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9 days ago
Current I'm alive.
2 mos ago
I have a few openings on my supernatural investigative RP if anyone's interested.
2 mos ago
I want to remind everyone about the fundraiser, if anyone needs help financially during this time!
3 mos ago
I'm gonna start working on the fundraiser banner, finally!
3 mos ago
Check my post or PM me for details about the fundraiser!


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Welcome back, @Kirra! I'm happy to hear such great things have happened to you while you were away, and it's even better to hear that you've decided to delve into a beloved hobby once again. Of course, if you need help with anything or you don't understand something, make sure to ask since most people are nice and won't mind helping. I don't know if you know, but we also have a discord server if you feel like chatting in real-time with folks.

Once again, welcome back, I hope you have fun!

Location: Jenkin's Diner, Rushford Date: May 7th, 2019 Interaction: Katie Jenkins (@Inkarnate)

It had been almost a week since the chaos ensued. It had been almost a week that Lena had been stuck at Jenkin's Diner. Almost a week since she last saw her family, her cats, her grandmother... Almost a week since she last slept peacefully and carelessly. Now the dark hours of the night were filled with dreadful thoughts ever since she first saw the dead attacking people, tearing at their flesh and spilling blood like there was no tomorrow. But then again, for them, there wasn't.

She was staring at the ceiling while laying down in one of the booths at the diner, counting the stains and imagining shapes with them, wondering when had been the last time someone had cleaned the yellow spots. Probably never. Who the hell scrubs fat stains from a diner ceiling? But she didn't have anything else to keep herself busy with. She kept her phone off to save battery, and she had already finished the book she had with her. All she had left to entertain herself with was paperwork, and she was not spending the long hours of the apocalypse thinking about car insurance.

Her arm was falling asleep so she switched positions, now staring at the gums under the table. People could be so gross. No position was comfortable enough. Before the chaos, she had been at work, so she wasn't exactly dressed for the zombie apocalypse. Her dress shirt and pants made it difficult to find a good position to lay in. Finally, she heard Katie saying she'd make breakfast. She jumped out of the booth and stood up, straightening her shirt.

"I can help," she said, eager for the opportunity to do something. She stretched her arms and legs for a second before heading behind the counter to help cook food for everyone.
Welcome, @herkimki! Most folks on the Guild are quite friendly, so feel free to ask if you have any questions, ok? Join or start as many RPs as you'd like, but I'm sure you'll find something of your interest around here.

Good luck and have fun! :)
Hello and welcome, @Dark Romantic! Glad to know there are people out there giving us good reviews. I have to say, although I don't roleplay too much, this site is quite awesome and it is active. If you've been lurking for a while you might've figured out how things work, but don't hesitate to ask questions, most folks are quite nice and will be happy to help.
Do you have any interest in vampire RPs since you like vampire movies and shows?

Also, it sounds like you'd be a good fit for our discord server if you feel like chatting with folks in real-time; the invite is in the upper menu on the right.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here! :)
Hey, @Escud. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure how I got here either, so you're not alone! The Guild is quite active and people are very nice, so I'm sure you'll find something to interest you (or you can start your own rp). Just let us know if you have any questions. We also have a discord server if you wanna chat with folks in real time.

Anyway, welcome!
>>Lindsey Morgan

I love her.

@Kuro, ok!
In Hiya! 13 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome, @Bastian! Not knowing what this hobby is called is a struggle many of us share, I think. I first started role-playing in the writers forum in Neopets when I was around 14, and I believe more people certainly came from places like that. Poke around the Guild, the site is pretty active still. I'm glad you found this place, I'm sure you'll find a good writing partner or group again. Let us know if you have any questions, everyone is quite nice. We also have a discord server if you wanna chat with folks in real time -- you'll find most people are around your age group there; the invite is on the menu at the top of the page.

Anyway, good luck and have fun!
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