preform "How about where i will be eating, sleeping and bathing. Those are the key points. We can move onto anywhere i may read after that." She nodded to herself before waving her hand as if to await Felix to follow her words.

"Hey now! you're not taking advantage of my hospitality are you?" Felix jokingly stated, hoping that he wasn't the only one joking around. "But lucky for you, everything you want to see is on a straight path." He started walking towards the first floor resort before reaching out his hand to Lucy, signaling her to follow. "Right this way mi'lady."

"Of course I am." Lucy stated in a tone that siggested she may have been taking advantige of his hospitality but really it was a much more freindly tone than one may expect. "Good, so they are not too far apart..." Looking around as they walked she did glance back towards the others before speaking to Felix once more. "About this game... What has it been like until now. What are the others like?" Peering back ahead she awaited an answer from him.

"Hmmm, if I had to describe us in a single word it'd be...chaotic. We're all very different, and that can create some interesting scenarios; but what'd you expect, putting all these different infinites in a single confined space. Owh but don't worry, but we're all a really nice bunch!" After finishing his words, the two had already reached the stairs leading to the second floor.

"If you want to find a place to read in peace, the study is a decent enough place...if you don't mind a killer death robot staring at you through a semi-locked door." Felix said while pointing towards the study. "They call her Alice Parker, but I haven't had the guts to see her myself, ahaha." a slightly awkward laugh echoed through the halls as they walked up the stairs.

"But...I suppose you need to know-" Felix suddenly stopped on the middle of the stairs, his upbeat and cheery attitude nowhere to be found. "This killing game has already taken several lives."

Lucy found it rather hard to believe the fact that they were all a 'nice bunch' as he puts it, it would be strange to put so many nice people in one place for a 'game' like this after all. "Sure... So then they are all Infinities? Interesting. What about you? What is your talent? You never stated." She said that like it was very strange to her, though she was someone who took a lot of pride in what she was and who she could be. So someone hiding what made them stand out from the world was just strange in her opinion.

"Killer robot?"

Now that was something she had to see after this tour was over, since she was very sure that it would not kill her on sight.. maybe. "I see. So dose she come out or just stay there? I could use a servant robot at my side. Also why semi locked?" With a huff she put on a brave face before she was told the fact the killing game had claimed lives already. Stopping where he did she looked down and then sighed "I see. So the game started already. Sorry if it took any of your friends." A moment past before her pride once more returned, her brightness breaking through the down moment "Come along then! You promised to be my butler and show me around correct?" Now she had changed it...

"My talent? I'm the infinite free runner, it's pretty straight forward and not that special, so people usually find out without me needing to tell them." After hearing Lucy claim to want a killer robot sidekick, Felix couldn't help but chuckle.

"Hold that thought till you meet her, but she's stuck in a vault anyway. Apparently, the door opens an inch everytime someone gets executed after a trial. And since that happened 2 times already, the door is now semilocked." Those words were left hanging in the air, and Lucy's consolation only weighed Felix down more. But she thankfully also snapped him out of it.

"Aah, you're right. I've got no time to be grooming! I have a duty to fulfill!" he said as he jumped several steps at once, showcasing his freerunning skills. "Up on this floor is where most of us eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. We've got a really talented cook to feed us everyday too!"

Lucy listened intently about the robot and the skill that he had, of course the robot caught her attention more, was there some sort of time limit for the amount of deaths? "I see... So it may be free one way or another, that is unless people can stop killing one another right?" She muttered that mainly to herself before peering back to where he was going now, brightened up by her personality.

"Humph, as expected you really do know your place~! Come along then, let us hurry along and find where i want to know."

Following close behind, though she only walked up the steps, she made sure to note where they all ate and soon herself as well. "That must be some meal if it is from a Infinite. What about bedrooms? Are they at least comfy or.. Are they hospital room style?" Ah she did not miss hospital beds, one of the most uncomfortable things she ever had to deal with to say the least. "Also are the boys and girls separated? I mean i am irresistible so I would not trust a boy close to my room." She chuckled and straightened her left glove as they walked.

"hehe, sorry to crush your expectations, but you're gonna be sleeping in a hospital room with nothing but useless junk filling the to a boy's room." he tried to sound as comforting as possible, hoping that she'd take it with grace. "Besides, calling yourself irresistable makes you pretty resistable." he said while teasingly sticking out his tongue.

"it's not all bad though! you get your own bathroom and shower, so you won't have to share." he said as he started walking towards Lucy's room.

Looking defeated by the news for a moment she let out a deep sigh before straightening back up to keep foloowing. "Haaa, i already miss my hotel rooms and the like!" The fact that she would be spending time in such a place was a horrible thought, but she could only hope that the room would be much better than expected. Still she did not hold out hope that her luck was that good...

"Ha! You may say that much I know for a fact I am a lovely creature!" Her pride was undented by his comment, in fact it looked to be shining even more! Though in reality she made sure to note not to use such words in the future... "So, where is this bedroom that i am sure to hate..."

After taking a few steps forward and checking a few doors, he was standing in front of a door with picture reminiscent of Lucy plastered on the door.

"I think this is your stop Lucy. To open it you need your E-handbook, and only yours can be used to open it, so don't lose it okey?" He gave Lucy a warm smile before moving to the side, allowing Lucy to unlock the door.

Lucy had a rather blank look on her fact as they got to her door, the face on it made it clear it was her room but it also was a rather gawdy adition.. Not her fact just the theme of the door! "Ah, well I guess i could have found this on my own but thank you. You really do make a good butler." She nodded as if that was a high compliment from her, which it was.

Taking out her handbook she held it to the door and watched it unlock for her, nodding to this and the security it provided. However looking at Felix she had a gleam in her eye. "What are you talking about? I am not finished asking you questions just yet. for now this is your stop as well. Go on, in you get" She said, attempting to push him in, wanting to know more about this place. Her curiosity was a powerful thing to say the least!

"Wow there missy! calm down." he was already being pushed inside the room. "Don't you have to invite me in first! Where's the common decency." he gave another chuckle as he took some initiative to start moving for himself. "But...if you're so desperate, I can't say no to that, not as the best butler around."

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