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Don't mind me, I'm just testing out stuff.

I'll be periodically irregularly checking in RPGuild around 12 noon until night GMT+8 (yes I have janked up timezone since I'm from South East Asia :v)

Quick snippets about me until I have time to get this section up and running:

- Prefers present/future-present/futuristic RPs over medieval fantasy unless it has convincing settings.
- Usually plays cool-headed, Ice Queen, logical girls (yet capable of socializing, worry not you :v) and laidback guys. Dislikes playing emo/psycho characters in general.
-- Upd Aug 2020: No longer dabble in linear adventure/war/conflict based RPs. Slice of life only.

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Naoko Kobayashi
Aistri Academy - Writing Club Room

When she heard Kevin saying that he wants to accompany her to the Gardening Club, Naoko's expression lit up. She then turned to him, before expressing her gratitude. The thought of having a company somewhat assures her. Who knows what the Gardening Club will be, considering that the Writing Club itself is kind of wacky.

"O-oh! Mar...shall-san was it?" She bowed to Kevin in-between her words. "Thank you for accompanying me to the Gardening Club!"

However, Naoko was not exactly enthused with what Seira has said to her. It seems like the objective is to get ornamental plants from the Gardening Club, and that is basically it. As she looked at Seira ushered Haruka and Micha towards the Woodworking Club, Jing eventually got up from his seat, before leading the students who agreed to go to the Gardening Club. Naoko merely stood quiet as she listened to what Jing said, although nothing of value has been said when they reached their destination. Part of her did wonder why Jing asked the others not to speak with weird strangers...

"Wow." The pink haired girl expressed her surprise on the Gardening Club's entrance. "That large door definitely belonged to a movie set or something..."

When Jing fully opened the large double door, the sudden burst of light made Naoko winced and threw her balance, but she managed to recover at the end. As soon her eyes got used with the amount of light, Naoko was greeted with the sight of an interior that resembled a large greenhouse. Naoko slowly paced herself with Jing and the others, while taking in the greenery sights. She was amazed with the views, though some plants looked rather... foreign? She was stunned on a particular flower that somehow has the color of a rainbow, and another what it seemed to be a plant with star-shaped leaves...

... Until Jing pointed them to a student tending a patch of petunia, telling them to go on ahead.

"So uh Jing-san," She blinked at Jing, while maintaining her suspicious gaze at him. "Is it possible to... at the very least, tell us what is he like? The head of the Gardening Club, Toru-san was it? I prefer to know him first before asking for some free flowers..."

@Rithas - Jing, @Sanguine Rose - Kevin

Naoko Kobayashi
Aistri Academy - Writing Club Room

Naoko merely listened to Seira's explanation on the founding of Aistri Academy. It was typical tale of discovery and development, but conveyed in a rather dramatic way. An explorer and entrepreneur got thrown from her ship, and washed to the island where Aistri Academy was built on. The pink haired student listened on intently, until a loud bang can be heard from the dilapidated wooden door. Like some of the others, Naoko looked at the spunky golden-brown haired girl annoyingly as she disturbed the atmosphere just now. She merely observed the debacle that was unfolded in front of her, including how unceremoniously the door fell down from its hinges.

Once the introduction of Haruka was done, Naoko as usual listened to what Seira has to offer. She was quite glad when they got proposed to meet other clubs, though that mostly attributes to Naoko wanting to get away from the dust haven that was known as the club room. Naoko started pondering between the 3 tasks, namely fixing the door with the help from Woodworking Club, getting some... flowers from the Gardening Club, and getting a new chair... from the Theatre Club? Why not getting a new chair from the Woodworking Club instead?

It baffled Naoko, as Micha and Haruka decided to go to the Woodworking Club to get the door fixed. She eventually spoke up to Seira, and perhaps Jing.

"I think I can try going to the Gardening Club for a pot of flower or two, but..." She said with a dubious tone, while rubbing her chin as she faced both Seira and Jing.

"Can they even get enough sunlight? -cough- I mean, we don't even have windows here, just -cough- embrasures close to the ceiling!"

Naoko pointed to the top, where the embrasures were located.

"Also, maybe we should loan or get a table fan or something, if we want to -cough- have some ventilation? Or at least clean the place? At least that would somewhat help with the dust issue more than potted plants, isn't it? -cough-"

She shrugged at the end, with a rather confused look.

@Rithas - Seira/Jing

Naoko Kobayashi
Aistri Academy - Writing Club Room

After her introduction, Naoko remained quiet, while observing the other club members. She was quite surprised when Micha broke the chair that he was sitting. The pink haired girl was planning to help him up, but his overall demeanor somewhat scared her away, not to mention he was seemingly content by sitting on the ground. She did took a few glances at him from time to time, checking on his condition. Then things took for an embarrassing turn when the attentive Kevin pointed out that the slogan is for Aistri Academy, instead for the Writing Club.

"Oh dang," It prompted Naoko to do a facepalm, while facing at Kevin. "I thought it was meant for the Writing Club! Thanks for clarifying!"

Though Naoko ended up being surprised again as the pen on Kevin's hand was sent flying into pieces. She winced instinctively in response, before blinking several times at him when the clumsy boy apologized to everyone. Fortunately, none of the parts went towards her. Naoko continued on to listen, namely the bubbly Hyun-Woo giving another of his own twist of the Aistri Academy slogan. It made her giggle though, as she wondered how folks like Hyun-Woo and Yvonne are good in wordplay. Or maybe she is not that creative after all. The atmosphere soon changed again with Annette's introduction, who Naoko deemed as the serious type. As for the smooth speaking Alexander, she nodded at him, although Naoko had difficulties in remembering his last name. Karda-something, was it?

Seira eventually continued on with the slogan making for the Academy, settling on the idea of dreams as suggested by Kevin. She even asked the club members to utilize their reasons for enrolling to Aistri Academy to help on building the perfect slogan. As usual, Naoko adopted her thinking pose. She has some ideas, but seeing that there are possibly some 'professionals' in her club members, she was kind of hesitant in speaking out her thoughts.

As time goes by, however, Naoko eventually raised her hand.

"Um well, Mada-san was it?" She hesitated at first, while looking at Seira. "... About the reason why I was here is that uhhh... Aistri Academy was the only institute that is willing to accept me. So I figured that I should give a shot here, instead of retaking the college entrance exam, hehe. If I have to be brutally honest however, I won't be here if I have a choice!"

Naoko pouted at the end. Then, she directed a question to Seira with an inquisitive look. "Hmmm, maybe Mada-san should tell us about the history of Aistri Academy...? That may help on brainstorming the slogan, especially when it is used for advertising..."

Interactions: @Rithas - Seira, @Sanguine Rose - Kevin (past scene), others (Micha, Hyun-woo, Annie, Alexander) on minor tidbits

Naoko Kobayashi
Aistri Academy - Writing Club Room

Severely disappointed was the phrase that kept on popping on Naoko's head, as she silently sat on this dust-ridden, possibly once abandoned clubroom which also acted as some short of a boiler room? She thought that she was in the wrong location, if was not for Seira who was constantly reassured that she was right. The lack of proper windows, only windowed embrasures that are close to the ceiling is a clear sign that this room is not meant for any gathering of sorts. The pink haired undergraduate was able to endure the subpar ventilation, but the amount of dust in the room are just plain unbearable. She was constantly waving her hands in front of her in futility, while trying not to cough or sneeze. Even so, a few coughs or sneezes can be heard from her way.

Naoko silently listened to Jing and Seira with her hands crossed, visibly unamused of their antics. Her eyes glanced at the other club members, presumably checking on their expressions. She sat 3 chairs away from Jing, left side of the U-shaped desk arrangement. A distasteful graffiti with the phrase "Capitalism Hoe!" was visibly written on top of Naoko's desk.

When it was decided that everyone should make a slogan for the club, there was only silence in the air. For Naoko's case, she tried to help, as she frowned her eyes and adopted a thinking pose. Unfortunately, nothing came to her mind, possibly due to the unfavorable environment, and the fact she was not trained for slogan making.

... Until the only green haired girl who sat at the end of the tables stood up, and gave her suggestions, before introducing herself as Yvonne Shen with an uncomfortable smile.

Word Up.

It felt like Yvonne has huge potential, or at least it seems so. Naoko was stifling her giggles, but she eventually failed. The 'Word Up' slogan reminded her of a backwater human rebel hero in a futuristic real time strategy game that she used to play before.


Her laugh was soon changed into a series of coughs, before it ended with a loud sneeze. Naoko managed to use some tissue papers to cover her nose and mouth, fortunately. After she was done cleaning herself...

"... D-don't get me wrong, Shen-san," Naoko continued on with a nasal voice. "T-that was brilliant! Y-you did well in kicking this off!"

She then changed into a deeper voice, as if she was mimicking a particular video game character.

"Time to 'word up'. Hahahaha~"

Naoko tapped her table as she laughed again, unwittingly causing more dust into the air. She eventually felt that the others were staring at her awkwardly, as if they were waiting for... something.

"... O-oh, right. I need to introduce myself."

Once she was done laughing, Naoko slowly stood up from her seat, before facing everyone with a composed expression.

"I'm Naoko Kobayashi." She did a short bow to everyone. "I used to be part of the Student Council back at senior high school. I--uh, I hope we can get along together. And uhh, no. I don't have any suggestions for the club slogan. For now, I guess..."

She did a forced smile, before slowly sitting down on her chair. Naoko does not want to break it.

Interactions: @Quattro Bajeena (Yvonne), @Rithas, and presumably the others.
@ESMicha loves good pens, Naoka like good stationary in general and spinning pens...they might get alone lol

Here it is.

Naoko Kobayashi

"Y'know, i-it's not like you're repeating yourself or something!"

Text Colour Hex Code: #d08aa2

Name: Naoko Kobayashi
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Genre: "Uhhhh... I don't think I have any, but I do have experience in summarizing stuff into a report! I used to handle paperwork when I was in my previous high school, so I know how to write an article, or a report..."

  • Dairy Products: Naoko has a noticeable preference towards dairy products, namely Carupisu sodas, UHT milk, and yogurts.
  • Music: Whenever she needs to do paperwork, or writing an article, music is Naoko's best friend. She prefers the mellow tunes from citypop, and instrumentals. Naoko listens her music through a 2006 Aiwa HP-MH170 wired earbud, driven from her ELG V40 smartphone. Noise leak-free assured, as she is not the type to tune herself out from the world.
  • Technology: Naoko is somewhat a geek, as one can see from her mechanical keyboard that she constantly lugs around, the smartphone that she uses, and the pair of earbuds which can be considered as ancient for today's standards.
  • Windowshopping: She spends an absurd amount of time windowshopping, where half of the time was spent researching on the products Naoko was windowshopping on.
  • Pen Spinning: Naoko does it quite often whenever she needs to stop and think. It is also a way for her to focus, and to entertain herself, if she is not in a mood for music.

  • Cheap keyboards: Naoko usually brings her own 60% mechanical keyboard for work, as she is unable to stand the low grade membrane keyboards on her laptop, and anywhere else unless otherwise.
  • Cheap stationery: "Using cheap stationery is just plain asking to get yourself in a trouble. All those 'Oh no, my pen ink went out during an exam!' can be avoided if you use a good, refillable pen, and of course, bring extra pens! What can go wrong, will go wrong!"
  • Being pranked on: Naoko joining the Writing Club is one of the solid reasons that she disliked being pranked upon.
  • People picking on her stature: "Would you please stop calling me short? I already drank a lot of milk!"

  • Losing her mechanical keyboard: Naoko's custom sakura Tofu DZ60 with Silent Sky switches is her livelihood, her tool to survive in Aistri Academy. Take that away from her, and she will do whatever it takes to get it back. Or fixed.


Born in a middle class family with 2 other siblings, Naoko is the youngest one in the family. She inherited her siblings' geekiness when it comes to technology, as they are computer science graduates. She was not interested in programming or anything related to software development, however.

Her life was mostly smooth sailing, or even peaceful compared to the other group members in the Writing Club. When Naoko reached high school, a series of events (and dares) landed her a role in the Fujioka Senior High Student Council as the secretary. As a result, she was forced to learn on writing formal letters, drafting reports, and jotting down meeting minutes, either with a keyboard or a pen.

It was a hectic life, save for summer holidays and the Golden Week. Naoko's hard work was finally paid off, as she scored high in her extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, her academics were on the average side. Despite her mixed academic results, Naoko enrolled to both national, and private colleges.

Unfortunately, Aistri Academy was the only one that accepted her submission. At first, she was skeptical of this institution. Who is on their right mind studying on an island of nowhere? Then again, Naoko could not bear the thoughts of retaking the national college entrance exam, just to get another shot on famous institutions like Waseda University.

She eventually took the Aistri offer, thinking on the grounds that she can leave once she was done with their associate's degree, and back into her hometown to pursue a bachelor's degree of her choice. As for how Naoko joined the Writing Club, it was a prank by her fellow coursemates by wrongly submitting her form to Jing. It was speculated that her typing speed was the cause of the prank, thinking that she is more suitable to be in the Writing Club, compared to the other clubs.

To graduate from Aistri Academy, get a bachelor's degree back home, and finally get a decent job. Well, Naoko is not the ambitious type, y'know?


Is it fine if I join as a student who without a choice, end up on this club (eg all other clubs are full, and the Writing Club is the only club left due to their issues of being criminally understaffed)? As such, they will not have preferred genres like the other characters. Maybe over the course of the RP, they can find their own genre (or some quirky stuff like RPception cough)

Ishihara Miyuki
Fujioka Senior High, Kurosuoba
April 3rd, 2018
| 7:02 AM

"Actually, we're cousins!"

Ichika shook her head when she answered Miyuki's question about the girl who was with her just now, though it seemed like she was a bit embarrassed. As for the blue haired girl, she nodded earnestly in response. Miyuki took a quick glance at Ichika's cousin, where she was interacting with Juno, but it looked like it ended rather distastefully. From the looks of it, Ichika and her cousin are basically two different persons that contrasted each other, not to mention the cousin looks like a delinquent of sorts. With that in her thoughts...

"I hope you don't mind, but I'd love it if we could be friends! I just moved to the area, so I don't really know anyone."

The blonde really looked like that she needs help in either getting herself used to the idyllic town of Kurosuoba, and maybe help her to get closer with her cousin. Considering that Yuuki once helped her getting settled in Kurosuoba when she was in junior high, it is time to take up the mantle.

"Sure thing!" Miyuki agreed enthusiastically. "I can show you around Kurosuoba and its famous hotspots!"

Then, the school gates are opened, indicating that Fujioka High is now open for entry. A female teacher called the waiting students and motioned them to go in.

"Oh, the school's open. Let us enter, shall we?"

Miyuki informed Ichika about the gates. She also noticed that her cousin and Juno already went in as well. The bespectacled girl once again scanned the vicinity for any possible acquaintances before entering the school. Then her brown eyes caught the sight of a plus-sized girl with dark red hair. It is without any mistake that the girl is Egusa Midori, one of her friends that she met back in junior high.

"Hey!" The blue haired girl waved at Midori while calling out for her. "Egusa-san, the gate is open! Let's get in!"

With that being done, Miyuki then turned and began her way into Fujioka High...

Interactions -
@Hero - Shimizu Ichika
@AdmrlStalfos19 - Egusa Midori
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