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Yvonne Shen
Writing Clubroom

"Word up?"

The suggestion came from a short girl seated at the end of the table. She quietly pushed herself up onto her feet, red eyes glancing about the room at her new club-mates as if to gauge for their reactions. Her demeanor seemed relatively relaxed, but from the thin line she had drawn her mouth into and the slight hesitance in her high-pitched tone, it was clear that she was a little awkward with the suddenness and general ... slapdash nature of the proceedings.

But, she barrelled on anyway.

She'd already taken the first step, so she didn't really have any other choice.

"Oh, I'm, um, Yvonne Shen, eighteen years old, amateur writer and formerly of the baseball club." She ran a hand through her messy emerald curls, giving everyone an uneasy, lopsided smile. "Just thought I'd start ... us all off. How do you do?"
I hope this is an okay character for my first post here.

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