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Hyun-woo Lee
Located: Writing Clubroom

To say that the Writing club room appeared rather...unacquainted with Lysol wipes and a trusty mop was an understatement, much to Hyun-woo's horror. There seemed to be dust everywhere, the frightful gray puffs of dead skin cells, lint, and tiny dust mites showing up wherever Hyun-woo looked. Resignedly pulling out one of the several tissue packets he stored in his bag, the silver-haired boy tried his best to sweep away the thin layer of dust on the desk and chair he'd claimed upon entering the classroom. Without his usual arsenal of cleaning supplies, a measly dry tissue did little against the stubborn accumulation of dirt, succeeding only in stirring even more dust into the polluted air and making him tear up. Perching himself at the edge of his chair, he settled for taking out an embroidered handkerchief—because of course he carried around both a handkerchief and packets of tissues—and discreetly dabbing at his eyes. Hyun-woo tried his best not to fidget, partially in a futile attempt in avoiding getting more dirt on his clothes and partially out of concern for the unsteady nature of some (all) of the furniture in the room.

The audacity of who he assumed was the head of the club when he changed the time of the meeting left Hyun-woo shaking with the efforts of holding back a laugh, feeling sympathetic towards the other member at the front yet also finding the entire situation strangely comedic. The latter emotion was most likely due to some sort of desperation as Hyun-woo tried not to miss the organization of his previous club, their club room, and heck, just the fact that they weren't stuck in a tiny room with who knew what kind of creepy crawlies that were surely hiding in shady corners. Determined not to regret his decision to join this club, he took solace in the presence of Seira, who seemed much more capable than her peer, explaining their task.

At a glance, Hyun-woo appeared to be paying close attention to the club members' introductions, nodding thoughtfully at the green-haired girl's suggestion and repeating the slogan in his head along with her name. The distraction from the dust, coupled with his accursed inability to remember names outside of a script, meant he had to put extra effort in trying not to forget the club members' names. The words, "green hair...word" circled in his head like a silent mantra as she concluded her introduction. Unfortunately, her name flew out of his mind as soon as someone burst into giggles, startling him out of his thoughts. This time, a girl sitting on the other side of the u-shape spoke up, offering her name—Noako? Naoko!—and background after an impromptu voice acting session, before sitting back down.

As the boy to her left started speaking, Hyun-woo absented-mindedly wondered whether he could somehow steal the theater club's chairs and give them these rusty old chairs instead. His half-baked plan of casually strolling into the club room and hoping they wouldn't notice a chair being replaced every couple of days, solidified when Micha—he'd make sure to remember the guy's name because jeez did he seem scary—disappeared from sight, along with his chair which wasn't really a chair anymore. Hyun-woo watched him move the remains of the chair in stunned silence, completely forgetting to question whether he was hurt in favor of thinking, "He's just going to sit on the floor?!" Another student, who couldn't have been older than a sophomore at most, asked if Micha was alright before introducing himself and explaining that the task for a slogan was meant for the school rather than the club.

...Speaking of the task, Hyun-woo was at square one as far thinking of a slogan was concerned, inexplicably caught up on trying to make one out of the school name itself instead of any favorable qualities that, as Kevin put it, were supposed to represent the academy's image.


Just as what was likely a terrible idea popped into his mind, Hyun-woo saw a blur in the corner of his eye and glanced back at the boy speaking, his gaze curiously drawn to the sight of the tip of the pen disconnected from its body.


Hyun-woo suddenly exclaimed, snapping his finger and pointing towards the boy who'd just spoken with wide eyes, "That's a really good idea!" Then, belatedly remembering his manners, he hastily lowered his hand. "Ah, wait, I didn't mean to point, that was rude of me." He paused for a moment before sheepishly adding, "And well, bursting out like that!"

He cleared his throat and stood up. "Anyways! Guess I'll be introducing myself next! Hey, hey, I'm Hyun-woo Lee! I was going to suggest something like 'Talent as far as Ai-can-stri' or just, you know, 'eye can see', but wow, Kevin's slogan is, like, inspirational and—" Hesitating, Hyun-woo glanced questioningly at the green-haired girl, "Yvonne's—did I get that right?— slogan sounded super duper cool as well!" He made to sit down, but seemed to remember something.

Turning his attention back to Kevin, Hyun-woo offered, "Also, if you need another pen, I can lend you one!" Satisfied, Hyun-woo cheerfully gave the boy a thumbs up before taking a seat.

Interactions: @Rithas, @Quattro Bajeena, @ES, @Sanguine Rose, @Aces Away, and everyone else in the clubroom.

Hope this is alright!
Soooo. Question ‘cause I’m making my character’s history: would it be possible for my character to join the writing club because they’ve got beef with another club that they were previously in?
Interested and working on a character!!
somewhat interested! i still have to read through everything but seems fun so if y'all accepting, then count me in :)
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