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Current I have a few openings on my supernatural investigative RP if anyone's interested.
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I want to remind everyone about the fundraiser, if anyone needs help financially during this time!
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I'm gonna start working on the fundraiser banner, finally!
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Check my post or PM me for details about the fundraiser!
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Welcome back, @A Man Is No One! First and foremost, I need to say you're wrong. We do care. I can speak for several people who have more than once proven how much they care about our community and its members. And I can guarantee you these people and I care that you're at the edge, and I'm glad you resorted to an old coping skill. I'm going to suggest you also join our discord server where you can socialize with us in real time, and we have a channel to ask for specific role-plays so you might get lucky if you try there. Unfortunately I don't know any rps in the genre you're looking for, but I wish you luck.
Remember, if you're not alive you can't watch your kid grow, and when pain is too much sometimes it helps to think of someone else and how much they'd suffer without us. It makes it harder.

Best of luck to you, let me know if you need someone to talk to, you can always send me a PM to vent if you want. Our discord server is also a good place to vent and get support, people there are awesome in that regard.
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Welcome, @acidust! Don't worry, your intro wasn't long at all. Let us know if you have any questions, most folks will be happy to help you with anything. We also have a discord channel if you'd like to chat in real time with people (link is at the upper menu).
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Sure! Good time to jump in

I just got laid off of work, so I'm gonna take it easy for a couple days, but I'll get my sheet ready soon.
Ooooh, nice! Imma start working on my CS. I'll edit this post later with it! Excited for this.
Just wanna see how stuff looks before I post, honestly.

Time: Sunset
Location: University (Hallway → Art Exhibition)
Interaction: Melinera Hills → Valentin Florescu
Time: Sunset
Location: University (Hallway → Art Exhibition)
Interaction: Joseph Bogdanov → No one

“Josef. Name’s Josef. ” Josef had figured that since he’d pretty much seen her at the library for a few weeks he may as well get to know her a bit. It was also a bit refreshing to talk to a “normie”. “Of course I’m always around at night. Someone’s gotta clean up the mess people make. It’s my job.” There was some way to go before they reached the gallery, so he figured he could ask her some questions. “Say.. I always see you editing photos on your laptop in the library. Could I ask what kind of photos you take?”

"Nice to meet you, Joseph. And, well, I suppose it is your job after all…," she said a bit embarrassed about her commentary before. "It depends. I take pictures for school, so it depends on what the assignment is. I was editing some pictures for a project. But I like to take pictures of… I don't know… Things that are different. Or going into the woods and photographing the trees and animals, you know?" It felt a little weird to talk about her interests with someone she had just met. "I like pictures, it's like you're… Immortalizing a little piece of life, if you know what I mean."

“Ah. Never really saw it that way. Suppose that’s why you’re studying art and I’m just a janitor.” There was little time for pursuits such as art back in Northern Macedonia. The only real art he’d really seen were the religious icons at the churches he frequented. The sound of light jazz started to get louder, interrupting his train of thought. The doors of the exhibition hall were opened, giving him a view of Valentin, who looked like he was chewing out some poor students of his. “Well, it seems like my friend is here. Gonna go talk to him. I’ll see you around.”

She didn't know what to reply after the comment he made about being just a janitor, it was an awkward position to be in. "Oh, okay. Yeah, see ya," She watched him go towards one of the university's professors for a couple of seconds before looking around. The event was certainly much more classier than she was expecting and it instantly made the girl feel like she shouldn't be there. Dressed in casual garments, the brunette felt out of place amongst all the decorations, wine and cheese. Again, her stomach growled in hunger, but this time she payed attention to it. Ignoring the paintings for a seconds, she tried to discretely approach the table, looking at all the different kinds of cheese, some of which she had never seen before. Feeling a little adventurous, she picked the strangest looking one and placed a small piece in her mouth. It was soft and almost buttery, not too salty or sharp. "Don't mind if I do," she said to no one, grabbing one of the cups and filling it with wine.

Finally the girl turned around and started to look at the paintings. They were all realistic portraits, all very well painted. She particularly liked the way the artist had done the lightning and shading, getting lost in the contrast for a second. She found however, that their eyes lacked any sort of expression. It's as if he had done paintings of dolls and not real people, and it gave her an uneasy feeling. However, they were still gorgeous. I wish one day I'll have mastered the techniques just like he did, she thought to herself.

Time: Sunset
Location: University (Library → Hallway)
Interaction: Joseph Bogdanov

Melinera was a bit surprised he offered to accompany her there, but then again, what did she know about the man? Why can't the janitor appreciate art? "Sure," she said with a light smile. "What is your name, if you don't mind me asking? I always see you around but I don't think I ever asked." This had all the potential to be an awkward walk with the faculty staff but she thought "why not make it pleasant?" After all, the man had always been nice enough to her. "I'm Melinera," she introduced herself before he could answer, walking out of the library and making her way down the corridor.

Time: Sunset
Location: University (Library)
Interaction: Joseph Bogdanov

Once again the sunset was an event unnoticed by the young lady focused on the screen of her laptop, the notion of time lost in her mind as she focused on the task ahead. Melinera had been for weeks -- maybe even months -- spending her nights at the library, either working on an essay or editing pictures, both for personal and academic use. She had always been a dedicated student, one who put all efforts into getting good grades and having a good rapport with her professors, but that became even stronger after the attack. It was the one thing keeping her sane, even if the hours went by so fast as she played with the lightning and contrast of pictures or typed away words and words about an old art movement. If only she could make time stay still for an eternity, then she would be content.

She never noticed as the small crowd of students gradually left the library as the hours flew by. She didn't hear her stomach grumbling, complaining that no food had been eaten since breakfast. And she didn't notice her ears warming up with the extended use of her earbuds, a soft jazzy rhythm coming out of them. But something seemed wrong. There was an eerie feeling in the air. She looked outside for a second, gazing at the trees right outside the library's windows. Still lost in her thoughts, she admired the orange glow illuminating the trees, flowing through the branches and leaves and creating a soft, warm feeling that soothed her nerves.

It happened more often than she'd like, the feeling of being watched, being at risk as if she was prey. Everyone had tried to convince her to go back to therapy after the attack, but she refused. She couldn't tell anyone the truth or she'd be thrown in an asylum, and therapy would do her no good if she could only lie about the event.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice and she jumped a little in her seat. Turning her head around she saw the janitor. She never learned his name, but she had seen him around the university several times before, and over the last few weeks he had been the one to remind her she had to go home. The man was tall and muscular, he was good-looking and had a presence that made him look confident yet it didn't make him stand out too much. In her mind, he was much too young to be a janitor, but what did she know?

"I know," she said, closing the laptop and arranging her things inside her backpack. "Thank you for being so patient with me. I just like to stay here, it's the one place I can really focus..." ...on something other than the attack, she finished in her head. "What day is today?" She thought aloud. She had a feeling she was forgetting something. She stood up and grabbed her backpack, walking to a mural on the library's wall. "Oh, yeah, this is today," she pointed at a poster. "There's an art exhibition tonight, right? I was planning on going there."
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