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Sҽιɾá Mαԃα

[Writing Club Room]

"You Mean I'm stuck Here!?" Jing shrugged his shoulders at Haruka's outburst. "That's what I said isn't it."

Micha was the first to offer his hand at helping. Seira grinned at him. "Yes, good! And don't worry, we're get other people as well. Leaving just one person into a different club can be rather...overwhelming."

Seira raised an confused eyebrow at Haruka remarks. "What do you mean write for wrestling? Like articles after the matches? What else would you even write for their show."

Naoko took Seira's mind off Haruka's claim when she coughed her way to asking about how they would keep the plants alive. Or maybe Human air quality being above getting some succulents. "Well." Seira tapped her chin. "Get some plants that can sit in the shade then"

Woodworking Club

Those going to the woodworking club had followed Seira down some hallways. They got to clear their lungs a little bit from the possible long lasting damage the dust had done to their respiratory system. As well as admire how goddamn big this academy seemed to big. Really, they had been walking for a few minutes. This place never ended.

And it was busy. Every door they passed they could hear different voices and noises. Laughter and screaming and tools and everything. Only for it to be washed away by something else as they passed another door. Some students passed by them in the hallway, busy with their own club activities. Random words and phrases being heard as they passed by. It did feel truly like this academy was alive with a million different type of clubs.

Seira finally stopped at a large heavy set wooden door. It was at least five times the size of a normal door and had many intricate carvings into it. Haruka nodded to herself, she would not break this door by accident. "We're here." Seira said, taking a deep long breath to prepare herself apparently. Before pushing open the door with a grunt of exertion.

The woodworking room smelled of ancestery. Sitting in there with your eyes closed you got the feeling of sitting next to your great-grand parent in a rocking chair with him talking about his great-grand parents. Being there for a while gave people grand ideas of settling down in the country side and tending to the land while working on some fine ornaments.

All furniture there was, unsuprisingly, hand crafted. Sturdy wooden tables with stools and chairs. The floor despite being cleaned for the new year, still had vestiges of sawdust scattered across. Goggles and tools lined the walls. What spaces weren't taken up by those were littered by motivational posters and quasi-religious momentos.

Seira Mada knew this already. Afterall, Her brother was the head of the club. And before she had joined the writing club, had brought her here to convince her to join. And despite not being fully attentive had at least managed to learn all the tid bits of the room.

The small problem as the writing club exploration group (tm) walked their way into the woodworking clubroom was that...well. No one was here. "Err.." Seira scratched her cheek. Where were they? It was nearly ten already. This was embrassing. She might have to already go back to the mess of a clubroom with nothing to help.

It was then to save her more embarrassment that basically the entire population of the woodworking club lumbered (eh) into the room. They all looked quite...calm. Relaxed, chilled out, such and such. They were also all wearing plaid shirts for some reason.

"Grrrreat meditation session~ We must accept natures love into our hearts before we begin this new year~" Dasaki Mada spoke, leading the group. His sing song voice happy. Turning to see Seira, Dasaki's grin widened. "Ah, my lovely sister~~" His eyes moved across the others. "Are these your of your club?"

He eyed Micha and Haruka specifically. Frowning slightly. "Their vibe is totally wack, yo."

@Aces Away , @LowerDefinition , @Others

【Jing Giú】


With Seira leading a few members outside of the classroom. Jing laid out his hands on the table and rose. "Right, those going to the gardening club. I'll bring you to the club if you wish to go then." And with a sudden vigor, he ushered them out of the classroom.

"And.." His hand went to close a door that no long existed in that space. So he merely swatted at the air for a few moments, "Whatever those not coming decide to do, Try not to talk to any weird strangers."

They made it to the gardening club relatively quickly, even if it involved going up an apparently four thousand stairs.

"You know." Jing said, his face turned away from them. "About your future in the club. The thing is- Oh we're here."

Indeed they were. As they looked at a door far wider then the writing club. Something told them it was adapted to fit in large packages of soil and such. It was ordained in some type of ivy. Giving it the feeling of entering a castle in a fairy tale. Nevertheless, Jing pushed open the door. What greeted them first was...

The Sun.

Yes, ray of lights shone directly from above. They looked up. The entire ceiling was glass, allowing the maximum amount of light in. Compared to the dusty shadows of the writing club; This room was incomparably bright. It was big too. Very big, they couldn't exactly tell due to all the vegetation. But they couldn't see the other end of the glass roof at least.

Perhaps unsurprising, they stood on a stone path that cut through an immensive garden. Different sections had students tending to flowers or bushes or vegetables. The air smelled alive and fragrant yet wet. There seemed to be a lot of people here, a group of students walked by them transporting compost bags.

The different colours of flowers and plants was a little memerising. The group doubted they even knew the names of a quater of the plants they could see. There was something a little off thou-

"There he is." Jing announced, pointing off in the distance. As they looked over to the end of the finger line to see a specific Student tending to a patch of Petunia. His knees digging into the soil with a pleasent smile as he transported bulbs into the rich soil. Both of them knew this was Toru. The head of the club.

"Right, go on then." Jing said, leaning against a wall. Sniffling a little bit. The group of them gave him a quizzing look. "Hey, I have serious hay fever sometimes. It might be dangerous for me to go deeper into that flower maze. I'm sure you two will represent the club juuust fine."

It seemed Jing then, was not going to help them talk to Toru. Alas, it was up to them.

Given that infomation. They decided too....

@ES @Sanguine Rose , Others


Those staying at the clubroom for the moment. Through indecisiveness of where to go or wishing to further inspect the situation of the room. Whatever reason, the few left soon found themselves not alone. The young man didn't introduce himself, or pardon his presence. But rather was only spotted as someone looked to the corner of the room where he was scribbling something down, peering through old folders and such. Sniggering faintly to himself as he continued on his 'work'.

This Stranger was clearly not part of the club. The members shared a glance to eachother. Was someone going to stop him looking through files, or even ask him who he was?

@People who decide to be in Clubroom

Sҽιɾá Mαԃα

[Writing Club Room]

"Aistri Academy was the only institute that is willing to accept me. So I figured that I should give a shot here, instead of retaking the college entrance exam, hehe. If I have to be brutally honest however, I won't be here if I have a choice!"

"Oh" Seira responded. Awkwardly nodding to Naoko's statement. What was she supposed to say to that!? 'I'm here because of your low standards.' Goodness gracious, she hoped no one else was going to say something like that.

"Hmmm, maybe Mada-san should tell us about the history ..." Seira didn't really listen to much else. As the girl developed a glint in her eyes behind her glasses.
"Well..." Seira chuckled somewhat.
Jing looked up, "Oh god dont tell me you asked her about histo-"

Totally Fascinating History: Part 1

The year was 18XX, The can opener still hadn't been invented and Nations were learning new way of being total dicks to eachother and their citizens. It was a cold and stormy night. When explorer and entrepeneur Oileán Nua would find herself rocked from her ship during a especially monsterous wave. She would be thrown in the the deep and dark ocean, likely to never be seen again.

Instead, she woke up on an exotic island. On her first night she would recieve a vision of building a great academy where student would help eachother achieve their true potential. This was Oileán's destiny. Was it a message from a god? Mild brain damage? Hallunciations from those weird mushrooms she ate for dinner? No one really knew. What was known was that she survived on that island for another two months. And when she was found, she invested her fortune into making her vision a reality.

Of course, there would be more difficulties in her path. For starte-


The door slamming against the wall interrupted Seira's lesson as a girl holding a tablet announced her presence. Walking in with a smile turned grimace. She was quick to judge the room. And Seira as well, it seemed. Who raised a hand to her chest in response to Haruka's words. "I-I...My hair is not boring!" She practically cried as a flush went to her cheeks.

Oh right, sorry I'm late I guess?" The girl concluded. Seemingly already done with the club.

And then the front door fell off it's hinges and hit the floor.

"I wondered one of you would end up doing that."

Seira closed her eyes slowly. "Okay." She took a deep breath. Today is going fine. Totally fine. Just great. I love today. Nothing has broken. No one has insulted your great haircut. Everyone wants to join this club for the joy of writing. The room isn't falling apart...

"Let's use the suggestions put forward and do a club vote later in the day." Seira said while closing her journal. Yes, she has had quite enough of suggestions about things at the current moment.



Desc: Now left to a club vote in which deep ingrained apathy and nepotism will probably weed out the best.

AWARD: *Discord Channel: Club Tasks Unlocked. Check Discord for more Details.

"We did our first task. Yay." Seira had planned to be very ethuastic about their first finished task of the year. But recent events had led her to only muster a single golf clap.

"Now as it is the opening days of the year. Some of you may know it is custom to visit neighbouring clubs as a goodwill gesture. Exchange plesantries, meet old club mates, learn from the heads." She frowned a little bit at that. It was clear the idea of a different club asking Jing questions about anything disturbed her greatly. "And sometimes clubs can help eachother with..." She looked to the fallen door and then slowly, but with a certain and cold wraith to Haruka. "Issues."

Seira reached underneath the table to produce a blackboard. Somehow dustier and older then everything else in the classroom. "So we're all go on our personal tours. Take your pleasure to pick whichever ones you wish. And if you wish to do certain things while there that'd be great, but you don't have to."
"You do."
"But only if you want to!"
"Keep this club going that is."

Seira began to write on the board.

Meanwhile, Jing stood up. Haruka hadn't noticed beforehand. But he was holding her tablet in one hand, lazily reading the draft she had prepared for her supposed class introduction.

"Hmm, you definitely chose the more interesting of two paths." He handed it back to her with a knowing smile. "Haruka Tatsumi, I'm the club head, Jing. Best not to think about the predjuices of the Wrestling club. Afterall, the contract you signed means your here for the rest of the year."

Wait What-

"There!" Seira announced, flipping the board around with potential clubs. Along with little notes about certian things. From reading it, The students began to strike ideas of what they wanted to do...


TITLE: Door-Wrecked

"I bet you guys can't get a 'handle' on the situation. Probably cause its on the floor.""

Given By: Seira Mada
Award: Guess
Needed Members to Start: Haruka Tatsumi @LowerDefinition Micha Corinson @Aces Away

Description: When a Door falls. Mainly due to overuse of dramatic enterances. You mourn, and then you get like...a new one dummy. Where do you get a door? Geez, like...the woodworking club would be neat I guess. Or somewhere else I suppose..


TITLE: Flowers for Algernon

"He's our pet dustmite."

Given By: Seira Mada
Award: Club Improvement!

Description: A bit of green would improve this clubroom tenfold. And since we don't have any cash, the second best type of green will have to do. Go to the gardening club and see what you can do.


TITLE: Acting Heist

"Actors don't need back support"

Given By: Hyun-Woo Lee
Award: ???
Needed Members to Start: Hyun-Woo Lee @pentagoon

Description: Theres way to get over things. For Hyun-Woo, that might just be thievery. Technically the theatre club have more chairs then they need. And it's the entire academy's school property. So they won't notice. Right?

"Me and Jing are happy to accompany people going to certain clubs." Seira grinned. "So please use this time to socialise or explore."
So they decided to...

The club got a weird feeling of being asked to do tasks but also going on a class trip. They supposed it was better then getting lung damage in this classroom for now.

So each of them decided to...

@Th3King0fChaos @LowerDefinition@Rusty @pentagoon @Aces Away@ES @The Man Emperor @Quattro Bajeena @Sanguine Rose @Starmie

Welcome To Task Free Time:

These periods are times In which your characters may talk freely to one another and also complete tasks for the club. Here you may move your character freely as you wish. With the tasks to guide you in something to potentially do. Though if you wish to do inner-club personalizing rather then school exploring that's fine as well!

Tasks can be completed for awards and potentially open up sub-plots or world secrets. They will be opened as the story progresses but can also be activated by character actions.

Mugs Awarded:

"Well Basically..." - Awarded to Naoko Kobayashi
ᓰSᗩᓰᗩᕼ ᗩᖻᗩᗩᘻ

His pen routine was magnificent. A classic studied and perfected over many months. Known to amaze many and sell packets of pen. Yet there he stood, as everyone seemingly ignored him for some white hair girl who had thought it wise to disturb him. Cunts.

"Oh, wonderful to meet someone new!" He gave a wide smile and a little bow. Though he'd let the others respond first, he slightly wanted to berate this 'Seraphina' for doing what she did. But ah, who would wish to immeditally begrudge this city/world/realm's locals? Certainly not Isaiah the great.

Perhaps, he would remark to himself a few people later. That was a mild mistake. Immeditally admitting you have no value is close to the bottom of the list on how to proceed with a situation like that. He felt a little headache form between his eyes. They were telling the truth, a thing that should be never be admitted giving that it tended to put you on a one way street to ruin. But hey, for most of them it was especially truthful. He was seeing little value in half of his companions so far. Yes, possibly on the first night he'd convince the academic for knowledge and the school girl for innocent looks. The others were...unneeded weight.

"My companions are too humble, really." Isaiah piped up, looking between the two newcomers. "The city may be a little confusing but general experience tells me we can find your 'Altifer's' in haste." It was true, technically. A place like this should abide to some general rule of city planning. He had no idea what an aritifcer was because he wasn't a nerd but it sounded like a service trade. Which meant it should be around other service shops. Where that was...well, he'd tell them when he found out.

"My apologies, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Isaiah the great, perhaps you've heard my exploits. My day is brightened with your faces, Seraphina and Cervantes. I think I may have seen a place with that name while I was meeting up with my group."

Phys@ Interaction; @Vocab @Vancexentan @addamas @KoL @TheMushroomLord
@LowerDefinition Accepted.

Haruka Tatsumi: The Rated PG Wrestler - Joins the Club!

Sҽιɾá Mαԃα

[Writing Club Room]

"Word up?" The Green haired Yvonne spoke up first. Attracting the gaze of everyone else. Aside from Jing, who remained cleanly face planted into his desk. "Ah." Seira nodded happily and, having already taken out a notebook from somewhere in the mass that was her slightly too big wooly jumper. Began to write down the suggestions. If one was to ever peer at Seira's handwriting, it was a disjointed mix between vague old timey writing and militaristic efficiency. Sharp jagged lines met with free flowing curves. It made it a little hard to read to any supposed ghost that was trying to peak on works.

A laugh erupted as Seirá finished writing. Followed by half a lung being coughed up. Seira grimanced slightly, if she could do something to make the air a little better she would try. She gripped her pencil, hoping that this wasn't a laugh targeted at a specific member expense. Seira had hoped they get past twenty minutes before interpersonal problems began to arise. Naoko Kobayashi, She was the one with the weird application, right? "I used to be part of the Student Council back at senior high school. I--uh, I hope we can get along together. And uhh, no. I don't have any suggestions for the club slogan. For now, I guess..."

Seira blinked. "T-That's okay! Answers and creativity comes to us at our own time!"
"Potentially after we've already decided, for one." Added Jing.
She ignored him.

"I'm Micha, I'm not really in the market to give a shit about parading our usefulness to the people here, I'd rather be sent home anyways." The one with a brass look spoke up next. Seira cringed somewhat at the crass language. She had expected some level of enthusiasm from the new members. But this one seemed to already actively hate everything here. A little rude, in her mind. "We do get kicked out if we fuck up this competition thing, yeah?"

Seira tilted her head somewhat. "Urm...wel-OH!!!" Whatever answer she had was taken away by the chair underneath Micha snapping. She was going to ask if he was okay. But it seemed everyone including Micha himself was okay with just continuing on with him sitting on the floor. Well she supposed that was alright. If not the slight headache that appeared when she thought about their already thinning equipment being culled even more. She took a little note in her pad. More things to figure out hopefully.

"-No offense, uh - Naoko - or, um - Yvonne, but the task was the school slogan...not for the, uh, well, not the club. Something that is more representative of the school and what it wants to portray instead of boasting the club itself. That's what other clubs will likely do, probably-" Seira smiled slightly at Kevin's words. She scribbled in her notepad, 'Kevin - intuitive'

"Very True!-" And then a pen head skidded right past her cheek. She added to the notepad 'Keep away from goood pens.'

"Anyways! Guess I'll be introducing myself next! Hey, hey, I'm Hyun-woo Lee! I was going to suggest something like 'Talent as far as Ai-can-stri' or just, you know, 'eye can see'" Hyun-Woo seemed...ethuastic. Which was all she could ask for. (It really was). Plus he already seemed to be giving some type of comradery to his peers. Just for a second she glanced to Micha, still sitting on the floor.

"Ah, A word play on the academy. Clever!" Said with the belief that it was clever. She had never really had the brain for word plays.
"Too much like something slews would think."

"My name is Annette Fournier, but that's a mouthful and I hate French as much as the next person, so just 'Annie' works. It's nice to meet you all. I have no suggestions for the slogan" This one had shaky hands and though Seira wished not to be rude did look a little...unhinged. Logically perhaps it was an ill adjustment to the rigors of going back to education. Seira hoped so. That hot coffee could be dangerous. In fact, the one next to her also had a drink. She wished that she could have convinced Jing to ban food and drink aside from alloted time but Jing lack of schedule meant that his own meals were seeming at complete random. Not adhering to any pattern or likely moments of hunger.

"I have a slogan to suggest, but I fear it could be lost in translation. Anyway... ehem. Knowledge is power. Guard it well. Does that suffice? Maybe, I think. Anyway. Good to meet you all."

"Mmm, Bacon." Ah, Jing was in his thinking about breakfast daydream.
"A-another good suggestion!" She hesitated to mention the potential problems about what she thought was a old quote. It was probably fine. But the legal club did like to cause a fuss about everything they could...Something they definitely wouldn't be able to stop with their resources....

Seira snapped out of worries. "Good early work so far everyone! You both have a good idea on the slogan. It should be about the school as a whole but definitely have a personal taste of our own club's spirit. Afterall, Our slogan making it could be really good for our club's-" Seira paused. "general reputation." She smiled softly. But everyone sitting in that broken down clubroom knew what she had really meant.

Good for our club's survival.

Afterall they had heard the announcement. Looking around, surely if they were to start cutting clubs...

They'd start here?

"The idea of dreams seems popular. So let's work with that!" She clapped her hands. "I know some of you have come from other clubs. So have more experience with this academy then others. Perhaps they can use their resilence of staying as inspiration. And for those just joining us, perhaps use your reasoning for coming here to inspire us all to an answer."

This was going to be an inspirational ass slogan.

*Task: Rapid Slogan - Step 1 Complete.*

Mugs Awarded

"The Early Hare" - Given to Yvonne Shen
"Before Building..." - Given to Micha Corinson.


Phys@ Everyone
@Starmie, Accepted. Jajaja.

Aline Schmidt: The smiling girl with below average limbs - Joins the Club!
@The Man Emperor Accepted.

Alexander Kardashev: The Uwu Boohoo - Joins The Club.

@Hyde Accepted.

Annette Lea Fournier: The Dyel dysexi dyselxi DYSLEXIC GIRL - Joins the Club!

Begonia Cottage -> Wellington Academy

Good, he had food uncontested. Aside from getting a few dirty looks by fellow cottage members for some reasons. Not that he cared, he had pancakes.

After Breakfast, rather then dealing with the noise of the newcomers causing a ruckus moving their stuff in. Matthew decided it was best if he was to outside to get some bit of reading in instead. Plus, he might see someone fall over. That was always nice.

There was a specific tree Matthew liked. In all honestly mainly because it was in sight of people walking yet distanced enough that no one would ever think of talking to him. Plus, it had a nice butt grove. Given that most people people were busy with the dealings of introductions it was pretty quiet when he sat down.

He flipped to the page he was last at and began to work into the story once more. Ah...peace.


Relaxing with no one around-


Perfect for him to just-


"Okay you fucking prick" Matthew stood up, holding his book in his hand. Fully prepared to teach this fucking birdy-cunt a lesson or two about annoying someone in possesion of a hardback book. But what Matthew saw in the tree was probably the biggest unit of an bird he had ever seen. It looked like it beat up all the other birds at the academy for their lunch money. And it had a mad look in it's eye. Ravenous, even. If he and this bird was in fight he wasn't sure who'd come out a victor.

Matthew let out a gutteral sigh. Great. A murderous bird thug had taken up residence in his spot. Just what he needed at the start of a new school year. Lightly smacking the book against his head, Matthew was interrupted in his self book smashing by the spotting of someone of use.

Evelyn Albright was outside. Floating around in the way she did. Of course, she did very much match the aesthetic of this place. So much that people used the word Aura in describing her. Aura was a dangerous word. Matthew had found it a good rule of thumb to stay away from things that were described using the word Aura. With the way she looked and everything. There was definitely a reputation. How she was so wellington. In all retrospects, she represented everything Matthew hated about this place.

But He knew the 'Truth'. The truth of her was...well, funny. He say he felt pity for her if it wasn't for the fact that the ability to feel pity had been torn out of him in childhood. Little no friends over here had fallen into everyone looking at her aura. He did say it was dangerous didn't he?

Plus, her gift was bird calls. That was stupid. And particularly useless. Yet here she was, like most of the things in this school. Ok, so maybe there were some things that she did actually represent about this place. Nevertheless, she concidentally was useful in this exact scenario. So she was going to get social interaction, how great he was.

Her gaze passed him, He waved his book to get her attention. "Hey! Bird Girl! Over here!" As she moved closer to him, He pointed to the brick of a bird on his tree. "You know what this is?"


It tilted it's head at the two. Probably deciding which one of the two to eat.

"I was just...awed by it's majesty you know."

Phys Interaced: @Fabricant451

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Fatima Musa ♥

Wisteria Cottage

“This might seem strange. But I was hoping you can pick up the new arriving students. They are Amarissa Bardot and Jamie Goldwin. The two will be rooming in Wisteria 3 and I, um. I know it's mean of me to push this on to you so suddenly, and I’ll return the favor I swear, but…” Now it was Fatima's time to not get a word in. As Idette fumbled her way through the words. Apologizing on the sudden task given. “Sorry—I really—I’ll make it up to you, I swear. I really do promise that this will be a one time thing. You can—ask Eden for help, um. I don’t know if it’ll work, but I think it could, I don't know—sorry. Um. I gotta-" And then with nothing else said, Idette simply dipped out of the room.

Fatima, still standing on the bed. Gave a rare moment to think in silence.

She was really that good, wasn't she. Already her partner-mentor-friend was trusting her to take in the newcomers. Already she was not the the fresh faced warrior of Wisteria cottage but a grizzled veteran who was going to work the new recruits. Better her then some teacher or authority (blegh). She'll teach them what was really up with the entire hour she had spent in this academy so far. There was a twinkle in Fatima's eye. Yes, she was already a captain. So she needed someone under her wing as well. Idette did mention that Eden. That was a good name for someone in her squad. She'd collect her and then they'd go fighting their way across enemy territory to collect the rest of her group.


One Hour and Many Shiny Things Later

"EDEN!" Fatima kicked open the former's door. It had been left open slightly since Lavanda had left. Which obviously Fatima took as a open invitation to enter. "My colleague! I have a mission for you! A great task we have been burdened with but we must complete for our future glory!" She raised her fists to the sky. "Idette has told me we must get our newcomers to the cottage!" The fact that Fatima herself was a complete newcomer was slightly missing in her brain right now.

"Let's go Eden whateveryourlastnameis! Time is of the essence." Fatima gave a sheepish grin. "We may be a little bit late alraedy." Decorating her side of the room and adding some more glam to her makeup had gotten Fatima a little lost with the time. "ANY minute could lead to them wandering off and getting attacked by BEARS! The Horror! They haven't been equipped for Bear fighing yet! They'll stand no chance!" Fatima hopped in and out of the room. Already basically mentally running out of the cottage.

@Pink Khione

【Jing Giú】

[Writing Club Room]

A groan, coming from the hallway outside the classroom. Signalled the arrival of Jing. He ducked his head in. His eyes laced with irritation, scanned over the group of students sitting, chatting. relaxing in the club. They were all there. As they should be afterall. He was ten minutes late.
Dragging his hands down his face. He hauled himself towards the top of the classroom. Mumbling things about start dates and such as he made his way.

Taking a marker from his desk. Jing put the tip of it on the whiteboard rather makeshiftly nailled to the wall. He wrote an nine, before sighing and turning his head to the person who had patiently been sitting there for the last half hour. Who, at this point. Was angrily correcting her glasses like a libraian who had just been asked what section Dan Brown books were in for the thirtieth time.

"What is the time, Seira?"
"Nine Thirteen. You do realise you ar-"
"Thanks, Seira."

He went back to writing on the whiteboard.
Turning around, He closed the cap back on the marker.

"There was an mistake with the start times. The Offical start time is Nine Fourteen. Oh look, we're coming right up to it." Jing produced a bell from the desk. He tapped it gently.


"Class is started. Good to see we're all on time." Yawning, The Head produced another thing from the desk cupboards. The other students were beginning to wonder the depths of it. This Item, was very clearly a book. For those with good eyesight, they could make out 'Being a Team Leader 101' as the title. Flicking through the pages, Jing nodded to himself.

"You may have heard about the fact that the School Motto is up for....Renaming? Rephrasing? Whatever. Anyway, I thought it would be good to start us off by working on that. Start you off easy."
"We're also obligated as the Writing Club t-"
"This will also serve as introductions to other members. Two birds one...task. And it's less work for me."

Once again, Jing nodded to himself slowly. Scratching his cheek with little thought.

The four-eyed girl stood up with militaristic discipline.

"Right, So everyone present please group together around me! We're all going to introduce ourselves and give our own thoughts on what we should put forward as a club. Be as free with your ideas as you wish!"



"Name her, I hardly know her!"

Given By: Writing Club Head Jing
Award: ???

Description: It might be your first day in this club and possibly your first day in this academy but by god are you going to get a school sogan done by the end of this meeting. As we all know, all great works begin with a slogan for an school.

Awkward glances were shared among the new students. This had the familar aura of things their teacher told them when they were six. Admittaly, with less promises of sweets. Nevertheless, they found themselves awkward shuffling their rusty seats together.

At the head was Seira, sitting there with her arms crossed. An hopeful smile plastered on her face. Sitting next to her, Jing was already resting his head against the table. Whispering Grievances about life.

With this set out, The Students set off their first Club Day by...

PHYS INTER@ @Sanguine rose @Th3King0fChaos @pentagoon @Aces Away @ES @Quattro Bajeena

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